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tv   NBC11 News The Bay Area at 6  NBC  October 19, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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series. >> nbc bay area's traci grant joins us live from a bar along polk street where fans are still celebrating. raj mathai is live at at&t park where the giants play again tomorrow. it will be four, right? >> it will be four. interesting what's happened here this afternoon. a couple of things, if you win game three, historically, that usually means you are going to go on and went series, the giants feel good about that generally speaking, between the team, people watching on television and the 40,000-plus fans here at the ballpark, everyone loved the afternoon. it was beautiful here and the baseball fantastic from both teams. show you how it started. the giants honored the 2002 world series team. and guess who that means? all about 46-year-old barry bonds, i saw him in between the games in the clubhouse. barry bonds energy good graces, embracing you the community, bonds like a kid in the candy
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store. he was one of the giants' biggest cheerleaders on this day, the game started, we don't want to say this but everyone was chanting cody ross' name like it was barry bonds, the accidental superstar what we call him in the bottom of the fourth, sparks a two-out rally, rbi single here scores edgar renteria, giants 1-0 lead. as for matt cane, the longest tenured giant, this was his best performance ever in the stage ever. cane into a little trouble in the 7th inning but got shane victor rena to ground out, end the inning, cane seven strong innings, gave up zero runs. top of the ninth who do you call on, williams comes on and endeuces the double play by ibanez and the giants in the driver's seat. giants beat the phillies, 3-0 after the game. checked in with cody rsos and asked about the barry
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bonds-style chants. >> people chanting your name like reggie or barry. what is that like for? >> easy name to chant, two syllables, don't start comparing me to those guys it has just been an unbelievable experience so far. a month and a half, two months ago, accident dream i would be in this situation. the giants awesome to bring me over here, a great ride so far. nothing i can really explain with words. >> an amazing story. cody ross said himself just a couple of months ago, the giants got him off the scrap heap. flat marlins cut him outright. giants picked him up off waivers, right now the mvp so far, not just in this series, but the last series against the braves. they were lucky enough, enough money to get a ticket inside the stadium, you loved every moment of this but most of the people
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around the bay area and here in the city were outside of the stadium, maybe at work, paying attention a little, maybe not. let's bring in traci grant outside at china basin. tracy, take it away. >> raj, the game is long over but still we have fans who are here in russian hill reveling on their -- the win against the phillies. they are also here watching texas take on new york. the fact that today's game happened in the middle of the day on a weekday didn't really deter dedicated fans. mark calls it creative scheduling, gerberman got up early so he could squeeze business meetings, before the games started this afternoon, planned several meetings for after the game. >> flexible time i put in my solid day and go to sleep tonight and know that i gave my
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company what they deserved in work today. >> reporter: he says looking at some people in the bar today, it was obvious what was going on. >> funny to see the number of suits and clearly obvious people that should not be here. >> reporter: you can call it a very late lunch if you want, but some of the giants fans were clearly ditching work to see this big game. some of them even begged us not to put them on camera for fear of repercussions in the workplace. this man is un. >> ployed no now, sew doesno he care who sees him watching the game.employed no now, so he doesn't care who sees him watching the game. >> government beer with my buddies. >> reporter: the fans share the camaraderie you can only get in a bar filled with others wearing the black and orange. >> more important.
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>> everyone excited for the san francisco giants and we want to see them win. i could definitely understand why they wouldn't want to go back to work. >> reporter: despite the fact the giants dominated most of this game, a lot of people were on the edge of their seats praying for a win and probably be even more people packed into this place tomorrow since the game later in the day is going to be easier for some people to call an early quitting time. i might do the same, raj. how about you? >> i'm working, just like you. traci grant reporting from outside the stadium. back inside now, pretty interesting. best case scenario for the giants, they win tomorrow and win again on thursday and that would be it. they would advance to the world series. however, those are two big games get growth play. if they lose one of the two next games, the series shifts become to philadelphia over the weekend. right now the giants are in
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great shape and not sounding like homers here, the giants in great shape, leading 2-1. we mention ted 5:00 news, like politics a swing state, game three is the swing game. if you win game three, you usually put yourself in a good position. how is that? we need larry guesten for our coverage. >> we will ask him. >> raj, we know you are working but we love your office, pal. looks nice. we will see you later on. now to business, the election now two weeks away. meg whitman's message today was about education. the republican candidate for governor toured an east bay elementary school, talking with students and teachers at jefferson elementary in oakland. >> we have got to do better in k through 12 education in california. you all know that we are rated near the bottom of all 50 states, despite the very good efforts of schools like this. every child in california deserves an education like this one. >> for his part, democrat jerry
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brown spent the day at home, in oakland, but he did release a pro-programtive new ad linking whitman to governor schwarzenegger. larry guesten will join must a few minutes to talk about the new attack ad. first, let's talk about early voting. damian trujillo is live at city hall where people can drop off their ballots. attack ads won't have any impact on thousands who have already voted. >> thousands have. you can turn in your ballots upstairs on the second floor of san jose city hall, the clerk's office. thousands have chosen that route but are young voters as active as older voters? the ballots are already coming in. that means these voters, like josie ortiz, already spent the time looking closely at the issues. sounds like you studied the
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issue well? >> i did. it took me -- i have been studying this two weeks. >> your duty as a citizen? >> yes. thank you. >> reporter: half a million people in santa clara county are registered as early voters. the registrar says their age is not varied but he will mostly see older voters getting their choices in early around here. we ran into a few young voters at san jose city college watching a live feed of a white house ceremony. have you had time to study the issues? >> not yet. very briefly. not so much. >> you will? >> yes, i will. >> you are doing your studying? >> yes. of course. >> follow the process, deet bates, an educate deed six on hour going to pick. >> honestly, i haven't spent too much time other than listening to what other folks tell me about the issues as well as what i hear from the media.
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>> reporter: they will have another homework assignment due in two weeks to prepare for the ballot. back before my reporting days, i was actually a campaign manager and our big push, our get out the vote was one week before election day. now with all the absentee ballots, they have to start one month before election day. we are live at san jose city hall, i'm damian trujillo, nbc bay area news. more people voteby mail and absentee now than at the polling places on election day. thank you very much. on election night, count on nbc bay area news for complete coverage. at 8 p.m., when the polls close, we will start coverage on channel 11-2 and comcast 186. at 9 p.m. here on nbc bay area, brian williams ant entire nbc news political team will begin their coverage of the national races, that is followed by a special 11 p.m. one-hour newscast with your completeby area election coverage. one item on the ballot that could have major implications for california is certainly prop 19, the legalization of
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marijuana. if passed, wine country visitors could be asking what vintage is that pot crop? jodi hernandez is live in napa, gives blend a whole new meaning this, jodi. >> reporter: it certainly does, jessica, you may be surprised to hear that northern california's famous crop, the $2 billion may not be the reege answers most valuable much the state's marijuana crop is estimated to be worth seven times more, some $14 billion. some are seeing dollar sign it is proposition 19 passes. northern california has been a great police for wine lovers but if the proposition passes could be just as famous for cannabis. >> people in the world talk about california cannabis, northern california, emerald triangle california cannabis and it will be one of the largest
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crops in the world. >> reporter: the state's marijuana crop is already valued at some $14 billion. that's seven time mors more thae wine grape crop. >> all we have to do is create the regulations, pass prop 19, we can control, tax and regulate over 500,000 cannabis transactions, untaxed transactions that go on in california every day. >> reporter: state's legislative analyst says it is hard to predict just what kind of windfall prop 19 would bring and last week, u.s. attorney general eric holder promised to continue to crack down on marijuana users, growers and distributors, no matter what california voters decide. >> it is just coming in. middle of harvest. >> reporter: those in the cannabis business look forward to the day that people can freely enjoy california-grown pot. cannabis, they say, has a quality that can't be beat. >> california has been known for
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growing many great crops, northern california, mostly for wine. we come to realize the same client for cannabis. it is harvest time. and many hope that next year, many will come out of the shadows to harvest marijuana. it is unclear how cities and counties are going to deal with it, if the proposition passes. i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> that is the looming question. thanks, jodi. one of the country's biggest high-tech companies gets ready to open up a new plant. scott budman joins us with what that means for a local job market. themakers of one of the most popular rifles in the country are in the crosshairs. hundreds of lawsuits piling up. we have video of the gun going off when no one pulls the trigger. plush the new research being done to try to save homes from
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strong winds. and we turned up the heat just a little bitstoday. good evening. i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. right now, 73, livermore, 68, san jose. cleaskies leading to a cool night tonight, where temperatures will drop into the upper 40s, low 50s. clhis also tra tg up .hour e erinomg up this hour.
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governor schwarzenegger was a featured speaker at a breakfast convenient in san francisco where he asked voters to say no to proposition 23, a measure that would suspend the state's greenhouse gas emissions law that he championed. >> keep the laws in place because there's some texan oil companies they don't like our environmental laws and so they put now on the ballot proposition 23. and so i want to just ask all of you to do everything that you
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can to make everyone vote no on this proposition. >> as you heard, the governor characterized prop 23 as a battle between out-of-state oil interests and environmental progress. he encouraged voters to send a message to washington to create a national energy policy by not just defeating the measure but by trouncing it. a poll released in the past month found 45% of likely voters oppose prop 23. 44% say they will support it. a big day for some very big local tech companies. nbc bay area's business and tech reporter scott budman is here. what about yahoo! any hope for them? >> a lot of people have been doing a question. the yahoo! store ray sluggish one but the ask starting to make progress, reporting earnings for the most recent quarter tonight. the numbers aren't bad. revenue and profit up slightly but still not all that strong, especially in the face of big gains for competitors like google and facebook. shares of yahoo! stock are moving a little bit higher in extended trading tonight.
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yahoo!'s neighbor down the road, june per, watched its share prices dip after hours. stronger numbers for the quarter that just end bud saying the future looks weaker than what investors hope to see. as for today's numbers, they were ugly, lots of profit taking after the run-up. stocks led lower by apple shares which fell about 3%. let you know vie yath web, twitter and tv what apple will roll out during its next convenient that takes place tomorrow morning. good news if you like a company not afraid to spend money. chip giant intel says it will open its wallet to the tune of $8 billion to build a new factory in oregon while upgrading four of its other facilities. the company base is 1,000 jobs will be added. and the latest example of the old becoming new again. google says it will bring the dead sea scrolls to the web where you will be able to examine exact copies of the scrolls for free. google says it will be a few months before they will be
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posted. jessica? >> thank you very much, scott. san francisco considering a plan to force contractors to keep it local. supervisor john avalos introduced a measure today that would require construction project leaders hire 50% of their workforce from san francisco a new report shows that just one in five work hours are done by local. some say it impossible to enforce because many workers train in the city and move to other bay area neighborhoods where it is cheaper to live. just ahead of the winter hunting season, one of the most popular rifles in the world is under fire. nearly four of every ten bolt action rifles sold are remingtons. now, 75 lawsuits link the 700 firing mechanism to at least two dozen deaths and more than 100 serious injuries. they allege the guns went off before the triggers were ever pulled. police snipers in maine videotaped the rifle firing when the officer simply touched the bolt. >> go ahead. >> a gun should not fire without
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a trigger being pulled. >> remington atributes the accidents to poor maintenance and improper handling by the users. the company says if proper firearm safety rules are followed, no accidental injuries or deaths would ever occur. a brand new wind tunnel is giving scientists a front row seat to category 3 hurricane gusts. check it out a typical two-story house no match for the 100-mile-an-hour winds. the six-story lab has a huge bank of fans. the insurance industry is funding the program to find ways to reduce losses in natural disasters. so far, tests show the difference between a house that stands and one that is blown apart is about $3,000 in structural improvements. and boy we have all covered those hurricanes, we know you can see how those houses just completely get decimated. >> that is just category 3. think if were a category 5. >> exactly. >> we get the wind from the fog
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bank, someone moving in tonight. jeff ranieri is standing by to give us our forecast. >> we do have the fog offshore, a little bit of an onshore flow, for today, it was about the northwesterly, drying winds across the bay area. they did pop up five to ten degrees above where we were this time yesterday. temperatures inland, east bay, 77, concord, 79, livermore, temperatures upper 70s, san jose, 77, los gatos, 77, 68, san francisco, 75 down to redwood city. the fog was compressed because of the higher levels. high pressure, not a lot of low clouds in oakland, 63, that sun sets, looking sweet tonight. all right. let's get a look. we do have high pressure still situated just to the north of the bay area, keep it mild as we head throughout wednesday, but
6:21 pm
quickly on the heels of this high pressure, yet again, another change to our forecast this week. talking about showers and another cool blast of air in our 7-day forecast. that is tomorrow morning, still on the cold side, 53, 6 a.m. by 11 a.m., temperatures popping up to 67. so, really not a whole lot of warming tomorrow as we head into the 11 a.m. hour, temperatures still in the 60s here for the east bay and also for the south bay. then by the afternoon, seeing temperatures bumping back up. potential delays here in atlanta, area of showers and thunderstorms that is heading your way and coming up, we will be talking about when showers will be returning back here into the bay area. time line it all for you, of course. >> paying close attention. thank you, jeff. just ahead, the generational gap at the ballot box. larry gerston joins us with the big difference between young and old voters. and do you remember this
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woman? she was pregnant, we saw her with her children running the night of the san brown know explosion? well, tonight, she is partsuit t over that disaster. we have her story, coming up. [ male announcer ] come for lunch at sizzler and choose from malibu, lemon herb,
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[ barbara boxer ] i'm barbara boxer, and i approved this message. and down the stretch they come, as they say in the derby. the election exactly two weeks away now and this election year does present a generation gap, does it not, the younger voters, by and large, larry gerston with us once more, not very motivated about this election. what's up? >> begin with the fact it is a midterm election. the midterm election means the turnout is lower everywhere with every group. that is all there is to it. why? no head person, the presidential candidate so to speak. last time in a presidential election ax young voters went for obama two to one.
6:25 pm
young voters respect rooted look their parents. most not working full time, don't have mortgages, they don't have kids. once they are in their 30s or 40s, they are more interested. >> look at who got them interested. several years ago, it was bill clinton, then it was barack obama a couple of years ago. so, the democrats, they bring in bill clinton last week, bringing barack obama. can they do it? can they get the young people involved? >> if any two can it will be clinton and obama. these are the most popular democrats in the country and they resonate even more so in california. and in a close election, especially this one, we are gonna look to changes on the periphery, not the democrats, we know where they are going, not the republicans, we know where they are going, the periphery and the appearance of these two may resonate well and get out that youth vote, a bit more higher percentage than they might have had otherwise. >> you use the phrase close election. every poll suggests we are looking at several close
6:26 pm
elections, are they going to be as close as the polls suggest? >> time to look for the tea leaves, the polls are snapshots which means they are just reflections of what people feel now, not necessarily two weeks from now. but most polls are losing a good deal of their representativeness, try to say that one quickly, because they failed to connect with cell phone users and young people, as we know. proportionately use cell phones more than ever. because of this their opinions may not be captured in the same proportion as they might be otherwise. you want to know something, if you are going to see a surprise this election, it may well be because the pollsters were not able to calibrate the opinions of young people because of those cell phones. >> let's talk about this quickly. we point out earlier that jerry brown stayed home today but did release a new tv ad tying his opponent to arnold schwarzenegg schwarzenegger, let's take at t. >> doing same thing over and over again and expecting different results. >> insanity is doing the same
6:27 pm
thing over and over again and hoping for different results. >> i have built business. led a payroll. >> led a payroll. >> i am in this office beholden to no one, except you. >> i will owe my you was a to no one but you. >> i don't owe anyone anything. >> all right. so what's the objective here? >> it is a cute ad. you got to admit a cute ad. what brown is trying to do is remind people of an unpopular governor. the fact of the matter is if he didn't do it well this independent this guy from business, why would somebody else do it well who is cut from the same cloth in the whitman campaign says meg whitman is a business person, schwarzenegger an actor. still, a very cute commercial, see if it hits the independent voters. >> the whitman campaign good about going back in the past and getting things jerry brown used to say, now the tables are turned in this particular ad, at least. larry gerston, thank you, sir. see you soon. >> thank you, gentlemen. up ahead, the next chapter of the san bruno aftermath, and it is a big one. look at this.
6:28 pm
george care yamma spent the last few hours sorting through the first lawsuits by families. and warnings, ignore the new allegations today that some of the miners wanted to leave hours before the collapse that trapped them for months. and eyes on the road. the big milestone for the bay area today that has caltrans warning focus, focus. dti t focus, focus. [ bell rings ] what are you doing, friending somebody? yeah. you got time for that? you got time to earn more on your savings,
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boxer's been there twenty-eight years. and, look what we've got. when bickering ends, solutions begin. i'm prepared to oppose my party when it's wrong. we can change washington but first you have to vote, to change the people we send there. i'm carly fiorina and i approve this message. seven lawsuits and the counting, five more families affected by the san bruno explosion are now taking pg&e to court, saying the gas line was a ticking time bomb of neglect. nbc bay area's george care yamma is in the newsroom with the details of that lawsuit. george, i know you have been looking through the papers. what stands out at you so far? >> in this 445-page complaint it accuses pg&e of failing to make the necessary repairs before the pipeline exploded last month. in this complaint, attorneys for five families bringing suit against pg&e say the company
6:31 pm
spent money on other things besides fixing the pipeline. saying it spent $60 million more than anticipated in 2009 on employee bonuses, paid its president and ceo, peter darby, nearly $30 million over the last re gemad nan ttour managed to t a solid $1.23 billion profit last year in a recession economy. pg&e never made the repairs. one of the families who filed suit against pg&e is a family we talked withes after the explosion. betty was eight months pregnant when the explosion happened. she and her three children ran for their lives. they have been emotionally and physically scarred, their attorney said, and why they filed suit. today in sacramento, lawmakers express third outrage to state regulators and pg&e executives at a special hearing, there is a call for changing state law after legislators hear testimony pg&e shifted money away from some repairs to pay for other projects. lawmakers also criticized state
6:32 pm
regulators for failing to fine pg&e after an earlier pipeline explosion in 2008. >> i welcome that investigation are. i hope and pray that that investigation, we will learn the facts we need to make the changes so this will never happen again to no other families have they don't have to go through this. >> reporter: the san bruno explosion killed eight people and destroyed dozens of homes. pg&e says the top priority is safety. if they see a safety issue, they deal with it immediately, they told lawmakers. >> lots more to come on this issue. thank you, george. new allegations tonight the chilean mining operators ignored warnings just before the collapse of that mine that trapped 33 men underground. one of the rescued miners claimed operators refused its request to leave the mine just hours before it collapsed. he reported hearing loud sounds that could indicate a collapse was imminent a legislative
6:33 pm
committee is now investigating those charges as well as reporting involving an earlier cave-in at another mine. the spokesperson for the mining company says it has no comment. over the next four days, the bay bridge will undergo dramatic changes, but drivers are you recalled to keep their eyes on the road. this is animation of what the installation of a second tower on the eastern span is going to look like. this particular lift is going to be the most advicible to traffic actually on the bridge, though traffic safety is our sort of first concern. the work isn't going to happen close enough to the bridge where it can actually come in contact or anything like that, but this is a 617-ton steel section that's being lifted. so, vehicles will be able to see it and we are asking drivers to please continue on and if they want more information, check it out on our website. >> that website is bay bridge the final sections will be installed next january but the work will be performed at higher
6:34 pm
level and will be, for the most part, out of sight for drivers. the mother of one of those cal grads still jailed in iran says she has been told that her son and the other gentleman will stand trial next month. shane bauer's mom says a lawyer told her son and josh fattal will face trial november 6th. they were arrested a year ago on charges of espionage after they crossed the iraqi border. fellow hiker sarah shourd was released because of health problems. secretary of state hillary clinton said the men should be returned to their families. pending a court ruling shall the u.s. military has begun to accept openly gay recruits for the first time in history with the proviso the recruits know it could change. a federal judge in california who overturned the military's don't ask, don't tell policy next squeak expected to reject a government's appeal of her ruling sending the justice department to a higher court to ask her decision be overturned. two recruits discharged for
6:35 pm
being openly gay began the process of reenlisting today that for the pentagon's announcement that, for now, gays can enlist in the military. conservative lawmakers from 14 states are teaming up to try to deny u.s. citizenship to children of undocumented immigrants. the group of state legislators says it is targeting the fourth amendment of the constitution. it grants automatic citizenship to u.s. children born of undocumented immigrants. republican state senator russell pierce of arizona is among the movement's leader. he was the chief sponsor of arizona's controversial immigration law as well. it turns out some low-quality meat could be coming to a table near you that is the word from the nation cattle producers. they say they are struggling to get reasonable prices for their cattle which forced of them to sell the imagine joirlt of their animals to a single buyer. the trend could mean letters quality meat on dinner tables. federal regulators are looking into possible antitrust violations. women are not exactly drinking men under the table yet but the cdc says they are
6:36 pm
catching up when it comes to drinking. binge drinking for women is defined as having four drinks in less than two hours. a ut southwestern study of drinking trends the past 20 years shows that young white women are drinking more more often than ever before and not just on college campuses. >> women have more opportunity four social interactions and those have many more opportunities for drinking. >> researchers say it is more socially acceptable for women to indulge with alcohol flowing from baby showers to toddler birthday parties and while women don't match men yet, if the upward curve continues, women could soon catch up. and giants games as well. very happy, happy hour for giants' fans across the bay area tonight. marking down another win. >> yes, indeed.
6:37 pm
coming up, raj has a look at what we are seeing unlikely but frankly by now the likely hero. how cody ross is gnn rock star status. plus, one of the bay area's museums gets ready for its new digs. a whopping price tag for the first major waterfront project since at&t. great weather at at&t park today. plenty of sunshine. temperatures near 70 degrees. also upper 70s inland, including san jose. right now, it is dropping with already 60s on the board for the south bay. coming up, we will talk about70 will return in my 7-day forecast. [ female announcer ] the independence to fix our schools?
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meg whitman. cut administrative overhead. put more money in the classroom. more charter schools. jerry brown? his union backers want to make it nearly impossible to fire a bad teacher. they oppose reform. oppose charter schools. oppose change. jerry brown: no changes in education. meg whitman: more money in the classroom. more charter schools. a chance for change.
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that's the way we like t even though it is dark, we know it had a good score earlier. looking live at at&t park, the scoreboard may be dark. you know the score, giants win. >> up 2-1 while the giants are the main attraction along the
6:40 pm
san francisco waterfront this week, there is another major attraction on its watch the city announced the largest waterfront project since the ballpark today, one that can help revitalize the embarcadero. nbc bay area's bob redell has more on the move of one of the bay area's most popular science museums. >> reporter: it took just one -- out of the water to complete the explore tore yum. but to build the actual explore tore yum itself will require eight more oh, with the number three in front, as the $3 million it will take to turn pier 1517 along the embarcadero into the new home of the san francisco icon. the science museum has outgrown the palace of fine articles. pier 15 will triple its space and grant it access to public transportation. >> be be in the middle of where the action is, exciting community. our chances for multiplying are
6:41 pm
impacts go up significantly. >> reporter: it will be the largest project since at&t park, adding two ivgs open space on the edge. >> folks walking, strolling on bikes as well and i think -- [ inaudible ] build and add to that great vibe of waterfront activity. >> reporter: science museum will be able to expand its educational program and host research vessels on the docks out back who will, in turn, be able to share research out at sea with visitors in the museum. >> become the import/export of science and technology building as much as this used to be the export/import err for world goods. >> reporter: new exploratorium is slated to open in 32013. in san francisco, bob redell, nbc bay area news. >> the donors raised two-thirds of the cost of the new exploratorium. the museum is confident it will
6:42 pm
be able to raise the rest. i tell you, we will miss the exploratorium. >> i know it is great. but this is going to rock. fantastic. get my lunch, go to the museum, my day's planned. >> everything along the waterfront. let's throw things over to raj mathai live at at&t park. hey, just a stone's throw away. >> i am just right here. exactly. we are going to check in with the giants now, take you inside the clubhouse, tell you everything that you need to know about what happened today and what's gonna happen later this week and the special visitor that was in the ballpark today. stick around. we are back in a moment live from at&t park. and chief meteorologist jeff ranieri here tracking some fog, also tracking a much different forecast for game four tomorrow. i will have thcafore st. om your
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we have to give it to you, jeff ranieri, you did your part, helped the giants win. >> brought back the orange and the sunshine. >> perfect. >> down at at&t park. it worked. >> did. i will take the credit. 'cause it rains, i hear how much everybody didn't want the rain. take a look here, today's highs, we did pop up to some 70s, it was lows to 70 at at&t park, 68
6:45 pm
the official high in san francisco. lows to mid-70s in the peninsula, 77, san jose, los gatos, 77. sun setting right now, fog moving in, but compressed down pretty shallow as we have this warming pattern, short-lived warming pattern right now. mainly clear skies, temperatures already dropping off 60s at this hour in the south bay. 68, san jose, close to the 60s in livermore, 73. the clear skies, setting ourselves up, a cold night, upper 40, low 50s inland. for tomorrow, still near average, still comfortable. then in the 7-day forecast, still looking at these much larger changes, kind of looming out here in the pacific. look right now shows this clearing slot we are kur respectly under here way in the area. a look out here several hundred miles, elong getted frontal system, stalled out, once this moves across california later in the week, it is going to open
6:46 pm
the door to three more systems this upcoming weekend. for now, high pressure stays in place that will keep it mild for wednesday. for the east bay tomorrow, 53 to start, by 11 a.m., temperatures still remaining in the 60s. so, overall, going to be once again a cool to cold night, north bay, temperatures will be in the 40s. game four tomorrow at at&t park, later game, starting at 4:30 pacific time and temperatures will be dropping into the 50s during the game with also some fog returning. so, a much different forecast for tomorrow for game four, but let's go giants. all right. raj mathai and the sports team coming up here in a few minutes and they have full details. as for tomorrow, still stays warm inland, temperatures in the mid to upper 70s for the
6:47 pm
peninsula. 60s here, transfer to oakland, be looking at low to middle 70s. we will see this trend continuing up here into the north bay as well. morning time on the weather channel on cable, what you will find in our 7-day forecast is thursday is a transitional day, temperatures drop, we stay dry, then by friday, saturday, sunday and monday, a chance of showers each and every day as temperatures go become down below average and it becomes on the cooler side. but we welcome it, as i said earlier. >> but by game time tomorrow, i guess it will be warm enough, everybody will enjoy the weather around san francisco. >> yeah. >> takes us back down to at&t park, where raj mathai is standing by, game four coming tomorrow. boy, the giants have a real advantage now, raj. >> it is interesting about a week ago, tom, if you were to say the giants would beat the phillies in the series that would be surprise. now, if the giants lose to the phillies in this series, that could be surprising. the giants are in the driver's seat. what we saw this afternoon, pretty rare.
6:48 pm
the phillies haven't been shut out in the postseason since 1983, but the giants did it yes, cody ross and matt cape your stars, don't forget about bruce bea bocce, turned the game upside down, inside out, most every move he made worked out beautifully. show you how it shook down this afternoon. the giants do porch and circumstance better than anyone on the planet, do it better today. sun-splashed, 40,000 fans, the flag on the field, pregame flyover, they brought in the jets from la more, the central valley. mccovey cove, what a great scene, takes us back to the early 2000, this was a common occurrence. here is the big star, giants honored the 2002 world series team. barry bonds, man, he was having fun, 46 years old, he was back where he was embraced and he loves it here. that is how the party started. as for the game itself, it all
6:49 pm
got going in the bottom of the fourth inning, giants two-out rally. who else, my goodness, cody ross, not just a big name now in the bay area but turning heads across the country for what he is doing in the postseason, the rbi single scoring edgar renteria, giants, 1-0 lead. very next batter in that bottom of the fourth inning, aubrey huff, this guy has been struggling throughout the series, not today, gets it right pass chase utley, pat burrell scores, 2-0, giants on top, all matt cane will need. matt cane this dude was awesome. giants alongest tenured player, his signature game, went seven shutout innings, allowing zero runs, five strikeouts, just two hits. the crowd gave him a standing ovation and then another standing ovation, ninth inning, fear the beard, the colored beard. brian wilson comes in, slams the door on ibanez, the phillies, game-ending double play, giants
6:50 pm
win, 3-0. they take a series lead, 2-1. this game three, always pivotal and the giants get the win. the players usual cautiously optimistic moving forward. we will move forward. bring in nbc's laura behnke joins us right inside the giants clubhouse. >> raj, after what happened in philly in the first two game, giants have been saying the same thing, we have now got a five-game series on our hands that made today's game three pivotal, the giant used a very familiar approach, strong pitching and a good dose of cody ross and company doing enough. as a result, san francisco two wins away from the world series. >> we got a bunch of guys that go up and battle, we got guys that play hard and want to win so bad and obviously, cody's been huge for us in this postseason, but he pitched his butt off. >> throat ball, throw the ball well and help your team win,w t ball well and help your team
6:51 pm
win,. >> most part it is about confidence. know you will help your team. >> a bunch of guys doing consistent things throughout the year and different hero every night. >> reporter: bocce switched up his lineup today, something he has done quite a bit this season it worked, little-used veteran renteria and rowen made big-time plays. the cheer in the dugout was enthusiastic because this is a great group of guys and want everyone to have success. laura behnke, nbc bay area sports. >> thank you. giants notes here, as laura mentioned, bruce bocce making those lineup changes, they worked out beautifully. almost every position in that lineup was in terms of batting order. aaron rowen in the game, renteria in the game, hits and two critical runs. you want any sort of downside here, don't want to harp on it but posie struggling in the
6:52 pm
series, just 1-11, .091 average. the giants in the driver's seat tomorrow evening me at the ballpark much the rookie going against joe blanton, joe blanton, former star for the oakland a's, he has not pitched in 20 days, the giants looking good going into game four tomorrow. now, when we return, we will check back in with what you might nss. what y might not know about this accidental superstar. what you might not know, next. truth about not voting or about e how long she lived in california. she got caught in insider deals at goldman sachs. she changed her story about physically abusing an employee. she campaigned as tough as nails on immigration knowing her housekeeper of 9 years was undocumented. her tv ads have been condemned as false and misleading. and even her hometown newspaper said meg whitman has demonstrated "a loose relationship with the truth"
6:53 pm
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6:55 pm
welcome back to the ballpark, a i'll raj mathai, continue our coverage live from at&t park. the giants a 3-0 win over the phillies today. when you go to work tomorrow or go to school and everyone is talking about cody ross, you better get to know him just a little bit better. the giants' breakout star turning a lot of heads. bring in nbc's lauren scott with cody ross, behind the scenes. >> reporter: as a kid, cody ross dreamed of living the glorious life of a rodeo clown. now giants fans are glad he doesn't spend his night hiding
6:56 pm
in barrels but instead, rocketing shots off his barrel as the breakout story of the postseason. >> you know, obviously, if you script it you ever want to get hot and start feeling good at the plate, this is the time to do it. >> is pretty fun to watch. he is as locked in as i have seen anybody. >> reporter: opposing pitchers are bracing themselves when lucky number 13 steps to the plate. >> just banking on the fact he won't go 5-5. i guess just throw them right down the middle. he can't do it all the time. >> reporter: his growing rock star status emerged in world of rap. it started with a tweet. a simple comment on twitter likening cody to rick ross during our live blog on for game one in philly was the inspiration for this, a new track by giants' postseason trouble dore ash con, praising ross and his heroics.
6:57 pm
>> just trying to take it in and enjoy it. >> reporter: lawrence scott. >> cody rot accidental superstar released by the florida marlins a couple of months ago now with the giants as their breakout star. we wrap up our coverage tonight, not just me, looks pretty lonely out here you got all sorts of media members here, tom and jessica, everyone finishing their live shots from the west coast to the east coast, everyone's here. so when this boring background here, i have friends here, i do have friends, we are all coming become to the studio. >> i bet they are all talking about cody ross, too, raj. that's for sure. who would have thought, talk about the pandas. >> i lost my ear piece, i will send it back to you. >> they do have an interesting roster, the beards. >> raj will just have to take our word for how funny we were. >> yes, exactly. get your lincecum hair. see you tonight at 11:00. ♪
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