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tv   Today  NBC  October 14, 2010 6:00am-10:00am PST

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captions paid for by nbc-universal television good morning, last man out brought to the surface and the crowd explodes in celebration. their 70 day underground ordeal over. how have their lives changed? natalie morales live in chile. and a debate about everything from health care to a past. >> miss o'donnell has experience running for office but not running anything. >> you're just jealous because you were not on "saturday night live." >> the question that left miss
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o'donnell struggling for an answer. the suit shot outside a high school in utah speaks out as he is released from the hospital. we'll speak to him on "today," october 14th, 2010. welcome to "today" on this thursday morning. i'm meredith vieira. >> i'm matt lauer. >> you think about what this rescue operation achieved in chile. how long it took opposed to expectations and what the results were, it's flawless. >> did you watch last night? >> not up to the very end. until miner 31. >> i watched the last miner come out. as everybody said, it's truly as dramatic for the last as the first. a remarkable story. they thought it would take up to two days to bring the men to the surface. it actually took less than 24
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hours when that last miner came out, a little past 9:00, i think. >> i amazing success. we were talking here yesterday morning, you had the rescue workers still there after the miners. imagine being the last rescue worker thinking, baby, don't break now. i'm alone down here. they got out as well. today, national correspondent, natal natalie morales had a front seat, live at the mine. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. it struck me there's a real sense of calm here, a peace they haven't felt in the last ten weeks until last night, when that last miner was pull out. this morning, the families, who remained here at "camp hope" will pack up, they get to go home once again, get back to their lives with their loved ones now safe. mission accomplished. just before 10:00 p.m. local time wednesday, the shift
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manager luis urzua became the last man out. before he even knew they were alive, he helped them survive on two days of food. like a good captain, you leave last, said chilean's president. he told the president, i'm proud to be chilean. in the end, the remarkable rescue of the 33 miners took less than 24 hours. his 7 year old son's tears brought the wrorld to tears. 23-year-old richard got out just in time, his wife at home having contractions. he got out just in time.
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and yonni barrios was welcomed not by his wife but his mistress of 10. his wife chose not to come to the rescue. barrios was known as the doctor, trained emt, monitored the men's health everyday. and marios had health problems. i spoke to his daughter. >> it was so beautiful, like a re birth, she said. now, the family is back together. the world has come to know who they are. especially this man, now known as "super mario." he practically burst out of the capsule telling the world, i met god, i met the devil, god won. 33 times, the chant kept coming. >> chi-le! chi-chi-chi-!
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>> reporter: the rescue mission many thought impossible, now complete. the rescuers held up a sign saying "mission accomplished." now, rescuers here say they do believe in miracles. of course, these miners now, what's happening the next 48 hours, in the hospital, they really be thoroughly evaluated, get medical attention they now need. if they need no further treatment, they'll soon be allowed to go home and get back with their families and make up for lost time. matt. >> we haven't seen anything quite like this, there have been similar circumstances. we all know what happens, these miners or people that get rescued, become hot commodities and book offers, what are they expecting with these 33? >> reporter: they made a pact when they were down in the mine shaft and said they will stick together. it will be very interesting, i think, to see what they decide
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to do as a group collectively or if they start to break away. who knows. we have to stand by for that one. the chil chilean government askr now, let them get back to their routines and daily life, as much a normal life as they can. their lives have changed so much, with that last one coming out last night, they're international celebrity, superheroes now, one of them, even "super mario" and their future is pretty secure. they're certainly not going back into the mines, i can tell you that, their families say no way. >> i can understand that. great job covering the story. thank you so much. >> reporter: thank you. >> here's meredith. here at home, the mid-termite electimid-term elections are just 19 days away and in delaware for vice
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president joe biden's old senate seat. they faced off last night. kelly has more. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. there has been so much since christine o'donnell's win in the primary and a lot about things she said years ago on television and little notice to the democrat actually leading on the polls. here nor a longer than usual 90 minutes, it was nearly all about substance. stark differences on policy and personality. delaware democrat and county executive chris comes ons. miss o'donnell has experience running for office but not really running everything. delivering catchy phrases. >> my opponent has a history of making promises on the campaign
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trail and then breaking those. >> reporter: coons seemed to break from snoob i support tax cuts for the majority of americans and don't think we should draw an arbitrary line at $250,000. >> reporter: o'donnell wants more and deeper cuts. >> on the capital gains cuts -- >> reporter: polar opposites on the president's health care reform. >> i would stand for it. >> i would fight to fully repeal so we can begin to re enact real reform. >> reporter: o'donnell differs from many tea party candidates that say the department of education should be eliminated. >> i don't think we need to go that drastic of a step. >> reporter: on the supreme court, o'donnell stumbled. >> oh, gosh -- >> reporter: much like sarah palin had -- >> well, let's see. >> reporter: when asked to name a recent decision she opposes. >> i'm very sorry off the top of my head. i know there are a lot. i will put it on my website. >> reporter: coons comes from a wealthy family with two graduate
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degrees from yale. his irritation to o'donnell shows. >> we will try to have a conversation rather than a diatribe. if you can reconcile all those comments you are even a more talented reporter than i think you are, nancy. >> reporter: o'donnell turned aggressive cooling coons a marxist. >> my opponent recently said it was studying under a marxist professor that made him become a democrat. >> reporter: coons called himself a bearded marxist and said that is a joke. >> i am not anything but a clean shaven capitalist. >> reporter: her controversial witch comments- >> i never joined a comment. >> reporter: but didn't mind saying it to coons about snl. >> you're just jealous you were not on "saturday night live." >> i'm dying to see who will
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play me. >> reporter: not long after the debate, o'donnell came up with an answer to that question, put out a written statement pointing to a 2005 case, where the court allowed local governments to take private property in order to make way for commercial development. she said it was tough to come up with a recent case. that was the question, because she complimented the four conservative judges on the court. meredith. >> kelly o'donnell, thank you very much. who is going to win in 19 days? nate silver crunches the number for the "new york times." good morning to you. we all know how unreliable polls can be. you came up with this computer model accurate. in the last election, you correctly picked 48 out of the 50 states. don't get too technical on me. how do you do it? >> any one poll can be fairly n inaccurate we know what happened in new hampshire, the proposal primary. and which polls can be more reliable, you can do pretty
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well. we might have more misses than most, hard to gage exactly how angry the electorate is in delaware. >> you say this is harder. >> i think so. in 2008, every sign pointed towards obama winning. we know the gop will gain seats in both parts of congress. how many is an open question, while they take over the house or senate or both? it's tricky. >> you say there's a big storm headed democrats way come november. what category storm are we talking about? >> it will not be a tropical storm, a hurricane of some magnitude, but a category 3 or 4? everything is on the table. there are scenarios like if if it breaks against them could lose 60 or 70 seats exceeding 1994 but holding the house of voters, if they get the enthusiasm gap to break a little bit. >> normally mid-term elections is bad news for party in power,
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this year, the democrats. you see a sea of red actually, likely republican victories. >> partly because in the midwestern part of the country, you have high unemployment and unpopular democratic governor palins, where the gop is doing well. and in the midwest states like michigan, we have 14% unemployment. democrats are not losing t the -- not winning the toss up races there. >> you are clearly seeing this house will go to the republicans? >> we want to hedge. we think it's a three out of four chance right now because there are three weeks in the campaign and voters are making up their minds. you have so many races in play where 70 or 80 or 100 seats could go either way. we try not to be too certain where it will come down. the momentum favors them. if you had to place a bet, the safe side is th over to the senate. democrats hold a 18-seat margin. >> there republicans will gain some seats but they're running out of enough seats to actually take over the chamber, i think.
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where a state like delaware, for example, which looked to be republican leaning before maybe now it won't be as much where we have chris coons favored there certainly. some states on the west coast like washington and california have also broken toward democrats. so they will do very well. might get to 50 is a likely number, but 51 to take over the chamber looks tough based on the math right now. >> you just mentioned delaware. so your computer model is showing o'donnell will not win in delaware. >> no, she's behind 15 or 20 points in the polls. you can't find too many cases in general elections where a candidate comes back from that kind of deficit this late. it's a special race in some ways i think, but, you know, a lot of voters there have made up their mind already the minute she was the nominee and not mike castle. coons has 55% of the vote which meaned he would have to lose some votes. that's hard with three weeks to go. >> how about in nevada? >> we have this as basically being a tossup slightly leaning toward sharron angle. usually when you have approval
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ratings like harry reid, it's hard to get re-elected thre-ele. that's a dirty race. how that will turn out i think we don't know for sure. >> and then finally with alaska, you have republican senator lisa murkowski who lost in the primary. now she's a write-in candidate versus joe miller who won. and the republican scott mcadams -- the democrat scott mcadams. >> here is a case where you definitely shouldn't trust the poll. you have to fill out the oval and spell murkowski. i think she would have to have a lead in the polls to have a real shot on election day, but miller has not run a very good campaign. she could do it. she could pop the upset. it's pretty tight. >> so the prediction is she may. >> she may. we have miller as a 75% favorite. we think she's a good 1 in 4 chance. she's had some momentum lately. >> nate silver, thank you so
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much for your perspective. interesting. let's head to the news desk and ann curry for a check of the morning's other top stories. >> good morning. also news today, new numbers out show that more americans are struggling to keep their homes. lenders seized more homes from july to september than in any other three-month stretch since 2006 when the housing bubble began to burst. more than 288,000 homes were lost to foreclosure in the last three months, and that is up 22% from the year before. states are accusing banks of evicting people without reading documents and some of the foreclosures may be challenged. more than 70 people are under arrest coast to coast in the biggest medicare fraud case ever. they are accused of trying to cheat medicare out of $163 million. first lady michelle obama was on the campaign trail on wednesday for the first time since 2008. she campaigned in wisconsin and also for an illinois democrat trying to win the senate seat once held by her husband.
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today iran's president ahmadinejad is in lebanon and he's visiting an area near the israeli border. the u.s. is calling that visit intentionally provocative. gold is up and the dollar is down in the world markets. we've got cnbc's erin burnett at the new york stock exchange with more on this. >> it's worries of inflation down the line that are sending gold to another record high and the dollar to a ten-month low, but we see all these headlines about the demise of the u.s. dollar. keep this in mind, it's still stronger today thang it was one year ago. there are two stock stories to watch. one apple. it closed above 33$300 a share. if it were an economy it would be almost the same sized a south africa. apple pc sales are growing 24%, five times faster than its rivals. >> erin, thanks. and a utah teenage mother was struck by lightning last week along with another boy is now speaking out about the experience. we've got nbc's christian welke
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school homecoming that almost didn't happen. >> thank you guys so much. >> reporter: the 16 said he was lucky to be alive. he and friends got caught in a storm as they were leaving school, took cover under a tree. he doesn't remember anything else. >> we had just finished a conversation apparently with a few people. they were like walking away when it happened. >> reporter: a lightning bolt struck both teens. >> just exploded. they both just fell like rocks and their backpacks were blown clear off their back, clear off their bodies. >> i was dead like 20 minutes. >> reporter: doctors brought him back to life and he was released from the hospital just a week after he had gone in. >> right now, i have two burns on my feet, a little scar on my face. my hair is a little burnt. >> when i think of the alternative, i can't -- i can't
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even imagine. >> reporter: and while these students mark one homecoming, they're also focused on alexander lamson still hospitalized for burns. >> i feel bad leaving him there. >> reporter: the school is holding on to hope they can have another celebration soon. >> let's go back too meredith and al. it's really sweet how everyone welcomed him back. >> for sure. >> how about a first check of the weather, mr. roker? >> keep an eye on an nor'easter making its way up the coast. an interesting time over the next few hours. one off the carolina coast and one in the sea an they merge tonight, up to boston, heavy rain and wind gusts up to 50 miles an hour, tomorrow, it's really pounding new england, with windy conditions from boston all the way up to new england. some areas may see a little snow, talking mostly rain,
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talking from albany to boston and up to burlington, anywhere from 3 to 5 inches of rain. that's why we have interior sections of new york and new england with flood watches here's an interesting sunrise. you are seeing mid-level moisture streaming in from the south and west, making for a gorgeous view. temperatures hour by hour. 50s and 60s this morning. inland a little hot and close to 90 and 92 in livermore and san jose close to 90. for the marine layer, it's the inner bay and coast that should see cooling and everybody starts to cool off. highs in the 60s and 70s through the weekend. that's your latest weather. matt. the role american forces may have played in the tragic death of a british aide worker during a rescue attempt in afghanistan. a joint investigation is under way.
7:20 am
michelle kosinski is in london with details. good morning. >> no one was really questioning this rescue mission was extremely dangerous or the right thing to do at the time. the mystery was how the ex-explanation of this british aide worker's death changed from a bomb set by one of her captors to one thrown by u.s. troops. it prompted a question from president obama to the u.s. prime minister. at age 36, linda norgrove was ready and willing to take on the world. studied in scotland, england, had a phd and worked in loss and afghanistan for an american aide organization. where she and two colleagues were captured from their cars two weeks ago by a group known as al qaeda, and all were released but linda. >> linda's life is in grave
7:21 am
danger. >> reporter: friday night, known as "the valley of death." u.s. forces launched a daring raid to save linda. something went wrong. u.s. explanation was specific. >> the hostage was killed in the end by her captive. >> reporter: an insurgent right next to linda detonated a bomb vest just before troops could reach her. monday morning, the u.s. said further review said friendly fire, possibly a grenade from american troops may have caused linda's severe injuries. she died soon after. >> the british aide worker killed -- >> reporter: confusing news here. >> the account of what took place has completely changed in 24 hours and highly embarrassing. >> the suspicion of a cover-up is something embarrassing -- >> take a deep bret. it's war. she was killed by an explosion and they would have assumed it was one of her captors. it's curious to me why any hand
7:22 am
grenades were used during the assault. normally, they break in, in the dark and shoot people at point-blank range using night vision equipment. they don't use lethal fragmentation grenades. >> reporter: now, from the mountains of afghanistan to scotland, linda's home, in westminster and washington, there are questions. a brave young woman working for the best of human intentions died being saved from the worst. now that the u.s. and britain are working together on the investigation and today, u.s. general petraeus, the top commander of forces in afghanistan will meet wit david cameron in london, matt. >> michelle, thank you for your report. jury selection begins in the trial of the u.s. master mind of a disturbing bank robbery that ended in the death of a pizza man fitted with a bomb collar. remember that story? hav have
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if you live for performance, upgrade to castrol edge advanced synthetic oil. with eight times better wear protection than mobil 1. castrol edge. it's more than just oil. good morning. i'm laura garcia cannon. we start with an alert for parents. they want hundreds of students tested for tuberculosis. live in union city. the parents must be concerned. >> that's right. i spoke with a father who is very concerned about his daughter. he said she is a clear leader and loves to hug her friends. he told her not to do that. students are just arriving at james logan high school. the parent told me he got a phone call who said a student
7:27 am
was an active carrier. students are arriving, about 500 will be screened. all students received a letter about possible exposure. it's quite difficult to spread tb and would take prolonged contact in an exposed environment. christie smith today in thebi >> thanks so much. 7:27 right now and an update on the commute after this.
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watch your way across the
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bridge. >> a sigalert through today to tomorrow afternoon or evening. one of the far right lanes closed for the morning commute. we will show you the progress. there is emergency repair work going on and we are restricted to two lanes. approaching the high right might suggest the dumbarton bridge. that will build over the morning commute, but as you build to the bay bridge, this big back up with an earlier since dent. there is the back up off of 880. >> the "today" show this less than a minute. our kids can't afford another four years of crippling cuts to public schools. class sizes are too big, and all the standardized testing just isn't working. so classroom teachers looked closely at the plans of both candidates for governor. and we're supporting jerry brown. brown's plan focuses on a well-rounded education... with history, science, and the arts as well as english and math.
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schools where teachers and parents work together. and that's why we urge you to vote for jerry brown, a leader we can trust to make our public schools a priority again. it's 7:30 on a thursday morning, october 14th, 2010, that's the empire state building as seen from our building, the top of the rock and mid-town manhattan, the rain arrives a little later today. we'll take the weather while it lasts. we will get out and say to people out on the plaza in a little while. i'm matt lauer, alongside meredith vieira. coming up this hour, a talented painter who has already made a big name for herself in the
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world of art. there she is right there. she happens to be adorable. her name is autumn and she is 8 years old. she has really got a lot of people raising her eyebrows. >> she is so talented, her work goes for $25,000 apiece. >> she is being compared to some of the late painters of the last century. very cool. >> the new crowd in the real estate market, a national investigation launched into the fiasco that put a freeze in foreclosure sales. how will that impact you? details ahead. we want to begin with a tragic death played out on live television. jury selection now under way at the trial of a woman accused of masterminding a bizarre bank robbery that resulted in the death of a pizza delivery man. you probably remember this story. ron allen is in eerie, pennsylvania with more on this. good morning to you. . >> reporter: good morning to
7:32 am
you. federal investigators say this is one of the most bizarre strange cases and all along said it was more than a bizarre bank robbery. the trail led to a former schoolteacher with a violent criminal history. marjorie diehl-armstrong is already serving a 20 year sentence for shooting and killing a former boyfriend, his body stuffed into a refrigerator. now, prosecutors accuse her of masterminding an even more bizarre and related murder that made world-wide headlines. >> what's your emergency, please? >> you're reporting a bank robbery. >> reporter: it was august 28, 2003 in broad daylight, when brian wilson walked into a bank and demanded a quart over a million dollar. locked around his neck was an elaborate bomb and shotgun made from a cane. police surrounded him in the
7:33 am
parking lot. wells claimed he was a hostage, warned the bomb was ticking and said he was forced to rob the bank by a group of thugs. suddenly, the bomb exploded, killing wells. for years, the crime baffled investigators. several suspects died. authorities came to believe the pizza delivery man wasn't an innocent victim but willing if naive conspirator. in 2008, a break through, another local man, kenneth barnes pleaded guilty in the case to conspiracy to commit armed bank robbery and named diehl-armstrong as the ringleader intent to kill again. >> marjorie diehl-armstrong solicited kenneth barnes to commit bank robbery and also solicited him to kill her own father. she intended to use the proceeds of the bank to pay her would be father's killer.
7:34 am
>> reporter: the motive, they believed her father was squad andering a would be inheritance. >> money was the motive and everything else paled to that motive. >> reporter: her attorney says s she's mentally ill and not capable of plodding such a gruesome crime. jury selection i under way and opening arguments is tomorrow. meanwhile, the pizza man's family are trying to clear his name and said he didn't know they wouldn't take the bomb from him and let the bomb explode. >> allen, thank you. >> pat, author of "the profiler." >> good morning, matt. >> prosecutors say she planned this entire bomb robbery plot
7:35 am
and convicted in killing one man and suspected killing others. she will have, it would seem to me, an uphill battle to convince jurors she wasn't involved in this. >> i think so. the defense attorney is saying she doesn't have the brains to do this. she is a smart woman, master of manipulation. if you look at this bomb, it didn't work very well, almost too grandiose to be very successful. it shows her behind this very very well. >> you talk about her being a smart woman. she is intelligent. she was a straight a student. from what i understand, she has a masters degree in counseling. does she fit the profile? >> she certainly fits the profile of a psychopat. and kind of like a black widow. killed one man earlier and shot another boyfriend and put one ma man in the freezer and that's two down and tried to kill her father. i call her a preying man tis and
7:36 am
manipulates men into her life and trying to get them to help out whatever she's trying to do and bite theirs head off and keeps moving on. she's extremely dangerous, whatever she wants, a lot of power and control, not just about the money, manipulating everybody and always being the one in control and the one who wins. she doesn't like it when people get over on her. >> jury selection began tuesday and already a scene in the courtroom she basically had a dispute with her own attorney and cursed him out. is it likely she will be the biggest obstacle in her own defense? >> i think so. she really doesn't know how to be a demure lady and say, i really didn't know what was happening. she can't sit back. right now, she's trying to sue somebody at the moment over her father. she's still doing things, even from prison. she will not stop. she will be her own worst enemy in that courtroom. >> pat, as always, thank you very much. a check on the weather from al. >> thank you very much. these ladies, real housewives from iowa here. nice group.
7:37 am
your shirts even have a map to show us where your city is. let's check your weather to see what's going on. we have hurricane paula right now, barely a hurricane, 30 miles north of the western tip of cuba. winds at 75 miles an hour, moving northeast at 5, basically will move through cuba and weaken and become just a tropical depression by early saturday night. saturday morning, i should say. look how hot it is out west. 15 to 20 degrees above normal. rapid city to 77, and vegas and gulfcoast temperatures, 50 in new orleans and we will be looking at a lot of we have an interesting palette of clouds from the south and west making for a pretty sunrise. mount diablo off in the
7:38 am
distance. the marine layer is thick which means the coast will stay comfortable, but most of the cooling will be around the inner bay. 80s to low 90s as the sea breeze turning stronger. for the welcomes highs in the 60s and 70s. >> jumanji. >> any time you need to check your weather, go to your weather channel on cable or online. >> thank you very much. just ahead, are police any closer to finding the killer of a virginia tech student who vanished during a concert a year ago. her parents speak out. a major investigation of home foreclosures being launched in all 50 states, what that will mean for you right after this. [ woman ] we try to be perfect.
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♪ everybody, now! he's not checking messages every 9 seconds. and now this? ♪ i don't want to play ♪ i just want to bang on the dall day ♪ [ ship horn blows ] ms. morning on "today"'s real estate, a massive probe of the mortgage industry and they launched a joint investigation wednesday that they used flawed paperwork to justify foreclosures, just days after one of the nation's biggest banks announced a nationwide freeze on one of the biggest
7:42 am
sales. what does that mean to you? barbara and sharon, good morning to both of you. the president has rejected calls for nationwide moratorium on nationwide foreclosure. you said it doesn't matter what he said. >> it's governed by state laws and the fact that the attorney generals are looking into it and the largest lenders have already called for a moratorium, this will create basically a nationwide freeze on foreclosures anyway. >> let's talk about dollars and cents, impact on lenders. >> we're talking $6 billion approximately. if you look at the fact it will cost lenders $2 billion per month, this could linger three months or more, that will create this situation. >> you move to the housing market in particular, the effect it will have on the price of homes. >> i personally believe it will have a good effect in the short run on the price of homes. they should either stabilize or go up. the reason being, if you remove
7:43 am
40% of all the product from the shelves, usually, the remaining houses are worth more. that's exactly the percentage being re moved from the marketplace. >> what if you're somebody in the midst of foreclosure right now? >> ironically, like being able to stay rent free, almost like being in line for the electric chair and the governor says, sit tidy for a while. >> maybe they can come up with plan and call a non-profit counselor and credit counselor. you're already delinquent on your mortgage, we know this. that won't change and you need to figure out how to better your financial situation. >> once you're on her to side and have a great deal on a foreclosed home, what will happen to you? >> you won't be able to close. many people are stuck in between, nowhere to go. thought they were moving in next monday, they're not, the banks of frozen everything. >> you're really stuck. for me, i'm not interested in
7:44 am
buying and selling and not in foreclosure. >> thank god. >> it could have an impact on the housing industry overall. these houses will not be sold and that will create problems for real estate agents, they will not be able to be working. painters and carpenters working on these homes are not doing anything and will create an economic problem for the industry and credit problem. now the lenders know perhaps they will not get any money back if a homeowner defaults on their mortgage so will we see tighter credit? that will have an economic impact as well. >> which is probably why the president is rejecting this moratorium? >> it would be a hardship for the economy overall. when you look at the housing industry, that this is key for coming out of the economic problems we have and if we continue to have this moratorium, that could create a lot of problems and what lenders are saying and why they're saying, we can't have this nationwide moratorium. but a lot of folks are still in this situation.
7:45 am
>> consumer confidence is at an all time low. you have that as well thmt this won't help it. >> we have more information coming out tomorrow and this won't help consumers who say, what if i am paying on time, what is this doing for me? a lot of borrowers say, if this mess is going on with the lenders, what's stopping me from walking away from my home? >> exactly. >> there could be one piece of good news. to date, the banks have been sitting on their backside. i almost said the wrong word, sitting on their backside, taking their time working out all these modifications. maybe with the attorney generals on their back, they will wake up to the fact they have to move just as fast to clear up the problems on the foreclosures. really a shame. >> thank you so much. up next, an 8-year-old painting prodigy wowing the art world, right after this. [ female announcer ] letting go of your cigarettes can be hard.
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7:49 am
work? >> she was in her late 5s. she came out to the garage. >> her late 5s, like her late 40s. >> i was staining wood, came out, asked if she could mess with the brush. i turned away and turned back, like a modern art masterpiece. >> did everyone agree, like all parents did, look at what my daughter did. did others agree? >> no. we didn't show. it we were scratching our head and thought it was an anomaly and interesting. the thing we noticed was she seemed to have passion and seemed to enjoy it. >> autumn, is this your favorite thing to do? painting and drawing? >> i do it everyday and try to do as much as i can. >> what inspires you when you sit down with a canvas and some of these canvass are bigger than you are, what inspires you to paint? >> you know what, i love to
7:50 am
paint. you know -- >> just comes from the heart? >> yeah. it just -- every single day, i'm like, i do this, and i'm trying to do it, maybe i can't do it. i do my best and i feel like i -- i just want -- i want to do it, i want to do it. >> no formal training, is that correct? >> no. >> you didn't want to mess her up and have someone try and take her in another direction. what about the technical part of painting, how did she get so good at that? >> well, actually, if you're asking about texture -- >> yes. >> well, i kind of maybe viewed other words, but i take different texture, right out of the tube, which, when you mean, like you see a tube of paint. >> right. >> when it comes out very thick, and then -- and then i might mix it up with some water or
7:51 am
something and i make it fast, when i say fast, very liquid. when i pour it out of the cup, it goes very fast, like water. >> this one is called "autumn colors," right? >> yes. >> if people look carefully, high schools a self portrait, right? >> yes. >> is this one of your favorite paintings? >> yes, kind of, yeah. >> mom and dad, let's slide over. autumn, tell me about this next painting. >> this painting is actually called "barbie marilyn." >> what inspiretude do this? andy warhol thing? >> yes. andy warhol. he did marilyn monroe. wasn't a barbie but marilyn monroe. the real reason why i think he painted her is because at that time she was the best example as a sexy one.
7:52 am
>> let's move over, this is called "good night moon." you like that book? >> yes. my mother used to read it to me when it was over. >> i notice you don't say how long did something take, the product not the process. how long did this take? >> well, you know, it really depends maybe how big it is, but i think it's definitely a few weeks, definitely -- yeah. not one week. >> you are amazing. keep going, young lady, all right? >> okay. >> great to meet you. happy birthday almost the end of the month, mom and dad, thank you so much. keep it going. just ahead, the fine art of country music.whes m whatesakak it so . first, y your local l news. southwest low fares online?s thd [ southwest employees ] alright! bring 'em in...bring 'em in... stop! how many places can you book southwest tickets online?
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7:56 am
>> good morning. 7:56 right now. mike is taking us through the sunol grade. >> it's slow out of pleasanton before you get to the express lane. this is the slowing and 580. typical commute. the bridge from the toll plaza, things are fine as you approach the high-rise. the right lane is closed until maybe tomorrow. we are watching for emergency work. i will give you the updates, but you have two lanes. more folks might take 880 north where you have a smooth ride. the toll plaza and the bay bridge is backed up. there is a haze and low clouds as well.
7:57 am
>> we have haze and mid-level clouds passing over for the afternoon. hot inland with 90s, but cooler for san francisco. the marine layer is bigger than what we are seeing this morning. that will push in cooler air for inland valleys tomorrow and the weekend. highs only in the 60s and 70s and siftsnd oz 6 oz the coast. more news after the break.
7:58 am
7:59 am
>> per. >> a safety alert in the south bay. you need to be cautious as you take your morning walk. be on the look out for this man who attacked a mother and tried to kidnap her 1-year-old daughter tuesday morning. the baby girl was in a push and ride similar to one we are about to see. right there. the mother fought off the attacker and the man drove away. another local news update in about a half hour. the "today" show returns in less than a minute.
8:00 am
8:00 on this thursday morning, 14th day of october, 2010. nice weather this morning but al roker says it won't last. i'm on the plaza with matt and al roker. >> do you remember this story a year ago, a college student's mysterious disappearance at a rock concert and no arrests have been made. we will find out where that investigation distanced and what
8:01 am
has been done to keep the investigation alive and help other young people. >> had a chance to meet them. also ahead, washington d.c.'s schools superintendent michelle, and also the subject of controversy, featured in the movie "waiting for superman." she announced her resignation. we will find out what caused that in a couple minutes. a little later on, a new york photographer uses her camera to show what makes country music so special. jenna bush hager will interview her. >> hey. all 33 miners in chile are rescued and hospitalized this morning and most in good shape after being trapped understand
8:02 am
ground 70 days. the man who helped them survive was the last one rescued in a flawless operation. many could leave the hospital within a couple days but always are nervous and unable to sleep and one is being treated for w pneumon pneumonia. squaring off in a nationally televised debate. tea party christine o'donnell portrayed chris coons as a masksimas marxist who would increase spending. he called her a sound bite with no solutions. and wednesday, michelle obama returns to the campaign trail for the first time in two years in milwaukee and chicago. and visiting hezbollah supporters in southern lebanon, near the israel border and they're calling it intentionally provocative and hezbollah is a
8:03 am
powerful military tan group that fought a month-long war in 2006. considering a proposed rule to prevent cell phone bill shock, requiring wireless phone and data companies to alert customers by voice or text messages when they are close to going over their monthly limits which can result in sizable penalties. the warning would also apply to roaming charges. a pennsylvania man who had just passed his test for his driver's license wednesday, crash in the front of the driving center with his instructor in the passenger's seat. there were minor injuries and the man said he thought the car was in park. it's 8:03, back outside to matt and meredith. >> thank you. >> actually lovely, like a lovely fall day. >> you're surprised. >> i'm waiting for the you know what. >> mr. roker has a check of the weather. >> i do. i have a happy forecast for a
8:04 am
birthday. what's your name? >> megan. >> you're double digits today. where are you from? >> ft. lauderdale. >> having a good time? >> yes. >> happy birthday. >> haguerstown, maryland, named after bob haeger. rain and cool, 62 degrees, we have rain working its way up the coast today, thanks to the nor'easter and also rain in the northwest and also heavy rain, moisture from hurricane paula making its way to southern california -- i mean southern florida. beautiful day tomorrow in florida, the rain goes away but heavy rain stays in new england with strong winds thanks to the nor'easter, much of the country looking gorgeous with showers and lots of sunshine and warm and normal conditions. are you walking in the breast cancer
8:05 am
that's your latest weather. matt. al, thank you very much. when we come back, the search for the killer of morgan harrington, the young college student who disappeared during a concert last october. her parents will speak out, right after this. ooth last into a second day, or does frizz make you start over? pantene knows thick hair absorbs more moisture, so we customized a pro-v system to make smooth stay into the second day. frizzy to smooth system. pantene. healthy makes it happen. the pantene re-invention is here. introducing the new pantene custom solutions.
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♪ cause pop-tarts mornings are the bomb ♪ ♪ so, rise and shiiiiine gotta get that bacon! dog: yummy. crunchy. bacon. bacon. bacon. there, in that bag! mom: who wants a beggin' strip? dog: me! i'd get it myself but i don't have thumbs! yum, yum, yum... it's beggin'! hm... i love you! beggin' strips! there's no time like beggin' time! this morning on "today"'s update, what happened to morgan harrington. the virginia tech student disappeared almost one month ago and her body found one month later and her killer remains at large. we talk to her parents, but first, more on her story. >> she was young, beautiful, and full of promise. 21-year-old morgan harrington, a junior at virginia tech was
8:10 am
attending a concert when she became separated from her friends. she called to tell them she was okay and would find a ride home. they never saw her again. >> morgan is out there. please come home. if someone has morgan, please let her come home safely. >> her parents held ginvigil, hopeful for her safe return. >> morgan's last words to me were, i love you forever, one more time. >> but their nightmare was realized. >> i stopped and there was a human skull. that's when i called 911. >> a local farmer found morgan's skeletal remains in a remote field just a few miles from the bridge where she was last seen. >> the remains are those of mortgage ga harrington. >> her parents desperate to be
8:11 am
close to her rushed to the scene and jill harrington hauntingly described seeing her for the first time. >> i will tell you, having seen that girl even had some lovely bones. >> finally, in july, nine months after her disappearance a crack in the case. police tied evidence from the crime scene to a >> now the face of evil was in front of me. >> three months later, her death and link to the killer are still a mystery. >> closure is not possible because i now have a beautiful almost 21-year-old daughter that you cannot replace. >> morgan's parents, dan and jo harrington are with us. good morning. i want to talk about morgan and all you have done to honor the memory of her daughter and keep her memory alive.
8:12 am
first, let's talk about the status of the case. first, i want to put the picture up again, the sketch released in july of a suspect in an assault case in fairfax, virginia, five years ago, they have forensically linked to your daughter. we know he could have changed over the past five years in appearance. what have they told you, the police, in terms of the status of the case right now? >> the case really has not moved much beyond what we found out when the forensic leak was made. we know the case from 2005 is somehow connected to morgan, but -- >> dna connection. >> dna connection. what is confusing is how does fairfax, charlottesville and even more importantly, the remote area of the 700 acre farm she was found on, she wasn't just placed by the side of the road, she was deliberately placed in an area of that farm. i think they thought they would never find the body. >> you think whoever placed her on that farm knew about that area before. >> the police feel that's a very
8:13 am
important connection. >> i wish we did have a very big ah-ha moment and there was something that changed everything. i'm afraid, what will happen, real life crime, i've come to learn, doesn't work like tv shows. what's going to happen, i think, is just the day in, day out dogged police work, chasing down leads, re-interviewing people and trying to put the pieces to this really complicated puzzle together. it still is an active case, a year after morgan was killed, i still have weekly contact with the agents from virginia state police, who have worked with us. they've been not only professional but compassionate, because after a year, you know, we have a relationship with them. >> right. >> i don't think they want it as bad as we do, but we all want it. >> sunday marks one year since the last time she was seen on the bridge at the university of virginia.
8:14 am
you have gone back to that bridge many times over the past year. why? >> we, very quickly, after morgan was abducted, found that the last place morgan was, was a place that we needed to remember and remind the community that a death had occurred or abduction had occurred and a bad person remained at large. we started a memorial that was like a stone that gathered a lot of moss on it through the last 12 months. we had people sending momentos from all over the world, literally we had what was called "morgan rocks" and people would paint rocks or send rocks from literally every continent around the world. those have all been removed about two weeks ago in preparation for the memorial that will be placed on sunday. >> that's how you mark the anniversary by being there. you also worked with the university of virginia to raise
8:15 am
awareness, alert young women in that community of the risks involved. talk to me about the progress you have made. >> it's a difficult thing. we're doing several things. you can measure walls and buildings that you do. but to shift a culture, it is not as measurable and it's probably harder to do. it's like turning an ocean liner, it takes a while to make it happen. but we do feel that president sullivan at uva really was handed a difficult agenda in her new role, but took it on. they have programs with entering students, to act together as community, to look out for each other, to limit opportunities for violence on their students. >> absolutely. you also work with a group called omni that does medical outreach to orphans in africa and that group recently started
8:16 am
construction on a school annex in your daughter's name? >> right. >> some of her ashes are actually mixed into the cement of the foundation because she was studying in education and interested in education. >> i did not want to just be left with ashes. when i was feeling sorry for myself early on, i said, god, all i have is this box of ashes. i realized from ashes, you can make cinder blocks and use them as foundation to build something more. in an odd way, morgan is likely to impact more lives than she could have done if she were allowed to live. >> in some ways, the picture that you brought that she painted sums up who she is, doesn't it? >> yeah. she was multilayered, a complex for someone who is 20 years old. >> the symbolism of the eye.
8:17 am
>> she has been all around the world. she was going to go to africa, to travel with me with omni. she packed supplies and helped with that. she did not go, her ashes did. her teacher, jane vance, took her ashes to nepal because morgan was i going to travel with jane. she's going places still. that is, i think, how you trump evil. he stopped her life but he did not stop the goodness that she could accomplish. >> you're accomplishing so much in her name now. thank you so much. greatly appreciate your being here. >> thank you. >> if you have any information in the case of morgan harrington, contact virginia state police at 434-352-3467. we are back after these messages. ack after these messages.
8:18 am
8:19 am
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8:22 am
education reform. she received praise from some, criticism from others for laying off 470 teachers who she said were underperforming. on wednesday she announced her own resignatioresignation. she announced her own resignation. good to see you. so many headlines, why can't we compete? why are americans behind. you were seen as the hope for the education system. why leave now when a big job lies ahead. >> this is a sad day for me. i have so enjoyed working with childrens and families in washington d.c. i hoped to do it four more years. envelo unfortunately my boss lost the election and the new mayor and i decided it made sense to be able to continue these reforms by having his own team in place, somebody he felt comfortable
8:23 am
with. i think that's the right thing, moving forward. >> you've been credit accomplishing a lot, test scores on the rise, got rid of under-performing schools and under-performing teachers, gave principals power to hire who they want. you were also criticized for your style, kind of a bull in a china shop. let me read you an interview in "time" magazine, the team that kills me about education, so touchy-feely. test scores don't take into account creativity and love of learning. i don't give a crap. don't get me wrong, creativity is good, if the children don't know how to read, i don't care how creative you are, you're not doing your job. >> anything you wish you had done different style-wise? >> not really. one of the problems in public education today is people really shy away from talking about the real issues. the fact of the matter, this nation is falling further and further behind internationally
8:24 am
and we're not able to compete with other countries globally because we're not preparing our children in the same way. that means we have to take a really hard look at our education system and know what is going wrong so we can improve those things. >> i sat down with the president recently as part of our "education nation" series and i said, you have done a lot in d.c. for public schools, there is still a lot to do. let me show you a clip and i'll get your reaction on the other side. >> good morning. thank you for taking my question, president obama. as the father of two very delightful and seemingly very bright daughter, i wanted to know whether or not you think that malia and sasha would get the same high quality rigorous education in a d.c. public school compared to their very elite private academy they're attending now. >> thanks for the question, kelly. i'll be blunt with you. the answer is no right now. the d.c. public school systems are struggling. >> how did it feel to hear that? he basically said, my daughters
8:25 am
can't get a great education in d.c. schools. that agency your school district? >> actually, i found it refreshing because the president was telling the truth, he was speaking from the heart. he's absolutely right, because even though we have some schools in the city that are serving children extremely well, we actually can't say that about all of the schools. certainly, the school that the white house is zoned into is a school that still has a really long way to go. i think he was being very honest about his assess many he and the first lady made about what's best for their children. >> in the 45 seconds i have left, do we need longer school days in this country zplchlkt. >> absolutely. we won't catch our kids up without it. >> do we need longer school years? >> without a doubt. >> what's next to you? some talk you'd come to newark or what will you do? real quickly if you don't mind? >> i will trying to figure out how i can have the great est impact nationally on education moving forward.
8:26 am
>> good luck to you. coming up, the best of the best when it comes to travel. good morning to you. let's see what's going on with the commute. >> the northbound 101 is is jammed up from 680, slow all the way up to 637. 280 also going through downtown and 85 for the emergency repair work, causing some slowing on the flat section. and oakland 880, rob? >> and that would be a nice
8:27 am
place to be the last couple of days. today inland over 90 degrees. and the change coming your off sff the weekend. more news after the break. [ mom ] my son ryan didn't know his voulez-vous
8:28 am
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8:29 am
new reports that police have made two arrests in connection to a massive fire at south bay school. police arrested two teenagers this summer at trace elementary school. the fire happened in july. it caused about $10 million in damage, destroying 16 classrooms. investigators will hold a news conference this morning to talk about the arrests. i will have another update for you in about a half an hour or so. have a great thursday morning.
8:30 am
8:30 on a thursday morning, the 14th day of october, 2010. pretty here in the northeast, the calm before the storm. al predicting a nor'easter for this area and much of new england over the next 36 hours. a little windy, a little wet. but these people don't seem to mind on a thursday morning, out
8:31 am
here on the plaza, having a good time. i'm matt lauer along with meredith vieira, al roker and ann curry. when we get going in this half hour, we will talk about the best of the best. every year, doing the best of the best cruise awards in resorts and cities and airlines, we will find out which things pop that list. that looks nice right there. >> i thought it was another name. i'm sure you're right. we will find out. i have no idea. i don't know. coming up -- >> actually, jenna bush hager. >> she interviewed a new york photographer and had no interest in it and taken pictures of
8:32 am
country music stars and fell in love with it and will share it will jenna be highw jenna bush. >> how you can prepare these meals at home and have less than 390 calories each. >> that's a big sandwich. >> also coming up, happening a this time of the year for a lot of people, parent-teacher conference. it causes people a lot of stress. advice what to ask and how to get through that. >> other people say that to me. they're much better at it a. >> saturday, as we head to the weekend, rain in new england, windy conditions in the northeast coast. beautiful weather in florida and southeast texas, thunderstorms along the southwest. sunday, we have a lot of rain, i didn't say sunday sunday, i'm
8:33 am
sorry. we have a lot of rain into the southwest, a few showers through upstate new york. the rest of the country looking pretty good, sunny and cool through the pacific northwest. that's your latest weather. don't forget, you can check your weather any time of the day or night on weather channel on cable or now, let's say hello to uncle willie scott in washington.
8:34 am
>> ah, the pumpkin, the money crop, a lot of people make more money selling pumpkins than anything. i like pumpkin pie, all good. happy birthday, take a look, if you will to some of our birthday buddies from smuckers. elizabeth will from charlotte, north carolina. her key to longevity is her christian faith. tony desiderio, oakland, new jersey, played in vaudeville in the peeve 30s. happy birthday to you, sir. and carl rogge, baldwin, missouri, 100 years old today, helped deliver meals on wheels for many, many years, likes to ice skate. i can barely stand up on them. angel ly angelina deluca, brooklyn, new
8:35 am
york, makes beautiful floral arrangements at her church. and rayfield griffin, 100 years old and worked for national geographic many years and wish him a happy birthday. sweet myrtle mjaanes, of rice lake, wisconsin, 102 years old today. likes to help other people. make hers feel young. can't beat that. lovely and exciting anna wahler, from cranberry, new jersey, next to stuffing, new jersey, one of the oldest living alums from gettysburg, college. that's it, all now, back to new york. >> thank you very much. when we come back, jenna bush hager introduces us to a new york photographer who developed a real love for country music.
8:36 am
8:37 am
8:38 am
yee-haw. we're back at 8:37 an about a book putting country music at the spotlight. jenna bush hager. >> and photographing some of the most influential and powerful people in the world. for the latest book, she decided to turn her lens to the biggest in country music. melanie didn't know anything about country music when she set out to tell stories through her photographs. >> i know one prong. >> reporter: as a new yorker, trying to focus her lens on a brand-new subject, melanie knew she had to immerse herself in nashville culture, several days a week for a year. >> reporter: how did you decide to capture each subject?
8:39 am
>> i put together a list of 50 artists. i met one person and they say, you have to have blah blah blah. and then i would google blah blah blah. >> reporter: those highly placed recommendations helped her create "my country," a dazzling collection of country icons, each framed in a setting to capture their essence. >> i am trying one image to show you who that person is. you look and you say, that is barbara mandrel. >> reporter: she began with country's traditional roots with god and america. >> george jones is very steeped in history, has an amazing collection of old jackets, boots, everywhere you look in every corner of his house c there's a gem. i thought we have to do it in almost his home museum. >> reporter: more than just a snapshot, the old timers gave her a lesson quite they believe country music is the heart and soul of america. >> country music is the poetry of everyday life.
8:40 am
>> what the song says means everything. the words and the lyrics. >> it's not what we wish we were, it's what we are. >> reporter: as each nashville door opened, she learned, too, the business of country music is changing. >> it's becoming more mainstream. we have the taylor swift grammys. they're desperate to stay traditional, local and true to their roots. >> reporter: surprisingly, this northernerer found herself bitten by the nashville bug. she took me on a tour of the town she has come to know so well. first stop, sparkling threads, fit for a star at manwell's. taylor, costumer of wells, everyone. >> a little porter wagner, johnny cash. >> reporter: manwell says the new stars of new country are starting to sparkle, too. >> this generation is starting
8:41 am
to dress up because they're tired of looking at the kids with dirty jeans and holy t-shirts, to be more deserving of looking and listening. >> reporter: next stop, a visit to hat show print, where they still roll outposters the old-fashioned way. our last stop, a local watering hole. can we order? to try the recession special, a pabst blue ribbon and fried baloney sandwich and listen to musicians trying for their big break. ♪ >> reporter: throughout melanie's travels, youngsters and old steres alike told her the core of their music is their faith. >> josh is actually quite a religious fellow. we decided to shoot at the reiman's church, a deacons traited church. >> reporter: but staying true to
8:42 am
the performer, her favorite honky-tonk, because of her unbridled energy and enthusiasm. >> melanie's photographic journey, she hopes, will be a celebration of country music for all americans, paying respect to its past and looking forward to its future. so are you a country music fan? >> of course i am. i know more than one song now. >> reporter: she certainly does. >> caller: melanie entered the country music world knowing nothing, she calls herself a converted nashville enthusiast. "my country" is now in stores. it was fun to see nashville through her eye, a self-proclaimed yankee is now converted. >> jennifer, thank you very much. a great piece. up next, the best of the best, we reveal the winners of
8:43 am
the readers choice awards and find out what the right name is first on nbc.
8:44 am
8:45 am
we're back at 8:44, the best in the world, conde nast, awards. welcome back. how do these people travel around, come up with this list and you come up with a list of nominees and they vote on them? >> they suggest it theirselves and 10,000 were nominated and they voted on places and properties and karen tals and airlines. >> as long as it made for a great vacation and made travel better, they would vote on it. >> all sorts of ambience to good value and food. >> let's get right to the headline. we will go to the best resort in
8:46 am
the world. it scores a perfect 100 points? >> the 10 seasons in northern thailand. it's the first time it got 100 out of 100. >> nothing they didn't like about this place? >> nothing. it's gorgeous. 19th century style camp, if you were an explorer. six elephants you can care for. you can see laos and miami at the same time. >> not cheap. >> inclusive property. >> this is surprising to me. there is a brand-new resort named the best resort in the united states. that's out of beaver creek? >> yes. western there. on a hot list last year and gone straight to readers' choice, from editor's list to readers, wonderful. >> has it happened where the first year of a resort actually makes it to the top? >> a couple times but pretty rare. this is something different for beaver creek, very deluxe resort. have a gondola that takes you to
8:47 am
the lift so you're there in three minutes. >> san francisco does so well on this list year after year. why? what do people say about it? >> 23 years in a row. it's particularly friendly, has great ambience, wonderful scenery, wonderful food, also very compact, you can get around it very quickly. new york, not so good this year. >> that's all right. >> number 4 and number 5. >> hats off to the people in san francisco. that's okay. down to the caribbean, great year by escape, number one was ritz carlton in grand cayman, why? >> the ultimate beach destination. pretty accessible. we have great restaurants and the golf course by greg norman and every amenity you could want and don't have to leave the resort. >> in mexico, we hear a lot about one. i hear about celebrities going
8:48 am
going there. good for celebrities? >> al roker is a frequent guest and jennifer aniston, not necessarily at the same time. if it's good enough for them, good enough for us. people love to go on cruises, as well. >> the one that gets the honors is one cruise line, yachts of seabor seaborne. >> this is the antithesis, you will only get to a smaller amount. you can go down and everything is included. you can have as much champagne and caviar as you like. >> and airlines, now, a lot of people cruise but a lot have to jump on that plane. when you asked your readers for the best airline in the world, they came up with singapore. >> not a surprise to us because they win a lot. puts the pleasure back to flying, whether you're at the end or front, you get treated like a vip.
8:49 am
>> and they like virgin american, a fairly new airline. >> three years on the top every single time. someone described it as multimillion ipod, and the food is that good. and many routes. >> whether planning a vacation, whether simple or exotic, this is the list to come back to. appreciate it. restaurant meals you can have for 350 calories and make restaurant meals you can have forsave $523!ies and make 16 minutes could save you 16%! come on... isn't it time an auto insurer gave it to you straight? that's why you should talk to state farm. but not yet. first, talk to any one of the 40 million drivers who already have state farm. 40 million. yeah, that's more than geico and progressive combined. by a lot. 40 million drivers. more savings. and discounts up to 40%. where else you gonna get discounts like that? call an agent at 1-800-state-farm
8:50 am
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8:51 am
this morning on "eat this not that," eating out can take a toll on your wallet. if you whip up your favorite menus at home, they can be cheaper. >> great to see you. >> nice to see you. everybody loves to eat out. everybody loves to eat out but cheaper to stay at home and better for nutrition. >> a lot of people do not realize. it blows their mind when they realize you can take these favorite restaurant meals and do them at home in minutes and turn them into fat blasting super meals and you can save 5, 10, 15 pounds by new year's eve and that's what the book is all
8:52 am
about. >> let's start with the i-hop, the ihop version of harvest grain cinnamon apple compost. it looks good. >> yeah. the problem is the only thing you're harvesting is a bumper crop of belly fat. this is over 1,000 calories. you have some of the cheap fillers, you have ingredients that, if you look at what we've done ain "cook this not that," you go to 200 calorie version, saving 800 calorie, a ton of fat. if you're a family of four, this one meal helps you save 3200 calories together and $30. >> wow! >> that's what happens here. this is a great way to start your day. >> absolutely. >> a really smart breakfast. >> you move to lunch. i'm shocked by this cheesecake factory grilled cheese, 1,050
8:53 am
calories. >> a mom favorite turned into a dietary disaster. you should be able to make a grilled cheese for 300, 350 calories. that's exactly what we did with "eat this not that." the difference, this is a lot of cheese and butter and end up with 31 grams of saturated fat. here, you save 21 grams of saturated fat, over a day and plus five grams of saturated fat because the flavor is not coming from the butter and the cheese. >> is there cheese in here? >> there's cheese in there and mushrooms. >> not a lot of cheese. >> you're tearing it apart. i don't want to eat it. you're using the sauteed onion, caramelized mushrooms. >> okay. >> that's the difference. you can have three of these for the caloric price of that one. >> that's worth it. now, we head to olive garden, people like that place,
8:54 am
fettucine alfredo, it will be on your hips. >> that's where people get hammered. they go in there, there's so much oil and cream in the sauce. in this case, 1200 calories. i have 47 grams of saturated fat, over two days worth. what you do instead, you cook it at home, make a smart swap like this, only costing you $1.49 per serving. >> right. >> you end up saving 830 calories, $10, in between now and christmas, you'll be able to afford buying an ipad for a loves one. >> exactly, this is red pepper alfredo? >> using red pepper, using butter. basically a lighter sauce using milk and butter rather than cream and oil. >> amazing how many calories you saved in these three meals and budget-wise. finally, dessert, baskin-robbins, their traditional classic banana
8:55 am
split. >> this should be split your pants verse, over 1,000 calories. it's simply not necessary. you can make it at home, enjoy ice cream every single night. you're talking about 290 calorie, 11 grams of fat. you're saving 23 grams of fat, and you still have the ice cream, the fruit, the brown sugar, coconut, everything. >> you put some sauce on this. very nice. thank you very much. looking good, kid. back after your local news and ch
8:56 am
good morning to you. 8:56 right now. mike has new video in. >> we just got this in from the chopper. there is the crew blocking the right lane. the far right lane is closed.
8:57 am
the flat section overall not so bad. lighter volume overall. more news after this.
8:58 am
the tribune is backing rebecca katland to be oakland's next mayor. oakland is at a critical juncture. voting for mayor will be different this year. for the first time voters will be using a ranked choice system, choosing their top three choices.
8:59 am
election day is 19 days away. another local news update for you in about 30 minutes or so. have a great day.
9:00 am
9:01 am
that pillow. we will show you simple things you can do to relieve yourself of the most common health nuisances. >> by the way, that's not a pillow. >> those aren't my hands. >> this is a good movie. >> it really was. >> a part of every school year, parent-teacher conferences, i have mine next week and we will tell you whether elementary school, junior high school or high school, what you should talk about with your school's teacher. >> unemployment very high and a lot of people out of work. you may be curious, what are the best jobs in america right now and moving ahead, what are the industries that show the most growth in the future. not just college kids but people
9:02 am
now forced to change their occupations in the wake of the current situation. we will look at the best jobs in america and this is not on the list even though it is a pretty cool gig. >> a look at the headlines, hi, ann. >> thanks, matt. a look at the news, all 33 miners trapped underground in chile more than two months are safe this morning and back above ground. natalie morales has more on the flawless rescue. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, ann. there's a real sense of peace here at "camp hope," probably the first peace they have felt in the last ten weeks. the families that remain here are starting to pack up, getting ready to go back home and get back to their lives with their loved ones, all 33 miners now safe. mission accomplished, just before 10:00 p.m. local time wednesday, the shift manager, luis urzua was the last man out. even before he knew if they
9:03 am
would survive, he helped his men survive the first 17 days on just two days of food. like a good captain, you left last says chile's president. urzua told the president, i'm proud to be chilean. frs captions paid for by >> in the end, the remarkable rescue took less than 24 hours. florencio avalos, the first man out and his 7-year-old son's tears brought the world to tears. and 27-year-old richard villarroel got out just in time, his wife at home having contractions. one miner had his love life played out in the tabloids. yonny barrios was met not by his wife of 28 years but his mistress of 10. his wife chose not to come to
9:04 am
the rescue. barrios was known as "the doctor," a trained emt, the one who monitored the men's health everyday. mario gomez hat health problems underground. at 63, he was the oldest of the group. he made it out okay. i spoke to his daughter. it was so beautiful, like a re birth, she said. now, the family is back together. the world has come to know who they are, especially this man, now known as "super mario." he practically burst out of the capsule, telling the world, i met god, i met the devil, god won. 33 times, the chant kept coming. frs >> chi-le! chi-chi-chi! le-le-le! >> the rescue now complete.
9:05 am
and they proudly held up a sign saying "mission accomplished." now, people here say they do believe in miracles. now, over the next 48 hours, the miners will remain at the local hospital for observation. if they don't need any further medical treatment, they will be allowed to go home to get back with their families and make up for lost time. ann. >> natalie, thank you so much. a state department official warned today and alleged terror plot targeting europe is still active. he says there is no reason to cancel a travel alert for americans first issued 11 days ago. that warning advised americans living or visiting in europe to use extra caution at transportation hubs and popular tourist sights. new figures show a record number of home foreclosures has happened in the third quarter of the year, up 22% over the last three months over the same time last year. more than 70 people are under arrest coast-to-coast in the biggest medicare fraud case
9:06 am
ever and accused of trying to cheat medicare out of $163 million. a teenager in nepal is standing tall after he was named the world's new shortest man. at just over 26 inches tall, the 18-year-old with the body of a toddler, khagendra thapa magar was given the intelligence certificate as the world's shortest man. they can't explain why he's so short, took it as a great honor and next year will serve as good will ambassador for nepal. it is now six minutes past the hour. i will check on the weather with al outside. >> i'm inside now. let's take a look and show you what's happening. your weather for today. we have this nor'easter keeping an eye on and low pressure along the interior of new york state and coast of the north carolinas and will work its way up the coast tonight, bringing heavy winds, strong rain and we have beach erosion possible with this
9:07 am
situation. moves up the coast tomorrow. the rain will continue, wind gusts 50 to 60 miles an hour, along the new england coast, rainfall amounts generally an inch to 2 inches, some areas albany to boston, up to burlington may see up to 3 to 4 inches of rain before it's over and why we have flood watches in effect for new york state and new england out alread
9:08 am
this morning on today's health, simple ways to heal yourself. if you want to ease the pain of a shot, lessen the burning of heartburn and maybe even stop your spouse from snoring, dr. carey peterson says you can do it all with a few simple steps, a board certified internist and women's health contributor. nice to see you. >> good morning. >> we're getting ready for flu season and people will be getting flu shots. i guess for some people, the shot itself can cause problems. how do you lessen the pain for that? >> so many of my patients are afraid of getting vaccines, here's a trick, take your two fingers and put them above and below where the needle will trick you and press firmly. it confused the pain receptors and they're confused and doesn't feel as sharp. >> what about a good spank,
9:09 am
and -- >> that works, too. it distracts you. if you stimulate another area to create pain, you won't feel the original spot, like rubbing your shin if you hit your shin. >> a lot of people eat a big meal at night and shouldn't do to begin with and get the burning sensation in their chest. without using drug over the counter or medicine, how can you relieve that sensation? >> lie on your left side when you go to sleep at night. >> why the left? >> when you have reflux, which causes the heartburn, the acid in the stomach goes in the esophagus and burns it. the natural curvature of the esophagus is it goes down to the left and if you lay on your left side it maintains the curvature and prevents the acid from going up. if you lay on your back j it straightens that curve. >> you get more acid reflux? >> that's right. >> good. you don't have to take anything, if it gets worse, you would
9:10 am
obviously. snoring, a big problem, according to the national sleep foundation, sfloring affects approximately 90 million adults. >> big problem for people that snore and their spouses who can't sleep next to them. one thing to try, lie on your side. >> it doesn't matter which side? >> either side. when you lie on your back, what happens is the tongue, when you're sleeping, it relaxes and slides to the back of the throat and can obstruct the airway. this is very common in people who have obstructive sleep apnea and overweight. you lie on your side, the coung can't fall backwards. sometimes tricky when you're sleeping to stay on your side and maybe wedge yourself on pillows to maintain your position. >> those aren't pillows! but of course, you said the operative thing, really, if you want to do this, get rid of this, you want to lose weight, probably? >> that's the optimal thing to do, not always easy, but the first choice. >> how do you prevent yourself from crying? >> not always appropriate to cry on certain occasions.
9:11 am
what you can try is purposely clear your throat and then swallow. when you clear your throat, it interrupts the mechanism between the nasal passages and throat that creates the crying. when you swallow, the tongue presses against the soft pallet and prevents you from crying and distracts you because you're focusing on something else. >> that's cool. hiccup, you get them and seems like you can't get rid of them. what's your solution? >> when the diagram contracts n involuntarily. when it contracts, the vocal cord snaps close and creates that characteristic hic sound. a lot of people think they have a solution. this is a good one, take a really really deep breath, hold it for 10 seconds. when you think you couldn't have gotten any more air in, take another breath, hold it for five seconds, one more time, third breath in so you're completely expanded for five seconds and then you let it out.
9:12 am
>> or passed out. what this does, immobilizes the diaphragm contracting involuntary and relaxes the spasms and also causes carbon dioxide levels to build up and terminates hiccup as well. >> the one i used for 20 years, you need help, put a finger in each year and have somebody hold a glass and you drink water as long as you can, knocks them right out. >> sounds like a good one. looks silly but a good one. ear popping. what causes that and how do you work that out? >> the middle ear and outer ear are supposed to be the same pressure. if you go on an airplane and the atmospheric pressure changes, it puts pressure on the middle ear and causes pain. you want to pop up the tube that connects the throat to the middle another, called the eustachian tube, by yawning, simple, just yawn, it will pop it right open and equalizes the pressure. another thing some people try to
9:13 am
do, i would not recommend, a lot of people squeeze their nostrils and then blow. >> why don't you want to do it? >> if you do it too hard, it will force fluid into the middle ear and can be damaging. do it gently and yawn. >> what if you feel like you're going to faint? >> if you are standing in the subway too long, feel too hot, pressure goes down, cross your legs, squeeze your thighs and contract your an come to mistakened forces the blood to the heart and head and raises the blood pressure and the fainting spell sensation passes. >> dr. peter son, thanks so much. great advice, we appreciate that. coming up, how to ace your paernt-teacher conference, questions you should be asking. keeping you ahead of the curve with celebrity hair trims stylist. fi first, these messages. r! hey, you guys. want to try activia's great new taste? isn't this the yogurt that, you know... helps regulate
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this morning on "parenting today," making the grade when it comes to parent-conferences. many schools will be making a conference for parent and teachers and it usually lasts less than 10 minutes. are you prepared? an educational psychologist and today contributor, michelle, good morning. >> great sitting back. >> feeling very official. >> this is a very timely topic for many parents. how important is it for us to be prepared when we meet the teacher? >> critical. you have just a short amount of time. you want to maximize that time. this is your opportunity one-on-one with the teacher to find out how your child is doing, do your homework. >> speaking of that, 10 minutes, at the high school level, two or
9:18 am
three minutes seeing multiple teachers, do you really expect to get an idea how your child is doing? >> you will get a cliffnotes version and find out if there is a problem and how things are doing. you need to be prepared. start by doing your homework. find out your child's grades before you get there. how do you do that? go online and look it up or go through their backpack and look at the pattern. not looking at one test score, across the board, what does it look like? know the teacher's agenda, expectations, field trips ahead of time. a time waster if you start talking about that one. the third thing you really want to do in life, you want to ask your kid, hey, any concerns you have? but the key question, anything i should know that the teacher will tell me we should probably talk about now so there aren't any big surprises. >> that's good. should you let the teacher talking when you first go in there? >> no. let the teacher do the talking. walk in and listen. you want to have her set the
9:19 am
agenda. if you do have a problem, you can still look at -- a 20 minute conference and i have 10 minutes. now, i will open up at the end of 10 minutes and put my two cents in. >> at the end of the conference, say, you should keep an open mind, listen carefully. i'm sure they appreciate that. keep the conversation on track and take notes. >> yes. look at keep the conversation on track. it's real easy to get off focus about the upcoming field trip or your own past experiences with the kid. don't. stay on track. write down a couple of key points you want to remember to share them either with your child or your parenting partner. >> what about social and behavioral issues? >> you definitely should bring them up, particularly if there's a problem. how does he get along with other kids? is there any behavior problem? if the teacher notes there is a problem, push the pause button on and say, can you tell me a little more? you want details to find out when it's happening and where it's happening and start to
9:20 am
resolve it together. >> what if your child has been complaining about his or her teacher and you know there may be a problem, how delicate a conversation is that? >> first of all, leave your whole perspective outside, walk in with an open mind and then give the teacher a little bit of the hmm, let's see how it's really going point of view. you want to start in, if there really is a legitimate concern and your kid is trustworthy, you can bring it in starting with the we. here's the facts, what can we do together to solve it? >> if there is a problem, how realistic you can solve it in a period of time? >> you won't solve it. what you will do is your goal before you leave that classroom, get the first step in writing, what are we going to do and when should we meet the next time there is a problem so there is a follow-up. you want ongoing progress with your child. >> they should be willing to e-mail if your child is acting
9:21 am
out, say, e-mail me, i support you. teachers probably want to feel that support from you as parents? >> they do want that support. you have to ask the teacher, what's the best way to o' ♪ this one thing i'll eat, any time of day ♪
9:22 am
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still ahead, the best jobs in america. >> fall hairstyles. [ quinn ] my name is quinn, and this is my eggo. on fridays i have hockey before school, so i take two eggo homestyle waffles and put peanut butter inside. [ whispering ] i add a couple chocolate chips when dad's starting the car. [ male announcer ] there's only one way to eat an eggo...your way. [ quinn ] l'eggo my eggo. [ louise ] my name is louise and this is my eggo. on tuesday i go in even earlier than usual.
9:26 am
thank goodness for eggo, a nutri-grain waffle with a quick smoodge of cream cheese... at least that part's easy. [ male announcer ] there's only one way to eat an eggo...your way. [ louise ] l'eggo my eggo. good morning. time now is 9:26. checking in with mike, you have got reports of ln tra tdelays. >>y prett much all of them havee delays along the peninsula. and it's not a big deal just for two trains. right around the high-rise is where you call the construction. overnight -- yesterday afternoo
9:27 am
afternoon. look at that. there is southbound. very slow over to the express lane. >> we have clouds filtering out the sun. another spot that will get close to 90 and 80 for san francisco. we will see a stronger sea breeze. look at the weekend temperatures. 60s and 70s. time right now is 9:27. more nudes after the short break.
9:28 am
[ male announcer ] taxes. so who called prop 13 a "fraud" and a "rip off?" jerry brown. who raised the gas tax as governor, and pushed for higher sales taxes? jerry brown. who tried five times to raise property taxes in oakland? jerry brown. who supported higher statewide income taxes? jerry brown. and who says, if elected, he'll ask voters for even more new taxes? jerry brown. governor jerry brown, again? hide your wallet. and the largest dam could crumb nbl the earthquake a new study finds if anderson reservoir collapsed, billions of gallons of water would flood the area many minutes. dam operators say they will keep
9:29 am
the reservoir at 56% full until a further study can be completed. and sarah palin will speak at the san jose scepter for performing arts. and on the other side of the political fence, michael moore will get an award. he will receive the steinbeck award. moore is is the director of several documentaries. more local news coming up in half an hour and the "today show" returns in less than a minute. [ male announcer ] carly fiorina. as ceo, she laid off 30,000 workers and shipped jobs to china. china. india. russia. poland. i know precisely why those jobs go. [ male announcer ] because fiorina shipped them there. to shanghai instead of san jose. bangalore instead of burbank.
9:30 am
proudly stamping her products "made in china." 30,000 workers gone while fiorina took $100 million for herself. carly fiorina. outsourcing jobs. out for herself. [ barbara boxer ] i'm barbara boxer, and i approved this message. oh, my god. what's going on with that? >> i was in the store yesterday, trying these on. an alarm went off. we all went out of the store and i didn't feel like waiting around, so i will return them today. >> why didn't you just wear your own pants today? >> then i'd have to carry these around. now, i don't have to carry them. you wear the pants instead of carrying the pants. makes sense. >> playing the long-suffering wife. cheryl is taking on a new role as executive producer of nbc's new show, "school pride," a
9:31 am
proactive series shows communities coming together renovating their aging public school. she will be on tomorrow to tell us about it. >> i'm excited about it. coming up in the next half hour, if you're one of the millions of people unemployed for a long time, you may be asking where are the jobs? we have the best jobs in america and high paying positions and the growth potential. if you're looking for a new hairstyle to go along with your new job, we'll show you celebrity styles easy to do yourself from a stylish side bun to sleek pulled back ponytail or casual braid. our hairstylist to the stars will show you how to get the hottest looks at home. >> i'm going with the michael chickless look. an apple a day won't keep this family away, if only keep john scotto away.
9:32 am
the scottos are back, taking advantage of apple picking season with three great recipes for fall. >> i have three bags of apples in my house. >> we went apple picking last weekend and have lots of apples. >> how about them apples? >> very nice. >> do you have a check of the weather? >> i do. let's show you what's going on, as far as your weekend is concerned. showers in northern new england, still windy along the northeast coast an showers to the central plains, sunny and hot elsewhere and sunday sunday, we're looking for more rain in the southwest, sunny and cool in the pacific northwest. nice and warm from texas to florida and mild in the atlantic coast and northeast finally
9:33 am
>> we start cooling off. breezy with highs in the 60s and 70s inland. that's your latest weather. coming up, the best jobs in america. first, these latest messages.
9:34 am
9:35 am
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this morning on "today"'s money, the best jobs in america. at 9.6% unemployment, it's hard to find a good jobs these day. there are some industries that will add more quality high paying jobs than others. what are they? editor of "money" magazine, good morning. >> good morning. >> you put together data from the labor of statistics. >> we put together what jobs will grow the most, what paid well and did a survey of 40,000 americans, asking do they like their jobs and what do they like? >> you think best jobs, something that is a passion, something that pays well, maybe even a rock star but none are on the list, such as rock stars and athlete, right? >> we put if there are fewer than 10,000 nationwide, they all require bachelor degrees and good jobs and you have a chance.
9:37 am
>> you also looked at growth and how we're moving forward and so many people in the midwest trained in factory jobs and have to retrain and look for new ways to make a living? >> exactly. you do need a bachelor's again and we gave bonus points for those that didn't require more education than that and easy to enter. >> you looked at growth in a 10 year range. all industries are predicted to show 14% growth. >> that has the average predicted by the labor bureau and we picked those higher than that. >> one would assume you're speaking of someone in their 20s? >> also, we look at a lot of people in mid-career, i've been downsized or my career isn't going the way i want it to, what else would we consider? >> management consultant, what is that? >> it parachutes in to help with business strategy. it's growing because a lot of
9:38 am
companies are outsourcing and need expertise on a limited basis. >> do you need a college degree in this? >> a b.a. and some people have mbas, not required. >> physician's assistant, i have to admit, i asked during a commercial break, is that a secretary? what is a physician's assistant? >> it's a new thing. the dr. is bad man, the physician's assistant is robin, does work for him, can do tests and consult with patients. >> it's a new thing? >> a growing thing. i haven't encountered one before. the great thing is you make half what a doctor does, $90,000 a year is the median. the training is only a couple years after your b.a. >> the top pay is $124,000. the 10 year growth is 39%. >> number one best job in america is software architect. whats is that? sounds like i have to go to school a long time to become one of those? >> they basically do the
9:39 am
blueprints an engineer would follow. >> what kind of training do you need? >> you need a b.a. but on the job training is enough. you don't necessarily needed an advanced training beyond a b.a. >> the rest of the top 10, any surprises on this list? >> physical therapist, i thought was interesting one, with the aging population, something, wow, people will need for aches and pains and help. way up there. >> another interesting category, highest paying job on the list. anesthesiologist, $290,000! >> the top seven on the list were all doctors. anesthesiologist, isn't that crazy? >> no wonder you have so many parents who want to raise a doctor. people will find great use in it. best jobs in america. thank you very much. a great pleasure to have you on. thank you. coming up, fall hair trends with celebrity stylist right after this.
9:40 am
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9:43 am
this morning on "today"'s beauty fall hair trends, a look to fit every style. a "today" show contributor, thanks for being here. >> thanks for having me. >> every fall we see new trends. where does the inspiration come from? >> the biggest inspiration is hollywood. all about hollywood hair. women look at movie stars and celebrities with great envy. >> i want to be like that. >> yes. the thing i want them to know, it's available to them. you can do it yourself.
9:44 am
>> we will show them how. you have the first trend, the messy side bun. let's show the inspiration, audrina patridge, shows us the look. you think no way can i do this, you say, you can. and tina is here to prove it. >> when ever audrina wears her hair up, this is how she wears it, unique to her and set a trend and wie're seeing more an more girls wear their hair like this. the first thing is use a foam gel, don't have to blow it straight. wrap it in an elastic or twist and twist the hair around and put in these clips here. >> i get nervous when bobby pins are involved. >> put them in. even i can do it. >> does it have to be thick or thin hair? >> the thinner the hair, the more back combing you have to do. twist twist twist, if it is less than perfect, you want it messy. >> it should not look perfect.
9:45 am
>> and pair it with striking eyes. >> absolutely. if you notice j t, the key this season is this color. we have this purpose purply co. it is color on the eyes. >> and a sleeked back ponytail. jennifer lopez does the pictures of her with her slicked back hair. there she is. anyone can pull it off. it does look spectacular and so elegant. >> the difference between this ponytail and one we all do in the morning, i don't do it. i don't have the hair to do it. if you were to do a ponytail, twist it back and put in a scrunchy or something. if you look at it or j.lo, she combed it back, texturized it with foaming gel, blew it straight, doesn't have to be this straight and covered the
9:46 am
elastic with a natural piece of hair. >> and bobby pin in place? >> a twist and one little bobby pin to finish. the great thing about this hairstyle, you can wear it by day or in the evening. >> it always looks good. i love that. >> also notice the makeup, very creamy, all done by amy oak, very clean. this is right on trend. lips are matte this season, very good. >> i like it. let's see a photograph of actress. i would completely mess this up at home. i would completely mess this up. what makes this braid unique? >> we had the boho look. what she did here, instead of having the two braids to the side and hidden under the hair, notice, again, asymmetric, to
9:47 am
the side. the deep side part is one of the biggest trends of the fall. the braid shows all the way down, comes down between the very tip. this can be worn onto here, we have the hair straighter, can be worn in curly hair, wavy hair and lifts the hair up and off the face. again, the smoky eye is gone, big on trend, close your eyes for a second. >> gold. >> gold. >> all that glitters is gold. can any age. i would think this is a younger hairstyle. am i wrong? >> the whole thing about being age appropriate with hair and the big fear is young from the back and old from the front, it depends how you age. you to have see with your face shape, what works for you. >> that's good advice. there are no rules. thanks so much. next, the scottos show us their apple recipes for the fall. first, this is "today" on nbc.
9:48 am
9:49 am
our kids can't afford another four years of crippling cuts to public schools. class sizes are too big, and all the standardized testing just isn't working. so classroom teachers looked closely at the plans of both candidates for governor. and we're supporting jerry brown. brown's plan focuses on a well-rounded education... with history, science, and the arts as well as english and math. schools where teachers and parents work together. and that's why we urge you to vote for jerry brown, a leader we can trust to make our public schools a priority again.
9:50 am
in "today"'s kitchen, family of hot chefs and john scand tho from the restaurant. move down. apples. they're at their peak right now. >> trust me. great things. kids go back to school, we have to go apple picking. now, what do we do? >> right. we have a restaurant that has an autumn salad with bibb lettuce, bib spinach, salt and pepper. >> nice mix of greens. >> salt and pepper and add dried cranberries. >> sweetness and tart. >> little walnuts and gala apples, the main ingredient. >> wry do you like gala?
9:51 am
>> it's sweet and i love the crispiness of the skin. we will mix in gore gon gonzolae and apple cider and add more gorgonzola cheese. >> walnuts in there? >> yes. >> thank you very much. >> we have the roscioto with apple, a wonderful combination. >> it's wonderful combination. i have olive oil, and butter and granny smith apples. >> are granny smith more tart? >> they're cut and they work with this dish. >> wow! >> then we will put cinnamon. >> which tastes delicious.
9:52 am
>> john, you want to mix instead of standing there? >> i'm looking at her. she's beautiful. >> thank you. >> al -- >> yes. >> now, we're putting in some apple brandy. >> i thought the rule with risotto was slow and low. >> i can't cook because i'm looking at you. risotto. okay. >> so is it slow and slow? >> tender loving care. >> tender loving care. >> do it nice. put the risotto in. >> keep staring. >> we blend init in. this rice has been pre-cooked. >> it's your wife. >> now, i have already heat upped the chicken stock and apple cider. now, you add -- >> ladle it in?
9:53 am
>> ladle it in and keep stirring until the risotto is absorbed. >> and the am smell is amazing. >> of course, because i did it. now, i added chicken stock and sider and will add sparkling wine. >> wow! >> keep stirring. you have to spend a lot of time. don't leave the stove. at the end, i add goat cheese, some more apples. >> then i will finish -- >> then it will look just like this. >> elena always gets the shaft. kids can make these. >> great to make with your kids. we are doing streusel apples. i cored my am and i used cortland but you can use roma. almonds, cinnamon sugar, maple
9:54 am
sugar, flour and butter. >> you chop it up and let it crumble? >> we core the apple, stuff them. >> like a spoon or something? >> there's also a technique. i'm doing something. we top each apple with a pad of butter because butter makes everything better. >> exactly. >> we will heat this at 400 greg f -- degrees, an then we cook for 45 minutes. we pour apple cider and maple syrup and let that cook down. once it's done, we remove the apples, take the juice and heat it up in the pan. it gets this nice -- >> just like a candy apple. >> exactly. then we top it with the caramel. >> where's the whipped cream? >> yummy! this is low calorie, right?
9:55 am
>> well, sure. >> anthony, marion and john, elaina. i like it. our recipe on the website. >> coming up, your local news and weather. [ male announcer ] taxes. so who called prop 13 a "fraud" and a "rip off?" jerry brown. who raised the gas tax as governor, and pushed for higher sales taxes? jerry brown. who tried five times to raise property taxes in oakland? jerry brown. who supported higher statewide income taxes? jerry brown. and who says, if elected, he'll ask voters for even more new taxes? jerry brown. governor jerry brown, again? hide your wallet.
9:56 am
good morning. time now is 9 consider 56. the commute in the top bay. >> focus on highway 101.
9:57 am
heading north across westbound. a note, if you are heading south, take 17 over to highway 1. you don't want to head southbound on 101. slow down at the toll plaza. likely a shift change. >> we will see a shift change many the weather pattern. right now we do have mid level clouds streaming. an upper level low pulling in moisture and time filtering out the sun off and on and through the afternoon. mostly sunny and mostly warm inland. still near 90 but you will notice the trend, a significant change. and don't rule out some
9:58 am
sprinkles or an isolated shower heading into monday. >> people in south san jose. be on the lookout for this man. he attacked the mother and tried to kidnap her -year-old daughter as they walked down a sidewalk on tuesday morning. the baby girl was in a push and ride similar to the one we will show you here in a minute. police say that the mother fought off the attacker and the man drove away. >> the mother told police that the attacker was wearing a navy blue mechanic's jump suit and appeared to have greece or oil on him. the "today show" returns in about a minute. see you back here in a little bit.
9:59 am
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from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> heo, everybody. it is thirst day, october 14th, very, very happy that you took time out of your busy schedule to be with little me and little hoda woman, who is not so little anymore, climbing the amazon charts. >> well, you know what, i have to say, i did have some fun yesterday at the book signings. >> yeah. >> first of all, i was surprised -- >> meet your fans, hoda. >> i'm surprised anyone showed
10:01 am
up, just to be honest. i went to the nbc experience store across the street, and those were the jugs, rim the women from the -- >> yes, al roker was with them yesterday. i'm not going to touch that, not going there. >> nice people came, signed some books. later i went to barnes & noble down in tribeca and talked too much. and then look who showed up, bethenny frankel. >> isn't that nice she came to say hello. >> she looked -- she acted like she didn't want to say anything, well, okay, just a few words. anyway, there i was, since i'm here -- >> since i made the trip. >> it was a lot of fun. and our friend adria, she wrote "big stone gap", she was there too. >> she's a life force. >> she really is. >> she really cares about other people. she gets out of her own life and into other people's. she was probably texting about you yesterday, tweeting about you, whatever it is people do. >> i do a bunch of radio and
10:02 am
stuff. all they want to know is what does kathie lee think of the title. that's all they care. they're, like, yeah, you have a book. so, anyway, what does kathie lee think of the title of the book. >> i wanted it to be, you know, "my life with kathie lee" is what i wanted the title to be, but you passed that by. i think it is funny. >> that's what i said. i said she loved it. >> doesn't something happen? you said you had a story -- >> i'll reveal it later. there was a bit of a snafu with it. if you guys are free tonight and happen to be in flemington, new jersey -- >> and who won't be? >> right. 7:00 at the hunterton central regional high school -- >> no way. >> i'm telling you. >> crazy. >> at 6:00. >> yes, get there, because it is going to be raining so bring your umbrella. >> how you doing? pacing yourself? >> feeling good. big stories out there today. >> i could not stop watching last night. even, you know, you got to go to bed, it was just so riveting with all the miners freed. and, you know what, a big shoutout to natalie.
10:03 am
natalie has been doing such beautiful, beautiful coverage. and she -- >> it is impossible to have a dry eye. >> you know what -- >> here is the thing about natalie, we all know her out here, everybody watches her, she's impossibly beautiful anyway, but she's impossibly sweet too. she is one of the nicest people you'll ever meet in your life. it takes like two days to get down there, right, and she didn't complain when she got back. last time she said it was unbelievable, the families, she genuinely cares. >> the thing about natalie is she speaks the language so everyone -- she connects. >> she speaks five languages, doesn't she? >> everything. >> she's like a genius too. just not fair. >> here is the thing about this story, though, we were talking about how sometimes people say is a big -- there is so much junk on cable, this is one of those things where you're so glad there is 4-hour covera24-h >> you don't want to miss a second of it. >> everything has been riveting. usually you can't see something
10:04 am
happen 33 times and say, oh, there's that again. there is something about watching each guy emerge -- >> the triumph of the human spirit. that president, he was there the whole time. i think he got younger looking and more vital and more -- you could -- he was a life force too, because he was like each one that came up, he got more and more excited. >> doesn't it remind you, like, i have to tell you, when you flip around on tv and a lot of times we do and we see, like this show or a reality show or politicians complaining, there is something that is just so cleansing and it makes you feel so good about everybody watching these guys come out. >> even though the wife and the mistress, they worked out just fine. >> i don't know if it did. wait, we have to show you the papers. >> yonni barrios. >> he's all minh. th this is the mistress, right? here's one more. >> holy snit. >> leave it to the new york papers to find the drama. in that story, you guys, you
10:05 am
know, there was a wife and the mistress and the mistress was the one that came. >> four years with the mistress. she goes, well, i watched on television, i didn't feel anything in particular. >> i'm happy for them. >> i'm happy they all made it out. >> all made it out. >> apparently some people thought he was holding back with this one. the mistress was all over him as mistresses are. >> that brings us to our next topic of conversation. >> yeah. >> we told you yesterday that david arquette was on howard stern and he was blathering on and on about his relationship and how he wasn't having sex in it. so then how he decided to try to correct that was he tweeted his apology. >> got universal, i guess, disdain for what he had said. >> this is what he tweeted. i didn't know you could tweet this much. >> maybe he did it over three times. thank you all for your love and support at this time. i'm trying figuring out how to be the best person i can be, but it's been a process of trial and error. i went on howard stern yesterday
10:06 am
to provide clarity and honesty about what i'm experiencing, but while doing that i shared too much. >> you think? >> anyway. it's all right for me to be honest about my own feelings, but in retrospect some of the information i provided involved others and for that i am sorry and humbled. life is a process of spiritual evolution. i'm sure courtney and myself will emerge from this painful time better people for what we have learned. so, that's what he said. >> we would love to know what our facebook friends think about that. i think he's trying to undo the damage he did. but probably doing more damage each time he's, like, digging a hole deeper and deeper. >> why do you apologize? i know you apologize -- >> he's not really apologizing. >> why do you -- >> it is more like a defense, don't youy? >> it sounds like that. you make a statement on twitter, they can't spin it, but at the same time, if you have an issue with your loved one or your
10:07 am
wife, it would probably be better just to talk to her. >> just wrote a brand-new book and you had things in your life that you wanted to discuss, but only in a certain amount because that's what you chose to do, to protect people basically. >> yes, yes. >> you could have gone on and on and on about lots of different things as i could have too in books that i've written. you've taken the high road, which i think is the right road to take, and you suggested he sounded a little funny. if he was on that radio show that early in the morning, 6:00 to 10:00, maybe it was 3:00 in the morning l.a. time and who knows. >> sounded like a -- yeah, sounded a gashled. when he was here with us, we liked him. a little cooky, but there was a sweetness about him. >> he said i'm no longer interested in being i'm your
10:08 am
mother. >> you did get that feeling from him, that he wanted to be -- >> she's always been the adult in the relationship. >> and he's the child. >> okay, all right. wish them the best. >> this next topic is nasty. >> gross. >> it is nasty. here is an idea that people have and apparently our -- >> it is catching on. >> yeah, okay. you're supposed to wear your jeans for six months without washing them. >> the raw kind, the raw jeans. >> you know how they're like cardboard when you get new jeans. don't wash them, they're saying. keep wearing them six months and if they get rank -- >> which they will. >> -- to put them in a plastic ziploc bag in the freezer. >> put them in the freezer. >> and take them out and air them out. >> they say to defrost them before you put them back on. really? >> the whole reason, though, the whole reason for doing these jeans is because it will fit the contours of your body, where you -- >> are you ever the same six months later? is your body the same? >> 20 pounds up, 20 pounds down,
10:09 am
jeans don't even fit. but yeah, yeah. >> i don't know. i don't get it. i don't get that stuff. >> ready for a little diddy? >> she hates thursdays. it is my favorite day of the week. here is an old school song, take yourself back, this song is called "double dutch bus." it is by frankie smith from the '80s. i knew you would like it, leslie. go. do it. give me a ho. if you've got your funky us about fare there's a dutch dutch bus comin' down the street ♪ ♪ movin' pretty fast so kindia shuffle your feet ♪ ♪ get on the bus pay your fare ♪ ♪ tell the driver you're going to a dutch double affair ♪ ♪ well, i'll be darn here comes the double dutch bus
10:10 am
♪ ♪ us about fare transpass ♪ ♪ up town downtown ♪ ♪ everybody's getting down say uptown say downtown ♪ ♪ i miss my bus i know i'm late ♪ ♪ that's okay what i really want to say ♪ ♪ bad feet my corns hurt ♪ ♪ i'm late for work >> hurt does not rhyme with work. >> is it okay to ask a man to carry your purse? >> okay. >> now, i -- >> what did you say? >> i said, only on the red carpet.
10:11 am
you know, like if somebody wants to take your picture on the red carpet, frank will try to take my bag for me and help me. he doesn't realize i'm using my purse to cover my stomach. we always fight over my purse, because he wants to take it away and i like to cover the little stomach. so i -- you said, hoda said i said yes. and if your purse is as overstuffed as mine, he better eat his wheaties. >> my purse is so heavy. >> you go to a gym every morning, get a locker. you go in her purse, her sneakers are in there. >> and i have to say -- >> and two apples, part of a cookie, i needed sustenance and other unsundry items. hi, sara. >> speaking of song and dance in your performance, tomorrow is our last day to enter the show choir showdown at it has to be an organized group, four-minute video, go to the website, get there. we want to see you singing and dancing like hoda. >> they're coming in anyway.
10:12 am
we will at least have one choir here, right? >> that's what we're hoping. >> it may be us. >> we're on fire. up next, 20 years since she made her film debut in "cher,". >> but now for christina ricci, it seems time does stand still. [ women ] ♪ pop-tarts happy sunshine time! ♪ [ man ] ♪ grab a pop-tart and you might just start ♪ ♪ to sing songs like a meadow lark ♪ ♪ stretch and yawn ♪ blow a kiss to mom ♪ cause pop-tarts mornings are the bomb ♪ ♪ so, rise and shiiiiine
10:13 am
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wow! you have got to be kidding me. 80 calories? light & fit has 80 calories versus 100 in the other leading brand. light & fit. irresistible taste. fewer calories. i love light & fit. she's into just about everything. good thing fisher-price created the ixl, a six-in-one learning system that's smart in so many ways. cool. it's an interactive digital book. who loved to run and jump. a learning game player. six, seven bananas. a digital art studio. look. a music player. "k." a writing notebook and a photo album. plus lots of software so she can learn with her favorite characters. the new ixl, it's as smart as she is. only from fisher-price. ♪ play laugh grow go from child actress to bona fide film star, appearing in 40 films. >> now for the first time she's conquering broadway starring opposite laura linney, brian d'arcy james and eric bogosian
10:15 am
in the tony-nominated show called "time stands still." >> why would he want to hurt you? i mean, really, he's only doing his job. they have a magazine to put out and it has to have lots of different things in it, not just stories about how miserable most of the world is. so they're not going to print your story, too bad. they already got a bummer story running this week. >> that's good. >> and here with us today, we're so glad. >> thank you. >> shades of blue. >> yes. >> hoda and i saw this show when it first opened. i thought it was actually going to win the tony because it was good enough to. it was we saw it with alicia silverstone. a really good play. you're the only member of the cast now that is the new kid in town. >> yes. i was new. >> were they welcoming to you? i bet they were. >> completely. they're such an amazing cast and so warm and so great. and laura has been amazing at
10:16 am
sort of teaching me all kinds of things about theater that i -- i never even have been on stage. i've never been on -- i mean, since i was 9 or 7? 7 or 9. >> films and tv. >> yeah, at 7 i was in a play. that was it. >> so what attracted you to it then? >> well, i wanted to try to -- you know, you're always trying to look for things that challenge you and grow and change, and i always had such bad stage fright and everything, but i've always been against doing any kind of live anything. and -- but as i got older, i just somehow sort of forgot about being afraid of it. >> so how -- >> i don't know. i just sort of forgot. >> that was a little like your character in the play. i just sort of, kind of, like, forgot. >> i was walking away from the audition and i -- all of a sudden it struck me, oh, my god, you're terrified of performing live. why did you just audition for that? >> i can't believe you had to audition. >> oh, yeah. >> really? >> oh, yeah. >> well, because she's never
10:17 am
done it. she said she's never done it. >> she's a big name. snoop i know, she's huge, but even people that are huge have to audition. >> my daughter auditioned for a film the other day and in walks america ferrera to audition. >> tell us about your role. i don't know if people know the play, but just in a nutshell, your role in the play. >> well, laura and brian, brian d'arcy james, brian is a war journalist and laura is a very famous war photographer, and they come back -- and i'm doing a horrible job at this, by the way. well, they come back, and she's been injured, and it's sort of them -- the aftermath of them coming home after something like that, and i come in as richard's new girlfriend, and i'm from a
10:18 am
totally different world, and they think i'm a total idiot. >> and you're the comedy in this whole thing. you got a lot of great laughs. >> i am. i'm the foil. i'm just so, like, fish out of water, and it is just -- >> you have amazing range as an actress. i think of -- that was "monster" you did with -- i can't even believe i'm sitting next to the same person, which shows you -- your prowess as an actress. please wish everybody the best and thank you for coming to see us. >> thank you. up next, our guys are here and they're ready to tell all. >> they're upstairs. >> after this. ey're ready to te. >> they're upstairs. >> after this. yet? does it feel like, we'll take care of that. ♪ feels like home [ dad ] good morning. [ male announcer ] grands! biscuits. now we're home. [ male announcer ] it's just not home without 'em. and these are the ones you'll love on a tuesday. pillsbury crescent dogs, with just a few ingredients, you have an easy to make dinner. they're crescents for the other 364. try them tonight.
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10:21 am
they're back and we're back with our guys tell all panel filled with men who want to fill you in on all the things you've ever wondered about their species. >> first up we have the very funny chuck nice who can be seen every week on "world's dummest." he's been married for 12 years and has two school age children, i don't know how they turned out so great. >> next, rick younger who stars in the upcoming film "morning glory." >> you do? we didn't know. >> rick is married with a son, a movie star, who knew. next to rick is our voice of reason, thank the lord, andrew trees. andrew's the awe thof of "decoding love," and married with a toddler son. >> finally, we like these guys, we invited them back, the manzo brothers. we liked you too. let's go across the street to sara. >> hi. i'm here with lori from
10:22 am
tennessee, and she has a question about what irritates men, which i'm sure is end eless. >> what is the number one thing a woman can do to turn men off? >> keep talking. no. women like this. they want every detail. guys, we like a summary. you know? >> cliff notes. that's what you want. >> yes, exactly. >> man, my answer is so bad, i cannot say it on tv. >> whisper it in my ear and i'll translate it. >> oh, yeah. visit his website for that answer. >> whisper into his mike. >> you set me up, man! >> i didn't know! >> it's right there! >> oh! >> no, no. don't make it worse by taking the lord's name in vain. he's here to help us, in the
10:23 am
form of us. let's move on. let's move on, sara. >> i have lauren from iowa. she has a question about long distance relationships. >> me and my boyfriend have been together for a couple of years and we're both graduating and we're going to go to different locations for a job. i'm just kind of wondering your perspective on long-distance relationships. >> that's a good question. a lot of women have that. >> get a job near him soon. >> here's the way i look at it. for every man who is in a long distance relationship, there are at least two women in a long distance relationship. >> that's probably true. >> guys, is that true? >> i don't think so. if i want to be in a relationship bad enough, i'll make it work no matter what it is. >> yeah. have you ever been in a relationship that badly that you wanted to make it to work? >> when i went to college, actually, the girl i was dating from high school went to south carolina, i was in new york, and we made it until november. >> for college, that's a long
10:24 am
ways, right? >> if you're maybe a little bit of an older age, that's one thing, where, you know, it's like you're more mature. at the age of 21, 22, to be -- >> fresh out of college in a new city, you know, he's feeling like a man for first time in his life probably, it's, you know, i'm sure he loves you because he's trying, but i'm really, really trying to get close. >> the work is the key thing. it is work regardless, but when it is long distance, you have to put in more time, more effort, keep the connection because you can't do it the easy way by seeing each other. >> we're going to take a break and come back with a bunch more questions. >> we're going to have a word with you. >> standards and practices. >> standards and practice bellin. it's cream whipped for a 100% baby-smooth look. [ woman ] show me. [ female announcer ] some makeups just cover and leave skin rough, dry. dream smooth hydrates for 14 hours.
10:25 am
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10:26 am
light until tomorrow afternoon. the right lane approaching the high-rise.
10:27 am
ish that's why you have the lane cluz your. haze there. >> and partly cloudy skies. moe of the bay area all right clear. liver moore 71 degrees. today should be a little bit cooler. today i think will be the last of 90s in your 7-day forecast. we start to cool down and for the weekend, 60s and 70s for st highs. chance of isolated showers for the weeken tiig i now is 10:27. more news after the break.
10:28 am
10:29 am
jipts are on their way. right now their private plane took off. the final rosters are due out saturday morning. tim lincecum will start saturday night. hallday pitched a perfect game in round one of the playoffs. and tuesday afternoon will likely be matt dane. nbc bay air rah and comcast are teaming up for giants coverage. the only place to see hometown announcers on cam
10:30 am
so right after the final out on fox you can switch over to comcast sports net bay area. thanks for joining us this morning. "today show" coming up next. have a great morning. okay. we're back on this thirst day with more of our guys tell all panel. chuck nice, rick younger, andrew trees and the manzo brothers. >> that song "double dutch bus," it's a winner. >> we don't care. >> it's a winner. here we go. here is our question from facebook. please tell me why do men insist on doing the driving. i understand if it's a date-type situation, but what about a marriage or relationship where the car is considered the property of both individuals. do men really think they're the superior drivers? >> probably, yeah.
10:31 am
for me personally, here's the way it works. to be honest, i felt like i had to drive because that gave me a sense of control. >> yeah. >> but after 13 years of marriage, i know that any control i think i have is an illusion. so now i let her drive, and i pretend she is my chauffeur. >> do all of you do the driving in relationships? >> i do most of the driving. my wife is too safe. it's like -- >> tentative. >> she's so safe, it is dangerous. >> that's my mother. >> you see a person so safe, and we're in a volvo too, they're looking really safe, we got a -- >> andrew? >> i think is one of the things where even though we're in a liberated age, we carry around traditional roles in our mind. this is why most women do most of the house cleaning, even when both parts of the couple work. it's the same thing in the car. we naturally assume the roles that are still there. >> i like to be driven. >> i hate driving. >> i cannot stand driving. you can drive me anywhere you
10:32 am
want. i don't need the sense of control. i'll put it out there now. >> here is our -- next one on tape. let's listen. >> hi, i'm lillian from new york. my question for the guys panel is why are guys so into fantasy football when it's not even real? >> that is -- i think she's right. >> all right. it is called fantasy football. guys love fantasies. we get to have all the joy without the consequence. i don't have to worry about paying the guys at the end of the week when the game is over. >> you don't really bet. >> oh, yeah, some people do. >> a lot of people bet. >> yeah. the real answer is this, they are gambling degenerates. that is why they love fantasy football. >> they can't get enough of football, right? that's a way to keep the -- i don't know. >> saturday and sunday is not enough. >> i tried one season, and i was so unsuccessful. the year i did it, i picked terrell davis as my running
10:33 am
back, and going injured the first week, and i never even changed my -- you got to pay attention too closely. >> it is a lot of work. it is like a job. >> we got to go across the street to sara. >> i'm here with jessica from kentucky. she has a question about men and smells. >> why are men so attracted to certain smells like perfume? they just love it. >> do you guys like perfume, first of all? >> i like a woman who smells like she's clean. >> yeah. >> i like perfume better than i like funk or body odor. i mean -- i mean seriously. >> i think, as you know -- you can probably back this up. we're animals, you know, and we respond to smell. and, you know, i think that on top of it perfume kind of gives me an indication you are taking care of yourself and that you're clean. >> what kind of perfume does your wife wear? >> she actually wears avon soap, which she sells. i don't know. >> why would you put me on the spot like that? >> because you're acting like you think you know what you're talking about. you don't. >> my wife really doesn't do a
10:34 am
lot of perfumes. she does a lot of natural oils and berry >> you don't know what you're talking about. >> they're sitting there with berries, just rubbing berries s. all over. >> men prefer women at their peak fertility, and women who wear a spicy floral fragrance actually appear slimmer than when they're not wearing it. >> then bring me a gallon of it, lady. i'm going to stop wearing angel immediately. let's go back to another one. all right, sara. >> i'm here with martha from minnesota with a question about men and communication problems. imagine that. >> yeah, i have a question. last night i was at dinner with a business associate of my husband, and i just met this couple for the first time, and during the conversation, her husband is talking, and she mentions why didn't you tell me that? you never told me that before.
10:35 am
and so i was thinking to myself, well, that's exactly like my husband. he just doesn't communicate. he will always say, well, didn't i tell you that? and i'm wondering why -- what is the delay of them telling their wives something? >> i'll tell you the delay. i'll tell you the delay. see what you just did? see what you just did? how long did take you to ask that question. it took you like 40 minutes to ask that question. these boys went to sleep. that's why we don't tell you nothing. >> i didn't wake up until chuck started screaming a second ago. i was like, oh, my. >> she is sweet. look at her. >> she is very sweet. and that's -- >> do not listen to those boys. >> you are adorable, but we don't tell you things because we know it's going to lead to what you just did. >> am i in trouble now? >> she has to have therapy. >> we're going to go to one on tape. >> hi. i'm danielle. i'm divorced. i'm in my 50s.
10:36 am
and i find it really hard to meet guys in my age group who want to date me. what's up with guys in their 50s wanting to date women in their 20s and 30s? >> a lot of women are going to connect to this, i'm just saying. >> 70s and 80s, guys would -- would like a younger woman to them. >> that's right. men are hardwired to look for youth. a 50-year-old woman will have more success with a 60- 65-year-old man. >> fecundity. >> if you listen to it closely, you'll know exactly what it means. we don't want to drop any more audio. >> i would like to hear chuck explain what it means in his language. >> whisper it into my mike, chuck. >> boys, you are entertaining as always. >> we love you guys. >> your wives are saints. up next, creative halloween costumes from what you already have inside your closet.
10:37 am
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at discover a restful lunesta night. there is no holiday that allows you to be more creative, but can also create more frustration than halloween. >> if you're still trying to figure out how to dress the family for trick-or-treat, alina furman says head into your own closet. she's the publisher and co-founder of
10:41 am
>> you go into your closet and find what you need? >> it is amazing what we have in the closets. it is all about using what we have to save money and time because that's why moms are so busy. >> let's give people some creative ideas. i love this with the four seasons. we have our models entering, carrie, matt, ryan and ryder. tell us what we have. >> we just lost a little hat. hi. >> tell us about this. >> they're so cute. now, miss mom, carrie, is fall. she's wearing a cocktail dress and every mom has a cocktail dress. you go to the craft store, get some cute leaves, a garland, the rake from the garage and the grandpa's fedora and you're done. matt is old man winter. it is so easy. you have your robe that you have in the bathroom, the slippers, a cane and a wig. you're done. and dad loves that. >> everybody has got that figure
10:42 am
in their closet. >> we have little springtime here. >> little miss spring is so adorable. what little girl doesn't have a tutu and a leotard in her closet. and, again -- >> come here. want to come here? >> you can also -- >> you're going to go. >> flowers and cute shoes and you really are done with the look. >> thank you, guys. >> summertime wants to go home. >> summertime is leaving. nice talking to you. our next group is -- you're going to recognize them right away, donna and lourdes are with us. >> that's who they are. >> daphne and anna. >> the most fashionable mother/daughter duo around, madonna and lourdes. what better way to get your teen to go trick-or-treating with you than to have this look. >> my daughter wouldn't do it. >> you're embarrassing your daughter. are you really mother and daughter? >> they're amazing. so madonna is wearing a classic track suit, adidas, and you can
10:43 am
exchange it with any one in your closet. >> mama is crazy. >> what does your t-shirt say? >> cabbalahs do it better. of course. >> summer is turning into a problem. >> summer, nice talking to you. >> and lourdes looks amazing. >> she does. she looks adoorable. >> in the material girl collection from macy's. and what is great about this look, it is affordable and it is also authentic. madonna and lourdes actually put together this look for macy's. it is something you can do and this bag is from hsn and every time you purchase, it goes to kids from all over the world. >> we have the wizard of oz coming out. oh, looky, looky. tell us what we have going on here. what's this? what is he? >> he's the yellow brick road. yellow brick road. >> that's so smart. >> the whole wizard of oz stuff happening here. glenda, dorothy, the scarecrow,
10:44 am
right? >> exactly. the whole family can follow the yellow brick road. this is a great outfit. dorothy, everyone has a dorothy outfit in their closet somewhere. we kind of bumped it up with the red converse sneaks instead of the red ruby slippers. >> cute. >> and mom is wearing the gown you can get at a costume shop, but you can also pull out an old bridesmaids dress and glitter and put that together. scarecrow, little lucy is scarecrow, so cute. it is a shredded sweat suit that everyone has in their closet, a little felt hat and cute makeup and dad, mark, he loves this look because guess what, it is easy, it is one size fits all. >> you're so happy. >> and let me tell you what it costs, $3. >> good job. >> thanks, guys. lastly we have the twilight inspired group, toby, john and addison. come on out. oh, creepy. we lycheik like. >> we know twilight is the biggest sensation and this is
10:45 am
the hottest costume of the year. the family is great because they're modern but also a little vintage. bella, toby, is wearing the original jacket that they wore in -- bella wore in the film and you can replace any jeans and she's wearing team edward t-shirt we got for $10. >> we love the looks. we love all the looks. everyone come out, if you can. >> happy halloween to everybody. >> all right. you look grt.ea nk t>> youhaor being with us. up next, we're making some pasta with provolone right after this. good thing fisher-price created the new laugh and learn kitchen. ♪ mmm mmm, something smells yummy ♪ where babies get a taste for learning through everyday play. ♪ a, b, c, d, e , f... there are shapes and opposites. ( on, off ! ) ( bananas are sweet ! ) counting too. ( one, uno ) don't forget to recycle. something's always cooking in the laugh and learn kitchen. only from fisher-price. ( giggles ) play. laugh. grow. for every pink lid you send in,
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10:49 am
ea we're getting saucy with chef ch shea gallante, about to show us a perfect italian meal for the fall. >> he's the executive chef of ciano set to open later this month. congrats on your new restaurant. >> getting buzz as one of the
10:50 am
hot, hot openings. >> hello. >> we're going to test out what you might serve there. what are we making today? >> you drop the pasta, we have enough time to cook it. >> what kind of pasta? >> it translates to little ears, press with the thumb, very simple. one of the tricks of this sauce is it is not a traditional tomato sauce, more of a ragout. we cooked the fennel for a long time, to cook the water out of it and develop the sugar. like four to six minutes as opposed to just a quick saute. you want it to be soft and it will start to change color. once we achieve that, we add the onion. and garlic. we cook that until it is just soft. >> okay. >> once it is soft you -- >> tomatoes and then broth. want to add some broth? >> regular chicken broth? >> this is vegetable broth. this is a vegetarian dish. >> you don't use utensils, just shake. >> that's how i do my best work,
10:51 am
hoda. >> that's what i've heard. >> cook that down for 15, 20 minutes until we got a nice ragout. >> that means it is chunkier. >> doesn't have as much liquid, not as saucy, it will help it bind and stick to the pasta later. >> that looks good. >> it does. >> the pasta is done, we'll pretend. >> no, it is done. >> it is? it is. >> it is an imported fresh pasta, it is not dry dry like you find in a box. >> really? >> yeah. >> for a second. >> just takes it -- very quick. >> i like those. >> nice and soft. >> oh, my gosh. they're cooked. >> you all right? >> yeah. we want to mix this up, some parmesan cheese. >> i love this already. >> some torn basil. >> mm-hmm. >> and just to preserve, the fennel comes with the green frilly things, i chopped it up for some extra flavor. >> it looks delicious. >> really good. >> but the test is in the -- >> serve it up. >> yeah.
10:52 am
>> shea. >> so, are you getting a little nervous about opening? >> am i? >> i mean more nervous than you are now? >> no, no, no. it only gets easier with time. i've done a few openings. the provolone. this is provolone picante, basically -- it is not spicy, it is just more of a sharper version. >> should we take it back? >> let's take it back. >> let's take it back. >> that's where hoda's wine is. why are you putting it over there? >> i'm sorry. so we have broccoli rabe. one thing about broccoli rabe, everyone gets a bad wrap because it is so bitter. peel off the big leaves, peel back the stem. >> is the stem where the bitter part is? >> the stem is where the bitterness is. this is sauteed shallots, garlic, a little anchovy. >> hot. >> hot. >> hydrated raisins, which are just regular raisins with --
10:53 am
there's wine. the wine is cold. pine nuts, raisins. >> thank you. >> i love pine nuts. >> lots of white wine. lots of white wine. >> by the way, just so you know, that's the pasta you serve at your restaurant, delicious, very good. very good. >> absolutely delicious. >> shea, thank you, honey. >> we'll be eating this throughout the commercial break. we'll be back with more of "today" on nbc.
10:54 am
our kids can't afford another four years of crippling cuts to public schools.
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class sizes are too big, and all the standardized testing just isn't working. so classroom teachers looked closely at the plans of both candidates for governor. and we're supporting jerry brown. brown's plan focuses on a well-rounded education... with history, science, and the arts as well as english and math. schools where teachers and parents work together. and that's why we urge you to vote for jerry brown, a leader we can trust to make our public schools a priority again.
10:56 am
you're rocking it over there, sara. are they doing the hoda. >> they were doing their hoda impressions. >> the double dutch bus, some people apparently don't enjoy. >> to each his own. >> to be completely representative, nate said hoda
10:57 am
has bad taste in music. marcia said -- >> hoda's play list has been the best new segment. i love the music and i love kathie's reaction to it. >> guess who we have tomorrow? oi wth uh with you? >> yes, you do. she's taking me to lunch. >> cheryl hines. [ male announcer ] taxes.
10:58 am
10:59 am
so who called prop 13 a "fraud" and a "rip off?" jerry brown. who raised the gas tax as governor, and pushed for higher sales taxes? jerry brown. who tried five times to raise property taxes in oakland? jerry brown. who supported higher statewide income taxes? jerry brown. and who says, if elected, he'll ask voters for even more new taxes? jerry brown. governor jerry brown, again? hide your wallet.


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