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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 2, 2010 5:00am-6:00am PST

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i couldn't take it anymore. >> it was chilly out there. we are seeing a big change. san jose 41 and hour by hour in the south bay, temperatures in the 50s to low 60s for highs and cooler around the north bay towards the evening and the reason why, we have rain north of ukiah sliding south towards the evening. we will talk about the chances of rain in a few minutes. here's mike. >> we are watching the radar carefully. the clear view and the drive with the build up in the far east bay like aspect ok and the pass, but 880, let me show you the travel times. no problem as we come up on the times. mostly over 60 miles per hour. 24 in interstate 80. >> thank you so much, mike. 5:00. people ordered to turn around during last month's standard of
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being labeled as toll cheats. on treasure island with a look at how drivers are being ticketed for following police orders. >> reporter: even though they are not toll cheats. we are looking at the bay bridge behind me from the point of view of treasure island. over three weeks ago rush hour traffic came to a halt on the upper deck as a man in an suv stopped, pull over and threatened to blow up the bridge. it was arrest and turns out he never had a bomb. this went on for over an hour and hundreds of driver his to turn around and go down the incline and through the toll plaza where fast track is located. they couldn't determine between the people turning around and toll cheats so they were all sent a $36 ticket accusing them of violating the toll laws
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there. as you see, the transportation commission said don't worry about it. if you are one of the people, all you have to do is appeal the ticket and explain to them what happened. this did happen during that standoff on november 11th and they'll wipe everything clean and send you a letter telling you that. live here on trash island, bob redell. >> proposition 8 supporters say a judge should not be on the case because of a potential conflict of interest. supporters of the ban on same-sex marriage say judge steven rhine hart may not be able to be impartial because his wife is an outspokenic of prop 8 and former leader of the acla. if he removes himself, another judge will be chosen at random. the panel will be expected to hear the case at the ninth circuit court of appeals in san francisco. paper slippery snails, butter,
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and a ruined birthday dinner at is at the center of a lawsuit filed against a restaurant. two men are suing the food peddler when and the snails exploded off of the plate and all over their shirts. the butter caused temporary tear duct problems with one man. they later filed a slam with the restaurant. the insurance company said they don't believe the restaurant did anything wrong. that case goes to court tomorrow. a bay area soldier comes back home to find a significant chunk of his money gone from his account. he asked a neighbor to look after his money while he was serving in iraq. prosecutors say kenneth mccall used part of the money to buy things at best buy and petco. he used more than $30,000 from
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the soldier's credit union account and card. >> just to hear your side of the story, anything you would like to say at all? >> talk to my attorney. >> he will number county court next week for a hearing. >> new concerns this morning. the district attorney's office said taxi drivers bribed their way into the driver's seat. they charged a now retired san francisco police officer in connection with the case. he accepted a $100 bribe from applicants for passing the grade on the required written test. police don't know who the drivers are. regular taxi customers say it's time for a retest. >> if you are taking a ride from the person that is supposed to be trained and certified and
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he's not, it's public safety. >> they are no longer in charge of testing the drivers. a south bay community is on watch looking for a real life grinch who is stealing their holiday cheer and belongings. people are worried about a recent string of break-ins. thieves are taking decorations outside of homes so several homeowners are taking action. they are installing home surveillance and hope to catch the thief in the act. >> san francisco's movers and shakers will break ground to make one of the cities earthquake safe. a federal building at 50 united nations plaza is getting a $121 million upgrade for the american recovery and reinvestment act. today gavin newsom will be there. the building has been vacant since workers moved in on mission street in 2007. when renovations are complete, the agency in charge of the buildings will move in.
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>> the first stretch of the high speed rail track could get the approval. will it be a train to nowhere? the vote will vote on a plan to lay 65 miles of track to lay tiny towns through less populated areas. plans will be presented to lay tracks outside of madera and on to cochran. 25,000 people live in those cities combined. congressman dennis car doza said building the rail in nose areas would be a gross misuse of taxpayer money. he is asking the secretary to intervene. he represents merced which was in the running to have the first segment of track built. >> a new round of cut backs for san francisco before gavin newsom leads to the host in sacramento. he expects budget cuts before leaving january 3rd. the city department's hads have until december 31st to close a
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budget gap. the city closed a 575 million deficit last year. >> the field of people vying to be the next mayor of san francisco is growing. the city assessor recorder phil ping is tossing his hat into the ring. he served since 2005. three others are in the running for mayor. the state senator and supervisor and venture capitalist joanna reece. the city will choose a mayor by voting in the order they submitted their application. the next permanent mayor will be elected in november. >> firefighters are hosting a final push for the donations. they are teaming up at the event at the sonoma chicken coupe on campbell avenue. from 6:00 to 9:00, you can donate new unwrapped toys while enjoying food, music, and
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ralphs. firefighters will go door-to-door for kids in need. >> robin williams will bring down the house at a holiday benefit. he will do stand up at the san francisco war field to raise money for glide memorial church. there still tickets available for tonight's 7:00 show. the search serves nearly one million meals to people every year. there plenty of tree-lighting ceremonies in the season, but none like this one. a southern california artist will be in the bay area to build a 33-foot tall christmas tree. check it out. it's made entirely of recycled shopping carts. it will be on display at the bay street shopping center in emeryville and will be built for the first time from scratch tonight at 6:00. >> that would take a lot of heavy lifting. >> i know a lot of carts that can go into the track. >> it is 5:08 and we will check
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the commute with mike. >> no pilots like that one, but let me give the locator led by ikea and the movie theater off of the bay bridge. that drive to the east shore freeway moves nicely and we are starting to build up the volume and no major slowing through the maze. 880 and 580 north and westbound for the commutes through oakland. we have a smooth drive and speed that is well above the limit approaching the car quinn as and benicia bridge. the volume starts to increase with slow downs and that could be a surprise for a lot of people in the early morning hours. a light drive out of the north bay. >> a couple degrees warmer? >> it was feeling toasty outside. into the mid 40s. we are getting out of control here. we have clouds coming in. no 20s and 30s and 45 at san francisco. mostly cloudy right now. san jose dropped off a little
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bit. 40 and better than the last few mornings and temperatures cold enough for patchy frost. in oakland, 46 degrees so that is quite a change. we don't have as much wind, but the breezes will pick up with what's left of a cold front from the north coast and towards the bay area. we can see for this morning at least, all the showers north of ukiah and areas south of san rafael later on this evening. south bay relatively dry with partly cloudy skies. 60s southward and that will be the best bet for showers. a quick check of the seven-day forecast, we will show you we will be in and out of the showers off and on through the weekend and probably into monday morning of next week. back to you. >> thanks, rob. >> 5:10 and a store employee fights off robbers. wait until you see what they used. we will show it to you coming up. >> awe lay maker will find out punishment for ethics violations.
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good morning. i'm 5:14 and a live look outside at the cold temperatures. relatively speaking, warmer than we have seen in the last few days. we have changes on the way. a strong storm is churching through southeastern and atlantic states bringing wild weather. tornados touching down in central mississippi. storms blowing their houses off the foundation. a violent winder to the roofs off of homes in atlanta. >> the push is really strong on the house. it pushes really hard. i never thought it would push that hard. >> in northern alabama, more
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than three inches of rain fell in many location, closing roads and delaying openings. snow fell to omaha and as far north as minneapolis. strong winds are in the forecast for today. >> a strange twist in the killing of a well-known publicist. a man believed to be connected to the death of ronnie chasen shot and killed himself at a hollywood hotel. police were trying to serve the man with a warrant. his connection to chasen's killing is not immediately known. he was simply a person of interest. 64-year-old chasen was shot as she drove through beverly hills on the way home from a movie premier. >> a man sentenced to death will learn his fate today. a jury recommended death in a case called a night of terror in a suburban connecticut home. a mother was strangled and her two daughters tied up and left to die in a fire.
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the father was the only 1 to survive. the judge will issue the final decision on that death sentence recommendation today. the new york congressman accused of ethics violations. the house will vote on whether to censure charles rangle. democrats will likely proceed. they recommend rangle be censured which is the ultimate punishment under the house rules. it would force him to stand ort floor and be formally reprimanded. >> another agency taking any sb in the way you use the internet. >> we were talking about the fcc maybe protecting the way you use the internet. now the federal trade commission would like to do so. they are talking about do not track, a list on the internet like do not call on the telephone. how it works is a little bit up in the air. most people know that websites and ad agencies track their
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behavior on the internet. many don't realize how closely they are tracked, even days after they left. we are still waiting to hear if chicago-based groupon will take the rumored $6 billion buy out deal offered by google. weirdly enough, groupon bought a company last night. as part of the deal, the chicago sun times said groupon will open a 12,000 square foot office in palo alto. $6 billion for this website. people think it's a lot of money. >> it is. >> in a way it's not. it is rumored they are making $1 billion a year. this is a he can of a deal. they may not even accept the $6 billion. >> i'll take it. >> come up with a great site. >> you got up at 3:00 on black friday to save a few bucks, but
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you may wind up giving the savings back to the store. extended warranties usually covers two to four years. the recent tests show failure rate for major brand electronics are very, very low. plus most productions already come with a manufacturer's warranty. consumers say you should not buy it because sales people say it's a good idea. >> self warranty, any time you are tempted to buy, keep a little account and take that money and put it into your account. that will grow and if you need to repair anything, take it out of that account. you will be way ahead. >> a report said 250 million extended warranties are performed every year. >> the holidays not only bring holiday shopping, but seasonal tipping. we have a few suggestions on what to tip the people who affect your life.
5:19 am
postal workers cannot take more than $20. you can give them baked goods. hairstylists and trainers more than once a month should be tipped the equivalent of one visit. you can skip the tip for salaried staff, furniture or flower delivery people and business owners. pa. >> an suv provided a close save for some people. the footage shows everything. the jeep plows through the front door. the driver said his food slipped off the brake and on to the gas pedal. no one was hurt. a lost cleaning up to do. look at this video from a new jersey deli. three thieves tried to rob the place and beat the employee and were pistol whipping him when his coworker came out with a machete. the thieves took off.
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fortunately the robbers were able to clean out the register before running off. they chopped it up there. >> i guess they do. we want to check the commute with mike. >> we are looking at milpitas with reports of a water main break. trade zone boulevard and there is flooding effect on the trade zone itself. one has minor flooding and the water is still running. there may be an issue for montegue expressway between 680 and 880 through the south bay and the drive. i know that restaurant there at the intersection. wheen while a little slowing. northbound 101 around the construction zone and the construction was on the southbound side. that has cleared for the most part through the area and the rest of the south bay commute. san jose looks nice into the east bay. holding up steady and a lighter
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volume out of aspect ok. we are looking at 880. all approaching the bay bridge without any issues. the volume increasing and the toll plaza shows you a steady, but light flow. the east shore freeway in the distance under where it says bay bridge and coming across the bridge itself. the volume starts to increase and a heavier flow into san francisco and the water below the bridge in the distance. we will let you know when the water will hit the skies coming up. we will get the forecast in a minute. coming up, a holiday message. one man with the love of his life.
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good thursday morning. 5:24 and a pretty view bouncing around. breezy to the bay bridge this morning and it's milder. clouds around san jose and 40 degrees. not quite in the 30s this morning. as we move to the north, san francisco is 45. you have light winds at sea level and winds 10 to 20 miles per hour for the san bruno cameras parked for you, giving thaw view. 46 in oakland and mostly cloudy and dry for now. some of the weather headline, rain in the far north bay. that will be dropping to the south later on. most of the places that will see
5:25 am
showers today north of the golden gate bridge and off and on showers mixed with sunshine at times between now and all the way through monday of next week. you can see clearly the rain for now is off to the north. this rain line will weaken towards the bay area. we will see the chances of rain on the increase for the afternoon and evening, namely to the north of san francisco. highs around san jose southward in the 60s. as you move into the weekend, on and off periods of rain at the low that is parked offshore. the batches of showers are rotating through as we go hour by hour. during the day today, most of the showers in the north bay. into friday and saturday, we get the breaks in between the showers and we will see another batch swinging in for friday night through saturday morning. 60s from san jose southward mixed with clouds and mostly cloudy though across the north bay. temperatures there likely only in the low to mid 50s. a cool afternoon from petaluma
5:26 am
northward. the seven-day forecast will call for showers with sunshine and saturday afternoon into early sunday, there may be a break. we hope it holds up for the holiday parade. more raindroping in sunday into monday. brent? >> still a game day decision on the triplets in the parade. a different kind of merry christmas in new york. check it out. after seven years of dating, this man found a way to pop the question to his high school sweetheart. it's marry me instead of the merry christmas you see. marry me, dana and got down on one knee and waited for an answer. >> i sat there kneeling on the ground in the cold before she said yes. >> it's not what i was expecting. >> he only had to wait 15 to 2o
5:27 am
seconds. she had to wait seven years. she said she had to read it a few times, but the proposal was better than she envisioned. >> you light up my life. >> at least she didn't hyper ventilate like some people i know. >> i had a cold. >> you did not. >> they are suing the makers of an exercise ball. >> the giants make moves from the off season whochlt they signed now. >> and free is always good. you can get a free ticket to ride bart this morning. we will tell you where you have to go.
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new this morning, bart riders can get their hands on some of these for free. how and where in a live report. >> a live look outside at the beautiful bay bridge. it's dry right now, but it won't stay that way. traffic and weather is coming up next. it's december 2nd on today in the bay. >> good morning. thanks for joining us. time is 5:30. >> let's get started with rob. he has a look at the forecast. >> good morning to you. one of the benefits of having more clouds is the fact that our morning temperatures are not as cold. upper 30s to mid 40s. 60s from san jose southward. a bit cooler across the north bay through the afternoon and evening. that's where the rain will fall and most of it north of ukiah. that will be sliding south across the bay area.
5:31 am
no rain is falling, but mike, you have an interesting commute. you are talking about roadways. >> we have water despite the forecasts for later. we will take you for a live shot. alan was at the water main break reported in milpitas. there is a business there in other parts. the venter is coming up to their doors. there is flooding as well, but cars are drives through that. we will show you where it is. near montegue expressway and trade zone secting 680 to 880. the police officers and the fire department arrive and hopefully they can turn it off shortly. the rest of the south bay with just the slowing around the 42 underneath the overpass where they are doing construction for a couple of years. >> thank you, mike. oakland police hope a $30,000 reward will help them find two men who abducted a woman and
5:32 am
sexually assaulted her. officers released this sketch. they are in their 20s and police say on november 20th, the man approached a woman as she was walking home from the bart station. they sexually assaulted her and forced them to take her to her home where they assaulted her two roommates. the women were seen fleeing with a black spoiler. in washington this morning, lobbying for funding to put officers on school campuses. cheese pleef anthony bass is trying to get cash to place six officers each at four middle schools. the program needs 5.5 to $6 million in funding to get off the ground. if the pilot is successful, the goal is to expand it to all oakland unified schools. >> a shift in the moth ball fleet is set to set sail.
5:33 am
the american racer will leave the bay and be toed to san francisco for dry docking and cleaning and will be taken to the gulf coast where it will be dismantl dismantled. it is the 12th ship to leave since 2009 when the obama administration announced an effort to clean up. the american reliance is set to be towed out on tuesday. >> bart riders get an early holiday gift. good morning. >> good morning to you. i just took a look downstairs here at the 12th street center station. there was a rider asking about this. free stuff always draws a crowd. the tickets are not in yet. they should be in a couple of minutes. this is going to be a good day for 60,000 lucky bart riders because bart is giving away 60,000 pairs of free tickets. that's a way to say thanks and
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encourage local holiday shopping. these are one-way tickets used for weekends only starting this weekend and running through the weekend of december 19th. bart has free parking on the weekends and serves popular shops spots like san francisco, oakland, rock ridge, san leandro and walnut creek. this is the first time bart is giving away free tickets tied to the holidays. they are saying even if you don't want to shop, you can catch a show in the city. plenty of opportunities here now. the give away is at a number of bart station this is morning, including downtown berkeley, 12th street city center here in oakland, embarcadero,montliry, powell and the city center in the city. first come first serve. when they're given out, they are gone. the give away is expected to run from 6:00 to 9:00.
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christie smith today in the bay. >> thanks, christie. no home runs to discuss an a's stadium in oakland. it was a packed house as the study of the victory square stadium was discussed. man voiced his concerns over what the proposed 39,000-seat stadium would do to conzegz in the area. >> traffic counts that are current have to be part of this environmental impact study. absolutely has to be current. >> critics say the planning commission should wait for the report until it gets a commitment from the a's and major league baseball that the team will actually stay in oakland. the a's are thinking of moving to fremont or san jose. >> community and labor leaders gatherer to call on congress to pass the dream act. newly elected mayor jean quan will join to support immigrant students. it a louse guards to apply for
5:36 am
citizenship if they get a college degree or serve in the military. it will take place on oakland city hall at 12:15. >> the kins are suing the makers of an exercise ball that burst and injured a player. francisco garcia broke his right wrist in october of 2009 after the ball popped as he was laying on it. the lawsuit seeks $4 million from the company because that's how much the team paid garcia during the game he missed because of the injury. the attorney said many coaches throughout the nba have now stopped using those exercise balls. the giants say pat burrell will return next season. the south bay product will sign a deal, but it's a heavily discounted rate. not like the millions he made last season. though burrell had a tough time in the playoffs, he was an integral part of getting the
5:37 am
giants there in the first place. 5:36 and we want to check the morning commute. >> we will give you an update first from milpitas. the water main break is shut off. the water is there and that will affect trade zone. a couple have water across. the photographer that got the shots said folks are driving through the area. it looks like it's safe and a fire truck as well. trade zone near montegue trade zone. you can go from 680 to 880. the volume is starting to slow down as we talked about. you see the 28. 20 minutes ago and everybody jumps on the roadway off of the bridge from a street past horizon and towards harbor by willow pass near the split. that's coming into pittsburgh and bay point. a smooth drive and out of the caldecott tunnel. the normal pattern for the
5:38 am
freeways. 18 minute drive off the bridge and the 70 down below. that is above the kplimt, but look at the volume past the colise coliseum. a few more lights and slow downs start because of the volume over 45 minutes. speeds come down towards the 50s. not a major issue. the clear view right now, but rain in the forecast as well. >> we will see a chance of rain for the north bay this morning as the clouds fill in and the temperatures are a combination of 40s and 30s. not the 20s and 30s we had earlier. 45 in san francisco and you can see the clouds spreading over the bay area though most of the rain is off to the north. this rain line which has been stalled out is lowly sinking to the south towards the afternoon. the best chances of showers will be for areas north of san francisco. as we head towards lunchtime in the low 60s. not a bad day and the chances of seeing showers will increase and
5:39 am
you move from san francisco let or today. tomorrow morning rain showers and showers mixed with sunshine through the upcoming weekend. >> 5:38 and several bay area drivers have to fight tickets they got for listening to police. we will explain what happened. >> the president meeting with new governors to talk about state budget problems. the trouble is jerry brown won't be there. what he said he is doing instead. plus fifa is expected to announce the sites of the world cup sock ther morning. a live look for zurich where the announcement is expected to be made shortly. why some people say it should not be made at all. closer to home, a live look outside in the south bay. san jose. rob has a look at the forecast. (announcer) while there are some home disasters you can't avoid,
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there is one you can. septic system breakdowns affect 1.2 million homes each year.
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septic backups can cost about six thousand dollars in expense, and countless hours of repair. rid-x. help save yourself from disaster. >> a live look outside at 5:42. notice the temperatures. they are cold and a little warmer. we have changes coming our way and we have details on a few. >> what your kids eat in school is about to change. a look at the bill that could change the bill of fare at schools across the country. good morning, tracy. >> we have two votes coming up here in the house of representatives that could get past the healthy hunger-free kids act. it would do a number of things. first of all, give more money for free lunches for kid who is
5:43 am
can't afford it. it would create standards for kid who is are taking advantage of school lunch and provide after school meals for 20 million kids throughout the country. to pay for the lurches up front and pay more than washington reimburs. there is a-cent increase. it's the first increase of that type since 1973. republicans say we are spending too much money on the child nutrition programs at a time when they can't afford it. it's a government overreach in their opinion. so they added an amendment that account effect that from being passed and slowing the process of getting it approved by the president. two votes. one on the republican amendment and 1 on the child nutrition bill. we will know by the end of the day whether or not it's headed to the president's disk.
5:44 am
. >> also new this morning, new trouble for qantas airlines and problems with the jumbo jets. the transport bureau said the manufacturing flaw may have caused the engine to fail in a mid-air flight. that could be an issue for all the rolls royce engines in the fleet. the failure caused them to sleer a wing and force an emergency landing on a flight taking off from singapore. south korea is e enforcing the presence on the island hit in an attack by north korea last week. most of the 1300 people who live on the island have been evacuated. south korea's chief said another attack is likely, but probably not in civilian areas. a somber goodbye in new jewel apd to remember the lives of 29 miner who is died in a disaster last month. it started with two minutes of silence in honor of the men who were trapped after a mine explosion. a second blast a few days later destroyed all hope of ever
5:45 am
finding any of them alive. 5:44. good morning, everybody. >> we will get you to move in with a look at the wet fore kft that's coming and your commute in less than two minutes. bay area transsit apologizing for ticketing drivers during a police standoff. bob redell is live with how following police orders got some ticketed. good morning, bob. >> good morning to you, laura. this was a computer glitch. you may remember over a few weeks ago there was a standoff and a lot of driver his to turn around and go through the toll plaza. they sent them tickets for doing that. the metropolitan commission realizes this was an accident, a mistake. there is a way for to you get that taken care of. they will not charge you. very soon here, we will tell you what you need to do to fix it. reporting live here at treasure island, today in the bay.
5:46 am
>> 5:45 and want to check the current commute and check in with mike inouye. >> we have a new accident reported as you come north over the santa cruz mountains they have the low divider and a distraction. you may have an issue with slowing as well. one lane blocked and i will watch as crews arrive on scene. this could cause slowing south of the summit. meanwhile the rest of the south bay is moving smoothly. we have seen the last 10 days starting the tradition around the construction zone where they do the construction as well. that will stick around and show slowing at 680. the water main break we had has been turned off, but there is standing water and flooding as you approach montegue. montegue is the connector from 680 to 880.
5:47 am
over the water, the bay bridge with no major issues. an easy drive and steadily increasing as things pick up for the east bay commute. we saw the antioch slowing and the weather that might affect the commute later on. >> changes showing up later this afternoon. this morning we have clouds spilling over the bay area. temperatures are cold, but not as frigid as they have been. mid 40s from san francisco and not too breezy. expect the winds out of the south. san jose and a southeast breeze at three. 40 degrees right now with clouds from the west. you can see here no rain sheing up yet. most of the action continues to be north of the area. if your travel plans include the north coast, there is a good soaking taking place this morning. this will weaken as it slides towards the bay area. for hour by hour futurecast, most of the showers hanging out to the north of the bridge and this includes the afternoon
5:48 am
commute. we will see a few showers across the south bay early and as we get to the weekend, widely scatter and the same stories into sunday. by sundayy we will see the rain filling in as we head into sunday evening. similar to yesterday and more in the way of clouds. cooler temperatures and the best bet for showers are north of san rafael. scattered showers and a mix of sun and not nonstop rain, but you just can't pack the umbrella away until monday of next week. >> a stockpile of highly explosive material in a house leads to a state of emergency in southern california. the governor made the declaration after san diego county authorities announced they would burn the house down. it's the only way to eliminate the danger from the explosive material they found inside. the state of emergency means
5:49 am
that regulations could be waved so the fire can take place. the man said he is not guilty of possessing explosives. he is also charged with two bank robberies. >> governors will meet with president obama to talk about how their states are suffering and how washington can help. governors are expected to talk taxes with the president today. republican governors already met with their party leaders in congress, promisinging to speak up against tax hikes. >> we're have been standing up to washington when they kill jobs or pass unfunded mandates to the state. >> no surprises. we went through everything. >> republicans claim the white house is talking compromise, but democrats on capitol hill won't budge, pushing for the middle class. the president is hopeful his team can strike a deal. we looked and found that jerry brown decided to kip today's meeting with the president. he said he is going to work on budget issues here.
5:50 am
>> could companies be the next victim of wiki leaks? >> good morning. presumably if they can get their hands on state streets secrets should not be hard. cnbc is speculating it's bank of america that they are talking about. e-mails and documents that would embarrass the company. wikileaks was sut ep for any and all secrets, not just military. how much more embarrassment could be left for the banking industry? revise on will flip the switch and turn on the newest and fastest data network. verizon calls it 4g lte. it's speedier and whether or not it's truly 4g. if you consider it fourth generation, sure, but as a wireless standard, maybe not. between 50 and $80 a month, not
5:51 am
every phone will work on the 4g. at some point we get to the point where wireless networks are so fast, you may not need wi-fi in the building anymore. you will get fast everywhere. >> sounds cool. car makers are pushed to make the bumpers safer to with stand a crash. when cars collide, serious damage is often avoided because bumpers absorb a lot of the impact. that's not the case when it involves a car and suv according to tests bite the insurance institute for highway safety. >> when are they crash, the bumpers don't lineup and you wind up with damage and grills and glass and other parts being damaged. >> experts have been lobbying regulators since 2004 to require the same standards for suvs and passenger cars. >> we will know which country
5:52 am
will host the world cup in a couple of hours. fifa oker governings body they said should postpone because of construction allegations. being involved in a ticket scam for the 2010 world cup. the committee members have been expelled because of corruption. the u.s. is among the running to host the world cup in 2022. we have a live look at zurich where that announcement is expected to come shortly. we will bring it to you as soon as we know. >> imagine your significant other bricking up with you for a sexier and popular person on national television and coming back to your house and having that reunion televised as well. that's what people in cleveland are facing. lebron james who left for miami returns to the town that raised him, praised him and paid him for years. it's his first gym and the cavs
5:53 am
are bringing in security and dourmging people from wearing nasty shirts or showing hateful signs. >> ho holiday cheer, jean quan will help the city of oakland light the christmas tree today. the choir will be on hand to spend the holiday cheer. we will be paying a visit as well. it happens at 6:00 at the oakland plaza. you can take bart to avoid the hassell of shopping. downtown walnut creek will be lit up with holiday spirit with the annual parade of lights. carolling, entertainment and the big parade. festivities start at 6:00 and go down plaza street. you will find santa claus ready to light the crist mags tree and skate on ice. things will wrap up around 9:00. >> hanukkah is under way. the first candle of the national
5:54 am
me nora was hit at sundown. people celebrate the miracle of the light that burped for eight nights despite only being enough for a single night. it's a celebration of freedom and hope as well. they are celebrating differently in the south bay. the sunnyvale organization has a menorah made out of ice. the purpose is the same every year in sunnyvale. the appearance changes in the past. they crafted me moras out of donated canned goods and another made out of thens of pennies given to charity. >> spinning the dreidel is normally reserved for kids, but not in san francisco where it's a serious competition. >> john hayward can keep a
5:55 am
dreidel spinning for seconds. that's enough for the title. he will compete again in a local version at a contemporary jewish museum in san francisco. spinning the dreidel is the easy part. the challenge is to keep it from hitting the wall. >> it's almost like a snap. you want to your fingertips close and try to grip it tight and spin it as tightly as possible. >> in a controlled manner. anyone can compete at the synagogue showdown from 6:00 to 8:00 at the museum in san francisco. he has given away hints and secrets. >> watch the rebounding. time now is 5:55. want to take a peek at the forecast. big changes coming soon. >> we will see changes late or and this morning more clouds and that's good news for the morning temperatures. 30s out there and no 20s and no
5:56 am
worries about patchy frost. for the afternoon, areas north will see the best best showers and for the weekend, keep the umbrellas on stand by. you can see right now across the bay area, we have clouds and all the rain for now is to the north. this will drop to the south and it will weaken quite a bit as we head into tonight and early tomorrow, variable clouds and temperatures are pleasant south of san jose. 60s and 50s across the north bay. that is the most likely spot for today into the afternoon and off and on showers mixed with sun and hopefully they hold off for sunday morning. big holiday parade going on. see you can keep the showers for the afternoon. >> eye game day decision. it is grammy time and eminem's recovery is complete.
5:57 am
the rapper's latest album called recovery was the big winner in the nomination department. topping the charts with 10 nominations. bruno mars in second with seven. lady anti-um and lady gaga each with six. >> hosting 2012 trials. bella corolly will be live to tell us about it. >> a private screen being the world series tonight. we will see that. >> bart is offering free rides. next in a live report. >> a live look from zurich this morning. we are waiting for the announcement on where the world cup soccer is going to be in 2018 and 2022. there is talk it will be coming back to the united find oumore in the mningor.t more later on r save $523! 16 minutes could save you 16%!
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