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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  October 14, 2010 5:00am-6:00am PST

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new this morning, a look at the san mateo bridge and parts of it are closed this morning. that is not good news for the morning commute. >> that is certainly not good. i will guide you around that closure and i will help you plan for the effects on the morning over and across and around the bay. we will have more. >> per we will have more from christie on the tuberculosis scare going on. >> we want to check with mike for the latest look at the bay bridge. >> we will focus on the san mateo bridge and the bay bridge as well. westbound 92 and folks are moving over to the two left lanes at the bottom of the
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screen. caltrans equipment as you are approaching the high-rise westbound with these tail lites. avoid the bridge. right now it's starting to get slow at the scene where one lane is closed and has been closed since yesterday afternoon when they discovered an issue with part of the structure there. emergency repair work might continue until tomorrow. avoid westbound 92. starting to pick up here. the maps i will show you how to get around this. right now if you are hitting the road, you can avoid the san mateo bridge and head south to highway 84. that's the dumbarton and the stretch of 880. it will be clear for the next hour or so. i'm sending folks there now. north along 880, you will find more folks at the toll plaza. not a major issue, but we will watch for that to increase as well. back to you. >> a cool down into the weekend. rob has a look at that. >> this morning i think today is the transition day to a big drop in temperatures by the time we
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get to the weekend. 50s and 60s outside and mostly clear inland. coastal fog and clouds hang on. high of close to 80. 83 in oakland. the weekend includes a huge cool down. a look at that in a few minutes. >> new this morning, a warning for parents and students in the east bay. leaders want hundreds of kids tested for tuberculosis. live in union city with what parents should know. good morning. >> good morning. i wanted to start by saying i spoke with a maintenance man this morning and he said she among those who will be tested for tuberculosis. the district held an informational meeting this week to try to let parents know what's going on. they are also notifying the families in writing to let them know if their child is indeed one of those who will be screened for tuberculosis. with a final letter to be received by friday.
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it is believed about 500 students here will be screened. as it stands, what we know is that logan high school is working with the alameda county health department to investigate the case and identify students and staff who may have been exposed. the person has not been identify and is no long or camps and you is being treated right now. according it a letter that went home, tb is rarely spread to a person who spends a small amount of time with another active case. the public health department set up an informational phone line for those who have questions, but testing could start as early as income week. reporting live in union yon stan, christie smith today in the bay. >> what exactly is tuberculosis? it's a bacterial disease that usually affects the lungs. the symptoms are fever, night sweats, fatigue, weight loss and a cough. a person with untreated tb
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coughs or sneezes and it spreads through the air. the most important way to stop it is for patients to cover their mouth and nose when coughing and take all their medicine as prescribed by their doctor. >> new report this is morning that police have made a pair of arrests in connection with a massive fire at a south bay school. san jose mercury news said police arrested two teens in connection with a fire this summer at trace elementary school. that fire happened in july and caused about $10 million in damage, destroying 16 classrooms. investigators will hold a news conference to talk about the reported arrests. also new this morning, new video in from chile and check out the celebration. as the final miner was lifted out today, everybody involved is now safe, including six rescuers who went into the mine to get all 33 men out alive. believe me, there was champagne flowing and confetti flying this morning. also new, some of the miners are
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still in the hospital. at least oneville a long stay ahead of him because doctors say he is being treated for pneumonia. each underwent a battery of tests that include chest x-rays and dental exams. one was rescue and released from the hospital and just in time too. his pregnant wife just went into contractions. . >> are new this morning, the labor department told us more americans headed the to the unemployment office. more evidence that companies continued to cut and are reluctant to hire. the weekly jobless claims didn't used to be a number we looked carefully at. the data toofs fine. in the environment, any leaf is a good tea leaf to try to figure out if things are getting better or worse. government worker are getting the brunt. fannie and freddie may have fallen into the mortgage mess. as we look at video out of
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europe, let's talk about fannie and freddie. the "wall street journal" said the government-run fannie mae and freddie mac may have suspended the relationship with a florida-based law firm that was processing foreclosures. as you know, banks have been accused of large scale errors on foreclosures. fannie and freddie don't individually issue mortgages, but they own huge amounts of home mortgages through mortgage-backed securities. the take away is we got into the mess with all kinds of paperwork problems and we are coming out of this mess with all kinds of problems. it is the taxpayer that may end up owning the paperwork. >> no kidding. a lot of it. let's talk baseball. giants are flying to filly and the private plane is taking off from sfo about 10:00 this morning. barry zito and jose guillen will most likely be on the plane and we are not sure if they will play. the final rosters are due out and the pitching lineup is
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something we know. tim lincecum will head out and he is said to have had a blister that is bothering him that's the guy that pitched a perfect game earlier this year. jonathan sanchez and then we will have matt kaine. teaming up on giants coverage. the only place on to see the hometown announcers is on comcast sportsnet bay area live from philadelphia after the final out on fox. switch over to comcast sports net bay area. >> golf fans are set to flock for pga golf. the open begin this is morning. we have a live look this morning. the golf course in san martin and i believe the driving range is getting set up outside of morgan hill and the first golfers will tee off in about an hour or so. some of the big names are john
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daly, justin leonard and ricky fowler. we spoke live in this morning and he said the tournament will bring in $800,000 for local charities approximate put $10 million into the local economy and he hopes to make it a term nent event. we will talk to a kofler in a bit coming up at 6:45. there is another tournament in the east bay. the lpga is in danville and that could impact the drive along 680. watch for the signs that will guide you on how to get there. i also know they are set up on 101 in the south bay. both places as you drive along, you will see extra traffic. >> in fact mike has details on the one headed to the lpga. >> thanks for talking about the bulk of what i'm talking about. we will show you. 680 through danville and lpga tournament going on there to the
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east of 680. you will see the signs queueing folks in. folks will slow to read the signs as well. expect slowing on 680 north of the dublin interchange for the tournament all through the weekend. the slowing right now is on westbound 580 coming through livermore. typical for the slowing through livermore. sunol no major problems. the volume increases and the south bay. highway 17. keep this in mind around carmel or monterey. 17 to highway 1. 101 will be slow because that's basically the only way to get down to the tournament is going on. as you cross over the water, a shot and a reminder to avoid the direction. because of that sigalert, i will show you the progress and explain more about why we have the sigalert for the westbound direction in under 10 minutes.
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back to you. >> thanks so much, mike. >> should be good weather. it will be hot for golf. not so much. it will cool off. >> nice. you can wear the golf sweaters by the time we get towards the weekend. temperatures drop off and it's 67 degrees in san francisco. that by the way is warmer than the temperatures see all weekend long. 53 in napa. still seeing a slight hint of a breeze. 63 in oakland. as we take you in the area, starting off in the 60s. winds are calm and we should see the sea breeze pumping in. not a spare the air day. moderate levels and offshore you can see the dividing line between high pressure and holding ground over our heads this morning. the cooler air aloft. the popcorn-like clouds with a big drop in temperatures headed our way towards the weekend as the system moves on through. near 92 degrees in livermore and 90 in san jose. mid 80s around the inner bay. that's not all that bad.
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85 for petaluma and 60s and 70s. look at the cool down and partly cloudy. breezy, high 60s to near 70 by sunday and staying cool to start next week. back to you. >> 6:10 right now. a massive scam took $163 million from taxpayers. see who might be behind it. >> the man is gone, but the music and videos. michael jackson lives on. when you can see never before seen work from the king of pop. >> rome wasn't built in a day, but a playground will be. how it's done, next in a live report. >> speaking of live, here's a live look outside. a lot of folks heading out, but cars moving smoothly. we will check in with mike in a little bit. [ male announcer ] carly fiorina.
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to do that it will require 300 volunteers from companies and the city and the boys and girls club. the catch as they do this all within six hours and starting in a couple of hours. the idea is to have this finished by 2:30 this afternoon. a nonprofit builds playgrounds throughout the country and will be coordinating this. margaret is with a doeby and one of the corporations. you have done this before. >> this is the third year. >> why do you keep coming back? >> we are committed to helping the community. it's fun and a great team building the way they get back. >> i assume the times before you have seen the kids, you see their reaction. how do they respond? >> that's the most rewarding part is seeing their faces. they helped us to design the playground and now it's coming to and they have the opportunity to see adults caring about them and giving back and being excited to play on a playground
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they helped design. >> six hours is not much time. >> we are working hard. >> the elbow grease. sharon, you are with the sea of south san francisco. how important is it to have this new playground compared to what you had before? >> what we had before was safe, but old and not very exciting. this is fantastic. we have a limited budget and we want to do things differently than in the past. >> the boys and girls club has a location and gets a lot of use. >> this is a great location because we have the school next door and they operate out of the school building and it was a perfect opportunity. >> thanks, sharon. brent and laura. here you have a patch of dirt in about eight hours. this will be a brand-new playground. unfortunately because it will take time for the concrete to
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cure, they won't be able to play on it for 78 hours. live here in south san francisco, today in the bay. >> thanks, bob. >> a little bit of patience for the kids. good news for them and south bay families in need. they will have a new place to call home. starting today, families can tour the monterey family village apartments. the apartment complex is made up of 71 new affordable unis located on monterey road and met calf. the leadership may be changing in north korea, thaw the commander of u.s. forces said the u.s. and allies are ready to stop any north korean aggression. they made the comments a short i'm ago. the north president kim ginning ilnamed his youngest son as his
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replacement. he will continue nuclear ambitions. police pulled in $159 million worth of cocaine after a tip from u.s. invest gators. police were in biz bane to greet a ship of coke that weighed more than a half ton. the drugs came in from south america. >> per now on to decision 2010. a big debate in a small state. the nominee is making headlines for things christine o'donnell said in delaware. she went on the attack accusing her democratic opponent of offering a rubber stamp to the obama policies if elected. she addressed comments she made about witchcraft on a comedy show over a decade ago. >> if you are saying what i said on a comedy show is relevant to this election, absolutely you writing an article and forget the marxist comments, you saying thaw learned your belief from an
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articulate marxist professor and that made you become a democrat should send chills up the spine of every voter. >> her opponent denied the claims and said her positions are extreme and accuses her of lying about his political record. >> the largest fraud case in the nation's history has california ties. federal agents and local police carried out a major raid in los angeles and new york wednesday. federal prosecutors charged 73 people in five states with running a gigantic scam. that billed medicare for $163 million in treatments that were never given. the fbi said the criminal enterprise is an american armenian organized crime group based in new york and l.a., but it has operations that extend throughout the country and abroad. >> when it comes to making money illegally, this armenian-american group puts the traditional mafia to shame. nbc learned that the
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medicare system paid out before they realized something was wrong. yahoo is at the center of a rumor mill storm. >> we watched shares rocket yesterday. as rumors swirled about aol buy yo yahoo. yahoo would have to sell off their chinese arm and perform corporate gymnastics to make it work. aol is a fraction of the size of yahoo. this is theitiy bitty dog picking a fight with the medium dog. no comment from yahoo and no indication they even knew about the talks which were first reported in the "wall street journal." here's a question. where does mark zuckerberg, the head of facebook live? they deal with a lawsuit. the guy bringing the suit said everything thinks he lives in palo alto.
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he rents it a month to month apartment here and in the plaintiff's words actually lives out of a duffle bag. this lawsuit by the fellow who claims he owns facebook and there have been a lot of lawsuits about people who claim they own facebook, the latest is brought and the question here about where he lives is relevant because then you decide what state this is actually in. the lawsuit itself is sketchy. not a lost evidence involved, but the courts need to know so they know where to try it. >> interesting. >> out of a duffle bag. >> this morning, a young man in nepal was declared the world's shortest man at 25.8 inches tall. that's more than an inch shorter than a columbian who held the record previously. an official from the guinness book of world roars did the official measurement on that. the young man's father said he has no explanation for why his
6:22 am
son never grew taller. a michael jackson dvd box set of all of his videos. they are being restore and rereleased. the setting includes video of his 2003 hit single one more chance. it's called michael jackson's vision. it includes about 4 1/2 hours of new material. >> a lot of people look forward to that. want to check the smut to see how things are rolling. >> rolling well, but slower. the san mateo bridge with a sigalert heading over to the peninsula. we will check with the chopper over the bridge itself. we will see the volume picking up and look at the tail lights. at the bottom of your screen, you will see flashing rights and the far right lane is closed as you approach the high-rise. overnight or yesterday, crews discovered an issue with one of the pieces of the structure and they have repair work closing
6:23 am
the right lane and forcing folks over to the two left lanes and causing congestion right now that will build over the next hour. get a look at the map and walk you through. 880 south to the dumbarton bridge. things are moving along 880 through oakland and the poll plaza there. the toll plaza with no major issues. the metering lights are turned on any second. back to you. >> thanks a lot. talk about getting off to a bad start. find out what has to make one driver feel especially embarrassed about his crash. coming up next. a live look outside, golden gate bridge making their way into the city. checking your commute as well. [ whitman ] they say california can't be governed anymore.
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i say baloney. this state belongs to all of us. we just have to decide we want to change. i know government isn't a business and it shouldn't be, but the same values of accountability and focus
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40 million. yeah, that's more than geico and progressive combined. by a lot. 40 million drivers. more savings. and discounts up to 40%. where else you gonna get discounts like that? call an agent at 1-800-state-farm or go online. good morning. a live look outside from the
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east bay. in fact some of the east bay temperatures on the screen were cooler. only into the 80s as hot as it has been. we will check the forecast in a bit. one man's insurance rates are about to jump each though he just got his driver's license. he crashed his car into a dmv office as he tried to drop off the driving instructor. it happened near pittsburgh and you see the damage. the driver told them he thought he had the car in park. few people suffered minor injuries. guess what. the man still passed his driving test. police say it was an accident like any other and he got his driver's license. >> don't that to our niece who didn't pass hers. >> guy crashed into a building. he's okay. we talked about how cool it is too. >> kind of an extra skeptical eye. you can pass doing extra
6:28 am
amazing. mostly mild with the 50s and 60s. one more day out towards livermore, but the weekend will showcase a big time cool down. high near 90 and 80 no, sir san francisco. some cooling along the coast and not a spare the air day today. the temperatures will drop off for the this weekend. highs in the 60s and 70s and the marine layer comes back which means partly cloudy skies to wrap up the weekend. >> no one can slow down tim lincecum. we will tell but a tiny problem that could have a big impactn o e giants heading into the next round of playoffs. an
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you know it's bad when the press asks if you'd take a lie detector test. meg whitman didn't tell the truth about not voting or about how long she lived in california. she got caught in insider deals at goldman sachs. she changed her story about physically abusing an employee. she campaigned as tough as nails on immigration knowing her housekeeper of 9 years was undocumented. her tv ads have been condemned as false and misleading. and even her hometown newspaper said meg whitman has demonstrated "a loose relationship with the truth" a tuberculosis scare rocked a high school and hundreds of students will have to be tested. we will talk about the risks coming up. >> doctors are meeting with the chilean miners this morning. why one of them is in for a long
6:31 am
hospital stay. >> and why you are in for a longer stay at the toll plaza due to a sigalert of a major bay area bridge. i will guide you around the problems on today in the bay. >> good morning and thanks for joining us. >> it is 6:30 and we start with developing news that mike mentioned. what to expect because parts of the bridge are closed. >> folks, a warning for you. we will find more traffic at the bay bridge. folks will be avoiding the westbound direction and the commute. the metering lights are on and the back up is formed there. we are expecting more traffic to flow through oakland because of the sigalert closing the right lane. an issue found during one of the inspections. routine inspection and we have to close the right lane until
6:32 am
tomorrow afternoon. forcing slow downs. you can use the dumbarton bridge and slowing approaching the 92 and not yet between the two. speeds around 55 through union city and you stilla have a chance. you can get a break by going to the dumbarton bridge. we get a live look to see how things are moving with the tail lights and things are moving nicely off the toll plaza getting closer to the high-rise. avoid westbound 92 if you can for the morning. back to you. >> thanks so much. >> we will send it over to rob to peek at the forecast. it will start to cool down a little bit. >> as the sea breeze picks up, we are seeing a little bit of an offshore winds. temperatures still kind of dry. later on as the marine layer deepens up, cooling for san francisco. 83 in oakland and the weekend is cooler. we will have a look at that in a few minutes. new information this morning
6:33 am
and an alert for students. hundreds of them will have to be tested for did you berk loss. live in union city, you also talked to a janitor who said he has to get tested. this goes beyond students being tested. >> he didn't know a lot more about it, but a district spokesperson is on the way here. they want students who are at risk to get tested. they are trying to get the facts out there. the health department set up a phone line. a letter is on the district website this morning. it was mailed out friday. it went out to all parents of students here at james logan high. it told them that logan high is working to identify students and staff who had significant exposure. about 500 students will be screened because a person was identified as a carrier. it's unclear whether this is a
6:34 am
student. the district is not saying. they are no longer here and they are being treated. it's important to note that being exposed to tb does not necessarily mean a person will spread it. only sick people with active tb in their lungs can spread it. it's difficult to spread. by tomorrow, families will be notified in writing whether their child indeed needs to be tested. that testing is expecting to start next week. reporting live in union city, christie smith today in the bay. >> thanks a lot, christie. >> the giants leave for philadelphia in a few hours and we're hearing the ace is ailing. tim lincecum has blisters on his throwing hand. that could pose a problem when it comes to gripping the ball. he dealt with a similar problem in may. the blisters will not keep him out of saturday's game, but could keep him from throwing
6:35 am
three game fist the series goes to seven. the mine that has been home to 33 miners is empty. the last exited overnight. this is a look at the hospital where the miners are being checked out. they listed the last rescuers and miners out and a lot of them are still in the hospital being checked out. did you notice the sunglasses they were wearing? oakley out of orange county in california donated them. the miners needed them because they haven't seen natural light in about 70 days. those glasses really help to block out uv light. they cost about $160. a marketing company estimates that oakley would have had to spend $180 million in advertising to get the same exposure they got by providing the glasses to the miners and coverage like we are doing right now. >> i'm sure that's not why they donated them.
6:36 am
>> probably not. >> let's check the commute with mike. >> let's take you out to the bay bridge. we will discuss oakley and motivation later. you have time to think about anything because we have slowing down the east shore freeway. 20 minutes and the back up. it shows you how much of a back up. it filled in to the crossing and just turned the camera because of an incident west of the toll plaza. we are looking along the incline. a lot of cars and that's the reason for the metering lights. we will take you back to the maps. the other bring we are focusing on are heading to the bay bridge as an alternate. there is a sigalert in effect potentially until tomorrow. lane at the high-rise is closed. the two left lanes are getting by and minor build up happening at the end of the flat section. it will continue to agree over
6:37 am
the course of the morning. you can use the dumbarton bridge as an alternate and making more folks hit 880 as a result. things are looking smooth out there otherwise. back to you. >> sounds good. it is 6:36. you might have to keep a hand on the gas pump. don't get lazy. see who wants to get rid of the automatic pumps. a california city might get a baby-sitter. >> every state is going green. where does california rank? we will take a look at a live report from washington. tracking a developing sea breeze that should finally take the edge off the heat around the bay area. the details in a cooler looking forecast today in the bay. [ male announcer ] sizzler's incredible $7.99 lunch deal.
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goods morning to you. kind of a cool start and an offshore wind pattern and mid 60s to get your morning started. you can see a few clouds, but a lot of cold air will follow the frontal system that crosses the west coast and drop the temperatures tomorrow and for the weekend ahead. we are still talking 90s around san jose and mid 80s around the
6:41 am
inner bay. that's signs of cooling and the sea breeze will turn stronger later today. highs inland and only in the 80s. the 90s get taken off the map. we are talking highs only in the 60s and 70s as we wrap up this weekend. laura? >> thank you, rob. the attorney general's office is asking for outside help when it comes to dealing with the salary scandal in bell. the chief deputy attorney said talks with the city have broken down. the state was negotiating with the city for several weeks. eight former bell officials face criminal changes for mishandling the funds. the cofounder of pay pal is putting his money where his mouth is. they are offering 20 kids up $2o $1 $10000,000. he has goes examples of that. bill gates and the world's
6:42 am
youngest billionaire, mark zuckerberg dropped out of high school. it is interesting to note he graduate friday high school and college and he also has a law degree. >> you may not be able to stray too far from the gas pump. we will tell you why. >> nice looking shot as we get ready for a beautiful day. we will be talking golf too in a few minutes. stay with us. [ male announcer ] carly fiorina. as ceo, she laid off 30,000 workers and shipped jobs to china. china. india. russia. poland. i know precisely why those jobs go. [ male announcer ] because fiorina shipped them there. to shanghai instead of san jose. bangalore instead of burbank. proudly stamping her products "made in china."
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30,000 workers gone while fiorina took $100 million for herself. carly fiorina. outsourcing jobs. out for herself. [ barbara boxer ] i'm barbara boxer, and i approved this message. [ female announcer ] yoplait's real fruit and the goodness of dairy... gives you a little slice of happy. and happiness cos in 25 decious flavors. explore them all. yoplait. it is so good. now the yoplait you love in a new four pack. try it today.
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>> good thursday morning to you. taking a beautiful live look outside. one of the many picturesque
6:45 am
spots. still going to be hot. fremont 88 and fairfield an expected high of 90. a new report shows the country is making headway when it comes to boosting energy efficiency. the progress comes even though congress is slated to pass two environmental bills. tracy pots is live in washington, d.c. and has a look at how california stacks up in comparison to other states across the country for clean energy. tracie? >> apparently you are doing well in california. for the fourth year in a row, california is at the top of the list for an energy efficient econo economy. they ranked them according to a number of criteria and public utilities and transportation, building codes, heat, power, government initiatives and applianc appliances. california is number one again
6:46 am
when it comes to being a green state. one of the major reasons is that california has a long history of efforts in energy efficiency dating back to the 70s, consistent over that 30 years according to the report. that they say had a big impact on electricity use in the state of california. other states also making significant progress. price as many states updated the building codes and twice as many established long-term goals and budgets for programs that have doubled since 2007. california is doing a good job and a lot of states are trying to catch up. >> good information. glad we stack up well. >> if you are heading across the bay area bridges, news you need to know. >> we will talk about how things are stack up westbound across the bridge. one lane is closed and has been since yesterday afternoon because of emergency repair work as you get to the high-rise. that's the reason for the
6:47 am
sigalert. avoid it if you can. let me show you video of the zone. the right lane with the cones as you get to the high-rise. signs warning you about that. no major debay lays. a live look at the shot westbound tail lights coming off of the plaza. all three are showing a steady flow of traffic. there is the high-rise and the construction and the closure about there where you see people shifting over. that's the issue. we are telling folks to use the dumbarton bridge. definitely the case because the bay bridge has the back up and the camera is turned because there was a stall reported at the metering lights that causes back up past west grand. you can see the pay bridge that shows a nice view. >> no fog this morning, but as the sea breeze picks up, you will see low clouds pumping back into the bay. 50s and 60s outside. not too chilly for you this morning.
6:48 am
not much in the way of a strong sea breeze. fors the afternoon, sea breeze picking up and another hot day inland. 90s showing up and things start to cool off. a few mid-level clouds as the sunrises. the clouds are lifting off to the north. much cooler air. it will start spilling in come tomorrow. 50s and 60s for the morning and pretty warm inland. upper 80s around the area. 90 in san jose and 80 in san francisco. cooler for the peninsula and coast and everybody cools down tomorrow and it turns chilly for the weekend. highs in the 60s and 70s. >> a taste of fall once jen. you know the latches that let you keep pumping gas? tomorrow is the deadline for some to take the latches off their nozzles. that's assuming a judge doesn't grant a last minute stay. bob redell is live to explain the problem at the pumps.
6:49 am
the nozzles let you fuel up so you can wash the windows or go into the mini mart. there were a few instance where is the latches didn't shut off and the fuel sprayed on people. one person had to go to the hospital. so the california air resources board ordered about 1/3 of the stations in the state that had this type of latch on there to have them removed by tomorrow. unless the group has their say, a little bit later around 9:00, they will go to a judge and say can you put a restraining on that order? the reason why they don't want to comply, there two reasons. when they take it off, customers end up using a cigarette box or a pen to keep these nozzles going. that's not safe. the other reason is financial. they do have to take off the
6:50 am
latches and eventually put new nozzles on that work properly that. will cost money and this group representing the gas station owners later this morning at 9:00 will fuel this and say you can give us a temporary restraining order on this. bob redell today in the bay. just a sort time ago apple sold the i pad version of i pad. the tablet computer, the e book reader are the biggest out there. jim barry joins us. we don't have time to talk about the specifics, but this is a good representation of all the soldiers here. >> this is where the action is. this is the question i get most of the time. here are really your choices. one is the smart phones. this is the new galaxy from
6:51 am
samsung. this is from at&t. a nice phone and lots of aps and other stuff. smart phone and it is iphone and the blackberries and the windows 7 and the palm pri. the prices are down on kindle starting at $139, but other e book readers use the e ink and e paper. very easy on the eyes. you have i pads and now we have new tablets from samsung and you have lots of choices there. you have net books. >> these used to be the hot item. you can convert it that way. that's about 550. you have price considerations too. >> i have not seen this one. >> this is the entourage edge. the e ink, e paper, ereader on
6:52 am
this side. this is a touch screen tablet so you can go online. you can go online and it's great for education and teachers. you can coordinate among the teachers and the students. it's about $500 for the dual book. >> we were talking earlier that you expect this holiday season to be good for consumer electronics. >> the electronics over the year, we expect them to be up around 3%. the prices are good and there is something for everyone and in every price range up to the new 3d. good news for silicon valley as far as the economy goes as people continue to buy the gadgets. >> we still don't have dave. it would be interesting to get his take. >> world class golfers are in the bay area and fans flock to the south bay getting ready to hit the open.
6:53 am
one of the golfers joining us live and is down at the lynx. thanks for taking time before you warm up this morning. >> what's better than fries if you are looking for electronics. >> talk about this tournament this year. speaking of technology and consumer electronics, this being billed as a cell phone-friendly event. fans can bring their cell phones along the course. a lot of times they are discouraged. what do you think? are you worried about a ring tone going off in the middle of your put? >> that's the world we live in. this is not the same world it was 10 or 15 years ago. everyone has their phones and as long as you are polite, it's no big deal. when people have cell phones out regardless of the rule y don't we make it friendly and give
6:54 am
them a chance and spent a few hours and stay connected with the office. it's the best of both worlds. >> you came off the ryder cup. what was that experience like and anything you did or the way you played going to affect the weekend performance for you? >> it's probably the most compelling week of golf i have been around. i have been on tour for 18 years and never seen anything like that before. it was down to the last shot hit lady minute night. it's a great build up for the 2012 ryder cup in chicago. have you been able to check out the course there and do you have the lay of the land? >> yeah. the course is gorgeous. i encourage you to come out to look around. it's a beautiful place. the golf courses will be fun to play and the weather will be
6:55 am
spectacular. you have young ricky fowler, one of the ryder cup heroes. i think we had three guys on the field. you shot 59 on tour out of the five done. it will be a great week of golf. >> what was that about beer? the fourth hole or something like that? i can't remember. something about beer. >> i heard there was something going on when they make a birdo some hole, 16 maybe. beers will be a buck for a period of time. it will be a great weekend. also you can come out here on sunday and they will have a place to watch the raider and 49er game. it will be a great weekend. >> appreciate you spending a little bit of time. appreciate you taking the time. >> my pleasure. >> that's cool when they think about everything. >> we're have breaking news. we sent our chopper to a milpitas apartment fire happening in the 1700 block of
6:56 am
calaveras near temple. one alarm so far. fire officials say all the people that were eventual low evacuate friday the building are now allowed to return except for the ones where it was severely impacked. so many crews out there. no reports of any injuries so far. that is the good news. we will keep our eye on this as there numerous crews on the scene. no doubt could be a distraction. what about the area in regards to traffic? >> this is on calaveras boulevard and you can't tell where this is. it will be affected as you come over towards 680. it's not called 237 here. it's not the highway. you should be okay except for that immediate vicinity. we will follow that and i will let you know about that. i will take you out to the maps and we are talking about the golf tournament as well. heading down to the san martin,
6:57 am
they will be slowing on southbound 101. that's the only major freeway getting to this eventful keep that in mind and stay connected heading north. we have 17 as an option to monterey or calaveras. we are continuing to follow the westbound sigalert closure for that portion of the right lane because of construction and emergency repair work. we will leave you with that. >> thanks a lot, appreciate t. >> near 90, but nice golfing weather. it won't be all that hot. a pleasant change. >> story ever not nice golfing weather? thanks so much. >> the show is next. [ male announcer ] everyone is hurting.
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