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tv   NBC11 News The Bay Area at 6  NBC  October 20, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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>> damien sat down with chief rob davis today to talk about his leadership, his accomplishments and the things that perhaps he wishes he could change. >> reporter: chief davis took the reins almost seven years ago. he brought technology and 21st century crime-fighting tools to the police force. he leaves with his head high, even as critics say they're glad to see him going. looking at family photos in the office he'll leave next week, san jose police chief rob davis says he wouldn't change anything about his tenure. >> in terms of regret, we haven't made one single decision here we haven't made at a given time based on what we need to do for our city. >> reporter: he was handcuffed by seven years of budget reductions. he made sure every officer carry aid stun gun. he put crime reports online. >> the opening up of the braund band system based on the gps location rather than geographic
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assignments. >> reporter: he brought in an air mounted camera with audio for officers. >> make no mistake, we brought this department into the century technologically. >> his ride has been bumpy. 11 community groups asked for his resignation last year. approximate. >> he's roughing him at r up at 65 years old. he says he doesn't trust police anymore, and the now 70-year-old wishes the chief well. he's glad to see him go. >> he's changed the life for everybody. >> reporter: the chief says he was a regrettable but isolated incident and insists he has a
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good report with every ethnic community in the city. the chief has done a great job for the city and is sad to see him go. he'll soon turn in badge number 2097. chief davis has worn the blues for 30 years, a proud cop, a retiring member of san jose's finest. davis' last day is on october 30th. he'll be out of town aum of next week. the city is still three months away from naming his replacement. >> you can weigh in on the search for the next police chief. there's a meeting starting in an hour at the willow glenn community center and another one tomorrow at 6:30. the city wants to know what key issues its citizens want the next chief to address. scary moments when police storms an he's bay campus. allendale was on lockdown for an
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hour and a half while police searched the area. the suspects wanted in connection with at least three armed robes. he was found in the rooftop of a nearby house, and the other suspect was still at large. the 2010 election just 13 days away now. candidates are scrambling to get the messages out as voters make up their mind. meg whitman just had dinner with voters at a pizza place jerry brown spent the day at local headquarters. both are using social media to keep in touch with people that put them in office. other campaigns are doing a better job at that. jodi hernandez is in berkeley right now with a behind of screens look at who is winning the race for voters online. jodi. >> reporter: you may be surprised it's not the gubernatorial candidates creating the biggest buzz among social networkers, it's grassroots campaigns like
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proposition 19 that are lighting a fire on sites like campus. no matter what the campaign, social networking is a big tool. >> the future governor of california. >> reporter: while candidates are out pounding the pavement, their staffers are busy saturating cyberspace. >> we're able to communicate instantaneously with more people than campaigning would have been able to communicate with. >> the candidates for governor both have social media teams whose job it is to tweet, facebook, and blog, giving voters a behind the scenes look at what the candidates are up to. it's not just candidates who are tapping into technology. the folks at proposition 19, the measure that would legalize marijuana, have more facebook followers than either jerry brown or meg whitman. >> i think proposition 19 is an initiative that gets people excited in a way that the
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gubernatorial race might not. this is something voters want to vote for in favor of an initiative. >> reporter: though prop 19 hasn't run a single ad, it's high in the polls. >> we get 200 people commenting going back and forth. >> reporter: political analysts say it's hard to measure if that will mean victory come election day. >> i think you can certainly measure the activity of people looking at facebook or other social networks. what matters is who shows up at the polls. >> reporter: we talked to young people today who say that social network sites like facebook and twitter have replaced the telephone as a tool of communication. well, it may not translate into votes, it certainly has translated into awareness. reporting live from the east bay
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i'm jodi hernandez, "nbc bay area news." >> as jodi just mentioned, the vote to legalize marijuana in california is two weeks away, and the feds are not happy about. the director of national policy control is visiting a drug treatment center in california today to speak about marijuana abuse in the state. federal officials say they have not ruled out taking legal action if california voters approve that measure. dea officials wrote a letter to the attorney general last month recommending that the obama administration sue to overturn prop 19 saying it's an afront to federal authority. come election night count on "nbc bay area news" for complete coverage when the polls close. we'll start coverage on channel 11-2 and comcast channel 186 at 9:00 p.m. on nbc bay area. brian williams and the entire team will begin the coverage of national races, and that's
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followed by a special 11:00 p.m. newscast. more than a dozen people staying at a shelter set up by the red cross in san francisco tonight after a fire destroyed a apartment building. the building erupted in flames after 5:00 this morning. it spread so quickly that firefighters were forced to evacuate because the building was unstable and the roof was caving in. three were taken to the hospital and treated for snow inhalation. their building was a total loss. in all 35 were forced from homes including some from two nearby buildings, too. b.a.r.t. held a special ground breaking ceremony today to start construction on a new three-mile connector between oakland coliseum and oakland national airport. more than 100 attended the event including politicians, labor leaders, construction workers. the $484 million construction project is expected to take
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about three and a half years. . at a time when oakland's unemployment rate is more than 17%, the project is anded to create between 2500 and 5,000 direct and indirect jobs over the course of construction. a multi-billion dlar project to improve the bay area water system causes big problems for users for weeks to go. construction is xpted to create traveng delays at several intersections through the city all the way through december. right now construction is underway near a parkway in grimmer. the work is part of a program to replace older pipelines with new lines to withstand earthquakes. it supplies water to more than 2.5 million residents here. an indianian tribe with plans to build a casino in the east bay is a step closer to its goal tonight. environmental groups say they have reached an agreement with the indian tribe. under that new agreement
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three-fourths of proposed 400-acre site will be preserved as open space. the $1 billion casino project includes 4,000 slot machines, more than 1,000 hotel rooms, a convention center, and housing for the 114 members of the tribe. medical staff at sf general are looking for help from the public tonight to identify an unknown patient. the woman is in critical condition. someone found her next to a wheelchair on the embark darrow on october 9th. sheets been at the hospital since then. the patient is in his 50s or 60s. you can see she has gray hair, blue eyes, very, very sunburned cheeks. she's 4'6" tall and weighs 93 pounds. she hasn't been able to tell anyone her name. if you recognize this woman, please call sf general. well, assaults are on the rise in san francisco, and police say people who are
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displaced by the closing down of the trans bay terminal may be part of the problem. the terminal closed back in august and is in the midst of being demolished right now. the men and women that slept there moved to fishermen's wharf, and they say they've contributed to a 20% increase in aggravated assaults. the san francisco 49ers plan to put a stadium in santa clara may be pushed back a year. they have difficulty getting financing for all $950 million the stadium will cost because of certain labor negotiations between the nfl and players union. news comes on the heels of the nfl commissioner roger goodell saying it would be best for the 49ers and raiders too team up on a new stadium. getting closer to a world series perhaps? game four between giants and
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fiphillies got under way an hou ago. right now the giants are leading the series 2-1, and fans are pumped up for another win tonight. >> they're going to win it. >> we have a great chance. if we get a good win today, for sure tomorrow will clench it. >> they took it last night and played one heck of a game yesterday, and they're going to take it again today. tomorrow i believe they're going to take it again. they're going to beat them old phillies. >> to far so good, 2-0 right now in favor of the giants. loren is live at the ballpark. we'll talk with him in the next half hour. also the skinny on apple's new product. the skinny is very appropriate at this time. temperatures dropping quickly at this hour. good evening. right now just 62 in san jose, 55 in chilly san francisco for the latest game happening at
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at&t park. for tomorrow stayscon e thole to colside as well. we are trackinssh cerow ithere seve day forecast, and i'll have the latest update o la nina impacts coming up. [ male announcer ] how can you retire at age 55?
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just ask jerry brown. he gave california state employees collective bargaining powers. since then the unions have grown stronger and stronger. now state employees can retire at 55 with much of their salary for life. and taxpayers are on the hook for one hundred billion dollars in unfunded pension liabilities. no wonder those unions are 100% behind jerry brown. he'll just spend, and spend, and spend.
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it's fresh. the newest apple arrived today. why it isn't exactly cheap, it's very thin. scott budman got his hands on one, and thin is in, scott. >> yes. the first time it released its macbook, it was thin. they complained about the battery life. there are two versions, one with an 11-inch screen and one with 13 inches. it's half an inch thin weighing less than 3 pounds, something
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between its ipad and larger models. we asked ourselves what would happen if a macbook and ipad hooked up? well, this is the result. >> only a silicon valley crowd would laugh that hard at the idea of computers hooking up. the price of the 11-inch version is $999. this is it. depending on screen size and memory, the air can run you up to about $1600. will this be a hit? time will tell. if you like the ipad but want something to do more work on, this may be what you're looking for. apple is rolling out software updates today, so you'll have more to do with your new machine, tom. >> thank you. a new study finds a distressing trend at california's community colleges. most students at those colleges
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neither earn degrees or transfer to a four-year university. a report released by the nonprofit campaign for college opportunity shows that nearly 70% of students who entered community colleges in the 2003-2004 school year did not graduate or complete their degrees within six years. the report says the low rates of college completion could hurt california's economy as other states and countries increase their levels of educational success. school administrators are urging teachers in virginia not to teach the passage of a fourth grade history book that claims that african-american soldiers fought for slavery. it's a claim rejected by most historians but used by groups to down-play slavery as the cause of the civil war. the author says she researched the book on the internet. sclaurls call the accounts a misrepresentation of history. an update on a story everyone thought was history. the controversy between supreme court justice clarence thomas
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and anita hill. this morning hill told reporters in massachusetts that she didn't have anything to say about a voice mail left at her office by thomas' wife, a message that asking hill for an apology. >> i'm on my way to teach my class, and i don't have any comment. >> the voice mail judge ginnc thomas said i would love you to consider an apology sometime and a full explanation of why you did what you did to my husband. she was referring to accusations of sexual harassment while clarence thomas was a supreme court nominee and undergoing nomination hearings. in a written statement hill says she has nothing to apologize for. her complaint about the message has been turned over to the fbi, though there was no indication any laws have been broken. the airline industry is one sector seeing soaring profitses these days. in fact, it's turning in its biggest numbers in three years.
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delta and u.s. air ways all posted higher than expected earnings for the peak summer travel season. one big reason is they're limiting the number of seats for sale pushing up fares. record growth is leading to higher profit. the san francisco spca is taking advantage of giants fever with a special promotion. all orange, black and calico cats and kittens are up for adoption for $9. she though the line-up, starting with mackenzie a center fielder and first in the line-up. the description says she's a shy girl sure to shine in the postseason. some cats are in the giants hats. they say the promotion started today. already five cats have been adopted. the shelter is on florida street in san francisco. it is open until 7:00 most weeknights. >> they need to put a beard on one cat.
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there's a live look at at&t park. the giants are playing right now. an exciting night. >> yes, it sure is. it's an exciting night. a lot of people think this is the make-or-break game for the giants. good weather, i suppose, jeff. tell bus that. >> temperatures in the 50s. it was better yesterday when the game was earlier, bullet this is typical here across the bay area. what is not typical, we're looking at the larger pattern right now is la nina. that's below average sea surface temperatures out in the pacific. what does this mean for the bay area? >> well, it certainly is going to be mean cooler pacific waters, but that will signal here for the northwest a wetter fall and winter coming our way. across california unfortunately it looks like below average rain as we head through november, december and also for january as la nina looks to strengthen into
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january. it's kind of the con verse of what we dealt with last year with el nino which can tend to enhance activity here across the pacific. today's highs, it was cool with plenty of lo to mid-60s from san francisco and san jose on the cool side at 69. we're watching two different systems out here in the pacific. the first system is still a couple hundred miles out and the second system over a thousand miles out. that will impact us into the weekend. with the first blast into friday, we'll talk about scattered light showers and temperatures staying on the cooler side as we head into friday. for tomorrow it stays dry, 6:00 a.m. temperatures in the low to mid-50s. by 11:00 am still cold for that hour. as we start at 6:00 a.m. tomorrow on thursday, we'll advance this into 11:00 a.m. temperatures really struggle to warm a lot tomorrow. so it's the day where you need the jacket at the coast but for inland spots in the east bay and south bay with temperatures near
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60 degrees by 11:00 a.m. if you're doing traveling tonight watch for the hot spot in chicago with a complex of showers and thunderstorms. in the bay area we'll have your time line coming up for the showers we can expect in the next seven-day forecast. back to you. >> okay. thank you very much, jeff. another bay area city gets ready to bag the plastic bag. you can weigh in on that today. plus, a northern california town has a new solution to stop wasting water and .cash cash. we'll wash out the secret for you. carly fiorina. she's against banning assault weapons... and that's reckless and dangerous. she's for risky new oil drilling that could threaten our jobs. fiorina's plan would mean slashing social security and medicare, which would devastate seniors. and she'd make abortion a crime. no wonder fiorina is endorsed by sarah palin. carly fiorina. just too extreme for california. [ boxer ] i'm barbara boxer and i approve this message.
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a plastic bag ban is under discussion in sunnyveil. the city council has made banning plastic bags a priority issue. they want the public to weigh in tomorrow morning at 10:00 at a meeting at remington drive community center. an evening meeting is set for 7:00 at the recycling center or
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smart station on carl road. council members will consider a bag on the ban when they meet in november. going low flow to help with the cash flow? they hope to quit flushing money down the drain by the rest rooms. the key is how you flush. we explain. >> reporter: inside the bathroom at mahaney library in roseville, people that have to go are going green. there are new rules for flushing, two very important step when is done. >> hopefully people will read the signs. >> press up on the lever if you do number one and down if you do number two. reason? the city says their old motion sensor toilets were using a gallon and a half of water with each handle pull, and these toilets were flushing a lot. >> we got complaints from customers using the facilities that it was flushing multiple
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times before they left the rest room. >> reporter: each flush and money down the drain. they retrofitted 21 toilets. >> you flush up and use less water. we hope they pay attention to that. >> reporter: they say it's not just the toilets that were retrofitted. the you're naturals were changed to. this is an efforts to save 3 million gallons of water each year. >> it will save money, yeah. we have to buy all the water. water is not free. >> reporter: so far the green toilets are getting rave reviews with each plunge. they hope bathroom users do their part after they do the deed to help the city save water and money. >> the city is on board with saving money. a new type of gas fortified with ethanol could be available at gas pumps, but critics are warning it could damage some cars. last week the environmental protection agency approved the use of e-15. it has up to 15% ethanol instead of the 10% version that is used
6:26 pm
occasionally now. well, some of the critics say that e-15 may be cleaner burning in newer cars, but the older can cars make up 70% of the vehicle on the road today and that raises concerning. >> if they misfuel and put this in the older car, you have the potential for damage to the engine, for failure in the environmental controls of the car. >> that may be so. the epa says the e-15 will work for newer cars and trucks, model years 2007 and forward. just ahead, a new ruling on the don't ask don't tell policy that came down a few minutes ago. what it means to soldiers and people thinking of enlisting. >> purple and proud. people across the country stand up against gay bullying. and i approved this message.
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he worked his whole life, served his country defending our freedoms, and depends on social security. so, who would want to privatize it? corporate lawyer david harmer. harmer's social security privatization plan would cut guaranteed benefits and gamble with social security on wall street. while we worry, harmer's wall street friends would make billions in profits from privatization. david harmer. a social security privatization plan we can't afford.
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san francisco's ninth circuit of appeals ruled that the military should keep the don't ask don't tell policy in place for the time being. last week the judge froze the policy which prevents openly gay people from serving in the military. today the appeals court supported the white house request that the policy remain in place during the appeals process. in the meantime the justice department is preparing its legal arguments for the appeals court. the obama administration argued while it favors congressional repeal of don't ask don't tell, doing so right now would create tremendous uncertainty about the status of service members who reveal their sexual orientation. case in point and complicating theish ush issuissue, the penta they have to open doors to openly gay people until it's resolved by the courts. dan choi applied to the marines, who turned him down because of his age, and to the army which
6:30 pm
accepted his application. he was an infantry officer until he was discharged in july after admitting he was gay. his career is on old once again as a consequence. the color of purple called to action today to san francisco to classes in san mateome, purp was the color to wear in support of gay teens tackling the issues of bullying. this was after a series of suicides committed by teenagers who were victims of anti-gay bullying many times. >> if this makes people think twice before calling somebody a [ bleep ], and i think it will, then we accomplished our goals. >> many gay and lesbian students at aragon a is meant light to see so many classmates and teachers expressing they'll be there in support if they need it. bullying is nothing now, but now some lesbian and gay teens
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bullying has turned deadly. you'll hear from one peninsula teen and how he turned hi hurt into help for other kids. that's tonight at 11:00 on "nbc bay area news." this saturday ports across the bay area will go silent. dock workers are staging a work stoppage as part of a day of action. as they show us, it's in the name of oscar grant. >> reporter: there is a long history of unrest among the bay area's long shoremen. their labor union was born of a long ago strike that paralyzed the port. >> in 1934 during the maritime strike on the west coast, police shot two strikers here in san francisco, shot them in the back. >> reporter: dock workers trace a parallel from that bloody day to new year's day 2009 when oscar grant was shot by b.a.r.t. police officer mehserle. today shoremen will stop work in solidarity with grant's family.
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>> is this port will go islesil. all the noise will be at city hall where we expect a mass rally to demands julstice for oscar grant. >> they're expected to take place in the daylong action. what happened was a total out rage. it can happen again. it was him today. could be me or anyone else tomorrow. >> a los angeles jury convicted mehserle of involuntary manslaughter. grant's family wants him sentenced to a maximum prison term of 14 years. >> this message is to the world that we stand together. this issue needs to be addressed, and we expect mehserle to go to prison. >> reporter: mehserle supporters claim the killing was an accident. his father posted a banner on his both outside the giants case.
6:33 pm
mehserle's attorney understands the history the longshoremen's union but doesn't understand what it has to do with the client's case. they will take part in an oscar grant rally at oakland city hall bridging their reputation for hard work with a long history of tough stands. "nbc bay area news." >> the port of oakland says long shoremen take one thursday off for meetings. this month they moved it to saturday for the protest. the port does not expect the action to have much impact. governor schwarzenegger made state disaster relief official for san bruno. today he signed a bill providing help for families, schools and the local government affected by september's pipeline explosion. the money will help victims rebuild their lives, there are property tax and income tax xemgtss for certain homeowners.
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the movement to repeal california's land mark global warming law is causing debate. one of the biggest talking points is who is behind that initiative. prop 23 would suspend the global warming law until unemployment dropping to 5 p.5% for four consecutive quarters. it's only happened three times since 1980. contributions come largely from petroleum industry. now, opponents say that points to the true intent the initiative to keep the state from exploring green industries. supporters also say the law -- supporters also say that that law -- i'm sorry. >> i'll take it from here jessica and change thoughts here. the former jetblue flight attendant who create sod much attention in new york yesterday, a burglar was hard at work at his new york home. he was pleading guilty to
6:35 pm
intentional criminal mischief in which he insulted passengers and deployed an emergency chute. a man broke into slater's apartment taking a laptop, printer and microwave oven. the brother of slater's partner has been arrested on burglary charges. a heads-up for parents tonight. they're recalling 2 million strollers after reporting the four infant deaths. they could get strap order strangled in the strollers. it's to infants younger than a year not strapped in. it kovrs the kwaut troe tour strollers and metro light strollers and travel systems sold between 2000 and 2007. logon to for a repair care. the judge wants the interior department to clarify it's
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decision from two years ago that polar bears are merely threatened and not threatened toward extinction. it put polar bears in the category of needing increased protection, but environmental group challenge that decision saying it doesn't go far enough. still ahead, playing video games that help a california couple win big. plus, not if but when. 19 years after the firestorm burned thousands of east bay homes to the ground, homeowners are still on edge tonight. we'll talk with some of them. and some cooling today inland. only 69 in san jose. good evening. also, 65 in oakland. coming up we'll have details on these temperature that is continue to drop here across the bay area. we'llook al the giants forecast for game five tomorrow coming up. loving the way you look. one muppet's message to girls around the world goes viral. t
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♪ not interested in afros ♪ my hair looks good in a corn row ♪ ♪ it doesn't make me think ♪ that's why i let it grow ♪ i love my hair >> the song from sesame street is making its way across facebook pages all across the world. she sings about loving her hair
6:40 pm
whether in a bow or in an afro or with corn rows. it's for little girls and their moms about accepting who they are. more than 600,000 have listened to the song. sesame street says they have more self-esteem videos on the way for girls as well. playing video game is paying off big for one couple. she won a national competition sponsored by michelle obama. they created an app called food bussers. it's a virtual game to teach kids be being healthy. >> at nights and weekends after worm. >> pajamas programming probably. >> i said to him, we have to do this. >> the couple won a $10,000 reward and a trip to the white house. well, break out your cowboy boots. the grand national rodeo kicks off tonight at the cow palace. the cow palace has hosted the event since 1941. tonight's schedule includes
6:41 pm
barrel racing, bullriding and the miss national grand queen rodeo competition, the largest of its kind on the west coast. you think cody ross will be there? he's the new giants superstar. maybe he'll have tike. don't miss the bucking ball on saturday night. if urnt a livestock person, steer clear of the event. >> she funny there. this is the event you really want to be at, the giants park. live look right now at at&t park where the giants have been playing, and it's been quite a night. >> yes, it sure has. cody ross, by the way, is in there fligright now. it must be official. san francisco runs on giants time in bright orange. at least the message on the garden clock outside the city's conservatory of flowers. little tufts of hens and chicks make up the letters that say go giants. let that be a lesson for us all
6:42 pm
why trash talk when you can say it with flowers. loren scott joins us outside. >> the phillies have a slight lead right now. can't show you highlights, but we'll show you the monster who helps groom the giants and so much more coming up in sports. and good evening. chief meteorologist with a live look a little bit away from at&t park at the trans america building. we have fogsh shs owerheon ty. war s erheow ty.onwa details in just about a minute and a half. rting. republican. democrat. independent. your party doesn't matter anymore. it's fixing this mess. boxer's been there twenty-eight years. and, look what we've got. when bickering ends, solutions begin. i'm prepared to oppose my party when it's wrong. we can change washington but first you have to vote, to change the people we send there.
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i'm carly fiorina and i approve this message.
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it is a milestone few people in the east bay will ever forget. 19 years ago the oakland hills were ground zero for one of the darkest days in bay area history. christie smith talked to one woman who lost everything about why she thinks it's so important to be ready for the next disaster. >> reporter: 19 years after one of the worst disaster in bay area history. >> it was an experience i hope i never have to go through again. >> reporter: sue piper barely
6:45 pm
escaped the firestorm by jump negotiate car with her daughter. >> as i inched around that peninsula to tunnel road, the people behind me started running out of their cars because the fire had crossed the road. >> when she returned this was all that was left of her home, more than 3,000 homes destroyed and 25 people died. it took her two years to rebuild and inspections and prevention became a priority. >> anyone who lives in this zone knows about the state, and it's much, much different. the problem is that people move away, new people move in, and the memory gets dim. >> reporter: oakland fire has improved training, communication and equipment. in the recent san bruno fire got the phones ringing again, neighbors wanting to get educated. >> regardless of how prepared we are now, there's some incident that an emergency by definition kind of outstrips the available resources, and you need to have a plan for leaving. >> reporter: as for another big
6:46 pm
fire longtime residents don't talk about if but when. >> it's really, really important that people recognize they have to be vigilant. >> in oakland, christie smith, "nbc bay area news." >> what a day that was. it sure was. jeff, let's talk about the weather tonight. >> well, i can talk a little bit of baseball. >> go ahead. >> at least when it comes to weather. my knowledge only goes so far. i do like to watch them, though. the san francisco peninsula as the radar scans around. we're not finding any showers at all and we certainly could see this time of year a strong storm move in throughout the bay area. we got lucky when it comes to this championship series. right now at at&t park we're watching the conditions closely. winds west 10 to 15 miles per hour, a little breezy and colder than yesterday for the earlier game. temperature right now at 55 at at&t park. we have the fifth game tomorrow in san francisco.
6:47 pm
it's also on the cooler side, but right now the chance of showers holds off on thursday. temperatures cool with mid to upper 50s. by 8:00 p.m. clouds increase and most of the models show the hint of even a shower right now at about 10:00 or 11:00 p.m. tomorrow. at this point it looks to be dry but cool. temperatures, well, speaking of cool, they have dropped a lot here. cold right now in san mateo, 57. you have to head into the closet and find a jacket after the hot weather last week. currently now in the 60s as well for the east bay with livermore at 67. a cold night with a lot of low 50s, and for tomorrow instead of 70s for those of you in the'bay, we drop into the 60s. for this weekend we talk about this cool air with us and also more showers. today we got the bump of cool air from the fog and this cooler breeze. the fog up there from the northern coastline down to santa cruz in monterey.
6:48 pm
for tomorrow what's getting closer is this system stalled out here. it will get more motion in behind it throughout thursday. that's the transitional day, and then by friday we're talking about some showers from this and more reinforcement here of cooler air. tomorrow, temperatures continue to drop for thursday. 60s inland and by friday that's when we introduce the chance of showers here across the bay area. for tomorrow cold start, low 50s and look at this. 11:00 a.m., not much warming, so you need the jacket a lot longer tomorrow. that for the east bay. we're not looking at the coastline there. for tomorrow the coldest sfot in the north bay with plenty of mid to upper 40s from napa to san raphael. tomorrow in the south bay, morgan hill, 68, 69 in gill row, 68 in live more, 65 in dublin and the numbers are going down from here as we head into your weekend. maybe you have something planned for halloween with it coming up. maybe you head out to one of the
6:49 pm
pumpkin patches and do some of that and get decorated up for halloween at your house. morning time on the weather channel on cable, chance of showers friday, saturday, sunday and early for monday as temperatures stay cool. the most measurable rain over the next couple of days should be on sunday with it becoming breezy. it's this hit and miss event for the bay area. >> no chance for rain out here tomorrow night? >> not at all. >> that's the important thing. jeff, thank you very much. loren scott is out at at&t park. let's turn things over to him. >> how are you doing. ? the giants are clawing back. i'd love to show highlights. baseball has its rule, but it's 4-3. the phillies have a slight lead. we'll come back to that a little bit. let's talk about the american league championship series in new york. the yankees, their backs were up against this thing. a loss, they're eliminated. go to yankees stadium.
6:50 pm
cc sabathia. that's the real new york story, is that their bats come alive. bottom of three already up three, back-to-back homers from nick swisher. then robinson canoe gets his own solo shot to make it 5-0. texas still one win away from the world series, but the yankees they have life after a 7-2 win. let's talk about giants. tomorrow night it's that dream match-up once again, tim lincecum versus rye holliday. the franchise versus doc. they started this whole series with this match-up, and today we caught up with tim lincecum as he talked about the match-up for game five tomorrow. >> you take each moment as it comes and each one is more exciting because you get a big named pitcher like that. yeah, i think it just makes the
6:51 pm
series a little bit more exciting knowing that, you know, any potential night something crazy could happen between the pitchers. we have exciting bats in the line-up as well. >> reporte >> so the giants are looking good. i think we found out why. we found a guy in the stands. here's the grooming secrets of the giants. take a look. narz there's no doubt the giants are looking sharp. before you fear the beard, you should see who shears the beard while keeping in mind there's a monster at the end of this story. monster 99, hairstylist to the giants. >> when you look good, you play good and take it to the world series. >> i'm not one of those guys who tries to help you, he makes you look good. you feel pretty good about yourself.
6:52 pm
he makes guys like me look better. >> monster cuts are served up anywhere. the corner of a clubhouse, a parking lot, even the back seat of a car. like where he tamed lincecum's locks while maintaining big papi david ortiz, manny ramirez and others. how do you hook up with these guys? >> i was in spring training cutting lincecum's hair. they asked me to do something like that. he wanted a mustache or something like that, something that represents wilson. now we got the beard thing going on. >> as he keeps them looking elm peckable in their black beards and orange accents. all right. the only place on tv to see the giants/philly ncls coverage is on comcast bay area.
6:53 pm
they'll join the full team live from at&t park. it's on only cast sports net on bay area. giants headed to the sixth inning down a run. it's 4-3 right noi, behind the phillies and just a run. let's finish tonight with a little hockey. what you can and can't do. we're talking about some suspensions here in the world of hockey. last night two former sharks in the middle of the mess. rick ripen is throwing down the glove in a fight with a former san jose shark with the minnesota wild. upon living the ice, ripen shown the door by manny. now suspended indefinitely by the nhl. you cannot push around the fans. the giants trying to push around the phillies. we'll have much more at 11:00. back to you in the studio. >> pack him around. >> it's an exciting game back and forth. >> it's good, back and forth. >> another nail-biter. lawrence, thank you. scientists on earth, some
6:54 pm
mummies just in time for halloween. we'll tell you who they thinkodt eo bodies belong to and why they may have been sacrificed.
6:55 pm
6:56 pm
tonight at 11:00, bullied for being different. it's not just on the playground
6:57 pm
anymore. >> i dealt with bullying all through school. i still get bullied today. >> for kids questioning their sexual identity bullying can be isolating, cruel and in some cases deadly. after an all new law and order see how students are joining forces to battle bullying. researchers in peru are working overtime to pour over the find of a prominent burial site. they unearthed four mummies that could be up to 16 years old in the country's capital of lima. it's part of a funeral scene of the culture, and that the bodies found inside were likely regular people, places an offering to accompany a prominent citizen. they found decorative tiles and ceramics and cornstalks. it's good to live in the time we live in. >> we'll see you tonight at 11:00.
6:58 pm
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