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tv   NBC11 News The Bay Area at 6  NBC  October 29, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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as a boy. william lynch accused a jesuit priest of molesting him and his brother decades ago. we are live in san jose right now for this story. george, what are police telling you? ? >> reporter: he'll be bailing out of the main jail sometime soon. he and his attorney surrendered today at the santa clara county sheriff's department. they arrested lynch in what they're calling a revenge beating of a priest. detectives say lynch told them he and his brother were molested 35 years ago by a jesuit priest named lindhner. this past may, lynch found out lindhner was living in los gatos. he went over there and asked for the priest. lynch is said to have asked him do you remember me? >> he shows newspaper front of
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other people and starts attacking the father with closed fists until he actually goes down to the floor. that's pretty vicious. >> reporter: now, detectives say he had bruises and cuts all over his body. investigators say only recently did they connect lynch to the beating. they are not comment be about other alleged sexual abuse cases against lindhner, even some from his only family. they are only investigating lynch's alleged assault on the priest. again, will lynch is expected to be bailed out of jail sometime soon. we'll have a complete report at 11:00 tonight. nbc bay area news. george, thank you. the white house warns there may be more to the terrorist plot that involved two explosive packages from yemen. planes were detained here in the u.s., no explosives were found here. the parcels containing explosives were intercepted in
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dubai and england and are suspected of being the work of the yemeni branch of al qaeda. they were headed to chicago. it does appear the packages contained the same explosive material used byç the underwea bomber last december. that afemd bombing was linked to the same group. coming up at 6:30, we'll see what san francisco international and other bay area airports are doing in light of this terror threat. >> let's turn to the weather. cloudy skies and rain on this friday. nbc bay area jennifer hill has the forecast. >> last weekend it was a washout. we see mornhe o t this on t radar, more clouds coming in. a stream of moisture coming our way. thankfully this will not be quite as long-lived as what we w last weekend. not a lot of activity outhy of the bay, san jose, los gatos. more rainouefinitely along the area beaches. but as we go to the north, that's where we see quite a bit
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of activity along the 101, sant, rosa up through petaluma. there have been intermittent breaks in the activity. looking at the east bay, showers moving through danville, walnut creek and concord. not a lot happening in san francisco. you're about to get another shower coming through. again, once you head north of the bay, that's received pretty steady rain, especially up through the stenson beach area up through san rafael. as we take it over to texas, well, we have nice weather there. because it looks like -- we're not only going to seat giants winning but nice weather as well. predicting highs in the 70s and 80s. a few more clouds for monday. but it looks really nice. >> we don't have to worry about rainouts then. >> yes. >> that will be good news for raj mathai. what do you see in arlington,
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texas? >> reporter: it is beautiful here. it was 70 degrees when we landed. the rangers practiced a little, the giants practiced a little. giants fans and people who don't like the giants wondering how in the world is this team doing it? we have to start believing it. the giants with the commanding 2-0 series lead. here we are in arlington, texas, 20 minutes west of dallas. the cowboys stadium is right here. we are here at the ballpark. let's get to the giants. they were on the field about 90 minutes ago. just a light workout. at this point in the playoffs, everyone is pretty exhausted. you are running on fumes and adrenaline. the giants are here and it's that whole deal, just cool, calm and collected. in theory, they've been playing the pressure situations for the last few weeks, not just in the playoffs. the giants ready to go while the texas rangers still stunned about what's happening in the series. it's a special homecoming for one of the giants' biggest stars.
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we're talking about aubrey huff. here he is on the field tonight, this evening, very special why? because he grew up just about 60 minutes away from where we are, in a small town called mineral wells, went to high school at nearby ft. worth. aubrey huff, raised by a single mother after his father was murdered. he put his energy into sports, into baseball and basketball. they didn't have much money growing up. he was a sports star. we spent some time in his hometown of mineral wells along with his coaches. >> he commanded respect. he just did things that made people want to follow him. >> when he got between the lines, it didn't matter if it was on a baseball diamond, basketball court, if it was between the lines, he was ready to go.ç >> reporter: special thanks to their coaches today out of mineral wells. aubrey huff also enjoying this homecoming. had a difficult childhood but he
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took solace in basketball and baseball. we'll hear from some of the giants players and take you inside the giants clubhouse. as for the schedule tonight, relax and get ready for tomorrow. one final thing, the giants all arrived here on one charter flight out of sfo. tomorrow, another charter flight comes into texas with all the giants friends and family. it will be quite a scene in just a little while. we send it back to you in the bay area. >> raj, i guess the people in mineral wells are conflicted. who are they going to root for? >> they are rooting for the rangers but they love aubrey huff. >> aubrey goes 4 for 4 but we win. all right. orange and black gear is flying off the shelves across the bay area and it's not for halloween as we know. nbc bay area faux photo journal ist rich kado.
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>> we get a shipment, check it in and we put it out and it seems to go as fast as it comes in. we were actually taking names down and phone numbers and calling them when the merchandise came in. >> since sunday's game, especially they have been coming in just buying out everything we have, no matter what size it is, anything for their husbands, themselves, women are buying it for themselves. >> we ordered the torture t-shirt. i don't know if we'll get it. hopefully we'll get it. the championship world series merchandise is not here yet but we have orders in. >> i've been a giants fan probably most of my life, since i'm a nature san franciscan. >> they print all night long. it gets shipped as soon as it's ready. >> it's not sitting in a box somewhere? >> no, it's not. >> texas rangers and/or giants.
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it's printed that day. >> that night. they print all night long. >> i brought one home and my wife took it as soon as i walked through the door. >> oh, she did. >> i have to get my own now. >> i hope they win. i think they'll win. i've been telling people all along, they're going to win. they're going to do it. it's their turn. >> are you done? >> i'm done. >> well, we will know soon enough. what a shot for our economy, huh? >> given our long struggling economy, we are used to seeing police department budgets being cut. so what do cops do to protect their homes? in some cases they're turning to silicon valley technology. tech reporter scott budman is here to show us how. >> reporter: whenever there's a problem, silicon valley technology has a solution. in this case, budget cuts in the police department mean fewer officers on the beat. a tech company is partnering with the pd to put its products on patrol.
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with police department budgets being cut but your home security still top of mind -- >> you just -- >> reporter: technology is coming to the rescue. >> it's neighborhood watch silicon valley style. >> reporter: now, the police department of silicon valley is turning to local technology for help. help. &háhp &hc& it would be crazy not to. we are here in the heart of silicon valley. we have some of the best technology companies in the world, why wouldn't we leverage that. >> reporter: this is some of what they're leveraging, high definition cameras and software from logitech, famous for the mouse next to your computer, now try tock the security camera in your home. >> it's characterized by grainy video, difficult to install, difficult to use. we really wanted to solve this. >> reporter: logitech which is partnering with san jose's pd
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and neighborhood watch groups is one of several companies taking home security and making it mobile. >> part of what we're trying to do now is say to people, look, you can get information on the fly, you can get information to protect your house, not just global information about stock. this is going to permeate different parts of our lives and different parts of the police department as well. >> reporter: it's technology to help keep you safe while making safety more of the do it yourself situation. >> as part of the pilot program, logitech is donating 50 of its cameras to local neighborhood watch groups. the cameras typically run from $230 to $250 each. >> go ahead, lisa. there's a lot of talk about texas oil company pushing the measure to stop emission caps. there's another issue on the ballot as well. ad> and nasa talks about whatan southwa dr y. ianerads our wa
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♪ great work everybody! now freshly remodeled, your target has never been better. she's against banning assault weapons... and that's reckless and dangerous. she's for risky new oil drilling that could threaten our jobs. fiorina's plan would mean slashing social security and medicare, which would devastate seniors. and she'd make abortion a crime. no wonder fiorina is endorsed by sarah palin. carly fiorina. just too extreme for california. [ boxer ] i'm barbara boxer and i approve this message.
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senator barbara boxer appears to be fending off republican carly fiorina. here's alease kirchner with the story. >> reporter: four days ago in the campaign in a new field pole shows barbara boxer in an eight-point lead against fiorina. today, she fired back, saying there's no truth to the latest numbers. out of the hospital and back on the campaign trail -- >> candy for everyone who votes for carly. >> reporter: fiorina stumps with businesswomen today. there is nothing sweet about her message to barbara boxer. >> no barbara boxer, the stimulus bill hasn't worked. no, your policies of bailing, borrowing, spending, taxing are not working either. let's face it, she's had her
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chance. she's been there 28 years. >> reporter: in a recent field pole, the democratic incumbent may not be going anywhere. 49% of likely voters support boxer. compared to 41% favoring fiorina. one in ten voters remain undecided. >> the truth is, the democratic party is trying to rescue barbara boxer because they know she's going to lose on november 2nd. >> reporter: in recent weeks, the president, first lady and the vice president all came to town to support boxer. the parade of politicians fiorina says proves her democratic challenger is desperate. >> we have a whole set of internal polls as well as a whole set of external polls that say this race is very, very tight. it's winnable and that it comes down in many ways to turnout. >> reporter: alease kirchner, nbc bay area news. dianne feinstein spoke
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against prop 19, the measure to legalize marijuana. she had no comment about this latest field poll. in southern california today, a routine campaign stop for meg whitman turned into a class with state workers who tried to drown out her message at a glendale bakery. whitman did engage with one demonstrator. >> i'm wrong? that's why you should not be governor because you don't even know the facts of the thousands of teachers and nurses that are going to be a factor. and then it's going to be the students and the teachers. are you aware of that? >> i think people want more civil dialogue. this is not what this is about. >> the california nurse's association has been following whitman, staging protests and parading a character costumed as queen meg. the union bus pulled up today shortly before the candidate did and larry, i can't help but think maybe the jerry brown campaign watched this today and winced just a little bit.
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>> the california nurse's association has been so much in the brown camp. the last thing you want is that thing that will mess things up. we talked about proposition 23, all the oil money behind it. there's a lot of money in the prop 26 game as well, larry and big names there. >> chevron, $4 million. several other oil companies as well. what's 26? what's this all about? this is the proposition i call the sleeper. it's the sleeper of all of them, tom. what it would do is require the legislature to get a two-tzirds vote before raising any taxes, any fees of any kind and force the local governments to get a vote from the people on any fee or tax that they would raise. so it really takes the whole thing and puts it into the hands of the people locally and forces the legislature to come across every time. you can begin to see why so many businesses would like this proposition. >> for instance, what kind of businesses are behind it? >> we have chevron oil, other
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oil companies. we have the american beverage association. a long list of major hitters. anheuser-busch, $1 million. these people have put in about $15 million. they want this to pass. then they won't have to worry about 2 3. >> in the time we have left, we have an interesting development with prop 23. it takes us up to fresno county where on the ballot is the old language that was struck down by a judge. and the old language says that major polluters are involved. the wording was order changed by a judge. it did not get changed for this ballot. it's supposed to say major sources of emissions. it didn't. >> the what can we do about it. >> that's a big difference. not much can be done about it, unfortunately. we're talking about 380,000 voters here. that can sway it in one way or another. hopefully the difference one way or another will be beyond that. >> proponents are saying that
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the new ballots have to be mailed out in a hurry. probably 30% of the ballots have been returned. >> exactly. >> we'll be talking to you throughout election day. >> yes, sir. >> all righty. >> count on nbc bay area news for complete election coverage. at 8:00 when the polls close, we'll start our coverage on channel 11-2 and comcast channel 186. then at 9:00 p.m. here on nbc bay area, the political team will begin coverage of the national races followed by a special 11:00 p.m. hour-long newscast with your complete bay area and california election coverage. >> scientists are circling the wagons in germany today to figure out if a deadly asteroid is headed our way. believe it or not, there are strategies that could be implemented to change an asteroid's course. >> and we don't even have to develop new technology.
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that is our existing space technology enables us to actually slightly change the orbit of an asteroid that we see headed for an impact 15 or 20 or 50 years ahead of us. >> scientists and politicians agree that avoiding a collision with an asteroid is a problem that transcends boundaries. experts from all over the world are participating in the exchange. all righty. well, the halloween weekend is upon us. >> yes. >> and let's see how things look. jennifer hill standing by to take a look. >> when you look at the current radar and the satellite, you think it will be like last weekend. look at all the rain that's shoving into the bay area right now. we have a lot of cloud cover as well. relief is on the way. we begin to see the skies clearing as high pressure builds in from the south. right now, rain affecting the north bay and finally coming into the south bay. current temperatures are in the 50s and in the 60s. 56 degrees in santa rosa.
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60 in san francisco, 63 in san jose and 61 right now in santa cruz. well, go up northç we see mostf the rain happening along 101, it continues to rain during the commute home. i'm sure traffic is very slow because of that. remember to drive with your lights on when the rain is falling like this so you're much easier to see. down to the south, not a lot of activity here unless you're right along the beach. that's where we're seeing most of the activity. also some happening in the mountains as well. in the east bay, a few showers rolled through danville, walnut creek an concord along the 680. those are few and far between. we were talking about san francisco earlier in the show and saying the rain is about to come your way. here it comes. along the 280, the 101, we see the rain coming up from south to north. that was the next few minutes. we'll look ahead. this is a futurecast product, starting here at 7:00 through tomorrow morning. we'll see light showers. this is 5:00 a.m. tomorrow.
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here's 9:00 a.m. and here's 12:00 and we begin to see the rain coming to an end as the high pressure takes ahold. there we have sunday, not a lot of rain happening at all for sunday. we'll keep our temperatures in the 60s at 4:00 for tomorrow with that rain coming to an end. 64 in oakland. 66 in fremont, 67 in livermore. coming up, a look at the seven-day forecast and your trick or treat forecast. >> we'll see you for that. thank you, jennifer. biologists have discovered a new species of spider. parabecium yosemite lives in yosemite park and looks like a scorpion. if humans get close, it gets ready to attack, putting out its claws. experts are puzzled about this discovery because the spider was found in caves that haven't existed for very long. here's one of the odd traits. these spiders can spin ka socac
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to keep themselves warm. just ahead from creepy to sexy? bob redell introduces us to f e in the bay area. and the ski resorts open for the season now.
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our points from chase sapphire preferred are worth 25% more on travel. we're like forget florida, we're going on a safari. so we're on the serengeti, and seth finds a really big bone.
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we're talking huge. they dig it up, put it in the natural history museum and we get to name it. sethasauraus. really. your points from chase sapphire preferred are worth 25% more on travel? means better vacations. that's incredible. believe it...with chase sapphire preferred your points are worth 25% more on travel when booked through ultimate rewards. we wouldn't call him the most eligible bachelor. most wanted is more like it. >> there are no shortage of females willing to mate with him, assuming they don't kill him first. bob redell has this creepy love story just in time for
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halloween. >> reporter: at 40 bucks a pop, those little guys could yield a small fortune. >> there's 113. >> reporter: 113 baby brazilian pinks. a breed of tarantula that is highly wanted -- >> you had me there for a minute. >> reporter: yet hard to find. which is why john troupe is able to stud out the services of his male brazilian pink to people like ronnie meyer. ♪ >> they're going right at it. ♪ can't get enough of your love babe ♪ >> he's lifting her up and what he's trying to do is insert his sperm into her -- >> epigastric -- >> yes.
6:26 pm
>> reporter: john and lonnie agree to split whatever eggs come out of this arranged rendezvous. >> what are you going to do? >> give them away or sell them. >> usually when you have that many, we'll see, you know, like ten at a time in lots. >> reporter: and if they're missing a leg, if you have four of the eight, is that half off? how does that work. >> it depends. >> reporter: this isn't a get rich quick scheme. we do it for the love of the hobby to perpetuate the species ♪ can't get enough of your love babe ♪ >> reporter: bob redell, bay area news. >> is there no privacy? check out the exploratorium in san francisco. the bay area tarantula society has more information as well. >> that was fun to watch.
6:27 pm
>> uh-huh. >> great legs. great legs. all right. still ahead at 6:00, one bay area landmark, what scientists think to the pit of bones unearthed this week. plus, what bay area airportç are doing after that international terror scare. and the teen whose
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authorities on three continents scramble today to unravel reports of explosive packages sent to the u.s. from yemen. the one was found upon a cargo plane in dubai and the other in england. preliminary tests indicate the packages contained the same chemical used in last year's christmas day arrest, indicating a link to al qaeda. the intercepted packages were addressed to chicago area synagogues. as nbc bay area's dame yaj tr i
6:30 pm
trujillo has the story. >> reporter: some passengers are taking it all in stride. >> it doesn't faze me at all. just another day of flying. >> i heard about it on the radio, yeah. >> does it concern you at all? >> not really. i'm going to arizona. >> reporter: in a statement, tsa will only say airports are taking extra security measures, some visible and some not. tsa says there is also heightened cargo screening and additional security at airports. sfo and sjc say they haven't raised their security levels and that seems to be just fine with passengers. >> i'm concerned my flight will be delayed. yeah, of course i'm concerned. but i'm not scaredç out of my wits or anything like that. >> reporter: there are so many flights that fly out in a day
6:31 pm
from san francisco that, all around the world, it would just be bad luck if something were to happen. i'm not too scared. >> reporter: tsa says there will be perhaps more patdowns and police dogs on site. no one is ready to elevate the terror alert. at sfo, damien trujillo. the case made headlines nationwide in 2008 when the boy, known as kyle, escaped from the house still wearing shackles. his then legal guardian and two others have pleaded guilty to a dozen felonies but today, kyle, now 18 years old, took the witness stand testifying against anthony waders, a neighbor, and former youth coach who was also charged. kyle described several acts of torture, claiming waders cut him, hit him with a baseball bat and burned him. waders has pleaded not guilty. about 60 residents are back
6:32 pm
in their parms after a noxious odor forced the police department to evacuate their building. they had to leave after reports of fumes at about 11:00 this morning. the air was tested inside the building. some people complained of breathing problems but no one was hospitalized. workers just finished stabilizing the canyon on claremont drive to protect homes that made it through the blast from sliding downhill. they placed bolders at the bottom to help prevent emotion. they also use something called hydroseeding, that's a mixture of glue and fertilizer. did they come from cadavers used for educational purposes? is it a mass grave for those who couldn't afford a proper burial?
6:33 pm
those are the questions being asked about a pit filled with bones discovered in ft. mason in san francisco. >> it's just the raw bone itself, half of a pelvis. >> reporter: for decades, people sunbathed and held parties in these backyards without knowing they were standing just two feet above something gruesome and so far inexplicable. crews prepping the homes for renovation discovered a pit filled with bones. archaeologists removed the last of hundreds of bones they believe date back to the 1860s. >> what happened here? so we're in the process of trying to fathom that by recovering the entire feature and starting to look at it very much as a 150-year-old crime scene potentially. >> reporter: the remains of perhaps dozens of people ended up in a heap, mixed in with
6:34 pm
garbage like an old got ol of hair tonic and surgical supplies. at first scientists believed it was a spot where the hospital dumped amputated limbs. but once they discovered skulls, that idea is thrown out. >> there may be stories here that are not so easy to talk about, about the way some people end up getting treated in history. >> reporter: they could be native americans or prisoners, people because of who because of their class, race or religion may not have beenç given a respectful burial or proper medical attention. >> it allows to us look at an almost like a chapter of the history of the hospital, sitting in that pit. you just have to break it down, look at all the materials and see how you can tease that history out of it. >> reporter: now, the crews that rehab these buildings for future tenants work side by side with the artists that study the
6:35 pm
artifacts, the past ones left behind. scientists say researching the old bottles and supplies founded with those remains will help them pinpoint time when the remains were burr rid. here comes e-b.a.r.t., the nickname for the new line which will extend transit service into east contra costa county. there was a ground-breaking ceremony in pittsburg today. it will run from the station to antioch. the extension will cut greenhouse gas emissions by a quarter million pounds per day. the new line should be completed by the year 2015. santa clara county commuters will see new wheels on the road starting next week. the agency plans to roll out the low emission diesel electric hybrid bus fleet on monday. funding for the buses was provided by a 5 $.4 million federal grant and $5 million in
6:36 pm
state funds. >> well, all right, trick or treat came earlier for skiers and snowboarders. they got a treat in tahoe. >> people flew in and drove in from all over. you get a chance on the slopes. all that man-made snow takes a lot of watter to make. >> that's man-made stuff. jennifer hill is with us now to tell us how much water is necessary. >> reporter: exactly. all they've seen so far is about a dusting of snow. all of a sudden they have a huge base. how do they do it? even looking at the satellite and the radar, don't see a lot of clouds moving over the sierra nevada. it only took about 2.6 million gallons of water to make a base. we're talking about a lot of man-made snow and 26 hours and right now they're skiing on about a half t a foot of snow at thef base. what's good news for them, ignight they might see 2 to 4
6:37 pm
more inches of snow falling. the snow level drops to about 6,00feet. coming up, i know it's raini. across a lot of the area. is it going to ruin your weekend plans? i have that and your trick or treat forecast coming right up. >> we look forward to that. and a bay area halloween tradition going on right now and how you can take part. >> we introduce you to a chat a. david harmer wrote an education plan titled "abolish the public schools."
6:38 pm
he even called our schools "insidious" and "socialism." as families struggle to raise their kids, to provide a good education, harmer bragged, "we can design a plan to dismantle them." david harmer is just too radical. we need jerry mcnerney. protecting local schools from devastating cuts. endorsed for his "independence" by the contra costa times, stockton record, and our local teachers. i'm jerry mcnerney, and i approved this message. our points from chase sapphire preferred are worth 25% more on travel. we're like forget florida, we're going on a safari. so we're on the serengeti, and seth finds a really big bone. we're talking huge. they dig it up, put it in the natural history museum and we get to name it. sethasauraus. really. your points from chase sapphire
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preferred are worth 25% more on travel? means better vacations. that's incredible. believe it...with chase sapphire preferred your points are worth 25% more on travel when booked through ultimate rewards. sh very brave souls are answering an important question right now. are ghosts and spirits more likely to show themselves at night snefr year at halloween, people armed only with flashlights and their imaginations. venture through sara winchester's san jose mystery house and some actually come out. the popular flashlight tours will continue through sunday if
6:40 pm
you have the courage and the answer is, yes, they show themselves at night. >> what a great read. some are starting their trick or treating early by parading their halloween spirit giants style. no doubt, you probably see a lot of g-men look-a-likes at your kids' school today. the freak, tim lincicome, the wig and all. giants fever is alive and well. >> the popular one in your household. did you know that timmy lincicome? >> he's so cute, isn't he? >> yes, he really is. he gets it from his dad, obviously. >> i'm leaving. >> wow. >> you wore the wig you had on last night. >> we'll take you off the hook. tom, you can sit quiet, we're moving on to sports. we have baseball and football, jamarcus russell grabbing headlines again.
6:41 pm
this time it's good news for the raiders qb and his trouble with the law. the big news of the day going on in texas. that's where we find raj mathai. the giants had to do baseball and otherid inse the d inside t clubhouse. we'll show you what we're talking about just ahead. stay with us.
6:42 pm
he's making headlines for his uncanny abilities to make
6:43 pm
others heal. his name is christopher. he's a cat. this is a kitty on a mission. >> this t was here on crystal springs road. >> he was a dirty broken kitty. >> where good samaritans founded this guy. >> very lucky that he wasn't killed. >> he arrived says michelle just in time. >> he had a really badly broken pelvis. >> reporter: named for the road where he nearly died, christopher the cat had used up at least one of his nine lives. >> this is the x-ray that was taken after he was found from being hit by the car. >> you could see where the bones are sticking out. it was just amazing that he could actually walk again after that. >> reporter: but walk again he did. and within a few weeks, he started doing a lot more than that. >> people have called him an angel. he's a miracle cat. >> reporter: you see, christopher the cat has a knack. >> he knows when something is wrong with the cat.
6:44 pm
he will groom them, just lay next to them, snuggle with them. anytime they cry, is he right there to make sure they're okay. >> reporter: after his recovery, christopher began wandering the halls at the nine lives foundation, finding fellow felines in need. >> this is skitter hawk. he was paralyzed from the waist down. >> we'll get you better. >> reporter: things are touch and go for this kitten. like christopher, he was hit by a car. >> dr. thompson amputated the rear legs and tail two days ago. christopher has been with him ever since. >> this is little yoda. >> reporter: christopher knows who to care for. >> yoda is terminal. >> reporter: and when. >> he will stay by their side until the end. >> reporter: his photos on facebook are closely followed by more than 2,000 fans and yes,
6:45 pm
he's been known to take care of the occasional dog. >> he loves to give kisses, huh? >> reporter: and christopher is earning more than his keep. his story has prompted a series of new donations, hundreds of dollars given in his name. >> it will help to feed and take care of the other cats weç hav at our shelter and get them adopt. he is here doing a wonderful job at this clinic and taking care of the other cats. i think he was sent to us. >> reporter: they say cats have nine lives. in his, christopher has surely helped many more. not bad for a cat who was found dirty and broken on the side of a road. >> he's definitely a one of a kind. >> reporter: 11 news. a lot of rain and people were asking me all day long, is this going to be like last week
6:46 pm
ensnnd thankfully the answer is no. we have rain around tonight and tomorrow morning. in the headlines, that rain does come to an end by the time we get to tomorrow afternoon. expect those showers to move on and off. on sunday, just in time for halloween. we have goblins out there that want to head out. it looks like we'll see partly cloudy skies without rain. we've had this interesting pattern all day long. we've been waiting for the rain to come onshore. some of the island offshore received over an inch of rain. mainly onshore we've seen a half inch to the north of the bay and to the south, not a lot of rain at all. thankfully that's stayed offshore enough to not really flood us out. 57 in nevada and 61 in santa cruz. like we were talking about earlier, the only thing we've seen in the south bay has been along the beaches. that all happening inland.
6:47 pm
a whole different story. the rain continues to move on through. it's been wet for the entire evening on 101 for nevada all the way up through hillsburg and fairfield and the east bay, some passing showers as well. danville, walnut creek saw some rain. we were talking about this rain moving into san francisco, over towards richmond and into oakland as well. won't last very long. now we're using this kind of futuristic product. we're going to start here at 6:00. going to put the time line in motion as we do, you can see the rainfall that we're expecting. we don't want to see the yellow or red. through tomorrow morning about a half inch of rain is possible. once we get into the evening on saturday we begin to see the rain showers coming to an end. the trick or treat forecast looks good. temperatures in the 60s, partly cloudy skies. that means not a lot of rain is in the forecast unless you're well north of the bay. we take it over to texas. game three looks like great
6:48 pm
weather. raj is out there. he says the weather has been fabulous. let's take it to tomorrow afternoon, 4:00, the showers come to an end. high pressure builds in from the south. 66 in los gatos and 62 degrees for a forecast high in san francisco. and 56 in santa cruz. seven-day forecast, rain sticks around tonight. we see showers moving on and off, especially to the north of the bay. overnight, showers moving into the south bay and into the east bay. then all the rain comes to an end by tomorrow afternoon for a nice end to the weekend.then then again, like last week the sun returns just in time for the workweek. >> perfect, perfect. all right. >> certainly not a rainout in texas where the giants will take on game three, game four, game five. >> this day next week the baseball season is over. there could be a parade this day next week if things go that
6:49 pm
long. you never know what we do know, after enjoying another night, today the giants were right bakt at at&t park and once again hitting the road. the players and their family all boarding buses this morning outside the park. they headed to sfo where a flight to texas awaited them. then a full day of workouts and press conferences in arlington. the giants have a commanding 2-0 lead in this world series. they know things can change quickly with the games moving into enemy territory. and enemy territory is exactly where we find raj mathai. raj? >> good evening, laura. we have no enemies. everyone is friendly here in texas. we are here. the giants are on the field a short while ago. we know this team so well, they have a very quiet confidence going into this. yes, they have a 2-0 series lead. it's not that cliche, one game
6:50 pm
at a time. these guys believe they can bury the rangers. they got off the flights, came right to the ballpark and here they go. they're expected to practice for maybe 90 minutes. they cut it short. at this point in the season everyone pretty exhaust. while the giants practiced, after they left the field they went inside the clubhouse. here's the look inside the clubhouse. pretty interesting. everyone kind of ready to go, all the jerseys are hung up, ready to go for jonathan sanchez who pitches tomorrow night. all the players showering up. they are heading to their team hotel. one of the duties the giants have to do after they leave the field in the clubhouse, they have to sign dozens of balls and bats, for sponsors, charity and all sorts of giveaways. it's a mandatory deal. they come in there and sign bats and balls before they head to the hotel. as for what they're feeling, we checked in with matt cain. he's on cloud nine after that amazing performance last night.
6:51 pm
we asked him what he did. went right to his family. >> i went to my parents had a hotel room. i went down there and hung out with them and my brother and his girlfriend and my wife. we took it easy and tried to soak it all in. >> it's been nice to have the outburst we did. we know who we are and we're a team that has to do little things to score runs. >> it's not a life or death situation or anything like that. it's a game that you'll work hard and play hard to win. >> bengie molina, the giants' former catcher. you know the rangers will come out strong for tomorrow night. it's their first world series game here in texas in terms of the rangers. it's not a gimme by any means for the giants. we mentioned jonathan sanchez. if you want a downside to all of this, if you want to look really hard, here we go. jonathan sanchez's last start, the ugly incident. he melled down, got knocked out
6:52 pm
of the game in the third inning after that back and forth, the near brawl with chase utley. jonathan sanchez in his own words says he has something to prove in terms of tomorrow night. our coverage here on nbc throughout the weekend, throughout the season, we are your giants station. we're teaming up with our good bud disat comcast, the only place you can get croup and kype. flip over toç comcast for themn television. back here in the park in arlington. it's an interesting place here. it's massive. it looks massive. you look out into center field, those are not luxury boxes. instead, those are small businesses. there's jewelers, dentists, lawyers, pretty interesting scene here in arlington. those are small businesses out in center field, something that the oakland a's want to do with their new ballpark in san jose i
6:53 pm
just got off the flight. i am fully in jeans and tennis shoes. okay? >> we don't want you to be working too hard. the suit, we need that tomorrow. it's gameday. one giant hurdle was cleared today for jamarcus russell as he tries to break back into the nfl. the question remains, does the nfl want to be broken into by the former number one pick? no answer on that front but what we do know is the raiders former qb will not be headed back to court on felony drug possession charges. an alabama grand jury has declined to indict russell after he was caught with a drink containing codeine syrup at his home back in july. russell, reportedly exciting about the development and looking forward to return together nfl. not so sure that will happen. as for his former team, tom cable may have been able to fake them out all week. it's actually going to be jason
6:54 pm
campbell making his third start. gradkowski's shoulder not good enough yet. let's see if the raiders offense can keep this going. >> did he ever. >> a lot of stuff to keep going. >> thanks, laura. we'll be right back. amento polis will give our state's wealthiest corporations a new billion dollar tax giveaway. lobbyists have the ear of people who are just thinking about wealth. when you cut the budget, then you cut these students' opportunities. passing prop 24 can change all that. prop 24 repeals the unfair corporate giveaway and puts our priorities first. vote yes on prop 24 because it's time to give our schools a break.
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tonight at 11:00 -- >> you're going to do great. >> it was a golf ball sized tumor and it's now the size of a sesame seed. it was genetic medicine that got this result. see how it could change the future of medicine. that's tonight at 11:00 after an all-new "dateloin." we know it's a big weekend, giants in texas. they could clinch. >> are we going to take a look at the coin tower tonight? >> oh, yes. my gosh. >> city hall looks like that, too. city hall is all orange and lots of people are getting in the spirit, too. or is that for halloween do you suppose? >> it could be both. all the pumpkins are orange. >> it was men to the be, tom. >> any pictures,
6:58 pm
go, giants. [ male announcer ] with jerry brown, it's just one dishonest smear
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