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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  November 12, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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and cell phones targeted. some denied the right to vote. and see what happens when a ferrari meets a roller coaster. in 30 seconds. the bay area man explains why he beat up a distraught priest and why he's the real victim. first happening now, women targeted by a pepper spray bandit. now warnings for people going
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out this weekend. good morning. i'm lisa kim. >> and i'm jessica aguirre. a band of muggers is on the prowl, lurking around the bay area hot spots, hoping to nab your pocketbook and they'll pepper spray you to get it. it's happened to five victims in the last two nights. jean has been talking to people in the mission district. >> reporter: san francisco's mission district is hopping, crowded with people heading out for some weekend fun. many are zeroed in on their phones. >> i'm trying to figure out where i'm supposed to be. >> reporter: san francisco police say it is a dangerous habit. over the past two nights, a team of robbers has been cruising the city, mugging distracted pedestrians. >> i'm looking look a target. >> reporter: they're not just grabbing phones and wallets, they're pepper spraying the victims. it started saturday around 9:00 in mission.
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two men grabbed a woman's phone and pepper sprayed her. about a half hour later, a robber sprayed a man, stealing his backpack. they reported two robberies saturday night. police are out on foot. they're also running undercover operations, hoping to stop the would-be robbers before they strike again. >> as soon as we just get past seeing them, they hit me in the back with a 2x4 or a baseball bat. >> he has been mugged before. he keeps his phone in his pocket while he walks his dog. police say staying alert is your best defense. >> police don't have a detailed description of the suspects or even the possible getaway car because the victims can't see after they get pepper sprayed. a bay area man pleaded not
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guilty in santa clara county court today. the charge? assaulting an elderly priest. he plans to use his trial to publicly shame catholic priest lynch for years of abuse. he said somebody needs to be a face for this abuse and i'm prepared to put myself on the line. quote, they can't take anything away from me that they haven't taken away already. he accuses litner of abusing him and his brother repeatedly when they were children. litner denies that abuse and has never been criminally charged. tonight at 11:00, lereleven days after election day, harris has gained huge ground over her opponent. harris has the lead of about 5,000 votes, the fraction of
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about 1% in cooley's race. cooley could still regain the lead in this race. they have until thursday to report their final ballot tallies. one bay area city is under fire for not providing enough ballots in this election for people who live there and the language they speak. that's not the only voting violation. we're in union city tonight to explain. george? >> reporter: lisa, we talked to the asian law caucus tonight who told us alameda county is the worst county in the bay area when it comes to providing ballots in spanish and chinese. in some cases there were no spanish or chinese language ballots at all, and that's a violation of federal and state law. >> you've heard the saying, the voters have spoken. but that may not be the case in alameda county. on election day while you were voting, more than 200 poll monitors went to 230 voting sites around the bay area, voting sites where there is a
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large combination of chinese and spanish voters. >> not all voters, especially those with english proficieficp, had access to ballots. >> 35% of the voters in that precinct are of chinese or spanish descent. 3% of the population speaks in other language other than english, and ballots must be written in that language. >> if it doesn't happen, even at one polling site, it does say that americans aren't prepared to vote on matters relating to state proposition. >> they also found no ballots written in chinese even though 20% of the population in that unit precinct is chines chinese-american. and they were turned away
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because there were no bilingual workers to help them out. >> it's the dream to become u.s. citizens and maybe vote for the first time. we did lure first-time voters not be able to equally and successfully cast their ballot. >> the asian law caucus is magic. they'll be putting pressure on their chinese and spanish-speaking voters. >> this just in, nancy pelosi jumping into the fight to keep a san francisco college student in this country. speaker pelosi released a statement tonight saying she is working with numbers to recommend immigration officials keep 20-year-old nursing students from being deported to peru. earlier today supporters rally outside senator barbara boxer's office to get her to intervene. her family went to peru in the
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1980s to escape a chinese rule. he's being held right now in a detention center, and he's asked to have that delayed. has no relatives or living ties there. >> he will lose everything. he doesn't have any family there, he doesn't have any friends there, he doesn't have a home to come home to. there is nobody there to support him. >> she was denied. her mother is being threatened to be sent back to china. police tonight revealing what derrick jones had in his waistband. it's both about what they found and it's sparking outrage, it
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was not a gun in the waistband of derrick jones. police are saying. there was a protest, and that is barbara shop, and later tonight there was a speakout at a nearby gallery. . at 16. >> he was glad, he had a dream. but tonight, she force -- i've talked about justice for a long time. we don't know the daily experience, so this is a space for those stories to come up and her cousin has been in and out
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of jail since she was 16 years old. >> it affects me, and i just don't want to see that anymore. >> he had been the faith for social justice since his nephew was shot and killed by a former
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safr san francisco police are searching the city for two suspects who ran down and dragged an officer down a city street. it started just after 2:00 this afternoon. the officer pulled over an suv as parted of an undercover drug investigation. >> put the car into drive with the officer still leaning into
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the open passenger window and drug the officer anywhere from 50 to 75 feet. >> another officer fired a shot at that suv. the officer suffered non-life-threatening injuries. he should be okay. the driver and the passenger are still on the run. well, victory is sweet tonight for oakland's first female and first asian american mayor, jean quan. >> so did we make history? we made history because i'm the first woman and the first asian, but i think we made history because we've never had a campaign that was so outspent. >> the mayor held her election speech at a restaurant and with her husband by her side. now she is working on setting up a transition team and putting an advisory group together to unify oakland. california's pacific medical center in san francisco was
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fined twice for not allowing proper surgical procedures for patients. those fines total $125,000. petaluma valley hospital was fined $50,000 for surgery violations. and ucsf was fined for surgery
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paramedics. it's called provenge, and it's a vaccine to fight prostate cancer. >> it tells the immune center to activate it and target cancer. >> it works in three stages. first, cells from the immune system are drawn from the blood stream here in the ucsf infusion center. then they're flown to a lab in seattle where they are stimulated and whipped into top shape. afterward, the cells are flown back to ucsf and put back into bean's body where they'll start fighting the cancer.
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dr. lawrence fong says it's like sending the immune system to boot camp. >> we sort of reset or reenergyize the immune system to fight the cancer cells. >> he hasn't had any nausea, vomiting or fatigue. >> i take the treatment and my life goes on cannotly texactly has. >> if treatment is successful, they hope they will develop a vaccine for every cancer. >> so far about 20 patients have enrolled in the trial, but ucsf are looking for more. it can only be used for people recently diagnosed with prostate cancer. but as soon as the trial soeis over, they hope to begin treating men as part of a pre v
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vepreventative measure. let's get to the numbers. 68 here in livermore, 67 in fairfield, 68 in concord, 69 in san jose, and temperatures in the upper 60s throughout redwood city, san francisco. the loaner here was 71, but we'll see a lot more 70s here as we head into saturday and also sunday. it's not going to be the warming temperatures that will make headlines. it's going to be the wind not only saturday but into sunday as well. this is for the hilltop regions of the north bay for tomorrow. sunday right into monday morning and gusts as well into the 30s. we don't have fire recent storm systems but we can't entirely rule out fire danger for this weekend. also east bay hills, wind,
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35-mile-per-hour, so we're asking 6ly on this weekend weekend. from livermore to alamo, you're get tighter. we'll see some slight warming in the weekend, and then as we get to our seven-day forecast, we will be tracking a significant storm system in the next seven days. now, right now it's active. we have rainfall out here. we also have strong winds in the upper levels but all of this continues to ridge up to the north. we have high pressure that's setting up shop just offshore. and that's what's going to help warm temperatures up tomorrow, but most importantly, that clockwise flow around high pressure, that's going to help create these windy conditions from the north bay back to the east bay. so what does it mean for your saturday? still sunny skies, temperatures up to the 70s, but breezy conditions once again. that wind lasting right on into sunday what we've been talking
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about for the entire forecast. tomorrow morning in the east bay, starting cold in the upper 30s. as far the morning, we're looking at 40 to 42. 49 in fordwood city. santa cruz 45 and gilroy expecting 43. let's get your numbers for your saturday. low 70s down into gilroy. evergreen 72, dublin 70. livermore expecting 71 with those breezy conditions as well. 69 in san francisco, and looking at mainly fog-free conditions at the coastline as we head into saturday and sunday. low 70s inland, once again, i'll find you extremely windy in
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those hills. mostly cloudy on thursday. our next significant storm system we're tracking right now looks like it could arrive by next friday as we get back to reality with temperatures in the 60s. but hey, enjoy it this weekend because it's a rarity in november to get these temperatures. >> we'll face reality another time. thanks, jeff. >> well, a bumper crop of kittens means you can find a bargain on pets this november. humane society . if you get a pet, it will be microchipped so it won't get lost. much tighter security thanba psat seocal nightclub. we'll continue in just a moment.
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do not make kanye west mad because he just won't sing. the rapper canceled plans to sing on the "today" show because he says the show set him up. earlier this week matt lauer interviewed west about the comments he made about former president bush during hurricane katrina when he intimated the president was a rapist.
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they had clips about taylor swift, and he tweeted saying it made him feel used and unappreciated. a scan ner would allow a club to take pictures of everyone who enters and take notes on their behavior. that would be available for other clubs who use the service, flagging people who may be violent. it won't be available for at least 15 days. some call it an invasion of privacy. at least a dozen people have been injured at clubs in the past year. a look at sports and the new jobs in town. >> the raiders making headlines for a lot of different reasons today. we have some good news, we have some bad news for golden state. the sale of the team is officially final, but a veteran leader is going to be taking a seat for a couple of weeks.
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the college hoops season, it is here. ;lq7&[sono carrierringringconne
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he was injured wednesday night against the knicks when that elbow wound up in the teeth of elvis chandler and led to a painful infection that put him in the hospital thursday morning. the infection has him missing about two weeks. there was plenty of love in minnesota wednesday night as kevin love had the sort of game rarely seen in the nba. they tallied the league's first 30-30 game in 28 years. love had 31 points and 31 rebounds, the scene much whiof
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which came in the third kwart era loan. after which love said he even impressed himself. basketball kicking into high gear thanks to the college game. the local men tipping off next week leaving tonight to the women. this time opening the season as the defending wnit champs and going for their seventh win in a row, going all the way back to last season. the bears in transition. lindsay shubert opening the season with a big win, 56-57. in baseball news, he may not be the best defensive lineman on the roster, but he just became the a's best slugger. he brought him and his 21 homers from last season to the bay area. that is more than any athletic hit in 2010 and he only played in 96 games. the a's not ready to say where they will use him next season, but i think they'll want to use
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check it out! the fastest roller coaster in the world is taking off in abagabi this week. ferrari world also created this roller coaster that goes 149 miles an hour in 4.9 seconds, recreating the g-force felt in the car. in fact, it goes so fast that riders have to wear safety goggles just like you do in a ferrari. luckily you don't have to wear that red shirt. just the goggles. you can bring your own clothing. that looks really fun. i love roller coasters. >> thanks for choosing nbc bay area news. own't forget "today in the bay" rrnimoort m a.ng007: u yo.ense >> announcer: it's "the tonight show"