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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 3, 2010 6:00am-7:00am PST

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his parents necessary jail. how a 2-year-old and his brother had access to a hand gun. >> and expected in this east bay courtroom, the target of outrage. a man accused of raping a toddler. that story is coming up in a live report. >> johannis mehserle was sentenced to two years behind bars and could be a free man in a few hours. our legal analyst gives new perspective on today in the bay. good friday morning and thanks for joining us. it is 6:00. >> laura is off today and rob is here with the hour by hour forecast. good morning. >> good morning. we are off to a mild start here hour by hour taking you through 9:00. 40s and 50s outside and lunchtime temperatures not that bad. getting into the upper 50s and
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low 60s, but the story of the morning impacting the commute is the rain. we are seeing that out towards the delta with patchy fog as well. we will talk about the chances for rain in the weekend ahead. back to you. >> let's check in with mike inouye. slick roads. >> overnight rain and the fog in the midst. drifting through the area and i'm thinking about the globetrotters. over here in antioch, the slow down. look how slow it is now. 16 miles per hour over at l street. i told you that would slow between 5:30 and 6:00 even on a friday. we have shown drizzle through this area and that might be the reason for the additional slow down. what is typically a light commute. the maze and the approach and no lights at the meetering. the sheen on the roads and we
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are warning about wet roads. it may have rained overnight and especially the off-ramps coming off the freeways. back to you. . >> new this morning, a crucial report on the u.s. job market is out. we just got the numbers from the labor department showing 9.8% unemployment in america. this is an extremely disappointing number. economists were looking for about 144,000 new jobs, nonfarm jobs made in the previous month. it was nowhere near that. 39,000 in november. a huge disappointment. the jobless rate at 9.8%. brent? >> the makers of invisiline teeth straighters are accused of not giving patients enough information. san jose-based align technology makes the trays that work like braces, but they are invisible. the company fails to warn
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consumers about possible allergic reactions to the trays including swollen lips and mouth ulcers. they acknowledge a small percentage of patients do experience a reaction and they are now working with the fda to come up with a warning. another day in court, johannis mehserle will ask to be released from jail. a judge will decide whether mehserle can be freed on bail. it will be unusual if he were. mehserle is sentenced to two years for the manslaughter of oscar grant on new year's day 2009. he is appealing. prosecutors are fightings it release. today in the bay legal analyst steven clark will be here later in the show to give husband insight into the case. a northern california soldier faces court-martial for assaulting another soldier and taking pictures of casualties in afghanistan. the 27-year-old staff sergeant of vacaville faces a maximum of 9 1/2 years in prison. he faces five charges including
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experience, cruelty, assault and impeding an investigation. vallejo police searching for the man who attacked and robbed an elderly woman in her home. she suffers from dementia and was expecting her care taker to arrive when two men knocked on the door on napa street. the man grabbed her and pushed her inside. the officers say one of the men held her down and the other ransacked the house. the woman has not been injured. outrage across the bay area this morning after a shocking and highly disturbing crime. a convicted sex offender caught in the act of raping a toddlener an east bay store. today in the bay is live in fremont and bob, that suspect is due in fremont to face changes later today. >> that's correct. changes that he sexually attacked a young girl, a 2-year-old girl who was shopping with her family yesterday
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afternoon. until this encounter with this man right here. his name is eugene ramos, a convicted sex offender. he is in jail in dublin, but expected here at the fremont hall of justice later for his first court appearance. we believe the district attorney will charge him with kidnapping, rape, sexual acts with a child and false imprisonment. the girl was shopping with her aunt and grandmother at the dollar store and left them briefly to return a christmas ribbon she had taken. less than 30 seconds later, the grandmother found ramos and sexually assaulting the toddler as he pinned her down on the floor. ramos tried to get out, but not far thanks to two good samaritans. hawkins slugged ramos in the mouth and sammy johnson who tackled him in the ground. moeth men you can see there sat on ramos until a bart officer arrested him. this is not his first run in
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with police. he was convicted of a sexual attack on a 7-year-old girl in hayward in '03, paroled in '06 and a discharge in '09. he went on the megan's law website and he is listed, but they only say he lives in union city. his exact address was not subject to disclosure. live here in fremont, bob redell today in the bay. >> a big question is how can a registered sex offender go unmonitored? we will tell you why it's difficult to keep taps on the predators. >> the parents of a toddler killed on his second birthday of in jail on endangerment charges. they were in the pormt complex with his 4-year-old big brother when a gun went off. the boy's paternal grandmother was in the living room at the
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time. they are looking into how the gun got into the children's hands. the boy's parents eddie carr came home a short time later. they were supposed to have a big birthday party for the toddler tomorrow and instead they are planning his funeral. >> it's tough to hear something like that, especially being a kid. he was very young. he hadn't had a chance of life really to be here and live to be at least like our age. >> police say the boy's mother bought the gun that the father removed from a safe, loaded it and placed it in an unlocked drawer in the bedroom. he was arrested on suspicion of being a felon in possession of a firearm. the da will take the case on monday. >> contra costa county is mulling over a quick fix trying to cut down on stray cats and dogs. supervisors may adopt an ordinance that adopts any dog
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impounded to be spayed or neutered. critics say there is no proof that they reduce the stray problem and crowd already-packed shelters in martinez. a strike is canceled for two south bay hospitals. the union with voicational nurses and housekeepers and food service had planned to strike at the regional medical center and at good samaritan hospital at 6:00 this morning. both sides agreed to head back to the bargaining table and delay that until next friday. sticking points are staffing levels and patient-worker ratios. >> the wrecking ball will tear through the terminal. first will begin demolishing the terminal and the hub will be replaced with a modern building that connects eight counties through 11 transit systems as well as future high speed rail.
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construction on the new terminal expected to wrap up in 2017. in the meantime, a temporary terminal is power on main street. caltrain will kickoff the toy drive and collect new unwrapped toys and books for salvation army from 5:00 to 6:00 tonight in the lobby of the san mateo county transit district headquarters. 1250 san carlos avenue. caltrain holding the toy drive instead of the annual holiday train cut because of budget issues. >> we were talking about trains and we top the see if they are rolling on time. we have the commute at 6:09. >> a great option to get on the caltrain. no delays and another reminder about the toy drive. we want to help as many folks as we can. helping you out, we had a nice flow of traffic. the early trains are nice and san jose up to san francisco all morning is an option along the peninsula. fridays we see this area. san mateo from the 92 and the
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bridge shows a slow down around 7:30 and that builds through the afternoon and into the evening. easy drive off of that san mateo bridge that looks clear from a live shot. a nice move and on top of the screen under where it says the san mateo bridge, those are the highlights. they have disappeared from time to time because of the fog. keep that in mind. it will dampen the roadways and a live look to the north. back ups there and cash lanes with flowing and the meeting lights closer to 6:30 than 6:20. back to you. all right, mike. we'll talk about the san jose holiday parade. and rob who is planning no rain. >> good news for that forecast. it looks like sunday morning will be drier than we are thinking. good news this morning. it is a bit of a more mild start. 40s and 50s outside. scattered showers along the 680 commute as you pass benicia and
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fairfield. the line of showers stretching out of the east bay towards sacramento in the sierra. snow continues to fly. that will rotate down and sit off the coastline for this weekend. that will bring us a chance of showers, especially towards sunday afternoon and sunday evening. around the bay area today, 50s and 60s for highs. not too bad. a mild finish to the week to start off with the 20s and 30s. the weekend with a few widely scattered showers and sunday afternoon, that's when the rain will come in and breezy conditions to wrap up the upcoming weekend. back to you. >> the queen of soul is in good spirits after undergoing a mystery surgery. a spokesperson for aretha franklin said the singer is doing well, but would not say what the procedure was for. franklin said her doctors are superb and the sergery was highly successful. rumors have been swirling about her health since last month when
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her publicist announced she canceled all performances through may. >> the time now is 6:11. get your game on. mike inouye is suiting up to go head to head with the harlem globetrotters. we will bring it to you live, just ahead. . this cheerleading squad is getting ready for the opportunity of a lifetime. they need your help. how you can help make their dream come true. you are looking at a live picture of the san jose shark tank. 6:12.
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>> can you talk about the jobs? you will have an open house where people can take a look. you guys are growing. a lot of companies are at a plateau or cutting back. you guys are still growing. why do you think that is? >> we opened a new store in pleasanton which will have the grand opening this weekend. we have about to 10 stores between now and the end of 2011. that's a tremendous growth for a
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local company such as ours. the reason we are agreeing is people love their pets. especially bay area people have a higher education level of quality products for the pets and they specialize in foods that do not have by products. a much better quality than you find in most super markets and other venues such as that. it's more expensive, but not that much more to really feed your pet well. why cut back on your pet? it's easier to cut back on the vacation to hawaii even though we want to go to hawaii. it's not that much of a difference. people think of their pets as family in the bay area. >> my dog would totally agree. you will have an open house where on 85th avenue and here in east oakland.
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the public is welcome to come down from 3:00 to 5:00. christie smith, today in the bay. >> thanks a lot. a pop warner cheer squad is one of the best in the nation and they need your help getting to the dream competition. the brown bombers qualified for the nationals in florida next week. the junior midgets and pee wees are practicing, but not everyone can afford to go. it costs as much as $1300 for each person. they hope donations will help send 17 girls and six coaches on the trip. they are asking anybody who will listen. >> please help me go to florida because i never have been. >> for a lot of these girls it's their first time out of the community being able to board a plane and go all the way down to orlando, florida. >> the pop warner football team also qualified for the
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competition and managed to get the funding and they are on their way. the bombers hope to raise the money and they can cheer them on in person. >> just what kind of reception is lebron getting in cleveland now that he took his talent to south beach? welcome to the stadium. he was booed as he made his first appearance as a member of the miami heat. during the game, fans held up, well, festive signs including what should you do? beg for mercy he? the lion king, and detrayed. the heat won 118-90. >> we will assume the situation for the sharks. lebron not the only one getting heckled. check out the headline from the ottawa newspaper. it says suck it up, princess. hockey is a big deal in canada and 15 months ago when he asked to be traded it did not sit well with fans. he ended up with the sharks and he returned to ottawa as the
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villain. guess what. kind of like lebron, you quiet him down with the win and helped them get the last laugh with the victory. >> one never gets booed and that's the harlem globetrotters. gearing up for a bay area visit in january. unveiling the new four-point shot. new. mike inouye getting his game on with a special guest. good morning, mike. >> good morning. i'll dot talking and you handle the ball. you guys are here for the holiday parade on sunday. you are also going to talk about the debut. called the four-point shot. >> the first four-point shot in the history of basketball and the last three men are four-point shots. it will be activated 35 feet
6:21 am
away from the basket. two on each side and the globetrotters will knock it down. >> 35 feet away from the bucket. half court is 50. we are looking at a really -- a far shot. >> it's a great shot. my teammates and i have fun in training camp with the shot. everybody is excited about it. december 5th, we will play on espn. >> that's sunday after the parade. we can catch it and it's broadcast nation. >> 7:30 eastern time. >> we get a chance to see it. you will do ball handling. you were trying to show a thing or two. try is the operative word. you will do tricks for the crowd afterwards. >> we will handle the ball and sign autographs and take pictures. i will get an opportunity to cheer on the kids. i will do that over at the
6:22 am
harker. >> harker academy and harker school. why don't you show me a couple of things. >> here's the passes right here. see if you can do this. >> around. around. >> there you go. hold on. got another one for you. >> oh, my. my legs are not long enough. i have seen this before. >> i'll show you how that works. here you go pop it up. >> very nice. you will be doing a little bit more. get fancy when we tell folks where they can see you. in january you are coming as well. january 14th and 15th. oracle arena the 15th and 16th. that will be outstanding opportunity for to you see him and his colleagues. she still going. hasn't let it touch the ground. out standing and i appreciate you guys coming out. good will coming back and we will play basketball in the studio probably. >> sounds fun.
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40 million drivers. more savings. and discounts up to 40%. where else you gonna get discounts like that? call an agent at 1-800-state-farm or go online. good morning. 6:25 and a live looking shot, san jose nice and clear in terms of rain. we see clouds starting to come on in as the sun comes up. rob has a look at when to expect the rain. >> the picture? san jose is a snapshot between now and the better part of the weekend. in and out at times and at least it's not like we are waking up in alaska a. more mild at 40s and 50s to get the day started. out towards the delta, we have showers leaving the bay area. you can see more moisture offshore. between now and saturday, the showers and the futurecast taking you into saturday and hit
6:26 am
and miss mixed with sunshine. as you approach sunday morning for the holiday parade, if everything holds up, the main rain will hold off until sunday and notice the intensity of the rain cells as they come ashore. you may have embedded thundershowers late in the weekend. something it watch out for sunday evening. around the bay area, temperatures in the 50s and 60s. areas south of morgan hill may climb into the mid 60s. we have seen a change in the temperatures and fortunately have to keep the umbrella on stand by and will need it for sunday. even lingering showers into monday of next week. >> thanks a lot. time now is 6:26 and the train to nowhere is what they are calling it. a political fight over this and it is officially chugging along. we will tell you why the state is sending more than $4 billion on a 65-mile stretch of track. johannis mehserle asking to be a free man today. a legal expert and we will talk about his chances just ahead.
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a live look outside. toys for to thes is under way. 97.3 the radio station helping to get that going. utthre tin a are ondre t and taking toys in time for christmas with a live report so, we book a flight to hawaii using our points from chase sapphire. last minute... on christmas. and sitting next to us, chevy chase. and we really hit it off. we play golf, and then the luau. he's like da vinci with ice. and after, we help hang christmas decorations. wait, wait, wait. you flew last minute... on christmas... with points from chase sapphire? yeah. amazing. believe it. with points from chase sapphire, you can book airline tickets with no blackout dates or restrictions.
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new this morning, the next chapter in the state's battle over lethal injection is written in the south bay. johannis mehserle is hours away from being free? we will have a legal opinion. a live look outside from san jose, the sun is beginning to come up on a friday, december 3rd on today in the bay. >> good morning and thanks for joining us. i'm brent cannon. laura is off and scott is updating the market for our
6:30 am
friends and we will join me in a moment. rob has a look at the forecast and getting it started with the hour by hour forecast. >> good friday morning. off to a more mild start. 40s and 50s and those will hang around through 9:00 tomorrow morning and the afternoon. we should see temperatures climbing into the upper 50s and low 60s. cooling as we head towards the evening. the only concern is patches of fog and still a few scattered showers moving through the delta. the weekend forecast is coming up in a few minutes. back to you. >> we are tracking your friday morning commute and mike inouye takes us through the east bay to start. >> some of the areas where rob was showing the moisture traveling through. likely this is a typical friday. the drive is likely due to the volume of traffic and not visibility issues. we continue to warn folks and slow through antioch. even on a friday we have speeds below 20 miles per hour. slowing as well through pittsburgh. that's unusual so keep that in
6:31 am
mind towards concord. we will take bart out of the area. 580 and in towards the bart station in pleasant and slowing through central livermore. the big news there is patchy clouds as well. rob has seen the visibility drop below and closer to the two miles of visibility indicating more clouds. 16 minutes towards 880. we will show you the cash lanes and the build up. no problems and no metering lights as of 6:31. may may turn on later or not at all. back to you. >> thanks a lot, mike. full steam ahead for the so-called train to nowhere. leaders approved spending 4.3 billion to build the first segment of high speed rail in the central valley. it starts in the small town of borden outside of madera. it is eventually going through fresno and corcoran, another small town.
6:32 am
critics are upset that it didn't stop in bigger cities with bigger populations like merced or bakersfield. merced is the biggest of those particular cities. a judge is debating the death penalty battle. the district judge jeremy fogle is expected to rule on how the legal fight over lethal injections should proceed. he said the face has been dragging on for five years and needs a conclusion. executions have been on hold in california since 2006 because lawyers for death row inmates argue that the current method is cruel and inhumane. >> new this morning, the former bart police officer who has been convicted of killing an unarmed passenger on new year's day will be back in court. he is asking to be release from jail. he has a perspective on the case. thanks for joining us. >> good morning.
6:33 am
>> mehserle already sentenced to two years for manslaughter and he is getting credit for time served. down to about seven months. he's appealing and wants to be released. how likely is that? >> very unlikely. the judge would have to say there is substantial likely hoold he would prevail and the judge heard a lot of these issues. at this point every criminal defendant wants to get out of jail while the appeal is pending. it's a tough case today for the defense. >> you also say that the prosecutor, the da may also appeal the gun enhance. charge. that was a factor because it led to the reduced sentencing for mehserle. what's going to happen in that process? >> the alameda county da has been quiet about the issue because the judge threw out the gun enhancement and didn't give them an opportunity to retry the issue. they can appeal that. at this point they have not made that decision. that could greatly affect what happens to officer mehserle if
6:34 am
the gun enhancement is reenstated. they have not decided to do that and if they don't, the sentence will stand unless the team prevails. >> mehserle not only ask asking to get out on bail and that could happen today. he is appealing the overall conviction, is he note? >> there were errors made and an officer in the line of duty who is now doing time for manslaughter. that's the case that is going to be looked at. why should i sit in jail while the issues are resolved? he was convicted by a jury and he is sentenced to two years and most judges want people to do their time even if it is reversed. he will have done his time. it is a tough case for officer mehserle, but we are going to fight the case all the way and they want him out of jail while they are conducting the appeal. >> you were saying under usual normal circumstances it would be highly unusual for a convicted person to get their bail and be
6:35 am
released. in this case because it is unusual and because he was an officer of the law in the line of duty, would that be a factor? >> it is a factor. he's not a flight risk and he's not a danger to the community. those are factors the judge looks at in granting bail. the da conceded that and there is no substantial issue left for the court to decide. you made your decisions on the new trial motions on the manslaughter case. it's time for the officer to do the time and finish the time. it's a tough case for the judge. he's already thrown out a big part of this case and to let the officer out at this time is obviously a difficult political decision because a lot of people are not happy that he only got two years in the first place. it's probably that the judge will say look, you haven't raised any new issues and heard these issues and it's time for me to finish this. >> thank you as always. it's a ruling that we will be watching throughout the course of the day today. in the meantime, another story.
6:36 am
a convicted sex offender caught in the act of raping a toddler in plain sight inside of an east bay store is execed in court late or today. 36-year-old eugene ramos is likely to face rape, kidnapping and false imprisonment. the 2-year-old victim was shopping with her aunt and grandmother and they briefly got separated from each other in a union city dollar tree store and they claim that's when ramos grabbed her and raped her andy wool have more on this story as well. it begs the question, how does a registered and convicted sex offender go unmonitored? a news investigation shows that it is possible in this case ramos was discharged from the system in 2009 after serving time on a four-year sentence. he was charged and convicted of a sexual attack on a 7-year-old back in 2003. he is a registered sex offender on the megan's law website, but
6:37 am
with no address. there many problems with the monitoring system these days. >> when you have younger or newer or less experienced parole officers watching these guys, they don't know the nuances. they don't understand the extent of the planning and the premeditation of some of the crimes. >> experts say there is no test to figure out if a convicted sex offender might reoffend. breaking new this is morning just crossing the wires. the french government is moving to ban wikileaks from french servers. we will keep you updated. >> if you want giants tickets, today is the day to step up to the plate. how to make sure that you are there to be able to see all the action next season. ♪
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speaking of our snow forecast? highway 50 includes all the way down to mammoth and yosemite.
6:41 am
heavier snow to wrap up the weekend. scattered showers and more showers offshore. these will continue to come through into the weekend. temperature-wise not that bad. 50s to mid 60s and south of morgan hill. scattered showers across the north bay today and tomorrow. the wettest part of the forecast looks like late sunday into monday. temperatures are cooler towards the beginning of next week. back to you. new this morning, the get ready for another case of giants fever. the tickets for the 2011 season go on sale. the giants selling a limited number of single game tickets at 10:00 this morning. sales end on december 12th and won't start again until fan fest on february 5th. tickets are for the lower box bleacher ticks 33 games from april to june and it's not tickets for run-of-the-mill games. we are talking about braves, rockies, reds, a's and even the dodgers.
6:42 am
tickets will be sold at and giants dugout stores. we have giants on the nbc area coming up on sunday. >> and a look at the trophies. time now is 6:42 and we have gadget friday. scott will show us the new way to store your tinsel and the other 11. >> all about jobs and monocapitol hill. a live report from washington, d.c. just ahead. folks in new york probably wish for example a white christmas. we don't think of this as what they had in mind. the storm that is dumping a lot of snow and trapping drivers for more than 20 hours. >> you are looking at live pictures at a toy drive. toor and t scott and scott budm is there. we will go to him live in a minute. ♪
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good morning. welcome back. a live look outside at 6:45. the bay bridge with a nice looking shot. we like to see this one. a little bit warmer. the temperatures compared to the last few days, but more rain is on the way and rob will sort it out in a minute. it is all about the economy on capitol hill. the government just released unemployment figures for the month of november. we brought that to you. they are not good. today in the bay's tracy pots is live with a look at what we can expect from wall street to the white house today. tracy? >> good morning, everyone. 9.8% unemployment is what we have got in this century with only 39,000 jobs created last month. four times as many were created
6:46 am
the month before. this is really a dismal report. the obama administration will react and we expect to hear from the president in about an hour and a half. it means very slow growth and also 15 million people unemployed with congress undecided whether or not to give them more unemployment benefits. we do understand that is now an issue in the negotiations over the bush tax cuts. they may extend unemployment and offer a $400 per person tax break, but that is going on. the house passed the bill that would extend the tax breaks for the middle class. the senate is going to vote on something similar after a snafu delayed the vote. also today, the deficit commission voting on whether or not the controversial suggestions will work. things like raising retirement age to 68 or 69 and wiping out the child tax credit.
6:47 am
they got support on both sides, but not enough to send this to congress for final approval. back to you. >> thanks a lot, tracy. we have gadget friday. >> that's quite a badge et. >> it's called a cardboard box. that would be a gadget. >> you can turn it into a boat or anything else. i will get it out of our way. so the people can talk to us. it's called storage by the box. you put stuff in the box. they send you the box and all the stuff for free. you put things in and mail it off and they store it for you. it goes away. here's the website. let's talk about cost. take a look at this. we have lined up the cost for you. take a look. if you were to do this via mail, this idea of storage by the box, they want $60 a year to store
6:48 am
your boxes plus shipping in either direction. they have the labels and everything else. i looked up a local storage, brand name local storage. >> you are talking about the mini storage places. >> 5 by 5 foot storage, they want $732 a year. that's what you are looking at. it's a crazy idea that you mail this stuff off and it comes back to you when you ask for it. send back boxes. storage by the box. >> high tech. look at the morning commute. >> we will take you out to the commute. here's a good idea. no problems and that's what we have right now. 19 minutes off of the bridge. a smooth drive down the east shore, but the metering lights are on because of the volume increasing. they have been on since the on set. look at the back up that formed at the toll plaza. the live shot from the bay
6:49 am
bridge. we will get that in a second. a slow down to the live shot itself. the back up is not huge. just a few cars deep in the cash lanes and the fast track building as well. it's even lighter than the last time. low clouds and fog may be an issue through other portions like antioch and danville and walnut creek. over the water in the san mateo bridge, looking nice. the flat section away moves nicely, but you can't make out the high-rise. the low clouds are drifting along and the traffic flow is nice into the south bay. staying on the east bay, we have sunol. that's indicating more moisture in the area. >> light rain and that is a recipe for patchy fog. notice the temperatures this morning. you don't need to bust out the
6:50 am
winder coat. low 60s this afternoon and the other accessory you want to keep into the weekend, umbrellas for you. showers heading away from solano county. more comes in like in bans of rain at times mixed with sunny skies as we head towards saturday. patchy fog just showed you around sunol. mild temperatures around 4:00. temperatures south of san jose in the 60s and 50s across the north bay. the wettest part of the forecast by far will be midday sunday into sunday afternoon. expect rain and breezy continues as we wrap up the weekend. back to you. >> rob, thank you. in a couple of hours a convicted sex offender accused of raping a toddler in a store will make his first court appearance. bob redell is live in fremont. people upset that he was allowed to go unmonitored and people praising the good samaritan who is jumped in to help. just horrifying. >> it is.
6:51 am
you are talking about eugene ramos a convicted sex offender accused of sexually attacks a 2-year-old girl yesterday in a store in union city. that man is expected right here at the fremont hall of justice in a couple of hours for his first court appearance. the district attorney is expected to charge him with kidnapping, rape, sexual acts with a child and false imprisonment. the was shopping with her aunt and grandmother at a dollar store. she left them briefly to return a christmas ribbon she had taken. it was 30 seconds later, the grandmother found ramos assaulting the totaler as he pinned her down on the floor. ramos bolted out and didn't get far thanks to two good samaritans. hawkins, a team at a news conference plugged the suspect in the mouth and sammy johnson tackled them to the ground and both sat on the suspect until a
6:52 am
bart officer who happened to be in the area arrested him. this was not the first run in and he was convicted of a sexual attack on a 7-year-old girl in '03. he was paroled in '06 and discharged in '09 and he is still listed on the megan's law website. he lives in union city and the specific address was not subject to disclosure. reporting live here in fremont, bob redell today in the bay. >> hundreds of cars are stuck in the snow after a powerful storm sweeps through new york. crews worked to dig out motorists near buffalo, new york. they are just a mess. snow everywhere. volunteers are hopping fences and things to get people trapped in their home. some people were stuck for as many as 20 hours. troopers are using plows and atvs to get things moving. snow is expected to blanket the
6:53 am
area again today and should eventually taper off. you can help make a child's christmas brighter by donating a toy. toys for to thes is collecting donations on blossom him road right now. scott buttman is out there live. this drive is all part of the sarah and vinnie show on 97.3 as we speak. you are out there doing tv and showing us how it works. >> any way we can raise the money and raise the toys, you are absolutely right. it is the annual toys for tots campaign put on by the marines. we have all sorts of toys here and they're collecting toys and money to shop for toys. we have the morning show here. how are you doing? sarah and vinnie of the morning show are here and you can meet them if you make a donation. we have a lot of food from their lunch with tony coming up to support the troops and the toys. we have a humvee behind me.
6:54 am
they like to see that and a truck filled with toys and donations. they will talk a little bit with an honest to goodness marine. handsome guys to take your money and come on in. this is the sergeant. thank you so much for doing what you are doing. tell me about the need and what you are hoping to do. >> the biggest program here in the bay area. we are trying to collect as many clothes as possible. we have about 100 different organizations and nonprofit organizations that deal and collect the clothes and donate. we are accepting cash donations. anything upon help. please come down and help us out with the good cause. >> thank you so much. we will let you get back to doing the good work. if you want to meet the marines and have good food and hang out with us, we will be here for a while. 1082 blossom hill. you will see the media and a giant toys 'r us and they are taking money for the sarah and
6:55 am
vinnie show in san rafael and redwood city. right off the freeway and come on down and help him outnd make a donation. back to you. >> a great thing to do. everybody donates and the need increases. >> bad news on the economy again. >> good news on traffic. friday light and holding out with the maze. that's sometimes a bummer and a nice drive with the traffic light there. the metering lights are turned on, but almost no back up in any of the lanes. slowing off the east shore freeway. because of the volume of traffic. there is a 55 there off of the east shore freeway and making that time nice there. 58 on average all the way down off the bridge. 19 minutes and 680 and 580 is smooth. highway 87 is showing the slow down into downtown. we have closures on sunday at 6:00 as well with the parade. keep that in mind if you head to the parade.
6:56 am
>> what are do you think, rob? the triplets or not? >> it's looking betterment rain or shine. >> we say it's a game day decision. >> you have plenty of support. we will help you. look at the forecast. 11:00 sunday on the futurecast. let's hope it holds up. things are looking dry for the first of sunday, but what happens there at 4:00 in the afternoon? you will be watching movies at that time. we have rain coming down and maybe embedded thunder too. the end of the weekend will be messy, but things are okay for now around parade time. >> kind of cool. the next time you have a gingerbread man cookie, pay attention to what part you eat first. apparently it says something about you. a duncan donuts survey said 2/3 eat the head and 20% go for the leg and what does that mean? a neurologist in chicago said if you eat the head first, you are
6:57 am
a natural leader. right hand biters are skeptics and left arm biters are creative and leg eaters are sensitive. >> the sweet leg. >> i'm a head biter. >> i thinkiment i am too. >> choking hazard. >> you come to the parade sunday morning in downtown san francisco. you have the christmas parade. it's one of the two. san jose is so exciting. balloons and all that. >> thanks for joining us. the "today" show is next and we'll have an update in a half hour. [ female announcer ] why settle for plain bread
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