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tv   NBC11 News The Bay Area at 5  NBC  October 18, 2010 4:00pm-4:30pm PST

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guess what happens to fares? >> the airlines can charge more, supply and demand. if the supply is not there, they can charge more. >> reporter: he says his airport seems to have bottomed out after carriers dropped numerous flights. now passengers have slowly coming back but the planes are not, meaning packed and sometimes oversold flights. >> the airlines are in the black and projecting to be profitable this year, which is good because they need to get healthy. >> reporter: if you're still stuck by the sticker shock over the holidays, stop by the information desk and she'll greet you with a smile. >> travel at sfo is up 18% since 2006. they say they have the newspaper airport to share the load. in fact, they want more flights. the next set of segments for the bay bridge towers will be put in place later this week. sections measures more than 100 feet are the next pieces to be
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snaulded, and when finished this significant tower on the span will top 500 feet. commuters are advised that while the construction is underway the changes will be exciting but drivers should keep their eyes on the road. as difficult as that may be. oakland police say a daylight shooting at an atm was not a random attack, the victim was targeted. it happened around 9:00 on saturday morning at an atm on broad way. they say a 28-year-old man was at the atm when the suspect walked up and shot him in the back. the victim is in critical condition. nonetheless investigators plan to interview the victim a second time today. a man accused of attacking a woman in his walnut creek apartment complex today told a judge he did nothing wrong. the 51-year-old asked if he could plead not guilty, but the judge told him to get an attorney first. he's charged with eight felonies in the september 16th attack. the fourth of five assaults
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against women at the park regular see complex. a brooklyn man is accused in three cases and police are looking for the attacker that struck october 2nd. nearly a decade after the disappearance of chandra levy the man of killing her is on trial. he's charged with first-degree murder for killing 24-year-old levy from modesto. she disappeared back in 2001 after going jogging. she was found in the park later. when he was charged in that case last year, he was already behind bars serving time for different assaults committed in the same park. just two weeks until election day, and the two top contenders for governor announced endorsements today. today does narc a critical
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deadline for votes who want a say in the election. we're live at the rej star's office where the clock is ticking toward an important deadline tonight. jodi. >> reporter: today is the deadline to register to vote. the elections office here in martinez plans to stay up until 7:00 this evening to give voters one last chance to register, and what a decision voters are going fob faced with. the two candidates for governor, the two main candidates for governor expect to hit the campaign trail hard to win over support. >> lots of work ahead. i'm going to be traveling all over the state fighting for every vote in every part of the state, but i can feel the momentum on the campaign trail. >> reporter: with two weeks to go both meg whitman and jerry brown are hitting the campaign trail hard. brown campaigned with asian lawmakers in san francisco. >> i'm running for this office because i think i can make a
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difference. i understand it. this time i'm really going to engage the diverse communities, the diverse members of the legislature. >> i think a close election -- >> reporter: with poms showing the contest tight, political analysts expect the race to go down to the wire. >> it's a very close election. you know, i think, anyone who would bet a huge amount of money on what's going to happen at this point is a person who likes taking risks. >> reporter: experts say expect national meters on both sides to lend a hand as candidates do all they can to stir up enthusiasm. while some party die-hards have already cast their ballots, many others are registering to vote and figuring out who they want to support. >> the people that registered in the last few days who are probably, you know, here just for it to start to really pay
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attention. one week is a very long time in politics. >> reporter: of course, we have two weeks. we're back here live at the elections office. we've been watching voters come in all day long to drop off their absentee ballots or register to vote. again today is the deadline. meanwhile, both candidates have big plans for the next couple of weeks. meg whitman says expect mayor michael bloomberg to come and campaign on her behalf while jerry brown plans to host president obama at the end of the week. i'm jodi hernandez, "nbc bay area news". thank you very much. the objective is to get those registered voters to the polls, and president obama will visit san francisco on thursday to campaign for the democratic national committee and for tom thos running for state attorney general. the president will arrive at sfo around 3:00 in the afternoon. he'll be gone the following day.
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he'll travel south to usc to headline a fund-raiser and rally for u.s. senate candidate barbara boxer. for complete coverage go to our website, and click on prop 0. a judge may decline a government request to delay the order to stop a military ban to sop enforcing the don't ask don't tell policy. the military will abide by the injunction as long as it remains in place. under the 1993 law the military cannot inquire to service members sexual orientation and punish them for as long as they keep it to themselves. well, all righty. the giants are home. 2-0. it would have been nice, but 1-1 isn't bad. >> you're getting greedy. >> i guess i am, raj. >> a lot of clearing and a lot of blah the second game. >> 2-0 would be nice, but the
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giants are in good shape. 1-1. gut-wrenching for the giants and players and fans. the giants knew this was coming. offensively they're overmatched seemingly by the phillies. they have to tinker with the line-up for game three tomorrow afternoon. we would see rowan and sandoval in that line-up. juan uribe, that left wrist provides a lot of power for the giants. he did not play last night. his status for tomorrow is unclear. for the phillies it's a bay area product that killed them last night, shortstop jimmy rollins. the three-run double broke the game open. phillies won it 6-1. both teams then took a red eye flight to sfo early this morning. they arrived at sfo within the 3:00 a.m. hour. you got some coffee, both of you? >> i'd say. >> maybe a quick nap, go home and say hello to the wife and kids and this afternoon back to work at the ballpark. here is the boss now.
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>> you got to go out there and play your best ball to beat them, and that needs to happen tomorrow night. we know it, and really it's -- it's going to come down to who executes the best and gets the timely hits. it's pretty simple. >> he's tired, too. he said tomorrow night. tomorrow afternoon. 1:20 in the afternoon. there will be line-up changes, but he won't announce them quite yet. the giants are on the field right now practicing. we'll have an update on what's happening at the 6:00 newscast. >> it's still exciting, isn't it? >> it's gut-wrenching and fabulous. >> ncls right here in the city. it's great. >> thanks, raj. still ahead at 5:00, a legendary football sfar is involved in a serious car accident just hours after he's arrested in southern california. we'll have the latest for you. the benefits of soy. a new study claims a high soy diet can help cancer patients. huge sales for apple today, so what has investors scared tonight?
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and not just a coffee buzz. the new options at starbucks giving bars and restaurants a run for their money. good afternoon. chief meteorologist here. big changes for the start of your week. plenty of low to mid-60s across the bay area. towards tonight the temperatures drop and quickly with 50s. come on back. we'll havelsai ngeo m e anchs for your week just ahead. an
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well, we have some breaking news for you out of the south bay. the tanker truck you see there has blocked two lanes of southbound 101 in morgan mill. it has flipped over with a load full of wax we're told.
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it's unclear what led up to the crash. we'll keep you updated. it's difficult to make your way down 101 southbound tonight. one or two lanes are open right now. more big numbers tonight from apple. nonetheless investors are nervous, and bay area business and tech reporter scott budman is here. how long can it last, i guess? >> it's interesting. this is a straight line up. apple has ignored the downturn since the very beginning. sales over the last three months still very strong. we got the numbers this afternoon. up 70% for the quarter. 14 million iphones sold over the last three months. that beats blackberry sales. 4 million ipads. apple stock is giving back 6% after hours. another example of buying on the rumor of strong sales and sells on the news. a similar picture tonight for ibm. big blue reporting strong earnings, but after running to record highs shares are losing
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ground in after hours trading. that's likely to show up tomorrow morning. for today's action, another october winner, the dow is up 80 points and tech stocks led higher by google. we may get closer to the bottom when it comes to banking and housing problems. today bank of america will lift the foreclosure freeze. they may face government probes and lawsuits after admitting it made mistakes with paperwork that sent people out of their homes. b of a will report earnings tomorrow, giving us a look at how the banks are getting along to pause the foreclosure process to check that out. >> which may now continue, as far as what the news today suggests. >> thank you. time for health news. a new study says soy may hold major benefits for certain breast cancer patients. it said post menopausal women who had breast cancer were less
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likely to suffer recurrence if they had a high soy diet. the same benefits were not found for premenopausal women, but they say more testing is needed. it was conducted in china where soy is a staple of diets. only 30% of americans eat soy at least once a month. doctors say more young women are having strokes and other serious medical problems shortly after giving birth. researchers are trying to understand why this is all helping. scott friedman talked with one family who hopes others can catch the warning signs before it's too late. >> reporter: with seven kids, the perez house is full of books. alyssa perez is helping her youngest boys learn their words. at the same time she's trying to relearn her own words. >> challenging. >> challenging. >> no s at the end.
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challenging. >> challenging. >> reporter: alyssa had a stroke just days after her son, benjamin, was born in april. >> you sleepy? >> reporter: she was 38 years old and no history of medical problems. instead of being home with her new baby, she was back in the hospital where doctors told her husband to gather the family because she would probably not survive. >> i think about losing her, absolutely i did. i didn't know what i would do. it was going to be a tough road. >> reporter: every day in america two women die from pregnancy or childbirth related complications, and those numbers have been rising in recent years. many of those deaths are caused by strokes. >> our pregnant population is changing. we have a lot of women that are older. that increases your risk. >> reporter: dr. benz says all pregnant women are at an increased risk of stroke. age can increase that risk and
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so can multiple birtss, having a c section and obesity. >> obesity epidemic increases your risk, because it restricts circulation. >> reporter: then there are cases like alyssas where there are no obvious risk factors. >> i was healthy. i didn't have no medicine. i was healthy. >> reporter: deaths from childbirth are still relatively rare, but rye searchers are now trying to better understand why the numbers have crept up in the u.s. alyssa is gradually regaining her speech. her husband, thankful for each day. >> i take nothing for granted, you know. i'm very grateful that she's here. >> sometimes i cry, and sometimes i'm laughing. every time i laugh, i have to laugh, you know. >> reporter: smiling and fighting to get better after being struck down in the prime of her life. >> the american heart association says stroke symptoms
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can include numbness or weakness of the face, arm or leg, sudden confusion or trouble speaking are other symptoms as well. starbucks apparently isn't happy just sending you on your way each morning with your favorite cup of coffee. now they want you back at night. they're willing to change the whole menu to see you again. today in its home city of seattle starbucks has rebuilt one store to accommodate a wine and cheese bar. beer and wine from local vendors and brewers go on sale after 5:00 p.m. stay there long enough, it will be morning again and you can leave with another cup of coffee. >> wow. >> they'll need bouncers. starbucks bouncers. >> gives new meaning to happy hour. our unusual weekend and a good way to start the week, though. >> some showers and cooler air and some call it happy hour right now. it's more comfortable out there
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than it was last week. look at san francisco, we have 60s but no fog in sight. that, of course, is a sign of much larger changes in the upper atmosphere. while it's still cool today, temperatures warmed up 10 to 15 dries from the north bay down to the south bay after that cool blast of air on sunday and also someore significant rainfall this season so far where areas picked up around a trace to right around a 0.1 of an inch. we have radar return in the east bay. we have mid-level moisture. dry conditions are across the entire bay area. look at the cool on this monday at this hour. once again, last monday we had temperatures in the upper 90s to near 100, right now 68 in santa ro rosa, 68 in sunniville and 68 in san jose and just 71 right now in livermore. for tonight we'll see another cool night with some 40s coming into the mix.
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for tomorrow some slight warming, breezy at times for tuesday but ahead we still track more showers with an active pattern and more cool air coming the way. this weekend we had an area of low pressure spinning, a low area of low pressure. it was away from the main pattern, and now it moves towards the south, so it will enable us to warm up and clear out as that dissipates. what's on the horizon out are are several different systems that bring us late week changes as we head into thursday, friday, saturday and also sunday. you'll see that detailed in our forecas seven-day forecast. let's look at tomorrow. 70s return inland, and for wednesday it stays dry at this point with good breaks of midday and afternoon sunshine. not bad as we head into tuesday and wednesday. for tomorrow morning, east bay starting off chilly with low 50s, and by 11:00 a.m. we talk about temperatures near 70 degrees and once again sunshine coming back. plenty of 40s in the north bay, down in the south bay a cool start from low 50s from san jose
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to gilroy. look at south bay tomorrow. we'll have drying winds coming on back, and it will help the temperatures bump back up. 76 in ever green and 76 in san jose and 75 in los gatos. towards the peninsula bumping up a few more degrees from san francisco to san mateo. up for the north bay, low to mid-70s as well as. morn time on the weather channel on cable, and what you find on the seven-day forecast, showers return on friday, saturday, sunday, and monday. each day there is a chance of showers and temperatures also come back down. >> the giants go back east and the rain coming back. >> there you go. let's look at our breaking news now. out of the south bay a tanker truck accident blocked two lanes of southbound 101 in morgan hill. it's not clear exactly how this
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crash occurred, but we do understand there is a load of wax inside that tanker. but a slow ride on southbound 101 in morgan hill. we'll keep you up to date. still ahead at 5:00, president obama announces he'll make a guest appearance on a popular tv show with ties here to the bay area. a hero'selcoig welcome for chess lee sullenberger. back to the east bay whether we come back. [ male announcer ] taxes. so who called prop 13 a "fraud" and a "rip off?" jerry brown. who raised the gas tax as governor,
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and pushed for higher sales taxes? jerry brown. who tried five times to raise property taxes in oakland? jerry brown. who supported higher statewide income taxes? jerry brown. and who says, if elected, he'll ask voters for even more new taxes? jerry brown. governor jerry brown, again? hide your wallet.
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hero pilot sullenberger knows something about staying focused at the wheel. he spoke about the dangers of diving distractions. he was a guest at a teen driving event. he told students that even though all the passengers survived on the hudson, it still haunts him. >> imagine if you were the
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driver of an automobile, and you caused someone else's death. let me tell from my own personal experience, you wouldn't be able to sleep for many nights. >> sully had one other inspiration for speaking at that high school. actually, two. his two daughters are students there. well, former nfl star linebacker junior sao is on the hospital after his car veered off a cliff onto the beef this morning in san diego. he was found conscious behind the wheel of the cadillac suv and there is no evidence alcohol or drugs were involved in the accident. it occurred less than nine hours after he was arrested on suspicion of domestic violence. the 12-time pro bowler played for the chargers, themy meal do miami dolphins and patriots during his 20-year career.k wita back with a president's cameo on a popular tv show. [ male announcer ] carly fiorina.
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as ceo, she laid off 30,000 workers and shipped jobs to china. china. india. russia. poland. i know precisely why those jobs go. [ male announcer ] because fiorina shipped them there. to shanghai instead of san jose. bangalore instead of burbank. proudly stamping her products "made in china." 30,000 workers gone while fiorina took $100 million for herself. carly fiorina. outsourcing jobs. out for herself. [ barbara boxer ] i'm barbara boxer, and i approved this message. outsourcing jobs. out for herself. our kids can't afford another four years
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of crippling cuts to public schools. class sizes are too big, and all the standardized testing just isn't working. so classroom teachers looked closely at the plans of both candidates for governor. and we're supporting jerry brown. brown's plan focuses on a well-rounded education... with history, science, and the arts as well as english and math. schools where teachers and parents work together. and that's why we urge you to vote for jerry brown, a leader we can trust to make our public schools a priority again.
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president obama says he's going to appear on "myth busters" in december. it has nothing to do with proving he was born in hawaii. the president is not the target of any myth busting. instead he'll do what he did today at white house, encouraging students to get excited about math and science. he hosted a science fair at the white house today commending students for their participation. it sure beats going to the school cafeteria or sometimes the gymnasium where they usually hold science fairs. there they are at the white house. >> sometimes when the food is the science experiment. >> that's true, isn't it?
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>> "nightly news" is coming up next. >> thanks for being with us at 5:00. more local news at 6:00. we'll look for you then. he [ bell rings ] what are you doing, friending somebody? yeah. you got time for that? you got time to earn more on your savings, online at that's new school banking, baby! instead of earning squatootski... your savings will be earning three times the national average.
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now, let's review. capital one interestplus savings... at three times more. go to what's in your wallet? are you a pisces? you know it's bad when the press asks if you'd take a lie detector test. meg whitman didn't tell the truth about not voting or about how long she lived in california. she got caught in insider deals at goldman sachs. she changed her story about physically abusing an employee. she campaigned as tough as nails on immigration knowing her


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