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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  October 31, 2010 6:00am-7:00am PST

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good morning. next at 7 today on the bay mayhem. nine people shot at a party in the east bay and now a man had hunt is under way for the gunman. the giants wrangled by the rangers but ready for a comeback at the show tonight down a live report from texas coming up. plus, operation boo. police crack down, designed to keep your trick or treaters safe when strangers open their doors. this is today in the bay.
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looking live at the bay bridge this morning, we will call it orange, a little bit of sunshine you can expect later today and mostly dry until friday. thanks so much for joining us this morning. >> lots of sunshine, not only today, monday and tuesday, tuesday election dmirks reason to not get to out and vote, plenty of sunshine. most of the showers yesterday, a tenth to two-tenths, talked about this yesterday and last week, said it would be out of here this morning it is gone. behind it, one big storm in the gulf of alaska to the left side of your screen that is going up into canada big ridge of high pressure that h there, that direction. 70s warmer spots 6 p.m., 60s and clearing, 50s
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across the coast but well across the inland valleys. i will go over your 7-day forecast and tell you how warm it will be on tuesday that will be the warmest day moving forward through the week ahead. >> talk more about the giants later. developing news this morning in the east bay. right now, nine people are in the hospital after they were shot at a halloween party in oakland. right now, police are questioning with victims and witness as well but so far, the suspect or suspects have not been caught. police say at least one gunman fired shots inside the building as the party was going on but it is possible that the suspect continued firing once outside the building. all nine of those shooting victims are expected to survive. meantime, oakland police officers are also investigating a homicide just eight miles away. police say a man was shot just before 11:00 last night on the 2600 block of richie street near
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hill side street. the victim was transported to hospital but later divide his injuries some far, officers have not made any arrests. enough is enough is what lawmakers are saying about the cow palace this morning after another event turned dangerous this weekend. as we first told you yesterday morning, 17 people were rushed to bay area hospitals after attending the subsonic spook fest concert hosted by radio station live 105. this was an event that was open to anyone 16 years old and older. rescue crews say the victims appeared to be suffering from drug and alcohol overdoses. the hospitalization is strikingly similar to the rave at the cow palace five months ago which sent nine people to the hospital. one daley city council member said if the cow palace were to be run by daily city the chief of police would have the authority to approve events held there. >> historically, always had the problem it is a state-run facility and the city of daly city has no sort of governance,
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although it sits in our area and all our neighbors are affected by t even the pay the tropes who come here. >> the councilman proposes covering an extra fee which covers police and firefighter staffing for events at the cow palace. starting today, ac transit is cutting service to 70 bus lines. a few lines are going to be eliminated all together but most of the routes are just being retooled. the changes will save ac transit about $11 million a year. the main areas that will be affected are west oakland, lake shore and grand avenue areas of oakland, emeryville, bay farm island and san leandro. like most bay area transportation agencies, ac transit is dealing with a major budget deficit. this morning, a small break for families scrambling to find child care after massive budget cuts. the axe won't fall on child care program tomorrow as expected. the oakland tribune reports an alameda superior court judge is ordering them to fund the programs until november 5th, the
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welfare to work program. governor schwarzenegger eliminated child care service for the welfare to work families off of cash aid more than two years or longer. the california department of education estimates 54,000 kids would have lost child care as a result of that decision. tonight is halloween and officers across the state will be out in full force to make sure real-life boogiemen don't put young trick or treaters in danger. the california department of corrections will be on patrol to make sure sex offenders comply with their curfew. registered sex offenders are required, by law to remain indoors between 5:00 this evening until 5:00 tomorrow morning. officers will check that the exterior lights at offender homes are turned off and no halloween decoration and no offer of candy. new this morning two arrests in the cargo plane bomb plot and a claim that one of the two bombs intercepted on their way to the u.s. from yemen nearly made it here.
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the packages were addressed to two chicago area synagogues. the president's counterterrorism advise letter discuss this plot this morning on "meet the press" which, of course, beginning right after the newscast. tomorrow, arizona's controversial illegal immigration law will be argued in a san francisco courtroom. the law requires state law enforcement officers to check a person's immigration status in certain circumstances. it also allows arrests without warrants if there is probable cause to believe that that person is undocumented. a u.s. district court judge has put parts of that law on hold, including the portion requiring officers to check the immigration status of people that they pull over. federal lawyers argue that the
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constitution puts the power to enact immigration laws in the hands of congress. still ahead on today in the bay, election day is tuesday and if you are just drowning in a sea of he questions about the candidates and the propositions, we are going to throw you a lifeline. and show you why one candidate for governor will spend election day in court instead of on the campaign trail.
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after more than a year of campaigning, voters will finally weigh in on the 2010 election this coming tuesday. to help break down all the facets of this complicated ballot today, our political analyst is joining us for a double-heard. later on this morning, we will talk about the propositions on the ballot. right now, we want to talk about the candidates and issues really framing this election. in your opinion today, looking toward tuesday what is framing the election? >> the governorship, of course, the crown of all the races here, and jerry brown and meg whitman
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have gone at t interesting, they really differentiate themselves as we have gone along, chris, the economy, safe infrastructure issues, wedge issues, gay marriage, immigration, taxes, the role of money in this election is absolutely amazing. $500 million, $500 had million will be spent in california alone on all the various campaigns from the senate down to water districts. >> i'm thinking if candidates wrote checks to the state of california they would get elected. instead of campaigning, we will give you money. >> see if that happens for meg whitman. an awful lot happened, so far, a tight race. >> how do we distinguish between the two major parties? they try to set themselves apart, don't you think? >> i think so and it has really become easier, actually to differentiate between candidates, as time has gone on. in case of the governorship, for example, jerry brown, he is an insider, let's face it 40 years of government experience and he claims that this is the time to
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put all that experience to work. meg whitman, hey, she is an outsider, no question about it, with no government experience, who claims that more of the same will get us nowhere at a time when we need to move forward. and that way, you know, each side can abuse the other as a been there, done that candidate. kind of interesting how they use the same kind of logic against one another. >> we want to talk about the race between barbara boxer and carly fiorina, a lot of ads. >> yes, another race easier and easier to separate. they are more different, more ideological extremes, full, more so than brown and whitman. look, barbara boxer, again, has a record a long record, 28 years in the house and the senate, pro-choice, a concern for environmentalism, wants a path for citizenship for illegal immigrants. all this is clearly laid out. carly fiorina has her own set of issues and she, too, is very different, pro-life, opposes bills such as ab 32 assembly
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bill designed to change california's emissions policy, use it as a job-killer bill and want no, sir safe haven for illegal immigrants. you know what chris, each of these has a liability, no question about t barbara boxer's liability, part of the "establishment, a year people want nothing to do with the establishment. that is all there is to it. carly fiorina's liability, core values are probably further to the right from california's mainstream than barbara boxer. so when you look at it all, anybody who says these two are alike, brown or whitman are alike, no, no, no great differences and depend where they fit with your values. >> in a little bit, we will talk more about proposition on the ballot and why folks are watching that barbara boxer race with carly fiorina even outside our borders. >> you me. >> get a cup of coffee. we will see you in a minute. thank you, lar way. front-runners for the governor's seat spend the weekend campaigning, a great party candidates spending the
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weekend collecting signatures to keep her out of jail. gubernatorial candidate laura wells will be at the marin county farmer's mark wet a petition. wells was arrested wrought side dominican university in san raf this will month when she alle d allegedly tried to crash the nbc gubernatorial debate with a bogus ticket. wells insists that her ticket was valid. she is due in court on election day, believe it or not, to face those charges. coming up next on today in the bay, we will show what you ranger fans are doing to fire up their team. and good morning, live outside, got a nice shot here, clear conditions, we look out over the bay, i will have your halloween forecast in just a bit.
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good morning to you, live lookat the sunrise over san jose this morning, hey, as you head out this after neighbor and evening, be careful, trick or tleeshts out and sun sets very
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early these days, 6:13 or so, craig? >> yeah, darkary lot earlier, clouds will be gone but still dark really quick, take it easy out there. >> so excited, not paying a attenti attention. >> talk bugs, not the kids. a lot is clearing out, sunshine today, more through the next week, net shot, golden gate bridge, not a lot of rain, whole different story 24 hours ago, the rain came through, we added about .1 to .2 around the bay area. next shot, oakland, side of the bay, off in the distance, high clouds a little bit of haze there are a couple of spotty showers left on the radar, just a few of them, not a whole lot, whatever is falling, very, very light, quick to get out here, most the east side of the bay, concord, walnut creek, across the diablo range, showers on
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radar move into the central valley, don't expect too much in the way of rainfall there. next shot, continue to see that most of the showers have moved on out of the area, cloudy conditions just about everywhere. what happens next we start to get a ridge of high pressure, starting to build on n chilly starts to each morning. we dropped into the 40s, livermore, and concord, same for napa, 47, 46, navado. this ridge of high pressure builds in, right about here, next storm well into the gulf of alaska, headed north. one storm that came through moved off into the dakotas this ridge starts to move our direction we start to warm up and then by tuesday it will be the warmest day around the bay area. whatever you have planned for the evening should be clear, lots of nice, clear conditions tonight through most of this week ahead, early morning fog, a little bit of haze during the early morning hours, during the afternoon, plenty of sunshine going around, 60s to near 70s in the bay area, you talk about
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sunset, chris, 6:12, sunrise, 7:34, will be at 7:34, i'm already ahead of myself, as we go through the week ahead, see more sunshine, 70s warmer spots, texas, plenty of sunshine there for the giants game. mid-80s arlington, daily planner today, 70s by 6 p.m., cool off. by 9 p.m., 50s, yesterday, willow glenn, company called life sport boot camp, invited me to be part of their freaky fat loss for charity. isn't that awesome? working out with pumpkins. i brought my pumpkin to work out w i had no idea we were going to work out with it, i thought we were bringing it to donate to second harvest food bank. no we had to work out with t next time, i'm bringing a little pumpkin. >> making a food donation. >> that is what i was thinking. next year, i know. so, that was a good time. thanks for inviting me, raise a lot of food for second harvest food bank in san jose, silicon
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valley. 7-day forecast, notice what happens on monday and tuesday, yeah, tuesday is going tonight warmest day and then the next chance for rain will be for the north end of the bay on friday, chris, so yeah, nice week ahead. enjoy it, be safe out there tonight. clear conditions. >> thank you very much. still ahead on today in the bay, you know what this is? trying to rally the rangers to victory. you think it is sillily? tell you more about it coming up. i'm laura behnke in sports, the giants are still in control of this series but the rangers have a bit of momentum. we will show you the highlights plus take you inside the clubhouse in arlington, plus, the sharks and ducks in fight night at the tank last night. highlights coming up in sports. david harmer wrote an education plan titled "abolish the public schools." he even called our schools "insidious" and "socialism."
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as families struggle to raise their kids, to provide a good education, harmer bragged, "we can design a plan to dismantle them." david harmer is just too radical. we need jerry mcnerney. protecting local schools from devastating cuts. endorsed for his "independence" by the contra costa times, stockton record, and our local teachers. i'm jerry mcnerney, and i approved this message.
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unless you are dressing up as witch tonight, put away the brooms, the giants aren't getting their world series sweep, but don't stop believing. the giants are still in the lead and sports director raj mathai
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has an inside look from the stadium in arlington, texas. we begin with laura behnke and a look at the tricks or treats of last night's game. >> good morning, everybody. all it took was a trip back to texas to get the rangers right back in this world series earthquake let's be honest, the giants knew winning with their first tight until san francisco wasn't going to be easy. and there was plenty of texas royalty on hand for the first-ever game in arlington. nolan ryan throwing out the pitch and former president george bush in the stands. he and his father throwing out the first pitch today. mitch more land, number nine hitter takes sanchez deep, a three-run home run, 3-0, the rangers taking the lead. top seven, now 4-0, texas, but ross puts the giants on the board, keeps his playoff mvp status going. first of the world series, fiveth of the playoffs, 4-1 ranger, top nine, first look at the closer in the world series,
7:24 am
gets uribe swinging a 99-mile-an-hour fast ball. bushes like what they see. feliz, first of the playoffs, 4-2, rangers win. raj mat thigh from the clubhouse. >> not that surprised, are you? didn't think the rangers would lie down. last night, get their first win of the series, pretty interesting what the giants did immediately after the game. take a look. you know you are in texas, you see the longhorns, jonathan sanchez, starting pitcher, not a bad outing. he had that one mistake pitch, sanchez anger the questions, pat burl, yet to get a hit in this world series working the laptop, studying his at-bats with to his credit, burrell came clean. >> not good. not exactly how you draw it up when you begin your pregame
7:25 am
routine going. i picked a bad time to struggle. >> burrell went on to say the giants lead 2-1, a better position than the rangers, as for the fans here, yes, texas is a red state but a lot of black and orange. >> let's go giants! let's go giants! >> reporter: sprinkled throughout the ballpark, among the rangers red, there was a lot of black and orange for the giants' fans, all making a road trip of a lifetime. >> for myself, i have been going to about 70 games a year since 1989, and this is it. they can win this, i can die in piece. >> for giants fans, not a difficult tax, game four, bum garthener is pitching. if they win, they can wrap up the world series potentially with a win tomorrow night. reporting from arlington, texas, i'm raj mathai. back to you. >> one thing is for sure so far
7:26 am
in the sharks' young season, when this team scores goals, they come in bunches, but last night at the tank, they weren't the only things coming abundance, how about fights? no love lost between the ducks and sharks. for proof, give you 12 five-minute majors for fighting alone last night. that is six fights. all right. for the offense, we give you dany heatley, second period, sharks on the power play, former badgers, second goal of the game, also an assist. the sharks win 5-2. and that is your morning look at sports. have a great day. >> back to the world series it has seen its share of rally cries, the angels, had a rally monkey even. now the team the giants and texas rangers keeping the wildlife theme going. they have seen this in a game. nbc bay area's lauren scott shows us from arlington, the zoo there to explain what's up with the claw. >> in the the bay area, panda sightings are far from rare at
7:27 am
giants home games, in texas, prairie dogs roam the frontier, clause and antlers running wild. >> lots of clause and antlers to be seen, texas rangers, jerseys and hats wandering around to see more clause and antlers. >> the fort worth zoo is the intersection of baseball and nature, the rally cry of clause and antlers being an organic mantra of sorts started by rangers players. >> i think everybody, you know, just talked about the claws a long distance high five. the antlers has more to do with speed. so you get an infield hit, first and third, you steal a bay, you signal toward the dugout with and the dugout does the same thing toward you. >> zookeepers tell us deer can hoof it up to 35 miles per hour, so, antlers are apropos. >> correct they have adopted the antlers as speed play, great successful speed play. >> then this whole survival of the fittest team at work. in the spirit of the theory, the fort worth zoo and san francisco zoo made a friendly wager, so,
7:28 am
to the victor goes what spoils? >> the fort worth zoo put up a bottle of tequila and box of texas pray leans up against a bolt of napa valley wine and box of girdlely chocolate. >> wild foo fans and wildlife on the prowl keeping a look out for rangers and the giants. on the hunt in texas, i'm lawrence scott. >> we have much more ahead on today in the bay. next at 7:30, vampires and witches are not the scariest to look out for trick or treat time, we have a candy recall you need to hear about. with no plan for the future and a billionaire with no government experience. well, let me tell you my story. my husband and i came here as newlyweds. we raised our family here and the california dream came true for me in ways i could never have imagined. now i'm running for governor to restore the california dream for everyone. i'm not a career politician or a hollywood star. i'm from silicon valley, where i created thousands of jobs at ebay. as governor, i'll do something that's been missing
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a couple of minutes befo before:30. 7:30 on the dot a drier golden gate bridge than yesterday. heading out for trick or treating no need to worry. >> makes you want to run out there now. come on.
7:31 am
yeah, no rain tonight unless is it is part of your costume t will be chilly, no umbrellas unless part of your costume. >> i saw a cool umbrella costume a jelly fish. >> oh, cool. i have an idea for tonight then, be that is your costume, all you will need it for, won't need it for the rain, showers light north of concord, between fairfield and concord, 40s and 50, chilly, getting ready to head on out, daily planner, a few minutes from sunrise, three minutes from sunrise, sunset, 6:12, talking about, chris, taking it easy with the little ones out there gets darker earlier, 7-day forecast, includes upper 70s through the middle of the week. >> all right, thank you very much. speaking of halloween, before you stock your candy bowl or basket, you might want to check whether or not that candy is safe to eat. we have two recalls to tell you about this morning. nestle is recalling some of its raisinets fun size bags. the company says the candy could
7:32 am
make people with peanut allergies sick. the maker of megapops may contain trace amounts of stainless steal. more information on these recalls, check the fda's website. are we in for a trick or treat on wall street? cnbc's brian shactman takes a look at the upcoming week in the world of business. >> traders a new month on wall street while voters head to the polls. tuesday's midterm election does shape economic policy in the u.s. for the next two years and perhaps beyond that the federal reserve holds a policy meeting this week and the central bank expected to announce hundreds of billions in purchases of government bonds, that is basically designed to pump more money into the nation's sluggish financial system, lower borough coasts and spark more loans. here is question for you, could there be good news in the labor market in the government releases the october jobs report on friday, first time jobless claims fell four of the last
7:33 am
five weeks and economists say we might have seen more hiring in the private sector last month. automakers roll out october sales figures midweek. october could be the best month for auto sales in two years, with good numbers expected from ford and general motors, edmunds says. while on the topic of gm, kicking a you have a road show highlighting some of its new vehicles and trying to rev up support for its initial public stock offering that will take place in mid-november. jc penneys, kohl's and other retailers show improvement. those department stores and others release sales data which shows a lift as consumers spent more last month. i'm brian shactman. get all your business news on cnbc. >> also get your business and tech report before the markets open. today in the bay start at 4:30 weekday morning. next, show your giants some support? how about getting your own rally? we will brief you where you can
7:34 am
go to get one. never thought i would say that we are going to mess with texas, a live report from the ballpark in arlington, just ahead. i was supposed to retire there. carly fiorina changed all that. [ cheri ] fiorina laid off 30,000 people. and she shipped our jobs to china. and india. i had to pack my bags and i was out the door that night. we even had to train our replacements. she didn't need 5 corporate jets. [ farrell ] one hundred million for herself. fiorina never cared about our jobs. not then and not now. [ boxer ] i'm barbara boxer and i approve this message.
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7:35 now, take a live look at the city by the bay, beautiful start to our morning and a dry trend, including a very warm day for election day. right now, our biggest concern is tonight because last night was more of a trick than a treat for the giants, but even though the team didn't hold onto a sweep, we are still leading the series, 2-1. julie tam from our sister station in texas is live outside the ballpark in arlington this morning. julie that is halloween, that can only mean one thing for us, a black and orange comeback. don't you think? >> i don't know about that. i don't know about that if your tv screens are adjusted properly, you should be seeing red right now. but either way, fans are out here early, in line as you can
7:37 am
see outside the ballpark at those ticket windows, trying to get their hands on some world series tickets. last night's game an important one for rangers and giants fans a giants win would have been as will of hope for the rangers fans for a world series win but the rangers were able to pull it off so fans here are energized now and hopeful. as you know, north texas is famous for the dallas cowboys football team so people here are just so proud to see another home team getting some national attention. >> i'm a cowboy fan this is it right here, where it s. >> brian wilson grew the playoff beard. >> doesn't even compare. all about the antlers and the claw. >> let's go, rangers. >> reporter: a claw and antlers paying off for the rest of the community. a uc arlington economics professor estimates that each game is going to provide an
7:38 am
economic impact for the local community of about $7 million. that is a nice economic boost for the city and the area. we have been planning for the super bowl coming up in february here at cowboys stadium but the world series just happened to be a nice little surprise along the way. live in arlington, julie tam, today in the bay. >> you know, i have to say, i don't know if this was a precursor or not but the cowboys did get beat by giants last week, although the new york giants, maybe this is a precursor, i don't know. >> i don't know that might be a little bit of a stretch. we will wait and see, maybe make a friendly wayne, you proud texan. thank you, julie for joining us. >> maybe. >> the world series race getting tighter, the d-men need all the support they can get. for infielder aubrey huff, a unique lucky charm is credited with helping the team along. today in the bay's mike inouye
7:39 am
is live with themaker of the song. >> the giants are take on the rangers tonight in game four of the world series and getting plenty of support, full, frif y a secret weapon, called the rally song. we are talking to alan zeltzer via skype, he is the president of the company behind the rally song. good morning. >> good morning. good morning. >> thank you for all the help that your company is providing. the rally song is a phenomenon. did it take you by surprise? >> we found out about it on thursday, last thursday. it is an amazing story. >> showing some of the pictures on the screen. the poppy version, like i pop pill. >> yes. yes. >> you just found about this friday? >> last thursday. yes. we found out about it.
7:40 am
we sent out some to the team. to orange and black and they were giving them out. hopefully keep wearing it and wing the world series. >> you found out about it doing it since early september, you have been helping us. now your company is behind this sure that will be a great boost, as it has been to the giants. talking about the fact the rally song is out there you heard about the panda hat, heard about that? hats that look like pandas another one of our rally items. aubrey huff thinks that will be a big selling item. have you seen any boost in the sale she is in. >> absolutely. we have a market share, the styles, we have the poppy, that time, a big selection, the one
7:41 am
he is wearing is on back order now. bringing it back our retro style, the aubry huff signature rally. >> awesome, on back order, online. will we see a lineup there or less visible line for these? >> it is a good business. out there on the west coast, the macy's stores to thought have a good collection selection of it and receiving more. i think a jock strap and a little fashion. >> outstand. chilly in san francisco, maybe we will wear them on the outside. thanks for sending some backup to you, al alan, reminder the giants plate rangers 520 pacific time. madison baumgartener will face off against tommy hunter on the pitching mound. go giants.
7:42 am
>> who knew, i thought it was a man. it is a ladies. what is worse? the world series spin on this political ad. rule the tweet. rule the bedtime. rule the upload. verizon built america's most reliable network to make a more powerful you. rule the air. verizon. right now at verizon, you can get a new samsung intensity ii free after mail-in rebate. only at verizon. "abolish the public schools." he even called our schools "insidious" and "socialism."
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as families struggle to raise their kids, to provide a good education, harmer bragged, "we can design a plan to dismantle them." david harmer is just too radical. we need jerry mcnerney. protecting local schools from devastating cuts. endorsed for his "independence" by the contra costa times, stockton record, and our local teachers. i'm jerry mcnerney, and i approved this message.
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on to decision 2010 now, supporters will be leafletting neighborhoods today to legalize marijuana. campaign volunteers will campaign bay area cities to spread its message about the measure. campaign volunteers also man phone banks today as part of their final push. meantime, what the no on 19 lacks in campaign funding it makes up for in high-powered political support. governor arnold schwarzenegger, senator dianne feinstein and president obama all oppose prop 19. texas is t moving from the baseball die mopped to the political arena. this morning this ad is running in newspapers opposing the mesh sure that would overturn the state's climate law. as you can see it has a world
7:45 am
series twist aimed at the texas oil companies who backed the bill. the ad says texas to oil companies are trying to rewrite the rules of the game and steal home from california voters. tuesday's statewide election is just around the corner, many of us are still confused about some of those proposition on the ballot. today larry gersten is going to help us sort out some of the tough ones, can we start by saying thank goodness they are not leafletting and not rallying anything else? let's start with the decriminalization of marijuana. >> yep. >> you know, only recently did we see tv ads for this one. >> yeah this is -- campaigns go, chris this had is not a well-financed campaign, one way or the other. all of the propositions actually, all nine of them this is the easiest one to understand it is pretty straightforward in terms of intent to make it legal for any adult to grow, own and use marijuana. that is about it. now why?
7:46 am
well, supporters say that the current policy is pretty much a sham, especially if you think of the medicinal marijuana places and so what and the state tax possibilities of $1 to $2 billion anally, you know how we are hurting when it comes to the state budget. to opponents counters marijuana, opens harder drugs and federal law prevents any state from legalizing the drug this is on the ballotby the way on three other states, so, interesting to help see any of the four passes this initiative. >> recent polls show it is a dead heat or failing. >> recent polls say it is losing but the yes on 19 votes say their internal polls, right, been there before, say it is winning. >> on top to proposition 23 it would suss spent the implementation of climate laws but the actual name doesn't have to do with jobs. >> that is part of the mystique, full, of all ballot propositions, almost all of them you touched on this one a couple
7:47 am
minutes ago, one way or another, this has a lot to do with the state's economy, pure and simple. supporters say that passage of the proposition this one, 23, will save jobs that would be lost because companies would rather leave california than convert their complicated emissions systems. now, many also say that the claims of greenhouse gas pollution are very exaggerated. there is that side to the 23 argument, opponents very strong on this one. they point to the cost of greenhouse gas emissions not on the environment but people in the form of asthma and lung-related diseases and also see this new law opening the way to hundreds of thousands of green jobs. i tell you something, oil companies have pushed, as you mentioned in that story, oil companies have pushed very hard on proposition 23. interesting venture capitalists oppose it, spending millions. why? they think the wave of the future are the new green companies. >> you mentioned that a couple
7:48 am
weeks ago. thought it was very interesting. move on to proposition 25, 26 though deal with budgets and taxes. >> yep. once again, budgets, taxes, maybe even jobs. the folks from proposition 25 say that it is time to make the budget something that is passed by a majority vote, a simple majority, instead of the two-thirds arrangement, which as we know, last time around, took 100 days before that budget was passed. they say the state can't afford budget gridlock, the measure easier to pass a budget two thirds vote required to pay taxes would remain in place but opponents now say if passed, the legislatudggislature would be irresponsible, easier to raise taxes. >> a valid argument, do you think? >> truth be told, nothing to do with raising taxes, nothing to do more than ever. an old story here, chris, comes to all the proposition, people are very loose when it comes to interpret stating the data,
7:49 am
making claims, on almost all sides, quite often what happens is they take a piece of it, a snippet of it, means it is going to be fewer jobs, less jobs, i will tell you something, totally related to everying we are talking about now, please, it is so important, pay a little attention to these commercials. on almost all sides. in fact, they bury so far, so far away from the truth. pay little attention. pay little. little. >> very little. >> no. no attention. >> no on commercials. >> because, in fact, what happens is they take david, take information, they twist it around, you have got to read these things see how other people like or don't like. >> california voter's guide in the mail and on our website, with, a full guide there also talk about prop 26, which take us in the opposite direction. >> yeah. yeah. the other side of this. prop 26 takes it in the opposite direction. why? in this case it requires the
7:50 am
legislature to get a two-thirds vote on every revenue issue, including these. it also requires local government to go to the voters on every revenue issue before the voters. now, supporters say that the people must have a final say on all tax and fee proposals, period. opponents, on the other hand, counter that this requirement will hamstring governments and prevent them from getting anything done. this, chris, is the sleeper of all the propositions, oil companies, the chamber of commerce, beverage companies, liquor companies, tobacco companies, all spent a ton of money, more than $20 million because they want this passed. >> they don't have to disclose where the funding comes from some of the ads either. get larry's political blog and insight on you can type in prop zero or lo for the prop zero tab on the top. complete voters tab, 2010. busy time for you, larry?
7:51 am
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nice and dry for your halloween forecast, no excuses weather-wise, a vote on tuesday. >> in fact, tuesday the warmest day. should be a good turnout, i hope. >> don't be out there enjoying touch of the weather, get the vote, failed to move it in. trick or treaters heading on out. look at that flag. >> so proud. >> isn't it awesome? >> we got nice flag and look out from san francisco across the bay, clearing a bit of a breeze out there, a little bit chilly, high clouds up of above, off in the distance, a little bit of haze, next shot over to sin noel and yeah it will be a little bit warmer here today, especially across sin noel and concord and walnut creek and same for san jose and the santa clara valley a couple of spotty showers on the radar, concord, danville,
7:54 am
where we are seeing stuff light up on the radar, most is very light, not quite touching the ground. what you see on here right now is starting to move on to the east and continue to move into the central valley. look at the numbers right now, 40s, low 50s, rather chilly, start today, same story tomorrow. ridge of high pressure starting to build in and take over our weather. all that rain has moved off into the dakotas. this next storm, very impressive, heads up into the pacific northwest and into canada. none of that in our direction. we will be dry for call of days, especially the week ahead n through say, tuesday and wednesday, place nuts warmer spots, closer to the midand youer 70s, at the beaches, see mid-60s, the days are shorter, still enough time to get up into those mid-70s by the time we get into tuesday and wednesday. daily planner the rest of the afternoon and into the evening, 6 p.m., sun down about 6:12, little ones are out, take it easy out there, remember, clearing out, getting dark. by 9 p.m., still in the 50s a couple 70s in the warm wither
7:55 am
spots today for afternoon highs, places like san jose, closer to it, 60 in livermore. mid and upper 60s north end of the bay, san francisco, 65 degrees, a nice afternoon there the spca, macy's union square holiday windows unveiled november 19th. i will be doing that again this year, so much fun, so cute. stop by there at any time, the unveiling 19th at 5 p.m., they need volunteers to help with the windows, website, more information on help suggest to, a fun event, get out there so much fun, i did it last year. pits out there looking for homes there is the 7-day forecast, you talk about tuesday being the warmest day, 77, warmest spots, warmer sunshine, warm it up on tuesday, more so on monday, tuesday, stay there through wednesday. next chance for a little bit of
7:56 am
showers, mainly for the north end of the bay, going to be friday, even then, not a whole lot. looks like the week ahead will be dry, after good rain come through, a little bit yesterday. . good weather. >> sunny there today, close to 80 in texas. >> all right. >> yeah. >> by the way, any giants jersey, you picked the right one. >> thanks. >> turn around? >> can you see me? which one is that? >> i was looking for it. >> thanks for joining us this morning. at 4:00, "football night in america," the pittsburgh steelers versus new orleans saints. the next newscast is tonight at 11:00, followed by sports sunday with raj mathai. "meet the press" with david gregory is next. have a great sunday. >> take care. >> you are not my favorite anymore. >> come on. it is giants. all giants all the time.
7:57 am
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