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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  October 17, 2010 6:00am-7:00am PST

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good morning. i'm chris sanchez. next at 7:00 on the bay area today -- >> and he shoots one into left field. called home run the second of the night. >> mr. unexpected comes up big
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against mr. perfect in philly. the giants new star, someone whose name you probably never heard. and 21 years ago, a different giants postseason game came rumbling to a halt. remembering just ahead. the east bay's hottest tourist destination, would you think of vacationing there? this is "today in the bay." good morning to you. looking live at oakland as we start to rub the sleep out of our eyes this morning. the raider fans probably heading over to candlestick because it is the battle of the bay, football style. >> yeah. >> giants are really the heros today. i'm chris sanchez with meteorologist craig herrera. sporting a playoff beard. like it. >> told me not to shave, i didn't shave and it's coming out. >> such power. >> wait until you see me next week. hopefully by then we'll be done
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with game four. we talk about the game today, showers for people headed to the football game. look at the scattered showers, the radar is lit up. we have some of the heavier rain into sotomaynoma county, pet li marks red through santa rosa. this will be light what falls today. as we head into the south bay and east bay, a little through san jose, redwood city and livermore. whatever happens today with the rainfall will be light, mostly cloudy today, rather cool. only into the 60s, chris. anybody going to the football game today, yeah, probably need an umbrella and maybe some layers and even the nike women's marathon about to get started. a little wet and drizzly. more on the seven-day forecast. we'll warm up a little bit but more rain in the forecast after that. >> it's fall now. >> feels good. >> wep won't complain about the rain. we need it. new this morning, a win.
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>> yeah. >> game one belongs to the giants. >> that's right, game one belongs to the giants. you heard that. that means the giants are one step closer to the world series after stunning the phillies 4-3. the red and orange lines are drawn and there's definitely some brotherly love lost. >> go giants! >> let's go phillies! >> let's go giants! >> i feel ecstatic. pins and needles all night. the chicken wings helped me through it and the beer and it's all good. >> it is all good. the pub has become a favorite hangout for local fans of the phillies, believe it or not. it's unclear why, but the owner say they started coming around about nine years ago. life-long philly fans we talked to admit that the giants do have a tiny, teeny spot in their philly hearts. >> i do have a soft spot, but
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the soft spot is very, very small. >> we're fans and we'll root for the phillies until the dying end. >> phillies still in it, keep it going, good game giants, got one. >> [ inaudible ]. >> such nice fans. all those fans will probably be back at it again later today. game two is tonight in philly. about 5:19 our time. in about 20 minutes, sports director will show us the highlights from game one and what to expect in game two tonight. 21 years ago today, the giants and the as were about to play game three of the world series when the powerful loma preyeah da earthquake struck the fault line. >> little bit. >> the upper deck are asked to proceed to the nearest available exit. >> it wasn't until the fans left the stadium they could see the
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full impact of the magnitude 7.1 earthquake. 15 seconds of shaking collapsed the upper deck of the cypress freeway on to the lower deck. 42 people lost their lives on the freeway that day. the quake claimed the lives of 67 bay area residents. new this morning, one less thing to worry about on your commute over the san mateo bridge tomorrow. emergency repairs that have plagued the area are done and now the lanes are all open again. this is a live look at how we wish the commute could look every day, right? the far right westbound lane is back in business as of 3:19 this morning. pour my first cup of coffee. the bridge closed tuesday when engineers discovered a crack during a routine inspection. crews bolted high strength steel plates over the cracked section of the beam and they will closely monitor the plates over the next couple days. thousands of dollars in reward money not enough to bring
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the golden ghaith gate park tree vandals to justice police are stepping up the patrols in the area from new leads. vapdsles hacked 24 4 eed 44 tre rose bushes. police department is also offering a thousand dollar reward to try to catch the person who destroyed three holes at the golden gate golf course. that happened two weeks ago. a brutal beating of a high school student caught on tape sounds like an open and shut case, but the case could be falling apart. security cameras at bethel high school were rolling after an afterschool brawl broke out and 17-year-old bryant lee was seriously injured. this fight happened july 2009. eight people were indicted in the case, including two minors who were later charged as adults. but a jury acquitted three of the defendants because they didn't believe they were in gang or had committed torture during the fight.
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prosecutors say they will continue to press for assault, torture and gang charges for those remaining suspects. lee says she was on his way to basketball practice when he saw a group of men assaulting a girl and he stepped in to help. defense attorneys say lee was the one who started the fight. the walnut creek city council is thinking about creating a tourism improvement district hoping to get people to visit the east bay town. that move would give the city the power to levy fees on hotels ranging from $1.50 to $2 per room per night. if all five of the hotels participate, that could bring in about $275,000 per year. the president of the walnut creek chamber of commerce says the money raised would be used for marketing walnut creek. >> obviously we're not a disney land and not a san francisco, but there are people who would come and will come and do come. >> the city council is scheduled to take up the issue of tourism at their next meeting on tuesday
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night. it is a nice place to visit. still ahead on "today in the bay" days after the miracle in the chile mine, families of trapped chinese coal miners are hoping for a miracle of their own. the latest on a search for 11 missing miners. it is campaign crunch time. the heavy weights duking it out in the golden state political arena. you're watching "today in the bay." nall this technology, but you're still banking like pilgrims! it's time for new school banking, bubbie. interest plus savings at why earn bupkis, when your savings can earn three times the national average!! three times the national average!!! new school banking at capital one bank. with interest plus savings, go to!!!!! what's in your wallet? somebody help me down.
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good morning. here's a live look at san jose where you might notice a couple sprinkles if you head out the door to walk the dog or maybe just kick the dog out and let it go outside by itself. we'll look at the radar and get the forecast from craig in a few minutes. rescuers in china are working frantically to reach 11 miners believed to be trapped inside a coal mine after an explosion. more than 70 rescuers are battling dangerous levels of gas and the risk of falling rocks to free the trapped miners. the director of the rescue team
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says that there is not much of a chance the 11 miners are alive and it will likely take three to four days to find them. the death toll from the blast is currently 26. former president bill clinton will be in san jose tonight for a democratic party rally supporting jerry brown and gavin newsom. doors open at 6:30 at the event center arena on san jose state campus. brown and newsom joined clinton on friday night for a rally on ucl's campus. that one drew 6,000 people. clinton delivered an impassioned speech that night saying everyone who doesn't vote is committing malpractice on your future. president obama comes to the bay area on thursday for another democratic party fund-raiser. arizona senator john mccain is up for re-election in his home state, but he's spending this weekend in california trying to build support for republican senate candidate carly fiorina. at a rally in san diego, mccain told the crowd that fiorina's
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challenger, barbara boxer, has tried to undercut the military in iraq and afghanistan. that's no coincidence that the focus was on the military. we'll get to that video in a minute. a few days ago senator barbara boxer received an endorsement of the veterans foreign wars political action committee, mccain said he was stunned by it and then lashed out at senator boxer. >> barbara boxer is the most bitterly partisan, most anti-defense senator in the united states state today. i know that because i've had the unpleasant experience of having to serve with her. >> has not served the people of california and we must hold her accountable. >> now these two aren't just campaigning together. fiorina served as an economic adviser to senator mccain during his 2008 presidential campaign but was pulled from the front line when she told a reporter neither mccain or sarah palin would be capable of running a company.
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speaking of palin, she is in southern california this weekend. the former vice presidential can date was asked to speak at what was billed a voter turnout rally organized by the republican national committee. >> so how about we make november second freedom day and we take it back for the little guy. >> hundreds of people attended that rally. palin and michael steele, the controversial republican national chairman, were the two big draws. meg whitman and carly fiorina skipped complaining they had prior commitments. steele tried to reassure the crowd there are no tensions between the tea party and the republican establishment. and a reminder tomorrow is the last day to register to vote in the november elections. your registration must be postmarked no later than tomorrow. for voter registration information where you can pick up a form go to the california secretary of state's website, you can fill it out on-line there too. the address or
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call the phone number on your screen. it's an 800 number. won't cost you a thing. coming up on today in the bay, a giants loss in the playoffs could ruin gavin newsom's perfect hair day. we'll tell you why. a brand new steel bridge named after a bay area grid iron legend. and couple scattered showers out there live right now. san francisco, some rain coming through the bay area. i'll tell you how much to expect and how long it will be here. your forecast is up next. our real national pastime -- saving money.
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i hate to be cliche but i washed my car yesterday and that's why it's raining today. >> you have the big hair going. >> i know. >> let's talk about whenever the moisture comes in, the hair gets -- >> like a chshgs ia pet. >> i had to wear a beanie to flatten my hair out. we have rain in the forecast. if you want to tune in later
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maybe chris's hair will be curling by then. just add water. start off live, san francisco, look at all the fog, the clouds, the runners getting ready for the women's nike marathon. it will be wet and drizzly and cool. next shot as we head off to oakland, look at that shot. great shot. little chilly out there. mostly 40s and 50s. scattered showers through the east bay as well. next shot as we head into the south end of the bay. few breaks in the clouds with some of the clouds have produced a couple light rain drops. if you did wash your car yesterday it's going to be a little wet. as we look at the radar here is the radar for the past one hour or so. the heaviest line right now, the front, right about there. you can make out the darker shades of green and yellow. as we head into sonoma county that's where the heavier rain is. scattered showers in nature throughout the rest of the bay area. look across the sierra nevada, about 8,000 feet, close to yosemite, some snow there as well. this is not a very big or powerful storm, but it is enough to give us some scattered showers and by the end of the
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day into tomorrow morning, about a tenth to a quarter of an inch. not a whole lot. again it's garden variety. once the front passes through later this morning a couple spotty showers in places. 101 pretty wet as you're traveling or getting ready to head out. close to livermore, scattered showers here as well into the hills. in san francisco, right there getting close to the golden gate it will get there in a matter of seconds, also saw sew leeto, that will head over to the north end of the bay, and scattered very light showers in the south end of the bay, close to san jose, willow glen and once you pass over 17 over the hill in los gatos. the temperatures into the 50s. we're not going to warm up a whole lot from there. here's the center of the storm. the front we talked about, will pass over the bay area and into the high sierra as we go through the afternoon. a few scattered light showers today. again not a whole lot. a tenth to a quarter of an inch. we'll have some more as we go through the day tomorrow, only after the morning hours in the
7:20 am
morning commute we'll start to dry out. 70s into the central valley, 50s along the coast. chilly across the sierra. snow above 8,000 feet. reno 55, if you're headed there today or tomorrow expect some showers and thunderstorms and snow across the higher elevations. 50s, 60s, not much in the way of 70s. sun set 6:29. seven-day forecast, rather cool weekend into the start of monday and then tuesday and wednesday we dry out and then next friday, chris, looks like we have a chance for a few more scattered showers. do not wash your car. >> happens every time. so cliche. >> but it happens. >> that's good. wash it more often. we need it. >> thank you very much. a new bridge is open and it is named after san jose football star pat tillman. the tillman bridge soared across the hoover dam connecting the u.s. states of nevada and arizona. tillman played football for the arizona cardinals, setting a team record for tackles in one
7:21 am
season. tillman decided to put that pro football career on hold and join the u.s. military along with his younger brother. he was killed by friendly fire in afghanistan in 2004. impressive bridge. still ahead on "today in the bay" the accidental super star. the giants have a new mvp on the field, but have the fans heard of him? the fate of gavin newsom's perfect hair do, rests in the midst of the san francisco giants. we'll explain why coming up. >> good sunday morning. am raj. did you see it last night? the giants off to an amazing start, not to be debbie downer here. be careful. game two of the phillies will come strong. check in with the giants and sharks and college football. stay with us. [ male announcer ] taxes.
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so who called prop 13 a "fraud" and a "rip off?" jerry brown. who raised the gas tax as governor, and pushed for higher sales taxe jerry brown. who tried five times to raise property taxes in oakland? jerry brown. who supported higher statewide income taxes? jerry brown. and who says, if elected, he'll ask voters for even more new taxes? jerry brown. governor jerry brown, again? hide your wallet. the giants will strut back on to the field tonight for game two against the phillies. after what some are calling a bit of a stunner. will they come out on top or another round offer to it tour for giants fans? sports director raj has the
7:24 am
bases covered in your morning sports. >> chris, thank you. good sunday morning to you. an amazing story for the giants last night. just be a little careful, a great start last night, but tonight, the phillies will be coming strong. the giants can enjoy game one. one of the best story lines in years, we'll say he's the accidental super star. a few weeks ago many giants fans hadn't heard of cody ross. as of right now cody ross is the mvp for the giants in these entire playoffs. he killed the braves last week and last night, cody ross killed the phillies. how about this, an electric atmosphere, waving all those white towels in philadelphia, and that much talked about pitching matchup, tim lincecum against roy halladay, forget about it. cody ross stole the show. the unheralded cody ross. the giants just acquired him off the waiver wire in august. he hit two home runs last night. his second came in the fifth inning. not so easy, though. this game wouldn't be, the series won't be. bottom of the sixth, jayson
7:25 am
werth, a two-run homer off lincecum. the phillies were within one run. down to that torture time. bring in the beard, by that we mean brian wilson, beautifully colored, he comes in and slams the door. this is the ninth inning. he strikes out the final four batters of the game. giants win it 4-3. so a couple big reasons for the giants, huge for two reasons, they take an early lead in the series and maybe more importantly, they've convinced themselves they can beat the heavily favored phillies. bring in nbc's laura bank ki who joins us from philadelphia. >> reporter: good morning from philadelphia. where there was a whole lot of hooting and hollering going on inside the giants clubhouse immediately after last night's game one win. no one from the media. that excitement was tempered a bit. it's a good start but it's just one win. what a win it was. the giants beat roy halladay on a night when tim lincecum did not have his best stuff but the ace was good enough to beat the favor eed phils.
7:26 am
>> try not to worry about what they've done in the past. you know what they're capable of and try to work off of that. we're a team with a bunch of confidence, swagger, fun. >> we like the odds stacked up against us. i think that's where we're playing a little game of baseball. you know, the odds said we were going to lose, they would have to lose, we're supposed to lose but we went out and played our game. >> you always want to come on the road and say 1-1, you get the first win, might as well try to get two. >> reporter: with many believing the phillies would win this series after last night's win the giants were asked if they're starting to get people's attention. aubrey huff said doesn't matter. they believe in each other and continuing to prove people wrong. for those favored phillies, the last time they dropped a series opener, back in 2007 when they were swept by colorado. with the giants in philadelphia, laura banky, nbc bay area sports. >> we'll see you later tonight from philadelphia for game two. so once again giants in a good situation but game two a whole
7:27 am
different ball game. we'll see somehow it shakes down. last night how about the sharks back on ice in san jose. their home opener, joe thornton a richer man, signs a three-year $21 million extension to stay with the teal. for the game against the thrashers, oh, you remember dust continue bufflin the guy that killed the sharks last season, used to play for the black hawks, plays for the thrashers, scores the game-winning goal in the third period. sharks lose 4-2. couple notes from football, cal loses at usc and san jose state loses at home against boise state. that's going to do it for now. see you later tonight, about 8:30 on sports sunday prime time, the giants game two, also the raiders and 49ers, we'll be joined by raiders star. have a great sunday, see you later today. >> as raj mentioned the giants are one step closer to the world series after beating the phillies last night and that means mayor newsom may not have
7:28 am
to mess up his famous locks after all. the mayor has a friendly bet going with the philadelphia mayor. if the phillies win newsom has to wear a phillies cap during an event some time around veterans day. if he doesn't the cap doesn't have to happen. newsom is on a bit of a winning streak when it comes to baseball bets thanks to the giants. atlanta's mayor had to fly a giants flag over that city hall after the team's opening series matchup with the braves. by the way, in case you're wondering, the product that newsom uses on that perfect hair, loreal total control gel. we asked. hard hitting news here. much more ahead on today in the bay, up next at 7:30, could saving money be killing your pet. a serious health warning for your four-legged family members. [ male announcer ] carly fiorina.
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a big board in your garage or project area works perfectly as a checklist to keep track of open items and chores and the best part, you can erase and start over every time you finish a task. you can let go around the clock reminders as i forget is no longer a valid excuse. want to get organized. expo is giving out over 100 boards to get you started. go to lx house to enter for your chance to win. from nbc bay area, reporting what matters to you, this is "today in the bay." just about 7:30 on a lovely
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start to this sunday morning. right now cars streaming across the golden gate bridge, but soon, so many runners participating in the nike marathon. good for them. >> right. >> keep going. >> i'm chris sanchez with nbc bay area meteorologist craig herrera who says sprinkles is what the runners can expect. >> a couple rain drops. mile 20, 21, you're like i'm almost there. >> the rain. >> the rain, yeah. you get the rain. >> insult to injury. >> last year they had fog. this year they have a little rain. look at the radar into the north end of the bay, that is the leading edge of the front getting ready to come through. behind it we will get some scattered showers in nature. some of those getting close to walnut creek, oakland, richmond, through sausalito. couple scattered showers all the way up into saratoga. as we go through the afternoon hours, still cloudy with a few scattered showers. it's not a whole lot. we're not going to get a real measurable rain. maybe a tenth to quarter of an inch. a few showers into your monday
7:32 am
commute. after that i'll go over to the seven-day forecast. we'll dry out for up a canal days and that fall pattern, you get two or three days of nice weather and then cool off, we're going to go through that this week. >> mother nature saying quit your complaining. thank you very much, craig. u.s. treasury secretary tim geithner will be in palo alto to talk about getting americans back to work and strengthening the global economy. his visit comes on the heels of an out of character and rather public recommendation that china should let its currency float more freely. geithner made his push for a stronger one at the annual meeting of the international monetary fund last weekend. he will be speaking at schultz cultural hall in palo alto tomorrow at 1:00 in the afternoon. his speech is titled "the state of the economy." tickets are $25. apple is looking to take a bigger bite of the market in the next coming days. tyler matheson takes a look at the upcoming week in the world of business. >> it is called the beige book
7:33 am
but nothing beigely boring about it. the federal reserve releases its monthly survey of economic conditions around the u.s. we'll find out where the job market may be improving and where consumers may be spending more money and what impact the foreclosure mess may be having on housing. home builders will tell us how they see the market for newly built homes. we'll get government reports on new residential construction and permits for future building. earnings season has been pretty good so far after jp morgan chase's solid profits last week. this week brings us more of the nation's big banks including bank of america, citigroup, goldman sachs. apple whose shares topped $300 for the first time last week could see profits double thanks to all the ipad sales. apple is expected to release an updated operating system for its mac computers this week. talk about bad timing. just as officials from all 50 states are investigating tens of
7:34 am
thousands of foreclosures. the american bankers association holds its convention in boston. the san francisco board of supervisors votes this week on legislation to ban mcdonald's happy meals and other meals targeted at kids unless they reduce the sugar, sodium and fat content and include a fruit or a vegetable. i'm tyler matheson, get all your business news on cnbc. just a reminder, you can get your business and tech report before the markets open week days on "today in the bay." starting at 4:30 in the morning. coming up next on "today in the bay" the package looks ledgist but you're buying a fake. it's not just dangerous, it can be deadly. what to avoid when you're giving your pet phony medication perhaps you bought on-line. rule the tweet.
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always fun where hometown teams play each other. oakland will take on the niners at candlestick park today.
7:37 am
from the raiders is going to raj for sports sunday today. saving money on your pets prescriptions, more people are trying to find on-line deals to save everything from flea medication, pain relievers for their pets. the fda issued a warning that some on-line companies are selling phony and even contaminated medicine. as nbc bay area shows us, choosing the wrong supplier could seriously harm your four-legged family member. >> reporter: 63% of american households include a pet and our furry family members account for nearly $10 billion worth of spending a year just on medication. >> we've been on predeny sewn just for different kind of one is a steroid and other sicknesses they've been through. >> reporter: the well meaning owners can fall prey to bad medicine that come from unlicensed or out of country on-line venders. >> i have had a couple animals with reaction, burning skin,
7:38 am
seizures, vomiting, diarrhea from the products. >> reporter: this doctor says one of her patients went on-line to buy the flea medication front line. the product was bogus. these photos show an expiration and made in australia label. two things the real front line wouldn't have. >> there's a company who is copying the front line, the packaging is very close but not quite close enough, and they're producing it in australia. the true front line is made in france. [ inaudible ]. >> i don't remember the name of the website but it was australian. >> reporter: robert says he bought advantage for his dogs for an australian website. it cost nearly half of what he regularly pays. it took six weeks to arrive and didn't work. >> i still get e-mails saying do you want to reorder. no. no, i'm going to stick with what i know. never do it again. lesson learned. >> reporter: lucky for both owners there weren't any lasting effects from the counterfeit products. it's tough to know which sites
7:39 am
to avoid. there's no date base who's doing bad business. stick to national sites like 1-800-pet meds and consult your vets. some will match the on-line price or approve the site you're using. >> i try to help my clients find cheaper alternatives. in this economy i would want the same thing. >> reporter: the fda says avoid on-line pet pharmacies if the site is not based in the u.s., isn't licensed by the state board of pharmacy where it's based, or the prices are a lot lower than other sites. certain medicines are at higher risk, phony heart worm pills and ensedes or nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are only prescription medicines. if given in the wrong dosages they could be deadly. >> don't try to save a buck trying to buy something you're not sure of. go with what you know. >> reporter: to make sure the pills your pet pops will help and not hurt. vicky nguyen, "today in the bay."
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>> still ahead, a famous director bow donates a blockbuster amount of money to defeat a california measure. the hint is on the screen. who, and how much just ahead. here's a look at what's going on around town. the 49ers take on the raiders in the battle of the bay. historically this game is about bragging rights but we're not sure how much there is to brag about this season honestly. kickoff is at 1:05 this afternoon at candlestick. if hitting the links is more your style two options, you can head to the south bay for the open at the golf course. rocco mediate is holding on to his three-shot lead going into today's final round or head over to the east bay and check out this cbs lpga tournament at the black hawk country club. three golfers tied for the one-shot lead at 12 under par. [ male announcer ] carly fiorina.
7:41 am
as ceo, she laid off 30,000 workers and shipped jobs to china. china. india. russia. poland. i know precisely why those jobs go. [ male announcer ] because fiorina shipped them there. to shanghai instead of san jose. bangalore instead of burbank. proudly stamping her products "made in china." 30,000 workers gone while fiorina took $100 million for herself. carly fiorina. outsourcing jobs. out for herself. [ barbara boxer ] i'm barbara boxer, and i approved this message.
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from nbc bay area, reporting what matters to you, this is "today in the bay." james cameron pledged $1 million to fight proposition 23. prop 23 if approved by california voters would suspend california's greenhouse gas reduction law until the state's unemployment rate drops to 5.5% for four quarters a year essentially. the gas reduction law passed in 2006 and aims to reduce emissions and promote development in clean industries. the 56-year-old oscar winner has pro environment messages in his blockbuster hit movies, "avatar." one of the most controversial issues on the ballot is prop 23 which would suspend the environmental law until everything is back in order. for more let's turn to nbc bay area political analyst larry gurston for what this means. it's called the jobs initiative. it's about greenhouse gases. people are feeling a little bit confused. why would james cameron throw
7:44 am
money at something that is about the environment and about jobs? >> it's about a lot more than jobs, chris. it's about the vision for california. if you think about it. where we're going. prop 23 as we discussed would suspend ab 232 assembly bill 32 passed a couple years ago, the one that requires gas emissions to be reduced to 1990 levels by 2020. any businesses that use energy in any kind of comprehensive way will be affected by this law. the proponents say that the cost with -- from ab 32 are going to force businesses to leave the state. if the businesses leave the state, the jobs leave with them. opponents say come on, compliance costs are going to be negligible and that proposition 23 would create many more green jobs than it would lose. so you get two sides looking at this. it's about jobs but is there more or less depending on what happens to prop 23. >> a lot of talk about the fact that the pro prop 23 has been
7:45 am
funded by out of state oil companies. there are obviously other people within the state backing prop 23. >> absolutely. the chamber of commerce, california chamber of commerce, howard jarvis taxpayer association, oil refiners and oil companies have put up most of the money. in fact 90% of the money and almost 90% of the money for this proposition, by the way, is coming from out of state. so you can see the interests here are not just in california. but from oil companies all over the nation. >> okay. we were talking ate the fact that james cameron donated a million dollars to sort of even the playing field. who else is against prop 23? who else? who are the normal people? >> this is becoming an interesting proposition. the sierra club, the california afl-cio, league of women voters, but heres a the one that really got to me when i teased the data the other day. leading venture capitalists have put up most of the money to fight prop 23. one, in fact, has put up $5
7:46 am
million. another has put up $2 million. as a matter of fact, these days, the no side is outspending the yes side 3-2. >> can i venture a guess? >> venture a guess. >> venture capitalists are putting up the money to defeat it because they want tech jobs, green jobs, right? >> venture capitalists are a little like people who look in the crystal ball. what they care about not what's going on today, but tomorrow. they see green technology, green energy, that whole era upon us. whether it's new cars, whether it's batteries, solar, california is the greenest state in the union and where we're going even more and opposing this bill. >> enough talk about all the folks who have all the money. what do the polls show about what regular folks are thinking? >> up in the air. up in the air, chris. the field poll shows 34%, 45% against. here's the statistic we like to see, 21% undecided. the "l.a. times" poll recently,
7:47 am
38% against. again, a huge block, 22% undecided. many, many people on the fence. look we're going to see a blitz on this one. before all is said and done the yes on 23 folks will not roll over. we will see a blitz in the waning weeks. there's an unwritten rule about polls in california and that is this, if you don't have 60% or thereabouts going in, the likelihood is, that the proposition gizzing to fail. why is that? because at the end there are always people who sort of slide over the other way with the second thought. it would appear, at least for now, that prop 23 may be in trouble. with such a huge undecided vote, anything goes. >> well that stands to reason that will affect prop 19 which is the other big talker in this election which would legalize marijuana, topic of larry's blog this week, prop 0. find it on right along the top see prop 0, click on it and get more insight from larry gur ston. thank you so much for joining us today and we'll see you soon. >> thank you.
7:48 am
for -- take a live look at oakland this morning. rain in san jose. we've already seen it. rain in san francisco. we've seen it. how about oakland and the rest of the east bay? we'll check with craig in a minute. [ male announcer ] sizzler's incredible $7.99 lunch deal. get a third-pound grilled-over-the-flame burge includes a salad and a fountain drink, all for an amazing $7.99!!! that's sizzler! ♪ ♪
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7:50 am
he'll just spend, and spend, and spend. a live look at the golden gate bridge. sprinkles, though, scattered for parts of the day. the marathon streaming across. that's not going to stop them. >> absolutely not. >> they've come this far. >> 26 miles. >> couple rain drops. >> few rain drops, probably cool them off. we've got a day where it's going to be the same way, chris. no matter ha you're going to be doing or going, cloudy and cool, 60s for highs. this is not a big storm and it is not going to give us a lot of rain. just enough to wet the ground, wet the cars and get you wet if you're walking out and about. san francisco as you look toward the tower, off in the distance we see downtown oakland. south end of the bay, some
7:51 am
clouds and yeah, a few rain drops at times. if you're going to be walking the dog or just walking the kids out there this morning, yeah, may be some layers and an umbrella. there's sen noll live and this rain is going to spread throughout the entire bay area. even all the east bay inland valleys, just a great shot. san jose make out downtown and part of city hall there. as we go through the next several hours, the front just to our north, this is the radar over the past one hour and the heaviest rains have been closer to sonoma county, lake county, and again it's not a whole lot. a tenth to quarter of an inch by the time we get into tomorrow morning. wherever we see the shades of yellow we have a decent amount of rain coming through. marin county, a couple scattered sprinkles at times. this looks more impressive on the radar than out there. we have some moving up along concord, walnut creek, into the south end of the bay, a couple close to redwood city, campbell, willow glen and passing over 17
7:52 am
headed over to santa cruz. here it is small storm, passing through. continues to head over to nevada and we have the wrap around moisture, the counterclockwise rotation sending that up our direction. cloudy conditions throughout most of today. a light shower through tomorrow morning. for your morning commute, after that we'll dry out for a couple days and then we'll get a chance for some showers at the enchds of the week. highs only into the 50s at the beaches and 60s for most of the bay area. not a real warm day and yeah, it's feeling like fall today. enjoy it. sun set 6:29. next weekend i will in lo los gatos. bring the dogs out. they get to go trick or treating downtown. go to society, that supports the canine cancer campaign. clear fort giants game, game three at home, wednesday will be game four. those will be the two warmest days. if we go to game five cloudy and
7:53 am
cooler at that point. again a few more showers possible next friday and into saturday. stay tuned. we'll have a couple cool days, couple warm days, couple cool days. >> nice and cool for your playoffs. thank you very much. >> thanks. all new "meet the press" is next. david gregory is in washington. >> coming up this morning, the president is campaigner in chief with 16 days to go before election day. does he help or hurt democrats and how will the administration respond to big republican gains in the fall? with us our exclusive guest, white house press secretary robert gist. then our senate debate series continues with colorado where michael bennett is locked in a tight race with republican and tea party backed challenger ken buck. it's all coming up this morning on "meet the press." >> thank you for making us a part of your morning. tonight's sunday night football matchup is the colts versus the redskins. that starts at 4:30. next news tonight at 11:00. check on-line, for all the latest weather and news and sports.
7:54 am
have a great sunday. see you next week. i'm lisa glenn. summer vacation may be over but not too late to start planning your next vacation. with me with great ideas is dave. he is the host of great get aways, a popular travel show on nbc bay area. welcome. >> thanks. >> you have a dream job and this is a wonderful show you have. >> thanks very much. i love my job. i'm very lucky. you said summer is over but it's always summer somewhere. >> tell us about your latest show which is why we're here. >> it's mexican. we just got back from a great mexican adventure. we were in puerto vallarta and cancun. i brought the family. >> sounds amazing. tell me about puerta vallarta.
7:55 am
>> that's where we went the first half of the trip. it's an old fishing village, people forget that, maintained that old next can charm. in the cobblestone streets and old shops and restaurants. it's gorgeous. there's also the mega resorts right on the beach. >> right. you get to do some unique activities down there. >> i did. we all did. lot don't realize the mountains are right there. the sierra mad dress, we're in the shadows of the mountains. we headed through the jungle on mules up the mountains and came back down on zip lines through the jungle canopy. some were 400 feet high. >> there's not many places in the world you can experience that. >> absolutely. >> you also got to visit cancun. >> we did. >> you and your wife in particular got to go somewhere really special. >> it was very romantic. we stayed at a place called leblanc, all white, very, very ritzy, beautiful and we had our own butler. 24 hours a day. which we took advantage of.
7:56 am
we called him at 3:00 in the morning, he came, and it was great. it was sfwhufl you have to do that. later on, you got to go to a special resort, didn't you? >> we went to a couple more. one had a big surprise you see on the show. dolphins in the resort in a big saltwater lagoon. my wife always wanted to be a dolphin trainer. she got in the water. she spent half the day, riding them, training them, teaching them tricks. >> sounds fantastic. you got to go on great adventure. >> i did. >> with a special something. >> yeah. it was -- thought i was going to be nervous. 20 miles offshore in a boat, got in the water with whale sharks. this is the largest fish in the world. they're harmless because they eat plankton and the plankton come where the waters meet and that's why they're there. i pulled on the tail and did all -- it was incredible. >> there is so many things you got to do we can't touch on right now. to see everything that you did how do people get to see your show? >> it airs on nbc bay area,
7:57 am
checklistings or pleasant to see the show there and book some of these deals. the deals, the prices have never been better. >> it's really a great time. again for more information on everything we talked about, go to pleasant ansok you much, dave. >> see you next time.
7:58 am
you know it's bad when the press asks if you'd take a lie detector test. meg whitman didn't tell the truth about not voting or about how long she lived in california. she got caught in insider deals at goldman sachs. she changed her story about physically abusing an employee. she campaigned as tough as nails on immigration knowing her housekeeper of 9 years was undocumented. her tv ads have been condemned as false and misleading. and even her hometown newspaper said meg whitman has demonstrated "a loose relationship with the truth"
7:59 am
she's against banning assault weapons... and that's reckless and dangerous. she's for risky new oil drilling that could threaten our jobs. fiorina's plan would mean slashing social security and medicare, which would devastate seniors.


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