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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  October 23, 2010 10:00pm-10:30pm PST

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jacques... [ speaking french ] [ mom ] he decided to study in paris. ♪ to see french masterpieces with his very own eyes. we even linked our citibank account to his so when his account ran low we just transferred funds. i just hope the language isn't a barrier. bonjour. [ mom ] my ryan can be very shy. [ male announcer ] from linked accounts to citi mobile we make it simple to manage your finances. what's your story? citibank can help you write it. 3-2 pitch. got him looking and the giants win the penant. >> oh, yeah, from underdog to unstoppable. the san francisco giants shut down the phillies tonight in a nail biter. good evening, i'm diane dwyer. it was worth the wait for giants fans as the team heads to the world series for the first time in eight years. i have to say, it was a stressful last inning.
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the giants do not make this easy. now the team is looking to do something it's never done since moving to san francisco more than 50 years ago. we have team coverage tonight monte francis is with fans celebrating in the streets. raj mathai is with the team in philadelphia. wait until you see the locker room celebration there. we start with laura behnke and the national league pennant. >> this has never felt so good for the giants and their fans, tonight's drama should come as no surprise. it was a wild one from the very beginning at citizens bank park where the phillies fans were loud and runs were hard to come by. we pick it up in the top of the eighth, it's been tied since the third, juan uribe, the big swing off ryan matson. 3-2 san francisco. we go to the bottom of the ninth, ryan wilson going for the five-out save. ryan howard goes down looking.
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the giant win, the celebration begins on the field and then the fun really began. our own raj mathai was there for all of it. have you dried off yet? >> reporter: i am, i'm dried off, but here's the deal, a bottle of dom plenty of them, this is empty. most everything is empty here, we go back now eight years ago when the giants were in the world series, people thought it was an expectation, this year no expectation for the team. it's 2:00 in the morning here in philadelphia, very quiet. but we believe we can hear the celebration back in the bay area, the giants as they celebrate, have taken their party away from the stadium, and to the team hotel, the giants will continue to party tonight and leave for san francisco tomorrow morning. but nothing tastes better than that champagne inside the clubhouse. take a listen.
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it's remarkable what this team has done, isn't it? whether you're an old school giants fan or just jumping on the bandwagon now. this wasn't supposed to happen, this was a bunch of unproven players. that's not me saying this, that's what the team is saying about themselves and they love it. we talked about a tense situation, tonight's game, business as usual, exactly what they've been doing all season long, and they are in. the giants going to the world series thanks to a collection of interesting characters in the clubhouse. >> i was on the couch in late january no, job. we've got calls, only offers, we took it, we knew the pitching was here. and we made it happen, it's a great feeling. >> feels like a kid. every guy gets a chance to be a hero every night. >> at one point do tears come out, is it later tonight or right now? >> i think when i get home and reflect on the way this has all gone down over the last couple
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months, i'll probably break down a little bit. >> i know it's cliche, you can't describe it. it's unbelievable. just jumping for joy. >> giants fans enjoy this, it's going to be a great couple weeks it's already been. and one more week, maybe 10 more days, giants and rangers, game one of the world series begins wednesday. an interesting meeting on the mound we'll tell you later between bruce bucci and jeremy afel. later we'll check in with the wives, girlfriends and family members of this team. reporting now from a very quiet philadelphia, i'm raj mathai, guys, back to you. take it away. >> thanks, raj. >> we already have the hats, they're already out, national league champs, san francisco giants, they got these out quickly, ready to go. thanks, raj. giants fans are riding high tonight. let's check in with monte francis at at&t park with a look for us. how is it going, monty. >> good evening, diane, this
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celebration has been going on for hours. they're very happy. you can feel the euphoria out here. it's been raining for much of the day. this rain has not dampened the spirits of these giants fans. >> near at&t park the party spills out into the street, as giants fans made their way out of nearby bars and revelled in their victory. >> the sfpd moved in quickly to make sure that celebrating didn't get out of hand. >> the game was a nail biter, if ever there was one, and knuckles sports bar and grill at fisherman's wharf in the bottom of the ninth, looks of concern turned into sounds of pure joy. >> my reaction, i can't believe it. 50 some odd years coming out of
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new york and now the giants are in the world series again. >> you should fear the beard. he came through in the clutch, what can we say? we're in the world series now. >> a few phillies fans took the loss in stride. >> it's very disappointing, but it was a great game. i was happy to be a part of it, so it's okay. >> world series fever has already caught on with city landmarks glowing orange, and fans buying up anything giants. they are more than ready for the world series to start here in san francisco next week. >> i have a 99% chance of going now. regardless, we haven't had one here since '02 and the town is on fire. >> so the celebration out here. everyone is happy about this win. now, we --
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[ crowd cheering ] >> monte, we can barely hear you, but you have some happy happy people around you, go giants. thanks a lot. the giants coverage does not stop here, head to for everything you need to know about the giants and the world series. raj told you what's coming up. in ten minutes we'll take a look at how much it's going to cost you if you want to try to go to the world series at this point. given all the celebration, it's hard to imagine it's raining in san francisco right now, and it's not over. just as the first round of rain is starting to move out tonight brace yourselves for tomorrow. craig herrera is tracking the storm for us. hi, craig. >> more of that rain coming arough, not only san francisco, tbull the bay areat tomorrow, f caldoueel the effects of it today, this first surround just the first storm, the second one that comes in tomorrow is going to be very heavy especially
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between 9:00 a.m. and 1:00 in the afternoon, notice the north end of the bay gettingld heavy rain, santa rosa has already had an inch and a half. san francisco getting rain right now, all the way over to livermore, certainly down through the east side of the bay and the south end of the bay.ti this next storm is v i impressive, it has a lot of moisture to work with it, it's all head inur direction tomorrow. i'll have more specifics on this in a bit. >> thanks, greg. your whole world is turned upside down. >> pregnancy and the birth of a child is overwhelming, right? but it turns out it actually affects a mother's brain in a way you might not expect. we'll explain. also, a controversy over campaign signs and the san jose city councilman caught in the middle. why he says it's not what it seems. and another look at the celebration going on across the bay area tonight as the giants beat the phillies and are headed to the world series.
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dozens of students at a south bay high school were almost shut out from their homecoming dance, they received a last minute surprise to a soldout event. a maximum of 500 students were allowed at the dance. the school principal says there was a cut in the number of extracurricular hours teachers are required to put in, as a result, not enough chaperones were available. outrage from students and parents prompted teachers at the high school to step in and help so these folks could make it to the dance. 100 more tickets were made available.
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students didn't waist any time getting there. this is the first time the school has limited the number of tickets. hope they had fun. don't call it scatter brain, still to come at 11:00, why the brain of a new mother may actually be a better brain, believe it or not. and celebrating for a while, giants fans get a trip to the world series.
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♪ ♪ great work everybody! now freshly remodeled, your target has never been better. a san jose city councilman is facing accusations of tampering with campaign signs. the no campaign claims that city councilman took one of the signs
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from private property and put it into his car. they immediately called police, olivero says the sign was illegally placed on public property and he's taken to removing the signs placed illegally in his area without discrimination. >> we had a famous councilman who took it upon himself to clean the bathrooms in a park, same thing. you. >> run a campaign, you fight the good fight, stay on the issues, across the line, it's not the right thing to do. as elected officials sworn to uphold the law, it's pretty disgusting. >> when you run a campaign, you fight the good fight, stay on the issues -- >> here we go, he's repeating himself, olivero by the way is outspoken in the support for measure v, which would change the mandatory process for police and fire. those first few months at home with a newborn can leave you feeling pretty scatter
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brained, i remember it well. it doesn't mean you're getting dumber. on the contrary, new research suggests just the opposite. garvin thomas explains. >> reporter: let's face it, crying babies plus sleep deprivation has come to be known as mommy brain. a difficulty remembering or thinking clearly in the months after giving birth. >> your whole world is turned upside down. >> reporter: lisa ross is an ob/gyn at the cleveland's clinic. a new mom's heart makes up for what the brain seems to lack. >> there's a tremendous feeling of love for your baby. >> reporter: a new study indicates those intense feelings of morally love and pride mean your brain actually grows bigger after you have a baby. >> there's parts of your brain that are being awakened after you have a baby, even though there are parts of your brain that would love to go to sleep. >> reporter: researchers at yale university found gray matter increased in the brains of
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mothers just a few months after they gave birth. the areas of the brain that got bigger were the ones used for mothering. responding to the baby's cries or the baby smell. >> that in turn might help mothers to learn the positive feelings and positive values of interactions with infants. >> so rest assured. if you can, you're not losing brain function, your brain is simply reorganizing, growing and making room for a new bundle of joy. garvin thomas, nbc bay area news. >> i think my brain is still reorganizing. it's great being around here with the giants winning, and a lot of rain, more to come. >> more to come tomorrow, diane. we'll start off tomorrow, already 2.3 inches of rain today. >> that's a lot. >> petaluma just over an inch, san francisco 4/10, livermore about 2/10, oakland a tenth and
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napa half an inch. right over toward the tower. congratulations giants. and next shot as we head out toward oakland, we have plenty of cloud cover on the east side of the bay as well. you can see from all the raindrops on the lens there. all right, the last hours, this is the loop showing you the radar, it's lit up yet again. has been like this all day long, will be like this tomorrow, in fact tomorrow we're going to add yellows and reds to the radar, that's going to indicate a heavy downpour in places, especially from places around petaluma all the way up into ukiah. prepare for heavy rain tomorrow. vallejo getting some of that as well. the shades of green we see on here are mostly light green. the darker shades of green, closer to san jose close tore santa clara and downtown san jose are getting moderate downpours coming through. same story for 17 going up and
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over the hill. morgan hill down through gilroy, you have quite a bit of rain as well. this is the next one, we're talking about the second storm going through. it's going through right now, number two is right here, almost like a nice little host pointed directly at the bay area. that's going to come through tomorrow, giving us 2 to 5 inches of additional rain in the north end of the bay. heaviest rain for the north end of the bay tomorrow, and then we'll get wind along the coast if you're headed to the sierras, a lot of wind there as well. there's a winter storm warning in place for the sierras, for 11:00 p.m. tomorrow. 2 to 5 inches to the north end of the bay, over an inch and a half to the east side of the bay. an inch or so for the lower lying areas. 5:00 a.m. tomorrow, you have scattered showers, heavy rain, 9:00 a.m., look at this. right in through 12:00, 1:00, still heavy at times for marin county, napa county. now moving to the east side of
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the bay. 3:00 p.m., starting to clear out a bit. by this time tomorrow it's all done, a couple scattered showers for monday morning. highs tomorrow in the low to mid-60s for afternoon highs around the bay area. n-se daveyre, cafoavstwe totuinsa. ayrddast, heavorweomu intotusa .ay more rain at that point as well. >> you warned us. >> yeah. >> wednesday will be nice. >> yeah. you're looking for tickets to the world series? you better get ready to shell out some serious cash. stubhub says giants tickets have been the biggest seller over the last 24 hours, fans are snapping up tickets to the four world series games that might be played here. standing room tickets are going for 400 to $500. and then the next boxes right behind home plate, they're listed at about 20 grand right now. the champagne is flowing but getting to that point was not easy for the giants. they're headed to the world series and raj takes you behind esg en texomin nupt. n riving in northern california. my son was asleep.
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when the baseball postseason began, many people around the country went ahead and pencilleded phillies right into the world series. that was then. if people are not believing in the giants by now, they're going to have to watch more baseball. the giants always believed even when the phillies forces this series back to philadelphia for game six and their manager guaranteed there would be a game seven -- there isn't. a double, polanco scores, would be 2-0 phillies after 1 inning. sanchez only lasting two and a third. this became a bullpen game and boy did they deliver. they also got help from juan uri uribe. tied at 2. matson has been a giants killer, not on this one. 3-2, giants take the lead. is it enough? brian wilson called in for the save.
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ryan howard, the giants win 3-2. their first penant since 2002. next stop, the world series. the third champagne shower in as many weeks this one has got to top all the others. raj mathai was there and joins us with all the details. >> forget late, it's what, 2:30 in the morning out here? the party continues in a big way for the giants at the team hotel. so many different story lines, the relief pitcher who was not effective, the bullpen, amazing story lines, the bottom line, they get it done, and they're going to the world series. earlier we showed you all the players celebrating, not just the players, there's also the wives, girlfriends and staff members of the giants celebrating. a really nice scene to see. a couple of the wives pregnant. matt kane's wife is pregnant, freddy sanchez's wife having a great time.
11:25 pm
kids of all ages, some only 8 months old. really a family moment for the giants, and remember, this is not just the players, the families go through a six-month season so many times on the road. going back to the players is special, jeremy atfelt said he had a conversation with bruce bocci that the giants would win this game midway through the game. >> bocci said you keep this close, we're going to win it. >> in those words exactly? >> well, there may be a little more i can't say. >> we know how to play those games. juan uribe, big homer, late inning. our bullpen, fantastic job. >> this is something i could get used to. this is our third now? i like it. i don't even like champagne, but i do now. >> we come to try to handle our
11:26 pm
business. we respect what they can do as a team, but we're pretty good ourselves. we coming baby. >> that was sergeo romo saying we coming talking about the texas rangers, you better know somebody or have a lot of money in your wallet to afford world series tickets. games one and two wednesday and thursday, 5:00 p.m. start times. laura and diane, we send it back to you. a lot of empty bottles of dom perignon here at citizens bank park. >> get some sleep out there. i'm fully into the whole giants -- i'm so on the bandwagon. thanks for joining us for the bay area at 11:00. good
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next on c span, president obama was in las vegas,


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