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tv   NBC11 News The Bay Area at 6  NBC  October 27, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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circus in town. lisa kim has a look at the hi layerty and the hype. jeff ranieri is tracking a storm that may throw off our games here at home. fans that couldn't get tickets are scrambling for a glimpse. >> first let's go to raj mathai outside at it & t park. i bet you're hearing some big cheers right about now, raj. >> it's amazing. the giants have just tied this game, 2-2 in the third inning. it's a nice scene, inside is where you want to be ideally. if you can't, there are more than 1,000 people out here at mccovey cove on the grassy knoll. people have brought their wine, their beer, their sandwiches and making this an outdoor party. a lot of police presence here, but it's been very peaceful. everyone just having a really good time. as for the game and for the teams themselves, both teams are really -- and you heard this story line before -- shouldn't
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be here. nobody expected the texas range hes to be in the world series nor the giants. here they are in game one, a best of seven series, tonight just kicking off game one. the game is tied 2-2. we're in the third inning. as we talk about game one, we also talk about game two, not just the baseball side of things but the weather side of things. the contingency is if there's a rainout, game two would be postponed until friday. no one want that's to happen, especially major league baseball. with that said, let's bring in jeff ranieri who's tracking the storm that could affect game two. >> right now the storm looks to really be centered over the north bay, raunl raj. that's good news for tomorrow at this point. now, a look at e a radar it's tracking a lot of this activity in theorkithay and a lot of it is around napa and sonoma ununti, t ou nonogrtnd this point.ndin more moderate rainfall is inof e thing to note it's moving from the west to the east. not a lot of southerly motion with this. so at this point it is keeping the rainfall out of the san
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at&t sco peninsuland rker se th atiisrkll there is still a chance, though, tonight for a stray showeror or 2, but nothing that looks like it could cause any rain delays. temperatures in the upper 50s and low 60ss, winds very calm for the players out there as well with those cloudy skies. here is a look tonight at conditions in the mid to upper 50s. and cooler off by the 9:00 p.m. hour to low 50s with that chance of showers. now, coming up, we're tracking both of these systems and we'll have details on game two's forecast later on. tom and jessica? >> obviously we are going to be wash watching very, very closely as is major league baseball. commotion is erupting all around san francisco for game one of the world series. obviously inside at&t it park and outside, too. >> we are outside with the fans enjoying the game from a distance, jean. >> reporter: these fans are in world series formal. they're out here in force. they don't have tickets but they want to be here close to the action. let me tell it you they're feeding off that crowd inside
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the park. we can hear them cheer every time someone scores a home run. fans starting arriving hours before the first pitch, the sea of orange and black was wi stretching in from all over the bay area. no matter where you are, you are surrounded by giants fans xs resourceful fans who can't get inside are crowding around the back of the stadium hoping for a flee look at the action through the outfield fence. >> in for like five hours now. kind of guesting impatient right now. >> to me it's all about the history and the excitement, to be in the city and watching your own team, like, out there doing this. it's just history and being part of that experience is awesome. >> reporter: police are out in force trying to keep everyone calm. mccovey cove is another popular alternative for fans. listening to the game on the radio while they float around, hoping for a chance to snag a world series home run ball. now it's magic inside the park, magic out here.
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fans say they're going all-out, hoping their wild support help the giants score a win. we're live in san francisco, jean ellie, bay area news. >> those fans aren't doing much for traffic except getting in the a. traffic is likely to get even worse through rush hour, even though it's almost over. we're not talking just around the ballpark. during the seventh inning san francisco is going to shut down some of the streets around at&t park to get ready for the crowds coming out of the game. obviously you're going to wont to avoid that area altogether. you might use mass transit if you have late dinner plans. people trying to get to oracle arena for the warriors dpaim, 7:30. guring to see some traffic there. then in the south bay, the sharks are on the ice tonight. even if u not going to the game, people are crowded into bars to watch all of these events so in many areas things could be a hess when it comes to traffic tonight. you know what's not a mess? right at at&t park where people are having a great time. you can tell it's a world event
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because there's not just crowds of fans. there's lots of other people there. >> lisa kim joins us from mccovey cove. the view has changed along that lovely promenade. >> reporter: it certainly has. you know, with all the fans in the bay area, this is the place to be tonight. not a warriors are game, not a sharks game. is it the world series. there are thousands of media covering game one maybe to game seven. and one particular team has a very familiar face in the nbc family. >> hello! i love this city! >> reporter: oh, yeah. that is ross the intern from the jay leno show, "the tonight show." he's been out here for the last couple of days mixing it up with the immediate area and members of the rangers team and of course the giants as well. as i said before, hundreds of
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thousands of members of media covering the gail from every different angle. this is an exciting game. you can hear in the background, the fans are not leaving. little kids running around and having a great time. it was a little kaiette beforehand. now the fever has picked p up and it is a long night ahead and a long series ahead. tom and jessica? >> thank you very much, lisa. well, texas media got a big whiff in differences between the bay area and dallas. you're looking at a sports reporter having an only-in san francisco experience. well, on to other news now. one year after a student was gang-raped outside richmond high school's homecoming dance, stricter security measures are in place. the 16-year-old was attacked by as many as ten people while up to a dozen others au s watched. 7 people have been charged with rape and the school is taking steps to make sure it doesn't happen again. over 200 cameras have been
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installed on campus, trees have been cleared from the area are the assault happened and new iron fences have been put up around the school. >> so it's changed the entire culture here at richmond high school. and no longer do you see a lot of people just hanging out doing graffi graffiti, causing problems, really just focusing on going to school and getting a good education. >> a meeting of the school district safety committee just got under way at the high school. they're zuing steps to make all district cools safer. the first witness testified today in the case against a man accused of shooting a fremont police officer. the accused gunman is 20-year-old andrew vie yent toes. he pleaded not guilty to shooting and wounding officer todd young back in august. today the second victim in the shooting took the stand, dave ferrer ya, testified that he testified at him and tried to steal his car after shooting young. officer young is expected to make a full recovery. tonight, pg&e is admitting
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that pipeline inspections are ineffective along the peninsula. not a comfortable thought, given that announcement comes in the wake of last month's massive pipeline explosion in san bruno, an explosion that killed eight people. utility companies says natural gas pipelines on the peninsula can't be tested for corrosion using the most popular tool, a device known as a smart peg. so now the utility says it' looking at other options, including a technique known as pressure testing. that would require the pipeline be tem praely taken out of service. a new study provides a devastate gt look at the impact of arouglobal warming on ten pa. imagine yosemite as hot or hotter than sacramento by the year 2070, the projection from the natural defense council's report its famed waterfalls would dry up every year before summer and death valley, already the hottest place in north america, could get hotter by an average of eight degrees.
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in marin county, wetlands and picnic areas in point reyes would be underwater as sea levels rise up to four feet. believe it or not, fire season is almost over and a big chunk of the bay area. in fact, cal fire will announce the end of the fire season monday. that means burn bans will be lifted. the cal fire is still warning that dry winds can still pose a dang he. there were 90 fires in the two counties this summer. just ahead -- fremont goes electric. we'll take you to the newly reopening and tell you what's in store for that plant, once the bay area's biggest employer. >> reporter: i'm live in the south bay in what's perhaps the spookiest place to be in the whole bay area that's come up in a live report. we have your halloween forecast coming up, also tracking cool air, clouds at this moment for a lot of the south bay with low to mid-60s. on the radar, we also have showers coming back that will with impact the south bay into
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tomorrow. let's take a look at this continues to push in.wh also, the giants forecastere in ja ♪ ♪ great work everybody! now freshly remodeled, your target has never been better.
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state budget cuts are crippling my classroom, so i can't believe the sacramento politicians cut a backroom deal that will give our state's wealthiest corporations a new billion dollar tax give-away, a new handout that can only mean larger class sizes and even more teacher layoffs. but passing prop 24 can change all that. prop 24 repeals the unfair corporate give-away and puts our priorities first. vote yes on prop 24, because it's time to give our schools a break, not the big corporations.
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a new beginning for a bay area factory. soon to build a new kind of car. nbc bay area's business and tech reporter scott budman is here with the new tenant. >> testify la has officially moved into the former noomy plant. senator dianne feinstein joining tesla's ceo at the former plant in fremont today as it officially reopened for business. tesla says it will work to make its s-electric sedan at the former newmy plant. a spokeswoman tells us equipment used to make the "s" is being
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brought in and about 70 new work ez have been hired. the workexpected to be about 121its peak. there are caveats here. 2012 after all is a long way to wait if you think about people already lining up to buy other electric cars from companies like nissan and chevy. so far tla investors are pretty a patient lot. the stock price holding steady despite the calls fpatience lac of profits so far. the nightmare might be on tate avenue. the locals in the town loeg gatos compete to see who has the most ghoulish looking house on the block. we're live on tate avenue where there will be a lot of scared kids halloween night. >> reporter: this is it the place to be on halloween. we'll get a walking shot of this particular home here on tate avenue in the town of los gatos. everything from spider to spider
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webs, skeletons to hands sticking out of the lawn. they will close down this street on halloween and let you walk along at your own risk. this is not the place to be for the weak. >> it's really very impressive and quite spooky. >> reporter: you can't just hang around and not feel the presence of the jaw-dropping ghouls. >> even the black cats walking down the sidewalk. >> announcer: and there he is, eerily on cue. >> it's like people are really getting into the spirit. >> reporter: yes, the spirit. no, it's not overkill for kathy. >> no. there's never too much celebration of a holiday. >> reporter: they've been doing it on tate avenue for decades. >> we have thousands of trick-or-treaters every year, about 2500, and the whole street is blocked off and it's just a
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great time for all the kids and everyone. >> reporter: not everyone is into ghouls and goblins. what are you going to be for halloween? >> a butterf ballerina and get lots of candy. >> reporter: you don't mind 2500 kids knocking on your door? >> i love it. it's great. >> reporter: ah, but they be nuts enough to walk through the massacre on tate avenue being a place where chucky is dying to meet them? a street where you're welcome to drop by if you dare. >> and unfortunately it's not all fun and games here on tate avenue. there was some vandalism here over the last week. someone actually walked through the entire street and stole a lot of expensive ornaments and made out with some as expensive as $500 apiece. so police are olooking for the
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crooks. on the bright side there's about 40 homes tate avenue, 100,000 pieces of candy on tate avenue. >> oh, that's a lot. i hope the vandals are haunted. by the way, i love your costume. >> damian scared me. i'm not going to be able to sleep tonight. with halloween just days away, kids are getting ready for their candy quests and they night not want mom and dad tagging along. i sure don't. thanks to a new smartphone app, parents can keep track of their trick-or-treaters from the comforts of home. it's called trick or tracker. a hol wean-themed app using gp technology. >> the kids do want to go off and be with their friends. they don't want mom and dad tagging along. >> it would be better than having her follow me around, i guess. >> yes. but here's the catch.
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your child needs an android phone which will cost you money. there's the contract and theb the $10 for the app. >> i am the halloween app. i'm going. many horrors on the streets this weekend. some of them very real. here are tips from aaa to keep everyone safe on halloween night. trick-or-treaters always walk facing oncoming cars especially if there are no sidewalks in the area. everyone should be wearing light-colored clothing so the drivers can actualry see you. instead of masks, face paint so it's easier for you to see out and getting your drink on, aaa offers the tipsy-toe program, offering free rides home all night long this friday, saturday, sunday, and many parties to go to. >> good idea. a lot of streets now are blocked off. police don't allow traffic when they know lots of kid are there. very nice. >> and carry a flashlight. >> yes, yes. once again, we're looking thaed to the forecast to make sure everything is going to be okay.
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that's where jeff ranieri comes into the picture. >> yes. you know, right now it looks like the rain is going to be holding off for us for the afternoon and evening on halloween. that's the great news. rain holding off right now for game one of the world series out here at at&t t park. winds have shifted out hire to the south 8 miles per hour, temperatures upper 60s a60s. currently despite the that we have seen on the radar. hour by hour here, throughout the 7:00 hour, upper 50s, a chance of showers throughout 8:00 p.m., winds south 10 to 15 miles per hour, by 9:00 p.m., still a chance of a scattered shower with low mid-50s, no rain that will cause delays. right now, no showers across the san francisco peninsula. great news. but look to the north. yes, our neighbors in the north bay, they are getting some activity tonight. good area of some moderate and pockets of heavier rainfall just outside of novato. a lot of this moving from the west to of the east. there's not a lot of southerly motion with this.
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that's why we think a good deal of this will be staying out of san francisco at this point, dry in the south bay, dry in the east bay. so let's get you into today's numbers. it was cool out there for many of us, 69 in los gatos, 67 in san jose, 59 in san rafael with 64 in santa rosa. what we're following are two different systems out here. the first one starting to push in. it's going to be very slow, this system actually hanging out right into friday. then our system for saturday, that's well with out here over 1 you,000 miles out, but it does look to bring more rainfall at least for the first half of your weekend. starting off tomorrow morning on the cold side for the north bay with plenty of 40s to near 50 degrees. not too much warming again tomorrow with the cloud cover hanging around and also that rain coming back. ga game two on thursday, wet and showers and conditions in the 50s. more in my seven-day forecast coming up. >> all right, jeff. thank you. for millions of americans, it is that time of the year and
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this time we're not talking about halloween. no. it's open enrollment time when workers have to make their choices for their employer's health insurance plan. but this year health care reform is making an already confusing process even more so in many kaess. nbc bay area's kristen dahlgren has tips that may be helpful. >> >> reporter: in a recent survey, more than half says it's easier to read shakespeare than their health benefits book. >> sir, lend me -- >> reporter: but since the bar didn't wax poetic about open enrollment, we went to the woman who did, ricky baker co-authored navigating your health benefits for dummies. how can you avoid costly mistakes? let us count the ways. baker's first tip? spend time researching your options really can mean money in the bank. number two -- >> take a minute and see if you've used your benefits in the last year. >> reporter: what you spent last
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year gives a starting point. look at a life change, wedding or child could alter elections. examine your budget. ha can you afford and how much risk are you willing to take? asking questions can help you decide where you fall. >> do you use a lot of prescripti prescriptions? are y are you the kind of family that goes to the family or not? >> reporter: about the new health care laws and how do they affect you? there are a few key changes. >> every policy starting in this plan year will have to allow parents to keep young adults on the family coverage up to the age of 26. >> reporter: the laws also end annual or lifetimehealth benefits and insurers can't drop you on technicalities. a lot to examine, but you could save headaches later. kristen dahlgren, nbc news, august. still ahead at 6:00, keeping that sweet tooth in check can be
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rough with all the hal treats laying around. up next, some easy as it says here to help soothe the cravings if you're working on losing weight. the new toilet paper roll that has people asking, how do tho th
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david harmer wrote an education plan titled "abolish the public schools." he even called our schools "insidious" and "socialism." as families struggle to raise their kids, to provide a good education, harmer bragged, "we can design a plan to dismantle them." david harmer is just too radical. we need jerry mcnerney. protecting local schools from devastating cuts. he's a moderate, endorsed by the stockton record, the independent, and our local teachers. i'm jerry mcnerney, and i approved this message.
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okay, i confess. it's so hard to avoid halloween treats. in the office, i have chocolate kisses every day this time of year. for those willing to try something new, there are ways to satisfy your cravings without adding to your waistline. nbc's lindsay wilcox shares one woman's weight loss success story. >> reporter: these are the pants susan was wearing this time last year. >> i had never been this heavy. i was in my husband's weight distance. that is scary to me. >> reporter: she packed on 45 pounds through 18 years of what she calls careless eating. to lose it faster, she turned to the female focus program. >> i'm a sugar person.
6:25 pm
i love chocolate, ice cream. >> reporter: all common cravings that this dietitian says there are better alternatives. >> i might say something portion controlled like four hershey's kisses is 100 calories. we make room for that. >> reporter: what about people not tempted by sweets but rather crunchy, fried or salty footd? >> i would say we have baked french fries. i've got baked sweet potato fries that are pretty darn good. they're really improved over the years. i'm looking at a baked chip, something else salt country or krufrmy. >> reporter: adding healthy fats, protein and fiber to yodi will help with the cravings. so will drinking water. >> if you really need the french fry, have it and move on. >> reporter: it's that sort of moderation she hopes will keep her in her skinny years. >> thestay away from fizzy drin.
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other than empty calories and weight gain, sugary drinks are heart disease and diabetes. 11 studies were examined following more than 300,000 people and they found that those who dricouple of sodas a day increase their chances of type 2 diabetes by over 25% compared to those who drank less than one of those drinks a month. oh, no, those toilet paper tube science and craft projects may soon be a thing of the past. the $17 billion tubes made in the usa each year account for 160 million pounds of trash. they're not disclosing the secret that keeps the tp in the roll. we'll have to uncover it ourselves. well, pulp ping political iron. why four bay area gyms they'll sever their eyes with a world-famous workout company.
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no redprets. meg whitman says she wouldn't change a thing about her comments that got booed. a new job from jerry brown today. ♪ doctor, doctor give me the news i've got a bad case of having the bleus ♪ >> yes. that's a doctor singing his way through flu season. the bay area doctor who's giving through flu season. the bay area doctor who's giving out vaccines and a show.
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u.s. senate candidate carly fiorina has been released from the hospital according to her camp and will resume her campaign with scheduled appearances tomorrow. fiorina in a statement thanked supporters for their wishes and prayers. she was admitted to the hospital yesterday for treatment of an infection related to reconstructive surgery after a double ma secretary me. the 56 year old fiorina was diagnosed with breast cancer in february of 2009. the timing probably couldn't
6:30 pm
have been worse for meg whitman who today defended her position not to yank her negative ads about jerry brown after brown had pledged to go positive for the rest of the campaign. witman's response drew a loud chorus of boos from the female awed krens in long beach yesterday. republican meg whitman kpaibing in san diego today, insisting in retrospect she wouldn't change anything. >> i wouldn't have handled it any differently. >> reporter: she was referring to an exchange during the women's conference yesterday during which matt lauer was cheered when he recommended both candidates pull their negative ads. >> if she takes her negative ads as reasonableably defined i'll take mine off. no question. we do it together. >> that's what i'm asking. >> no problem. i pledge that right now. >> so here's what i'll do. i will take down any ads that could even be remotely be construed as a personal attack,
6:31 pm
but i don't think we can take down the ads that talk about where governor brown stands on the issues. i think it's not the right thing to do. >> reporter: with those boos echoing in her ears today, whitman complained that jerry broup's negative campaigning has been nastier than any of hers. >> he and his campaign have called me a whore, a liar, they've called me a nazi. it has been a very ugly campaign. >> reporter: in an e-mail today, brown reiterated his pledge to run only positive ads. as he got in an insult against whitman. said brown, meg whitman has now had a full day to consult with her image makers and political handle hes. it' time for each of us to put our best foot forward and end this campaign on a high note. >> well, six days left and count on nbc bay area news for complete coverage on election night. we'll start coverage when the polls close on channel 11-2 and comcast 1 yifl. at 9:00 here on nbc bay area, the entire nbc news political team will have are special cover ablg of the national races.
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that's followed by an 11:00 p.m. hour-long newscast with your complete bay area and california election coverage. tonight -- several bay area gold gyms branches are intenting to sever ties with their parentir compan. many employees are angry because gold's co gave a $2 million donation to the political group american crossroads, backed by republican karl rove. opponeclmhe group supports anti-gay candidates something gold's ceo denies. gold's gym say they'll leave the franchise when their contracts expire. on the heels of last flu's swine flu pandemic, we're told to act early to protect ourselves. contra costa cou county is takin a less frantic tune about
6:33 pm
vaccinations. ♪ cold winter nights and i'm feeling hot ♪ >> reporter: meet contra costa county's singing doctor. ♪ doctor doctor give me the news i've got a bad case of having the flu ♪ >> reporter: after last year's swine flu scare, siegel is doing his best to get the word out. get vaccinated before the flu strikes you. >> these are real diseases and until you really get the real flu, i don't think people quite get it when you have a 104 fever and your body feels like you just got hit by a crane and feel terrible. >> reporter: health services is already fully stocked for flu season. they've got more than 9,000 doses on hand and, unlike last year, they're not anticipating a shortage. flu vaccine is so plentiful and available in so many ways we really hope people take advantage of that. >> reporter: and unlike last year, this year's vaccine covers both seasonal flu and h1n1. that means most folks will need
6:34 pm
just one shot. >> we would like people to get vaccinated before the holidays. >> reporter: 6-month-old kimberly's family is taking the advice. she got her very first flu shot this morning, kind of horde to ignore a doctor who's put his message to music. ♪ i might just lie here and throw up on you ♪ >> reporter: in contra costa count country, jodynt hernandez nbc bay area news. ♪ get your flu shot >> catchy tune. health services will hold a count yy wide free vaccination event. to find clinic near you, check the health department's web site at there's a sobering status report from the antioch police department. according to the police chief, the department is understaffed by 35% because there isn't
6:35 pm
enough money to replace people who are either sick or on leave or serving in the military. and that rate could climb to 42% next year when anywhere from one to ten sworn officers could be laid off because of budget cuts. the department also may have to consider options such as putting detectives on patrol or not investigating property crimes. in washington state, federal officials shut down what they're calling an oxycontin drug trade that departed from the bay area. investigators say that a passenger la nell mass rode from oakland to seattle, with him, over 1600 pills worth about 126,000 bucks. police say he was using amtrak to transport the drugs across state lines. they say he was just a kaeer, not a seller. officials say this case hints to a large conspiracy. also in washington, a man survived a massive heart attack for a second time. and thanks hi co-workers again. in july, the 52-year-old was
6:36 pm
operating this excavator when his heart gave out. his co-worker rushed over and pumped his chest for ten minutes. he survived that ordeal and then returned to work. then this week it happened again. >> the exact same style, head down. i thought, oh, no, this can't happen twice. >> they say i was dead for a half hour, which -- who dies for hour without brain damage? >> both of the workers learned cpr on the job and thanks to their training and quick action, swift is scheduled to leave the hospital this week. i guess at some point he'll go back to work again. >> i think it's time to find another job. >> i think so, too. >> keep those as friends. still ahead at 6:00, from battle cry to crying uncle? a san francisco restauranter.
6:37 pm
. >> we are truly in san francisco. hey, look, i'm tag , like like, that's not cigarettes! @cx@@@bih@@@@@ meet the real meg whitman: serving on the board of goldman sachs, whitman was caught reaping millions from insider stock deals. after ebay shareholders sued and a judge cited the obvious conflict of interest she was forced to pay the money back. what kind of person would be involved in deals a fellow republican congressman called corrupt? and in her last year at ebay, whitman paid herself $120
6:38 pm
million right before the company laid off 10% of it's workers. we're choosing a governor, shouldn't character matter? good evening. chief meteorologist jeff ranieri, lit up with giants orange, world series game one, temperature in the 60s, dry at this pnt. t ot of rain for you ihe banorth ty. we'll track that andrt have you world series forecast for game two coming up.
6:39 pm
okay. what was intended as a jab at texas rangers fans backfired for a san francisco restaurant owner. it turns out instead he whooped up a texas-sized hornet's nest. as joe shows us, tonight he's circling the wagons. >> reporter: it started out as a little world series hijinks.
6:40 pm
tuesday night the owner of left field duel's restaurant in union square hired trumpeters to serenade texas rangers flairs across the street. >> before a battle it's supposed to intimidate the other team, the song. >> reporter: as an added dig, it was the same song general santa ana played before storming the a. alamo. >> home of the texas toast. >> go rangers! >> there we go. we have one of those texas steaks. >> it ended up backfiring because the radio station in texas is playing our phone number on the radio telling them to call here every five seconds. >> reporter: the station instructed callers to ask for texas toast and from 6:00 in the morning on the phones didn't stop. >> you got plenty of texas toast? >> we've got lots of it. >> you're going to need them to
6:41 pm
dry your tears. >> can you give us different directions we're coming from dallas. >> these guys are persistent. they keep calling us and tormenting us, telling us they're going to make us cry. >> yes. tim lincecum is a [ bleep ]. >> we answer the phone, home of the texas toast and bloody mary mix because that's a great combination and they start laughing. >> reporter: in reality, the horns only played for a half hour at 9:00 p.m. but it sounded like a battlecry to rangers fans. >> it looked like they were trying to keep the guys awake. i wanted to harass them for goodness sake. >> you were serving it up. >> serving it up. we're going to serve it up to y'all tonight when we kick y'all's butt. >> reporter: by the afternoon, it was boef is whos was ready to wave the white flag. >> our phones are ringing off the hook and we're actually going to ask for mercy pretty soon. >> reporter: with the great state of texas working the phones, lefty's employees figured they'd need a cavalry of
6:42 pm
giants to come to the rescue. >> we're definitely rooting for the giants so they can shut some people up over in texas. maybe our phones will stop ringing. >> reporter: nbc bay area news. >> oh, boy. >> y'all come back now. >> some of those people in arlington need a little of what our texas reporter was smelling. i don't know. >> mellow them out. >> that's right. let's head to the ballpark. raj mathai. hey how are things smelling? >>. >> reporter: all those texas fans come to the ballpark and they're, like, wow, there's water, there's all sorts of interesting smells around here. we'll have the latest from the ballpark, also tell you about very big news for the 49ers. stick around. we're back in a moment. hoeing to get those texas fans a little culture, san francisco style. we did have temperatures in the 60s today across the bay area. 's co,'s it cloudy, and we are also tracking us some calm
6:43 pm
winds at the straid yum. coming up, we'll talk about rain moong nt i the north baynt and we'll have world series forecasts for tonight g andame two tomoowg comin arighomup. ri
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6:45 pm
there ace at & a stadium rocking tonight. find an empty seat in that stadium. it would go for a lot of money. giants doing real well. we'll leave that for raj. >> there is a little bit of a culture clash in this world series. >> yes. one reporter from our nbc station in dallas-ft. worth sensed a little of that difference in the air highly he was while he was on the air. >> reporter: right over there there's people smoking weed. it's coming this way. people are nice here. we're not in new york. nobody is going to spit on us, tell us we're bad people it's san francisco. people smoking weed over there. they don't care. they want to see their team win, but they're all half buzzed out. >> okay. prop 19, mister. >> we're not all that way, newy. we're just laid back. that's reporter newy scruggs who got a little distracted. he described the experience as
6:46 pm
an only in san francisco experience. he's probably right about that to some extent. >> don't mess with san francisco, newy. that's all i've got to tell you. >> because we'll give you a peace sign that you'll never forget. >> that's right. we'll march on down. >> oh, boy. yes, we are watching the weather very careful this week. >> definitely. the rain on the radar right now, we're just barely missing at&t park heading into northern california. right now for world series game one, temperatures are in the upper 50s and low 60s. winds very calm. that certainly is good there for the players out there at the park. and the showers just offshore. let's expand on out here. what you'll notice is about 11 miles out we're picking up a little green right there, little light shower activity. because of the motion of this system and its very slow movement, it's heading from the south and the west right off towards the north. i mean, you don't see this scenario too much. it's happening on the first game of the world series. hopefully this is a good indication for the giants.
6:47 pm
you can see without the southerly motion, once again the heaviest rainfall is missing san francisco. you can see if you're traveling to the north bay, drastically different conditions. right on highway 101, south of novato you want to be cautious it's been a while since we've seen pockets of rain this heavy. dry in the south and east bay. we expect rainfall as we head into tomorrow. temperatures on the cooler side, upper 50s and low 60s. what we've had over the past two days or so. as we look at our weather headlines for tomorrow we'll see the rain coming back for most of the bay area for thursday and still more showers in our weekend forecast with halloween upon us. the first system is already bringing us impacts. it's very, very slow to move, kind of stalling out just offshore. that's why we'll see the rainfall continuing into tomorrow and also for friday. 60s inland for thursday and friday that rain stays in our forecast. here is a quick look at the time line. 7:00 p.m. tonight, mainly a north bay event and into
6:48 pm
midnight on thursday, we're looking here at also the showers in the north bay and entering the peninsula 7:00 a.m. thursday we're looking at rainfall for parts of the east bay and also the peninsula. the heaviest rain still remains in the north bay at this point. that's where we think the largest totals will come, possibly a half inch up to an inch in the bay. as for the east bay, 6:00 a.m. temperatures in the mid-foets and elsewhere here we're also looking at mid to upper 40s across the bay area. expecting showers from first pitch tomorrow night through 8:00 p.m. a look at the numbers, it will stay on the cooler side with plenty of 60 tomorrow. once again, scattered rainfall from the north bay to the south bay. 67 in palo alto, 62 in pacifica, 64 in san francisco, and we'll see the same trend here lasting into the east bay and also into the north bay. you can get more anytime on the weather channel on cable. i know a lot of pressure you
6:49 pm
about halloween as jessica looks my way. for sunday, we are expecting the rain at this point to clear out for the afternoon and evening. great news for trick-or-treaters. >> nice dry event. >> very, very nice. well, game one of the world series is kind of following a script. you spot the other team two runs and then you come back. raj mathai at the park tonight. >> reporter: at some point we just have to sit back and accept this, that maybe the giants are just a team of destiny. everything is working their way right now in the fifth inning. the giants leading the favored texas rangers 5-2. so they are in complete control of this game at this point. the party out here, where in the world can you go to a big-time sporting event and find guys like these? peter, come in here. tell me your full name. >> peter davis. >> do you know the world series is going on behind you? >> yeah. it's great, but we can barely tell. we're having so much fun.
6:50 pm
the cowman's team, we have tons of people involved. great time. >> reporter: peter, you're sufrning, throwing the ball around and then the world series just happened to be behind you. >> yeah. we're trying to pay attention, go vote to vote. they keep us updated on the score, help us out, keep us hydrated. it's a lot of fun. >> reporter: good luck this season. go get some clothes on, man. >> i will. >> reporter: that is peter from the cow men's water polo team who happens to be surfing here at mccovey cove in the water. getting back to the giants, a lot of people think the history is a little cursed. don't worry about that. the giants successful in san francisco and in new york. but here they're looking for their first-ever world series title. let's bring in lauren scott with the historical look at this franchise. >> reporter: this is market street just after the turn of the century is a rare historical find. it was shot just before the 1906 earthquake in the spring after the giants first-ever world series appearance. they were the new york giants
6:51 pm
then who won that 1905 world series behind three shutout victories from their ace christy matth matthewson. this serves as a reminder of what the country looked like when teddy roosevelt was president. the new york giants were in 14 world series total, winning 5 of them. then in 1958 they moved west and have won four national league pennants to date. so the question becomes, of the three previous world series appearances the giants have made since moving to san francisco, which did they have the best chance to win? >> we asked ray raddow to weigh in. >> '89 they were not the best team by a fairly wide margin. '02 they were about a coin flip. '62 they come within a foot of winning the thing. >> reporter: that first world series in san francisco remains a reminder of how important it to seize the day. >> '62 was sort of, we've lost but we'll be back. it's a great lesson on maybe not. maybe you won't get back. >> when you have had the great teams that the giants have had
6:52 pm
here. of course willie mays and of course bonds they've had outstand willing teams. it goes to show you how hard it is to do this. >> reporter: part of why we follow america's pastime so intensely during the world series is it helps remind us that as much things change over the decades, pretty much things stay the same. >> reporter: i'll tell you what, magical season we're experiencing. for complete giants coverage of course right here on nbc bay area, your official home of the giants, also our friends over at comcast sports net bay area. after tonight's game you can get exclusive coverage with mike and dwayne on comcast sports net bay area. nbc and comcast cover ying you when it comes to the giants. one more story not just giants related by the 49ers. it's a mess. team owner says he will not fire
6:53 pm
mike singletary. that's coming from the owner of this team as for mike singletary, what's happening in london? they've made another quarterback change. the ineffective and injured smith is out for the next few weeks. david carr is not effective so mike singletary has chosen his third string quarterback troy smith who just joined the team a couple of months ago. he will be the starting quarterback in sunday against the denver broncos in london, a regular season game. the 49ers in absolute panic mode. they are 1-6 on the season. also tonight, the warriors opening night in oakland, in the south bay the sharks taking on the devils. here for the giants, juan uribe just hit a three-run homer. giants leading the rangers 8-2 in the fifth inning. >> it is unbelievable. >> just incredible. i'm starting to believe. >> the dirty dozen do it again.
6:54 pm
that's fantastic. >> raj thank you very much. we'll talk to you tonight. coming up -- forget the fake beards. you don't even need those of the the dedicated fans losing a little off the top, too. [ male announcer ] carly fiorina. she's against banning assault weapons... and that's reckless and dangerous. she's for risky new oil drilling that could threaten our jobs. fiorina's plan would mean slashing social security and medicare, which would devastate seniors. and she'd make abortion a crime. no wonder fiorina is endorsed by sarah palin. carly fiorina. just too extreme for california. [ boxer ] i'm barbara boxer and i approve this message.
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coming p up at 11:00, sports
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fans you've never seen anything like this before. it's where baseball memorabilia goes to die. balls are turned into cuff links, we take you into the san francisco company rerighting giants history. it's the must-have giants accessory for the world series. no, it's not a hat, not a jersey. giants fans sat in the barber chair today for a haircut. brian wilson style. it was all to honor the eccentric pitcher who also brought us the dyed beard. he says it it's not. some fans opted for faux hawk while some went for the real thing. it was put on by yelp for a promotion. >> you could do that. you've got enough hair. you'd look good with that. take it for the team. >> glad i didn't make that bet. >> we'll give you one last look at mccovey cove. go giants! >> see you at 11:00, everybody. [ male announcer ] carly fiorina.
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