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tv   NBC11 News The Bay Area at 6  NBC  November 2, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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champions. we have full coverage of the election, but we're all talking about the orange and black. >> we've got team coverage about how the bay area is celebrating our world champs. lawy laura has the triumph yant return of the g-men. tracy. >> well, jessica, if you could have seen how many times we circled around civic center plaza this afternoon trying to find a parking space, it probably would have been enough to convince giants fans not to attempt to drive their cars tomorrow. the giants take the same path the team took when they first came to san francisco in 1958. it starts at 11:00 a.m. montgomery and washington streets and goes southbound on montgomery to market and heads west on market over to civic center plaza. now, this is where san francisco
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mayor gavin newsom will present the team with a key to the city tomorrow at end of the parade routes. hundreds of thousands of giants fans are expected to line the streets to catch a glimpse of the world champs. crews started to set up equipment less than two hours after the team stopped the rangers last night. no officers have tomorrow off because the entire force has been called in to maintain a high visibility at the event. san francisco's mayor says so far finding orange confetti has been the toughest part. >> it's the best problem in the world. it's fate. regardless of anything. >> reporter: now, they're reminding parade-goers this is considered a family event, so there will be a zero taolerance alcohol policy in effect tomorrow. once again, it appears that public transportation is the way
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to go tomorrow. this entire time i've been talking, i've been keeping my eye out for our live truck. we finally did find a space, but it might not be entirely legal. you don't want to have to deal with that tomorrow. live in san francisco, traci grant, "nbc bay area news." >> it's going to be an exciting day. it's going to be exciting in the city of san francisco. >> it's going to be worth of the hassle. >> heed the warnings, people. there will be an awful lot of people here. we want to get close to our giants and savor this moment. >> what an exciting day tomorrow. >> it began hours and hours ago. not after the last pitch, but hours later here in san francisco. they may have won the world series in texas, but the giants did not want to spend too much time celebrating there. so they got right back to san francisco. the team went from the ballpark in arlington straight to the airport. they arrived back at the corner of second and king around 4:00 this morning. they proudly displayed the
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trophy while the rest of the players went on to high-five the hundreds of fans that couldn't get to bed until they celebrated with their heroes. the giants didn't expect anybody up at that hour so it was emotional. coming up in sports, we hear from the players as they arrive back in san francisco. a look at the "sports illustrated" cover that celebrates their win. >> that's exciting. the afterglow is still kicking in. fans waiting in long line to buy every bit of giants world series merchandise. some fans shopped at tents outside the ballpark, but others spent two hours waiting in line to get into the dugout store at at&t park and waited another 45 minutes to get to the cash register to pay. nbc bay area is your broadcast home of the giants. we have covered for the victory parade. we'll carry the parade live. coverage starts at 11:00. we will be live streaming it on the website at
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and right here on "nbc bay area news." back to reality. the most expensive governor's race in history brings us to this night in california. jerry brown will watch the results from the city where he used to the mayor. jodi hernandez is live at the party in oakland. garvin thomas is in l.a. where meg whitman insists her pricey campaign may make a win. >> reporter: this is a race watched nationwide not just because of the balance of power, but just that question. can someone with no political experience turn a fortune into office? if the answer is yes, we'll see more candidates part with tens of millions of dollars to run for office. the candidate in this race, meg whitman voted last week in menlo park so her photo opportunity was visiting volunteers in a
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campaign office in pasadenpasad. the gift was roses. the polls had meg whitman trailing jerry brown but with so much money spent, there's no giving up yet. >> everybody is very positive. everything nationwide is trending in our direction, and everything in the state is starting to turn in our direction. we've seen it over the last week or so, the polls tightening internally. we look good. the difference between public and democrat turnout is turning in our favor, so we're very pleased about that. we keep on keeping on. any staff that's not busy right now is making phone calls. we're all staying very busy and very positive. >> reporter: so positive that here at the universal city hilton earlier this afternoon i taut some of the meg whitman campaign workers going through a rehearsal of what would happen if she won the governorship in the ballroom. of course, many people would view them as the shock, but the biggest shock is californians
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turning on the tv tomorrow and not seeing a meg whitman campaign every other minute. jerry brown is her opponent. jodi hernandez is with the brown campaign in oakland. jodi. >> reporter: the jerry brown camp is planning to rock the house tonight. about 2,000 people are expected to fill oakland in a short time for now for a night that will include watching returns from the big screens behind me, listening to music, a band is scheduled to perform here. what they want to hear here tonight really is a victory speech. democrat jerry brown walked from his oakland hills home to his polling place to cast his ballot in person. what would be your last-minute message to voters out there? >> my last-minute message is go vote. if you haven't voted yet, you have until 8:00. >> reporter: of course, brown hopes the votes help put him in office. he's encouraged by the polls that have him leading meg
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whitman by 10 points. >> i hope they're right. that's what they say. some say 11. whether that will turn out to be true and what the turnout is, that's unknown. >> reporter: they say brown had an effective campaign. >> in the debates he came across as a person who was committed and focused and used his age to good effect saying i'm not running for president anymore. >> reporter: brown's neighbors say they're sold on the guy who lives next door. >> he did a fair job with oakland and up in sacramento, so he will continue it. we'll see what he does the second time around as governor. >> reporter: jerry brown is expected to arrive here to the fox theater at 8:00 tonight. he told us this morning that he's already planning to hit the ground running should he win tonight. he planned to actually call some key lawmakers that he would be working closely with if he wins
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tonight's election. he also promises to begin working on the state's budget mess in two weeks. reporting live in oakland, i'm jodi hernandez, "nbc bay area news." >> all right, jodi. we'll check in frequently throughout this evening. the other one on the stage is fiorina against boxer. fiorina voted this morning after months of trying to convince voters that boxer's record contributed to a high unemployment and unemployment. coming up, we get live reports from where both camps are celebrating their campaigns tonight. are voters seeing green? if prop 19 passes it legalizes marijuana for people over 21 and allow local governments to tax the production and distribution of weed. even though it could be the new cash crop, the idea is generating lots of controversy. we're live in oakland where the
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people behind prop 19 are waiting for those results. jean. >> reporter: the ideas behind prop 19 started here in oakland, and right now they are setting up for an election-night results watch party. they say legalizing marijuana makes good economic sense for the state. if it's legalized, taxed and regulated it will generate millions of tax dollars and let police focus on other crimes. opponents say there are too many unanswered questions about how legalization would work. >> it's not written right. i don't think it's a recreational drug at any time. everyone 21 and up should have it. it's medicine. >> it doesn't make sense to waste hundreds of millions of dollars of scarce law enforcement resources we do, and meanwhile, if we -- when we bring in revenues from it, those can be used to shore up our crumbling institutions like education.
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>> reporter: supporters also say legalizing pot will help stop the incarceration of young people of color. many are jailed on marijuana offenses. since no other state has legalized pot, it's hard to predict what will happen if prop 19 passes, but some studies say use will go up and there are concerns about use and workplace safety as well as safety behind the wheel. now, polls leading up to election day show it's too close to call if it will pass or not. u.s. attorney general eric holder is promising legal action if it does. this watch party here at the university kicks off at 8:00. we'll bring you updates throughout the night. reporting live in oakland, jean elle, nbc area bay news. a job killer or environment saver? we'll learn how voters feel soon. we have a big close-up with the head of one of silicon valley's biggest companies. he talks about prop 23. good evening. a warm day, clear skies from the coast right to the inland spots,
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well, the polls close two hours from now, and although the two women running from senate are both from northern california, both barbara boxer and carly fiorina are awaiting returns in southern california. boxer is in in los angeles. her republican opponent carly fiorina is in irvine. first, kim from our nbc sfags in l.a. joins live from the hyatt reejcy in irvine where fiorina is watching the results come
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tonight. >> reporter: she's here with her family watching the returns. this is where the california republican party will hold the big party tonight. lots of republican candidates are here including senate nominee carly fiorina. she started her day in northern california in los altos before heading south to orange county. once here she stopped at the irvine republican offices where she thanked volunteers who were working the phones, and fiorina herself picked up the phone and made a few phone calls encouraging people to get out and vote. although democrats have the advantage in terms of registered voters in the state, 44% to 33% of registered republicans, some believe that republicans may have the enthusiasm advantage this time around and the get the incumbents out fever that seems to be sweeping the nation. californians tend to do their own thing. the latest polls show fiorina slightly behind boxer, but it is statistically a very close race still. so this could be a very long
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night here at the hyatt in irvine. back to you in the bay area. >> thank you very much, kim. >> greg bledsoe is live in los angeles where barbara boxer and her supporters are gathered to watch the results roll in tonight. greg. >> reporter: tom, this is what we call preparation time here. the ballroom is slowly starting to fill up, and within the next couple hours or so, we expect this room with a capacity of 600 people to be mostly full. there's candidates here from the democratic party on the local and state level. the headliner of the night is senator barbara boxer. she's going for her fourth term in office. fiorina says this is someone who has been in washington for 28 years and is a career politician who has lost touch with the people from her home state. on the flipside boxer is saying she has the experience that her opponent does not. this is the closest race that senator boxer has been in during her career. we talked to her campaign
6:16 pm
manager a little while ago about what it means to be in a race this close going into tonight. >> this has been the toughest race ever, and we're just waiting for the polls to close and trying to get every voter out to the polls. >> reporter: so nervous and anxious she says, but also confident. however, they want to wait until the numbers come in before they celebrate anything at all, both parties included. those numbers don't come in until the polls close sometime after 8:00 tonight. senator boxer will be here later on after the results are in. reporting live from hollywood, i'm greg bledsoe. jessica and tom. another pal lot proposition getting a lot of attention is proposition 23, which would suspend california's global warming act of 2006 until the unemployment situation in the state improves. scott budman is here where lots of tech companies are working against this one. scott. >> jessica, tech companies see
6:17 pm
an opportunity to gain jobs by tightening our environmental standards, so we've seen a lot of local companies spend money to fight prop 23. they say it's a battle between green tech and big oil. among the local companies taking a political stand, sysco systems, we call up with the networking giant sorting food today at san jose's second harvest food bank. they do it to help the hungry. cisco's ceo exco-ed an e-mail sent out by its company claing it will help our employment situation to defeat proposition 23 saying strong environmental standards are actually good for business. >> you can have a clean environment and a very good jobs environment. i think you can basically have an environment that creates jobs and doesn't overtax the corporations so that the jobs end up somewhere else in the u.s. or somewhere else in the world. >> both sides in the prop 23 battle are said to have spent close to $10 million. san francisco will host a no on 23 party later this evening.
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governor schwarzenegger expected to make an appearance. back to you. all righty. scott, thank you. we're holding a yes for the weather party. >> yes, we are. the weather today was great election weather. >> it will be a great parade day tomorrow, too. >> i think so. we have all voted yes on sunshine for tomorrow's forecast. mother nature is coming through with this with 100% return on the positive side. 75 in san francisco, 80 in redwood city, and low 80s from san jose to gilroy. temperatures about 10 degrees above average in this nice blast of kind of some late summer weather out there. look outside right now at san francisco towards the bay bridge, and it is calm and it is still out there. take a look at this. the winds out of the northwest primarily, and that is really helped to scour out any of the fog. the giants spirit is still in atmosphere with a beautiful array of orange there throughout the horizon. let's take a look. we have the fog out here
6:19 pm
offshore up at about 800 to 1,000 feet. that offshore wind continues to push to the south and offshore, so that's why we'll find more clear skies tonight. now, we are watching a system out here. it's very slow-moving and over 1,000 miles out from the bay area. that won't impact us tomorrow, but the high pressure is staying put, acting as a shield to give um compressional heating to the surface. we start off tomorrow in the upper 50s and low 60s. we warm up quickly in the south and east bay, low to mid-70s. nice commuting into san francisco. the peninsula right into san francisco looks to be warm tomorrow with fog-free conditions and, of course, rile here number bay area the home of the giants are broadcasting live at 11:00 a.m. if you're headed out there, low to mid-70s from noon to 2:00 p.m. we have a float in the parade. you can say hi to me. i'll be waving back. if you're heading towards dallas
6:20 pm
or houston or have a connecting flight, you'll find delays tonight. in the seven-day forecast, it wouldn't be fall without showers in our forecast. we'll detail when this will happen later in the show. back to you. >> all right, jeff. thank you very much. we have breaking news to tell bu right now. nbc news is projecting that the republicans will take control of the house. nbc news says that once all the votes are counted republicans hold 237 seats to 198 for the democrats. so republican leader john boehner of ohio would then take the position and become speaker of the house ending the four-year reign of nancy pelosi from san francisco. so that would bring an end to nancy pelosi being the speaker of the house. this has been ruminated about all day long for the last couple of weeks they got the 39 seats that they needed. >> they need a net gain of 109 in t -- 10 in the senate. they feel they will come up short of that, but the house is now in the hands of republicans
6:21 pm
as everyone predicted it would be. coming up, police get a step closer to a man who snatched an east b of her arms. and more -- ee the local t-ball league,vesin
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still no dog, but we know more about the men who grabbed the dog from the elderly owner on saturday. they're looking for deuce, but they have help from a surveillance camera. it captured an image of the car the two men were in. there was a primer colored left front fender, the 80-year-old claims twhe two men told her thy had a gun and demanded her dog and purse and grabbed both and took over. the space shuttle "discovery" not lift off as planned. they're going to delay the launch once again due to an electrical problem that cropped
6:24 pm
up this morning. engineers discovered a faulty circuit breaker in the shuttle's cockpit. now nasa officials are calling for a last-minute review. the shuttle launched is rescheduled for tloo. new studies seo omega 3 fatty acids don't protect against memory loss. they're the most popular indictaindicdietary supplement. the new study found the fish oil supplements were of no help to people in the early stages of alzheimer's. >> they found no difference in the rate of decline in the memory. >> there is good news. doctors say it's possible to offer brain benefits by keeping the heart healthy. it will reduce cholesterol and triglyceride levels and reduce the risk of hardening the arteries. they agree either intervention
6:25 pm
is the key for alzheimer's patients. a 34-year-old chilean miner is a try athlete. while trapped a half mile underground he kept in shape running 3 to 6 miles each day to the music of elvis presley on his ipod. they invited him to be honored not expected he would want to run the 26.2-mile race. he received an invitation. just ahead, some results already in as you just heard. the republicans have taken the house. bad news for the most powerful san francisco democrat in washington obviously. >> plus, hot and bothered. a controversial battle in the south bay came to a head tonight. what it could mean for hundreds of firefighters. and one of the bay area's biggest cities will get a new mayor. just ahead, why it may take days
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the polls have been closed for a few hours on the east coast now, and we have some results from the major races. >> there are steep implications here. diane die we are is tracking the results. >> yes, some very important things going on right now, and tracking the results with our political analyst. larry is joining me. nbc news is projects right now, we don't have full numbers, but projecting the republicans are going to take control of the house. so this is big news for california as well as the rest of the country really. >> yes. this will resonate across the sierras if for no other reason nancy pelosi will be out of a job if it's right. you need to understand this, diane. they've looked at 20%, 25% of the seats. they're looking forward to what they think is going to happen. who knows what will happen in
6:29 pm
the end. if things continue as they believe, it's going to be that seat change, the biggest seat change, even bigger since 1994. >> that's what we're talking about. here's what nbc news is predicting. the republicans are going to gain 57 seats, that is bigger. let's talk about 1994 being the big year when newt gingrich took over as speaker of the house. this could be a bigger loss for democrats than this. >> it's the third successive change election, three in a row. it's only the second time where we've seen this. first the democrats in 2006 and '08 and now the republicans. it says something about the volatility right now in american society. >> again, we want to be careful. this is projected, and exit polls as we've learned in the past have been wrong. we've been caught on that a few times, but projected right now that the republicans will take control of the house. let's switch over to the senate. a different situation there, larry. >> yes, it is. >> a number of people thought that at least possible they
6:30 pm
would sweep the senate. we learned already that joe manchin has held the democratic seat in west virginia. that's a very critical seat. at the moment they gained three, the republicans. there are also several close races that are too close to call, wisconsin, colorado. both of those, the republicans thought they might pick up, and so far it's a real dog race in both those states. so we'll have to see what happens. but it it definitely looks very difficult right now for the republicans to pick up that senate. >> one of the big races that gained all the national attention was christine o'donnell in delaware, and that looks like that's finished. >> yeah. she had a big uphill fight. she was down by 20, 25 points. very hard to close. it looks like she will go down in defeat much to the relief of democrats and much to the concern the tea partiers. >> what about sarah palin? does it have any impact on measurher. >> she has her victories tonight. rand paul was an early protege
6:31 pm
of palin. sarah palin can walk away tonight more a player than she was before, and that bodes well for her when it comes to 2012. a lot going on tonight, diane, in terms of positioning for 2012. tonight is the start of that. >> nevada is a key part of that, isn't it? >> you bet. >> we'll be back with more as soon as we have it. back to you guys. >> all right, diane and larry. we'll talk to you frequently throughout this evening. there are several key issues and races in the south bay, but the fight over employee pensions has created the real political heat this fall. nbc bay area's damion is live at the south bay labor temple where volunteers spent the day trying to defeat measures v and w. damien. >> reporter: tom the mayor and city council put those two measures on the ballot. they will help get the city out of the red, but volunteers here including firefighters say those measures are a bad idea.
6:32 pm
these volunteers have spent the entire afternoon and the entire week, actually, on the phone calling voters urging them to get out and vote. measure v changes the rules for police and fire arbitrations, meaning police and firefighters may not get as much if there's an impact in contract negotiations. measure w calls for a two-tier system of pension benefits. new recruits get less upon retirement. both sides say they'll be out knocking doors until the polls close at 8:00. the fight has been ugly. this is a fight between labor, which backs campos, and business which backs the opponent. she won a tough re-election fight a couple of years ago. she's back on the ballot, and also a new councilman in district 9 here in san jose. big voter turnout, 65%. they're predicting in santa
6:33 pm
clara county. the voters and volunteers here at the temple say they'll be here until 8:00. >> thank you, damien. from the south bay let's go to the east bay where voters in oakland face several major issues this election day. topping the list, of course, is a new mayor. this race is a big one for a number of reasons, and it's very interesting given that there's so many people on the ballot. cheryl hurd is live in oak land where they find out who will lead the city and also the issue of how people are voting with the new ranked choice voting. >> you got na right. ten people are on the ballot to run for mayor in the city of oakland. you have a former senate president, two stel council members and a college professor and a lot of you know knowunkno. a lot are preparing for their parties. we're live at the headquarters. he's considered by symptom to be
6:34 pm
front-runner, and his party is located at 27th and webster streets here in the city of oakland. meanwhile alameda county is expecting a big turnout. it was crowded at the basement at the precinct at the court house. also the big story in alameda county, a new way of voting. it's called ranked choice voting. >> it's a new method of voting in oakland, berkeley and san leandro. what the voter does is rank their choices one, two, and three. they vote for their favorite candidate in the first choice column, and the second favorite in the second and the third favorite in the third choice column. >> are you confused? well, you should be. if you -- no one wins during the first choice voting, then they start counting the second choice voting and so on and so forth until they get a winner. they've been doing this in san francisco for five years. they've also been doing it in
6:35 pm
australia. meanwhile back here in oakland, a big night for the mayor's race. we'll be here all night long, and you'll hear from some of the candidates. reporting life in oakland, i'm cheryl hurd, "nbc bay area news." we will look for you, cheryl. thank you. the race to become california's next top law enforcer is a tight one. here's a look at -- i'm sorry. district attorney carmela harris casting her vote today. cease in a dead heat to become the next attorney general. her leading opponent is los angeles district attorney cooley. a field poll over the weekends shows cooley leading harris by one point, 39% to harris' 38% meaning it's a statistical dead heat. this is an item giants fans get in the mail. more on election day 2010. we'll go live to the bar where one bay area politician is hoping voters send him to san francisco.
6:36 pm
and good evening. plenty of warming across the bay area today. temperatures about 10 degrees above average, 80 in san jose. san francisco at 75, oakland at 76. right now temperatures coming down, but some warm pockets in the east bay. tonight, clear and cool. we're going to have your ticker tape parade for giants happening tomorrow. we're also going to broadcast that live on lpe details'lhaveu up in the show.
6:37 pm
stay "nbc bay area news" for your election coverage. then at 9:00 liter on nbc bay area, the nbc news political team will have coverage of national races, and that will be followed by special 11:00 p.m. hourom withscou y withou yr complete election coverage. hope you'll join us.
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6:39 pm
well, san francisco may lose its mayor if the vote for lieutenant-governor goes gavin newsom's way. nbc bay area's elise custom ner is live at the margarita bar in san francisco where newsom will appear later tonight. >> reporter: if you look inside, setup is pretty much complete. he chose this location because it's close to the ballpark, and he hopes the luck jivents will rub off on him and he's the next lieutenant-governor of california. the mayor started the day off by casting his ballot at his local polling place and then made the rounds talking to local media to get people to vote for him for lieutenant-governor instead of the republican incumbent. he spent most of his time at city hall planning for the giants parade tomorrow. if he wins tonight, the 43-year-old says he'll miss his day job at city hall. >> if i win, it's with a heavy
6:40 pm
heart because i really do love my day job. that being said shgts , my time subpoenis up. i'm termed out. what i really want to do is take a lot of things we've done well here and scale them across the state. >> reporter: and so far it does look good for newsom. he's got a 7% lead. i'm told he should be arriving here around 9:00. win or lose, he's going to be drinking tequila. for now we're live in san francisco. i guess the mayor could be having three consecutive nights of partying. >> the tonight and maybe tomorrow. >> tomorrow at the parade he'll be supergreat. >> no matter what it's a super great parade for everyone else as long as you're a giants fan. >> it will continue ahead from the early morning greet to a
6:41 pm
look back at the celebration deep in the heart of texas as the giants hoisted their first world series trophy since 1954 and the emotions were flowing along with the champagne. try to listen to him talk about the win without getting misty-eyed. i dare you. that's coming up in sports. we'll have the forecast coming up. a live look at golden gate bridge traffic, and there's a lot tonight. probably a few extra people into the city. we'll have your forecas the entire bay area in just minutes. n
6:42 pm
6:43 pm
well, this election is drawing strong turnout for younger voters. some experts think environmental issues and prop 19 resonate with young people. we saw a steady stream of students walking in today, some voting for the first time. >> it's nice to have a say in what's going to happen especially from working and buying things, i pay taxes. it's good to have a chance to voice my opinion. >> san francisco's election department says the turnout in college precincts is about normal for a big election. well, it is a quarter till 10:00 on the east coast, so we know the polls are closed there and we're getting a good idea of how things are going. we still have not yet started to count the ballots here in the bay area. >> larry, our political adviser, is here. let's talk about the governor's
6:44 pm
race, certainly one of the most expensive ever, certainly one of the most talked about governor's race. for a while there they were neck and neck. things shiftsed in the last couple weeks. meg whitman is optimistic. >> the last thing you want to do is throw in the towel no matter what. all along we've talked about two groups. two groups, it is independent vote and the latino vote. meg whitman has to do well with votes. she has to take close to 60% of the independent vote and 40% of latino votes. the polls and surveys suggest she's lost ground in those two areas. >> after what happened with the house keeper, the nikki gate. >> we know na carly fiorina stopped spending her own money unlike meg whitman, but the republicans kicked in money because they felt they had to run the table here and there was at least some chance she could beat barbara boxer. does that chance still exist, or do the polls tell bark ra boxer
6:45 pm
once again she survived. ? >> the republicans through in 7.5 million, 4 million in the last ten days hoping this would be the final piece to running the table. the polls suggest and we want to be careful about polls. the polls suggest there's probably five, six, maybe eight point spread. why is that the case? because she has not, fiorina, gone toward the middle the same way meg whitman has. because of that she's counting on the base to overcome a lot of the other stuff. >> jessica and were discussing for a while on the east coast the networks would avoid projecting this tidal wave or all of these wins on the east coast out of concern it could well influence the vote here on the west coast when the polls were still open for another hour and 15 minutes. why have we gotten away from that and could it, in fact, have an impact here? people think i'll vote for her. >> there are studies that show
6:46 pm
is working both ways. some show people get angry about it and vote in spite of it and other studies show they stay home. there's no definitive research on this. there's enough other issues on the west coast states and mountain states to bring the voters out for reasons other than congress, other than the senate. look at things such as proposition 19 and 23 alone. >> all right. larry will stay with us throughout the evening, so it's great. we'll have full election coverage throughout the night, and you'll get very expert opinions. >> yes. full weather coverage as well. jeff. >> as you said before, we have voted yes on sunshine for tomorrow for the giants ticker tape parade. we'll have the forecast in minutes. it was unseasonably warm out there. san francisco topping out at a very nice, warm 75 for us this time of year. 80 at santa rosa, down towards the south bay, upper 70s to 80 degrees.
6:47 pm
courtesy of the sky camera network and a lot of traffic than we see this time of the for san francisco. we know that's happening tomorrow. light hoeflgtss getting booked up at this point. still holding onto pockets of heath in the east bay. low to mid-70s out here. san jose 373, sunny vail 72. so a mild night out there for us right now. temperatures will drop with those clear skies. plenty of 50s and for wednesday, 70 even at the coastline. really the weather couldn't be more perfect that this time of the year and also giants world series win. >> it's moving off to the south and offshore. so this fog will not have any movement here inwand as we head through tonight. that's great news for tomorrow morning. high pressure will keep it warm with plenty of upper 70s and a few low 80s inland for wednesday. by thursday we see gradual cooling with those numbers going
6:48 pm
on down. tonight low to mid-50s here for the south and the east bay. let's get a look at the ticker tape parade forecast. 11:00 a.m. we look at temperatures in the low 70s. we'll broadcast it live with our entire team. i'll be on the nbc float, so wave. i'll wave back. let's get a look tomorrow at the numbers. 84 in ever green, 82 in san jose and also conditions in the low 80s in dublin and livermore right at the peninsula, upper 70s to 80 degrees. 77 in san francisco, temperatures about 10 degrees above average tomorrow. near the coastline very rare weather for this time of year. morning time on the weather channel on cable. seven-day forecast has it warm the next two days. by the weekend, the big shocker. we get the cool air back. not a big storm, but keep the umbrellas handy. >> that reminds us it's november. >> that's right. >> jeff being on the float will be a big draw.
6:49 pm
>> yes. >> some people might be coming out to see the giants as well. >> a few other people of note, not just jeff. i'll be out there strolling market street, that's for sure. it's a good time for all. the heroes, though, are home. the giants took a champagne shower last night in arlington but wasted no time grabbing their world series trophy and taking it back to san francisco. they arrived around 4:00 this morning, and the players were shocked with what they saw. hundreds of euphoric fans screaming and cheering in their giants orange and black. all the players showed off the tree f trophy and high-fiving as many hands as they could find. the giants are still in a bit o dint know they would be here waiting for us. to be out here at this hour
6:50 pm
waiting for us. >> unbelievable feeling we have got going on right here. fans are keeping it going. it's awesome. >> well, the party, of course, will still go strong all the way through tomorrow's victory parade through downtown san francisco, but it all began over 1,000 miles away deep in the heart of texas. much to the shock of the baseball world. the celebration began on the field but quickly moved into the clubhouse where no champagne bottle was safe. the players showered each other over and over again and took the party back outside where they continued to bask in the glory of what they just accomplished with some of their fans against all odds. >> we can let loose. we can let loose. this is why we play the game. we're happy to bring it back for san francisco. unbelievable fans, the city that definitely deserves it. >> all that hard work and the
6:51 pm
naysayers that said we couldn't do it. we were able to shut them up. >> it must be real if it's on the front cover of "sports illustrated." here it is in pre-leap mode. the headline, feels so good. it's the 24th "sports illustrated" cover to feature the giants. this is the most memorable, and the issue hits new stands tomorrow. go out and pick thaup. there are so many great story lines for this band of misfits turned world series champions from veterans waiting their whole lives for this moment to rookies enjoying it in their first season. one of the most emotional stories is raleigh huff. he's waited his entire career for this moment, never playing on the winning team up until now. his father was murdered when he was six. his mom did everything she could to further his love of baseball. now he's on top of the baseball world, and that's a pretty emotional place to be. >> you hear it in a front of lot
6:52 pm
of people. coaches from high school and friends helped me. my family is here. it's special, man. my dad passing at such a young age. my mom got me a batting cage. and she -- if it wasn't for that, i wouldn't be here. i give her all the credit in the world. >> oh, complete coverage of all the postseason festivities of the giants first championship on sports net central on comcast sports net bay area the home of the world champion san francisco giants. one day after declaring donovan mcnabb wasn't cardiovascularly fit enough, he brought in another qb for a workout, jamarcus russell. he was among about 20 out of
6:53 pm
work players getting a tryout in front of washington's coaching staff today. how serious they are, that reason mains to be seen. sometimes when guys do get a second opportunity, they can change thur stripes. i imagine he means the stripes of fur. >> he's certainly still big enough. >> cardiovascularly fit? not so sure. >> thank you very much. all waxed up and nowhere to go? a special giants tribute at one popular bay area museum.
6:54 pm
6:55 pm
6:56 pm
there it is, the glow of victory. that's court tower tonight lit up in orange in honor of our san francisco giants. city hall looks exactly like that, and that's, of course, where we're expecting hundreds of thousands of people tomorrow as the san francisco giants get the key to the city from mayor gavin newsom and perhaps by this time tomorrow the lieutenant-governor elect newsom. will shall see with tonight's returns. they may not be able to speak, but they're expressing their giants pride. about a dozen of the figures at the wax museum at fisherman's wharf are sporting san francisco giants baseball caps. workers at the museum adorned
6:57 pm
president obama, the pope and the mona lisa in black and orange during the playoffs during the last few days the world series. the museum had to replace some of the hats because excited fans -- actually, they were thieves kept walking off with them. >> that's exactly right. >> they should have one of jeff on the float. >> that's right. that's tomorrow. >> we'll all be there. that's going fob veto be very, exciting coverage. >> we have a full night of election coverage ahead. at 9:00 right here on nbc bay area, the nbc political team will be doing coverage of the national races followed by special 11:00 newscast with your complete bay area and california election coverage. we will all be on deck tonight. >> so we'll be with you throughout the evening, and we'll look for you certainly at 11:00 tonight.
6:58 pm
bye-bye. >> bye-bye. a with another contentious election upon us, your online comments agree with number bay area. to take redistricting power way from politicians. one viewer says letting legislators pick the nablds they want to serve leads to blatant discrimination. ralph from cupertino fears the insidious dangers of letting politicians control the voting districts. david warnings jerry manderring is the bain of democracy as corrosive of big money. vote yes on 20, no on 27.
6:59 pm
but on the budget issues, prop 25, we were criticized for our support. legislators will cram through a lousy budget just to continue to get paid, and 50% only approval may permit some lousy things getting through. thanks for sharing. join the debate online at nbc is a $5 footlob after 5pm when you buy 2 or more. even your flavor-ites like the chicken & bacon ranch. hurry in, offer ends soon! subway. eat fresh. until two years ago, when my dad transferred to istanbul. they settled in quickly. found their local deli. a few shortcuts. and a neighborhood hangout. but there's one thing they miss. their beloved hometown team. so i asked citi -- how many thankyou points it would take to give them something special. their old seats, 5 and 6, row c. [ male announcer ] citi thankyou points can be used for almost anything you choose.