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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  November 2, 2010 4:00am-5:00am PST

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>> new this morning, the polls are open and what you need to know before you head out to vote. >> the trial of intern chandra levy continues with a former congressman taking the stand. >> a giants homecoming and the baseball team just arrived within the past hour. bringing home the championship trophy. well worth the wait for hundreds of fans out here. we will show you why on today in the bay.
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>> are congratulations, giants. >> straight up 5:00. want to get you moving with rob. we will check out the crazy stuff, but we want to get your hour by hour forecast. >> celebrating the giants and it will be a gorgeous forecast with san francisco. mid- to upper 70s and close to 80 around livermore and cooling. >> we will watch for them and none so far. we have something thicker than fog. a trash can bouncing around and around redwood shores parkway. moving smoothly into the city and the embarcadero is closed. for some reason a i lot of folks are out there. >> the torture is finally over.
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>> the giants win the world series for the first time in 60 years. cody ross is summing it up the best. >> you have to fear the team. we did shut down one of the best teams in all of baseball. >> just as excited. >> the team is back in the bay area this morning. bob redell is out there right now at at&t park where the giants have been spending time with those fans early this morning. >> good morning. giants arrive back here after 4:00 within the past 45 minutes. greeting them was this scene right here. 200 to 300 fans lined up outside
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at&t park since well after the game last night. didn't know what to expect. didn't know what they would see. quite a treat. william new com, the ceo of the giants brought out the world series championship trophy and walked it up and down the line of fans so they could touch it and look at it. manager gave high fives. same with cody ross. giving them hugs. >> we are running on adrenaline. they will get rest. we have this waiting on us. >> i'm so proud of my team. i'm so happy for san francisco
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and the whole organization and the whole city. unbelievable. >> cody ross said he was surprised to see this many fans. they knew there would be some, but to have 200 to 300 most of whom have left except a few. pablo sandoval and the team has gone home to try to get to sleep or do whatever they can to keep the high going. a as we know, they have the welcome home parade tomorrow. live here outside at&t park. bob redell today in the bay. >> so exciting for them out there. >> fun time. >> you can relive the great moments on our website. we have all of the giants highlights and the afterparty. that was fun to watch. stay with us. we will tell you how to get your
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hands on the world series merchandise. scott is in arlington. the hunt is on for a man who shot and killed a man near lombard before midnight. he later died at the hospital. they roll review surveillance to piece together the suspect description. they are intrusion witnesses at the nightclub. >> decision day and the polls open in the bay area in two hours. chris sanchez joins us live with more on the senate and gubernatorial races. >> dig day and so much money has been spent on the races. the seat for barbara boxer and challenged by carly fiorina and meg whitman and jerry brown. so much money. one statistic said that meg whitman spent twice the entire salary for the giants roster on
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this election. we will see if it pays off. it is the end of the campaign finally. in less than two hour, voters will start making choices at the ballot box. gop senate candidate carly fiorina is trying to pull off an upset making a dash from san diego y. she started at a coffee shop and hit several headquarters in southern california. we know jerry brown is bringing up the name of the giants as he was trying to get out the vote last night as well. take advantage of the world champion san francisco giants. for all of your election coverage, go to nbc bay area and there you will find a link to the prop zero section. click on that and you get all of the election coverage that you need. if you are headed out to the polls, they open at 7:00 this morning and take your id. you will need that to check in. if you forgot to mail in your
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ballot, you can still drop it off and be counted. >> san jose fire investigators are trying to determine if a four-alarm fire is linked to other suspicious fires in the same area. we told you about the fire on north tenth street. flames spread to a plant next door and both buildings are destroyed, but investigateors told us there have been several smaller fires in that same neighborhood recently. >> former mo deft or congressman gary kondit resumes testimony in the trial of a man eventually charged with the murder of washington intern chandra levy. kondit testified that the media relentlessly pursued him and police refused to believe alibis after he became the prime suspect in levy's disappearance nearly a decade ago. he said he had nothing to do with levy's disappearance and murder, insisting he cooperated fully with police. the former congressman also
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dodged questions about whether he had an intimate relationship with levy. illegal immigrant has been charged with first-degree murder. >> news about the jobless picture. a dot-com company is purchasing 14 acres of land in mission bay for their global headquarters. sales completed a deal that encompasses parcels along third street. that land could one day accommodate nearly two million feet of office space. the purchase is one of the largest transactions in san francisco in several years. >> today is the day of the dead. it's a day many latins dedicate to honoring loved ones who have died. it dates back thousands of years and families build altars with skulls made of sugar and mare golds who are thought to attract spirits. they feature the deceased favorite food and drink. one of the biggest day is plans
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for the commission district where 10,000 people at garfield park last year. the nimitz free with all lanes cleared. we are just now seeing speeds returning to normal between hacienda and airway. westbound is the commute building. heavier we see slowing. >> really nice weather. rob? >> for election day and the giants, we will see temperatures soaring into the 70s. a little chilly. take the jacket with you this morning. 53 degrees in san jose. 55 in oakland. no fog here at least right now around the east bay. 57 degrees. light winds and patches of fog for the morning and warming up
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nicely. high pressure taking the storm track way off to the north. for the champions parade tomorrow, we are looking at 70 no, sir san francisco. gorgeous weather for november. inland temperatures are warming up a few degrees through the middle of the week. 78 in san jose. look at morgan hill getting close to 80. mid 70s around san francisco. look what happens as we go through the next two days. inland climbing into the low 80s and as we head towards the weekend, cooling dropping back into the 60s and 70s. >> pretty nice. >> it's 5:10 and the new link between terror plots through the mail and a previous mail bombing. >> how violent is too violent? the supreme court hearing over whether your kids should be allowed to buy violent video games. >> dealing with head injuries. the new report out this morning and what you need do to protect your kids from long-term damage.
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>> a live look with nice temperatures on tap. get out there and vote! i'm among 30,000 employees who used to work for hp.
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good morning to you. it is 5:13 on election morning. an excuse to get out there and vote. nice temperatures. these are expected highs. san jose is 78. oakland is 76. 5:14 right now. new this morning, prosecutors in yemen are changing an al qaeda cleric with killing foreigners. it's the first action taken against the terror network following the interception of two mail bombs in great britain and dubai. he was born in new mexico and linked to terror attacks in the u.s. including the failed bombing last christmas of a jet that was bound for detroit. also today, u.s. officials say that three suspicious packages
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found in september may have been a dry run for last week's mail bomb plot in dubai and great britain. officials tracked and intercepted three suspicious packages in mid-september. the packages appear to be sent by the yemeni al qaeda group and the u.s. now suspects that those packages were sent to test the logistics of the system. u.s. authorities seized them and searched them before they reached their destination. >> the u.s. supreme court will decide whether to keep kids away from violent video games. >> the law creates a lot of questions like how violent and who gets to decide and why just video games? leland yee is a child psychologist and california lawmaker who is just about to go into the supreme court to defend the law he helped write. good morning. >> good morning.
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>> the way this is written, dr. lee, is it past any court? it never got past any court, has it? >> no t has not and our law is the only bill that survived this far. i'm going to be very, very hopeful that the u.s. supreme court is going to sustain our law or at least provide a pathway as to how we might be able to craft a bill narrowly tailored to sustain a first amendment challenge. >> you say survive. it's been pushed through the courts and never actually gotten into law itself. never been enforced. no court has ever approved it. >> that's right. when the law -- bill was signed into law, we lost that appeal and the u.s. supreme court feels there is merit in our particular law and i think that's the reason why they are holding this
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hearing now. >> as a parent myself i understand what it is you are trying to accomplish. is it possible the law is badly written? it was in 2005 that it was written and hasn't been enforced. >> no, that's right. that's more because it's taken this long to get to the u.s. supreme court. as a parent, this bill really helps you because your child cannot go in and purchase an ultra violent video game. if you decide it's appropriate for them, you can buy it for them. that's okay within our law. >> this has been expensive for california. huh to pay the software industry their legal fees each time you lost, correct? >> that's correct, but if the u.s. supreme court sustains our bill, we get all that money back. the main point about this is about protecting kids. there is ample scientific
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evidence that demonstrates these ultra violent games are harmful to our children. that's why we are here. >> why video games? why just video games? why not against violent books? >> because i am a strong supporter of the first amendment. >> video games could be covered under the first amend am. >> well, but except for the fact that this bill is narrowly tailored. it's not against all video games. it is a subset of the violent video games that are the ultra violent. these are the interactive types where when you push a button on the console of some sort, you are chopping and maiming individuals. those are not the lessons we ought to be teaching our children. this is the same technology used by the armed forces and also our law enforcement to go after the bad guys and hunt, stalk, and kill them. that technology works.
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unfortunately it also works on the children. i don't think that is something we should be promoting. >> we will watch your case very carefully. we appreciate you talking to us before you go into the stream cour -- supreme court. it is a controversial issue with lots of nuance, but we will follow this through the court. >> thanks a lot. new concerns from neurologists this morning across the country about athletes and concussions. neurologists say athletes of all ages who may have suffered a concussion during competition should be evaluated by a specialist before they can return to the sport. the medical community said this is the latest sign of concern over the potential for lasting damage from head jurisdiction. the statement was made by the american act of neurology. doctors continue to emphasize that a concussion is an injury to the brain. >> a state-issued welfare debit card can no longer be used at
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medical marijuana shops and psychic reading businesses. governor arnold schwarzenegger said they are inconsistent with the intent of the program. he sent a letter to welfare directors throughout the state saying atms and point of sale card readers in such businesses will be removed from the network that accepts the card. others are bail bond establishments, bingo halls, cruise ships and tattoo parlors. >> time now is 5:21. check in with mike and take a look at the morning commute. >> good morning. we will take you out to san francisco where we have the closure. the portion just north of at&t park, the public house where folks were watching the game and the giants just returned. the crazy party situation out there even no. for safety's sake, they closed that portion of the embarcadere. 280 into the city they are still open as far as as far as the
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off-ramps. east shore freeway 18 minutes for the drive and all incidents cleared off and 580 is a nice drive as well. antioch and livermore showing slowing, but right now it's clear as well as the san mateo bridge. we have no major back ups and an easy drive and a clear view on 92. there is a car that is out of gas on the shoulder, but the peninsula is clear and we have people dancing on the streets and a parade ahead. rob as a look at the forecast in a couple of minutes. >> today is election day, but one pub is all about the politics all the time. we will take you inside. we are following the giants. >> is 2-0 is hit high in the air to left center field. back is murphy on the run. a three-run home run, renteria! a 3-0 san francisco lead in the seventh. he won a world series with a base hit in 1997.
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that swing of the bat might bring ain champ ionship to san francisco. state budgets cuts are crippling my classroom. they can't believe the sacramento politicians will give our state's wealthiest corporations a new billion dollar tax giveaway. lobbyists have the ear of people who are just thinking about wealth. when you cut the budget, then you cut these students' opportunities. passing prop 24 can change all that. prop 24 repeals the unfair corporate giveaway and puts our priorities first. vote yes on prop 24 because it's time to give our schools a break.
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you're gonna stop crime. crime is up. schools are worse. taxes are higher. i mean be real. i didn't have a plan for california. it's all a lie. good morning to you. 5:24 and let's take to you san jose. a nice start to the morning and 53 with a little bit of jacket weather and patches of fog here and there. 55 in oakland and san francisco,
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tim lincecum's number, 55 degrees. no fog, but the city is buzzing for all of the excitement yesterday. champions parade in san francisco is for tomorrow around 11:00. we will see 70s around san francisco. absolutely gorgeous weather as we head towards the middle of the week. the satellite shows you the reason why they warm up. the ridge of high pressure way off to the north. it should stay here from now until thursday. the temperatures climb on up and we could see temperatures as warm as the 80s. if you are out on the coast, high surf around the coastline. waves from 15 to 17 feet at times. look at san francisco. east bay temperatures and approaching 80 perhaps in the east bay hills later this afternoon. for the north bay highs in the 70s. the seven-day forecast looks
5:26 am
outstanding for today. election day and tomorrow giants parade looks fine and the weekend, stay tuned. may need to dust off the umbrellas. maybe a few scattered showers for the weekend. >> most people think of bars in pubs as a place to visit with friends over a few beers. they are the gathering place to talk politics. the grand ol' pub will be packed on election day. there is no coincident that the pub's initials are gop. next to the sandwiches and chips are a constitution. police and firefighters are honored and so is the menu. >> the recipes were given to us by the westchester firefighters. each month we will feature a sandwich recipe from one of the local firefighters. >> we are told the democrats also enjoy eating at the gop. everybody is welcome at the gop. >> i bet.
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it's 5:26 right now. back in the bay area, the giants plane touching down early this morning and the fans were out early to see them come home. we will take you back live to the park where the mayhem is happening. >> getting your hands on world series merchandise. the giants were wearing shirts and hats celebrating their win. how to get some coming up next. and a commute. look at the golden gate bridge moving across nicely. we will check the bridges, by ways and get youif out thhe's the door wif that's where you are headed. come on in, and i'll give you a free quote. quote and compare in about 8 minutes. now, that's progressive. call or click today.
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she's against banning assault weapons... and that's reckless and dangerous. she's for risky new oil drilling that could threaten our jobs. fiorina's plan would mean slashing social security and medicare, which would devastate seniors. and she'd make abortion a crime. no wonder fiorina is endorsed by sarah palin. carly fiorina. just too extreme for california. [ boxer ] i'm barbara boxer and i approve this message.
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>> per live where the world champion giants arrived over an hour ago. well worth the wait. we will show you why in about 15 minutes. >> giants fans get out your credit cards. the world series merchandise is here. this is the hot seller. the hottest t-shirt because it's got the roster on the back. we will show you this and all the other cool world series stuff. how much it is and where to get it, coming up today in the bay. exciting times. good morning and thanks for joining us. it is 5:30. >> this is today in the bay. time to get started with a look
5:31 am
at the forecast. perfect giants weather. >> outstanding. i think the items will be flying off the shelves. the temperatures and the world series jacket will be popular. 50s to get it started. look at the afternoon. 70s around the bay area and some come tomorrow may jump into the 80s. a full look at the forecast and the parade for tomorrow morning in a few minutes. >> the giants got back in the bay area about an hour ago. the team is basking in the way of the world series win. excited fans didn't get a lot of sleep and they greeted the team as bob redell showed you. now people are trying to get as much world series stuff as they can. hats and shirts and sweats. christie smith is live in san francisco where you are going to be able to find the goods. they are hot items. do they have enough to go around? >> well, you know that depends on what it is. this has a nice ring to it. world series champions. we are at the sports authority
5:32 am
here in san francisco. normally they open at 9:00 this morning. they are opening at 7:00. they have a team of workers who have been in here all night, putting everything together. what they are telling me is this is the 1 that the giants are going to be wearing. this is the hot seller. it's the hot seller because it has the roster on the back. we looked at the shelves and they have three left. they may be getting more and we wanted to show you quickly too. we had calls from the newsroom asking about the hat. it's 29.99. here with me is jeff with sports thrd. you have been seeing a huge crew. >> since the playoffs started, giants fans have been showing up and buying up the product as quick as they can get printed in the buildings. it's a great experience. >> this is the other one right here that you have quite a few of. a lot of people are interested
5:33 am
in this as well. we have more coming in between 10:00 and noon. >> how much of these going for? >> about $22. this is $22 as well. >> i don't know if steve can see it, but we have got cups and mouse pads that have the world series series giants on it. once the team got up, this went into production. >> the key is three games winning when we start moving product into the building. we had a lost these mugs and cups by the game. >> we will pull out the credit cards after this and get stuff
5:34 am
moving. thanks for talking with us. reporting live in san francisco, christie smith. >> i can see you with the bag walking out now. 5:33 and san francisco will celebrate with a parade tomorrow. the parade will start at montgomery and washington in the financial district at 11:00 a.m. and work its way to market street and ending at the civic center. the same route they took when they came to the city from new york in 1958. at the civic center, the mayor will present the team with a key to the city. get there early. mass transit will be the best bet with the people and lack of parking. the best seat in the house will be here in the bay area. all giants all the time at you will find the details of the win and this morning's arrival by the conquering heroes and the ticker tape parade. you will find video of the celebrations and post-game interviews as well as amazing
5:35 am
photos from the world series victory. >> the world series is decided, but today's election day will be decided throughout the day. live now in the election center with what you need to know. >> a lot of candidates hope there is champagne left over. whether or not you agree that all politicians are the same, there big propositions you may want to pay attention to. let's start with prop 19. not a lot of advertising dollars on this one, but certainly a lot of buzz. it would legalize and regulate recreational marijuana use. the latest poll show that it is failing which is 42% of voters backing that one. on to prop 23 which puts a hold on california's green house gas emission standards until the economy stays steady for 12 months. 48% of likely votes surveyed said they will vote no. on prop 25, this has to do with
5:36 am
the budget to change the vote to pass a budget to a simple majority. that really seems to strangle the process every year. 48% of fed up and will say yes on that. they close at 8:00 tonight and that's when we start our coverage on channel 11-2 and comcast 186. at 9:00 tonight right here on nbc bay area, the news political team will begin coverage of the national races. we have a couple of those as well followed by an hour long 11:00 election night newscast. coming up in about 10 minutes, we will talk about voter turn out and you might be surprised about how many people are expected to turn out this year. >> are 5:36 is the time and let me take you out to antioch. we see the slowing for westbound highway 4, 30 miles per hour.
5:37 am
all the way past the horizon. the yellow chicklets are right on time. the rest of the approach moves close to the limit and hasn't built up yet. 18 minute drive approaching the toll plaza. we also have election day and the giants win. it feels great. how much better could it be? >> it can't be. the weather will be outstanding over the next couple of days. still jacket weather and mid 40s around the north bay and don't be surprised about patch e fog. we could see waves up to 15 feet. no worries about rain. high pressure is holding the storms way off to the north and despite the chilly start, the afternoon will be looking outstanding. by lunchtime, already 70s from san francisco all the way out to fairfield near 80 degrees around gilroy and livermore. both for the trade tomorrow, looks great. staying warm and cool down with the clouds filling in friday
5:38 am
into saturday. back to you. >> it's 5:37 right now. decision 2010 with prop 19 and prop 23 and all the races, it is expected to be a huge voter turn out today. we will have a live report on the races you need to watch. hail the conquering heroes. the giants are back in the bay area. i will check it out. how would you like to see the trophy up close and personal? we will go back live in less than 10 minutes. first we leave you with a highlight from game five. >> here it is. struck him out! for the first time since 1954, the giants are world champions!
5:39 am
our state is in a real mess. and i'm not going to give you any phony plans or snappy slogans that don't go anywhere. we have to make some tough decions. we have to live within our means. we have got to take the power from the state capitol and move it down to the local level, closer to the people. and no new taxes, without voter approval.
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we have got to pull together not as republicans or as democrats but as californians first. at this stage in my life, i'm prepared to do exactly that. [ male announcer ] welcome to the far reaches of the internet. when you go faster, you're free to go farther. at&t. rethink possible. get high-speed internet from at&t for only $14.95 a month.
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good morning. take a live look at the bay bridge this morning. lots of folks can be streaming into the city tomorrow for the big welcome home parade for the world champion san francisco giants. that race is decided. the election is not yet. i'm chris sanchez for the today in the bay election center. folks are heading to the polls to cast ballots in the mid-term election and usually they have much lower voter turn out than the presidential elections. this could be different. live in washington, d.c. with the hotly contested races that could actually boost voter turn out. good morning. >> good morning. so we are looking at a couple of races and several of them out west to see what they say about the picture here in washington. whether or not republicans will sweep the elections as
5:42 am
predicted. nevada is the hot race between sharron angle and harry reid. the three-way senate race in alaska and the senate race with barbara boxer and carly fiorina in california and the governor's race. that is definitely on the mind of the nation as well. the big question, will californians turn out in droves as expected? last mid-term four years ago, 41% of californians voted. the prediction this time is 55%. willingly, some say for the first time there could be more mail in ballots in california than votes cast on election day. what will drive voters out on this day? you have a hot governor's race and senate race and prop 19, the marijuana initiative. all driving voters to the polls today. finally what about the gop? the big question today is will they be able to turn out the vote? will republicans be able to
5:43 am
sweep the elections? in california the predictions are there will be a lot more republicans at the polls than democrats. >> tracie potts, we will be watching you all morning. don't forget for all the coverage before, during, and after, you can go to our prop zero site to find all kinds of insight from our political analyst and also all of the different coverage we had leading up to today which is of course election day, 2010. >> time now is 5:43. good morning and thanks for joining us. >> i'm laura garcia cannon. want to save time on the commute? >> we have a new accident just in in the last minute. northbound 880, a reported near whipple road. four cars reported involved in the middle lanes. this could cause a bit of an issue. also reported in an accident at thornton. sounds similar to this accident and they're close to one
5:44 am
another. i guess it's between thornton and whipple road. if you are heading towards that san mateo bridge. towards the bay bridge, you are closer to 14 minutes drive off of 238 at castro valley and up to the maze. 580 and the 24 out of the caldecott. a toll plaza with no metering lights yet. i have been telling you the embarcadero is closed. they have cleared the streets and they reopened heading into the city. 6:00 is when we see the volume increasing under the northbound 280 sign dipping down towards king street. we are prepared for dance parties to break out because of the victory. over to you for more on what's going o. >> even the partiers have to sleep at some point. in san francisco we have clear skies and maybe a little bit of patch e fog. that's the only thing that slows you down. jacket weather and 40s and 50
5:45 am
thz morning. just like yesterday, we will see temperatures climbing into the 70s. would not be surprised to see a few spots get close to 80. heading into friday and the weekend, stay tuned. we will see more clouds and probably a chance of showers as we roll into the weekend. a look at the high temperatures, 78 in san jose and morgan hill down to gilroy close to 80. ached around livermore and 77 in concord. san francisco is 74 and you get the high pressure and the warming sinking air aloft all over the bay area. you can trap fog sometimes in the morning around the north bay valleys. the afternoon looks good. 73 around san rafael and santa cruz. a high surf advisory through tomorrow for waves up to 15 to 17 feet. north bay as warm as 80. the weather headlines with the patch e fog and temperatures in the 40s and 50s. parade forecast should be well into the mid 70s.
5:46 am
gorgeous weather, but stay tuned to the weekend changes beginning as early as friday evening. >> we are all celebrating, but the eyes of texas are in the lottery. >> our sister station in dallas live outside the ballpark in arlington, wish we could have disliked your team more, but all the players and the fans and yourself are so night. congratulations on a great season. >> thank you very much. that's exactly how all of us feel right now. we basically are very proud of our rangers. they did an amazing job this season and none of us can be that upset over the turn out because they did a great job. we can say that. >> what are the feelings about the giants? are people embracing them or kind of like is there a bitter sweet -- >> get out of town? >> leave. go home? >> we are texans. we are nice to everyone. i saw folks in giants jerseys and i gave them a smile. i think that's typical right
5:47 am
now. i will tell you this much. the weather is kind of how we all feel. i woke up and it's gloomy and wind e and blah outside. we are all feeling that way. . >> it's kind of funny. >> you come out and visit any time, okay? >> looking forward to it. >> thanks a lot. it was a great series. both venues are very nice. texas and san francisco. >> thanks for being a good sport yourself. >> i can't wait to get my ribs. >> still working for that. the world series winners are back in the bay area already. the giants landed a few hours ago and visited thrilled fans outside of at&t park. they had the world series trophy and you might get to see it or touch it. that was cool. >> we will see how close bob got to the trophy out there. it's a big one. >> good morning to you. the giants are back and their
5:48 am
emotions are sky high with adrenaline after seeing the arrival here at at&t park about an hour and a half ago. 200 to 300 fans waiting outside here. some for hours since the end of last night's game. wondering when the team would show up. many willing to wait through sun up and around 4:15, there was the pay off. the world champion giants roll up in sfo and instead of getting into their cars, some members stayed and mingled with the fans. team ceo william new com walked it up and down so they could get a look or a touch. they shook hands, gave hugs and romo signed autographs. we will hear from ross and the panda. outside at&t park, bob redell, today in the bay. >> so much fun to see. >> you can relive the great
5:49 am
giants moments at our website, with lots of highlights and the party after. we tell you to stay here with today in the bay. we will back live once again to our crews and check in as well with lauren scott in arlington, texas. some of our sports teams are trying to get back here. the giants beat them, and our guys are here. we talk about them covering the world series. >> other news this morning, a volcano in indonesia is forcing flight cancellations. it is spewing hot ash thousands of feet into the air. plumes of smoke are filling the sky. the eruption could continue for weeks. the latest blast comes as indonesia struggles to recover from an earthquake-generated tsunami. >> the trial of berkeley charges facing espionage charges in iran is on hold. authorities say the trial cannot
5:50 am
begin until sarah shourd returns. she was freed on bail after nearly 14 months in a tehran prison. her fiance, shane bahher and their friend josh fattal are still in prison. they have not revealed when shourd will be sim onned they have not said whether she is standing trial or staying free in the united states. they were arrested while reportedly hiking near the iranian border. iran is warning citizens not to travel to france. >> per good morning to you. a very unusual story. the mideast warning about travel to the west. iran said it is concerned about possible terrorist attacks in france. you will recall osama bin laden has singled out france for threats because of the country e involvement in the war in afghanistan and new laws restricting muslim headdress. anyone in france could be at risk from the attacks.
5:51 am
there have been terror attacks in greece. a the least two bombs have exploded and a third and fourth were detonated outside parliament and the bulgarian embassy. there may have been a fifth at the swiss embassy. as you know, a number of bombs were intercepted recently. greek authorities don't think they are connected. rather the bombs in greece probably related to domestic issues and terrorism is terrorism. we will take you into san jose where we have a cool start. you want the jacket and nothing in the way of fog for right now. in san francisco, also 55 degree this is morning and patch e fog around the bay. you will find some of that up to the north bay, but overall the forecast for san francisco looks
5:52 am
outstanding. making plans for the parade. not just for san francisco for the next few days. despite the chilly start with 40s and 50s, 78 degrees around san jose. close to 80 around los gatos and morgan hill, mid 70s and about the same range for tomorrow. for the north bay highs as warm as 80. temperatures in the mid 70s around healdsberg and het luma. tomorrow on the coast, 60s and 70s and towards the end of the workweek friday into saturday, we will get the clouds to fill in saturday and sunday and maybe showers coming back. it will be an abrupt change into the weekend, but the parade forecast is fine. mid 70s tomorrow and 80s inland.
5:53 am
>> perfect weather. >> as we mentioned, the giants are back home, but our sports team covering the world series is still in texas. >> that includes scott who is there after a long right home. >> it's a great one. sleep on it and the world series champions on an amazing theme. made more special for the players and many of the jin his memories on hand that will last forever and make the postseason run even sweeter. check it out. >> i wasn't breathe! >> the party migrated back to the field where not just fans are waiting, but family members are all-around. >> it doesn't matter.
5:54 am
there is no substitute for sharing this kind of experience with family. >> with players and family, when you are struggling, they are there to pick you up and tell you that you are good and all that stuff. it's nice to have them here. >> it's not going to get better than this. the best possible thing to happen off and on the field. it's great. >> family is the reason why we are here today. we wouldn't be here without the family. it means everything. >> a magical night spent away from home, but not without family and friends. world series champion giants. nbc bay area sports. >> it had to be incredible to be there. to witness that history. >> certainly. sharing baseball too is sharing it with family and friends.
5:55 am
i hope those watching in the bay area perhaps got to share it with their family because it cements the entire experience. i can't forget my plane. they were headed back to the airport soon and i will call backhands free as i'm getting in the car and take the texas two step out of here and back to the ballpark. we will chat you up later. >> sounds good. have a safe flight. >> our best to you and raj. >> double peanuts on us. >> switching gears. the cold and flu season is just around the corner. medical sandwichers s an easy way to dodge the flu is to exercise. if you do exercise a lot and still get a cold, the symptoms are less severe than those in
5:56 am
people who don't exercise. doctors say a balance of exercise can increase immune system cells in the body. prescription drug abuse is a big problem with teens in rural areas compared to metropolitan areas. teens living in rural areas are more likely than teens to have used prescription pain killers and tranquilizers. no different when it comes to use of marijuana or cocaine. >> time it is 5:56. the giants are world champs. >> today in the bay, they got off the bus this morning and we'll show you more introduce coming up. >> of course it's election day across california as well. a senate seat is up for grabs. we are electing a new government and it goes on and on. we will look at all of that coming up. a live look outside from the south bay.
5:57 am
great temperatures and we will check the morning commute. 5:56 right now. i'm among 30,000 employees who used to work for hp.
5:58 am
i was supposed to retire there. carly fiorina changed all that. [ cheri ] fiorina laid off 30,000 people. and she shipped our jobs to china. and india. i had to pack my bags and i was out the door that night. we even had to train our replacements. she didn't need 5 corporate jets. [ farrell ] one hundred million for herself. fiorina never cared about our jobs. not then and not now. [ boxer ] i'm barbara boxer and i approve this message. rule the bedtime.
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rule the upload. verizon built america's most reliable network to make a more powerful you. rule the air. verizon. right now at verizon, you can get a new samsung intensity ii free after mail-in rebate. only at verizon. >> we are going to get rest and come back and have this waiting on us. >> we won and we are the 2010 world champions. that says it all right there. >> new this morning, the giants are back home with the big prize, the world series trophy. >> i'm bob redell where it was quite a homecoming or a surprise for the world series championship


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