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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  December 6, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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>> >> a blast and collapse sent people running for their lives, next. made fresh, ight. thiss. that is not half. guys i have more. with cinnabon cnamon have such a sweet delicious aro that my family can wait ir hands on them. enjoy cinnab cinnamon... now in all pillsbury cinnamon roll that my family can wait ir hands on them. there was a guy leaning in the doorway and his clothes was on fire. >> a terrifying scene, a man critically injured when his home explodes and he's still inside. good evening, everyone. i'm jessica aguirre. >> and i'm lisa kim. neirs say explosion was so strong they first thought it was an earthquake.
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fire crews tell us a natural gas line exploded underneath a home on 87th avenue near mcarthur boulevard in oakland. and that's where n brks krrbc b jean is tone. jean? >> reporter: at this point, some people believe other neighbors may have smelled gas. an investigation is under way. people living in this neighborhood are just trying to calm down after a scary night. they felt a huge explosion followed by a wave of heat, and that blast collapsed part of this house. you can see the roof is covering what used to be the second story. it happened just after 8:00. a lot of neighbors were sitting down watching tv when they say they heard a rumble and a loud explosion. many thought it was an earthquake when they felt heat and looked outside to be a large cloud of smoke. >> my wife said, it's an earthquake. i ran out of the door. when i ran out of the door is when i saw the big plume of
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white shoek. and i said no, it was an explosion. >> it was like a rumble and you could see the fire and feel the heat from inside the room. and my grandma, she got up and she looked outside, and our neighbor -- her neighbor leon was outside and he was on fire. >> deanna higgins said her mother and grandmother grabbed blanks ets to rub out the flames on his body. they started to go in and the house started to collapse. the cause of the explosion is under investigation. neighbors they may have smelled gas and it may have been related to construction work being done on the second floor of the home. oakland fire said a man turned on the light switch and that triggered the blast. pg&e is in the neighborhood investigating, but at this point they say they have not located
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any kind of gas leak. this house collapsed and some neighbors had their windows blown out. that's how strong the explosion was. the red cross is making sure five people who can't stay here tonight have a place to go. oakland city building inspectors are here on scene and the fire department says it will be returning tomorrow morning to see what else they can see in the light of day. so right now one man is in the hospital in critical condition after his house collapsed after an explosion, and people in the neighborhood right now, they're boarding up broken windows. reporting live in oakland, jeaneljeanbc bay area news. california getting its death drug from britain but is it legal to use here? there was a shortage of sodium pe pentathol. they pay 36 grand for 526 grams
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of the drug from the u.k. the deal was made secret and they want to know why. documents concerning that sale demand to be turned over by tomorrow. >> as we understand, it's against the law to transport these drugs from outside the u.s. and, in fact, last week the u.k. officials have taken steps to stop the export of the drug from their country into the united states. >> that's because there is no death penalty in britain and the government does not usually export the drugs to the united states. by the way, no executions are currently planned inside. 43-year-old will lund is expected to enter a plea. george lindner molested he and his brother repeatedly for years. he says he will use the court case to publicly shame lindner
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about public abuse. homeowners would prefer to be part of campbell. but the city council may have other ideas for them. kir kirchner has more for us. elise? >> they have tried to convince them not to annex the area, and tomorrow night, they could learn their fate. >> 103 acres, 323 homes, about 850 residents. >> it's a santa clara county parcel known as cambrian 36. >> you go to bed thinking, wow, this is great, i'm part of this town, and the next day you're governed by an entirely
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different town, paying different taxes. >> they will go ahead figuring out what's going to happen. they want to be part of the city of campbell. >> we would be subject to a city tax which we do not pay right now. >> they should have known they would be buying into a county pocket, and our county pockets are traditionally in the process of being absorbed with the city of san jose. but as part of the settlement. >> the point of annexation is really to give county residents the same level of high city services. there's a great concern about whether or not we'll actually.
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they're already stating it takes him four hours to respond to a traffic accident. your property value could drop as much as ten minutes. we're live in san jose tonight. he's been accused of being missing in action as oakland tonight, but he has said his job as mayor was to bring people together. >> i call it revitalizing democracy, enhancing student participation. remember, i said and i know i'm not police headquarters, and for pea pearl. how hard for cities, but the lack of tonight, they're worried the lack of cops on the streets
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in oakland could prove deadly. the numbers just don't add up for the shrinking police force. tonight the police chief painted a sobering picture of them, right now because of budget cuts it's not. we're using programming now to find out when putting the most officers out there at that time. >> to help with the numbers, bp is also -- for ep but our follow-up tone of a story we brought you in november. they're cracking down on party buses that will allow people to drink alcohol. they introduced a bill today to hold bus companies accountable if alcohol was served to underage drinkers.
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th nbc bay area first brought that story to hill's attention. >> they're not serving the alcohol but they're creating the environment for that. >> right now those popular buses which are usually tricked out wi are not strictly regulated. fire in the hole. it's popular on youtube, but tonight it left a teen seriously injured. a prankster played a joke on a co-employee. daniel danielle? >> this here is the cream spinach that someone threw back at a boston market yelling, fire in the hole. it left the employee with
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second-degree burns, and they want him to stop pulling pranks altogether. >> he is seen here using a staple gun to stick a note on his friend. the former prankster appeared on mtv's viva la bam. kelly called us after hearing someone in roseville copied the stunt, using -- >> we spoke to david last night about youtube videos like the one kelly used to make, glorifying pranks. >> i feel appalled that people think that is a really funny joke to pull. >> do you thino, it seems that s people's lives. it's not funny anymore.
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>> roosevelt police are still looking for the people responsible for that prank that injured david. they could face felony assault charges. some are calling it a dangerous delivery. medical marp to your doorstep and in bay area neighborhoods. >> we know the pizza area delivery drivers get robbed for a cool of them. >> will they pop for proper. an east bay woman takes over walmart, her filt against the retail giant. >> i'm chief meteorologist. 55 degrees from the north bay to the east bay. we have a system developing. we'll let you know when rain arrives, coming up. then elizabeth edwards gathers her family and makes a
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aftermath of an explosion.
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you're looking at a live picture of 87th and douwling in oakland that critically injured one person. we're trying to figure out what happened. we'll have more for you as the night continues. she has been the epitome of courage under fire. the estranged wife of edwards, cancer too far to stop. >> a statement from the edwards household that elizabeth has been told by her doctors where her cancer has reached a point where aggressive treatment is no longer advisable. family and friends say she's at home but gravely ill, at most only having a few weeks to live. her husband, john, of which she
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was separated from earlier this year, is by her side. elizabeth talked about this in may of last year. >> when bad things happen, it's easy to get to the good days. when bad things happen, you have the strength to face them. >> elizabeth edwards han dealing with breast cancer since the end of the 2000 bid in 2004. she continued to persevere. elizabeth says that family, friends and the faith and power of resilience and hope carried her through these difficult times. >> let's hope it continues. edwards is said to be in no pain and in good spirits despite the situation. her children are with her including her older daughter and her two youngest, and michaela who is 12 and jack who is ten.
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edwards, by the way, is 61. the battle of legal marriage is in a war that will likely lead to the world's highest court. they argued the constitution constitutionality of proposition 8, the ban on gay marriage. >> this proposition, marginalized and stripped over many gay californians, is repeatedly characterized as the most important relation in life. >> the place for this question to be decided is a place where it was decided. >> both sides addressed a three-judge panel arguing the federal court's decision that prop 8 was unconstitutional and discriminatory. what comes next? most expect an appeal to the full noointd circus ninth circu
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hearing for the u.s. supreme court. californians may have voted down legalizing marijuana for all, but medicinal cannabis is okay. in fact, judging from the pot explosion in some case, it's more popular than ever. still, that isn't enough for some marijuana advocates. we show you just who is pushing the limits by hitting the streets. >> just like anyone who makes a living making deliveries, chris nielsen deals with the usual hassles, bad weather, bad traffic, bad dogs. but what makes it unlike other delivery folk is what he is carrying in that little black case of his. >> we got strawberry curb, sour diesel. >> rainier works for a company that not only allows people to
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buy on-site but will also deliver at your door. >> daniel hoven runs it. >> we needed to create a way that patients can get this medicine in a safe and reasonable manner. >> but what is simple and reasonable to hoven is actually quite complicated, at least legally. hoven himself was arrested by santa clara deputies two months ago after making a delivery. still, we wanted to see just what these transactions looked like so spent an afternoon riding along. the first delivery on this day comes at 12:30 in the afternoon. it's a woman, a regular customer of medic, who has been in a wheelchair since a car accident back in the 1970s. >> the patients choose from eighth of an ounce containers of marijuana costing anywhere from
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20 to $60 each. there is a one-ounce limit. >> i'll call in and ask if they have certain strains. other times i just, you know, look at what they have. >> a lot of people have been getting that recently. >> because many customers are regulars, deliveries often have a friendly feel to them. as for the actual deal? >> just put it on your normal thing or whatever. >> pretty mundane. as you can imagine, though, not everyone is so nonchalant about pot on wheels. >> it's a bad idea. >> he is president of the national narcotics association. he says delivery complicates the efforts of cities and towns trying to regulate medical marijuana, making it impossible to keep it out of neighborhoods or away from schools or daycares. ask that and that's important, brooks believes, because with the drugs comes danger. >> we know the pizza delivery
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people get mugged for a few darz. think about the robbery potential for someone delivering marijuana. >> but what both sets of people can be clear on, is that rules need to be put in place. all we have right now is one big gray area big enough to drive a pickup truck through. the president of medex was arrested in a sting along with other people. so far, hoven says they've filled out the primary paperwork. jeff joins us with the ought look for the next couple days. >> some measurable rainfall coming our way by mid-week. hopefully you can enjoy this break. we'll have some sunshine in the forecast before tomorrow. temperatures today felt kind of
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mild compared to what we've been dealing with lately, mid to upper 60s. right now the -- we're going to be following as we head through the next 48 hours. currently temperatures in the 40s, but not nearly as cold as it was about a week ago at this time. 48 in santa rosa, 52 in san jose and currently 48 right now in livermore. weather headlines showing mainly 40s as you wake up in the morning. for tuesday, our storm system still offshore. that will wait to move in until wednesday. it is getting rather close, at least a surge of moisture, but the rain going to hold off. the center of the storm system still hundred miles out here. we're going to get missed by the center of that storm, and just the bottom edge of that frontal system is going to head out in
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north carolina. for tuesday, primarily, we're looking at that cloud cover reaching and breaking sometime to the 50s. wednesday, that -- wow, right into the afternoon, still rainfall with us. we'll look at a chance of showers lingering right here into 5:00 a.m. thursday. we're looking at a quarter to a half inch from santa rosa down to lavato. a look here at tuesday's forecast, and we can expect 62 here in morgan hills, 64 in san treces. low 50s and 60s here on the peninsula, and we'll also look at some travls on the east bay. more time on the weather
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channel, and once again, rain returns as we head into wednesday and also for thursday. then looking ahead for the upcoming weekend, somewe swe at her coming our way with plenty of sunshine. we have news and sports coming up right after this. co
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the supreme court agreeing to weigh in on the supersized walmart discrimination suit. the company is accused of paying men better wages and giving them more opportunity than women who did similar jobs. six of the men including a greeter from the bay area filed
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a suit a year ago on behalf of a million fellow workers. >> we had no concept even how to apply from management. no one talked about management in our store. it never was addressed. there was a lot of hoops that you had to go through just to get promoted up into basic positions. >> walmart argues that a suit with more than a million litigants is just too big. walmart is being joined by other corporations to limit the size s
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good evening, here we go. on the surface it's a desperate move by a coach who is about to get fired, but if you look deeper, it actually makes some sense here. the 49ers are switching
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quarterbacks again. we just did this, didn't we, a couple weeks ago? stick around, a couple weeks from now we'll do it again. the buzz from santa clara tonight, the niners are benching troy smith and resurrecting alex smith. they might renew their spread offense this sunday. the spread offense is alex smith's strong point. as for mike singletary he continues to deal with the speculation that he's on the verge of being fired. >> any kind of reports or whatever that come out, and i know that there are many, you know, i told you before, i really don't read 'em. but if it's true, it's true. but until i know it's true, my eyes are on seattle. thank you very much. >> and with that, he ended his news conference today. this is a significant monday night filled with sadness yet fond memories. the death of don meredith, one of the original monday night
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football announcers there with howard cosell died. this is when everyone watched monday night. there were no cable tv extra channels. the showdown between the patriots and jets, tom brady picked apart the jets. new england dominates 45-3. like dandy don would say, turn out the lights, that party is over. the school has offered to sweeten the final four years of his contract so he doesn't leave. how sweet is sweet, though? practice today, getting ready for the orange bowl. the big news, though, andrew luck named one of the four heisman finalists. he had to leave practice early today to study for final exams. here we go with the sharks now. they looked amazing tonight and climbed out of last place. when was the last time the sharks were in last place? tonight who did they beat? just the best team in the conference. watch the back and forth between
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5-2 theth5-2 the final orwakasu. score. we're back in a moment to wrap things up. stay with us. at bank of america, we live and work here, with thousands of employees, hundreds of branches and hundreds of atms. every day, we're working to help set opportunity in motion... from supporting the redwood forest foundation and california academy of sciences to funding the green music center at sonoma state university because when you're giving, lending, and investing in more communities across the country, more opportunities happen.
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♪electronic santa song in more communities across the country,
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we like this one. finally, everyone wants to touch or take a picture with the bay area's newest superstar. it's the world series trophy and it travels with its own security detail. >> whenever we handle her, we have to have on white gloves. it's just a matter of keeping fingerprints off it. her. yeah, it's a her. >> it's a her. it's a she. that's the chief trophy officer, erin reilly, and the trophy is a she and she has a name. the giants players have named the trophy tiffany. >> of course. >> now the ladies perk up. they know all a that. that. >> thanks for joining us tonight.
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