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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  November 18, 2010 6:00am-7:00am PST

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>> new this morn, tempers spray and protesters are angry over possible tuition hikes. a live report is coming up. >> a concord father of two has been missing for over a week. his family is worried sick. i'm christie smith. what investigators think in a live report. >> the appeal of proposition 8 will be televised. we will find out where you can see it, coming up. >> are we begin with rob and the hour by hour forecast and unusual weather out there this morning. >> it's windy or foggy depenning on where you are. we will take you to oakland where it's more wind.
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your hour by hour forecast showing you can keep the jacket on throughout the day. as we head towards the afternoon, mostly 50s and low 60s as we a wade the first and many opportunities of raindroping into the bay area. we will talk you through the timing in a few minutes. >> we want to check in with mike because depending where you are, you may run into thick fog. >> it might be clear as night or day and boom, you come across thick fog. be safely. so far it's on schedule through central livermore. the slowing just starting now and that will build over the next half hour until we get good slowing. right here, l street with the 16 miles per hour. that has continued to build and will not get better. no major delays on 580 and 24
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out of the caldecott or east shore freeway. 18 minutes and a live shot shows the upper deck with the steady volume and increasing into the city. the metering lights, but the camera is shaking. gusty conditions from time to time. laura? >> it's quite a mystery. since he has been gone, eight days with no activity on his bank account or credit cards. it does appear he took camping equipment with him and also cash and clothes. concord police are actively searching for 33-year-old brian herb. last week he did go to work at
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his dad's restaurant. the back 40 barbecue in pleasant hill. he got into an argument with his wife and hasn't been seen since. friends set up a facebook page to try to get the word out and they're worried about him. he did leave voluntarily. they don't suspect foul play. he has been listed in the state missing persons database. it's possible he would have left to the state park or be in the big sur area. he was last seen driving a dark blue 20004 pickup truck with a license plate 7 p 34909. it had tinted windows and he is 5'10", 185 pounds with brown hair. he is married and the father of
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two young children. live in concord, christie smith today in the bay. >> hope they can get leads. >> police are bracing for more unruly protest over tuition hikes this morning. the uc board of regents is expected to prove another round of fee increes. protesters and police slashed over the issue and four police officers and 13 people were hurt. police were forced to use their batons and pepper spray on the crowd. one of the news crews was affected by the pepper spray. today in the bay's monty francis is live with what we might expect this morning. protesters have been adamant about having their voices heard over this. >> that's right. good morning. the police are here on campus and the barricades are up and they're ready for potential problems. the uc regents are scheduled to meet here at 8:30 and expected to vote on the 8% increase. yesterday here hundreds of uc students gathered to protest.
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13 people were arrest and most were uc students. it comes on the heels of a 32% tuition increase last year. they would raise tuition to $11,000. they fired pepper spray and the officer drew his gun. >> he went down. he was hit over the head with the baton. he got up and drew his weapon. he held it in a defensive posture as the stay tuneds backed away. >> the university said four officers suffered minor injuries. the student accused of assaulting the police officer faces felony charges and if passed, the increase would take effect in the next a.m. demic year. this is the fanl day of the meeting and a decision is
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expected sometime today. live in san francisco, monty francis, today in the bay. >> thanks for the update. another bay area university will begin the search for a new president and the publicville a say. the search committee will hold the first meeting this afternoon and will be the only committee meeting open to the public. it will be at 1:00 at the martin luther king,jr. library and the committee hopes to have finalists collected by next year. >> south bay lawmaker are gearing up for an all day meeting to get the ball rolling on next year's budget. after facing a budget gap last year, they could face a shortfall of $70 million next year. the city is facing a $22 million retirement benefit cost. >> next year, we will be seeking consegs from employees to avoid layoffs. it's a repeat of last year's budget only not quite as bad.
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still quite bad. >> the meeting starts at 9:00 at city hall and expected to last until 5:00 tonight. travelers are making a stir over the new pat downs. they are required for anyone who refews a full body scan. they are used at all three airports and the searches can involve agents touching private areas on your body. san mateo and santa clara officers said they charge anyone who makes the pat down sexual. >> the court appeals on proposition 8. the ninth circuit court of appeals will let c-span carry the hearing on december sixth. the court will rule on whether the ban on same-sex marriage is constitutional and supporters of the ban appeal the lower court decision to end it.
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the iphone wasn't apple's first attempt. >> the u phone, right? >> or the a phone. the apple founder told the newspaper he worked on a partnership between apple and unnamed japanese company on a smart phone as early as 2004. according to the article, translated by tech crunch, the project was shelved. apple tries new technology without releaseing it if it doesn't meet the standard. it just simply wasn't amazing enough. word this morning that warner brothers is frantically trying to plug a leak of its newest hare potter movie. a half hour of the new film is already on the internet. the producer points out this is not the first leak of the last in the harry potter series. the first leak came in the form of something called a book.
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>> he's a sharp one. >> can't get much past him. not much getting by mike. he has issues for the commute this morning. >> let me take you for an update. it was blocking the slow lane and just about clear even as we speak. now reports of debris and concrete and that might affect your drive as they may have to send another crew out. interestingly that report from the desk, tim collinger. we will look at a nice easy drive out of the livermore area. a 19-minute drive off of 580 and the pass through castro valley. that is starting to show congestion over towards that san mateo bridge. typical slowing and holding up
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steady. the south bay starts to show the blips. the first signs of your commute building as well as around actualy and highway 87 shows that adjustment around capital. that will sort out in the northbound side showing the slowing in the next 20 minutes. back to you. >> in the south bay, people have been wearing shorts and now i think it's time to get out the parkas. >> snow shorts and taking us through the middle of next week, this morning it's chilly. 47 degrees and not much wind at san jose. breezy around san francisco and 49 degrees and it's a little bit gusty at times. 880 and northwest winds at 10 to 20. currently 50 degrees and jacket weather for the morning. not umbrella weather yet. active weather to the north as we zoom in over the bay area and partly cloudy skies and in terms of the rain, that is going to start to arrive into friday. notice the weekend. it's not nonstop.
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off and on mixed with sunshine. this will be chilly. highs only in the low 50s. today will feel cool as well with the breezy conditions and the clouds moving through. upper 50s to low 60s. we will continue as the raindrops in. for the weekend, snow levels low enough for mount diablo or mount hamilton. we will see if they get a little bit that was cold air. back to you. >> thanks a lot. get ready for it. >> airline anger bubbles over on one flight. see what performs did, coming up. >> don't make this guy angry. the hulk has a new job. what lou fe rig no signed up for. >> a bay area family is asking for help to find their dog. what make this is case so interesting. >> i live look outside of the south bay. we will be keeping tabs on your commute and the cold temperatures on the way. stay tuned.
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good thursday morning to you. traffic picking up out there along the bridge. more company to help you as you head to work this morning. we will have a look at the morning commute. >> a family claim their little dog was stolen and blame the veterinary hospital. the people at the vet tell a different story. a cleaning lady said she saw bear in his cage monday night and that was the last time anyone saw the dog.
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when employees arrived, they say bear was gone. the vet told them the dog somehow got out even though all the doors were locked. >> i think it's possible if they let the person who stole the dog if that is an inside job if they are still working when they see another little dog they like. what's to stop them from taking it? >> they will continue to try to find the dog, but if you know anything, they are asking you to call dublin police. >> saying no to slots, but how about pot? since they shot down plans to build an inian casino, what to do? at a meeting last night, they made it clear that they must deliver jobs. a study from a consulting firm said building a farm, kitchen and lab would lead to a surplus for the general fund the new and risky idea may or may not agree on richmond. >> it's against federal law. nothing could stop the feds from
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coming down here and shutting the whole thing out. we are out of business. >> the city council will take up the issue at a meeting in december. >> for the first time since the mid 50s, a write in candidate is the winner of a senate election. it appears alaska has two senators. lisa mur cow key is headed back to capitol hill after beating a tea party challenger. murcowski lost in the primary and had to run as a write in. it is highly unusual for a write in to win, with you she did. it's a big blow to the tea party, especially in alaska. >> this was in sarah palin's back yard. she asked the tea party to get involved in the race. >> rt the final vote is not in, but murcowski is ahead by 10,000 voes and did give a victory speech. it's unclear if the challenger will ask for a recount. the last candidate to win a
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senate seat was strom thurman in 1954. >> charles rangle will learn his fate from the house ethics committee. they will determine his punishment on 11 violations. experts say it's unlikely that the committee will vote to reprimand or censure him rather than expel him. the 80-year-old lawmaker was reelected to another term in office. >> 32 years ago today, 900 adults and 305 children were found dead in jonestown. survivors and family and frens of the victims will gather ther morning at the evergreen cemetery in oakland to pay respects. james warren jones establishes headquarters in san francisco in 1965 before moving his congregation to guiana where most died in a mass murder suicide now known as the jonestown massacre. the death toll is on the rise
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from the eruption in india's volcano. more than a dozen people dieed from injuries and mostly from is you veer burns. volt cano began unleashes hot gas, rock, and other debris last month after years of dormancy. the biggest blast happened on november fifth and they were killed by searing gas clouds. >> haiti's cholera outbreak is blamed for a woman's illness in the united states. the department of health said a woman got the disease while visiting family. she is expected to make a full recovery. heal officials are investigating several cases of the disease in other parts of the state. cholera is say bacteria infection spread through contaminated water and food. the bird flu is back in hong kong. doctors just confirmed a woman is infected with the virus. it is hong kong's first case
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since 2003. the woman is to be in serious condition with symptoms similar to pneumonia. >> angry passengers staged a sit in to get back at the airline. more than 100 passengers on ryan air refused to get off the plane once it landed. that flight was supposed to land at an airport near paris, but left late. by the time they got there, that airport was closed. the plane was diverted to belgium. that's where the passengers would get off and take a bus. they refuse and stayed on the plane demanding to be flen to destination. the pilots locked the plane and the toilets and left. the passengers were coaxed to come out several hours later. so there. >> it's fun it stay on a plane for a long time. >> we want to check in with scott. a big day on wall street. >> the general motors ipo happening today. expected to be the second largest in american history.
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>> any idea what it will start at? >> 33 is what we heard. visa and at&t wireless and a new study said the american bailout of gm saved a million jobs and ireland is getting a bailout from england. bloomberg said england may cancel construction of two aircraft carriers to come up with enough money to bail out ireland. the weird things that happen when you have this extreme debt. ireland is very similar to silicon valley. it grew extremely fast partially due to tech. >> i heard it's a couple of years ago. it was going extremely well. >> all based on borrowing money. >> exactly. >> the incredible hulk can po pa troll the desert looking for people illegally. lou fe rig no is joining the
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posse targeting undo you meaned immigran immigrants. the sheriff is the man leading the posse. he has caused a lot of controvercy we a lost crazy methods. he said the posse will target smugglers and businesses who are suspected of employing immigrants who are not legal citizens. fe rig no is famous for playing the incredible hulk in the 70s and early 80s. he also came in third to governor schwarzenegger back in 1975 in the body building and mr. olympia contest. you may remember the pulling iron. schwarzenegger and fe rig no were rivals. >> interesting. >> we will see if he turns green in the desert. >> you guys were talking about third and first. don't be modest. >> let's look over here. green is good for the commute. yellow not so good.
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33 miles per hour now. i showed you that, but the reason it's slowing is because of a new accident. they are off to the right shoulder as well as a center divide. this accident will be a distraction for feign 20 minutes. this is moving smoothly and a live look at the sunol grade as you come towards the express lane. about 45 minutes earlier than i expected to see. we will watch for an early build through pleasanton. holding steady there and 880 through the east bay. the nimitz freeway moves nicely. no major issues, but the slowing as folks head past and dipping down towards the 50s through downtown and the bay bridge toll plaza where we have no metering lights yet, but the cash lanes and the back up going past the 880 overcrossing. it looks like what we probably
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expect for movie lines. >> maybe people are sleeping in to stay up late tonight. the new harry potter movie hits tonight at midnight. >> harry potter is expected to light up the box office. this is the next to last movie in the series that started back in 2001. we have seen him grow up. we checked and there plenty of midnight screenings around the bay area. less than half of them are sold out. an off duty officer grabs a woman by the air from behind. look at that. coming up, we will find out why she is the one in trouble. we'll take a live look outside. this is a much prettier sight this morning. the sun coming up and you hope things will warm up. we will check in with rob with a lookanging forast. hi! welcome to
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>> the view from san bruno mountain. i can show you on the satellite and radar view, no rain yet and you can see them spreading in from the north. a big pattern change today in terms of temperatures. it will be cool. 50s and 60s for highs and tomorrow the chances of rain will drop from lake county across the rest of the bay area fors tomorrow evening. high temperatures and low to mid 60s and mid 60s at best. mainly in the 50s to near 60 for highs around the bay area. chances of rain on the increase and look at the weekend. >> football is big in texas and using a flying tackle. check on the the dash cam video. after a gi on a motorcycle, the
6:27 am
driver eventually is stopped, but look what happened. a deputy takes the guy out. now the suspect's father is claiming excessive force. the department said the deputy's actions are consistent with a chase. a high speed chase in miami. the suspect tried to get off of the highway. watch what happens. he slams into the back of the truck. the suv was badly damaged and the suspect was taken to the hospital. they forced him to climb out of the suv. the hanker was hauling juice and was slightly injury and had to go to the hospital. as you see here, the driver kind of lowering himself out on to the pavement there and officers moved in.
6:28 am
they couldn't help and had to get himself out. are. >> 6:27 and the senate could vote to end the don't ask don't tell policy. >> a woman is serving jail time after this scuffle with an off duty officer. see why her family said police got it all wrong. >> the university of california regents vote t day after wild protests. a wild report is next. save $523! 16 minutes could save you 16%!
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getting ready for more protests. reej yens are expected to vote on a proposed tuition increase. >> pear a woman is doing time for this scuffle, but now she is suing. what led up to if t? >> those stories and weather and traffic coming up thursday, november 18th today in the bay.
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. >> are it is 6:30. >> want to check in with rob? he has a look at the forecast. it's changing. >> changing a lot in terms of wearing jacks all day long. sea breeze picking up and clouds filling in. upper fertiles and low 60s. a huge change from the 70s and 80s. the dry days also about to come to an end. raindroping down the northern california coast. we will wack you through the timing and bay area snow in a few minutes. back to you. >> thanks so much. >> we want to check in with mike getting more on the commute. >> really starting. right on schedule and a typical forecast. we are seeing the slow down. talking about fog through the area as well. shouldn't be an issue. at least there no accidents or
6:32 am
incidents and at least you are looking at the brighter side. antioch drivers around l street as you head over towards horizon and slow towards bits purg and bay point. clear through concord. if you are here, at least you are not at the toll plaza. off of the 880, building in the last 10 minutes towards west grand avenue, a quick build. the rest of the maze is moving smoothly. if you have to head here, go there because there will be a back up. everybody is waiting. >> be patient. 6:32 and new this morning, police packing pepper spray, batons and handcuffs and fight back protesters angry over the uc campuses. they are expected to face off again with much more peaceful results. today in the bay is live in san francisco where just a few
6:33 am
hours, a board of regents will make the final decision. good morning. >> good morning. we have seen about a dozen police officers here on campus. the barricades are up and all of this is happening in advance of the uc regent's meeting scheduled for 8:30 this morning. in response to a plan to raise tuition by 8%, hundreds protested here at mission bay where the regents are meeting. 13 were arrested. officials say police fired pepper spray on the student when is they tried to breakthrough a barricade. one student ripped an officer's baton and the officer drew his gun. the university said four officers suffered minor injuries. the student accused of that faces melanie charges. the proposal helps deal with the big budget shortfalls, but on the heels of a 32 wrs wrs increase last year. they would raise nearly tuition for more than $11,000.
6:34 am
>> i feel like the students who are low income and minorities are the first to leave the system. they are creating a hierarchy like it always has been. >> it's difficult for people mike myself to enroll and graduate on time. >> this will be the final day of the three-day meeting to raise tuition by 8%. it is expected sometime today. that would take effect for the next academic year. monty francis, today in the bay. >> thank you very much. >> dozens of activists will stage a sleep out at the uc berkeley campus. they say it's to raise awareness on poverty isy and homelessness. about 30 will bring sleeping bags for a mock sleep out. it starts at noon today. they are holding a canned food drive and clothing drive this week.
6:35 am
quit smoking for a day. that is the goal of today's great american smoke out. the annual event asks smokers to snuff out for one day to encourage them to stop permanently. 443,000 people die in the u.s. every year due to smoking and secondhand smoke. in contra costa cowny, offering free lung screenings to help smokers quit. from 10:00 this morning, people 12 and older can get tested at 2500 alhambra avenue. the respiratory care department will do the screenings. >> you can make sure that toys for kids are safe for free. health providers will ob hand in union square to test for lead. the get out the lead coalition will test for lead using x-ray machines. it gets started at 11:00.
6:36 am
they will show off the new mobile phone toy ap and handout pamphlets on safe tips and give you a few toy ideas as well. >> we have a new reason to be bay area proud. an elementary school will be a 2010 blue ribbon school. the blue ribbon designates a school where students achieve at very high level or made significant progress to close gaps in achievement especially with disadvantage and minority students. >> cost of commuting out of the east bay could be going up. bart's board is set to raise fares to about $10.80 and the two-way trip to and from the airport will cost about $20.80. it's set to open in 2011. >> 6:36 and the east bay husband
6:37 am
and father of two is missing for more than a week. police need your help to find him. we will have a live report. >> the holidays can put you deepner debt. how the bay area stacks up against the rest of the country when it comes to credit card bills in a live report. a woman this this picture and her family said she is an innocent victim. she is in prison this morning. tracking cooling around the bay area today with rain and possibly bay area mountain top snow on the way for the weekend. here's a live look around san bruno mountain. the forecast is next today in the bay. ♪
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>> good thursday morning morning. here's a view from san jose. low clouds and patches of fog and breezy in a few spots. the temperatures are down to 39 and livermore is chilly. 47 in san jose and 50 in oakland and 48 in san francisco. you will find gusty winds in oakland heading out to the delta. no rain to talk about. areas in lake county and
6:41 am
mendocino may see showers, but for the rest of the bay area into friday, the chances of rain pick up. into saturday morning, things let up a little bit and more rain through the weekend which you seant see. the old air will be coming in and temperatures in the low to mid 50s. today is going to feel chilly compared to how we started the week. the 50s to 60s and breezy and partly cloudy as the fog starts to break up this morning. the seven-day forecast shows rain off and on. it will be breezy and cooler and a chance of snow as low as 2500 feet. showers ending monday and staying code into tuesday and wednesday. >> we will bundle up. a woman is sesk seven months in a maximum security prison for a scuffle at a hooter's restaurant and now she is suing the restaurant, the off duty officer who arrested her.
6:42 am
the security video started when the-year-old woman was disputing her bill. after time, she puts down her credit card and her family said that's when the security guard went too far. >> he was saying all you people are the same. >> what was she saying back? >> she said what do you mean? are you trying to make a prejudice judgment or because i'm mexican? >> things got worse from there. as the woman goes to sign, take a look at what happened. the guard grabs her from behind with her hair and pulls her down to the counter. witnesses eventually stood up and got involved. >> he had her by the hair and was slapping her. i ran up to my sifter and said don't touch him. he's got a gun. that's when i was in the middle of the video and pointing at him and i said you better let her go. she got over the radio and i guess called for back up. >> the officer testified in court that she spit on him.
6:43 am
she is serving time for misdemeanor assault. police and hooter's are not respond together lawsuit. >> the senate could make an attempt attening don't ask don't tell. >> taking a beautiful live look. folks making their way across cooling co ates. w citbeacl l toossayro b he area. [ male announcer ] welcome to the far reaches of the internet. when you go faster, you're free to go farther. at&t. rethink possible.
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you made it to thursday. 6:45 and taking a look outside. it will be cold across the bay
6:46 am
area. when is the storm going to hit? >> the senate will vote on ending a ban on gays serving openly in the military. harry reid said he will call for a vote after thanksgiving on a bill to allow gays to serve openly. that move would make good on his preelection promise to resurrect the bill during the lame duck session. it is not clear if there is going to be enough votes to pass. several republicans say they oppose repealing the don't ask don't tell law. >> jingle bells and ringing cash regsters. that could leave you buried in debt. tracy, maybe it's more appropriate to say buried deeper. a lot of people are already in the hole. >> that's not the kind of post holiday gift you want for january. opening up the bill just to find out that you are in debt further. from experian, they found that
6:47 am
the average monthly debt payment is $903. if you live in the bay area, it's much more. $1,098. 22% higher than the national average. that's including credit card, car loans and mortgages. obviously it averaged out for people who don't have mortgages. there is good news. those numbers have been coming down in recent years. they are paying off debt and lenders are just not giving out as much credit. the standards are tighter than they used to be. earlier we got good news from three. bank of america, citigroup and american express. they said last month there were more people paying their bills on time than any other month this year. that is a big deal because at this time of year people ran out of the tax refund money and they started charging things for the holidays.
6:48 am
the fact that they had fewer delink wensys in october than any other point earlier in the year this close to the holidays means there could be a personal economic recovery for a lot of people in the country this holiday season. laura? >> to help each other out, we won't exchange gifts. >> we're will exchange smiles and say happy holidays. >> the gift of friendship. >> the gift of smiles. >> we love the holiday wishes. we have more wishes to give these days. three extra bodies. we are looking over here and more hitting the roadways. starting to show slowing. 21 minutes slowing down through berkeley. the big back up at the toll plaza and the berkeley curve. now slowing past university avenue. speeds dipping down into the 40s. we will see the speeds dip further, making it about 25 minutes off of the car quinn as
6:49 am
bridge. the caldecott tunnel with a nice drive. antioch has been a problem. highway 4. no incidents to report. probably because of fog and we are looking at sunol and slowing i saw approaching that express lane have cleared. the skies have not cleared. >> driving over the sunol grade, notice the low clouds near the summit. you will find it into fremont. 50 currently in oakland and 51 n hayward. 47 in san jose. the rain is off to the north except towards lake county and ukiah and lake port may see a shower or two. for the rest of the area, looking into friday and the rain comes on in and it will be off and on showers through the weekend. chilly sunshine mixed in with rain drops as the highs drop into the low to mid 50s. partly and cloudy and it will be cool with highs in the 50s to
6:50 am
low 60s for most of the bay area. for the weekend, we will see the temperatures continue to drop and air cold enough to support down to 3,000 feet. breezy and chilly temperatures for the first half of next week. >> thanks a lot. the family of a missing concord man hopes you might be able to help them find him. he disappeared a week ago and today in the bay's christie smith has the latest on the search. >> good morning. it's still kind of a mystery. his family and friends say this is totally unlike him to be gone for days. there has been no activity on his credit cards or bank accounts. investigators say brian herb did take catching equipment with him. clothes and cash. that's one of the clues that they are looking into. they are actively searching for the 33-year-old. last week he did go to work at
6:51 am
his dad's restaurant in pleasant hill. the back 40 texas barbecue and got into an argument with his wife afterwards and hasn't been seen since. friends set up a facebook page and trying to get the word out and get his picture out. investigators do believe he left voluntarily. he has been listed in the state missing persons database. it is believed it's possible that he could be at a state park or a remote location even in the big sur area. he is an avid camper and rangers in the areas have been notify. he was last seen driving his truck which is a dark blue four-door ford f-350 pick up with the california license plate 7 p 34909 with tinted windows. 5'10" and 185 pounds with brown hair. he is married and the father of two young children.
6:52 am
live in concord, christie smith, today in the bay. >> thank fist are the update, christie. >> uc students and workers and police are all gearing up for another day of protest as the board of regents approve another round of fee hikes. monty francis is live in san francisco with a look at today's crucial decision. police already lining up? >> the uc regents are scheduled to meet at 8:30 here this morning. a vote on the increase is expected and more protests are expected as well. hundreds of ut students gathered to protest the increase of 8% or $822 a year. 13 people were arrest and most of them uc students. tuition has gone up four times in six years and this helps to deal with the big budget shortfall and comes on the heels of a 32% tuition increase. they would raise tuition to a little more than $11,000. uc officials say police fired
6:53 am
pepper spray on the students when they tried to breakthrough a barricade. one student ripped an officer's baton out of his hand and the officer threw his gun. four officers suffered minor injuries. the student accused of assaulting the police officer faces felony assault. if passed, it is increase would take effect in the next academic year. this is the final day of the meeting and a vote is expected sometime today. monty francis today in the bay. good morning. let's go to wall street and the opening bell. general motors opening the nyse. sound effects in the background as well. jumped ahead from $33 to and a huge pay out for the government which invested heavily in gm.
6:54 am
my space and facebook will hold an announcement today. the number one social network and the formerly number one social network will announce an agreement to allow my space users to log in using facebook kinnect. we am let the bloggers be surprised today and preat the present time they are breaking that news. it seems strange, my space and facebook working together like the giants and dodger, but my space needs facebook if they will continue to succeed at all. >> we're will be checking that. >> instead of saying i do, more couples say why bother? a new study shows how ideals are changing when it comes to family dynamics. about 29% or almost a third of the kids under 18 now live with a parent or parent who is were never married or who are separated or divorced. that's a five-fold increase from
6:55 am
1960. the data shows marriages have hit an all time low, just 52 percent per for adults 18 and older. we posted the story on our facebook page and we want to know what you think. people are gong respond. maria said marriage complicates things, but still believes in it. bob said it's all about responsibility and commitment and marriage confirms both. join the conversation. link to our facebook page. nbc bay area morning news and share your thoughts. >> the best thing in the world if you find the right person. keep looking. . >> that clears from the roadway and all five vehicles have been cleared. there is mild slowing. holding steady and the travel time is not so bad.
6:56 am
101 and joining the slow down into downtown. a new accident report and a fender bender blocked. the bay bridge with the back up going back to the maze and indicating wind there as well. >> cold too as well. >> no more 80s. >> didn't didn't even get to ease into it. >> the way it's going to finish, no rain. it will be breezy and cooler and the rain off of the lake county northward. patchy dense fog towards the delta. cool and breezy today. highs with mow more 80s. 50s and 60s today. today will feel warm compared to the weekend. you don't have to head to the sierra to find snow. mount diablo and hamilton seeing white on the mountain tops by monday morning. >> there is controversy over
6:57 am
"dancing with the stars." that's because bristol palin keeps moving on despite a lot of people saying she should be out. she is getting lower scores on competition. apparently one man got so mad he turned his tv off permanently. steven cohen was so enraged over the latest vote, he shot his tv and then threatened his life. >> that's one way to turn it off. >> that led to a s.w.a.t. standoff and he faces up to 10 years in prison. he will miss the finaly and he will never see if she will win the trophy. >> it's part of his punishment. >> then it got bad when he turned it on his wife. >> there is hope from there.
6:58 am
when i found out i had cancer, i was so scared. i couldn't get a grasp. i felt very out of control. i'm very grateful for them being there and making me feel safe and important. i'm so happy to be alive. i got my hair back.
6:59 am
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