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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  November 2, 2010 3:30am-4:00am PST

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new this morning, the giants arrived at at&t ballpark to screaming fans. they have won the world series. we have video and a live report. plus the changes east bay voters will see on the ballot this year. the dos and don'ts of ranked choice voting. >> are good morning, everybody.
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4:30, november 2nd and election day weather looks great. the giants have won. my goodness. when more could you ask for? maybe a sunny day? >> 70s and 80s. 57 degrees as the city is still buzzing. east bay in the same range. let's get right to the east bay forecast. livermore near 80 in november. 76 in dublin as we move to the inner east bay. oakland and richmond in the mid-70s and temperatures in the upper 70s and warming up more through the middle of the week. a look at the is coming up in a few mondays. >> a perfect driving day that everyone gets out of my way. i'm asking for everything. >> there you go. a lot of folks are celebrating because of everything we are talking about. the roadways have reopened. the king street off-ramp was closed until just about 3:00 this morning. people are celebrating around
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at&t park. for some reason you top the been that. a congestion point that cleared. we are happy about a light commute and we will follow any traffic you see and any celebrations that break out as well. back to you. >> all right. let's go live right now to at&t park and bob redell. the guys just arriving. this is great stuff. >> good morning to you, scott. the giants just arrived about 20 minutes ago, pulling up in the buss from sfo to get their luggage to go back home. i don't know if they are going to sleep with the adrenaline high they are on. the fans behind me, there a couple hundred fans who have been out here all night long and it was worth the wait if you want to look at the videotape. william new com, the ceo of the team brought out the world series trophy and walked it up and down the line of fans to get
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a good look at it. bruce bocce came by and high fived fans and cody ross hugged fans. of course being one of the home run kings from the postseason of the fall classic. did you get to touch the statue? >> i didn't get to touch it. >> i touched it with one finger. >> did he say anything to you? >> cody ross, there is only one cody ros. only one. >> it was well worth the wait for people out here. we talked with bruce bocc skperks p skperks. bob redell, today in the bay. >> as if there weren't enough going on, it is election day. decision 2010 coverage, the end of a long campaign.
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vote suggest already under way here in california. voters head to the polls at 7:00. the two top races, california governor and u.s. senate seat, all four candidates are hoping their last minute appeals work. the races are tie. jerry brown says if elected, he will overcome the partisan divide and listen to republicans in the legislature. republican gubernatorial candidate meg whitman said voters need to rethink democratic leadership. carly fiorina trying to pull off one of the biggest upsets in the country challenge being barbara boxer. she knocked her as a big business sympathizer and fiorina said big business prepared her to help unemployed californians get a job. voters will want to pay special attention to their election instruction this is year. new ranked choice voting takes
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effect in the east bay. chris sanchez is here to explain how it works. >> this is not a new thing for the bay area. san francisco does rank choice voting, but this is new from alameda count e and the voters of oakland. the whole idea is to save money because the run off elections are very expensive and fight veiter fatigue. it tires people out and they don't show up when they need to. whether or not you think it's a good idea, it's happening today specifically in oakland and berkeley and san leandro and san francisco has been using it. here's how it works. you were asking me to clarify. you rank in order of who i want to win. i want scott, rob, and laura garcia cannon. you put them in order like that. if you have your favorite, you put them across the board. it's not going to work. it will count as your first
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choice. you may want to make sure you understand that. the registrar of voters has been work hard to make sure folks know what's going on. it is a learning curve. >> i promise to carry out the office as carefully as i can. thank you very much. let's go back to bob live at at&t park where he has one of the players. is it romo? >> we have sergio romo and a beautiful thing that some of the players, i mentioned they have been coming out here and mingling with the fans. first off, congratulations. >> thank you, thank you. unbelievable feeling. these fans are just keeping it going. it's awesome. >> plafs twhat was the plane ri back from dallas? >> i didn't get any sleep. we had a good time. we had the whole organization there. it was such a cool fly back. we came back champions. >> what did you do with the
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trophy? was that a carry on? >> def a carry on. everybody had a taste television and got to hold it. it's a lot heavier than it seems, but worth it. >> some of your teammates are headed home. they are tired or have to get rid of the adrenaline. why did you decide to stay? >> we have all the giants fans. this is not only huge for us on a personal level as a team, but here in the city of san francisco, they haven't had a champion in baseball in san francisco and it's great to be part of the first. >> are you going to get any sleep or is it possible? >> i don't really know. i haven't thought past the next half hour or hour. i'm just excited to join my teammates and the san francisco fans. >> thank you very much. congratulations again. sergio romo making the rounds with at least a couple hundred fans outside at&t park. well worth the wait for them. scott?
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>> thank you much. let's go back on the incredibly exciting day back over to decision 2010. important races in the east bay. the long march to replace ron dell ums for oakland mayor in the running for the post. former senate president protem and oakland city councilwoman and political science professor and analyst joe too manien and terrence kendell and greg harland, marcie hodge and larry lionel young jr. they will weigh in on the highly publicized prop 19 that will legalize marijuana under state law. if passed it allows local governments to regulate marijuana as well as collect pot-related fees and taxes. supporters say the state's current drug laws don't curb use, waste resources and create a black market.
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opponents claim legalizing marijuana would make it easier for kids to get it and allow people to more easily abuse it. some growers fear it could shutout existing pot farmer who is run small time operations. supporters will be out in the east bay today and students will rally at uc berkeley at noon and there will be a rally in front of oakland city hall at 10:00. voters will also weigh in on the controversial prop 23. this would have global effects. a yes vote would suspend the california global warming solutions act of 2006 until state unemployment drops to 5.5% or less for a full year. the law requires the state to reduce green house elisiomissio 20%. proponents believe prop 23 would save jobs and businesses are
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strained under the new rules and opponents believe texas oil companies that back the law specifically designed this proposal to not only stall, but kill clean energy in california. we have the polls closing and we go to air at 8:00. channel 2 is the digital channel and comcast at 9:00. the nbc political news team will begin coverage of national races and at 11:00, a special newscast for an hour long. goodness. coming up. critical races all over the nation. we have a run down of the top matchups in the last minute push by democrats, creating problems in some area and back to the world series. we will talk about champions gear, the hottest items in the bay area. we will take a look at what stores are stocking up. time now is 4:40.
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i'm among 30,000 employees who used to work for hp. i was supposed to retire there. carly fiorina changed all that. [ cheri ] fiorina laid off 30,000 people. and she shipped our jobs to china. and india. i had to pack my bags and i was out the door that night. we even had to train our replacements. she didn't need 5 corporate jets. [ farrell ] one hundred million for herself. fiorina never cared about our jobs. not then and not now. [ boxer ] i'm barbara boxer and i approve this message.
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all right, golden state warriors. all you now. time now is 4:43. the trial of three cal berkeley grad students facing espionage
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charges is on hold in iran. iranian authorities said they cannot begin until sarah shourd returns. she was freed on bail nearly 14 months in prison in tehran. her fiance shane bahher and josh fattal remain in prison there and their trial was expected to begin saturday. no new date has been set and authorities have not revealed when shourd will be summoned. neither the stayed department or shourd said whether she intends to return. the grads were arrested while reportedly hiking near the iranian border. an unusual crime wave in vallejo partly caught on tape. a trio of teen girls wanted for strong arm robberies in the last week. like most, this is an older woman walking alone. the girls 16 to 18 punch her and shove her to get her purse. each described the same group of girls and the same older model
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dark gray or silver volvo similar to one on your screen. vallejo police said in each case the band of girls has injured their victims. 4:45 and we have another closure for the embarcadero. closeed from second to townsend because of the folks celebrating. a lot of celebrating into the city. keep that in mind. up through the east bay, the nimitz freeway, there is a disabled vehicle near the shoulder and shouldn't be an issue. how light the volume is past the col see um. >> sounds good and rob is here with a sunny beautiful forecast for all the parades and celebrations and everything else. paranormally election day we have to worry about rain.
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right now a cool start and 55 degrees and patch e fog the only thing slowing down in parts of the east bay. 52 right now. look at livermore. 48 degrees. the main headlines heading out to the coast and high pressure keeping us mostly sunny and dry. take a look at the temperatures out to the trivalley today. close to 80 around livermore and 76 for dublin into richmond and highs in the mid 70s. temperatures approaching 80 today, but i think the warmest days of the week are coming up tomorrow and thursday. perfect for the champions parade tomorrow. as we head towards the weekend, a little bit of cooling and gorgeous in the middle of the week. >> all right, rob. new this morning, investors will be watching the ballot box as the balance in power in washington will impact wall street. for more on news before the bell, we turn to courtney reagan
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live at world headquarters. >> good morning to you. futures are higher on this election tuesday. stocks are back and forth and gave up the early gains, but we got them because there was a good report that showed a growth spurt in chinese manufacturing. it's important not to forget that even if the dow didn't reflect it. investors are awaiting the out come of mid-terms and the fed's latest economic stimulus program. this is going to shape up for possibly one of the biggest weeks of the markets for the year. asian marks are flat overnight and there is no major economic data and we got earnings a couple of moments ago for pfizer. the dow gained six points to 11,124. the nasdaq was down to 2504. general motors is expected to file new details on the upcoming ipo. they hope to raise 10.6 bill by
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sharing shares between 26 and $29 each. they cut to about 43%. the stocks would valley gm at about 60 billion, below what's needed for taxpayers to break even on the auto maker's bailout. back to you. >> thank you much. let's take a look at what's coming up later in the bay. we say good morning to laura garcia cannon. >> good morning, everyone. team coverage of your world champion san francisco giants. so exciting. your home for giants all season is also your home for the best celebration coverage. just came home right now. live reports from arlington and from san francisco where the city is all excited. plus violent video games. the california law tries to keep them away from your kids and the supreme court may kill the bill. we interview the bay area man behind the law who will be in the courts today.
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the stories and all the election day information you need coming up later today in the bay. >> thank you, laura. a state-issued welfare debit card can no longer be used to buy pot or palm readings. governor arnold schwarzenegger said they are inconsistent with the intent of welfare. he sent a letter to directors throughout the state saying atms and point of sale card readers in businesses like marijuana shops and psychics will be removed from the network that accepts the card. other businesses affected by the ban are bail bond establishments, bingo halls, cruise ships and tattoo parlors. >> it's election day and polls are open. after weeks of hearing the predictions, the polls and the pundits, today voters get the final word on who will be in control in washington. tracie potts is at the center of it all with today's last minute campaigning. >> we need you!
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we do need you! >> a last minute push by democrats. >> we need to you get fired up. >> ignoring the polls. >> i keep looking for this enthusiasm gap the republicans say exists and i can't find it to save my life. >> hoping to win undecided voters. >> they are saying to themselves, look, i'm not thrilled with the democrats, but i don't want to go way off on the right track. >> democrats made so many automated calls in some areas, phone service is jammed. predictions of big losses have republicans feeling confident. >> i believe the american people repudiate obama's policies at the polls tomorrow. >> candidates are nervous. >> we are feeling very good and very strong, but it comes down to getting out the vote. >> president obama is at the white house today doing radio interviews and n districts with tight races. john boehner hoping to be the next speaker of the house was in ohio last night.
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>> we have a great ticket and a great night tomorrow night. >> polling places are ready and voting machines are out. >> everything is ready to go. we are looking forward to the voters coming in. >> america votes today. in washington, tracie potts, today in the bay. >> closer to home, your ballot could look different. east bay voters will be using new ranked choice voting. chris sanchez is here. entirely possible this could cause delays at the ballot box. >> it could because you are talking about a ballot that has the number one and the number two and number three choice. it can take time to tabulate and some of them may not be valid or count the one, two, three because only one is listed as all three. let's talk about how it works. i don't know if you have been to the horse races, but some say that's what the rank choice ballot looks like. these folks are voting for mayor and the rest of the races in
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oakland. they have the list the number one choice and the second candidate and number one, number two, then i want my number three choice. they have to list three people. if as that gentlemen suggested he may put his first choice and hedge his bets t count count that way. they will only count the first which will be the number one choice and won't count as number two or number three as well. this is happening for the first time in oakland. berkeley is going to be using rank choice and san leandro will use rank choice and a lot of critics say it lends to a lot of confusion and a lot of delay in terms of counting. san francisco has been using it for a while and it seems to be working out okay there. polls are now open on the east coast and they have been voting
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for about an hour or so. our polls open at 7:00 this morning. if you are headed to the polls, you can get your ballot to vote. if you have a mail in ballot that you forgot to send in early in time to make your vote count, you can still make it count. just drop it off by your local precinct where you live. if you need information, what you need to know is on our website. we have our prop zero tag with lots of insight from our analyst explaining the propositions and some of what's at stake in the different local races. we also have that 2010 tab there at the top of the website as well. i found a full voter's guide. that certainly was helpful for me. scott? >> thank you very much. rob, i don't know what it says about me when she explained it as the trifecta, i get it.
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it's chilly out and we have 40s and 50s. oakland is 55 and 57 in san francisco. some of our weather headlines for us, patches of fog near the water on the delta. things will be warming up nicely. for the weekend we may see showers. mostly sunny skies for now and gorgeous weather for the champions parade tomorrow. should see 70s. t-shirt weather in san francisco for tomorrow. let's look around the bay area. our temperatures around the east bay are close to 80 and upper 70s around dublin and pleasanton and oakland looking good as well. tomorrow will be the warmest day of the week for oakland. there you go into concord and pitsburg and the seven-day forecast looks very warm for november. perfect for election day and
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tomorrow at the giants parade and we will cool off with clouds for the weekend. >> rob, giants are back on home turf after last night's huge world series win five decades in the making. giants fans took to the streets moments after the team won the championship. they went from restaurants into the streets and close blocking off willie mays plaza so hundreds could celebrate the win. >> this is awesome! i love baseball! >> the misfits are champs. they proved to the world when it seemed to coming to and feed on that energy, it is possible. >> i'm glad they did it away. you know what, it's done and over with. go giants. >> the celebration is only the beginning of the parade. market street parade is wednesday. hats, t-shirts and jerseys will have the word champions and
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giants on them, they are flying off the shelves. just minutes before, fans into the dugouts stores at at&t to buy anything world series. baseball caps are the most popular item. for some reason, the word world champion seems to feel a lot better. >> it feels so much better. sweeter than a sweet ride. loveing it. loving the people and the screaming and the horns honking. it's crazy. >> world champion t-shirts were not available after the game, but the dugout will have them this morning. san francisco will continue to celebrate the win and the ticker tape parade wednesday starts at montgomery and washington in the financial district in san francisco at 11:00 a.m. and works its way down montgomery and to market streetening at the civic center. this was the same route they took when they came to the city from new york in 1958. at the civic center, mayor newsom will present them with the key to the city. get there early.
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mass transit is the best bet given all the people and the lack of parking. the best seat in the house of course will be right here on nbc bay area. we will carry it live. all giants all the time at details on the win and this morning's arrival a few minutes ago by the heros and the parade tomorrow. celebrations and post-game interviews and amazing photos and last night's world series victory. all there. home to a crowd of screaming fans, the giants welcome back to the bay area less than an hour ago. we will go back live to at&t park for the happy homecoming. city will be adding a lot more jo jobs. we will you which ones, next. disasters you can't avoid, e e there is one you can. septic system breakdowns affect 1.2 million homes each year. septic backups can cost about six thousand dollars in expense, and countless hours of repair. rid-x. help save yourself from disaster.
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i was supposed to retire there. carly fiorina changed all that. [ cheri ] fiorina laid off 30,000 people. and she shipped our jobs to china. and india. i had to pack my bags and i was out the door that night. we even had to train our replacements. she didn't need 5 corporate jets. [ farrell ] one hundred million for herself. fiorina never cared about our jobs. not then and not now. [ boxer ] i'm barbara boxer and i approve this message.
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