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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  October 29, 2010 10:00pm-10:35pm PST

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the man arrested and his possible motive. the rain not done yet. the news in 30 seconds. ." as families struggle to raise their kids, to provide a good education, harmer bragged, "we can design a plan to dismantle them." david harmer is just too radical. we need jerry mcnerney. protecting local schools from devastating cuts. endorsed for his "independence" by the contra costa times, stockton record, and our local teachers. i'm jerry mcnerney, and i approved this message. a golf ball sized tumor now the size of a sesame seed. doctors have seen nothing like it. the new treatment under way right now in the bay area. >> i would like to see game 7, extra innings, and the at bat that matters is always up. >> heading home when first
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baseman aubrey huff meets with his friends and family and hear what coaches are saying about him now. what the man accused of beating a catholic priest is saying about the ordeal. good evening. i'm lisa kim. >> and i'm tom sinkovitz. two down now, two to go for the san francisco giants. now the road gets tougher because the world series has moved to texas. the giants in arlington tonight where game 3 against the rangers will be played tomorrow afternoon. there wasn't much time for the giants to enjoy their status as frun front runners today. as sports anchor raj matthai tells us, they were set to go. >> we are about 20 minutes west of dallas at the ballpark here in arlington. it's not just baseball. when it comes to the world series, all sorts of different duties they must perform. let's take you inside the clubhouse. >> i think i got one box left on this table. i got the bags at that table
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over there. >> all the giants are required to sign dozens upon dozens of baseballs and bats for charity, for vips for sponsors, you name it. as for other parts of the clubhouse, the jerseys washed and hung up ready for tomorrow night's big game. everyone set to go. but the giants, not just a normal cliche, they're really enjoying this but it hasn't sunk in that they're in the world series. >> has it hit you yet that you're in the world series? >> no, it hasn't. it probably won't sink in until it's all said and done. >> it wasn't signed and somebody said, you want it signed by everybody? and i just looked at them and said, i'm never going to forget these guys. >> and that's what makes it so memorable. the coaches are just as excited as the fans. tomorrow night, game three here in texas.
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hour coverage continues later on in this newscast in just about 10 minutes. one of the giants will be feeling right at home while the series continues in texas. aubrey huff learned the game not far from arlington. he overcame tragedy to become a hometown hero. his friends and coaches tell us about those early days just about 10 minutes from now. last weekend started out wet. this one, no different. are we in for another weekend washout, though? meteorologist jennifer hill is in the weather center to show us. jennifer? >> yes. right now, especially if you're in the east ba you're getting some really heavy downpours at this point. a lot of cloudy skies across the area and you canee s the rain continues to funnel in. this is l skoo north of the ba this evening. we see the heavy rain right around vallejo and fairfield as well. morgan hill as well. down to the south, haven't seen a lot of rain, but now we see it coming. heavy rain through oakland, through walnut creek as well. heavy rain will persist, and coming up we'll have a look at
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the weekend forecast and also i'll have a look at the trick or treating forecast. we all need that candy. a south bay priest attack tonight. a san francisco man who deputies say savagely beat him at his retirement home is out of jail tonight on $25,000 bail. the two, month strangers to each other. william lynch accused the priest of molesting him as a young boy. george, what have you learned? >> reporter: well, will lynch was arrested for assault with a deadly weapon, a deadly weapon in this case meaning his fists and investigators say this case can best be described as a severe beating. ♪ singing in the rain >> okay. yep, yep. so the allegations of abuse now
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go beyond lynch and his brother. investigators say he has been accused of abuse by dozens of people, including his sister and other family members, but right now there are no active cases against lindner. >> all right, george, thank you. burned not once but twice by the san bruno explosion. fire victims are now bogged down by red tape and their frustration is mounting. we're live where much of the physical work is done, and now comes the hard part. jean? >> reporter: tom, fire victims who were trying to get back into homes like these are now dealing with agencies like the irs, insurance companies and the assessor's office. many say it feels like a complicated maze and a full-time job. >> we want to go home. >> tina and bob palegrini lost everything in the san bruno pipeline explosion. the deadly fire was devastating.
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now wading through the sea of red tape toward recovery is overwhelming. at a packed committee meeting, they listened closely to hear about taxes. the irs says the money pale e pe people may be tax free. they say this is wrong. >> they will give them enough to pult their lives back together and that i cmake them whole. >> the palegrinis can't believe it. >> it's hard enough to lose everything you have, and then you find out the money you received from the people that caused it could be taxed. >> they're also haggling with insurance companies. and then there's the pipe. many were wearing "move the pipe" t-shirts. pg&e says it will not reconnect it. it's reassuring news, but the
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palegrinis are skeptical. >> until i'm in my home and i have my life back and i'm back to work and doing what i'm smoesd to supposed to be doing, i will feel that way. >> with the holidays approaching, the red cross is expecting more fire victims to need counseling. the mayor reminded the crowds that there are still four people in the burn unit facing the fight of their lives. we're also learning there is new damage being discovered. the city of san bruno says its water system in this area was probably damaged by that explosion, and now people who are back living here are sper experiencing sewage backups and the problem may not be fixed until after the rainy season. airports around the country are on heightened alert tonight as fears increased about al-qaeda launching a new major terror campaign. jewish americans are also warned to watch out for a suspicious male. this comes after the discovery
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of two packages filled with explosives. those parcee were intercepted in dubai and new england, and it's the suspended work of al-qaeda in yemen. it's the same group responsible for the christmas bombing. they say parts of the plot may still be undetected. >> to take whatever steps are necessary to protect our citizens from this type of attack. >> several planes and a ups truck were detained here in the u.s. today but no explosives were found. the bay area and national airports say they will step up security at major terminals and checkpoints. now the story of the san francisco man who was accused of savagely beating another man at a retirement home. he's out on bail now on $25,000. the case goes back years. nbc bay area's george kitoyama
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reports. >> reporter: he walked out of the building with his attorney and didn't say a word. >> there is an arrest warrant. clearly the judicial process is just getting started and we are far from being at a point where we're admitting anything at all. >> reporter: it was here five months ago inside this lobby at the jesuit sacred heart retirement in las gatos where witnesses say lircynch walked i and beat up a jesuit priest. >> he was asked by the suspect if he knew who he was. when the father answered no, that's when the suspect began attacking the father with a closed fist. >> reporter: lynch accused the reverend gerald lindner of molesting him and his younger brother in 1975 on a camping trip in the mountains. 28 years later, lynch settled for $625,000.
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the church defroked lindner, but he was never sought by police. >> he shows up in front of other people and started attacking the father with closed fists until he actually goes down to the floor. th that's pretty vicious. >> the allegations of abuse go beyond lynch and his brother. investigators say lindner has been accused of abuse by nearly a dozen people, including his sister and other family members. but detectives say right now there are no active investigations against lindner. up next, hack attack, and you may be a victim. the facebook warning tonight from the california attorney general. hello, everybody. i'm raj matthai. we're here in texas after a tragic childhood. we'll show you how the life of one of dallas's top players turned around. >> he's going to do great. doctors say they've never
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stomp. one key opposition has carried great results for aubrey huff. he's played different positions when needed. he has consistently reminded his teammates that the game is about having fun. and did we mention he's a texan? sports director raj matthai continues our coverage from texas. >> reporter: evening, again, from arlington, texas. one of the most compelling lines of this squad is their first baseman aubrey huff. he grew up not far from here. in fact, this is a homecoming for huff. he grew up a texas rapingers fa. his father was murdered when he was a young boy, his mother didn't have much mother, yet huff took solace in baseball and basketball. >> aubrey huff and his fiercely competitive nature has been part
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of this giants world series run. >> with aubrey, the thing that he had was great work habits. >> reporter: huff has supporters in both venues during the world series, the legion of fans he made in the bay area and the folks in texas who can say they knew him when. he was born and raised 70 miles west of here in a town called mineral wells. halfway through high school he transferred to ft. worth brewer high. his coach got a firsthand look at how serious huff was about making his name in baseball. >> he had his own batting cage, he had his own bat machine, and i'm telling you, you know, he worked at his trade. >> reporter: he also had another coach who saw the intensity in hi eyes, but kenny williams was courtside as aubrey shined on the basketball team.
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>> those eyes you see shining right now, those are the same eyes that shot on the basketball court. he was our best three-point guy, our best forward. you name it, he did it for us. >> reporter: even in this land of rangers fans, they can't help but hoot and holler for huff. >> i'm a rangers fan and i'm also a giants fan. i would like to see game 7 in extra innings, and the inning that matters, huff is up and that decides the series. well, authorities say it is one of the worst cases of computer hacking they've investigated. the victim is women with facebook accounts. george bunk of citrus heights outside sacramento is under arrest for computer intrusion, i.d. theft, child pornography and extortion. investigators say he hacked into thousands of e-mail accounts, found nude or semi-nude photos and posted them on the victims' facebook pages.
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they discovered 170 victims and they say there are more. on a fast track to revolutionized breast cancer treatment, bay area doctors and patients are turning conventional medicine on its head tonight. as we report, if it is successful, it could change the way drug trials are done on all kinds of treatments. >> reporter: 37-year-old carey landris has become the poster patient for a new breast cancer clinical trial. >> what became obvious to me was if i have to go through this, we might as well have other people learn from it because it's going to be nasty, anyway, so there should be some benefit. >> reporter: six months ago, she was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer and she didn't waste any time trying to find the best treatment. >> we just got on the ball and started making phone calls immediately to friends we knew in the medical field. >> reporter: her phone calls led her to a doctor at nsf.
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she's one of the leaders in the new clinical trial called i spy 2. >> the challenge is seeing if we can get the right drug to the right patient and do it now. >> first they look at the dramatic makeup of the tumor. then they pick the drugs they thipg would best treat it. but if that drug doesn't treat it, doctors can quickly switch to something else instead of waiting. >> i think it's fair to say our patients don't have ten years to wait. >> carey and her doctor saw results in just one week after starting combinations of chemo and a trial drug. >> to have a physical exam and to have them say, oh, my gosh, this thing is probably down 50% already was so inspiring. i said, i can do this. i literally went into the next infusion of chemo kind of with a skip in my step. >> for her, she's going to do great. because her tumor has melted away.
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>> carey will still undergo chemo next month because she tested positive for a gene. but her tumor shrunk from the size of a gall baolf ball to th of a sesame seed. >> with the idea we can all help each other, that everyone would benefit. this is truly a win-win, and i would say the biggest winners are the patients. >> san francisco, vicki nguyen. researchers hope to get about 800 patients to participate in about 20 medical serp centers around the country. ey jennifer hill to tell us about our weather for the weekend. >> what has been going on outside, it's been raining all night. you can see the big trail of moisture coming on shore. all day long, it threatened to come on shore, leaving inches of
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rain offshore. now we see it move on shore, but will it ruin the weekend? now we see temperatures pretty mild, 50s and 60s, 59 degrees right now, 61 degrees in santa cruz. and speaking of south of the bay, some heavier rain just moved through. we still see some showers coming on shore. also some reports of some light rain. you might hear a rumble of thunder here and there, so a lot of rain on the 101 and watch out for it north of the bay as well. we also have rain towards fairfield and winters. over towards richmond, heavier showers just now breaking up. we'll see more rain moving towards petaluma and santa rosa as well. in oakland we had very heavy rain for at least a half an hour. that is coming to an end. you'll see showers passing through the area tonight. but let's take a look at the future. this is using our future cscan products and what this is totalling is the amount of rain
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that will fall. a green means typically half an inch to an inch of rain. most of us will not see a washout, and around the mountains we'll probably see more rain than we're seeing in the lower areas. so by sunday, all this rain will have cleared out. the rain coming to an end tomorrow morning, the heavier stuff, then by sunday we should see some sunshine returning. speaking of sunshine, that's what we're looking at for the rangers losing to the giants. for tomorrow, temperatures are nice and warm. raj, a little cool out there right now, but nice and warm for tomorrow, temperatures in the 70s and 80ls. a look at our 4:00 temperatures tomorrow, 66 degrees in fremont, 66 in loss gaas gatos and then start to warm things up. high pressure will build up in the south, so tomorrow look four clearing skies, beautiful for sunday and then for the rest of the work week, for monday, tuesday, wednesday and thursday, things are warming up and
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getting sunny. so i'm happy to say not a washout this weekend. >> good. perfect. thank you so much. >> anything for you. well, it's like being at the game in texas without ever leaving san francisco. up next,tsgians. fan se for tsgian ans. [ son ] my parents have always lived in the states. until two years ago, when my dad transferred to istanbul. they settled in quickly. found their local deli. a few shortcuts. and a neighborhood hangout. but there's one thing they miss. their beloved hometown team. so i asked citi -- how many thankyou points it would take to give them something special. their old seats, 5 and 6, row c. [ male announcer ] citi thankyou points can be used for almost anything you choose. what's your story? citi can help you write it.
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now, in the giants clinch the world series while they're deep in the heart of texas, you'll still be able to enjoy that experience with hundreds of other bay area fans. all you have to do is head on
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over to the civic center plaza in san francisco. you'll be able to watch any game clincher on a large video screen there. also, they're encouraging people to come into the city for aturday's gam btyar ait c y b or restaurant. we are heading back to texas for any giants news coming up next. ["knock on wood" playing] every five minutes, chase pays for someone's eligible credit or debit card purchase.
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have the giants played their final game at at&t park this season? we're about to find out. the world series have shifted east and it's the rangers who had no choice but to decide to bring this thing back to san francisco. this morning they were right back at the bay and the charter that a waited them. once they landed in texas, it was straight to the ballpark where they had a little workout in arlington. today the coach announced sandoval will be his designated hitter for game three.
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>> laura, good evening. let's get down to the business here. jonathan sanchez taking the hill tomorrow night. you'll recall last week he had that meltdown in philadelphia. how will sanchez fare and how will the giants do for the first time on the road in this world series? >> we all have our hiccups and he's pitched some great games, and like i said earlier, he's got to put that behind him and go out there and be himself. >> he's done a good job of bouncing back every year so it should be a good start for him. >> in the playoffs, obviously home field advantage is big having your fans on your side and it gets loud. more than anything else, just them trying to take you out of your element. >> one more throwing out the first pitch tomorrow night is nolan ryan, the majors' owner. president h. bush and president george w. bush will also be on hand. laura, back to you. it may not seem like a
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monumental feat, but for the warriors, it's a big deal. 1994. so after winning their opener wednesday, that meant tonight the warriors had a chance to change all that by beating the clippers. nailing a triple at a game high 24 points. at this point it was 13-3 warriors. back to monte ellis. the warriors going up 76-56. i'm going back to my boston days here. later in the third, this is trouble for the warriors. seth had been battling ankle problems for a while. here he goes down with a explainsprapd ankle. going to the locker room, did not return. it is a sprained ankle.
11:30 pm
no word on how long he will be out. the warriors won and they're 2-2-0 for the first time in 16 years. today demarcus russell actually got some good news. he won't be headed to court because of codeine syrup. an alabama grand jury decided not to indict the former raiders quarterback on a july bust as a result of an undercover narcotics investigation simply because there was insufficient evidence to indicate the codeine syrup actually belonged to russell. his defense attorney said he's excited about the decision, working out and looking forward to returning to the nfl. dfo not sure the nfl is looking forwo tar his return. nobody seems excited. >> thank you, laura. we'll be right back.
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are you? well, trekkers to the top of the world can now surf the internet and make video calls through a 3-g network. the company incel says they've installed net cables to 3,000
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feet. now climbers will be able to get up to the date weather forecasts. the phones haven't been tested from the summit yet, but boy, what a picture that's going to be. >> it would. thanks for joining nbc bay area news. i was supposed to retire there. carly fiorina changed all that. [ cheri ] fiorina laid off 30,000 people. and she shipped our jobs to china. and india. i had to pack my bags and i was out the door that night. we even had to train our replacements. she didn't need 5 corporate jets. [ farrell ] one hundred million for herself. fiorina never cared about our jobs. not then and not now. [ boxer ] i'm barbara boxer and i approve this message. >> jay: hey rainn, what -- what are you doing up there? >> hey jay, how are you? >> jay: good -- >> i thought i heard something


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