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tv   Today  NBC  October 28, 2010 6:00am-10:00am PST

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president obama appears on "the daily show," but it wasn't all fun and games. >> you ran with such, if i may, audacity, yet legislatively, it has felt timid at times. >> we'll have the president's response. tragedy at notre dame. a student filming football practice is killed when the tower he was on toppled. this morning, the victim's chilling tweet about the dangerous conditions just moments before the accident. and, i'm fine. charlie sheen tells a reporter his wild rampage in a hotel room has been overblown, but his ex-wife told police sheen had
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been doing cocaine as we learned more about the woman hiding scared in the bathroom during that melt down. today is thursday, october 28th, that melt down. today is thursday, october 28th, 2010. captions paid for by nbc-universal television welcome to "today" on this thursday morning. i'm meredith vieira. >> i'm matt lauer. president obama becoming the first sitting president to appear on "the daily show" last night. it's an effort to boost enthusiasm among some young voters that the democrats are going to need in the crucial midterm lechs. >> and while there were some lighter moments jon stewart also asked the president some tough questions about his time in office so far and whether he's lived up to the promises he made as a candidate. we'll have more on that straight ahead. a little later on we'll talk about the outrage that's been sparked by a blog on "marie claire's" website that targets overweight actors on television.
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the writer of that blog said they gross her out and that's led to a big backlash among readers. plus, how old is too old to trick-or-treat. threatening to ticket some teenagers who show up on people's doorsteps on halloween night. and america's cheapest family will be here to tell you how to save money on costumes. superstar mariah carey has a big announcement to reveal to the world. you're going to hear it here first exclusively this morning. >> i think i know what it is. let's begin with the morning's top stories. ann good morning. >> good morning, everybody. in the news this morning a pakistani-born man is being held without bail in an alleged terror plot in washington, d.c. according to the fbi the man thought he was working for al qaeda operatives when he checked out washington, d.c., metro stations allegedly looking for ways to kill as many riders as possible. officials say the man who was living in virginia never acquired at the explosives and
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his involvement never went beyond the surveillance. in pakistan suspected u.s. missile strikes killed at least seven people. it was the third attack there in the last 24 hours. in indonesia the death toll from this week's tsunami has risen to more than 340 people, and more than 300 people are still missing today. from the midwest to the carolinas people are cleaning up after two days of severe weather that triggered more than 50 tornadoes. it is the second largest october tornado outbreak on record. searchers looking for a missing 10-year-old girl in north carolina have found a prosthetic leg consistent with one that she used. zara claire baker has been missing since october 9th. new figures show intensifying foreclosure crisis in the united states. melissa lee is here with more. >> unfortunately, the hardest hit areas are still feeling the pain. realtytrac reporting that
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california, arizona, nevada, and florida all have a metro areas seeing 19 of the top 20 foreclosure rates across the country. all 65 areas tracked by realtytrac have seen increases year-over-year in foreclosure activity and the hardest hit city out of them all, seattle, tacoma, bellevue in washington state. that saw 71% increase in foreclosures. ann? >> melissa lee, thank you so much for that report. and the san francisco giants have taken game one of the world series. last night they beat the texas rangers, 11-7. game two two is tonight. it is now 7:04. >> thank you very much. >> cliff lee. got to him quickly. mr. roker? >> we have some bad weather in the pacific northwest where we don't normally see it. big storm system coming onshore. it's bringing with it a lot of wind, a lot of rain stretching from just north of san francisco all of the way up to seattle. they could use some of that rain but we are looking at rainfall
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amounts generally anywhere from about a half inch to an inch of rain especially in north northwestern parts of california. we're expecting to see showers around the eastern great lakes, hit-or-miss thunderstorms through florida. windy conditions in the western a beautiful sunrise view of the clouds lightening up. we doe have clouds b but note much rain. the rain is note going anywhere. the system is stalling and holding position until early afternoon. that means lots of rain for the north bay and later on in the evening, that will try to drift towards san francisco. take the umbrella if you are headed to the game. may see showers for the game and more rain off and on and drier for halloween. matt. >> thanks very much. now, to the decision 2010 countdown. with midterm elections only five days away, president obama is
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doing what he can to get young voters to show up at the poll, even making an appearance on "the daily show." savannah guthrie is at the white house with more. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. senior aides say they are happy with this appearance because it helped them reach an audience of young vote whose may not be motivated to get to the polls but it was hardly a cake walk and at times he faced a skeptical audience. president obama became the first sitting u.s. president to visit "the daily show." >> this is a nice set. >> thank you very much. >> it reminds me of the convention. >> reporter: but even on the popular comedy program, it wasn't all laugh lines. >> you ran with such, if i may, audacity, yet legislatively it has felt timid at times. >> my attitude is if we're making progress, step by step, inch by inch, day by day, that we are being true to the spirit of that campaign. >> you wouldn't say you'd run
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this time as a pragmatist. you would not -- it wouldn't be, yes, we can given certain conditions and -- >> no, no, i think what i would say is, yes, we can, but -- but it is not going to happen overnight. >> reporter: the president's appearance a clear attempt to get younger voters, key to his victory in 2008, to the polls in 2010, as democrats fight to keep control of congress. >> six more days. >> reporter: in illinois the final debate in the race to fill the president's old senate seat. a race that's neck and neck and nasty. >> if congressman kirk is accusing me of flip-flopping that would be the most remarkable irony in the history of illinois politics. >> actually i am. >> then all of you have witnessed the most remarkable moment in illinois politics. >> reporter: in alaska's senate slugfest lisa murkowski running as a write-in candidate was handed a victory by the state supreme court. the court tentatively ruled
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voters could be given a lits of write-in candidates which would include her name when they go to the polls. tonight republican candidate joe miller will get some high-profile help as sarah palin headlines a rally in anchorage. and at their fourth and final debate wednesday night, all three candidates were asked if palin is qualified to be president. >> in a strict sense, she is. she isn't somebody whose ideology i support and i'd agree with. >> mr. miller? >> of course she is. you look at who we have in office right now and compare the two, there is no comparison. >> senator murkowski. >> if she were to run right now i would not support her as president. >> reporter: well, today the president's actually taking a day off from the campaign trail. he's going to meet with americans involved with the rescue of those miners in chile, but this weekend he returns in full force visiting five states for the final push. matt? >> savannah guthrie at the white house. as always, thank you very much. john heilemann is national political columnist for "new york magazine." mark halperin is senior
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political analyst for msnbc and "time." they collaborated on "game change" which is out in paperbook. i want to start with money. you're hearing a lot of democrats, even the president, complaining about money pouring in from republican groups into some races across the country, and yet if you look at the numbers out there, democrats across the country in congressional races are far outspending their republican opponents. why do they keep banging this drum? >> in part because they're frustrated they don't have much to talk about. the president knows the things he's accomplished that he's talked to jon stewart about are not pap lopular with the voters. they're trying to rally the democrats even though the facts aren't on their side. >> you think this is frustration, you're spending all this money and you don't have much to show for it so you might as well blame them for spending too much. >> i think that's true. they're trying to script a narrative so they can look up and say we lost largely because of this influx of largely secret
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money, of foreign money. they're trying to lay an excuse in advance. >> when you see the president on "the daily show" obviously courting young voters, if that group was for lack of a better expression, fired up and ready to go, two years oog for democratic candidates and this president how would you describe their level of enthusiasm and involvement right now? >> a lot less than two years ago. >> why? >> well, it's not a presidential race. you don't have the same dynamics. also, the president was a great brand in 2008. people were fired up and ready to go about him and what he represented. >> and haas john put -- not this john, jon stewart put his finger on something with his timidity some voters have witnessed? >> i think that's partly true and there's a fundamental confusion about who the president is. a lot of young voters thought he was a progressive champion. >> let me stay on jon stewart for a second. a big rally this weekend, a rally to restore sanity.
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it's the counter punch to the tea party rallies we've seen. might sound like a weird question. based on the turnout that we see for that rally, will we be able to gauge and evaluate the enthusiasm that the anti-tea party people have in this election right now in. >> it will be exactly as good a barometer as a ouija board. >> not at all. >> and a lot of the times you have seen the president the last few weeks going around the country, big crowds reminiscent of 2008. tens of thousands. that doesn't mean anything. in a national election turning people out for the select or for the president who is a celebrity, it doesn't tell what you you need to know. what you need to know is all the polls show that enthusiasm gap that we've seen for over a year has sustained into november. >> let's go out to nevada. i mean, obviously a lot of people are watching this race between sharron angle and the senate majority leader harry reid. does that race in itself put this entire election cycle in context? >> it does. sharron angle is a weak candidate and a lot of republicans -- harry reid looked
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like a weak incumbent. a lot of republicans thought he would be a pretty easy seat to pick up. her weakness made that race a lot closer than it should be. out in nevada most voters do not like either of these candidates. that's a perfect picture of what a lot of electorate feels. >> you wrote an article for "new york magazine" and you talked about sarah palin and the responsibili possibility that not only could she win the republican nomination but she might be able to win the presidency and that scenario involves the mayor of new york. >> it's a little about the bank shot. there are three steps. first, the notion that a lot of republicans now contrary to a year ago think she's setting herself up to run for president given her schedule and fund-raising and endorsement. could she win the republican nomination? if you think the republican nomination fight as an ncaa tournament with two brackets, anti-establishment populist tea party bracket and establishment bracket she's the front-runner on that any establishment
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bracket. could she win? yes. the question is could she beat president obama? that would be tough to do unless the economy is a lot worse off. but if a third party candidate came in with a lot of money and credibility, somebody like mike bloomberg, you could see a situation where no one would get enough electoral votes to claim the presidency and it would get thrown to the house where republicans are likely to be in control. >> does his theory make any sense when you look at the approval numbers right now for sarah palin? >> yes, because winning the republican nomination is something you can do with her current approval rating and the overall voter populace and in a three-way race, anything can happen. this is an unpredictable election year. just wait until 2012. >> you had a chance to throw him right under the bus and he didn't. >> he's a good partner. >> nice to see you both. thanks for coming. >> thanks. it's 13 after the hour. now to that tragedy apparently tied to the powerful storms that have rolled across much of the country. a notre dame student killed when a tower collapsed as he filmed
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football practice. john, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, meredith. you can see the goalpost of the practice field where the young man was videotaping football practice. .leading suspect, high winds. part of a monster storm that triggered as many as 33 tornadoes since tuesday. a candlelight vigil wednesday night at notre dame just hours after the tragic death of a student. 20-year-old declan sullivan, a student videographer at the athletics department, was shooting football program. officials say he was standing on top of a tower when it toppled over. sullivan was rushed to the hospital where he later died. a cameraman for the local nbc station was nearby when it happened. >> i heard a loud crash. it had been really windy and there had been some noise, so i didn't really think anything of it until i looked over at the gate to the practice field and i saw people running out looking a
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little concerned, and as i got a little bit closer to it, i realized it was a little more serious. >> reporter: the cause of the accident is still under investigation, but at the time winds in the area were reportedly as high as 50 miles per hour. before practice began sullivan posted messages to his twitter and facebook account saying, gusts of wind up to 60 miles per hour. well, today will be fun at work. later he said, this is terrifying. within an hour the tower had collapsed. sullivan's death has shocked this campus where football is a way of life. notre dame coach brian kelly released a statement saying, declan brightened the days for all that had the privilege to work with him and the notre dame football family will dearly miss him. the wreckage of the tower still stands. the president of notre dame will preside at a special mess in
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sullivan's memory. meredi meredith? >> thank you. on a mch different note, children across the country will dress up and head out in search of candy on sunday night but how old is too old for trick-or-treating. some towns are drawing a line. nbc's peter alexander is in belleville, illinois with details. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning to you. of course, trick-or-treating is intended for little kids, but increasingly it's become an excuse for some big kids to go out in search of candy, and here in belleville the concern started several years ago when some adults became frightened by some of the big kids knocking on the door with masks on. again this halloween they're cracking d cracking down. halloween usually means a good bit of harmless fun but answering a knock at night can open the door to real fears when instead of a little goblin there's a grown ghost asking for a treat. >> many said when are you going to do something about stopping
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the real big 6-foot tall trick-or-treaters from coming to our doors late at night. >> reporter: to address the problem of intimidating teens, belleville, illinois, put an age limit on trick-or-treaters. banning anyone older than 12 from going door to door. >> i'm sad that we're not allowed to go. i'll stay home with my mom and dad passing out candy. >> reporter: while the law is clear, like a bag of halloween treats, the reaction is mixed. >> i think if they're in that are it own neighborhood and i know the children, i don't have a problem with that. >> i think when they get into older teen years it causes problems for the younger kids. >> i think it's pretty lame. i like candy. i want to go trick-or-treating but i can understand why they don't want people 13 trick-or-treating. >> the ordinance was passed in 2008. so far belleville police say they've yet to issue a single
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citation that could cost as much as $1,000. belleville's mayor convinced the law is working. >> we haven't written a ticket in two years of the we're not out to write tickets this year. we're looking for compliance which we have gotten and we're looking for a safe experience on our treats for halloween night. it's just a change in society. we just have gotten to a point where there has to be a law like this. >> reporter: the ban means big kids in belleville will have to go somewhere other than their neighborhood's doorstep for that halloween treat. >> i'll go to the grocery store to get candy. >> reporter: they are having a halloween street party. all of this comes as news to me. i bought my costume for this halloween. i was planning on going as lady gaga. what am i supposed to do with all these steaks? >> have a party, peter. thanks very much. peter alexander in illinois this
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morning. it's now 18 after the hour. now to a tragic story. an american mulled to death by a jaguar in the central american nation of belize. today national correspondent natalie morales has details. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. bruce lived in belize for the last 18 years and people there say he was a good mechanic and an outdoors type. now investigators say a freak accident during a powerful storm led to his death. when hurricane richard came ashore over belize sunday night, it left typical storm damage. trees down, roofs ripped off but as the eye passed west of belize city, it created a different problem. max is a 3 1/2-year-old jaguar kept in captivity until a tree landed on his cage. >> that night i went out looking all around. at night is the time to do it looking for eye shine. he noticed me and he would probably not run away from me.
7:20 am
i get a good chance to see if he was there. at about 10:00 we heard bruce's dogs barking. >> reporter: bruce, an american, lived nearby. when the storm hit, foster believes that max ran to bruce's home attacking his dog and then the jaguar with his powerful bite went after bruce dragging him from his driveway to a nearby wooded area. police found him dead with fatal bites to his neck and head. his father now mourns the loss of his son. >> it's a shock. you first don't want to believe it. facts are facts and you live with them. >> reporter: foster is a nature photographer who keeps jaguars to photograph. >> a little black and white dog could have attacked the jaguar and got his aggression going and one thing led to another. >> reporter: after killing bruce, max ran off and was on the loose for two days. he was captured late tuesday in a trap. the killer jaguar was taken to a
7:21 am
veterinarian and put down. >> the biggest nightmare we've ever experienced in our lives and it will take a long time to get over this. >> reporter: and bruce planned to travel back to the united states on tuesday. he had been diagnosed with diabetes and was coming for medical treatment. meanwhile, bruce's dog has a bite wound to the neck but is being treated and expected to survive. coming up, he says it's been overblown. charlie sheen's response to a rampage in the new york city hotel room and learn more about the woman who was with him.
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the at&t people had to bring in new world series merchandise this morning. that's just how severe the demand has been for the merchandise, having to bring in a new truck load of gear. i asked the workersf they were anticipating this and he said no. more news after this.
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flat section clock e blocked and it is counter commute, but at gillman, we have an accident out of richmond and gave r giving a break. >> the weather only impacting the far north bay and the rain is dropping south through the afternoon. 70s for parts of the south bay and let's hope the rain holds off through game two of the world series. and the showers roll through later tonight. >> i will have another news update for you in a half hour. david harmer wrote an education plan titled "abolish the public schools." he even called our schools "insidious" and "socialism." as families struggle to raise their kids, to provide a good education, harmer bragged, "we can design a plan to dismantle them." david harmer is just too radical. we need jerry mcnerney. protecting local schools from devastating cuts.
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endorsed for his "independence" by the contra costa times, stockton record, and our local teachers. i'm jerry mcnerney, and i approved this message. 7:30, now on a thursday morning, october 28th, 2010, we're in the heart of fall foliage season in our country including the nation's capitol. a pretty shot of the white house from our producer, a foliage buff. >> i did not know that. >> he was here in new york and there is a change of color. we have people on the plaza and al will be out there in a couple minutes and we'll go out there in a little while to say hi to
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those nice people. tomorrow morning, that plaza packed with ghouls and goblins of all sorts, part of our halloween celebration. why do you look so downtrodden? >> i'm looski ilooking forward . >> get dressed up and put on a costume. great contest going on, lots of prizes and fun. >> you put yours on early. >> thanks. >> i'm matt lauer and meredith vieira. take a look at what we have in the studio, meredith bringing in her jewelry collection. >> this is not mine, owned by the duchess of windsor and some could fetch more than $2 million apiece at auction. i don't think we're allowed to touch them at this time because they're so delicate. >> i'm told i mislabelled, our broadcast producer. >> still a fool for foliage.
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>> still, the uproar caused by a blogger who said the overweight stars of a popular sitcom gross her out. and mariah carey to reveal a big secret in an exclusive interview. we begin this half hour with new details on charlie sheen's drunken tirade at a new york plaza hotel. jeff, good morning to you. >> hi. good morning to you. police sources say charlie sheen was out of control, drunk, cursing, naked, breaking furniture in his hotel room at the plaza. now, he's breaking his silence and learning more about the mystery woman with with him that night. a 22-year-old porn star. on the 18th floor of new york's plaza hotel, sources say charlie sheen was behind closed door with this woman, christina walsh. >> hey there. >> reporter: and adult film star, who goes by the name, capri anderson. she's posted videos and photos
7:33 am
of herself all over the internet. sources say charlie sheen was drunk and accused her of stealing hen he went wild trashing the room. sources say walsh was so scared she locked herself in a bathroom calling for help. tmz posted photos of the room, damage in the tens of thousands. sheen was in new york on a vacation with his ex-wife, dennis richards and their two young daughters, out on the town sunday but by monday night, sheen was at the plaza with christina walsh, within earshot of his little girls. >> this is a shocking now low con vorting with a porn star and trashing the room with his two young girls across the hall. >> reporter: if he is embarrassed, he isn't showing it, texting with entertainment reporters. oh, my man, i'm fine, the story is overblown and overplayed, as
7:34 am
far as the reality of the scenario. sheen also texted this writer from eonline. what are they saying, i've got nothing to say about it, sweetie, thank you for your concern, xo. >> you were surprised he texted you back? >> completely shocked in the midst of trashing a hotel room, drugs, hospitalization, texting me wanting to know what the news reports are saying about him. >> while they didn't find drugs in his room, denise said she was taking drugs and acting crazy and spoke about the incident here today. >> charlie will always be a part of my life. we're bonded together forever, no matter the situation, he's their dad. it was unfortunate what happened. >> reporter: now, sheen's current wife is speaking out, too, brook mueller is the mother to his twin boys and he pled guilty to assaulting her last year. the website 17 online caught up with muller in los angeles. >> are you worried about him
7:35 am
being around your kids or anything? >> oh, no, no. >> no? you think sharpchar charlie wil right? >> i think he will be just fine. >> addiction experts say this is a wake-up call and should get help immediately. he has no plans to go back to rehab and shooting a movie tomorrow and back on the set of his tv show next week. snow jeff, thank you very much. wendy murphy is a former prosecutor and child advocate and donny deutche of deutche, inc. if i could start, charlie sheen reportedly tearing up his hotel room and throwing things around with a porn star allegedly cowering in the bathroom so frightened for her life and fearful he will assault her, his two little girls are in the room across the hall asleep with their mom. as a child advocate, does that raise red flags for you? >> yeah. lots and lots of red flags.
7:36 am
it isn't just about the noise and kids and porn star. not just about the immorality of his behavior. this guy was throwing things around the room. blood on the carpet, thousands of dollars worth of damage. that's a guy who's simply dangerous and his children are nearby. what if they had been -- what if they walked into the room? i'm concerned about a lot of things, what kind of messages he's sending to his kids, he's with that kind of woman across the hall. this is a man dangerously violent and those kids, i'm sure had they seen any of that, would have been terrified. >> you heard both his ex-wife and current wife are standing by him and feel he is not a threat to the kids. could they restrict him from seeing the children if they wanted to? >> they could. i wish they would bring it up with whatever judges are overseeing the visitation issues. he needs help. you can use judicial proceedings sometimes to pressure guys with addiction and anger issues to get the treatment they need.
7:37 am
they may be right he's never hurt them and don't see him as a danger to the kids. that doesn't mean he couldn't do something harmful in this future. given his track record, why not use the judges involved in the visitation cases to pressure this guy to get whatever help he needs. >> sheen has been called teflon charlie, admitted using cocaine, visiting prostitutes and history of assaulting women and nothing sticks to him. >> the reason it doesn't stick, this is his brand. this is part of -- he's the bad boy of hollywood, it's the babes, the drugs. he lives within the acceptable box of a scandal penalty box. >> it almost works for him. >> "two and a half men" ratings will be bigger than ever next week. now the bad news, kids are involved, kids across the haul, you go yuck. all of a sudden, parent groups
7:38 am
start writing to advertisers, say mr. proctor & gamble or mr. ford, i've been buying your products for years, if you continue to advertise on his show, we will no longer buy his products. i don't need this headache, writes to his media person, get me off the show. that's the danger. now, kids, i don't want to be a part of it. bad boy image, good for him, starting to drift with kids bad boy image. >> what do you think of him tweeting on the situation? >> part of the brilliant, hey, baby, no problem, part of his lovable lethario. the other thing we're not getting into, violence against women? cht once women's groups start to come out. not the viewers. viewers will watch it in droves, advertisers get a little skittish. that has the trapdoor he has to watch out for. he's been teflon and it's been good for his image, sick to say
7:39 am
but walking up to the line. >> given the fact he has this history of assaulting women, why do you think he wasn't arrested? >> a very good question. i'd love to see the police report. i know it hasn't been released yet. why does he get a discount? just that he's a celebrity? lindsay lohan doesn't get a discount and been forced into rehab because she hasn't hurt anyone. i think he's getting a discount because of the targets he's picking occupy, women and in this country, we don't care enough when women are the targets of male violence. we have to step up, whether the women in his life don't give a damn, i don't care, women as a class in this country should give a damn. >> there is a stigma because the women he's usually with are porn stars, it doesn't count the same way if it was nice suzy next door. obviously, that's completely wrong and another reason he gets the pass. if i'm advising charlie sheen,
7:40 am
get help, because you literally need it as a parent and your peer point of view and get it right with the kids. >> do you think cnbc has to make a statement? >> cbs will make a statement, we hope he gets the help, we're behind him. if the advertisers start to bail, there's nothing cbs can do. it's not at that point yet. if stuff comes out these kids are really in danger and a tremendously delinquent dad, that's something advertisers say, no thank you. >> thank you very ababout.t. nonow, t to bismark, north dako and show you know there. it's coming. it's coming baby, we have anywhere fm 3 to 6 inches of snow in upper elevations around bismark. that's a little frightening to see. now, down in the tropics, we
7:41 am
still have stuff to talk about. we could be seeing another tropical storm, 60% development in one area starting to work its way to the east or west, i should say. afternoon temperatures, looking at 60s and 70s in the northeast. 80s along the southeast coast, 80s and 70s in southern california, gulf coast looking warm with 80s, 30s in the central plains. good looking young man. what's your name? >> here's a view of san francisco. i would say the skies look orange this morning. good news for the giant as we await what happens in game two. that's the last three hours. it's not going west to east. most of the rain will be going south to north into the north bay as the system cartwheels and hangs off the coast late in the evening. we will see the rain moving into the bay area. 70 no, sir spots south of san jose.
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we're back. 7:44, with a legendary jewelry collection once owned by the duchess of windsor. first, the epic love story behind these fabulous jewels. the duke and duchess of windsor, theirs has been called the greatest love story of the 20th century, not without controversy that would change the course of british history. the prince of wales became enamored with an american woman, a two-time divorce say, much to the disapproval of the king and queen of england and he ascended to the throne as king edward the 8th and less than three years of his reign, he gave it up to marry miss simpson who could not become queen because of previous marriages. >> i found it impossible to carry the heavy debt of responsibility without the help and support of the woman i love. >> in 1937, the woman he loved,
7:46 am
now with the title of duchess of windsor, became "time magazine's" woman of the year, though she was not loved by all. >> no man ever gave up so much for someone, gave up the throne and ruling over the population for her. >> reporter: they lived in france and lived a lavish lifestyle until his death in 1972. perhaps to make up for the title he was denied, he showered the duchess with priceless jewels throughout their life together. a 19 karat emerald engagement ring, 21 karat ring and cartier bracelet made just for her. a collection of her jewels was first auctioned off by sotheby's in 1987. in new york, people waited three hours to get a close-up glimpse. in the en, they brought in $50 million, the most valuable single owner jewelry collection ever sold and glittering legacy
7:47 am
left behind. >> sotheby's will auction off 20 pieces from the duchess collection in london and on display in new york until tuesday. lisa is with sotheby's, good morning. >> good morning. >> we will look at these pieces. really, what we're looking at is the chronicling of a love affair. snow you are. the first celebrity sale and each piece holds a place within their relationship. particularly, three pieces that are mementos of their relationship. >> this is a cartier cigarette case. this really sets up their relationship. >> it does. their summer travels between 1934 and 1936. the relationship takes hold in 1934 and then comes the deepening and constitutional crisis and abjucation and their travels. you can imagine.
7:48 am
>> there's an inscription inside? >> from david to wallace, christmas, 1935. >> and the cross bracelet. each of the crosses has an inscription? >> each of the crosses has an inscription and kron consolidate the relationship from thirte193 1944. there is this marriage cross, the ap pen decktomy cross, god save the king cross in a botched assassination attempt. this is perhaps the least grandiose of her pieces but the most personal. she wore it with everything including her wrist on her wedding day. >> she loved broaches including this flamingo broach. i understand she picked the jewelry first and clothing second. >> actually, the clothing was the backdrop to reflect the canvas upon which she wore the painting. this piece- >> you're touching it.
7:49 am
>> i am going to touch it. it's the broach that changed the direction of jewelry design. if you imagine before this, people would layer jewelry on, here, it's a painting by itself on a wall, calling in your vision. here it is, just by itself, on a wonderful plain cloth, it's fantastic. >> are we being careful we're not mentioning thoughts of prices here? is that for a reason? >> no, no. we expect the 20 pieces in this small collection to fetch somewhere around $4.5 million. i suspect more. this piece and the leopard coming up are most estimated at 1.5 to $2.3 million. >> it's a one-of-a-kind. >> they're all one-of-a-kind. >> i'm sorry. >> this is one-of-a-kind made from older stones. this is amazing, the first cat bracelet cartier made. you can see. look at his little leg. >> she's gasping. >> it's totally articulated. >> that's beautiful.
7:50 am
>> very sleek. >> gorgeous. >> we have a few seconds left. >> the last is the 20th anniversary wedding broach, where you have w & e, in 29ed at the front and the duke coronet at the top, indicating the royalty she was never able to be and xx below, which is 20 years. who said it wouldn't last. >> if you turn it over, the w is an m for meredith. i think i should wear that and walk out of here, you'd never know. >> that's perfect. >> thank you so much. >> you're so welcome. >> the jewelry is on display in new york through tuesday and the auction is just aadad in london. and one blogger's controversial commentary. first these messages.
7:51 am
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7:54 am
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good morning. 7:56. i'm laura garcia cannon. >> antioch not a big surprise, but slowing. japes up around l street and then you get a break and into pitsburg and bay point. down towards walnut creek, things jamming up into danville. there is debris reported. watch for that. they might be atting to things and 24 towards the maze and slow through the caldecott tunnel. sunol through the area as well. 680 with slowing around the express lane. i can see the tops of the hills and looking just a little bit
7:57 am
like haze so far. >> we see clouds, but no rain. most of the rain since 5:00 a.m. continues to fly north. notice we are not watching it go west to east. the system is stalling at least temporarily before heading inland. we should see temperatures in the 50s. 70s elsewhere around san jose. rain trying to creep in and shto owtomorrow. more news after the break. i know many of you see this election as an unhappy choice between a longtime politician with no plan for the future and a billionaire with no government experience. well, let me tell you my story. my husband and i came here as newlyweds. we raised our family here and the california dream came true for me in ways i could never have imagined.
7:58 am
now i'm running for governor to restore the california dream for everyone. i'm not a career politician or a hollywood star. i'm from silicon valley, where i created thousands of jobs at ebay. as governor, i'll do something that's been missing from california politics for far too long. i'll treat you like grownups, tell it to you straight, and offer a practical plan forward. these are scary times and i know that cleaning up sacramento won't be easy. our problems are tough, but so am i. if you want more of the same from sacramento, then vote for my opponent. but if you want to get california moving again, i'm ready. are you?
7:59 am
relief could be coming to the people affected by the san bruno explosion. the commission will consider pg&e's request to provide bill relieve r to the victims and talk about gas line pressure to serve the customers in the area. they are reassuring the customer that is the natural gas line that exploded will be relocated. many say the decision to rebuild elsewhere will a now them to rebuild without fear. we don't know where it will be relocated. another update in about a half hour or so.
8:00 am
♪ ♪ 8:00 on this thursday morning, october 28th, 2010. those were our halloween costumes last year, a "star wars" inspired extravaganza and we'll get to it tomorrow on "today." what will we do tomorrow? will it be as great as that? >> how could you top that?
8:01 am
>> it brings back such memories, 24 hours from now. >> the ewacks, they bring back such memories. >> they were such bad boys. >> looking forward to that. lots of ghouls and goblins on the plaza. speaking of costumes, you do not have to spend a lot to impress. we have america's cheapest family. they will show you how to do it right on halloween without breaking your budget, and come dressed for the occasion. >> they look good, very good. >> and beating up the bloggers, some blogger wrote a controversial article, should fatties get a room even on tv. she blasts the show, "mike and molly" promoting obesity and it brought such a backlash and she had to apologize, i think not
8:02 am
soon enough. details coming up. can we take one moment to brag for one second. last night to "today" show, not us, the "today" show, we were inducted into broadcasting cable's hall of fame. our executive producer accepted the honor on behalf of the show and talked about his dream lineup on the show. >> dare gare ro way would lead us off at 7:00 and explain pat weaver's revolutionary idea about a show that could actually both entertain and educate. then barbara, meredith, jane, katie and ann would interview various heads of states, news and celebrities and our next half hour, we'd go on a spectacular journey to some place we had never seen before and all learn something new. next up, natalie would have important information for parents. gene would tell us we should see that movie or not and allen willard have the weather and put
8:03 am
a smile on our face and kathie and hoda would raise a glass to our health and we'd be graciously be carried to the weekend. >> a nice event. >> the first live television newscast was inducted into the hall of fame. >> it was not about us, about this broadcast and history of it. >> all the people that came before us, probably, most accurately. >> very humbling, really special. >> let's go inside. ann curry is standing by at the newsdesk. >> hi. good morning once again. in thee news, we now know this week's stock market storms tri second largest outbreak on record from indiana to carolinas and texas and they damaged homes and power lines and injured more than 20 people. federal investigators say the suspect arrested wednesday in a washington d.c. terror string had a quote chilling
8:04 am
determination to kill. the virginian born in pakistan thought he was working with al qaeda when he agreed to help plot subway bombings in d.c. the suspect never actually acquired any explosives. president obama returns to the campaign trail this weekend after appearing last night on "the daily show" with jon stewart. when asked if he's disappointed with how his presidency has gone, he said he change he promised is being achieved inch by inch. and the republican for his seat squared off calling alex giannoulias immature and giannoulias accusing kirk of flip-flopping on issues. in alaska, the state supreme court said the voters may see a write-in list of candidates, a victory for lisa murkowski, running as a write-in after losing the primary. the death toll for the
8:05 am
tsunami in indonesia has soared now with 300 people still missing. the tornado that erupted after the tsunami is plans to donate the profits to crime prevention.
8:06 am
it's 8:05. let's get a check of the weather from al outside. >> thanks so much. we have a bunch of people standing here. whose birthday is it? >> ours? you're both 70? >> yes. >> you guys look great. going to the packers game? >> yes. >> who they playing? >> the jets. this jets or giants? >> jets. >> somebody said giants over there. somebody said giants. i know somebody said it. let's check your weather, shall we? del you what's going on. sunny and cool in las vegas, 71 degrees, we check out the jetstream, storm track today over the pacific northwest bringing heavy rain and wind, mild conditions in the east, warm in the southwest. as we move towards saturday, we have rain in the southwest and here's the view looking over the south bay this morning you can see we have clouds spilling
8:07 am
in. kind of a gloomy start. san jose actually will jump into the 70s for the afternoon i think. let's look at where the rain is right now. notice the angle of the clouds offshore tilting somewhat, moving more south to north with those showers across the far north bay this morning. by the evening the rain light is going to finally start to nudge to the east but in the meantime, pretty mild day across the south bay with some 70s, in san jose south, 60s around san francisco. wet start to the weekend. drier by halloween. and that's your latest weather. meredith? >> thank you, al. affordable halloween costumes coming up fromerm ters.s cheape. costumes from america's cheapest family coming up right after this. tomorrow, it is halloween on "today" a monstrous bash live on the plaza and everyone will be dressed in their scary best, only on "today."
8:08 am
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8:11 am
with eight times better wear protection than mobil 1. castrol edge. it's more than just oil. it's liquid engineering. back about 8:11 right now, the story on hall been's shoestring on a budget. what do you do if you need a costume and don't want to break the bank. we call on the so-called cheapest family in america for help. halloween is meant to be scary. for the economides family, the prices are frightful. >> the prices for costumes are ridiculous. >> they're insane. >> they made a name for themselves as the cheapest family in america. when it comes to halloween, they know how to take the cost out of costume. >> our costumes are not always free but we pay a fraction of
8:12 am
what most people pay. >> a costume like a mime just requires face makeup and black outfit. >> a costume like a rubix coupe requires a nice square box colored paper. and centers out of duct tape and a few gems. >> you can go to garage sales, rummage sales. >> home depot, a craft show, dress up clothing with gems and hot glue. >> this year, steve will be a scarecrow from the wizard of oz. >> the shirt, $7. 80 feet of burlap at home depot about $4. >> this hat is only $3.99. >> a hat for scarlet. >> a hat and a red pillowcase for 99 cents. i will tear it up and wear it on my head. >> abby is going as a princess.
8:13 am
>> i have this dress for $5.99. this tiara for $2.50 and these shoes for $8. >> joe is going as a spy. >> this french coat is perfect for my spy costume and half price. this briefcase is $7. they will mark it down to $3.50. these are 99 cents. they seem pretty legit. >> the economides insist you can have cheap costumes and still win the contest. >> if you have the money and want to splurge on a contest, do it. if you don't have the money, being creative can provide an awesome halloween costume for you, for pennies. >> these are the authors of "cut your grocery bill in half," here with two of their children, abby and joe, in full costume. good morning. the prices, when you think about, they're expensive, that's how cheap you are.
8:14 am
14, $15 for the scarecrow. >> $4 for the pirate. >> $4 total? >> i used a lot of stuff from home. >> i was $16.50. >> $19.50. >> that's really not bad. one of the things, you do use things you already had. you don't throw things out from last year, you save it. you have a big box laying around? >> the costume trunk is amazing. we have this huge huge trunk and every time we go garage saling we find something we like, even when we were litting, throw it in the trunk and rummage through it. >> it just takes inexpensive items to round out the costume. last minute places, you like to shop, thrift stores, where else do you like? >> nchts. >> i'd say grandma's closet. >> al and i have made a living on that. >> saturday, you can go garage saling, hit the thrift shows,
8:15 am
look what you have. all kinds of options and we have tons of stuff on our website. you can still find great things. >> when it comes to children, you're not kids anymore, everybody wants your costume to be hip and cool as the next kids. do you feel when you go the cheap route, you're not in this same ballpark? >> most of the time you make your own costume, people say, why didn't i think of that. you just use what you already have and add choice items that make it a great costume. >> after halloween, when the candy goes on sale, that is the perfect time to stock up to use candy for stocking stuffers for christmas. >> you got me nervous. i thought you were going to say buy candy for next halloween. let's not get crazy. what about last minute decorating tips. it can be expensive. we've done that at my house and it's not cheap. >> you finds things around your
8:16 am
house in nature. paint spray pine combs and use apples and nuts. >> and bottles and candles, all kinds of things. >> you've done it again. the economides family. appreciate it. >> let's go trick or treating. >> one blogger saying the overweight stars of one tv show gross her out. [ female announcer ] if soap dries itself,
8:17 am
8:18 am
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or if you have any muscle pain or weakness. this may be a sign of a rare but serious side effect. let's go, boy, go! whoo-whee! if you have high cholesterol, you may be at increased risk of heart attack and stroke. don't kid yourself. talk to your doctor about your risk and about lipitor. back at 8:19 with an article posted on "marie claire's"
8:20 am
article that set off a firestorm. it was an article that set off readers. we have the details. >> are you ready for another round of dessert? >> what is that supposed to mean? >> reporter: while these plus-sized actors are getting a lot of laughs dating and overeating, not everyone is a fan. in an article in "marie claire" author mora clarity admits to having never seen the show, but says it promotes obesity. she said she would be grossed out if i had to watch two characters with rolls and rolls of fat kissing each other, because i'd be grossed out if i had to watch them doing anything. hundreds of readers reacted and most agreed, but many were outraged. she has apologized on line saying that the extreme comments
8:21 am
may have stemmed from her own history of being an anorexic saying that a lot of what i said was unnecessary and not productive either. >> be careful with the words, because the words can kill a human being. >> reporter: this woman has her own reality tv show in which she battles life threatening obesity, and believes that kelly's comments could be an emotional setback for those struggling with serious weight issues like us. >> it is hurtful because it says to people like us that we do not belong here. we are disgusting, and we are gross. >> reporter: still, it is no secret that the battle of the bulge has become a national topic of conversation from popular shows like nbc's "biggest loser" to the first lady's health initiative. and this show on bravo which is owned by nbc universal believes that obesity should not be joked about without addressing the health issues, but address's kelly's approach.
8:22 am
>> it is a chemical and emotional addiction and that should always be handled with love. >> this is about ongoing dialogue about weight, body image and the differences between us. for the dy"today" kristen welke. >> and we are joined by a former plus-sized model who founded the body image council in con shkocn with the national eating council. we did reach out to "marie claire" editors and the author and both of them declined. what wasreaction? >> where was the filter with the editor of "marie claire" and why did it go past and not pulled a back a bit? >> i know, rachel, you don't
8:23 am
have a problem with discussion of obesity and the subject she brought up, but the way she did it. >> as writers and journalists we should be engaging in difficult conversations, fine, but do so responsibly and knowledgeably and based on fact and nevermind not having a filter with the editor, there was no research. there was no preparation, and she made claims that she did not back up, and her premise was that people don't like looking at overweight people on tv. i mean, roseanne, number one show in the nation for four years running, i mean, emmys and golden globes and that is an easy thing to look up. >> it is an important conversation to have, and it is a juicy bit of material. it is great to hear what perhaps is an underbed of prejudice. i think that this really represents that. it's really, and also, the good news is that take a look at all of the comments that this particular blog got so that the
8:24 am
voice of american women and men are actually really making things tip. so that, yes, this might have been the way that a lot of people felt, but not anymore. >> and yet, if you look at the problem of obesity in this country, it is a very serious problem and major health problem here. >> and so is anorexia. >> and the eating disorder clinics are filling up, so we have a bipolar problem. >> so, do you think that this blog sets backward the discussion? >> i think it brings it forward like you were saying. maybe it was a stupid post and it had no preparation, and no background, but look at what it triggered, an amazing discussion of knee-jerk reaction of sanity saying that television and storylines include people from all over the place, and who look like, you know, a wide variety of people. >> and i think the show is wonderful. >> and she did apologize and said, i didn't want anybody to
8:25 am
feel bullied or ashame and i regret that it so upset people. you aref laing, because you don't think that the apology is enough? >> well, i think that the words she used had a lot of refleckional from where she was coming from, and perhaps some of the root causes of why she had unfortunately touched upon anorexia in her own life, but however, those same root causes have caused us to make fun of fat people. kids have to leave schools, because they are being bully and committing suicide because they are obese. there is an issue in our country that we need to address not only in the health aspects, but we have to be more compassionate and caring of all of us whether you are gay, fat, men, women -- >> and we have to end it right here. thank you so much. fat, men, women. this is coming out. >> we have to end it right here. thank you so much. tomorrow, it is a monstrous
8:26 am
bash on the plaza and everyone is going to be dressed in their scary best only on "today." good morning to you. 8:26. i'm laura garcia cannon. time to check the morning commute with mike. >> not rolling so well. highway 37 right by the racetrack, a sig alert. they popped that into the system because of an accident blocking the westbound lanes jamming things out of vallejo, going to be a very slow drive. your alternates to the south the richmond bridge, jam up out of hercules and out of richmond. slow ride over to the maze, the bay bridge i'm talking about. slow drive through oakland as well because of the volume but at least sunny. cool though. >> sunny and cool. 50s right now.
8:27 am
we may get close to 70 later on in some spots in the east bay. there you go across the north bay. rain continues to fly. north of santa rosa there is a lot of rain not moving very quickly to the east and that may be good news for game two of the world series as the system slows down heading into the afternoon. most of the rain in the north bay. we'll see 50s in the north bay but 70s further south. later tonight into tomorrow the rain comes back. showers to kick o terhe weekend. time now is 8:27. more news after the break.
8:28 am
insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and hoping for different results. i've built businesses. i've built a business. met the payroll. met a payroll. i enter this office beholden to no one except you. i will owe my office to no one but you. i don't owe anyone anything. i don't owe anyone anything. what's the worst that can happen? what's the worst thing that can happen?
8:29 am
a san francisco school will get a very special show and tell today. the hall of famer who joined his fellow giants at last night's ceremonial first pitch will visit the mission education center. joined by current nominee for the 2010 roberto clemente award. he was nominated for his work with the bay area effort to end human trafficking. another news update in a half hour. the "today" show returns in less than a minute. have a great morning.
8:30 am
captions paid for by nbc-universal television 8:30 now on a thursday morning. it is the 28th day of october, 2010. always a thrill for us to come out and greet the nice people out on the plaza. it will be a bigger thrill tomorrow. you might say it will be a
8:31 am
thriller tomorrow when we throw our annual halloween bash here on "the today show". if you are anywhere near to your city, put on a great çcostume, come on down and join us for a lot of fun outside. >> help us terrorize y'all's neighborhood. >> i'm matt lauer along with meredith vieira, ann curry, and al roker. mariah carey has a big announcement to make. you'll hear about that in just a couple of minutes. >> okay. when we get older, we feel a need to cut our hair, but why? it's age appropriate, but so many stars have keeping their hair long. there's nothing wrong with it. why can't the average woman do the same thing? we're going to come to that in a moment. >> also, long hair or short hair, we're talking about dogs. little cute animals. we'll show you the after looks
8:32 am
and all these guys. >> now we're approaching the end of the month and what happened in the month of october. go to our website ""the today show".com. >> wow. >> that was -- >> go to our website, and you're going to get the best of the whackiness. >> why do we do this? >> what is it you were doing when you went like this? you were going -- >> what was that? get away from me? oh. >> you think this is funny, let us go on and get a check of the weather, mr. roker. >> all righty. let's show you what's happening as far as your weather is concerned, and we start with our halloween contest tomorrow. it will be a great morning for us weather-wise. breezy, cool. low 50s. mix of sun and clouds. a little on the breezy side. all in all not too bad.
8:33 am
a wet one in the pacific northwest. got showers in the midwest. sunny and cool in the northeast. warm in the south. then for halloween night, we've got more showers with pacific northwest. clear night in the southwest. up and down the eastern seaboard a few showers in the upper ohio river valley. that's what's going on around th here is a look at an orange sunrise over san francisco for giants game two, world series. we're watching those clouds very closely to stw if we're going to be dealing with rain around game time. for now that rain is in the north bay where it's been really just holding position for the last three hours. the system moving offshore is going to slowly move to the south as we head toward 4:00 and we will see some scattered showers we suspect as we move through the game. best bet of rain will hold off until tomorrow for the south bay and kick off the weekend with temperatures in the 60s. >> don't forget, you can check your weather any time of the day or night, weather channel on cable, on-line. >> always a good idea, mr. roker. s when we come back, mariah carey has a big announcement.
8:34 am
what is it? we'll find out. first, this is "today" on nbc. w. mariah has a big announcement when we come back. first, this is "today" on nbc.o
8:35 am
do i look like someone who's at risk for heart disease? well guess what, i am. heart disease took my dad's life, but it doesn't have to take mine because 80% of cardiac events in women may be prevented if we make the right choices. eighty percent. you may not know you're at risk, but one woman dies every minute from this largely preventable disease. help bring a voice to this silent killer. speak up to save lives at
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back now at 8:36. as promised, it's time for that big announcement from mariah carey. she down exclusive iflt with billy bush. billy, do the honors. >> matt, thank you very much. i will. from the moment that she got married a couple of years ago to nick cannon, "america's got talent" host, the speculation began that mariah carey is pregnant because she got married so quickly. it was kind of a people thought it was a shotgun wedding. she wasn't then. she is now, and it's been a tough road getting there. ♪ >> the media scrutiny over your
8:37 am
pregnancy has been relentless, and your great husband has taken to twitter several times and said, yo, back off. when she has something to say, she'll say it. do you have something to say? >> well, we're here in new york, and i'm glad to have you here because, yes, people have been asking me. you're the first person i'm talking to. when i say the first person, i really mean it. s like, i didn't talk to anybody else, but, yes, we are pregnant. this is true. >> maria's secret is out. she was just glowing as she shared the good news with me, but finding that perfect comfortable spot for our exclusive interview in mariah's apartment was not easy due to her tummy. >> yea. it's been a long -- it's been a long journey, but it's been tough because i've been trying to hold on to a shred of privacy, and that was not easy. >> not easy due to the media's
8:38 am
constant scrutiny. that combined with added publicity for the release of her new christmas album "merry christmas to you" next week forced mariah into coming clean. the release of her new christmas album due to be released next week forced mariah to come clean. >> how far along are you? >> it's still early. ill earl still early, expecting in the spring. i don't want to give too much specific in the outlines m. >> was it a tough road? >> actually, it was. it was difficult, it really was. >> mariah has always been more focused on career than family until she met and married nick, who joined our interview. >> congratulations, sir. >> thank you. >> is it emotional? >> it is emotional. the greatest gift on earth is a child but then the process and you know how much we've been through, you know. >> we didn't even talk about
8:39 am
that. >> you didn't get into any of this? >> no. we were waiting for you. >> reporter: this is the sad part of the story, the media's obsessive speculation mariah was pregnant began 2002 years ago following their secret wedding. at the time, they were in monte carlo for the music awards. >> they kept saying she was pregnant and we took the test and it was positive, is it real? only one person knew about this. we were like, let's not tell anybody else. >> reporter: sadly, a little over a month later, mariah suffered a miscarriage. >> we had to really absorb this and take it in. >> that's when i said, like her strength could literally be during the day so festive and smiling obviously for cameras and spending time with everyone and later at night, crying herself to sleep.
8:40 am
>> well, mariah has been tough through all of this. it's sort of the announcement everybody thought it was coming. there's so much untruth out there. she had invitro, went to the same clinic as jennifer lopez m. she did not, conceived naturally with nick and there's a lot more to come from this. they're not going to find out if it's a boy or girl, she wants to wait. at the end, she figures she'll probably buckle up and give up. mariah is a giant decorator. if you've ever been to her house, she decorates like crazy and wants to get that room under way. >> thank you. you can see it tonight or today on "access hollywood" live. tonight on "access hollywood," check your time or listings for the time near you. up next, why is it
8:41 am
david harmer wrote an education plan titled "abolish the public schools." he even called our schools "insidious" and "socialism." as families struggle to raise their kids, to provide a good education, harmer bragged, "we can design a plan to dismantle them." david harmer is just too radical. we need jerry mcnerney. protecting local schools from devastating cuts. endorsed for his "independence" by the contra costa times, stockton record, and our local teachers. i'm jerry mcnerney, and i approved this message.
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8:43 am
ole. back at 8:42. this morning, it's all about the hair. the subject of age and hair can cause controversy. >> reporter: it's almost a requirement on the runway. music videos wax poetic about it. >> i wear my hair back and forth. >> reporter: it's the calling card of millions of teens and 20 somethings. cascading down your back, long and luscious hair. as women get older, the locks should get shorter or so author dominic browning heard wen she passed 50 and her hair still past her shoulders. a my mom says cut it, a friend tells me to cut it. i have a friend who said to me, i've been meaning to tell you the last 10 years, you need to cut it. >> reporter: she was defiant and kept her long locks.
8:44 am
>> women are living longer, in better shape than they've ever been in and believe they're much younger than their chronological age and defies every sense of logic and fairness. >> reporter: at new york's salon, a stylist says 80% of his clients have long hair, more than half are over 40. >> is there a stigma attached to women who are older and wearing their hair long. >> no. if they're comfortable with it and put themselves together, they look good. >> look no further than the birthplace of trends, hollywood and the fashion wheel. jane seymour, vera wang, vanessa williams and demi moore, aging beauties in their 40s and 50s, still sporting their locks. >> i will cut my hair the day christie brinkley cuts hers. as of now, it's not happening. >> reporter: there is a difference between long and too
8:45 am
long. >> if you're questioning, ask people you trust, whether your hairdresser or your husband. >> my husband, forget about it. >> reporter: as your age goes up, letting your hair down, no longer is a taboo. nbc news, new york. >> dominic browning is the author of the "new york times" article, why can't middle-aged women have long hair? sally is a hairstylist for the stars, known as creating the sally shag for celebrities like meg ryan, good morning to both of you. you do think there is a stigma against middle-aged women having long hair. >> i think so. people are constantly telling me to cut mine and it's inappropriate. >> why? >> maybe because it's a little loser and doesn't look like your corporate board room look. >> your mom has been on your case a long, long time to get your haircut, a typical thing with mothers and daughters. >> typical, i think all of america's moms are on their
8:46 am
daughter's backs, a way of asserting control over their kids. >> what is the ruling on long hair? listening to janice' piece, it's fine. >> nowadays, women look so much better. your hair is your biggest accessory. i think if it's long and soft. i like your hair right now. >> thank you. >> if you're going to not do it, it can look too long. i think the chest bone is a really nice length. >> we didn't know when we booked the two of you, you know each other. sally has been on your case a long time. >> she has been telling me to cut my hair for 10 years. >> you still think she could? >> i think we could open up here around the face. i think when it becomes more of curtain shape, just through here, frame it. i like the length here and soften it around the face. >> some of the issues, you don't color your hair either, you stopped doing that a long time ago, does that make a difference in the way people perceive your
8:47 am
hair being longer? >> i'm sure. people have a real hang-up about grey hair. it's getting worse. >> is that part of the issue? >> i don't mind grey hair but i think it should be your length, more polished. you have such beautiful eyes, i would add little highlights to soften around the frame. >> my mother will love you so much. >> you said low lights, which will age you and you can grow it out without having to do it all the time. >> you know what they say about older women who keep their hair long are being rebellious and trying to relive their youth in some way. >> what's wrong with that? i'd love to be 15 again. >> do you worry you won't be perceived as serious in your workplace? >> no. i think it's what comes out of your mouth that makes you serious. >> the truth is sometimes short hair doesn't work, can age people more than long hair. >> definitely.
8:48 am
i grew out my hair and dominique was saying i look younger. you see aging and the jowels, you see your face. if you want to show your face, cut your hair off. it's nice to have softness and movement. >> use hillary clinton who had short hair and grew it out and i think it is far more flattering. >> softer and easier work and sexier look, not that she wants to go for that. it's nice. women look better now. in the '60s and '50s, they didn't exercise like we do now. >> exactly. when's the last time you cut your hair? >> i would say it was about eight years ago. i trimmed it. >> stay away from her m. she wants to trim it. >> thank you so much, sally and dominique as well. interesting discussion. dogs on "bow,"tits. i'm among 30,000 employees who used to work for hp. i was supposed to retire there.
8:49 am
carly fiorina changed all that. [ cheri ] fiorina laid off 30,000 people. and she shipped our jobs to china. and india. i had to pack my bags and i was out the door that night. we even had to train our replacements. she didn't need 5 corporate jets. [ farrell ] one hundred million for herself. fiorina never cared about our jobs. not then and not now. [ boxer ] i'm barbara boxer and i approve this message. ♪
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8:51 am
fest full of fabulous canines at animal care and control in new york city. >> we have all strays today. >> starting with a real cutie named candy, a 6-year-old pom rainian mix. >> this sweetheart is named candy, because you're sweet as sugar. >> she was found as a stray out in the queens section of the city. she's in good shape. the only thing you notice, her nails are a little bit long, but, otherwise, look how friendly she is. she was on her hind legs dancing around. she has a great personality. >> next up, a 3-year-old pooch with pazazz named pumpkin. >> a border terier mix found as a stray. he is a little more timid and he is a little underweight sew needs a little love and attention. he looks a little older than he is, but i think with a little love and care -- >> we should mention that the white hair is not from age. that's his markings. he is only 3. he is just a young boy. >> narrator: now to
8:52 am
jack-o-lantern. jack for short. >> he is a 6-year-old poodle mix. he was brought into one of our local precincts by a good samaritan that found him as a stray on the street. >> i cannot stress again because usually most of these dogs are very thin. >> yeah. >> the coats aren't in great shape. this dog is perfect weight. his coat feels wonderful. he is good. >> he is a good boy. >> and, last, casper. the friendly doggy. >> this little guy is called casper. what else for halloween? oh, he is so cute. >> he is about a year old and is a shitzu mix. he was found out by the bronx zoo. >> he is a great weight. his coat is in wonderful shape. >> yeah. >> you just need to be able to see casper's eyes. >> look at the camera. casper, say even though i'm naemed after a famous ghost, i'm not scary at all. there you have it. four darling dogs all hoping to have a home this halloween. >> so cute. all right. we bring in richard with animal
8:53 am
care and control in new york city. richard, good morning. >> good morning. how are you sf. >> we so far have a perfect track record. our first dog is candy. let's take a look at her before shot one more time. we're seeing her. there we go. 6-year-old pomeranian mix, and let's come out with the new and improved candy. >> come here. candy. come on. a little dancing. >> what else can you tell us about her? >> she's very energetic. she's playful. so you are going to have to keep her busy and very active. really, really sweet. >> let her go. she'll dance. >> she usually dances around. >> maybe the costume has her confused. >> and we a border terrier mix. you'll see him at the shelter. pumpkin. there you go.ç
8:54 am
oh, pumpkin. let's bring out pip kun once he has been all cleaned up. oh, look at pumpkin. >> pumpkin is a little devil dog. >> a little underweight, i understand? >> a little underweight, but been very good with cats. >> really? >> getting along very well with the cats. >> very gentle. >> loves to cuddle. he loves to cuddle. he will curl up in your lap and lay there, relax. >> good with kids, i take it then? a little timid, but not too. >> okay. thanks, matt. on to jack. let's put up jack's before picture. jack looked good before even. he looks very nice. he is a stray, right? >> they all came in strays. >> let's bring him out. now, he got gorgeous. look at that. the bumblebee. >> his coat is so soft right now. >> isn't he adorable? >> loves to please. very eager to please. >> loves to kiss.
8:55 am
>> loves to kiss. >> be careful. >> he has been leaving his mark a lot today, so watch out. >> oh, matt does that all the time. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> come on. >> lstly, casper, let's see him at the shelter. there's casper before. he really needed a haircut. a little rough around the edges. let's bring casper out. come on out, hoda. now, i love the hand kwufs. snoo he is very mellow, but very active. police work on the paw. he had to make an arrest this morning. >> found wandering around the bronx zoo. >> all these dogs are available for adoption. >> all available for adoption. >> thank you so much. let's bring everybody back out. >> come on out. >> aren't they the best? so cute. jasper does not like that. >> thank you so much, guys. to keet dooke pt aet
8:56 am
our record at 100%. we'll be back after your local news. adopt the state budget cuts are crippling my classroom, so i can't believe the sacramento politicians cut a backroom deal that will give our state's wealthiest corporations a new billion dollar tax give-away, a new handout that can only mean larger class sizes and even more teacher layoffs. but passing prop 24 can change all that. prop 24 repeals the unfair corporate give-away and puts our priorities first. vote yes on prop 24, because it's time to give our schools a break, not the big corporations. good morning. i'm laura garcia-cannon with developing news just into our newsroom. a woman's body has been found in east oakland this morning. police are trying to determine how she died. it was found just before 6:00 this morning at 98th avenue and medford avenue. police are at the scene this
8:57 am
morning. they located the body. we'll of course bring you more developments as they become available to us. right now we'll switch gears to check in with mike and a new accident to report. >> 98th avenue is accessible on 880 for folks who use that on ramp. we'll take you to the dumbarton bridge, a westbound accident there. still jamming the lanes from the flat section across to the peninsula side. 101 excessively slow through menlo park, starting to move a little better. 880 really jammed up northbound. there is a disabled vehicle, big rig, as well as a sedan, so there may be a minor accident at 5th, the downtown exit causing big jam ups. to avoid it all use the b.a.r.t. system to take you into the city through the east bay and of course this evening the game time will bring of wd to the city. we have more after this break. come on... isn't it time an auto insurer gave it to you straight? that's why you should talk to state farm. but not yet. first, talk to any one of the 40 million drivers who already have state farm. 40 million. yeah, that's more than geico and progressive combined.
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rain in the north bay today. you can see all the rain moving south to north. will bring some scattered showers around game time around the bay area. of course we'll have another local news update coming up in about a half an hour.
9:00 am
we're back now with more of today an a thursday morning, 28th of october. great day to have people gathered behind us. some of them ady wearing costumes and halloween attire. it's our way of reminding you tomorrow morning here on today our annual halloween bash, if you have a great costume, come on down. we're going to be giving out prizes and having a lot of fun and you'll find out what the "today" show staff and crew will be wearing tomorrow morning. >> scary. >> always.
9:01 am
that's right. >> i'm matt lauer along with meredith vieira, natalie morale less and al roker. we're hearing more about charlie sheen. >> he's back at work in los angeles. after allegedly hiring a paid escort tmz posted photos online of the room after it was destroyed. the actor says the reports are all over blown. we're going to get the latest on that. >> it seems we're getting more and more rumors about potential royal wedding happening this morning. we have a sneak peek at new photographs of prince william and his longtime love, kate middleton. and while that's very heartwarming, your heart could be warming but for the wrong reasons. talk about heartburn. it may not be what you think it is. it night be the chil dog you ate. it could be the omega pills you took. >> i thought they were good for
9:02 am
you. >> they are good for you but you have to be careful. >> there you go. >> let's throw it over to ann at the news desk. for the headlines. >> good morning once again. in the news an undercover sting has a pakistani born man held without bail today for allegedly planning a terror attack with fbi agents he thought were al qaeda operatives. the man, a u.s. citizen living in virginia wanted to kill as many washington, d.c., metro riders as possible. he faces a detention hearing tomorrow in northern virginia. mountains of storm debris are cleaned up today across the eastern half of the u.s. at least 56 tornadoes touches down. the labor department is out this morning with the last official reading of the job market before tuesday's midterm elections. and the number of people filing initial claims were jobless benefits declined slightly last week for the second week in a row. meantime the commander in
9:03 am
chief is taking heat from an unlikely source. jon stewart needled president obama on the daily show saying his campaign slogan should have been, quote, yes we can, given certain conditions. the president put up with it appearing on the popular show to appeal to his young audience. a 140-year-old church in france is getting a boost from a higher power. the sun. the st. legeree church in eastern france is installing solar panels to cut costs. the storks did heavy lifting over the weekend in ft. worth, texas, when baby justice was born at a whopping 13 pounds. doctors are dumbfounded by the extra large bundle of joy because he was born three weeks early. mom and baby are doing fine and, yes, everybody it was a c-section. it is now 3 minutes past the hour. let's go back outside. >> don't go anywhere.
9:04 am
because i know you're going to want to be part of this. we want to do something here on a personal note at the "today" show. after 29 years. here at nbc. our news producer on the "today" show, the legendary jim wilson is retiring this week. tomorrow is his last day. it is difficult to imagine the show without that man right there. >> that man writes the newscast you hear every morning, three times a day in the 7:00 hour then generally around 8:0 2 and 9:02 a.m. all those words come out of our mouth. >> probably his proudest accomplishment is his beautiful wife, janet. he's been married to her longer than with the show. 32 years and they have beautiful twins as well, jenny and steve. >> a great professional, a great guy, a great person. fantastic cook as well. makes great eggplant. every morning -- hello, mr. wilson!
9:05 am
>> and ann, you're the person who works with him closest on a daily basis. >> everything you have said, i echo. the thing to remember about jim, he started here at this broadcast in the '80s when we were still using typewriters. every single major news story that developed, from then until now from the 1980s, every single one, he's been a part of and his major influence in informing not only america but the world. he's made a difference with his life and he is irreplaceable. we love him. >> we certainly do, jim. tomorrow is his last day. we thought it would be weird to be standing in costumes. jim, we love you, pal. good luck. when they play back the tape, why were your friends so weird? >> exactly. >> mr. roker, how about a check of the weather? t>>lesh 's wo you what's happening. again, we've had some winteresting weather throughout much of the country. the good news is things relatae clylm today. big storm coming into the pacific northwest.
9:06 am
that's going to bring a fair amount of rain. 1 to 2 inches of rain from northern california into the pacific northwest with wind. showers along the southeastern atlantic coast. rain in the eastern great lakes. from the plains to texas, plenty of sunshine on through the here's a gorgeous look at our golden gate bridge. i wish it looked like that all day long as we approach game two. for now dry start to the morning. we'll see showers likely spreading to the coast moving south of the north bay as we head through the afternoon and there is quite a bit of moisture out there mainly aimed on the north coast this morning. we think that will spread a bit further south. a quick check of our temperatures around the bay area will show you 70s south of san jose. 50s and 60s across the north bay. quick check of your seven-day forecast shows rain to kick off the weekend and then we dry up for halloween. and that's your latest weather. natalie? >> al, thank you. now to new developments this morning in charlie sheen's alleged drunken meltdown at new
9:07 am
york's plaza hotel. nbc's jeff rossen is here with the latest. good morning. >> hi, natalie, good morning, good to see you. police sources say charlie sheen was out of control. he's breaking his silence. we're learning about the mystery woman who was with him that night. a 22-year-old porn star. on the 18th floor of new york's plaza hotel, police sources say charlie sheen was behind closed doors with this woman. christina walsh. >> hey, there. >> reporter: an adult film star who goes by the name capri anderson. she's posted videos and photos of herself all over the internet. sources say charlie sheen was drunk and accused her of stealing. he went wild trashing the room. walsh was so scared she locked herself in the bathroom and called for help.
9:08 am
tmz posted fphotfophotos of roo damages costing tens of thousands. sheen was in new york on a family vacation with his ex-wife denise richard and their two young daughters. out on the town together sunday. by monday night sheen was at the plaza with christina walsh within earshot of his little girls. >> this is a shocking new low for charlie. here he is with a porn star and trashing his room while his two young daughters are sleeping across the hall. >> reporter: if charlie sheen is embarrassed he isn't showing. in fact, he's been texting entertainment reporters. i'm fine, how told an editor from radar online. the story is totally overblown and overplayed as far as the reality of the scenarnacenarisc. shane text sheen texted what are they saying? texting back, i have nothing to say, thank you for your concern, xo. >> you were surprised he texted you back? >> completely shocked. in the midst of trashing a hotel room, drugs, hospitalization.
9:09 am
>> he's texting you? >> he's texting me wanting to know what the news reports are saying. >> reporter: while police didn't find drugs in sheen's room, walsh said he was using cocaine and acting crazy. she spoke about the incident wednesday on "today. >> we're bonded together forever. no matter what the situation is he's their dad and it was unfortunate what happened. >> reporter: now sheen's current wife is speaking out too. brooke mueller is the mother to his twin boys. sheen pled guilty to assaulting her last year. the website x17online caught up with mueller. >> are you worried about him being around your kids or anything. >> no, no, no. >> no? >> no. >> you think charlie is going to be all right? >> i think he's going it be fine. >> addiction experts say this is a wake-up call. according to published reports he has no plans to go back to rehab. in fact, natalie, he's shooting a movie tomorrow and is back on
9:10 am
the set of "two and a half men" next week. kate coin is "people" magazine senior editor. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> we're hearing more details from capri anderson, i guess the porn star name or christina walsh. she toldex freed teemly afraid. felt threatened by charlie sheen. he became irate, turning over tables, breaking chandeliers. are you hearing at "people" magazine reaction to his bad behavior? >> it's interesting. whether it's because the target he plays on "two and a half men" is so similar to the antics he's doing in real life, there isn't a lot of shock or dismay about what's going on here. you know, people seem to be primarily taking it in stride which is, oh, there's charlie again. >> being charlie. >> you see his estranged wife saying no, no, we're going to be fine. this seems to be another one of
9:11 am
those charlie sheen incidents. >> tmz had photos which they posted on their website showing the damage allegedly. it is that room at the plaza hotel. so is cbs even saying anything or acknowledging there's a problem here? i mean, as jeff said he's going back and starting shooting on his show again tomorrow. seems like all is going to continue as normal. >> there's currently no comment from cbs. it's not clear if there will be. last december sheen was in a mess of other trouble and the show continued on. it seems very clear it will continue on now. >> sheen even, as we heard, texted tmz and other media saying this whole thing is being completely overblown, that he's fine. is there truth to that? yesterday, dan abrahams, our legal correspondent, said you're allowed to be naked in your hotel room. if you trash your hotel room, different story all together.
9:12 am
>> the plaza is not pressing charges. the new york city police department is not pressing charges. aspen d.a. is not looking to provoke his probation. the legal arm is responding very much the way charlie sheen is saying which it's not that big a deal. if there are people who think this was rock bottom for charlie sheen, he's not amongst them. >> let's take a turn to happier subjects. that of course is the impending, which we all believe is the impending royal wedding we're anticipating between prince william and kate middleton. "people" magazine had great photos of them at a friend's wedding and they're pictured together which is something we don't see often. >> they generally go to great lengths to not be photographed side by side like this. here they were at a wedding looking absolutely joyous together. they seem to be having a wonderful time. they had reportedly just returned from being on vacation together as well. and so they seem to be taking it up a notch and more openly
9:13 am
revealing the fact they are together. >> all bookies are already starting to think christmas engagement. a wedding by next summer. what is "people" magazine hearing? >> the timeline's a little bit fuzzy but a summer wedding certainly seems to be in the cards. >> book our travelings right now? the other thing the article talks about is how kate has cozied up to the royal family a bit. what do you think, what is the royal family's impression of her? why has she sort of escaped some of the more negative publicity that camilla has faced? >> for starters, kate and william are very well matched in a way diana and charles never were. obviously camilla had her own problems coming into this as a second wife. kate doesn't have any of that baggage. any of those issues. she and william are truly on the same level in the sense they went to school together, they've been friends for a very long time. she's had eight years to get used to the royal family and
9:14 am
royal life. this is not a whirlwind romance. >> you get the sense it's a fresh start all over again and maybe a polishing of the image of royalty in britain. is that -- >> it's been a long time since there's been a royal couple who you can really root for and be in love with. this is that couple. >> it's going to be a fairy tale wedding. the november 8th issue of "people" m "people" magazines in new york and los angeles and nationwide friday. coming up next, it affects more than 60 million people. we're talking about heartburn. we're going to tell you the common triggers and how you can get relief. later on the best travel deals for your holiday getaway. first, these messages. yes, it is. [ cha-ching! ] well, there was a bit of a rush charge, premium topping tax, pulled the cheese by hand, and, uh, the guy had the nerve to charge me a doorbell-ringing fee. a doorbell-ringing fee? ♪ [ male announcer ] digiorno's got melty cheese, awesome toppings and a fresh-baked crust.
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9:17 am
this morning on "today's" health heartburn triggers. tens of millions of people suffer from it and for some of them people it's chronic. and for many others it comes after a spicy or rich meal. heartburn is not always food related. there are other triggers that you may not know of. we have a gastroentronoligist eneditor of "health" magazine. when people have heartburn they think about eating chili and foods that spark it. smoking is a trigger.
9:18 am
>> we don't need more reasons to quit smoking. it's bad for you and is bad for acid reflux. it weakens the valve between your esophagus and stomach. it decreases your saliva production. it is to neutralize acid. if you're smoking and suffering from acid reflux or gerd, you should really quit. if could make a big difference. >> so even more surprising, is another one of these triggers. that's certain drugs including ibuprofen? >> we don't think of medications as causing acid reflux. many of them do. many of the nonsteroidal anti-inflammatories can do it. there are blood pressure medications than can do it. antidepressants. if you're suffering from gerd, talk to your doctors about the prescription medicines you're on. >> stress is less easy to control. that's a factor. >> this is interesting. stress, when we do study, it doesn't increase the amount of acid but increases your per
9:19 am
session of the acid. if you're suffering from pain from acid reflux anything you can to to reduce stress including exercise, meditation, yoga may make a big difference. >> being overweight can affect it as well? >> certainly. the more overweight or heavy you are in the abdominal area, it pushes into the esophagus. losing weight can make a difference. >> here's what i find really surprising. peppermint can increase your chance of having heartburn. >> i hear this in nigh practice. so many people like to take peppermint to soothe an ailing stomach. it can be good for gas and bloating, not for acid. it increases the amount of acid. peppermint teas or sucking a peppermint mint can increase. >> genetics, right? >> it can run in families. >> what do we do? we try to organize this. you mentioned earlier this idea of gerd, idea of the reflux
9:20 am
disease. this is the chronic one people constantly have. >> this is the chronic one where the symptoms of the acid are bothering them or cause damage to the lining of their esophagus. >> what can people do? >> see your doctor and you may need and endoscopy. try tums, milanta or a prescription anti-acid. >> making us all feel better. thanks so much. coming up next we have -- he's known for his passionate songs. seal is here and he has a new album. first, these messages. oh fudge, nothing without a big miles upcharge. it's either pay their miles upcharges or connect through mooseneck! [ freezing ] i can't feel my feet. we switched to the venture card from capital one -- so no more games. let's go see those grandkids.
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9:24 am
trick-or-treat for unicef. it's celebrating its 60th anniversary. carol stern is president and ceo of unicef. >> good to see you, al. >> this box is as important as it was 60 years ago, in some ways more important. >> every day as we go about our business, as our kids o out there trick-or-treating this year, 22,000 children will die of causes we know how to prevent. this little box is going to help save lives. >> you know, a lot of people think, you know, they have to donate hundreds of dollars, but these boxes show that pennies can make a difference. >> absolutely. you know, 5,000 of those kids die just because they don't have access to water. 7 cents buys enough water for 50 kids for a day. >> it's not too late for kids to get the unicef box? >> absolutely not. walk into in toys "r" us store, any babies "r" us store and they're happy to give you a free box. >> that's great. of course with this box, kids feel they can make a difference as well. >> absolutely. i tell my children, you're not
9:25 am
collecting change, you're saving lives. you're part of something really big. >> carl stern, thank you so much. again, trick-or-treat for unicef, go out there this weekend and make sure you give generously. still to tom on our program, we've got some tasty halloween treats after your local news and weather. for those of us who have lactose intolerance, let's raise a glass to cookies just out of the oven. to the morning bowl of cereal. and to lactaid® milk. easy to digest and with all the calcium and vitamin d of regular milk. [ female announcer ] lactaid®. the original lactose-free milk.
9:26 am
good morning. 9:26. i'm brent cannon. checking the commute with mike. he has a new accident to tell us about. >> san francisco southbound on 101 just before you get to 280 right around alameda boulevard reports of an accident between an suv and motorcycle but chp arrived on scene a few minutes ago. no motorcycle there. just an suv. some slowing continues southbound there. all the way down toward the san mateo bridge. san mateo bridge, itself, smooth drive on both sides but you'll see a heavier flow over the course of today and maybe even increasing westbound toward the peninsula. some folks might want to head over to the peninsula, take caltrain into the city to avoid parking issues for the world
9:27 am
series. oakland 880 northbound also across the bay, slow up past the coliseum there, all the way up and through downtown oakland, really jammed up the san leandro up to fifth where there was an earlier accident and before that a disabled vehicle. >> notice the rain still way off in the north bay. a lot of rain coming down around yukiya northward but the trend came in and has most of the rain staying north of san francisco. even as we approach evening. let's hope the trend continues. scattered showers likely to increase later this evening, mainly for tonight into tomorrow. time right now 9:27. as you see the forecast for the weekend a little rain saturday and then drier for sunday.
9:28 am
do i look like someone who's at risk for heart disease? well guess what, i am. heart disease took my dad's life, but it doesn't have to take mine because 80% of cardiac events in women may be prevented if we make the right choices. eighty percent. you may not know you're at risk, but one woman dies every minute from this largely preventable disease. help bring a voice to this silent killer. speak up to save lives at we have developing news once again out of the east bay this morning. police are investigating a gruesome discovery. somebody found a woman dead in east oakland and homicide
9:29 am
investigators are now on the scene but the cause of her death has not yet been determined. we're trying to get more information on this. we'll continue to follow the story and as we get details we will bring that to you. a new field poll shows that jerry brown is widening his lead over meg whitman in the race for governor. 49% of likely voters support brown compared to 39% who favor whitman. whitman's negative ratings are now at record levels despite spending more than $142 million of her own money on her campaign. 5% of voters support other candidates and 7% are still undecided. more local news coming up in half an hour and the "today" show returns in less than a minute. have a great morning. we'll see you back here in a bit.
9:30 am
♪ you never know who's going to show up on the plaza when we throw a halloween bash around here. we like to dress up but we want you to bring your best and most creative and somewhat scary cost times to the plaza tomorrow on "today" when we hold our annual halloween costume con test. meanwhile -- look at those kids there. >> like, what is that? >> come on down.
9:31 am
costume contest on the plaza. >> it turns out to be a zoo. today people were wearing hats. i think people with getting in the spirit of it. come on down. have fun. we're all going to be surprised as usual. >> we know what we're doing. they don't. >> i know what you're doing. i know what you're doing. you know what i'm doing. >> i know what you're doing. >> you know what we should be doing, we should be doing the open. >> halloween's not all about little kids. because adults like to party as well. so we brought in our party planner to the stars to show you how to throw a monster bash with style. that will thrill even the grown-ups. especially if they keep drinking that punch. >> for the kids we have something fun cooking in the kitch kitchen. somebody's going to teach us how to make red velvet brain cupcakes. we're also talking about a chocolate graveyard cake that's really pretty easy. see that on the lower -- there it goes. anyway. see those bones there. there's an easy trick on how to
9:32 am
make that. we're going to share the tricks with you coming up. >> thhalloween, kick quaff off the holiday season. we're going to show you how to find great deals on a apple getaway to a beach escape. let's show you what's happening as far as your weekend is concerned. the halloween costume contest tomorrow and today, mixed sun and clouds, breezy and cool. that's a neat animation. low 50s. northwest winds 10 to 20 miles per hour tomorrow morning. halloween day, sunday, rain in the pacific northwest. most of the country sunny. showers in the mid mississippi river valley. halloween night, few more showers in the pacific northwest. clear night in new england and the northeast. clear in the southeast and into the southwest. few showers in the upper ohio i tell you what, a gorgeous start to the morning in san jose. we just have high clouds. a lot of sunshine. san jose in the south bay, they have a good chance of hitting
9:33 am
the mid 70s. later this afternoon thanks to south winds notice all the rain mainly ukiah northward but some of that is going to creep into the north bay later this afternoon and as the area of low pressure creeps offshore it should keep the rain line stalled out around the north bay. we hope that holds up as we go through game two. chances are this evening more showers will spill across the coast, especially ahead into friday and saturday. >> that's your latest weather. >> thank you so much. coming up next we have holiday getaways for the whole family, >ven for your pets. thank you so much. coming up next, holiday getaways for the whole family. even for your pets. right after this. t need a remat, but a rethink. with lunesta. lunesta is thought to interact with gaba receptors associated with sleep. lunesta helps you get the restful sleep you need. lunesta has some risk of dependency. when taking lunesta, don't drive or operate machinery until you feel fully awake. walking, eating, driving or engaging in other activities while asleep without remembering it the next day have been reported.
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9:37 am
this morning on today's travel, festive holiday get aways, whether you want to visit bermuda or the big apple, there are great deals to be had. our travel undjournalist is db lot of people love to come to new york city for the holidays but can be an expensive time. >> it can be expensive. there are so many things to see. the tree is going to be up very soon. you have the holiday windows. there are parades, actually, al, i want you to come to little italy parade. you could be an a linguini float with me. >> you like the gem hotel. >> the gem hotel i like. it's $150 a night over the thanksgiving period and christmas period.
9:38 am
there's no minimum stay. what's really fun is if you want to get 25% off a return visit you can participate in holiday scavenger hunt activities such as singing christmas carols to the front desk. taking a picture of a tree. giving a taxi receipt. it's a nice little fun perk. >> that's a pretty good price. you want some victorian times feel, go to nantucket. >> nantucket we know it for the summer. but at the end of the season christmas is a big time. victorian singing, people are in the victorian garb. they open the shops. santa claus is there. actually arrives by coast guard. >> where do you like to stay there? >> than condu nantucket resorts is giving a deal for our travel with value today show viewers. >> what's the most efficient y way? >> take the ferry from hyannis or fly from boston. >> next, san francisco.
9:39 am
>> san francisco, kimten hotel group. all the kimten es throughout the country will have a santa paws event. bring your dog, cat, four legged friend. sit on santa's lap. take pictures. best thing about it, it's for free. >> and you like a lot of these kimptons, they have a lot of different locations. >> in new york, miami, portland, oregon, there's 20 throughout the country participating in the santa paws event. >> you go from santa to sandy. to pubermuda and the beach. >> the bermuda was swiped by igor. the greenery is a little brown. they have a complements of bermuda program to stimulate travel in the off season. you get the third night free when you stay at a range of 15 hotels across the island. you can play golf. i know you like to do that. you can go to the spas. maybe a little bit chilly for a
9:40 am
beach calming, but you can walk, you might not want to swim. >> you want to have a hassle free period. what do you mean by that? >> not just get to the airport early, look for early booking specials. book ten days in advance and get 30% off your stays. on thanksgiving day, on christmas day. >> for those of us who are going to be flying, tsa has a new rule going into effect? >> the grace period is over. so that means you have to give your vital statistics. your birth date. you have to give your gender. and those are very important or you might not get your boarding bass. >> okay. >> and your name that matches your i.d. last minute flights, is a search engine. it will help you if you're going to fly. it is a driving holiday. more people drive than fly. >> thank you so much. >> thank you. >> we're going to go from scary to chic. how to throw a howling halloween
9:41 am
party. with event planner extraordinary, collin right after these messages. party rig this. ♪ keurig is the way to brew fresh, delicious coffee in under a minute. way to brew. [ female announcer ] so with keurig, every cup tastes like it's brewed just for you. ♪ because it is. choose. brew. enjoy. keurig.
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9:44 am
"today" celebrates halloween, brought to you by snickers. it satisfies. this morning on "today" separates halloween, the perfected party from food to decor, lifestyle expert colin
9:45 am
cowie has ideas to get you into the spirit. good morning. this is a beautiful set. you can host a party while trick or treats are stopping by. >> and we went with this color scheme instead of orange and black. >> i love it. looks very nice. this is an easy touch, right? >> very easy touch. spray paint them red and black, buy them at the craft show and put them in these container, $13. the lovely thing about these containers and pieces i'm working with, not holiday specific. these look good for halloween but just as good for new year's. >> this is a cool design, too. >> pretty amazing. took a stir ro foam ball, painted it red and took these acrylic pieces on. looks like it takes a long time but could call it occupational
9:46 am
therapy. not everyone is coming to spend a sit down dinner with you, something sweet or savory and move along. we have chocolate covered strawberries and hot tamales, sexy and fun. candy apples. >> black licorice. >> more candy for the kids. >> all sticking with the red and black. >> pick one color theme from beginning to end. >> even the drink matches. >> this is cranberry with pineapple and orange and adults, add a little bit of vodka. >> here we go, happy halloween. that was a bit more than a bit. you gave me a lot on that one. >> 6:00 somewhere. and we have the pump eerpumpern elbred and chips and garland as
9:47 am
well. >> all of this is probably relatively inexpensive. >> inexpensive, easy to make and store brought items you put together. when you put a buffet together, use a lot of tall vertical elements to make a big impact. i love this beverage server. >> summertime, lemonade. >> allows us to make drinks. >> where did you get this? >> found this from the gallery. >> and not a big punch bowl. >> and everything is not diluted. a potent good cocktail. >> you impress us every time. >> thank you. >> how can you outdo us next. >> bring on christmas. >> it will be here before you know it. we have more spooky sweet treats coming up.
9:48 am
9:49 am
9:50 am
this morning in "today"'s kitchen, calling owl ghoulish gourmets. if bones and brains are on your mind, you will love this dessert first with ann. dessert always first. you will help us make brains, cupcake and graveyard chocolate cake. >> mill many chocolate graveyard cake. >> her we go. . >> desserts are about sharing and this has the major wow factor. we will start off with the centerpiece, the milk chocolate treat. we just melted chocolate here and will place it in a ziploc bag. thank you. we put it over a grasso lass so
9:51 am
stays open. just a ziploc bag. >> just chocolate chips melted down. >> nothing fancy. >> you already have it in your house. take this to our little tray part. >> i know you want this pair of scissors. >> thank you. >> how big of a cut do you want? >> a teeny tiny one. >> okay. >> got some on you. it comes out really quickly. exactly. just make it really fun and swirly. go around. it's a spooky treat so you want to have fun with it. doesn't need to look perfect by any stretch of the imagination. >> how long does that take to set? >> an hour in the refrigerator. give yourself some time and make it the day before and have fun with it. we have this one we made in advance, our centerpiece. would you do the honor. >> one part came off. >> that's okay. trim the tree. >> that's for christmas.
9:52 am
>> wrong holiday. >> you can make it yourself. put this in the middle? >> i made this from scratch but that's my business. >> what i love even as cool as this -- go all the way down, is the dirt you had. how did you make the dirt? >> i crushed up chocolate wafers, so much fun. easy. you have to have gravestones for it to be a cemetery. we took store bought cookies and wrote with gel frosting, boo. where you have r.i.p. >> even your kids would like to decorate. >> and pretzel sticks and mini marshallows. oops, i broke that. >> no big deal. >> and you dip the whole thing in white chocolate. and put that on there? >> exactly. >> if you have a bone.
9:53 am
>> look at you. i will be out of a job soon, you're so good at this. >> any of these things. >> have fun with it. >> i am having fun with it. buy all these things. >> and some pumpkins. isn't that fun? >> we will go back this way, you guys, because right over here, we want to show the finished product you put together. now, you guys are just in time for brains cupcakes. >> you need a little gore in halloween, red velvet cupcakes you cut in and this butter recipe i put a little bit of black food coloring and red food coloring to what i imagine brain matter looks like, swirls and make two hemispheres like the brain has. isn't that fun? >> cute. >> this is what the finished product looks like over here. >> fun. >> beautiful. >> and these are caramel apples. you have to have caramel apples
9:54 am
on halloween. these, you can put special toppings on, whatever you like, change them up and make them special for holidays. they also serve as decorations. >> exactly right and have fun with your kids. thanks so much. a great idea. i learned something. >> so glad. >> kathie lee and hoda catch up with singer songwriter, seal.
9:55 am
state budget cuts are crippling my classroom, so i can't believe the sacramento politicians cut a backroom deal that will give our state's wealthiest corporations a new billion dollar tax give-away, a new handout that can only mean larger class sizes and even more teacher layoffs. but passing prop 24 can change all that. prop 24 repeals the unfair corporate give-away and puts our priorities first. vote yes on prop 24, because it's time to give our schools a break, not the big corporations.
9:56 am
good morning everybody. time is 9:56. checking in with mike for the morning commute.
9:57 am
>> still late on 880 north past the coliseum. slow traffic on the northbound side. had a couple disabled vehicles, a series of issues there heading into downtown over the last hour and a half. yes, hour but it is slowing and it's still there. the map will show you, i want to talk about around 5th still reports of a disabled truck. it sounds like things should be slowing up but slow off 238. 580 is a good alternate if you can take that over there. the golden gate bridge getting into the city moves smoothly right now. light volume of traffic will start to build steadily as more folks are heading to the city because of course the world series game two is going on tonight, rob. we're looking at the golden gate and north of there as well for the weather. >> that looks to be the boundary of the rain as it comes into the afternoon mainly from basically santa rosa, ukiah northward and this rain line is going to move south to north during the afternoon and slow down moving to the east as the system continues to kind of sit just offshore for the afternoon, slowly moving through the east as we head through the evening. in the meantime this afternoon across the bay we'll see 70s out
9:58 am
there again. looks like scattered showers for game two of the world series especially as we head into the night. back to you. >> thanks, rob. there is a big buzz around the world series but for some people that buzz is not from the thrilling action on the diamond. the relief herbal center medical dispensary is giving away free joints every time the giants hit a home run. the center is pushing to legalize marijuana and wants to take advantage of the worldwide stage. >> the giants are in the world series and every home run that they hit we were offering everyone in house at that time a free joint. >> juan uribe's home run meant joints all around and to clarify only people with medical marijuana cards inside the dispensary are able to get the free joints and it is illegal by the way to hand them out in public and we have to say, smoking marijuana is still a federal offense. more local news in half an hour. the "today" show returns in about a minute. have a great morning. we'll see you back here in a bit.
9:59 am
david harmer wrote an education plan titled "abolish the public schools." he even called our schools "insidious" and "socialism." as families struggle to raise their kids, to provide a good education, harmer bragged, "we can design a plan to dismantle them." david harmer is just too radical. we need jerry mcnerney. protecting local schools from devastating cuts. endorsed for his "independence" by the contra costa times, stockton record, and our local teachers. i'm jerry mcnerney, and i approved this message. do i look like someone who's at risk for heart disease? well guess what, i am. heart disease took my dad's life, but it doesn't have to take mine because 80% of cardiac events in women may be prevented if we make the right choices. eighty percent.
10:00 am
you may not know you're at risk, but one woman dies every minute from this largely preventable disease. help bring a voice to this silent killer. speak up to save lives at from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. happy thirst day, everybody. it is the 28th of october. one day until our big halloween show. and they're setting us loose out there. >> we are going to reveal our costumes tomorrow, obviously. >> could be dangerous. >> i know. we have been given a few hints but not too many. >> one hint -- >> i'm ugly again. last year i was yoda.
10:01 am
>> even uglier than last year. >> we had a big night last night for the "today" show. >> i don't know how people live in the city anymore. honestly, you lived in the country as long as i have, and you're used to seagull sounds and then are they allowed to do construction at 4:00, 5:00 in the morning. >> they do construction, there are trucks that back up. when i moved to the city and i used to live in a place where it was quiet, when i moved here, at first i heard every single thing, every truck backing up. >> you get used to it. >> one night i just fell asleep to it and now when i'm sleeping in a quiet place, i get creeped out. because i'm thinking what's that, what's that? there is so much chaos, you don't hear anything. >> tell everyone why we were in the city last night. >> the "today" show was being honored at the broadcasting and cable hall of fame. the first time a live program has been honored at the hall of fame. the whole kit and caboodle was out last night, the whole group, jim bell gave a terrific speech. >> yes, he did. >> up on stage.
10:02 am
and he was great. it is hard to nutshell 50 plus years of the "today" show. >> jim nance was there as well. >> what we were doing there? >> i thought i would take the "today" show once i joined. it was kind of funny. i did feel like the uninvited guest last night. >> what are they doing here? >> you know where i felt totally comfortable? >> where? >> yesterday at the union square theater. we saw a show, you guys, yesterday, that i wish every kid in new york city could see and then after they have seen it, i wish every kid in america could see it. it is such a powerful piece of theater. it is not -- you don't watch it, you experience it. >> it is called "through the night." this one actor -- >> yes, daniel beattie. >> he played the role of, i don't know, six or seven people. >> six characters. >> you honestly believed as he was switching from a little 8-year-old boy to a dad to a
10:03 am
druggy to a lawyer -- >> to a corporate, a very heavy pentecostal preach, a baptist preacher. >> you believe it. i thought, i believe every character that he -- and then when he sang. gorgeous. you wanted to cry. >> it is not a musical but the characters actually sing. and the -- it was almost breathlessly beautiful. >> it was beautiful. >> it was so about the value of a human being and how if a kid is raised in the projects, and makes the certain choices that they do, how they're truly destroying the very lives that -- i don't know how to explain it. it is so many things. >> there was a great line he said, a guy -- he was playing one of the roles, his girlfriend wanted to get pregnant. he said i will not give another child to the projects. i loved that line. i thought he was going to morehouse, he was getting out. >> he had hope. he had hope. >> it was terrific. go see it. "through the night". >> it's worth it. >> more on charlie sheen because it ain't over. he is texting now, which is now
10:04 am
what people do, when they want to get their message out without it being filtered, i guess. >> that i understand. >> do you have a strong opinion? this is a text he sent to -- >> the text tells us everything we need to know about charlie. oh, my man, i'm fine. i'm fine. the story is totally overblown and overplayed as far as the reality of the scenario. i know what went down and that's where it will stay, under wraps. >> your point is, the i'm fine. >> it is about him. it is all about him. not the young girl that was there, who was very young, actually, not illegally young, but 22. i've got a 20, almost 21-year-old kid. that's still young. >> here is the headline, of course, the best headlines, charlie's angel and there is the girl. >> she's a porn star. >> she claims she's not. >> she is a porn star. she's been in many, many movies. >> she's not an escort? >> no. she takes umbrage of being called an escort. >> that's right. >> porn star, she's proud of.
10:05 am
yes, yes. escort, she's not. so, please don't confuse that, hoda. >> well, it was a little confusing. she's in every paper with her picture splashed about. >> it has done great things for her career and i just -- the point for me is, listen, we know this is sort of charlie's mo and everybody can see except for charlie, i think, and he's proving this by not going to any more rehab is that he needs help. he doesn't have it together. he doesn't have it under control. who knows if this girl might have been hurt, if she hadn't locked herself in the bathroom and called for help. because other women have been hurt in the past. and why are we saying that that's okay? we're furious at mel gibson for allegedly hurting his girlfriend, maybe his baby in the meantime, we don't know that story at all, but in this case, why are we not furious at the abuse of women? >> you know what's funny, it's true because it seems like he has a history of that, donny deutsch was in the makeup room and we were asking him about his career. he said he will remain on cbs unless the advertisers say
10:06 am
enough. if they get letters -- >> enough complaints. >> complaints, that's the only way. he doesn't think cbs will take him off the air just because, but if the advertisers start getting his taget ing hesitant, that would be the yawn fall, whi downfall, which is weird to me. >> he's doing a movie now and he'll be back on the set. some people can function at very high levels in spite of the addicts they have. but the fact that it was all so family, it was so serendipity and going to see mary poppens and then a sweet family and they check into their rooms and he's got a porn star -- he admitted to the coke -- >> in one of the papers, but i don't know if that's -- i mean, it is hard to -- that was one of -- it is hard to figure out what the truth is because he might say i didn't say that or i was out of my mind. >> it is hard to know what to believe. but the point is it was -- you don't trash -- you don't do
10:07 am
$7,000 worth -- i only did about $4,000 at my little hotel and i was alone. >> you were tired. >> i can do some major damage all by myself, baby. >> here is something that is really ticking a lot of people off. all right, a marie claire blogger, maura kelly, designeded she wanted to blog about a show on tv called "mike and molly," this overweight couple who they meet at overeaters anonymous. this was her quote about these two. i think i would be grossed out if i had to watch two characters with rolls and rolls of fat kissing each other because i'd be grossed out if i had to watch them do anything. to be brutally honest, even in real life, i find it aesthetically displeasing to watch a very, very fat person simply walk across a room, just like i find it distressing if i saw a drunk person stumbling across a bar or a heroin addict slumping in a chair. okay. you know what, she's on my nerves. i know she apologized later. >> she was asked to write about her feelings by her editor.
10:08 am
>> does she not have anyone heavy in her life at all? >> she says she has plump friends. >> what is plump? >> she looks at mike and molly and said these people aren't plump, they're obese and there say huge obesity problem in our country. that's different than saying i just don't want to watch obese people being intimate. >> i can't understand. you must not really have anyone -- because if you connect with someone at all on any level, who is overweight, you would understand, like, oh, you know, i don't get it. i really don't get it. >> she later admits she has issues of her own in terms of eating. she battled anorexia and that sort of thing. you know when something is so huge in your life that you only see the world through that lens, you know, and a lot of people do, it is just very hard to get out of it. >> but equating an overweight person to a drunk -- like repulsed at a drunk person, a heroin addict. >> here is the greater question, i think. it did hurt people and she says later i didn't mean to offend anybody.
10:09 am
but what -- where is free speech involved in this, hoda? where is -- it is one of our fundamental rights? >> you can say whatever you want, but i -- >> but don't be surprised when there are repercussions for what you share and what you say. >> and, don't know, i don't know, i was offended by it. i thought it was one of those things that if you have ever been overweight in your life -- >> it is hurtful. i'm not defending her. when can we -- when do we start being afraid to say what we truly think? >> i don't know if we should always say what we truly think. >> be decent and kind to one another. but there is no law that says we have to be, we should be. >> i agree with that. i agree with that. >> that's the whole point. >> we should defend anybody's right to their opinion, while defending our own right to say that's obnoxious. >> and we don't like you for saying that and she apologized, but i think it wasn't nice. >> it wasn't nice. >> i don't like your play list. that's not nice either. >> here -- it's thursday!
10:10 am
this is what i -- okay, wait. here's the song. this will make you dance. you can dance anyway you want. it is called the cupid shuffle. hold on. wait. we're going to start this. ♪ down, down, do your dance down, down, down do your dance ♪ ♪ down, down, down do your dance ♪ ♪ they say i'm a rapper i say no ♪ ♪ say what you're doing >> here we go. ♪ the music coming from the soul ♪ >> here comes got part. ♪ a brand-new dance move your muscle ♪ ♪ a brand-new dance >> here comes the dance. ready, here we go. the dancers. ♪ down, down do your dance, do your dance ♪ ♪ to the right, to the right to the right, to the right ♪ ♪ to the left, to the left to the left, to the left ♪
10:11 am
♪ now kick, now kick now kick, now kick ♪ ♪ now walk it by yourself ♪ ♪ now walk it by yourself ♪ >> like the hokey pokey. >> no, it is so much better. ♪ you do the hokey pokey and turn yourself around ♪ ♪ that's what it's all about ♪ >> you did awesome. nice job. ♪ down, down, down do your dance do your dance ♪ >> enough of that. is it okay, hoda woman, to -- where is it? >> bring your child to work? >> bring your child to work. >> you say, yes, a strong work ethic is a great gift to your child. >> what i originally said, is no, if you're a brain surgeon. that's what i said. i don't think anybody wants the brain surgeon's kid around. >> i agree with that. >> i don't like them editing.
10:12 am
i don't like them editing my stuff. what did you say? hoda said, i think it is okay only when it is bring your child to workday. that way you reduce the odds of a meltdown by your kid and your co-workers. >> don't read it like that. i didn't read yours like that. >> this is why i didn't like your song. i've been listening to seal all morning. >> seal. >> unbelievable. >> and david foster produced this record and it is amazing. a little more time with seal. >> i love seal. >> okay. [ bubbles landing ] scrubbing bubbles combine with the water left on your shower walls. ♪ then they clean as they slide down. removes mildew stains and soap scum. cleans a dirty shower in days. then keeps it clean. scrubbing bubbles automatic shower cleaner. we work hard so you don't have to! now with a booster button for even more cleaning power. [ female announcer ] s.c. johnson. a family company.
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10:15 am
grammy award winning artist seal sold more than 15 million albums, but who cares about that? he's also half of one of the sex just couples in celebrityhood. >> you love saying that. seal, of course, is married to supermodel heidi klum, wisely chosen to feature his wife in his newest music video for the romantic ballot, and it is a terrific song called "secret" which is off the single off his latest cd appropriately called "seal 6:commitment." that's all we could show, right? >> if you dug around, you could find an extra ten seconds or so. it is classy. it is tender and intimate. >> if you listen, the song is gorgeous. >> thank you. >> and i think -- i was reading, people write comments on youtube as they watch the video, people -- they cried when they watched it because the intimacy
10:16 am
is so strong, you feel like you're peeking in on your life with heidi. was it hard to convince her to do this? >> no, i'll let you into a secret it was actually her idea. >> really? >> i guess, you know, we wanted to do something which was a kind of real true celebration of our love for each other. and also there is a reference to this song, i don't know if you know, a reference in the song to our first child, lany. and so i guess the idea behind it was to kind of create something while we were still young enough to do it. that, you know, when the kids grow up, especially lany, when she grows up and she being the catalyst that brought us together, when she grows older, she'll have something of an example of how much her parents really loved each other. and so -- >> i think that's the key to the whole thing. in our entire culture today, it seems like we confuse having sex
10:17 am
with making love. we have a whole group of kids out there today that think that if they have sex with someone, they're going to get love back. there is a huge difference, isn't there? >> you have kids, right? >> i have two children. >> you quickly realize that it is something that we have to instill in our kids as we go on. family values, which is a diminishing virtue. >> you would love this broadway show we saw yesterday "through the night," take heidi, take the kids. it is unbelievable. >> i heard it was really great. >> david foster worked with you on this. >> we love our david! >> he calls you fearless, relentless pursuit of greatness, you're just -- >> i think he's being kind. i'm certainly fearless. >> he is too, right? >> yeah, he is. he's a genius. you know that. and we had such a great time making that solo album before that that we wanted it to continue.
10:18 am
i begged him basically to do this. >> he is a little busy. >> yeah. and, but, yeah, it's always an amazing experience. i think one of the things that often gets overlooked about david, when, you know, people talk about him is how inspiring he is. and that's the kind of -- i guess it is the number one quantity you require from a great producer when you're working with him, he needs someone to inspire you and he does that. >> what are you going to be for halloween? a huge thing in your family. >> there was something in "the new york post," a preview of her costume, let's say she's going to be really tall and i'm 6'4 ". >> really tall? >> she's going to make me look about -- >> look at your other costumes. you always knock it out of the park. >> that was her idea. >> when you're not making love, you're having fun. it is great. >> it is kind of the same thing. >> seal, thank you. >> the cd is fantastic. >> it is a terrific one. >> beautiful. >> you guys are great, thank you. >> if trick-or-treating is not
10:19 am
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10:22 am
>> it is 30 miles north of manhattan. made famous by washington irving's short story. if you're looking for a full theatrical production, consider sleepy hollow, they do a walking tour with vampires, goblins, ghosts. it is done by an emmy award winning lighting technician, so it is really top notch and it is only $20. and just north of new york. >> all right. let's head to chicago. >> why not? >> the trump hotel and tower in chicago, it was rated top hotel by travel and leisure readers, you can stay there for $499, a splurge, but they have a room with a boo package. they throw in a cocktail, halloween inspired sushi, all sorts of fun stuff for a splurge, right in the loop, in the great place in chicago. a top hotel and to celebrate halloween. >> and providence, rhode island. >> at the roger williams zoo, the third oldest zoo in the united states, they do 5,000 carved pumpkins on display and an all you can eat barbecue extravaganza with pulled pork sandwiches and pumpkin cheesecake.
10:23 am
you can see 1,000 animals and amazingly carved pumpkins done by professionals. only $12 a person. really great. >> that's so affordable. i didn't realize. >> people won't go if it's not. >> if you are in the midwest, milwaukee might be a hot spot for you to go to. >> especially if you want to see a ghost. at the fister hotel, downtown milwaukee, you see the ghost of mr. charles fister who founded the hotel in 1993. he's there to welcome everybody. >> where is the ghost? what do you mean you can see it? >> you have to go to see, hoda. >> you have to go on halloween. they have a room with a boo package. my favorite thing, they throw in booberry pancakes. >> stop it. las vegas is halloween all the time. what's going on special this time of the year? >> at the hard rock hotel and casino, they're doing the fetish and fantasy ball. >> see. >> over the top. >> that's where you need to go, a little break from your book signings. >> crazy until 4:00 a.m. if you want to bring the family, on sunday, they have their inaugural halloween day parade.
10:24 am
>> don't take them to the fetish thing. there is enough of that. >> back to the east coast, something in boston. >> if you have a costume, consider arriving at the colonade hotel. if you costume is the scariest or most original, 31% off your stay. this is a beautiful hotel, just renovated to the tune of $25 million and not going to look like that in the fall because boston is known for its foliage, but no matter where you're going, make sure you have a really great time. >> thank you. >> you did it. >> got it all in. still to come, procrastinator and busy moms, hear this. >> last minute costume ideas coming your way, but you got to wait until after your local news. meet amelia and abby. ( giggling ) they've got big imaginations and the loving family grand dollhouse has plenty of room... i'm the mommy. we're the twins. ... to let their imaginations roam free. ( giggling ) breakfast ! there's a grand staircase, coming ! a nursery big enough for twins... ( giggling )
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10:26 am
to get you started. campbell's condensed soup. pass it on. campbell's.® it's amazing what soup can do.™ good morning everybody. time is 10:26. i'm brent cannon. the east bay looks a little bit better i think. >> a little better. 880 is still slower than we expect this time of the day. 10:25 and still speeds well below the 40-mile-per-hour mark. coming up past the coliseum heading up into downtown. now this piece of metal is reported at fifth but at least a disabled truck is moved. 580 is a good alternate or b.a.r.t. great option out of the east bay over to the city. take that if you're heading to the ballpark or in the area b.a.r.t. to muni over to the giants is an option for you. caltrain will take you straight to the ballpark as well. no need for a second form of transportation to the ballpark. and across from the east bay you
10:27 am
can take caltrain. just go over the san mateo bridge and catch it along the peninsula. the san mateo bridge moves smoothly. a nice, easy drive and a clear view right here. what do you see in the skies? >> right now we're looking at the clear skies. mainly san francisco southward where i think today we're talking 70s for highs where most of the rain will be off in the north bay. we'll see 50s and 60s there. most of the rain continues up on the north coast. eventually this line is going to drift to the south toward the evening but slow down as it approaches the bay area. so plan on scattered showers probably as we go through game time for game two of the world series, best bet for rain continues to be tomorrow and saturday. especially for the south bay. good news for halloween. we'll be clearing out, drying now, the even now, more news after the break. betwen with no plan for the future and a billionaire with no government experience. well, let me tell you my story. my husband and i came here as newlyweds. we raised our family here and the california dream came true for me in ways i could never have imagined. now i'm running for governor
10:28 am
to restore the california dream for everyone. i'm not a career politician or a hollywood star. i'm from silicon valley, where i created thousands of jobs at ebay. as governor, i'll do something that's been missing from california politics for far too long. i'll treat you like grownups, tell it to you straight, and offer a practical plan forward. these are scary times and i know that cleaning up sacramento won't be easy. our problems are tough, but so am i. if you want more of the same from sacramento, then vote for my opponent. but if you want to get california moving again, i'm ready. are you? i was supposed to retire there. carly fiorina changed all that. [ cheri ] fiorina laid off 30,000 people. and she shipped our jobs to china. and india. i had to pack my bags and i was out the door that night. we even had to train our replacements. she didn't need 5 corporate jets.
10:29 am
[ farrell ] one hundred million for herself. fiorina never cared about our jobs. not then and not now. [ boxer ] i'm barbara boxer and i approve this message. relief could be coming soon for people affected by the san bruno explosion. the state public utilities commission will consider pg&e's request in its way to help victims with their bills today and will also talk about increasing gas line pressure to serve the customers in that area again. pg&e says the transmission line that exploded is now going to be relocated. many people who live in san bruno say that will allow them to rebuild without fear. we do not know where that pipe, though, is going to be placed now. jurors in a high profile murder for hire case are now talking about why they convicted a south bay restaurant owner. juror number one tells the mercury news that all 12 jurors thought paul garcia lied on the stand as he testified about the killing of mark achilles. jurors believed garcia was so
10:30 am
jealous about a bartender's relationship with achilles that he hired a hit man and middle man to gun him down. he had sold two los gatos bars to garcia in late 2007. thanks for joining us this morning. the "today" show continues. ng co'l.eewext we'l s blouac yeek here tomorrow morning. have a great day. we're back on this thursday with "today's health." does my doctor really need to know that? >> 28% of us admit to sometimes lying to our doctors -- >> those of you who aren't are lying. >> we do it out of fear or embarrassment or because it doesn't seem to be that important. there are consequences to those little white lies. >> are there? >> yeah. >> julie bain is the health director at "ladies' home journal" and i guess you go to >> i guess when you go to
10:31 am
the doctor, you don't tell the whole truth, it is because you don't think my doctor doesn't need to know that sort of thing. >> or you judge -- >> you may not realize it is something they may need to know for your health. you have to get over the embarrassment thing or wanting the doctor's approval, it has to be a no embarrassment zone. >> they may ask you something like, you know, how many glasses of wine do you drink a week or something. and sometimes i guess people would downplay that. >> people do tend to lie about how much they drink. and -- >> absolutely. >> doctors know that. you factor that in, right? >> we know that. we ask patients to be honest with us. obviously, moderate alcohol consumption is beneficial, but heavy alcohol consumption can lead to serious misdemeanor conditions -- high blood pressure, diabetes, breast cancer. >> rotten liver. >> weight gain. that sort of thing. >> a lot of us are intimidated to tell our doctors because either you feel like you're being judged or you just feel uncomfortable. you feel like he doesn't need to know i have a cigarette every couple of weeks, who cares? you know, that kind of stuff. >> this is a person you see maybe once a year if you're not sick. right? that's part of it, too.
10:32 am
if you're sick, wouldn't you have more incentive to tell your doctor everything, if you're going around and feel great and you're -- >> but your doctor needs to be able to assess your risks. and about half of social smokers, people who just smoke when they have a cocktail or something tend to call themselves nonsmokers. the doctor might not even realize, but even a few cigarettes can have pretty major consequences. >> a puff of a cigarette occasionally can lead to strokes, cardiac disease, hypertension, cancer. things of that nature. >> i checked in a hotel room last night, and the room reeked of tobacco. and i just said, i'm sorry, i cannot stay here. that's not even secondhand smoke. it is not -- there is no smoke there. it is the smell. will that damage at you all? >> the smell itself isn't damaging, it is the chemicals in the smoke that can affect the lung tissue and starve the tissue of oxygen. absolutely, yes. >> what about if they ask you about other medicines that you have been prescribed and sometimes you think, birth control, who cares about that and you skip over things. >> when it comes to meds, people are embarrassed to tell their doctor that they ordered something online or they're
10:33 am
taking something that will make you more potent and powerful or, you know, some weight loss stuff. >> all the herbal stuff. >> and the doctor really needs to know. those are drugs, and, of course, the doctor needs to know all your prescription drugs, but anything you take, even vitamins, fish oil, aspirin, can have major interactions. >> i feel like the best doctors ask a follow-up. when you say i don't take anything. what about so and so? you go, yeah, well, that. >> are you taking vitamins, fish oil -- >> i like when they do that. >> you have to be persistent, fish out and to actually tell the patient it is so important you tell me everything. i can't help you otherwise. >> i think we overstate how much we exercise when they ask. >> oh, yeah. >> i'm getting plenty of exercise. >> why are you 25 pounds more overweight than you were last time, right? >> even if you haven't gained weight, if you're not getting your heart moving, you're more at risk. >> you have to sweat. going to the gym and reading a book and getting on the treadmill is not beneficial. you have to break a sweat. you have to get your heart rate up. that is so important. >> you say you watch us every day. why aren't you out there
10:34 am
studying and practicing medicine? >> and doing surgery. >> so nice to have you both. thank you very much. lied through my teeth through the whole thing. >> i know you did. up next, super heroes and snooki, watch out, bobbie thomas has original last minute costume ideas. bobbie thomas has origin last minute costume ideas. okay. all packed. [ susan ] i hate that the reason we're always stopping is because i have to go to the bathroom. and when we're sitting in traffic, i worry i'll have an accident.
10:35 am
be right back. so today i'm finally going to talk to my doctor about overactive bladder. [ female announcer ] if you're suffering, today is the day to talk to your doctor and ask about prescription toviaz. one toviaz pill a day significantly reduces sudden urges and accidents all day and all night. and toviaz comes with a simple, 12-week plan with tips on training your bladder. if you have certain stomach problems or glaucoma or cannot empty your bladder, you should not take toviaz. toviaz can cause blurred vision and drowsiness, so use caution when driving or doing unsafe tasks. the most common side effects are dry mouth and constipation. [ susan ] today, i'm visiting my son without visiting every single bathroom. [ female announcer ] why wait? ask about toviaz today. we all do it. but you don't have to. thanks to secret flawless renewal... with odor-absorbing micro capsules that capture... odor and release a fresh scent. it's still working, so you can stop checking.
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a breakthrough formula with natural moisturizers that can nourish deep down. it's the most effective natural nourishment ever. dove deep moisture with nutriummoisture. superior natural nourishment for your skin. it may be three days away, but we are wishing you a happy halloween today with ideas for
10:38 am
those last-minute costumes. >> we called in the couture queen, "instyle" contributor bobbi thomas. love our bobbi, to put together ideas that will help you howl. >> i already love this segment. i already love this segment. >> i love halloween and don't want to talk because i want to show you what we have. at the craft store, go to michael's or joanne's, this is what you can do as a group if you're a bunch of females. why not be a troll doll from the '80s? hongly, i went to american apparel, but you can dress up in your own closet, color coordinate and have fun, tease your hair, spray it. >> raise your hand if you have your real hair. everybody but ali. >> we just used water bottles inside the hair. the water bottle will help hold the hair up. sally beauty supplies across the country has the colored spray. you can do this in a day. >> so adorable. >> we didn't recognize ali. >> she's actually quite beautiful.
10:39 am
>> maggie, autumn, amy, ali, thank you. >> thank you all. >> for the boys. >> this is really fun for the guys to be pac-man. come on out. pac-man and the ghosts. this is actually a cardboard box with some paper wrapped around it. and felt fabric from the store, like the fleece fabric is really inexpensive. and this is something that you can do, again, in just a few hours and have fun. this could be great for the kids or the big guys in your life, easy. >> hard to store until next halloween, but what the heck. >> genius. >> kevin, dennis, michael, roble, thank you. >> thanks, guys. good one. >> if you're a couple and you want to have sort of that themed idea, i've got some really comfy, cute ideas. what about care bears, right? >> no way frank gifford would do that. >> you can stay in your pajamas and print this out on the computer, wear your sweats and add slippers. super easy. >> and warm too. >> warm. >> how cute. >> we have another couple that also is also in pjs, but the
10:40 am
sweeps stakes winning couple. you win a prize, you wear your robe out the door. >> very cute. >> okay, we signed it, kathie lee and hoda. >> okay. i love that, you guys. great. >> nice job. this is adorable. >> the kissing booth and the what can amole. whack-a-mole. and tickled pink. flora is tickled pink. >> let's start with the kissing booth. it is adorable. >> super easy, a cardboard box, some fabric we scrapped up and he's ready to go. >> look at trevor. he's ready. lay one on him. >> and jonathan who we love here, he's our old familiar game from the chuck e. cheese whack-a-mole, and gloria proves that anyone can grab pink and a feather dustered, and you're tickled pink.
10:41 am
>> how gorgeous is she? fantastic. >> thanks, everybody. jonathan, gloria, the gang, bye, sweetie. >> a cast of thousands. >> for the kids, get ready to melt. >> eva and tommy. they're adorable in baskets. this is a laundry basket we covered in tin foil. she's a cupcake. and tommy, wave. >> the hot air balloon boy. he's in the air. this is a laundry basket. we added a few other things. >> i can't take it. >> adorable. >> we had so much fun and more babies for you. >> i love this. >> thanks, kids. >> you guys did so good. >> you did well, too. >> and that, too. >> okay. let's bring out the pillsbury doughboy. >> amy goodman is a contributor here that we see a lot. this is her mom and rowan, her baby, who is the adorable pillsbury baby and the baker.
10:42 am
>> and the lobster in the pot. >> these two babies are twins and antonio and lorenzo with sabrina and joe, the parents, who are -- this is the chef and the lobster and the sugar daddy with the -- >> with the tootsie roll! >> oh, the sugar daddy. >> last but not least, we have spider baby and mommy down here, and the dad just threw a net over, because he's a catch. >> i'm the catch. >> can we do close-ups again on the babies? i can't take it. look at the pillsbury and the lobster. >> the spider mommy baby at the end is a harness. put socks filled to look like the spider and netting over the skirt. >> i'm just going to say, we have seen a lot of halloween segments. this is our favorite one. this is the favorite halloween segment. >> thank you, everybody. >> okay, that's it. all right. up next, hoda, what happens. >> what happens when you mix a computer geek with a foodie. we have some recipes. that's what comes next. so adorable. computer geek with a foodie. we have some recipes. that's what comes next.
10:43 am
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time for "today's kitchen" and we're getting saucy and breaking all the rules. if you're the type of cook that likes to express your creativity in the kitchen, check this out. >> jeff potter is a computer geek with a love for food. he combined his two passions and came up with "cooking for geeks". >> what else? >> real science, great hacks and good food. >> hello, jeff. good to see you. >> i'm well, thanks for having me. >> nice to see you. you're going to whip up a little something for us today. >> the book is really food science. a lot of that comes with what a geek is, somebody who likes to think of things in new ways and unusual things. >> geeks get a bad rap. >> a lot of people think geeks are technology geeks but you can be a geek if you like to know how things work. >> i'm a broadway geek. >> here we have today a new way of looking at brownies.
10:48 am
we'll make brownie in an orange. >> how did you think of that idea? >> he's a geek. >> i know. but i don't get it. >> we're used to oranges and eating them. you look around your kitchen, what else can you do with things you have? this is a great way of dressing up brownies, great, easy dessert. >> i'm sure the taste of it infuses the brownie as well, wouldn't you think, jeff potter? >> absolutely. let's get started here. if you want to whisk together the egg and the water and the oil. >> oh, hoda, get in there a little bit. >> i'm trying to cook. will you pour this in? i can't do everything. >> i'll slice up anning o inup . take the orange, slice the bottom off so it doesn't roll around. >> that is this? >> oil and water. >> standard brownie mix but you can use any brownie recipe you like. >> got it. >> take the orange, cut off the top. >> and the bottom. >> and take your knife and run it around the side. nice and easy and quick. >> when did you really first know you were a geek? >> oh, i grew up in the bay
10:49 am
area, so i think when i was born. to my parents, here is your baby, here is his keyboard. >> silicon valley. >> i ended up at brown, studied computer science. >> you were surrounded by them and felt comfortable there. >> absolutely. through it all, i maintained my sanity as i jokingly say by cooking for friends. i discovered when i got to college that so many of my friends didn't know how to cook. i had parents who did cook. it is part might have background. >> and made you very popular too. >> so we have it nice and cleaned out. >> so we have a few. so if you want to put the brownie mix into the -- >> should i fold it or dump it? >> why don't we whisk it? >> let's try both at the same time. >> he says we can do it. >> for me, when it comes to the kitchen, having fun with it is what it is all about. if you're not sure, try it both ways. if it comes out, you learned something. if it doesn't, do it a different way. >> that's right. ben franklin didn't get everything right the first time either in his experiments. >> and he was a geek.
10:50 am
>> he was so much more. >> is this supposed to be creamy? >> i think you're fine. grab a spoon here. >> okay. >> and just dumbp thp that in t >> dump what in there? >> or lick the whisk. >> that's half the fun. and put it in there. >> put it in there. >> okay. >> and this is really easy. you want to put enough in there so you can -- maybe two-thirds full. >> because it is going to rise. >> if you put too much in there, it is going to overflow. >> this was not mixed very well. you got to really mix this. >> stop criticizing. >> look at the chocolate chip in there. >> is that really chocolate chips? >> it is. >> all right. >> chocolate chip. >> okay. i'm out of spoons now. dump it on to the tray. want to bake this maybe 20, 25 minutes. >> okay. >> you can tell when it is done, you use a toothpick but it is personal preference. maybe it comes out a little moist, like a molten lava cake and really good. >> are these done here? >> even when they fall over like that, they're supposed to?
10:51 am
they're adorable. >> put them on a nice plate and you can see the edge there. >> should we taste? we got to run hon. this was great. great job. >> nice to meet you. you're adorable. >> thank you. up next, can't have food without something -- a little sip of something. we're going to pour some spooky spirits for the grown-up ghouls this halloween. but first this is "today" on nbc.
10:52 am
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chase what matters.
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you got cider for the kids, candy, but what about the mature monsters on your list? >> ray lyle stored up some wines and beers that could quench a vampire's thirst. >> absolutely. >> hello, darling. >> good to see you. >> you're in the spirit. >> absolutely. >> i've got the orange tie. >> let's go. >> so spellbound chardonnay. spellbound. this is made by rob mondavi jr.,
10:55 am
a pedigree there, and it is a good, nice, california chardonnay, about 14 bucks a bottle. >> yep, yep. >> and good, juicy, sweet. >> very, very nice. >> about 14 bucks, spellbound. >> that tastes far more expensive. >> i know. good thing about it. that's because it is magical. >> honestly, that would have surprised me in a taste test. >> then we have bogul phantom. the reason it is called phantom, the family athat mathat makes i bogul but it is a name for a phantom or a sprite. >> didn't breathe first. >> i don't have to breathe. i like it. >> that's about 17, 18 bucks a bottle, i think it is listed at $20. you can find it for less. >> nice, full bodied. very nice. >> this is fun. this is the flora springs ghost winery release. they release this every year on halloween. you can actually get it from them if you want to get it from the winery, get it fedexed in
10:56 am
time for you for halloween. napa valley cabernet franc 2006 ghost wine. it was abandoned after prohibition. >> poor thing. >> i know. then they started it up again. >> oh, good. >> happy ending. >> and apparently has a ghost in it. >> well, i'll be the judge of that. >> that's good too. >> that's a little more expensive. that's 40 bucks a bottle. >> i like this one better too. >> the bogul is a great wine. and easy to fine too. >> a little more acidic. >> and the beer. >> you love wine more than beer, but -- >> we're not snobs. i don't know what you heard. >> so smutty nose pumpkin ale. there say long tradition of pumpkin ales. >> they had pumpkins, they used them. >> had to do something with them. >> cheers. >> that has got pumpkin, a little spice. >> don't like it? >> no. >> and you either like it or you don't. >> i can see why some people
10:57 am
would, but i don't like guinness, it tastes a little -- >> this is a victory hot devil. and it is sort of devilishy hoppy and spicy and citrusy. >> i didn't sleep all last night either. this is not a good idea. that is -- >> sara, get in here. >> i saw beer. >> this one -- >> straight for the pendle witch's brew. this is it. this is from england, from morehouse brewery, pendle witch's brew, perfect for halloween. >> i got to give ray a kiss. come on. love you, ray. thank you, baby. tomorrow, come down for the plaza, it is halloween. we'll be looking for you out there. >> halloweenpalooza. and ambush makeovers and last me, a lot of ideas.ot of surprises. >> get ready. >> hoda is going to be naked. don't miss it. it is going to be awesome. >> who are you?
10:58 am
david harmer wrote an education plan titled "abolish the public schools." he even called our schools "insidious" and "socialism." as families struggle to raise their kids, to provide a good education, harmer bragged, "we can design a plan to dismantle them." david harmer is just too radical. we need jerry mcnerney. protecting local schools from devastating cuts. endorsed for his "independence" by the contra costa times, stockton record, and our local teachers.
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