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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  December 5, 2010 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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>> no. i miss him every day. i talk to him every day. >> you never really get over it? >> no, we haven't. that's all for now. i'm ann curry. for all of us here at nbc news, thanks for joining us. and he told me that if i wanted to finish the race, i had to crawl through. >> right now at 11:00, not
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giving up, a san francisco teenager's determination not to quit guess viral. we'll show you. and we're tracking the storm. when this round heads out, another one is right around the corner. plus a fraud alert. everyone who uses online bank willing want to hear about. how you can keep cybercriminals out of your wallet. the news starts right now. good evening. i'm diane dwyer. the bay area received a blast of winter weather today, complete with powerful winds and rain as well. meteorologist craig herrera is here with a look at the storm. hello, craig. >> hello, diane. yeah, quite impressive rainfall totals and the wind gusts that we had today, i'm going to show those to you. this is what we had left from some of the storm. a lot of the heavy rain just off the coast and through the santa cruz mountains. we have some in t sthouthnd up along the peninsula into san francisco and close to san bruno. and up into the north end,
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scattered showers from healdsburg to saint rosa. 1.3 inches of rain. point reyes just over an inch. plume 0.71. nice impressive totals, from 0.3 to almost a tenth. in orinda over hatch an inch of rain. a lot fell during the evening hours. we knew it was going to be an evening event, and we'll have a few more lingering showers tonight. look at these wind gusts, diane. los gatos, 54 miles per hour. i'll have more on this storm and the next storm coming in in just a bit. >> thanks a lot, craig. a high school cross-country runner san francisco is becoming an internet sensation. take a look at this video. she collapsed during a race last week and had to crawl across the finish line. her determination won a state championship for her team, and is nbc bay area's monte francis
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reports, the victory was also a life lesson for her terminally ill coach. >> reporter: for most of the three-mile race, 16-year-old holland reynolds leads the pack. but with less than a mile to go, the junior at san francisco's university high school can feel something is wrong. >> my leg started to feel really heavy. my breathing got faster and faster. and i just started slowing down. >> reporter: with the end of the race in sight, reynolds stumbles, then eventually collapses just a few feet from the finish line. negative, one can touch you or else you're disqualified. so the official hen he came over to me, i remember him telling me that i just had to pick myself up and crawl through if i wanted to finish. >> reporter: suffering from dehydration and slight hypothermia from the cold, rainy weather, reynolds crawls across the finish line, securing her team's eighth cross-country championship, more than any other team in the state has won. >> we just really wanted to win
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for jim. our team we have this vision of winning the state possible for jim's possible last cross-country season. >> reporter: jim tracy is reynolds' coach. after 17 years, it could be his last season because this past june he was diagnosed with als, or lou gehrig's disease. >> i'm hoping to make it through track season. but it's all up in the air. >> reporter: as his symptoms worsen, coach tracy experiences his own physical limitations. but he is still imparting life lessons to his runners. >> there is a resilience in all of us, children, adults. we've got to tap it as long as we can. >> reporter: it's a lesson not lost on reynolds, who after finishing the race in an ambulance, weak, beaming. >> i feel like it happened for a reason, and it made jim's last season kind of a heroic one, and a really memorable one. >> reporter: sometimes the student is the one who teaches. >> she says jim, you're a great coach and you're my friend too. she says this.
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i like the way you ocoach. you have done so much for me and our team. and i'm not going to forget you. and obviously i'm not going to forget her. >> reporter: in san francisco, monte francis, nbc bay area news. >> what an incredible story. holland reynolds finished that race in 37th place. but her team would not have won the championship had she not crossed that finish line. a federal panel in san francisco is due to take up california's same-sex marriage ban tomorrow. the ninth circuit court of appeals is reviewing a lower court decision which declared the ban unconstitutional. a panel is expected to hear two hourgs of arguments which will be televised nationally on c-span. experts say it's likely the case will eventually wind up in the supreme court. the panel likely won't announce a decision for at least a month, and then the rule cog still be appealed to a larger panel of the ninth circuit and then of course to the u.s. supreme court. a convicted sex offender
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accused of assaulting a toddler inside a store is due back in court tomorrow. 36-year-old eugene ramos is being held without bail after being charge on friday. police say ramos assaulted the 2-year-old girl inside a dollar store in union city on wednesday while her family was shopping in the next aisle. in 2003 ramos was convicted of a sexual assault on a 7-year-old and paroled after about three years. starting in january, taxes are going up for just about everyone unless congress can reach a compromise. president george w. bush and congress approved the tax cuts ten years ago, and they're just about to expire. senate democrats forced to vote on two bills that would extend tax cuts to the middle class americans yesterday, but allow taxes to go up for the rich. and republicans voted both bills down. today there are signs from both sides that a deal is taking shape. democrats appear to be willing to extend tax cuts for everyone, including th i rh,icn exchange for the extension of unemployment benefits.
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>> bottom line, on the extension of the tax rates, unemployment benefits being extended, you see a compromise here in short order. >> i think the american people expect us to work together to make sure their taxes don't go, and we're working on that package. >> i can tell you without unemployment benefits being extended personally, this is a non-starter. >> unemployment insurance for some two million americans expired last week. with only three weeks left before christmas, this is typically one of the busiest weekends for christmas tree sales. and despite the rain and cold and the economy, we found many people willing to spent on one of the centerpieces of the holiday. nbc by area's kimberly tere has this report. >> reporter: there was sheets of rain, mud, and chilly temperatures. >> i like that one. >> reporter: but there were also a lot of people at this abc tree farm today, committed to carrying out what is for many of them a family tradition. >> oh, this is wonderful. we do this ever year.
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typically it's always raining. but it doesn't stop us. >> it's just the perfect weather. cold weather is the best weather to get a tree and decorate inside. >> reporter: melissa torres and her throw daughters took their time picking out this eight-foot douglas fir. >> i don't want one wet. >> they're all wet, honey. you just got to let it dry. >> reporter: despite a tough economy, a tree is a must-have for the holidays. >> tradition is everything. so if i've got to save somewhere else to get that perfect tree, that's what we'll do. >> reporter: she runs the tree farm and understands customers are counting every penny this year, and that was factored into pricing. >> your normal-sized tree has gone down probably about $5 to $8 per tree. >> reporter: but like torres, most customers say they'll make ajudgments before sacrificing this holiday symbol. >> i was planning to get a noble fir. but when i look at the prices, we're going to stick with a douglas fir for now, the cheapest one we can get. >> you don't need gifts. the tree, just decorate it, it
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brings the holiday season together, i think so. >> reporter: for these families, these dripping wet christmas trees were enough to fuel the warmth of the holiday spirit. holly with christmas tree pharmacy says sales so far are up this year. she estimates they will sell 250,000 trees this holiday season at their 14 locations across the bay area. in san jose, kimberly tere, nbc bay area news. coming up next at 11:00, criminals targeting your bank account by being friendly? >> its sole purpose is to steal credit card numbers, log-ins and pass words and bank account information. >> coming up next at 11:00, the new wave of scams aimed at the most sophisticated computer users. what to look out h, ayste stay safe sonline. >> all right. we're gtingidf oneto rm right now. no.pping some rain and but there is another one coming in the middle of the week. we'll break it down for you so you can plan for your week ahead. the forecast is coming up. ?st plus, why own when you can r
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take a look at this close call, this surveillance video as a man falls from the station platform on to the tracks in madrid, spain. there he is. you can see how people on the far right side try to get the attention of the operator of the oncoming train. an offduty police officer then jumps on to the tracks. there you see him, rescues the man, drags him to safety. he is going to drag him to safety. check that out, just as the train pulls into the station. everybody was fine. online criminals continue to develop more sophisticated ways to hack into your computer and steal your money. the latest are emerging from europe and are using your friends and your bank to lure you in. nbc's donna ripotta shows us how it works. >> reporter: traditional junk mail is usually just annoying,
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but online junk mail is damaging. you get an e-mail from a friend's real account with an empty subject line and only a link in the body. >> usually that means the person has been a victim of a pass word theft. >> reporter: alex hyde is an ethical computer hacker, securing company networks from criminal hackers because he knows all the tricks. hyde says these bogus e-mails seemingly from you or your friends likely means a virus infected the computer. the behind behind the virus sells the date to spammers on the black market. >> steal credit card numbers, log-in and pass words and bank account numbers. >> reporter: this is where your personal info like date of birth and social security number all end up for anyone to buy. another huge problem, online banking. hackers breaking into your bank account unnoticed. they send you a e-mail reporting a problem, asking for your e-mail and security questions. >> when reality it's the virus asking for additional
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information to initiate a wire transfer. >> reporter: they're receiving about a thousand complaints a day at ic 3. >> reporter: the fbi set up this ic 3 specifically for complaints if you feel scammers have targeted you. >> once they get enough and build a case that. >> refer 80 to the appropriate law enforcement. >> reporter: but online cases can be hard to prosecute. so investigators must gather as much evidence as possible to build a stronger case. right now much of the scams originate in eastern europe and russia and china. and they gather more speed as the countries get high speed internet. the best way to protect yourself includes changing your pass word every three months or so. format and install your operating system too. avoid online bank organize checking your account and if possible get a secondary computer just for high-risk transactions. a secondary computer? all right. christmas in san francisco just ended up little bit greener. a nonprofit is asking people to consider renting a live tree for christmas instead of buying a
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dead one. sheer how it works. friends of the urban forest give you a live potted tree for $80 and note it won't necessary by be a pine tree. you take it home, enjoy it for up to six weeks. then when you return it, the tree is used in san francisco urban tree planting program. organizer says this is the program's sixth year, and demand is greater than ever. >> it's really good, yeah. there is like every year people show up half an hour before we open and try to get while we're still setting up. people are excited about it. >> you can find the trees tomorrow through friday outside th safeway store at market and church streets in the castro in san francisco. ♪ tens of thousands of people braved the cloudy weather this morning to watch the san jose holiday parade. the parade showcased nearly 100 entries with about 5,000 people in the parade as well. there is sharky. this is the 29th year for the parade. but the parade may never turn
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30. city leaders are considering cutting it to pay for vital services. some people say they consider the parade as much a part of the holiday as the macy's thanksgiving day parade in new york. >> look at all these families that love the parade. like we came down here without the kids. but just for a little what, we wanted to get the christmas spirit. >> yeah. >> deck our halls and take care of all the christmas celebrations. so look down here at all these people. we love it. everybody needs the parade. >> san jose's holiday parade is the largest of its kind in northern california. we've got craig herrera right now. and you know what? nice job. you kept that rain out of there for the parade pretty much. i'm impressed. >> when it came in, it came in. >> it did. take the credit, what the heck. >> it was all for you. >> all right. >> all for you. and over the golden gate bridge, some of the rain that has come through. at times we do have some spotty showers. actually, these spotty showers are going to take us into your monday morning commute.
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it won't be heavy, not like it was this evening. but nonetheless we do have more rain. i wanted to go over the rainfall totals with you one more time. i'm in the santa cruz mountains, 1.3 inches of rain. and point reyes just over an inch. plume had 0.71. the south bay as well. look at st. mary's college. 0.71. orinda a little over half an inch. napa almost six inches of rain. the south end of the bay, san jose had a big storm that came through just after 8:00 p.m. so i imagine tomorrow you're going to see some impressive rainfall totals. but most of those came in after 4:30. our day ends for rainfall totals at 4:30. so these numbers will go up tomorrow. and the most of it came in during the evening. so as we also had some of those gusty winds, something to note here. look at los gatos. los gatos got 54-miles-per-hour gusts. you think about mt. diablo, that's where we get the real
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gusty winds. in los gatos it was gustier than mt. diablo. campbell, point reyes and pigeon point all at 45-miles-per-hour gusts. some of the others around the bay area were closer to 30 miles per hour. nonetheless, very impressive. still some heavy rain coming down in through los gatos. this just updated moments ago. you saw the colors change. this is now moving into los gatos and over 17 as well. this is now headed into san jose. you head over the hill to am almaden valley, strong cells there as well. street level to give you a better perspective. coming into cupertino in the next five minutes. it's coming down in your area right now. give it five more minutes, it will really start to come down. you'll hear it coming down on your rooftops. not much going on from livermore to hayward. oakland, richmond and up 101 through novato, plume what and santa rosa. the snow across the sierra has been impressive, about a foot or
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so. and that is the storm right here. this is our mid-week storm. we'll worry about that wednesday. this storm as it goes through tonight will give us a couple of scattered showers tonight. and we go through tomorrow morning, your morning commute, we'll drop another tenth to a quarter inch of rain. not a whole lot. we are going to get more snow across the sierra. by the time we get into tomorrow, we'll have just over a foot of snow, above 7,000 feet. 11:00 p.m. you've got scattered showers. we'll stop at 2 ramirez. -- 2:00 a.m. santa rosa with heavy rain. the morning commute 6:00 a.m. and by 8:00 a.m. we're starting to dry out. by the time we get to lunch hour, most of us are clear. we'll en. >> a little bit of afternoon sunshine. by your commute home, you're dry. 60s for highs tomorrow. again, most of the scattered showers are just before noon. after that we'll dry out. seven-day forecast. do you have something you need to get done tuesday, the best day. we don't have any are inon that day. >> good to know. >> exactly. look at this. wednesday rain. thursday it's going to be a
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rainy day around the by area again. scattered showers mainly north bay friday. and then just saturday morning. next weekend looks dry after saturday morning. >> lay, you know what? bring in snow, wind, it's get manage the spirit a little bit. hard to get the christmas tree home in the rain, though. >> exactly. tuesday. coming up next, the holiday tradition where you d't just watch, you join in. we'll show you. [ mom ] my son only wanted one toy this year. i want a robosan 4000. [ mom ] the one no one could get. toy stores are reporting long lines and empty shelves. a robosan 4000.
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to a family shareplan. and now, buy an lg vortex and get one free. ♪ through the night that >> president obama and the first lady were among hundreds of guests at the kennedy center honors gala tonight in washington, d.c. caroline kennedy introduced the five recipients of the awards this year. they are musicians merle haggard and paul mccartney, broadway composer jerry herman, dancer
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and choreographer bill jones, and television host and actress oprah winfrey. the kennedy center honors are awarded every year for exemplary lifetime achievement in the performing arts. an unusual piece of land is for sale in montana. the former home of the unabomber. ted kaczynski made his home in a cabin in libby, montana from 1978 to 1995. now the remote site is for sale. the asking price was recently reduced from 164,000 to $169,000. the land does not include his cabin. that's because it was dismantled and shipped to washington where it's now part of the newseum. the unabomber is serving a life sentence in a colorado prison for killing three ppleeo and injuring 23 overs over a span of 27 years. we'll be right back. that's a horrible here are some things that i'll make as little portals. honestly, i'd love to do this for the rest of my life so i've got to take care of my heart. for me, cheerios is a good place to start. [ male announcer ] got something you'll love to keep doing?
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[ brakes hiss ] ♪ [ male announcer ] u-verse brings you entertainment across all three screens on your tv, smartphone and online. now get up to $300 back via promotion cards. at&t. rethink possible. ♪ hallelujah, hallelujah >> the messiah sing along at disney hall in los angeles is known to pack the house every holiday season. this year is the 30th
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anniversary of the messiah sing along there, and it was packed. of course there are several sing-along messiahs throughout the by area as well including at dolores basilica in san francisco. the raiders pull off one of their most impressive wins in years. what does it mean for their play-off hopes? also jim harbaugh with an interesting day at the office today. not just stanford's bowl invitation, but a sweet offer from his boss. harbaugh joins us on "sports sunday" as well. who is in charge, and is the trophy male or female? seriously, raj mathai joins us next. ok, this is from... aunt stacey. introducing chase quickdeposit. just photograph the front and back of your check using the chase mobile app on your iphone, and hit send. it went through. this is so cool. this is so cool. you wanna try it? yea. ok. all right. who's next? make a deposit from anywhere, anytime-- with your iphone. to mister and misses walker. why would they send my parents a check? chase what matters. ♪
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and now an nbc bay area editorial. >> we don't ask for them, yet we all pay dearly to get rid of them, holiday catalogs. leaving a trail of waste from deforestation to the dump. i'm suzanne shaw, editorial director. the average american gets 70 catalogs a year. the trees and chemicals needed to produce them is staggering.
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yet we not only subsidize the low rates for junk mail, we pay again to haul it away. you can stop some of the waste by taking your name off the list. it's free at but that's not enough. like the national do not call registry which blocks telemarketers, nbc bay area supports a do not mail registry. urge your legislators to the the right thing. as with many reforms, what starts in the bay area can go national. join the cause online at nbc hi, i'm bob costas, and you're watching "sports sunday" with raj.
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>> hello, everybody. welcome to "sports sunday." this is the late edition. we are coming to you from our nbc bay area studios. what a day, and this will surely lead to a compelling week. how about this? stanford making the first move regarding jim harbaugh. out of left field, huh? the harbaughs are on nbc tonight. coaching his ravens on sunday night football. they lost to the steelers. and jim prepping for the orange bowl and his big decision. jim harbaugh joining us in just a few minutes. we'll also be joined by sergio romo, working the float in downtown san jose. we were up early with romo and andres torres this morning. and we're going to be staying up late with romo, our guest tonight. and stefan curry


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