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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 3, 2010 5:00am-6:00am PST

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we will tell you what's happening today, friday, december 3rd on today in the bay. good friday morning. raj is here to start us off with the hour by hour forecast. >> notice at 9:00 we are in the 40s and 50s and it's a bit more mild outside. we should see highs in the south bay approaching the 60s and cooling as we head towards the evening. we still have showers around for the hilltops and more showers offshore. that's not the only concern. patchy fog can slow down in spots. >> we are seeing that from time to time and the clouds are drifting through. look at the toll plaza where we are right over the land and still see the lights and from time to time the mist. the travel is nice and light.
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we expect that from friday. at least mist going on. 580 and a nice pleasant drive. brent, back to you. >> thanks a lot, mike. >>. >> outrage is growing after a shocking and highly disturbing crime. a convicted sex offender allegedly caught in the act of raping a young girl in a store. the suspect is now expected to face charges later today. good morning. this young girl is just 2 years old. a toddler who was shopping with her family until an alleged encounter with this man. his name is eugene ramos. he is in jail in dublin, but expected here at the fremont hall of justice for the first court appearance.
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we believe the da will charge him with kidnapping, rape, sexual acts with a child and false imprisonment. she was shopping with her aunt and grandmother at a dollar store this union city when she left to return a christmas ribbon she had taken. less than third seconds later, he was found assaulting the toddler pinned down on the floor. he bolted out and did not get far thanks to two good samaritans. one slugged him in the mouth and sammy johnson who tackled him to the ground. both men seen at a news conference sat on him until a bart officer who happened to be in the area arrested him. this is not his first run in with police. he was convicted of a sexual attack on a 7-year-old girl in hayward back in 2003. he was paroled in '06 and discharged with the system in '09. we checked the megan's law
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website and he is listed on the website assive living in union city, but his specific address was not subject to disclosure. live in fremont, today in the bay. >> we had special reports all this week concerning how convicted sex offenders are monitored and how many of them often disappear from the radar. eugene ramos was discharged from the system in 2009 after serving time. he was charged and convicted of a sexual attack on a 7-year-old girl in 2003. ramos is a registered sex offender in the megan's law website but with no address. there many problems with the monitoring system. >> we had younger and younger people who don't understand the extent of the planning and the premeditation of the crimes.
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>> there is no way to know if a person might reoffend. >> expect heavy traffic because of a huge funeral for a well-known builder. he helped grow the construction company and died from injuries after falling downstairs. he would have turned 88 tomorrow. this morning the funeral procession will leave and travel on a street between 10:00 and 10:30. mass will be held at st. rafael church. heavy traffic expected until 1:00 that afternoon. a strike is canceled for two south bay hospitals. the union for housekeepers and food service workers planned to strike and at good samaritan hospital. both sides have agreed to head back to the bargaining table and delay that strike. sticking points were staffing levels and patient worker
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ratios. more business for oakland. pet food express moved the headquarters into the city and christie smith is live with a look at the huge development and what this means. >> pet food express has stores all over the bay area. they just moved into this new location, the headquarters into east oakland. this is 150,000 square foot facility. they are telling me that they have more than 100 kinds of dog foot and cat food. this was an empty location here in east oakland. often neglected area with boarded up homes. they brought with them about 100 new jobs into the area. they are telling me this was the largest commercial lease in oakland this year. they are really excited about it. they are going to open their doors up to the public to have
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everyone come in and take a look at what they have done to the facility. the post office was in here before. it was empty and they came in with a good deal on this location. they decided why not? i wanted to show you. they are saying they are expecting to have more jobs added. despite the economy and people are buying sweaters for their dogs and snow jackets for their dogs. despite the economy, people are spending quite a bit of money on their pet. coming up in a bit, we will talk with one of the owners and i wanted to put the full screen up. they want the public to come down. they will have santa claus and homeless pets and giving tours of the facility here in oakland, trying to bring the neighbors in to let them know what is going on. we are on 85th and east and
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their open house is from 3:00 to 5:00 this afternoon. that's the latest from here reporting live in oakland, christie smith today in the bay. there was cute sweaters laura would pick up for our dog. >> no happy meal toys or soda or bottled water sold in the city offices as well. just when you thought san francisco couldn't find anything else to ban, they came up with something. members support a proposal to ban city departments from printing more than 100 pages worth of a document. those would have to be offered electronically instead. the law has preliminary approval and will head for a vote on tuesday. the wrecking ball will tear through the old transbay terminal in san francisco. crews will begin demolition at first and mission street at 10:00. the hub will be replaced with a modern building that connects eight counties through 11
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transit systems as well as the future high speed rail project. construction is expected to wrap up in 2017 and in the meantime, a temporary terminal is being set up at howard and main street. time now is 5:07. we are talking about the commute, we want to check in with mike inouye. >> good morning. friday we have a lighter volume and we are expecting to see speeds holding up longer if the the commute. we will take you to the peninsula with a disabled vehicle around the rest area north of 92. the left lane is blocked and we will get there quickly for service patrol that should help them quickly, but no problems with travel times. holding up lightly with light volume. >> we want to check in with rob, taking a look at the forecast on a friday. this has been chilly and i will say that it felt warmer. yesterday afternoon was quite nice. >> take a look at the temperatures. we are waking up to 40s and 50s
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and thanks to the clouds and unfortunately the clouds include patchy fog. visibilities are dropping off for the commute through the pass on 580 heading into the bay area. we have two miles and same story in santa rosa for the moment. a few scattered showers and most of the moisture for now moved off to the east and will continue to be in and out as we head to the start of your weekend. this morning patchy fog and showers and mild temperatures. a mixed bag of clouds and sun and 50s and 60s. the wettest part of the forecast will be sunday and wind and rain to wrap up the weekend. brent? >> time now is 5:09. the top brass will talk about plans to repeal the don't ask don't tell policy. what they are expected to say. serving time and still getting a refund from the government. a new report looks at how many inmates are getting a tax refund every year. which bay area county could if
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fix your dog whether you like it or not. the new ordinance being considered and why they have it, coming up. another live looking shot as rob has been telling us. it is starting to warm up a little bit. mike inouye will look at the commute all morning. we'll be right back.
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jack. that's for max. . good morning and welcome back. a live looking shot across the golden gate bridge and a sheen on the roadway t. should be basically a clear day although rain is moving in. rob will sort it out coming up. new this morning, the top officers for the army and the marines say letting gays serve openly in a time of war will divide the armed forces. they are expected to make those statements on the record during a senate hearing today. president obama wants congress to overturn the military's don't ask don't tell policy by the end of the year. wiki leaks is getting more briefed for the recent posts.
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they said it has with drawn the service to the company said they decided to drop that service after it became the target of multiple online attacks. wikileaks said it has moved to a swiss domain and named wikileaks.c-h. disturbing news on prisoners and tax dollars. government investigators say 50,000 inmates claim more than $130 million in tax refund this is year without providing any wage information to the irs. the report will be released today. it's the latest in a series of oddids looking at inmates claiming tax credits. prison inmates and the irs investigators say that refund scam has been going on for decades. one inmate said he has seen other inmates file as many as 20 false returns at a time.
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>> contra costa county has a new plan. an ordinance may be passed that requires any dog impounded and released to be spayed and neutered. experts say unaltered dogs have more aggressive tendencies and two of the three bid bulls that attacked were not fixed. there is no proof that would reduce the stray problem and say it would kro crowd the already taxed shelters. the makers of invisiline, the teeth straighters accused of not giving patients enough information about the side effects. they make the trays that work like braces, but they are invisib invisible. they are clear plastic. the company fails to warn consumers about possible allergic reactions to the trays including swollen lips and mouth ulcers. they acknowledge that a very
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small percentage of patients experience the reaction and say they are working with the fda regarding some sort of a warning. a salty california lake holds an alien life form and don't look like the aliens found in hollywood. the unusual bacteria lives in mono lake and thrive on a poisonous substance. the bacteria shows can exist in different forms here on earth and therefore possibly on other planets throughout the universe. the microbes survive without phosphorus, a building block of life. it replaces phosphorus with arsenic and uses that toxic element to survive. >> you can replace it with arsenic and not kill yourself. when we look for life on another worth, we can look in a different way. >> researchers say that the
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breakthrough shows how much scientists have to learn and it means that they can look for on planets that have different chemical make ups than what we have here on earth. >> this is a short week for the 49ers as they get ready to head to the green bay packers. they are trying to end a losing streak for the last time they won a regular season game. they will need the win if they want to keep up with coleaders and the seahawks and the rams. sunday's game is at 10:00 in the morning. the raiders will play on san diego. game time is 1:05. the sharks will play tomorrow morning and danny heatley probably is happy to be out of ottawa where he used to play and the fans let him know about it last night. some of them toss new jersey and several times they booed as he stepped on to play. didn't seem to bother the sharks. they cruise to a victory and
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will play montreal for tomorrow's game time. a bear area cheer squad qualified for the national championships. it's a dream come true from the bayview district. it will take a lot more than a cheer for that dream to be a reality. >> the san francisco brown bombers are bursting with pride. under the watchful eye of volunteer coaches, the junior midgets are perfecting dance moves. the pee wees practice routines. they are loving every step. coaches say in the bayview, this is about more than cheering. >> definitely keeping them out of trouble and in a safe environment. not only do we practice here, but we have them come over on the weekends. >> the 13-year-old know this is family is important.
5:19 am
>> they are doing something positive. >> the rewards are pouring in. >> they practice for an hour and a half and that landed them a regional championship. it's an honor with a challenge. the bombers head to florida monday and the choreography is set and the funning isn't. >> for a lot of these girls, it's their first time out of the community being able to board a plane all the way down to orlando, florida. >> the cost is $1300 apiece. the bombers are hoping donations will send 17 girls and six coaches on the trip of a lifetime. >> help me go it florida because
5:20 am
i've never been. >> this team is not giving up. >> today in the bay. >> hope they find the funding and are able to do that. so many teams are in orlando whether they are cheering or playing the football games. 5:20 and we want to check in with mike and take a look at the commute. >> try to help out the young ladies and i will try to help with the commute. 580 is fine by itself. friday will have a lighter commute and patchy clouds. things dipped down as far as visibility about 2 1/2 miles and it gets lower and lower. watch through the area and eastbound is the get away traffic at about 3:00 towards tracey and stockton out of the area. here in antioch, the 63 will dip down over 20 minutes even on a friday. speeds below 40. quickly from a to l. we will watch that as it continues to build. you are okay through concord. here across the bridges, north
5:21 am
of there, we will have the get away traffic and the opposite direction is the commute. west for the bridge all the way down to the bay bridge and an easy drive. no problems for interstate 80, but keep in mind if you go to the sierra and interstate 80 and highway 50 have advisories and speaking of that weather, we have a look at the forecast including the weekend and rain coming up. thanks a lot and a couple of new movies are in theaters and may help take your mind off holiday shopping if you want a break. we will tell you aut all he (announcer) you'd never wash your dishes in a dirty sink, so why use a dirty dishwasher? hidden dirt can build up. for flawless results, use finish dishwasher cleaner to remove grease and limescale. and a cleaner dishwasher means amazing dishes. finish, the diamond standard.
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good friday morning. 5 tile time 24 showing you san jose off to a mild start. sfreat degrees and patchy fog around the santa clara valley. speak of fog, look at san francisco. 51 degrees and wind out the east at 5 and visibility down to about two miles. oakland with 49 and northeast wind at 5. patchy fog around 880. the weather headlines will run into more fog than raindrops and widely scattered showers for the morning. 50s and 60s and for saturday about the same story as sunday afternoon. we think we will see intense rain for the coast. for the bay area right now, you
5:25 am
can see the line of showers from vallejo stretching towards san rafael. most of the moisture towards the sierra. widely scattered showers and a good chance most will be from san francisco north. 50s and 60s for highs and the weekend looks like sunday will see the heavier rain come through and it's breezy and wet to wrap up the weekend as we get into sunday. the sierra, snowy drive with chain controls up and expect to see the snow get heavy at times by the time we get out of the weekend on sunday. bay area temperatures with 50s and 60s and areas near morgan hill closer to the mid 60s. mild to the south. 50s across the north bay. as you look at the seven-day forecast, we will see scattered showers through saturday and looks dry now for sunday morning in the holiday parade, but rain and wind with a good movie weekend as you watch things change up for sunday.
5:26 am
brent? >> a couple of new movies will offer you a chance to kick back a little bit this december. this is a look at the warriors way featuring a korean action star as the ultimate warrior who goes into hiding after refusing to kill a baby. he ends up in america where he meets a woman and she's the target of a gang. he has to decide whether to help or hide. natalie portman dancing her way on to the big screen. she plays a prima ballerina wholands the lead role in the production of swan lake. all is well as they sweep in and try to take the role. the two develop a twisted friendship. that is rated "r." it opens in limited release and there several independent movies in select city this is weekend. they include the jail house romance, i love you phillip morris. that stars jim cary and ewan
5:27 am
gregor. we will have the latest numbers on the job reports. in this time of recession, one bay area company is seeing a boom. so much so it's moving headquarters to an east bay city and we will have a live report on that. plus we are getting ready for the holiday parade. we will have a preview of what you will see this sunday coming up. a live look at the south bay, we are hoping that we get clearing for sunday morning. i think rob thinks we will be okay. we will check in later on. hi! welcome to come on in, and i'll give you a free quote. quote and compare in about 8 minutes. now, that's progressive. call or click today.
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new this morning, a man accuse said of raping a 2-year-old girl expected to appear before a judge later this morning. i'm bob redell and that story is in a live report. a live look outside this morning. rain is on the way. today december 3rd on today in the bay. good friday morning and thanks for joining us. laura has the morning off. we want to get you started with rob with the hour by hour forecast and we are tracking hour by hour. the rain begins to come into the bay area. >> hour by hour changes with the bay area forecast. the visibility in miles and we will talk about this more in a moment. >> we have patchy fog this morning and rain right now leaving san rafael through
5:31 am
vallejo. hour by hour if the temperatures in the 40s and 50s through breakfast time and 50s to low 60s for highs and cooing on the evening. a combination of showers and patchy fog that could slow down the drive. >> definitely. you should slow down. that's the advisory because of the fog. you are showing the visibility through livermore and other portions of the east bay. from time to time it's off in the distance. the lights are harder to see. that's a note for you. the light volumes with the friday commute. the golden gate bridge with fog here. also the red roads. keep that in mind. might have slirk on and off-ramps. >> thanks a lot, mike. a convicted sex offender accused of raping a toddler in an east bay store will make his first court appearance. bob redell is live in fremont and there is an incredible range of emotion from the rage and shock over what happened to the
5:32 am
praise for the good samaritans who jumped in to try to help. >> good morning. considering the fact that this caller, a girl just two years old was shopping with her family yesterday until she had an alleged encounter with this man right here. his name is eugene ramos, a convicted sex offender who is in jail in dublin, but expected here at the fremont hall of justice later this morning for what would be the first court appearance. we believe the da will charge him with kidnapping, rape, sexual act with a child and false imprisonment. the girl was with her aunt and grandmother at a dollar store in union city. she left them briefly to return a christmas ribbon she had taken. less than 30 seconds later we are told the grandmother found ramos allegedly sexually assaulting the toddler as he pipped her down on the store. he bolted out, but didn't get far thanks to two good
5:33 am
samaritans. hawkins slugged him in the mouth and saki johnson tackled him to the ground. both appeared at a news conference. they sat on him until a bart officer who happened to be in the area arrested him. this was not his first run in. he was convicted of an attack on a 7-year-old girl in hayward in '03 and pa'06 and discharged in '09. she listed as living in union city, but specific address not subject to disclosure. bye-bye redell today in the bay. >> family and friends are mourning the death of an east bay 2-year-old as well. >> it's a sad, shobing thing. it's unbelievable. >> he was accidentally shot by his 4-year-old brother yesterday in their antioch apartment. he was in his parents's bedroom when the gun went off and the grandmother was in the living
5:34 am
room. they were supposed to have a big birthday for the toddler tomorrow. >> you expect to hear something like that. especially being a kid. he was very young. he hadn't even had a chance of life to be here and live to be our age. >> the boy's parents are in jail facing child endangerment. he apparently bought the gun and it was loaded and in a drawer in the bedroom when the boys found it. the da will take the case on monday. new jobless numbers coming out and for more on that, we turn to scott. >> good morning to you. what a mess they are. we got 39,000 new jobs created in the month of november according to the labor department which just released the november jobless rates. unemployment at 9.8%. this is one of the worst jobs reports we have seen in
5:35 am
sometime. some economists were hoping for 144,000 jobs created in the month. we got 39. it is bad news. we continue to sort of see saw back and forth. some months are great stuff and some we get not so good. this is the not so good. >> we will see what happens and how the markets react. >> a popular pet food store has chosen a home in a neglected area in the east bay. christie smith is live in oakland where pet food express is getting ready to open the headquarters. >> good morning. pet food express is a bay area company as they used to be in san leandro and moved the headquarters to an unlikely location where in east oakland in the shadow of the coliseum where the raiders play. they set up shop in this facility here. it's about 150,000 square feet.
5:36 am
this used to be run by the post office, but they came in and set up and sell a healthier pet food, the kind of stuff you may not traditionally find in a super market. this is an area where you might find a little bit of graffiti and it's an area where it's often overlooked. now here we are and pet food express is here. they will have an open house for neighbors to come in and have a look at the facility. it's impressive that goes back here to three stories and it got just about everything you can think of. here with me is one of the owners. good morning. a lot of people may not set up shop here. >> there advantages in that it's a redevelopment zone, but we chose it for two major reasons. more than two, but primarily that it was centrally located to our stores. all the stores are only in san francisco bay area.
5:37 am
we started in san francisco as a dog trainer in 1976. opened my first facility in oakland on san pablo avenue and then moved to san francisco and started a dog training store and business there. it has since grown. >> that brought jobs as well and i wanted to show you one thing. he did mention they would be growing and there may be more jobs in the future. you can find information about that if you want to apply. you can find information about pet food express on the website and i wanted to show you something. they have just about everything, the healthier dog food. i have this vest in the adult size. they have this for little dogs as well. they have just about everything you can think of. they are going to be opening their doors to the neighbors today. they are going have a bunch of demonstrations with canines and santa down here. it's an opportunity for
5:38 am
neighbors to come in and see what's going here at the new pet food express headquarters. it will be an open house from 3:00 to 5:00 on 85th and e. live in oakland, christie smith, today in the bay. >> thanks a lot, christie. the holiday parade is sunday. today in the bay is gearing up. i think bob redell will be out there rain or shine. the parade manager with the city of san jose. good morning and good to see you as always. we were talking about how busy the parade will be. you have all kinds of stuff. the globetrotters and the giants and the trophy. >> we got the trophy. it will be there. >> people can come out and see that. >> we have a ton. it's not going to rain on our parade. >> for rarely does. it's a phenomenon. you get a break of sunshine. >> we will have a ton of fun on sunday morning. we have a ton of people coming
5:39 am
out and a lot of entertainment. you said the globetrotters and the giants and we have minnie mouse on disney resorts. the theme is toys and traditions and treasures. some of the traditions are cool giant helium balloons. we have scooby doo, yogi bear. >> this is what i will like. >> we have elmo. and we have bugs bunny. that's my favorite. i can't wait to see bugs bunny. we have giant balloons and the power rangers and we have cat in the hat. >> this is a big parade. it gets international awards and lots of people come out for the tradition. you mentioned a great break. if things are tough in the economy, this is a great outlet to have fun. >> part of the fabric of the community. part of what makes san jose what it is. it gives the opportunity for the community to come out and have a good time with their families
5:40 am
and establish traditions. one of the things we have been saying is the trade brought millions of smiles and a lifetime of memories. i can't tell you, the staff worked so hard. i counted and think it was 63 international awards. to bring this type of an event and fun entertainment and family entertainment to the viewers. >> thank you so much. i appreciate you stopping by. we will talk to you more and the reminder of the holiday parade starts at 8:30. if you can't take the cold, you can stay inside and watch it on nbc bay area. we will begin airing the parade live at 9:00 and you want to go out there if you can. here's the check on traffic with mike. >> we of course have issues for traffic for the parade. we will give you the look on south bay as well. we will all be on sunday downtown. the street closures start at 6:30.
5:41 am
santa clara first. that's the parade route. things are moving nicely and having a problem with the maps. smooth south bay and oakland as well. we are looking at fog through the area from time to time. >> we are watching what's happening up towards the bridge this morning. we have scattered showers and a lot of moisture heading up to the sierra and a lot of snow coming down. let's show you the weekend forecast as we go through sunday morning. the san jose holiday parade worked on the map for me. 11:00 sunday morning we will hope the rain holds on. by sunday the rain swings on through and it will be heavy at times by late sunday afternoon into sunday evening. around the east bay and beyond, we will see temperatures in the 50s and 60s. we started the week of 20s and 30s in the morning and highs in the 40s and 50s. much more mild today. here's a look at the weekend forecast and scattered showers to kickoff and rain and windy conditions by sunday. >> thanks a lot, rob.
5:42 am
time is 5:41. we'll be right back.
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scott just brought the latest jobs report to us and washington is reacting to the news that the unemployment rate is shrinking slowly. tracie potts joining us now from capitol hill with more on what's going to come next. tracy? >> let's break down the numbers that we just got. 9.8% unemployment in this country days before we have the 10% level. it went up and economists did not expect that. they thought it would stay where
5:45 am
it was. job growth was dismal in november. only 39,000 jobs. >> thanks a lot, tracy. time now is 5:44. thanks for joining us. laura is off today. we will get to traffic and weather in about three machines. first former bart officer johannis mehserle will be back in court asking the judge to get out of jail. he will decide whether mehserle can be freed on bail. he was sentenced to two years for the manslaughter of oscar grant on new year's day 2009. he is appealing that ruling. prosecutors filed papers against granting bail. the appeal like the case is of course generating a lot of local and national attention. everybody wants to see what will happen today. for that, steven clark joins us. good to see you. what do you think is going to happen? would tb unusual if the judge released him on bail? >> highly unusual. every criminal case where there
5:46 am
is a conviction, somebody appeals and always ask for bail on appeal. it's a very difficult showing that the defense has to make and there is a substantial likelihood that there was a mistake or new evidence that would change a jury's mind and give mehserle a new trial. the judge heard a lot of those arguments and i don't think it will be granted. >> he is appealing the case in and of itself. he got two years and served time. how much time is left for him to spend behind bars until he gets released for time served? >> about seven months. he is sbilthed to halftime. a big difference in the case. the judge looked at the issues and thrown out the gun enhancement and the judge has to decide is there enough evidence to let him out on appeal? that is a big hurdle. >> it's down to seven months and he is going through the process whether the judge might say in this case you served a portion of his sentence or if that's a
5:47 am
factor. >> it's not likely that mehserle would leave or run away from a sentence. that's an important point. the real issue here is this judge took a bold step in throwing out the gun enhancement and we started with murder and now it's manslaughter and only two years. a lot of people will be looking at this. it could be an open wound for the community if mehserle is let out in the year or two process. >> you expect that to be denied? >> he will stay in and the appeal will proceed along a normal course and probably take about two years. >> thanks a lot, steven. i appreciate your perspective as always. 5:47 and antioch is right on schedule. the chicklets start to turn towards the yellow. going to dip down below the 40s. right around g street past harbor, pittsburgh at bay point is holding up fine over there.
5:48 am
livermore shows slowing out of the pass. 14 minutes and a lighter drive for friday, but the get away traffic kicks you into 3:00 towards tracey and stockton. overall the east bay and the times are looking good approaching the bay bridge. the shot with sometimes we see the low clouds through the area. not so bad, but what do you see? >> you are watching the patchy fog and temperatures in the 40s and 50s. i don't think you will is need the winter coat, but something may have vortex. scattered showers and snow flying in the sierra. scattered showers at times and you can see a lot of moisture that will swing through as we head to the weekend. patchy fog and a few widely scattered showers for the morning. lunchtime temperatures 50s to 60s and areas to the south will warm up. low 60s and best best showers for today will be north of san francisco. for the weekend, saturday is going to look like today.
5:49 am
patchy morning fog and widely scattered showers and sunday we will see rain and wind picking up for the afternoon and looks like a windy finish to the weekend. more showers into monday and a break coming up as we approach tuesday of next week. for the weekend plans and the san jose holiday parade, the trend has been for a drier morning. we hope that holes up. back to you. >> scott is back with claims that this is gadget friday. it looks an awful lot like a cardboard box to me. >> it is a cardboard box. it is a clever idea. we are going to say this qualifies as a gadget. storage by the box will send you a box like this one and tape and bubble wrap for free. earlier i was trying to tape up the box and be quiet while you were doing traffic and weather and i never had the chance. let's tape this up. the idea is that you get this box and you tape it up and you put it together and you take the stuff that you don't need and
5:50 am
you stick it in the box and you ship it back to them. they will hold on to your box until you ask for it back. you can check on your stuff and select which boxes you want shipped to you and they will send them back along. we have a price comparison for you on the screen. let's say you wanted the company, there is the actual website. let's move on to the price comparison. say you wanted the company to hold on to your stuff for a year. that's $5 a month. we don't have the price comparison. come back to me. i will talk you through it. $5 a month. come back to me on camera. that's fine. there is the price comparison. via mail, here we go. $5 a month for this company storage by the box. that's $60 a year to store your box. i looked up online on local storage, kind of a name brand local storage company, they want
5:51 am
$732 a year for a 5 by 5 storage space. the idea here is if you have three or four boxes, no big deal. you put your stuff into the box and you ship it away. the minute you want it back, it's yours to have within a couple of days via u.p.s. you can have it sent to a different location as well. back to you. >> sounds cool. a way to save money too. appreciate t. we will let you off and call it a gadget. an fda committee takes a look at the requirements for weight loss surgery. the advisory committee is looking at a request by allergan that restricts food intake into the stomach. they want to lower the requirements to people with a body mass index as low as 30. they are considered over weight, but right now not morbidly obese and do not qualify for the surgery. the current guideline is at least 40. if the change is approved,
5:52 am
double the number of americans would then be eligible for the lap band operation. fighting childhood obesity is the driving force behind a huge volunteer effort which is going on in san jose. hundreds of people are expected to build 2500 brand-new bikes to give to children in need or at risk of developing diabetes. part of a program called turning wheels for kids. good morning and thanks for coming by. >> thank you very much. >> you have been doing this for a while. you get bikes that are new, right? you build them and give them to kids in need? >> for the last six years, it's by a nonprofit organization to build bikes and provide them to kid who is don't have them. >> it's a double-edged thing. you are giving a bike to a kid and it's a great christmas present. the kind of gift that you can come out and move and keep kids active too.
5:53 am
>> some of them are in the hospital system and give the bikes during the course of the year. the big is a life-changer for the kids. you talk about kids over weight or obese, we need a non-weight-wearing activity. nothing better and nothing more fun than a bike. >> you have a kind of tricycle event? >> for the first time ever, we have the ceos from the companies come in and raise the bmx racers. there will be a little bit of competition. >> people want to help and whether that is donating bikes, do you need that or need volunteers? what's your biggest need? >> all the bikes are new and we have volunteer who is signed up. the biggest need is donations at this point. we get more demand than actual stuff we have. we had 800 more requests than
5:54 am
actual bikes. those are difficult stories. >> and tough to turn people away. we hope you get donations and folks to help. >> go to turning wheels for >> we want to remind people that the events -- it's going to be december 11th from 8:00 to noon at the san jose mchenry convention center. if you can give, do that and if you can help, do that as well. if you want to play basketball, do that. >> definitely. not me specifically. i can't play basketball. as may teammates know, we are with someone who does world fame out basketball and we are here with buckets blakes. welcome. >> thanks for having me. >> i'm doing very well. you are here for a few reasons. it's a thrill to be this close to someone i watched. the globetrotters in general.
5:55 am
the good will ambassadors. i love those folks. you guys will be treating them to ball handling skills as well as when they bring you to the event this weekend. for example, you are coming to the holiday parade. >> yes, the san jose holiday parade and myself and fire fly. they are the addition. they will be there. after the parade, we will sign autographs. >> you will be hanging out and see santa claus and maybe you can play ball with santa claus. >> there you go and definitely be here january 14th at hp pavilion and january 15th at hp pavilion at 1:00 pardon me and play again that same night january 15th at oracle arena and january 16th at 1:00 p.m. >> four chances to get here to you guys. you are also debuting something and pushing the limit. a four-pointer?
5:56 am
>> the globetrotters are innovators and trend setters. we are introducing the first four-point shot in history. we want to play in espn on december 5th. >> the chance to see you guys twice. the groundbreaking shot. could be outstanding. >> at the end of each quarter, the-point shots will be activated. >> it will be on the court. >> 35 feet away and two on each side and you will get a chance to see them and knock them down and make history with the four-point shot. >> outstanding. your nickname is bucket. you are getting the buckets in. my name is water bottle. guess why. >> you brought me water. >> you know about the nicknames. fire fly as well and you will join us next hour and maybe folks can see how much or how little i can handle the ball. >> i will show you a few things. >> preplan this, but it won't
5:57 am
help. we will see how much another 40 seconds helps. brent, we will accepted it back to you with the great guys over here. we will send it to brent and over to rob. >> one of us will take it. much more ahead on today in the bay at 6:00 in a few minutes. shoppers step in to stop a sex offender after a toddler is attacked in a discount store. we will tell you why the suspect was allowed to go unmonitored. are your braces giving you a perfect smile and putting your health at risk? a popular line of teeth straighteners. why the state iseende m mor $4 billion on a 55-mile stretch of track. [ female announcer ] safeway talks hostess gifts. hey, trout, what gift did you bring? my dance moves. [ beat-boxing ] that's not a gift. [ female announcer ] it's the thought that counts. and the gift. safeway. ingredients for life.
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