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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  October 30, 2010 10:00pm-10:30pm PST

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home run for bay area businesses and staying safe this halloween, a candy recall, next. game over! three slams the door. all right, no chance for a sweep, but the giants are still in the lead. good evening. i'm diane dwyer. we do have team coverage of the giants and texas for the world series. nbc bay area's is in san francisco with a look at how bay area businesses are cashing in
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all of this. we've got sports' director raj mathai in arlington. he'll show us what the giants did right after the game that just might surprise you, but first we tournlaura behnke for a look at what's ahead for those giantsia giants. >> reporter: you get the feeling that this world series thing might be easy for the giants but texas is no slouch. and they had no interest in falling it a 3-0 hole in the series especially with the wild card. jonathan sanchez on the mound. bottom two we have no score not for long. mitch moreland, so long, baseball. three-run home run. josh hamilton without a solo shot, later also off of sanchez. they fall 4-2. raj mathai with more now from arlington. >> reporter: good evening from arlington. all of that dmiemt we saw and felt in the bay area a few days ago well just imagine that here in texas, and that's how the rangers came out to an electric atmosphere.
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as for the giants pretty interesting what they did immediately after this game. inside of the clubhouse well you know that you're in texas when you see the longhorns but down below jonathan sanchez not a bad outing tonight and in fact one mistake pitch but jonathan answering off. questions. this is pretty compelling, pat burrell who is yet to get a hit in this world series work the laptop studying his at-bats, to his credit burrell came clean. >> it wasn't exactly good. not exactly how you draw it up you know getting your pregame routine going. you know i picked a bad time to struggle. >> reporter: went on to say look the giants still lead this series two games to one they're in a better position obviously than the rangers. as for the fans here, yes texas is a red state but there was a lot of black and orange. >> let's go, giants. let's go, giants! >> sprinkled throughout ballpark here among the rangers' red there was a lot of black and
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orange for the giants fans. yes, they're all making a road trip of a lifetime. >> for myself i've been going to about seven, eight games a year, since 1989. and this is it and if they can win this i can die in peace. >> reporter: everyone's still excited despite the loss. if the giants win tomorrow night they can wrap up the series as early as monday night right here in texas. our coverage continues with the giants later on in this newscast. >> thanks, raj. yes see you in a little bit. much more in sports including a first world series look at this rangers' rookie closer who knows how to bring the heat. diane. >> thanks, a lot laura. the world series is big business for many small businesses in the bay area and for that part of the story turn to elise kirchner who is in san francisco for us. >> reporter: yeah, diane, during the game moments here behind me it was packed. the gm says even tripled their sales this year, and yet for other establishments the giants, well they've gotten a lot of torture. >> i've come out quite often,
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it's been every day since the giants have been in the playoffs. >> reporter: every day the giants take a swing at winning the world series, jeff freeland and his i.t. consulting company throws out thousands of dollars. >> a couple thousands a game but that's our contribution to the economy. >> reporter: he rents out part of pedro's canteena for's employees to enjoy the orange fever, making bars like this seem green. >> christmas came early for us. >> reporter: pedro's, and pete's tavern during the playoffs giants fans hit around $300,000 a week. that's how much was made here in an entire month last season. >> a trepel play each week definitely. >> we call it the torture. >> the torture. >> reporter: but embarcadero at water bar where they are serving up a special series drink called torture it's, well, just that. >> we don't have a tv which has been frustrating for all of us.
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>> reporter: no tv, no giants fans but mayor gavin newsom says it is a much-needed win for the city. >> those workers downtown i mean that place is empty. it's bane ghost town last week. >> our employees are very important. >> i think that you can get some productivity games out of that. >> reporter: greater financial productivity, if the giants have to come home and play between the three establishments here, i'm told they could bring in $200,000 from just one game on a normal night, they usually bring about $1,500, $15,000. we've live in san francisco. nbc bay area news. >> you have to love the giants. thanks. we'll look at rangers bizarre rallying gesture. you've seen it, right? well do you know exactly what it means? these animals have something to do with it. and we sent lawrence scott to find out what it's all about. that's coming up in just a little bit later on in this newscast. yet another event at cow palace turned dangerous this
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weekend. last night 16 people rushed to hospitals after attending a concert hosted by the radio station, live 105. all of the victims were reportedly suffering for drug and alcohol-related overdoses the concert was open to anyone 16 years old and up. the mass hospitalization is strikingly similar to a rave at the cow palace exactly five months ago. that sent nine people to the hospital. two of them died. one city council members says, enough is enough. >> historically we've always had the problem. it's a state-run facility. and the city of daly city has no sort of governance although it sits in our area and all of our neighbors are affected by it and even the patrons who come here. >> says if the cow palace were to be run by daly city the chief of police would have the authority to approve events held there and that city could charge an extra fee to corpextra police and firefighter staffing. community members in the
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castro are adding a new tool to try to stay safe this halloween. >> that's, it police and community members passed out safety whistles. they say the signal work two ways. those in trouble can signal they need help and those who hear that signal can help by calling police. while the castro's halloween celebration was canceled after a shooting in 2006, there's added concern of violence this year because of the deadly shooting during pride weekend back in june. and coming up next at 11:00 the governor's race is now making state history. we'll explain how. plus, a new poll out today might just surprise you. also halloween is tomorrow and we have a large candy recall that you need to know about. >> we had a lot of rain around the bay area today about 2/10 or so but as we go go into halloween.
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our problems are tough, but so am i. if you want more of the same from sacramento, then vote for my opponent. but if you want to get california moving again, i'm ready. are you? ac transit is making cuts to nearly 70 bus lines starting tomorrow. a few lines are being eliminated all together but most routes are being tooled a bit. saving about $11 million annually and mainly affected westlakeland. emeryville, bay farm island and alameda and sanly andry. transportation agencies ac transit is dealing with a major deficit. before you stock that halloween grab bag you may want to check if the halloween candy is safe to hand out. the company says the company can
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make people with peanut allergies sick. also the maker of megapops is recalling about 90,000 bags of its lollypops. the candy apparently may contain a trace amount of stainless steel, for more information you can check the fda's website. your halloween forecast is coming up next and find out what nease zoo animals in texas have to do with baseball and the rangers. we'll explain the texas' fans chants and cheers that is, coming up. >> reporter: gubernatorial candidates meg whitman and jerry brown making final push for votes. i'm kimberly tere.
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jerry brown and meg whitman just made history. they're spending every bit and their time trying to lure that undecided voter. nbc bay's kimberly tere is live from cupertino. >> reporter: we're here at whitman's final stop of the day here at her headquarters here in cupertino to thank volunteers both her and her opponent jerry brown making use of every second to grab those last-minute voters leading up to election day. >> republican gubernatorial candidate meg whitman arrived to a cheering crowd in cupertino. this is just one of 11 stops she'll make in a three-day tour of california leading up to november 2nd. >> i'm meg, what's your name? >> she went room to room, meeting volunteers and stopping to make a few calls herself to stomping supporters. >> i'm hoping that i can count on your support on november 2nd. it's very important.
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>> reporter: it's all about jobs and which candidate is best to revive the economy. democratic jerry brown also spent part of the day in the bay area and his oakland headquarters. he, too, has a three-day tour planned to 12 cities. this weekend he's receiving significant help from a massive union effort to get out the vote. his focus, same as whitman, grabs. >> we've got to create some jobs and we've got to build stuff you know? and that's what i want to do. you know whether it's roads or high-speed rail or fixing bridges or driving out 880, you know, it's not so good there a lot of potholes that could put a lot of people to work. >> reporter: in california democrats maintain a 13-point advantage over registered republicans but polls are mixed this weekend. the field poll shows brown ahead of whitman by ten points but our
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recent poll released today shows brown with just a four-point lead. currently seven more campaign stops in seven different cities for each of these candidates up until election day when whitman will end up in southern california to find out results and brown will be at his headquarters in oakland. live in cupertino, kimberly tere, nbc bay area news. a new poll out tonight. are locked in tight races for stooits as well. san francisco mayor gavin newsom holds a slim lead. over republican lieutenant governor abel maldonado. kamala harris is virtually tied right now. the new field poll she and los angeles district attorney steve cooley are separated by just one point. the field poll also shows barbara boxer has extended her lead over republican carly
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fiorina for the u.s. senate seat. right now we've got meteorologist craig herrera. sliding in there. >> nice. >> what are we seeing for halloween, big things. >> that's the good thing this storm's that's come through almost gone. >> well done. >> exactly. we've got the orange right over the tower live san francisco just a few spotty showers not much at all leftover. a lot of it is in the central valley. east side of the bay towards san francisco the bay bridge there gorgeous night and in fact a lot of those clouds have cleared out. san jose, downtown yeah not much in the way of cloud cover or showers. the radar over the last hour shows a lot of energy now off into sacramento and moving off into the higher elevations and a couple of spotty showers close to say sonoma and napa counties and although into the hills and probably not seeing a whole lot of those into our more populated areas. 101 clear conditions. south bay the same story. what's coming through now is
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clouds and a little bit of a breeze. here's the storm right now. it's passing through quickly. behind it we actually have a ridge of high pressure and this ridge is going to warm us back into the 70s and some of the warmer spots by the time we get into wednesday and tuesday. tomorrow we've got the fog into the evening hours clearing out. nice afternoon for us and nice evening. and then this ridge gets a little bit stronger as we go through wednesday, tuesday and thursday go into the 70s. into the middle of the week it looks a lot nicer a lot of sunshine. a couple of low 70s and through lowe's gatos and saratoga. san jose downtown close to 70. same for livermore. sam ramon 65 and 65 in san francisco tomorrow. seven-day forecast beautiful tuesday in fact. get out the vote. 77 for the high. some of the warmer spots. get into friday a couple of lingering showers for the north end of the bay and tell cool off a little bit next week but boy monday, tuesday, wednesday,
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sunny and warm. that's a lovely forecast. i enjoy it. >> thanks, craig. >> uh-huh. >> and laura, the giants have a little bit of work ahead of them. >> they do but still in chandthey have the lead, positive attitude. and all that it took was a trip back to texas to get the rangers back into this world series. the giants knew winning their first title in san francisco wasn't going to be easy. and there was plenty of texas royalty on hand tonight for the first ever world series in arlington. owner nolan ryan throwing out the first pitch and former president george bush in the stands. he'll throw out the first pitch with his father tomorrow night. bottom two we're scoreless. mitch moreland the number nine hitter take jonathan sanchez deep. three-run homer. it's 3-0 rangers and that place was electric. to the seventh now 4-0 texas, cody ross. keeping his playoff mvp status. first in the world series. fifth of the playoffs. that guy is on fire. 4-1 though the giants still trail. to the ninth now it's 4-2.
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our first look at rookie closer neftalifeliz. 90-mile-an-hour per hour fastball. first save of the playoff. 4 4-2 the rangers win. >> reporter: yes the rangers get the win but not a lost cause for the giants. they stayed into this game until the very end. aubrey huff not surprisingly pretty up front in that clubhouse. >> we want to come here go 3-0, absolutely but you know what it's very rare in the world series. two good teams battling it out. >> i'm supposed to make all of the routine plays and i'm supposed to just you know be a presence at the plate. that's what i'm here for and you know i just didn't do that. >> the thing about our team is you know we're capable of striking late and we've done it all year and -- but tonight we didn't have enough. >> all of the days we have to be ready. make adjustments for tomorrow and see what happens. >> all right thanks a lot, raj.
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still ahead a hockey game was scheduled at the shark tank but fans saw a fight night. a whole lot of g als ♪ ♪ great work everybody! now freshly remodeled,
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the sharks' young season when this team scores goals they come in bunches. tonight at the tank, how about sights. there's no love lost between the ducks and sharks between proof. 12-5 minute majors for fighting alone, do the math that's six fights. for the offense we give you dany heatley. second period sharks on the power play. the former badgers' second goal of the game the assist. the sharks get the win 5-2. on the college gridiron this afternoon and evening, jim harbaugh and cardinals traveling north to face the huskies and another talented kwp b jake locker but it was andrew luck who stole the show. fakes out running back, the camera guy, the huskies. goes 51 yards. 7-0, cardinal, win 41-zip. further south the cal bears
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with a double dose of bad news today against oregon state. this is why. first quarter kevin riley going back to pass, look away. if you can't take this, it's a tough one. taken down below the knees, left the game, did not return with that knee injury. no idea how long they'll be out. it does not look good. the bears also fall 35-7. they lost 10 of their last 12 games to the beavers. tough to watch. it happens in sports but you never quite get over it. >> and you can see how much pain he is. the world series has it's share of rally cries, right? the angels had a rally monkey and the team facing the giants the texas rangers are keeping with that wildlife theme. you may have seen some of this do this with the game what's it all about? lawrence scott takes us to the arlington zoo to explain what's up. >> reporter: in the bay area panda sightings are far from rare at giants home games while in texas where prairie dogs were on the frontier claws and
11:25 pm
antlers running wild. >> klotz of antlers to be seen and many texas rangers jerseys and hats wandering around the park looking to see more claws and antlers. >> reporter: the ft. worth zoo is the intersection of baseball in nature the rally cluef cry of claws and antlers being an organic mantra of sorts started by rangers players. >> i think that everyone talked about the claw. long-distance high-fives. the antlers have more to do with speed so infield hit first to third or steal a base you signal toward the dugout and the dugout doesn't towards you. >> reporter: and zookeepers tells that you deer with hoof it up to 35 miles per hour so antlers are apropos. >> a speed play. a great successful speed play. >> reporter: and then there's this whole survival. the ft. worth zoo and the san francisco zoo have made a friendly wager so to the victor goes, what spoils.
11:26 pm
>> the ft. worth zoo has put out a bottle of tequila and pralines up against a battle of napa bottle wine and box of ghirardelli chocolate. >> reporter: wild life on the prowl keeping a lookout. i'm lawrence scott. >> it's funny josh hamilton the mvp of the alcs actually has antlers above his locker. >> all right. >> very seriously. >> they are. >> around here that would not go over well. >> no and in texas it's a whole other ball game. >> thanks for joining us for the bay area at 11:00. and all news "saturday night live" is up. good night. i'm among 30,000 employees who used to work for hp.
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