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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  November 3, 2010 5:00am-6:00am PST

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19. i'm christie smith. we'll have reaction coming up straight ahead. and the giants parade will march through san francisco today. we will show you the best way to get in and out of there today, wednesday, november 3rd, on "today in the bay." from nbc bay area, reporting what matters to you, this is "today in the bay." good morning to you. 6:00 right now. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm brent cannon. the morning after a long election night finds jerry brown back in the governor's mansion, barbara boxer headed back to the senate, but not every race is decided and we have the latest on many of the contests that are still too close to call. we'll have more on that in about a minute. but we're going to check in with rob right now. he has an up-to-the-minute forecast for us. >> at least the weather is a pretty easy call this morning. 40s and 50s outside. jacket weather through 10:00 or 11:00 this morning. then you notice hour by hour, 70s as soon as lunchtime. some spots out toward the
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tri-valley and areas south of san jose climbing into the 80s this afternoon. the only concern weatherwise for your morning commute could be a little patchy fog around the north bay this morning. back to you. also we want to check in with mike for a look at your commute. >> now we have two accidents for hayward. the first one i told you about still there, the connector ramp from eastbound 92 onto northbound 880 and it is out of lanes from what the chp report says so that should be all right, just the activity off to the shoulder. but south of there, southbound side of the nimitz at tennyson road, a car spun out, you want to shift over to your left just to steer clear of activity there. typical slowing out of livermore, a 15-minute drive heading towards central livermore but close to the limit past first street. slowing all the way over past horizon lane. typical pattern but of course it's a wednesday, a little lighter than tuesday. i'll get you parade information coming up in nine minutes. back to you, brent.
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>> thanks a lot, mike. voters across the country are demanding change on capitol hill. republicans have taken control of the house and they are just a few votes shy of taking back the senate. >> here in california a few of the races still too close to call. kris sanchez is live at our election desk with the latest on the state's balance of power. >> reporter: one of the big races that are too close to call, congressional district 11, which represents most of the east bay. take a look at the numbers there. david harmer has 48% of the vote, jerry mcnerney has 47% of the heat and that's essentially a dead heat. too close to call at this point. state attorney general, that race is also too close to call. san francisco district attorney kamala harris has been gaining on the gop candidate all night as those votes continue to come in. 89% of the vote in at this point. a 45 and 45%. cooley called the race just after 11:00 last night, but kamala harris's camp is holding
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out hope things could change. harris is leading here in the bay area and is also leading in los angeles county. if elected, harris will be the first african-american elected as california attorney general. this morning senator barbara boxer is claiming victory with 52% of the vote and 80% of the votes counted. the republican challenger carly fiorina still insisting that this race is too close to call. our political pundit saying it's a little unusual she hasn't conceded at this point. boxer is projected to win her fourth term in the senate despite a multimillion dollar ad campaign launched by carly fee reapa. coming up in half an hour we'll talk about the impact on the national balance of power if barbara boxer retains her seat in the senate. laura. >> thank you very much, kris. this morning former senator don perata is holding a comfortable lead in the race for oakland mayor, but it is still also considered too close to call. ten candidates are in the running for the mayor's seat
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that's currently held by rondellim. the ranked choice caused some confusion against voters. pl perata leads at 35%, jean quan has 24%. rebecca kaplan has 21% and joe truman has 12% of the vote. now because of ranked choice voting we won't know the winner until friday at the earliest. and it is still illegal for the average person to smoke marijuana in california this morning. prop 19 failed. it is the effort to legalize pot for recreational use. now "today in the bay's" christie smith is live in oakland where prop 19 supporters are actually kind of encouraged despite their defeat. >> reporter: good morning. we've been speaking with prop 19 supporters this morning. they say they're going to be regrouping, they're going to be meeting here a little bit later at that. they say this is not the end of it and they're actually encouraged that people took the issue so seriously. but the voters have spoken, soundly defeating proposition 19
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at the polls. now this is the country's most sweeping plan to legalize the sale and use of marijuana for recreational use. it would have allowed local governments to regulate and tax pot. now, supporters have said really that this would have boosted shrinking budgets, and that was the message they were trying to push. but the no on 19 campaign argued that it would have set up a very random and confusing set of rules and it would still be illegal in the eyes of the federal government. now, just last month the u.s. attorney general said he would enforce federal laws on recreational pot use no matter what california voters decided. opponents also pushed the message that more people would get behind the wheel of a car while they're high if this passed. bottom line they say is the risk of legalizing the drug for the first time was just too great for the people of california. reporting live in oakland, christie smith, "today in the
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bay." >> thanks, christie. well, you won't have to pay more to register your car in order to pay for state parks. proposition 21 would have added $18 to registration fees and would have also raised $500 million a year to pay for 278 parks across the state. as a trade, california drivers would have gotten into state parks for free. the measure's critics said it was just a way to get the parks off the state budget. now proposition 23 didn't pass the test either. it would have suspended the state's greenhouse gas reduction law until unemployment dropped below 5.5% for the year. economic analysts say that's not going to happen for a few years. we will hear from governor-elect jerry brown later today. he will speak at his campaign headquarters in oakland at 11:00 this morning. brown made his victory speech about 11:00 last night after easily beating republican meg whitman. last night he called for an end to hostility and division in sacramento. nancy pelosi both won and
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lost last night. scott mcgrew here to talk about what may be ahead for the powerful san franciscon. >> reporter: she won handily but her party lost enough seats in the house that she's no longer going to be speaker. house, democrats no longer in majority. now, pelosi goes back to being a regular congressperson. a influential one but a regular congressperson nonetheless. there's speculation she won't serve out her 13th term but we don't know exactly what will happen. nancy pelosi is the first woman speaker of the house and the highest ranking woman in american government in history. and she still is, till the new members are sworn in in january. she's represented the eighth district of san francisco since 1987. she lives in pacific heights. she's also one of the richest members of congress. she and her husband own a lot of
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real estate in and around san francisco. laura. >> thank you very much. new balance of power on its way to washington this morning. voters made their unhappiness known to democrats. one high-profile democrat did keep his job. senate majority leader harry reid eked out a win but republicans took over six new seats. but the republicans will take over the house. ohio congressman john boehner will replace nancy pelosi as the speaker of the house. he delivered an emotional speech last night. >> i poured my heart and soul into running a small business. and when i saw how out of touch washington had become with the core values of this great nation, i put my name forward and ran for office. >> president obama called
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boehner last night to congratulate him. we'll have a lot more election coverage coming up, but you can find out anything you want to know any time, just go to and search prop zero. now "today in the bay" traffic with mike inouye. >> good morning, folks. i want to give you some information about that parade we have coming up in san francisco. the parade route does close at 10:30. it starts at the transamerica building so keep that in mind because montgomery and market and portions of those roadways are going to be closed. you can't access it off of the bay bridge using the civic center exit as well so use the mission or dubose exit. you can take the ferry system also. also from the east bay take that over to the muni metro or bart stations which will take you under t roadway to the rations. we do have the overview of the bart system that will take you under the backup and get you toward the civic center where the celebration is. i'll 55 you more details coming up after bob tells you more about the parade.
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i do want to point out our parade guide that you can get oriented with. it's on our website off to the left-hand side. i'll navigate you through the backups. you can also search parade guide. print it out, take it with you or do your homework and maybe find some parking spots if there are any available. >> i think it's going to be picture-perfect weather today. >> it's going to be out standing as we watch the parade. all around the country folks will see just how gorgeous san francisco weather can be in november. we're seeing 60 right now but boy the afternoon climbing into the 70s. your parade forecast looks outstanding. low 70s for most of the parade. around the peninsula we could see highs as warm as the mid-70s for the afternoon. tomorrow a little cooler, then bigger changes coming friday as all the clouds you see offshore will bring us a chance of showers late in the week. but not for today. temperatures in the 70s for most of the bay area but a few inland spots including san jose southward climbing into the low to mid-80s this afternoon. gorgeous weather all around the
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bay today. tomorrow another warm day inland, some cooling on the coast but friday is when clouds will roll in and we'll see a chance of showers approaching this upcoming weekend. sunday's highs only in the low 60s. back to you. >> thank you very much. we want to check in with bob redell right now. we've been talking about the big parade that's going to happen f san francisco today. boy, we haven't had a big one, they're going to follow the same route as when the giants came from new york. >> yeah. what is it, 57 years -- 1957 is when they came, yeah? >> reporter: yeah, good morning to you, laura and brent. yeah, the last time the giants had a ticker tape parade down market street is when they came out here from new york. today is to celebrate their first world series championship here in san francisco. you're looking at city hall where workers are setting up bleachers up there. if you look in the background on the front steps is where the giants team will assemble later this morning, they think around 12:30. mayor gavin newsom will be there to present the city -- the team with a key to the city.
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here you can see there are already at least a few hundred people out here, quite a crowd. some have been out here since 9:00 or 10::00. what time did you get out here? >> i got here at 2:30. 2:30 a.m. >> reporter: why wouldn't you stay home and watch this on tv? >> why wouldn't you be here? it's once in a lifetime. i'm out here to represent. you've got to show your love for the city, show your love for the giants. what else do i have to do tomorrow, honestly. you might as welcome out to city hall. >> reporter: ma'am, you've been out here since 3:00. so you haven't been out here that long. why did you have to come out here? are you a fair weather fan only since post season or a long-time giants fan? >> i was born when the giants came to san francisco. >> reporter: so you've been waiting for a long time. >> it's wonderful, wonderful. >> reporter: nice to meet you, guys. the beauty -- as rob was saying,
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the weather is really mild so it's very conducive to come out. if you are going to come out, you might want to come out sooner rather than later. it seems like these people have the right idea. the back area of the civic center plaza, more people keep streaming in. so you will want to probably use public transportation to get down here. the parade starts at 11:00, comes up market street, should get here to civic center plaza around 12:30. reporting live here at the civic center plaza, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> good for all those giants. 6:13 right now. we're going to show you how to get in and out of there or avoid it altogether if you want to coming up in a few minutes. the giants success could pay off for the oakland as. see how that could work coming up. and a live look outside this morning, and of course mike is watching the roads. he's fouggot a look at how to go that parade plus a look at your way to work today coming up.
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reporting what matters to you, you're watching "today in the bay" with laura garcia-cannon, brent cannon, business and technology with scott mcgrew and traffic with mike inouye. it's not that the easy days, are what keep me coming back for more. and the customer says, on the carpet." what? gonna be difficult. don't tell me about a dog. a day care full of kids, house chickens. call a day's work. call 1-800-steemer
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good morning to you, 6:16. taking a live look outside. it's going to be a gorgeous day across the bay area, milpitas 82, danville 79, fremont 81 degrees. also we're going to have continued election results at the bottom of your screen. it only takes a couple of minutes to scroll through those to get you updated as you get ready this morning. now, we do have a race just in this morning. we have some new numbers. check this out. we checked the secretary of state website. we found that the race for congress in district 11 is now
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100% reporting in, but the margin of error is razor thin here. democratic incumbent jerry mcnerney now leads david harmer by just 121 votes. so essentially it's a dead heat, but it looks like mcnerney has a little bit of a lead. that's out of 175,000 total votes. there are still some mail-in ballots. that close you probably would expect a recount in this one but right now it looks like mcnerney does have the slimmest of leads to keep his seat there. it's 6:17. also talking about the giants big victory parade happening in san francisco this morning. lots of people lining up for the parade that's going to start about 11:00. you can see it live right here, but a lot of people are heading out there. what's the best way to get into the city and check the route? let's check in with mike. >> we'll take you first of all to the parade route. there's a closure at 10:30. starts at the transamerica building, heads down montgomery and over on market street. you see it marked in orange. it's a pretty simple route but taking you through the financial
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district. so down towards the civic center. you will not be able to cross market. that's a huge issue for the morning commute. now, i talked about the east bay and north bay. what if you're in the south bay. we're talking about traffic flow. as you look at your live speeds for your morning commute, i'll also let you know about heading into the city. you can drive if you want to. takes you up 10 up with or 280 but along this entire route you can stop at a caltrain station, take it up into the city. at the end of the line grab a muni metro line. all of those underground lines stop at montgomery, powell and civic center. key stations. those will take you underneath the congestion and get you up right there into the parade route. there are also bart stations. you can jump onto bart at millbrae, transfer over or take it from the east bay. parking is at a premium so that will be the issue for you. get my full guide at and check for
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parade guide. we've got you covered. back to you. if you can't make it to the parade we definitely have you covered right here. >> nbc bay area is the home of the giants and we will carry that parade live starting at 11:00 this morning. you can also see it on the internet. wee streaming it live on our website, just a reminder, closer brian wilson will be on "the tonight show" with jay leno. you can see it right here after our news at 11:00. the season may be over, but giants fever not. go to for updates on what is next for the players, plus any post-game interviews you might have missed. now, you would think that building a rival team's stadium in the heart of giants territory would be a hard sell but some say that win could actually help boost the chances that the as would move to san jose. a smith college economist tells the "mercury news" claims that the as move would hurt the
6:20 am
giants profits might be difficult to prove this year after their world series run. that's thanks to healthy merchandise and ticket sales. so if baseball commissioner bud selig approves the territorial change, then it would go to a vote by the league's 30 team owners, so still a lot the to happen there but a theory that you're not going to be able to prove that financially it's a hardship. jamarcus russell could get a new job soon. he worked out with the washington redskins yesterday. the raiders released russell in may after three seasons. police arrested russell in july, accusing him of having codeine without a prescription. the redskins are having some quarterback trouble of their own. head coach mike shanahan benched the starter, donovan mcnabb, on sunday. shanahan gave a couple of reaches why he did it so we're not sure what the real one is but maybe russell is headed there. green energy support was supposed to save jobs but one of the poster children are solar technology is actually laying workers off. >> reporter: this is
6:21 am
disheartening. they were going to revolutionize energy. it was such a big deal, in fact, president obama himself stopped in for a tour. you've seen the company building a new facility as you drive by on 880. well, this morning "the new york times" says they will layoff 40 workers and shutter some of its production line. the problem is china. china has been turning out cheaper, low less technologically sophisticated solar cells, undercutting industry. a big decision will be announced by the fed this morning, perhaps spending a half trillion dollars, that is a half trillion, to buy government debt. now, that floods the economy with dollars, hopefully sparks the economy as well. they call that quantitative easing. the truth is wall street likes republicans and a victory by the gop and the house makes markets happy. that and the fed announcement have the markets in a jovial mood. the nasdaq will see its highest open of the year this morning.
6:22 am
investors see republicans as more business friendly, lower taxes, fewer regulations. wall street didn't get everything it wanted. we could see the roll back of health care, consumer protection, even banking regulations as well. >> thanks a lot. we'll see how that pans out in the business world, scott. freed american hiker sarah shourd will be in the east bay today calling on iran to release her fiance and their friend from prison. iran continues to postpone the trial for shane bauer and josh fattal. the two grads have been in prison more than a year on spying charges. iran wants shourd to return and be tried with her friends but she does not plan on going back. they will display a banner asking the country to release the men on compassionate grounds. a number of homes are in trouble thanks to a 65-foot sinkhole in germany. the hole first opened up monday morning and it's just getting larger. right now the crater is about 98
6:23 am
feet wide. it swallowed a car already and six homes in the area evacuated. crews are going to try to fill it with rock. people in richmond still dealing with a similar sinkhole that opened up back in april. this one was 40 feet wide, 120 feet long and 30 feet deep. the sinkhole swallowed two cars and crews recovered just one of them barely last month. richmond officials say fixing that road will cost up to $7.5 million. barbara boxer won re-election, according to just about everybody, except one very important person. we'll show you who's still hanging on. san francisco will be the place to be today as we celebrate the giants big victory, world champions. amazing. it's going to be a great parade. you can see it right rea.y ba area.yght ow r n.23htigow. ht [ female announcer ] this is a strawberry pop tart.
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it's 6:25. live look at the bay bridge this morning. look at the traffic heading into san francisco, not just to head to work, maybe some folks taking work off thanks to the big victory parade that will be starting at 11:00. you can catch all the action here on nbc bay area. the weather today will be outstanding for san francisco and most of the bay area today, 70s and 80s. by friday we'll see some changes, cooler temperatures, even a chance of showers a little later on this week. checking weather for the morning, 40s and 50s to get your day started. a little patchy fog around the north bay valleys. by lunchtime it's t-shirt weather everywhere. 70s inland around the entire bay area and we'll have 80s inland and out towards livermore highs in the low 80s. pretty out standing weather today into tomorrow. we see a chance of showers to kick off the weekend, cool and unsettled as we wrap things up on sunday. highs in the 60s this upcoming weekend. the battle for airline passengers, wi-fi is the latest front. southwest is scrambling to put
6:27 am
wireless internet on every plane in its fleet. american airlines is wiring dozens of 737s. but it will cost passengers access to in-flight wi phi ranges between $5 and $13 depending on the length of the flight. one study by an arizona research firm says only one out of every 50 airline passengers will use the wi-fi, but airlines say it's still a worthwhile investment because business travelers, the customers who pay the most for their seats, are the biggest by five users. it is 6:27 right now. the tea party made a big impact on this election. we'll take a look at the successes and failures of the movement coming up. and barbara boxer has a commanding lead on holding her senate seat. we'll see why she cannot officially declare victory yet. and a live look at civic center plaza this morning. boy, it's going to be busy with activity there. already folks are lining up to get their spots for the victory parade for the giants in san francisco. some have been there for hours. another live report coming up.
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new this morning, carly fiorina is not giving up. see why she is not conceding her race against senator barbara boxer. plus san francisco giants fans starting to line up for today's victory parade. we're going to get you ready for the fun, this wednesday, november 3rd, "today in the bay." from nbc bay area, reporting what matters to you, this is "today in the bay." good morning to you. 6:30 right now. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm brent cannon. the big races are in. barbara boxer holds on to her senate seat, jerry brown will be our next governor and san francisco will need a new mayor because gavin newsom will be brown's lieutenant. >> there are some other races that are too close to call. we'll update you on those right after rob helps you get out the door with your hour-by-hour
6:31 am
forecast. it's going to be nice today. >> pretty outstanding for november standards. you'll see the jacket with 40s and 50s outside but look at how quickly you can break out the t-shirts. by 10:00 and 11:00 this morning, already climbing into the 70s. lunchtime temperatures mid to upper 70s inland. we'll have low to mid-80s from san jose southward, cooling as the breeze picks up towards the evening. back to you. we also want to check in with mike. he's got a lot of traffic to keep track of. throughout the morning we're helping you get in and out of the giants parade. right now the morning commute. >> we're looking at the volume starting to increase already. so the east shore freeway showing a 20-minimum drive as that commute builds. we have slowing through emeryville. but the metering lights have been turned on pauf this crowd. you see the bottom of the screen a little slowing over the s curve and that's what you want to see, slow, safe speeds across the bridge into the city. a steady stream of headlights. the top middle of your screen you see the toll plaza, the
6:32 am
backup heading back towards west grand avenue. but that keeps the upper deck moving nicely. we'll see a big volume of traffic heading into the city for the parade as well. i'll give you more on that in my next commute. through oakland, 880 flows nicely past the coliseum. northbound with the taillights, southbound with the headlights. tonight the warriors are playing so expect some traffic after they celebrate in the city, come over and help the warriors on to a win hopefully at the coliseum. back to you guys. and now to our decision 2010 coverage. it appears that senator barbara boxer will keep her senate seat. she is fending off her republican challenger, carly fiorina, but so far fiorina is unwilling to concede defeat. >> kris sanchez joins us now from the election desk. a loss by fiorina would keep afternoon out of the red in terms of political power. >> reporter: that's exactly why so many folks across the country have been watching this race here in california. voters bucked the trend of dumping their incumbent lawmakers and the trend of
6:33 am
republican womens. take a look. barbara boxer is declaring victory over republican challenger fiorina, though fiorina is slow to concede defeat. democrats will retain control of the senate but control of the house goes to the republican party. a race we're also watching as a first is the one for alameda county superior court judge. it appears that victoria kolakowski has won that race with 51% of the vote. with all of the precincts reporting, kolakowski leads john creighton by 1.5 percentage points and with this kolakowski becomes the first transgendered woman to become a superior court judge in the united states. coming up in 15 minutes, we'll recheck the numbers in a few of those races that are too close to call. among them, the race between kamala harris and the southern california man who is running for attorney general. 40,000 votes separate them as of 6:00 this morning. >> interesting to watch. voters in san francisco are
6:34 am
ready to take the controversial sit lie law to the streets. it bans lying on public sidewalks between 7:00 in the morning and 11:00 at night. supporters include mayor gavin newsom and the police chief. they say the law will help move loiterers along and prevent people from intimidating passer byes. opponents say it unfairly targets homeless people. san francisco police are on the lookout for a ballot bandit. a polling inspector broke into a ballot-counting machine and made off with 75 ballots and other election materials. they also say he stole a cell phone from a teenage poll worker. the election office says police do know the name of the worker and they are trying to track him down at this point. alaska senator lisa murkowski is on track to make some history. she could become the second person to win a write-in campaign in the history of the
6:35 am
senate. she's a republican. she ran as a write-in candidate after tea party-backed republican joe miller beat her in the primary. early returns show murkowski is winning this time but the outcome won't be known for days because officials need to make sure which write-in votes actually went to murkowski. as we mentioned, republicans swept back into power across the country. they have taken back control of the house. they are a few seats shy in the senate. this morning president obama is scheduled to speak and scott mcgrew takes a beak at what he might say. >> sure. he's already talked to nancy pelosi, john boehner, the incoming speaker of the house as well. he will talk to the nation at 10:00 a.m. california time. the president's party defeated in the house. the so-called tea party helping to push the gop to a majority. rand paul in kentucky wins. he's ron paul's son. and then ben quayle, son of dan quayle, wins in arizona.
6:36 am
and then christine o'donnell lost handily in delaware. she's the one who had to start a political commercial with the words "i am not a witch." many republicans say -- except sarah palin stuck by her, endorsed her, stuck by her, but the tea party very influential in many of these. murkowski as well actually winning the primary there. >> you know what, i think it's interesting the tea party people saying if these people don't get it done the way they want it done, we'll boot them out too. >> it's still a two-party system. >> it's a movement, right. >> it's a movement, but something we haven't seen in a good long time. from tea party to team party, giants fans getting ready for the parade of champions. >> everybody sorting out if they're red or blue, in san francisco we're orange. we're checking in with bob redell railroa redell. >> reporter: still a good six
6:37 am
hours before tim lincecum, buster posey and others will take the stage on the city hall steps. there's still quite a crowd out here. if you go across the civic center plaza, there's a good 300 to 400 people. these are your early birds because they know you're going to get a good spot, you better get here early and they're expecting quite a crowd. remember, the ticker tape parade beginning at 11:00 a.m., going up market street. they're estimating around 12:30 the team will arrive at the city hall steps. so get out here and take mike inouye's advice and use public transportation. >> save us a spot, bob. >> we're coming down pretty soon. we'll be leaving in a little bit, heading that way. thanks, bob sdmn. it's 6:37. proposition 19 supporters lost their fight but they're not giving up their mission to get pot legalized. see what they're planning next. i know it's a chilly start to the morning but you'll be
6:38 am
surprised how warm things will be a little later on this afternoon. a look at those warm details in your forecast coming up next "today in the bay." reporting what matters to you, you're watching "today in the bay" with laura garcia-cannon, brent cannon, business and technology with scott mcgrew and traffic with mike inouye.
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now, "today in the bay" weather.
6:41 am
>> welcome back at 6:40 this morning. we've got a pretty pleasant start. a little chilly in san jose, 54 degrees. climbing to the low 80s later this afternoon. oakland now it's 60. in san francisco kind of a mild start to the morning, 56 degrees. a south wind at 3 miles per hour, a little patchy fog up around the north bay this morning. look at your afternoon temperatures. 70s all around the bay area. the warmest places down towards morgan hill, we're talking mid-80s this afternoon. 82 in san jose and weather fit for a champion in san francisco, 75 today. 70s and 80s across our north bay valleys. don't get too used to it because after tomorrow clouds spill in and we see say chance for showers friday evening and to kick off the upcoming weekend. back to you. the time now 6:41. again we'll take you live outside this morning. >> to san francisco where it's going to be a great day for a parade this morning. folks have been lining up really since like 9:00 last night, all to help the giants celebrate a big victory. we'll take you out there live
6:42 am
coming up.
6:43 am
6:44 am
good morning, everybody. it's 6:44. a live look outside. the bay bridge and looking like a really nice day. look at that, 75 in the city here and we are talking early november. some great temperatures out there. this morning the balance of power is certainly shifting on capitol hill. locally some races are still too close to call. >> kris sanchez is live at our election center this morning with the latest numbers. some of those key races, and you're still getting the latest stuff coming in. >> reporter: yeah. this is always an exciting time
6:45 am
if you're into politics. it's always nice for candidates and the voters when they can go to bed knowing who can declare a victory. that wasn't the case for folks watching the race for the state's top cop and the congressional 11th district which represents most of the east bay. let's start there. the race for congressional district 11 is still too close to call. i just checked and the numbers seem to be lagging a little behind our secretary of state website. the secretary of state website says that 100% of the precincts are reporting. only 121 votes separate david harmer and incumbent jerry mcnerney. all right, none of the votes outstanding there so we'll have to see how that shakes out. san francisco district attorney kamala harris hoping it will turn her way. early in the night it looked like cooley would win and he even called the race and went home. then kamala harris took the lead on her turf, which is the bay area, of course, and on his turf, which is l.a. county. now, right now 96% of the
6:46 am
precincts of reporting in the attorney general's race and it looks like 0.6% is leaning toward kamala harris so she has a slight lead. if she can retain that lead and if gavin newsom can take over the race for lieutenant governor, then it would mean that democrats won all seven of seven state races in california. back to you. >> all right, thank you very much. we're going to take you to washington, d.c. now. california at least for the time being is still considered a blue state, but many parts of the country certainly seeing red as republicans once again take control of the house. we've been talking about it all morning. tracie pottses live in washington, d.c., this morning with big changes on the political maps. good morning. >> reporter: hey there, laura, good morning. even as we still await results this morning from some hotly contested, very tight races, the senate race in colorado, in washington, in alaska, we do now know that this was a big republican sweep. in the house republicans picked
6:47 am
up 60 seats that we know of so far, well over what they needed to maintain a majority there, so coming january, republicans will be in charge of the house. they also picked up five seats that we know of so far in the senate. like i said, there are a couple that are still outstanding. but even with those five, the party has increased its influence in what will still be a democratic-controlled senate. so now we have a divided congress moving into these last two years of the obama administration. the big question is will they be able to get anything done, big issues outstanding, like immigration, like energy, and these are issues where the parties have deep divides. but the big story today, republican wins as predicted in the house. some gains in the senate. it was a big night for them and some disappointing losses for the democrats. laura. >> thank you very much, tracie. meantime san francisco mayor gavin newsom, for him torture does not apply to giants
6:48 am
baseball. after a very tight race he unseated able moldonado for the state's number two spot. >> i've got to tell you there will be few days in my life more extraordinary than sitting with my baby and my wife in a parade celebrating the san francisco giants as mayor and lieutenant governor-elect. that's not a bad day. >> not a bad day at all. the post comes with very little power for that particular seat. lieutenant governors primarily serve as stand-ins when the governor is out of state or out of the country in some cases. the lieutenant governor also breaks tie votes because they serve as president of the state senate. newsom's departure to sacramento means some shakeups for the leadership in san francisco. the board of supervisors will end up electing his successor and already there is some jockeying for that position in the city's top spot. it is possible that the board president will take over for the interim. the next full board meeting is next tuesday, november 9th. one of the most highly
6:49 am
publicized measures got shot down. proposition 19, the push to make marijuana legal under state law lost, and lost big. pot proponents say that fight isn't over yet. christie smith is live in oakland this morning with more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. yeah, they're regrouping this morning and already talking about bringing this issue back before voters. they say they're encouraged that people took this issue so seriously here in california, but those same voters also said no to allowing people to fire up marijuana legally in california for recreational use. now, prop 19 was the nation's most sweeping proposal ever to legalize the sale and use of pot. supporters had argued that this was decriminalize it and put tax dollars into shrunken local government. the no side claiming victory this morning. they're saying voters saw this set up as a confusing web of city and county laws and also it would still be illegal under
6:50 am
federal law. just last month the u.s. attorney general said he would enforce federal laws on recreational pot use regardless of what california voters decided. opponents also stressed that perhaps the loose pot laws would lead to more people driving while stoned. bottom line, they say, the risk of legalizing pot for the first time was just too scary a proposition for california voters. reporting live in oakland, christie smith, "today in the bay." >> thank you very much. big celebration going on in san francisco. the giants victory parade gets started this morning at 11:00 a.m. >> in fact here's a look at the route through san francisco. kind of a popular route. that's the one they took when they moved from new york to san francisco. mike inouye has the best advice to avoid driving in the city. if you have to, he is here to help you get around it. in fact some folks are already out there and i assume some streets are already being closed. >> they had a planned closure starting at 10:30 but as
6:51 am
conditions require, of course, parking enforcement and pd will take care for safety sake for all involved. right now we have the planned closure from montgomery and market for the parade route. montgomery at washington happens to be the base of the transamerica building so kind of an inverse arrow pointing, you start there. you take the parade route down montgomery to market. closing market. that will close market off from the rest of the city. that's a big issue if you're coming off the bay bridge and driving into the area. if you don't have to, don't drive. head over to mission or dubose or better yet take bart or the ferry system. the ferries will take you from the north bay into the city. also you can take it from the east bay. get off tt ferry building. take bart over there. get on at the embarcadero and get off at montgomery, powell or civic center. those three stations take you along the parade route, get you at the beginning, middle and end of the parade. the civic center is where the big celebration is. good options for you throughout
6:52 am
the east bay heading under the water as well. parking is the issue at the bart station. options for you up into the bart area, transfer over at the millbrae station. whenever there's an issue, bob redell is in the middle of it. bob what do you have on this parade? >> reporter: good morning to you, mike. not only the giants are going to be in the parade but past former giant breaks, like willie mays, willie mccovey, steve perry. when they get here they'll be greeted by some of the people who are already here this morning. watch yourself there, rob. there's a couple of hundred -- a few hundred out here who are showing up early. probably a smart move because there will be a lot of people out here. you came from where? >> arizona. >> reporter: just for this? >> yeah. >> reporter: did you go to the game in texas or just came for the celebration? >> no. i go to arizona state. i was born and raised in the bay area. >> reporter: why was it important for you to make the
6:53 am
trip? >> what was it, 54 years since they won the world series so i figured i had to be here for this. >> reporter: have a good time out here. what's going to happen is the team is going to be on the front steps of city hall. they have got risers set up there. they have got big screen tvs. if you don't have a good line of sight shot you'll be able to watch it on the big screen tvs. mayor gavin newsom will be there to present the team with the key to the city. we think it going to be around 12:30 that it will take place. 11:00 a.m. ticker tape parade up market. probably take an hour and a half to get here. let's hope the weather holds out for the celebration. >> it looks pretty good out there this morning. right now 56 degrees. as we show you the forecast through the parade, we're really looking at temperatures in the 70s. the chance of shower, we're talking about the ticker tape flying around san francisco today. you cannot ask for a better tourism commercial for san francisco today. the sunshine and just patchy low clouds on the coast.
6:54 am
gorgeous weather both in san francisco and all around the bay area with 70s and 80s inland. >> what a great day. >> it's going to be nice. well, the markets now responding to the big shift in power that we're talking about. scott has a look at early trading. >> the markets anticipated the republican win in the house. the nasdaq started this morning at its highest level of the year. the dow industrials up 11 points. oil stocks higher. banking stocks higher this morning as well. facebook will announce something today. reporters will be gathering in palo alto to talk to the officials at facebook. something about mobile apps probably, maybe an ipad app, something with facebook on phones as well. i'll be honest with you, a lot of reporters have been e-mailing each other saying are you going to facebook, because we want to go to the giants parade. the thing was prescheduled. >> oh, man. >> so, you know, some reporters will be going to facebook, and others will be at the parade.
6:55 am
>> or you can always watch it live right here, 11:00 a.m. >> the parade, not the facebook announcement. >> although you can post your updates of the parade on facebook. >> yes, you could. >> and a lot of people do do that. >> it's going to be tough to get in there too. you're really suggesting mass transit. >> definitely, definitely. start outside of the city. at oakland there's a stagts that takes you from the coliseum over towards san francisco but also take you from san francisco back to the warriors game which is after the celebration tonight. right now a live look at 880. we're talking about bart, a great option to avoid the bay bridge, which has a backup at the toll plaza now because of the metering lights. it will get really slammed coming into the city and the closure of market street will cut folks off. so take bart if you can or muni metro will take you under the backups as well. the lower deck will be a huge issue after the parade. golden gate bridge, a live shot shows you getting into the city. a good, steady flow. a little heavier than we typically see. folks might be heading in early to the city here and getting out
6:56 am
after the giants victories over the playoffs, they had huge, like hour delays getting onto the bridge itself. >> i heard reports that it could be half a million people going there. >> so getting out a huge issue. picture perfect weather. >> the weather couldn't be more perfect. >> this morning probably in t-shirt weather as early as 11:00. upper 60s, low 70s around parade time and mid-70s around the peninsula today. around the rest of the bay area today we'll see 80s inland. look at san jose, 82 degrees. 70s around san francisco, up towards the north bay. despite the patchy fog, 70s and 80s inland. this beautiful weather which the entire country and the baseball world will see and they'll all want to come here now looks great. it's going to last through thursday. but this weekend showers and cooler temperatures arrive starting friday. covering the election as well, a lot of people want to write in buster posey as governor. we are keeping you up to date with all your election results.
6:57 am
all of the precincts are reporting for district 11. jerry mcnerney leads david harmer by just 121 votes. there are still some absentee ballots to be counted, but expect to see harmer ask for a recount there. and in the race for attorney general, it looks like kamala harris pulling away. we checked the secretary of state website and the latest numbers show harris leading republican steve cooley by just over 40,000 votes. about 96% of the precincts are in there. and don't forget about the parade. if you want more information, you can check out the parade route before you go. mike also put some routes in and out of there so you can go to, check the route and how to get around it if you want to avoid the traffic and congestion. >> also remember the parade is live right here at 11:00 and we'll streak it on our website, [ male announcer ] the turn changes everything.
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