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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  October 14, 2010 4:00am-5:00am PST

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atuberculosis hits one east bay school. >> relief. what's next for the chilean miners back boost ground this morning. thursday october 14th, today in the bay. good thursday morning. >> straight up 5:00, you want to check in with mike to start you off. the morning commute will be affected. >> throughout the east bay, i will show you video taken overnight westbound across the bridge. that's the morning commute. you saw the cones ahead. the right lane is closed and possibly through tomorrow
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afternoon. let me show you on the maps, westbound along the flat section approaching the high-rise, typical inspection crews found problems with the structure and they are repairing a support piece and that that is causing the closure that will restrict by 30 or 30%. one of three lanes is blocked. we will expect more slowing on 880 as a result of this. send it back to you. >> we will turn to rob for a look at the forecast. >> it doesn't look all that bad. we are off to a mild start. 50s and 60s. let's show you the temperatures around lunchtime. t-shirt weather for most of the bay area. 80s around the inner bay and 90s from san jose south and castro valley east. tomorrow on the weekend, big time cooling and maybe even a few sprinkles. a lock at that and the preview of the weekend in a few minutes. new this morning, a
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tuberculosis scare in the east bay. humans of high school student must get tested after someone infected came on campus. today in the bay's christie smith is live at logan high school with what the city is doing. >> reporter: the district held an informational meeting this week to let parents know what's going on. they are also notifying families in writing to let them know if their student does indeed need to be tested. a final letter to be received by tomorrow. it is believed about 500 students here will be screened. as it stands, what we know is logan high school is working with the alameda county health department to identify students and staff who may have been exposed. who person who has it has not been identify and is no longer on campus and is being treat and according to a let they're went home, tb is rarely spread to a
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person who spends even a small amount of time with an active case. the health department set up a phone line for questions about tb and we are told you can access that through the website. live in union city, christie smith today in the bay. thanks a lot, christie. >> what are is tuberculosis? it's a bacterial disease that affects the lungs. the tichl oms include fever, night sweats, fatigue, weight loss and a persistent cough. tuberculosis is spread through the air when a person with untreated tb coughs or sneezes. the most important way to stop the spread is cover your mouth and nose when coughing and take all their medicine as prescribed by their doctor. new this morning, riot police break up a protest in greece. as many as 100 workers starting camping out yesterday, they are
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explaining they are owed two years of back pay. they barricaded themselves inside and padlocked the entrance and refused to allow tourists in until demands were met. a court order said the protesters were hindering access to the major tourist attraction. in chile, look at this celebration. all 33 miners are safe. they are out of there this morning and that sent off this early morning celebration. champagne being sprayed everywhere. friends and family and all the people there. throwing congety and having a good time as the last man left. it was one of dozens of celebrations across the country as chileans marked the end of the ordeal that began in early august. >> now to a safety alert in the south bay. people in this neighborhood need to be cautious as they take their morning walk. to be on the look out for this man seen in the sketch.
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detectives say he attacked a mother and tried to kidnap her 1-year-old daughter walking down the sidewalk on monterey road tuesday morning. the baby girl was sitting in a push and ride similar to this one. the mother was able to fight off her attacker and the man drove away. >> it's not good to feel like you are being threatened where you live. i'm sure she feels very unsafe right now and very worried. >> the mother told police her attacker was wearing a navy blue jump suit and appeared to have grease or oil on him. >> we will have an update to an arson fire. police have arrested two teenagers in connection with the fire at trace elementary school in july and caused about $10 million in damage. investigators will hold a news conference to talk about the reported arrest.
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>> developing and breaking news across the wire this is morning. an alleged european terror plot is active. >> we will have worldwide impact. scott is watching the wires with more. >> the details on this are coming in fast. here's what we know. the state department's counter terrorism coordinator said the terror threat we talked about in the past is still active despite arrests and bombings in pakistan last week. concerns are centering around a plot using assault weapons on public places similar to the deadly 2008 shooting spree in india. that is why the state department is keeping their travel alert in place, asking american citizens living or terroristing in europe to take precautions. we will continue to follow the story throughout the morning and bring you new developments as they happen. brent? >> we will be checking in. bags are pack and they are ready it go. the giants fly to philly on a
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private plane at 10:00. barry zito and jose guillen will most likely be on the plane, but not sure if they will play in the next series. final rosters are not due out until saturday morning. tim lincecum will start off for the giants and face off against roy halladay, the guy who pitched the perfect game with the reds. it will be jonathan sanchez sunday night and tuesday afternoon it will be matt kaine and wednesday probably madison baumgartner for the giants. tomorrow gas nozzles have to do without the latches that let you go hands free unless one group getz its way. today in the bay's bob redell is live to explain the problem at pumps. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. the state of california has mandated that about 1/3 of the gas stations in the state of california must remove this
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latch that allows you to let your gas pump keep fueling while you wash your windows or go to the mini mart. 1/3 must be removed because earlier in the year, there were incidence where is they kept going even after the tank was full and gasoline sprayed on customers and one instance there was about where people had to go to the hospital. there is a group that represents the gas station and were going to talk to the judge to put a restraining order on the order. for two reasons. one, some owners said without the latch, what people have been doing is sticking a foreign object like a pack of cigarettes or a pen. if they remove the latch, they are required to have a latch. they can't have a latch on a nozzle that's not working and they have to buy a new nozel and
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that will cost money. today at 9:00, a judge will hear from the association representing these gas stations. hearing this request for the restraining order on the deadline is supposed to be tomorrow. live in south san francisco, bob redell, today in the bay. >> remember when they pumped your gas for you? or are you too young? i was a mere child in my mom's car. >> i remember the credit card swipes and fill it up with 20 and they washed your window. >> i don't remember that. i don't think so. >> pai remember all of that. the bay bridge and folks will have to fill up before they head over the water and westbound. more slowing and more traffic around 6:30 or 7:00. for northbound 880, a higher volume through oakland. folks will be avoiding where one
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lane has been closed and possibly into tomorrow because of structural issues. more in under 10 minutes. back to you. >> i want to check in with rob to see if there changes after a few hot ones here. >> a lost 90s and today well inland and close to 90 later on. still mild, but oakland is 66. 65 degrees and we are clear and calm around the south bay for the afternoon. near 90 in san jose, but as the sea breeze picks up, san francisco and the coast and the inner bay running cooler today. low to mid 80s around the inner bay, but 90s out to the trivalley by livermore. 85 in petaluma and 88 in vaccaville. today through the weekend, the biggest cool down arrives saturday and sunday as highs get into the 70s. >> time now it 5:10. the war in afghanistan could be
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over. a mom is not just waiting to find the person who hit her son with a car and took off. >> moments in olympic history are on the auction block. we will show you that next. at san jose in the south bay, rob talked about the cool down. how cool will it get? we will have the full forecast and a look at the morning commute.
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the victim said the driver hit his bike and sent him playing over his handle bars and left the scene in lake forest. his mother is setting up facebook and craigslist sites to
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catch the driver. she is posting information on the accident. it dinged his bike and sent him to the emergency room. >> even though i am injured, i'm thankful that i didn't fall on my head. >> the blond woman, 25 to 40 acknowledged she hit my son at speeds of 35 to 40 miles per hour that sent him fly over his handle bars and landing in the little of the street. >> they hope the ads will point to the driver. >> yahoo shares are interesting it watch to track the history of the internet. >> what they used to be, they rocketed yesterday. yesterday's rumors swirled that aol, the old america online might generate enough money to buy yahoo. it would be a complex deal where yahoo would have to perform other corporate gymnastics to make all this work.
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aol is a fraction the size of yahoo. this is the dog picking a fight. it's a medium-sized dog. no comment and no indication yahoo knew about the talks in the "wall street journal." the tech crunch points out that you go with the news first and the deal second, it's more a trial balloon and finding out what investors think about it. so far so good. >> appreciate it. >> watching one of the most notable athletes selling his olympic gold medal. tommy smith is not saying why, but he is puting it up on the auction block. he is a track star that won for the 200 meter did she in the 1968 mexico city olympics. he became a symbol of the civil rights movement. he stepped on to the podium and raised an arm in the air signifying black power.
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starting price for the medal is $250,000. >> pro golf comes to the south bay. the pros that will be competing in the open. it tees off today in san martin outside of morgan hill and fry's electronics cofounder talks to us. thanks for getting up at the crack of midnight to talk golf. >> good morning. >> we are doing great. talk about the tournament and why you brought it to the bay area. >> we wanted to bring it home because we had ittiers in vegas and phoenix and we wanted to bring it to the local economy number one. we have over 900 volunteers here this weekend to put it together. we have two ryder cup members. assistant captain with the ryder
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cup. we are going to generate near 800,000 for local charity here in the bay area. almost bring in close to $10 million to boost the economy. we wanted to bring it home to where our fans and customers could enjoy it. >> i was going to talk to you about that. you mentioned the local economy and hotels are full and that kind of thing, but the events had golfers out yesterday in east san jose and kids get to golf with the pros and that's a cool thing. it's separate from the tournament and the golfers are doing those kind of things. >> yes, it was. it was a first tee event at rancho -- i can't think of the name. we had jamie love mark and i think someone else to put a clinic for over 200 kids for the first tee of san jose. >> awesome deal for them. can you tell us about the event in terms of you think you will
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bring it back again. is it a trial thing or more of a permanent fixture in the bay area? >> we want to make it a permanent fixture in the fall series. it will be here at the beautiful golf course. never been in better shape. i got the chance to play with the pro and had a fabulous time. the superintendent has brought this golf course to an unbelievable shape. the best thing is you can get close to greatness for each player to walk along with it outside the ropes. the ropes are short to the fairways. that's for sure. >> that's awesome. we appreciate once again. we appreciate you talking about it and you mentioned paul who will join us at about 6:45. good luck on the tournament too. >> thank you very much. one exciting hole we have is 17. it will be almost a drivable par four and we hope to see a hole in one.
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for every birdie that's made on saturday and sunday, there is going to be a little tent set up behind the 17th green where for every birdie that's made, beer is $1 for a few minutes. >> how do i get tickets? >> online. . >> now we get to the good stuff at the end of the interview. >> the par four might be like a par eight. >> i don't see the flash. >> they have someone waiting saying hole number one. let's go out to the roadways. san martin getting down there, there will be a lost congestion. you talked about it and it will cause slowing for southbound 101. monterey road is the only good alternate. as you travel south, there will be good congestion through the weekend. if you are heading down towards
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carmel and monterey, you don't have to go or are not lucky enough to go, you can head down highway 17. you can go around that back up and the highway 1 getting to you monterey. carmel too is popular. we are focused on the dumbarton bridge which is where where i'm sending a lot of folks. the san mateo bridge has the one-lane block. the sigalert was issued with one of the support joints there. that closed one of the westbound lanes. the far right lane towards the high-rise. look at the camera. a typical view. all lanes are open heading westbound with the tail lights facing away from us. not until you approach the high-rise that you see the lane closure. we are looking at the traffic and the forecast at clear view. we will see what he sees ahead in the forecast. >> that's really gross. i have not heard of the trend,
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having that many customers shouldn't be a surprise. so ask a neighbor about state farm. then call an agent at 1-800-state-farm, or go online. good morning to you. 5:24 and a view from san bruno mountain. no fog in the way that was view. we still have a slight hint of offshore winds, keeping
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temperatures on the warm side. san jose is 65 degrees and mostly clear. 66 in oakland. in san francisco, even though we are seeing a subtle hint that the sea breeze is coming back, we are waking up to 68 degrees. pretty mild around the bay area. through the rest of the morning, 50s and 60s to get started. still hot temperatures inland towards the livermore and areas south of san jose. making a run of the 90s. after today heading into friday and the weekend, we seal a huge drop in temperatures, 20 to 30 degrees cooler by the time we get to sunday. air quality is starting to improve. that will help the air quality issues. you can see the pattern change and the popcorn-like clouds that has cooler air surming in through the weekend. around the bay area, close to 90 in the warmest places and notice the inner bay closer to the water. 80s for a change and close to 80 in san francisco.
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70s around santa cruz. we will see temperatures in the upper 80s and near 90. as we move through the weekend, things start to cool off. we will see highs in the 80s inland and 60s and 70s for the weekend and a few sprinkles to the north bay late on sunday. back to you. >> we all have a favorite pair of jeans to fits just right, but what do you have to do to get the perfect fit? some people are actually wearing them for months before they throw them in the wash. levi's and other companies are stocking them with raw denim jeans, but you wear them for six months before throwing them in the wash. the idea is that the jeans will conform to your body as you break them in. some customer are no so sure. >> that's dirty. that'sicy. >> i would never do that ever. >> that's really gross. i have not heard of that, but it's disgusting if you ask me.
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>> the raw denim trend is more popular with men than women. years ago remember that's the only way they sold them. you broke them in yourself. >> even after you wash them, but you wear them a few days and they fit good and you hate to throw them in the wash. but i do. bring the pets inside and close the windows. where fogging for mosquitos will happen. >> raising fares at one east bay station will happen. quote and compare in about 8 minutes. now, that's progressive. call or click today. as ceo, she laid off 30,000 workers and shipped jobs to china. china. india. russia. poland. i know precisely why those jobs go. [ male announcer ] because fiorina shipped them there. to shanghai instead of san jose. bangalore instead of burbank. proudly stamping her products "made in china." 30,000 workers gone
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. >> new this morning, word of a
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possible injury for tim lincecum. we will tell you about it, next. >> a tuberculosis scare hits one east bay high school and hundreds of students must be tested. that story is straight ahead today in the bay. >> good morning. thank thanks for joining us. >> this is today in the bay. war are we begin with developing news in the east bay that could affect your commute. we have details on what chews found and why parts of the bridge are closed. >> good morning to you and folks traveling over the bridge and other bridges or along the east bay. it will cause a traffic shift. overnight crews found a problem with one of the support structures there at the high-rise. it starts off with the flat section. let me show you video we took. the far right lanes are closed
5:31 am
just after that flat section towards the high-rise. that will cause folks to slow downright here as we across mid-span. the back up won't form, but it will go at 7:00 coming off of the toll plaza. the slowing is prooshing this portion of the bridge. i am suggesting folks use the dumbarton bridge. it's a great alternate. we haven't seen major slowing until 8:00. it might occur earlier and also we will shift over to the bay bridge toll plaza. you have to look at the forecast and see if it's good right now. >> not all that bad. we are waiting for a stronger sea breeze and you notice 50s and 60s to get the day started. by lunchtime mid- to upper 80s. hitting the 90s and cooler with oakland and highs in the low to mid 80s. new information this morning in an alert for students.
5:32 am
hundreds will have to get tested for tuberculosis. christie smith has more with what school leadersville to do. >> we have calls into a district spokesperson and we hope to hear from him soon. in the meantime, a letter went home to families here at james logan high school, letting them know about the potential risks and possible exposure to tuberculosis on campus. there was also an informational meeting with the families to let them know about the risks involved. that happened this week. so far about 500 students will be screened for tb after a person with ties to the school was identified as an active carrier of the disease. it's unclear who this person is. we know they are not on campus now and they are being treated. according to the district, it's quite difficult to spread tb and it take process longed contact
5:33 am
with a carrier in an enclosed environment. those who should be tested will receive final written notice by tomorrow. test suggest expected to begin sometime early next week. live in union city, christie smith today in the bay. >> important to know. thank you. also new this morning, the livermore mother accused of having sex with two teen boys is expected back in court today. she will be at a pretrial scene. she pleaded not guilt to more than five dozen sex crimes and paying for sex for more than a year. hubs remains in jail on $4.3 million bail. new this morning, a part of antioch will be safer. it will be between 6 time 30 and 9:30 weather permitting. that is bordered by sunset lane,
5:34 am
hillcrest avenue and deer valley road. watch for that tonight. now more developing news in an alleged terror plot. the u.s. state department is still active. they are watching the wires for more from the newsroom. >> this morning they are worried about the potential attacks in europe. earlier this month, the u.s. state department issued a travel warning. they told american who is are traveling to or living in europe to be cautious. at the same time the american air force's predator drones were hitting the plotters in pakistan. the state department is concerned about some kind of mass shooting at a particularly public place. if you are not a foreign worker, you are probably unaware of the levels of these warnings. there is the do not travel, the most severe. then below that is the take caution level. the level of warning that we are
5:35 am
hearing from the state department this morning. >> thank you very much. another note this morning, santa clara county's largest dam could crumble in a large quake, flooding parts of the south bay. the reservoir collapse and billions of gallons of water would flood the area within minutes. it would have to happen on the calaveras fault within two kilometers. dam operators said they will keep it at 56% capacity until a further study can be completed. the state budget is in place and the haggling continues in sacramento. the senate president protem darrell steinberg will ask the governor to overturn 470 million in social service cuts. the governor signed the budget and said he made the cuts to build a reserve of more than $1 billion. >> the giants will board a plane and expected to take off from
5:36 am
sfo at 10:00. tim lincecum will pitch on saturday. we are not sure he will be at full strength. the right hander is dealing with a blister on his pitching hand. lincecum toll the mercury news the blister problem resurfaced in his game against the braves on october seventh. he said it's not a big deal and he is getting expensive treatment. >> a blister can be painful. share your thoughts on bart's fees at a new east bay station set to open early next year. the board will hold a hearing on the west dublin train station this morning. they want to charge $4.15 to berkeley and $10.40 to the san francisco international airport. parking fees at the west dublin pleasanton station is $1 per day for regular and the public hearing will be at the board
5:37 am
room at the kaiser permanente center. a warning for bart riders. expect to 30-minute delays between the pittsburgh and bay point stations. delays are on train service heading in both directions. bart said they will start at about 9:00 and continue through sunday evening. normal service should resume by monday morning in time for the commute. >> hopefully no delays on mass transit. let's check in. >> you will be happy to know there no bart delays and everything is operating. trainingor time for the routes you talked about the pittsburgh bay point and over lafayette. that will be affected over the weekend and does not take effect today. keep that in mind. bart is a great option if you are traveling across the bay. this will take you under the bay, avoiding the bay bridge. that sigalert with the right lane closed and possibly through
5:38 am
tomorrow. crews discovered an issue with parts of the structure repairing the roadway. 30% is cutoff as one of three lanes is blocked. the dumbarton bridge is a great option. neither of those bridges showing major delays right now, but the start of the commute kicked in right here in antioch. westbound highway 4 taking you into pittsburgh. the typical slowing on the button under 40 miles per hour. that and the bay bridge is not showing back up, but more cars into san francisco. heavier traffic there as folks avoid the bridge. over to rob with the clear view. >> it is. not too windy. in san francisco 68 degrees and we should see the wins picking up off the ocean that leads to widespread cooling into tomorrow. napa has clear skies as the nights get longer moving through fall. the wind also light around napa. livermore 58 and a hint of an
5:39 am
offshore wind. 66 in oakland and the final stop takes us into san jose. 65 this morning. i still think you will need a jacket and some places dropping into the 50s. air quality will start to improve. you will notice that. not much of a problem. offshore with the dividing line and much cooler air will surge in for the weekend ahead. still 90s inland and around livermore and towards san ramon is hot. around the inner bay, we are talking 80s and 80s at best inland and for the weekend, 60s and 70s and partly cloudy and breeze to wrap up the weekend. 5:39 and a california student is fighting back against bullies. we will show you how. >> a couple of controversial political figures are in town today. we will tell you who they are and where they will be next. >> this is bob redell on a
5:40 am
massive dirty patch of ground here. soon to be a beautiful playground. we will tell you about the massive effort under way to help kids here in south san francisco. it's supposed to only take hours. . a live look outside at the golden gate bridge. still moving smoothly. we have a look at the morning commute to help you get out the door. 3q
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good thursday morning. thank you for waking up early with us this morning. easing into the day. here's a look at the predicted highs. milpitas 90 and danville 86 and
5:43 am
palo alto at 87. >> new reports show the country is making headway when it comes to boosting green energy. the progress comes even though congress failed to pass two major environmental bills. today in the bay's tracy pots is live with a look at how california stacks up to other states when it comes to clean and grown and hopefully we are doing well. >> you are doing great. way on top of the list for the fourth year in a row. what we are not doing in washington is working in california. this is a list compile bide a group on the council on energy efficient economy and taking a look at what states are doing to make themselves greener. they look at things like public utilities and transportation and building codes for homes and commercial buildings. heat, power, government initiatives and appliances. the popular states have rebate programs that so many have taken advantage of. overall significant progress.
5:44 am
some of it in the last year. twice as many states upgraded and more are making long-term goals and budgets for green projects and initiatives doubled since 2007 and a lot of states like california have implemented new standards for green house gases that come in advance of the federal government fuel efficiency standards that kick in in 2025. california for four years in a row has been on the top of this list. one of the reasons they cited that california has a long history back to the 70s. the consistency of that has a lot to do with why you are the leader when it comes to being green. >> the political issues are about green issues. thanks a lot, tracy. >> new this morning, staggering numbers in a new york city investigation. the associated press found the big apple paid nearly $1 billion over the past decade to resolve
5:45 am
claims against the police department. the payouts cover everything from brutality cases to patrol car wrecks. >> 5:44 and thanks for joining us. >> here's mike with a quick look at developing traffic news. >> we will take you for a look over the san mateo bridge. westbound highway 92 and you can see the right lane is blocked. this is what we are talking about. the sigalert continue until tomorrow afternoon after inspection crews found an issue with a support pieces along that section. they have the right lane closed to continue emergency repair work. no major slowing, but folks funnel over to the left two lanes. there is slowing there. we will take you to the maps before you get to the high-rise. you should avoid the san mateo bridge for the evening and any time over two days until this reopens which we are following closely as far as the progress goes. an option is the dumbarton
5:46 am
bridge. light volume and highway 92 doesn't show slowing for 92 over towards 84. 880 is clear until about 8:00. that will change as more folks head there for an option and a lot of folks use the bay bridge as well. they will travel over the water from the oakland side making downtown more congested. all approaches to that toll plaza are moving smoothly. avoid the bridge for the morning if you can. >> here's a place to head. hard work and play will go happened in hand as volunteers pitch in to build a playground in a day. today in the bay is live in south san francisco. neighborhood kids get a say in what the park will look like? >> they kind of helped with the design at the paradise valley park in south san francisco. it's the location of a boys and girls club location. you are saying within a day, but it's six hours. that's the plan. 300 volunteers will come out from 8:30 to 2:30.
5:47 am
the playground equipment is in that container and i don't know if you can see to the left, 170 yards of mulch. that will take a lot of shoveling and hence the reason why you need so many volunteers. volunteers from the city of south san francisco. the boys and girls club and companies like ark doeby and sap. i am trying to navigate the holes with a minor injury. you have done this before. what brings you back. >> it's a lot of fun. 3600 square foot piece of dirt and transform it into a playground in six hours. the look on the kids's faces is fantastic. >> this is something that companies like yours donates the money to fund. there is a playground company that coordinates all of this? >> about 130 of the volunteers and take a day off of work to do that. we it in conjunction with adobe as well as the city and ka boom.
5:48 am
ka boom is the nonprofit around the country. >> beautiful. as we walk over here, you are with the boys and girls club. this of course used to be an old playground. what's this going to be like for the kids to have? this is something they have been itching for? >> it would be fantastic. there was an old pirate ship. it was small and for a really young kid and the new playground they got to design, the kids that were here in the area kid who is live in the community. they are really excited about it because they know what's going to go in it. how many slides and how many swings and they have been watching the progress and kids love a back hoe and they don't love that as much as they love the playground. they are counting the days. >> they start at 8:30. the idea is the ribbon cutting. the kids will be out here for this. they cannot speed up the law of physics. the concrete does take time to
5:49 am
cure. it will be 72 hours before they come on the playground. live here in south san francisco, today in the bay. >> making a difference to kids. >> a lot of folks might be thinking about hol wean, but retailers will be thinking about christmas. bay area badge ets will drive the economy and they have a special interview. >> i have an expert to back me up. there have been so many times in the past that consumer electronics as they are known as gadgets are a top gift. the spokesperson for the consumer electronics association, you and i have been talking about christmas in electronics for 15 or 16 years now. you are always positive and positive again this season despite a terrible economy. >> electronics do fairly well in a tough economy. one, the prices are terrific. this is one. only things where the prices get lower as the stuff gets better. if you haven't bought a television in a while, you will
5:50 am
be happy. there is a price war going on. never been a better time to buy a television. our survey comes out next week, the 17th annual holiday survey of what people want. again this year, i don't have the official results yet, but of the top five things people want, including like peace and happiness and good health, of the top five things are electronics. >> particularly brent wants a flat screen. those are coming down. those will be a big mover. >> tablet computers. this year we are projecting that sales will be up around 3%. again, in this economy that is not so bad. when you think about the emerge categories like e book and sony and the barnes and noble and e book reader is selling like crazy. that and other tablet computers coming into the market. >> you will show these two. we build some of these, but we
5:51 am
will talk net books and i pad and kindle. coming up in a bit. back to you. weather headlines. 50s and 60s around the bay area. inland again today climbing into the 80s and low 90s. for the weekend, cooling temperatures. we are talking highs in the 60s and 70s by saturday and sunday. san jose near 90 and notice the cooling though around the inner bay. we are talking mid 80s instead of the mid 90s. across the north bay and 80s and 90s and the last of the hot days. only 80s well inland. cool weekend and partly cloudy and would not rule out sprinkles late sunday into monday morning. >> thanks so much, rob. they are going rogue in the south bay. sarah palin will be in the south
5:52 am
bay and you can see her. the former vice presidential candidate will speak at 3:00. tickets start at $25. the choice seats of $199. there will be a vip reception following that talk. for $500, you can take your picture with her. there is a package deal with the reception and the dinner going for $1,250. controversial filmmaker michael moore will be honored in the bay area. interesting that their paths cross. john stein beck's son said more of the great sections and his father would have loved his work. the award goes to writers who capture the spirit of commitment and empathy to democratic values. a tuberculosis scare and hundreds of students have to be tested. live at james logan high school with what the risk is and what
5:53 am
parents need to know. >> good morning. according to information that the district handing out along with the health department, it's quite difficult to spread tuberculosis. a letter went home to families of students here at james logan high school in union city letting them know the risks and what's going on on campus. that letter is up on the district website this morning. it's telling parents it would take prolonged contact with an active carrier. in an enclosed environment to contract it. what we know here is that about 500 students at james logan high will be screened for tb after a person with ties to the school was identified as an active carrier of the bacterial disease. that person though we don't know if it is a student or what. the alameda county health department held a meeting and has been working to identify which students and staff may be
5:54 am
at risk here. final written notices should be made by tomorrow to let those know exactly who should be tested. testing is expected to take place sometime next week. reporting live in union city, christie smith, today in the bay. >> thank you very much, christie. the national transportation safety board's report on the deadly san bruno blast is out. the fire killed eight people and destroyed 37 homes. without identifying a cause, the report said just before the blast an equipment failure at the pg&e terminal caused an increase in pressure. also the ntsb reported they didn't send dispatch workers to cutoff the flow until 34 minutes after the explosion. a part of the gas pipeline that exploded runs through san francisco. they invited pg&e
5:55 am
representatives to address their concerns. >> it's very personal for us. >> the portion of the pipeline that runs through south san francisco is scheduled to be replaced in 2013. >> a seventh grader is picketing outside of his middle school. marco goes to school in fresno and said it's hard to concentrate when classmates are mean to him. he said most kids never speak up and he wants to give them a voice by taking to the streets. >> i want everyone to know and the community to know this is serious. it could happen to be deadly. i got my head smashed on the cement four times. i have been called gay and every name in the book. >> the school district said it has juggled schedules to separate the bullies from marco,
5:56 am
but he said it hasn't helped. we will continue to stand up for what he believes is right. . good morning to you. watching the temperature, mostly 60s around hayward to san francisco. 68 degrees and we still have a bit of an offshore wind keeping the temperatures up in the 60s. the sea breeze turns stronger and air quality should improve and the need for running the air conditioning should be on the decrease towards friday and the weekend ahead. still looking at near 90s inland and the marine layer is only 500 degrees thick. what cooling we see is along the coast today and around the inner bay where highs will be mostly in the 80s. still 90s as we get out towards fairfield and pittsburgh. the seven-day forecast cools off tomorrow as we move into the weekend. 60s and 70s for highs and partly cloudy, cooler and brosy sunday into monday.
5:57 am
>> live from new york, it's 30 rock. live from "saturday night live" in rockefeller center. one for the east coast and one for us out here in the west. tina fey said they will include different jokes for every version. it's also the first time the show will be done in front of the live studio audience. a surprise construction job is slowing traffic down in the bay area this morning. mike will help you get around the slow downs coming up. >> the giants are jetting off to philly, but is dealing with an injury today. details are coming up. >> the miners rescued could turn into a bargain for a california company. we will tell you why. >> a live look with a beautiful look from a distance. we have a lookcotmmute across t. commute across the bay area. stay with us.
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