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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 7, 2010 5:00am-6:00am PST

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>> we will get to the morning on the weekend forecast. we will look at an incident on southbound 880. a disabled motorcycle and not an accident, but the driver is standing there in the center divide with his or her vehicle. there will be a crew there soon, but the east bay is showing a nice flow with regard to the speeds on the freeways. no major issues down to the toll plaza. heading east towards stockton and tracy. you might encounter fog if that is your route. >> a bay area man accused of attacking a priest he claims molested him is due in court. will lynch is expected to enter a plea in superior court. he said father gerald linder molested him and his brother repeatedly for years. he told friends and family he will use the case to shame him
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and call attention to clergy abuse. medical cannibis is legal in california, but with the explosion of pot clubs it's more popular than ever. that is not enough for advocates. how they are now pushing the limits by hitting the streets. >> just like anyone who makes a living making deliveries, chris deals with the usual hassells. bad traffic, bad weather, bad dogs. >> big dogs. >> what makes him unlike other delivery folks is what he is carrying in the black case of his. >> he works for a san jose medical marijuana collective that not only allows patients to buy and medicate on site, but will also deliver to your door. >> there is multiple delivery services out there. >> daniel runs the service and
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said home delivery fits perfectly with prop 15 or compassionate use act passed by voters in 1996. >> they need to create a way that patients can get the medicine in a safe and reasonable manner. >> what are is simple and reasonable to him is quite complicated, at least legally. he himself was arrest bide santa clara deputies two months ago after making a delivery. still, we wanted to see what the transactions looked like and spent an afternoon riding along. the first delivery is at 12:30. it's a woman, a regular customer who has been in a wheelchair since a car accident back in the 1970s. the patients choose from 1/8 packages and there is a one-ounce limit. >> i schedule if they have certain strains.
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other times i just look what they have. >> a lot of people have been getting that recently. >> many customers are regulars, delivers often have a friendly feel to them. as for the actual deal? pretty mundane. as you can imagine, not unch is so nonchalant. >> it's a bad, bad idea. >> ron brooks is president of the association and said delivery complicates the efforts of towns trying to regulate medical marijuana, making it impossible to keep it out of neighborhoods or away from schools or daycares. that's important he believes because with the drugs comes danger. >> we know the pizza delivery drivers get robbed for a few dollars. think about the violence that could be associated with delivering marijuana. >> if there is one thing both sides agree on, a clearer set of
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laws and guidelines needs to be put in place. right now all we have a is a legal gray area big enough to drive a pickup truck through. garvin thomas, today in the bay. >> thanks a lot. daniel hoffland was arrested in a sting operation and 21 other people delivering marijuana. authorities say only a primary care did giver can give a patient marijuana. now all of his drivers filed papers to be considered primary care givers. the search will continue for a missing southern california hiker. michelle yu was hiking saturday when she disappeared. searchers have been unable to reach her by cell phone and they are worried she was injured because she was only supposed to take a day hike. she reportedly has food and water, but was not dressed for rain and snow. mount baldy is about 40 miles east of los angeles.
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a battle of david and goliath is waged in santa clara county. it goes against the city of san jose. people who live in the small patch could wind up with a new city, but the question is, will it be san jose or campbell? 36 residents say they would rather be a part of campbell, but city leaders have other plans. they will vote on whether to annex the area. people say they go ahead rather be campbell. >> i finally settled in my home and this is a great community. the next morning, you are governed by a different town, paying a different set of taxes. >> san jose city officials say as part of a settlement, the city can legally annex. san jose said the residents will be better off for it. trading $5 million for $1 million seems like a bad deal.
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supervisors will consider paying out more than $5 million to top level county managers and executives. in american return, there will be a cap on how much unused vacation they can cash in. some county workers protest the meeting and santa clara county faces a $272 million deficit. people all over the bay will take part in a national vigil and show support for the dream act. a vigil begins at 5:30 in san jose. students from san jose state, santa clara university and san jose city college are expected to attend. there will be a canned food drive and candlelight vigil in san francisco at 4:15 at st. john's church. the house is expected to vote on the dream act this week. if it passes, it would grant permanent residence to undocumented immigrant who graduate from college or serve
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in the military. a ship will be hauled out of the moth ball fleet. the uss alliance will be towed to a pier in san francisco where it will be dry docked and cleaned up and transported to the gulf coast for dismantling. it's part of the efforts to try to clean up the bay. the reliance is the 13th ship to leave the bay area since october of last year. a bay area nonprofit will hit a milestone. martha's kitchen will serve the two millionth meal. the kitchen served the homeless and hungry for 29 years and they serve about 200,000 meals a year. volunteers are especially busy in the holidays. a santa is now out of a job after he made what some say is a tasteless joke. the santa worked at the macy's union square in san francisco and why asked why he is so
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jolly, he said he knows where all the naughty boys and girls live and he was fired. he said he has been saying it for 20 years. macy's would not comment. the clock changed to 5:08. along the peninsula, it's moving nicely. construction picked up along 101. a nice drive from highway 92 up into the city. you are at the limit. southbound side between the san mateo and dumbarton bridges. both with a clear view will show you they are moving nicely and no cameras shaking. we had gusts of wind taking it on the hayward side and moving it around. a calmer drive across the section and the high-rise where sometimes we can get the gusts that will catch you from time to time. >> we want to check in with rob and take a look at the forecast and find out about those guys.
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>> not too bad and breezy conditions around parts of the bay area and san jose 45 degrees. into oakland, southeast at 7 and the camera is not bouncing around as much. into san francisco, light winds and you can see the reflection at 48 degrees and high clouds overhead. not the rain-producing type except for areas north of santa rosa. a powerful storm will slowly edge to the bay area come tomorrow and that will bring increasing chances of rain for tomorrow morning. today patchy fog east of livermore and around santa rosa and the temperatures for the the afternoon are looking mild. san jose south should climb into the mid 60s and the rain will come in and we will see big waves on the coast, up to 20 feet. we will watch that for thursday and if things stay dry for a change through the weekend. >> time now is 5:09. coming up, a high school student
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good morning. a live shot across the bay area with fairly clear skies. we will update you on what to expect coming up. a bay area toy factory are trying to make toys that are fun, safe and made from environmentally friendly materials. bob redell is in san leandro to explain what they make. >>s on the tough here.
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probably doesn't look familiar to you, but milk cartons and add yellow coloring and outcomes the top of a dump truck. it gets assembled in the factory. here you have got 100% green toy made entirely of recycled milk jug. you have robert vaughn, one of the cofounders. >> merry christmas. >> you are making joy. >> they said earlier you don't make toys this time of the morning. >> this holiday business has been off the charts and we are producing until the big day. >> what was your aha moment? >> i walked into one of the party stores where by definition everything is disposable and i said there is got to be a better
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way to do this. from that idea, wey started company green toys and it has been off the chart since. we are manufacturing up until christmas. >> it's not just dump trucks, but you have a tea set and a tugboat and blocks. >> the line has grown. we have things from kids as young as six months old to kids 10 years old. they are all made here in the bay area from 100% recycled milk jugs. >> you pay a little bit more, but you fill a lot more orders. despite what we are hearing, people are willing to go for it. >> especially in tight times, people are conscious of where they put their money. they are buying less items, but higher quality that drives our business. >> it's interesting. you have been married to your wife for 20 years and she does children's books. you're a toy designer. >> you have to be a kid at heart to be in the business.
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we are having the time of our life especially since everything is local. it's a dream come true. >> appreciate it. we will be hanging out and interestingly, this factory here in san leandro, you do a lot of work for the plant. what they are doing now here is saving their skin. meantime live here in san leandro. >> i have an old milk jug i can donate to the cause if they want it. >> good. >> thanks a lot. a warning for pregnant women who use cell phones. kids who are exposed to cell phones before and after birth are 50% more likely to have behavioral problems. researchers say a mother's age, exposure to alcohol and baby's birth weight did not change the results. kids exposed before birth were 40% more likely. children not exposed before birth, but did have access to
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cell phones before the age of 7 were 20% more likely. a bay area high school student is making the bay area proud after a scientific discovery that could day help people who get organ transplants. scott spoke with the high school student who is garnering a lot of national attention these days. >> most parents are happy to help their kids write a paper for science class or look it over and check the spelling. we doubt most of them could spell the words in the paper. and lieu liu joins us and the siemans foundation now. you got a big prize for this. you just found this out. a big prize. >> yeah. i won a $20,000 scholarship for my project presented in the
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nationalifiab finals. >> can you give an explanationas to what it is you discovered? >> i'm serving for which parts of the body cause the disease transplant rejection. that's a real problem because there more than 28,000 organ transplants performed and the system rejects it. i developed a computational algo rhythm that takes data and finds which path ways are causing the disease. >> how in the world did you begin to -- this is not something they go over in biology class in high school. they didn't when i was in high school. >> yeah. i have been into computer science for a long time, ever since middle school. i heard about the position at
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stanford and it seemed appealing because of the chance to apply computer science to study disease with immediate impact. this is a project i researched for quite a while. >> let me ask you, here in silicon valley, science is a popular subject. the ability to have these kids come in with money and have a competition really spreads the message of science and technology education. >> absolutely. this is what it's all about in the competition. our job is to create role models through very intense competition in math and science for students to be able to achieve and then go on to college and pursue their scientific careers. we would like other students to look up to them and say boy, this math and science is fun and math and science is the key to be able to solve many of the
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issues we have in the globe today. >> andrew and thomas, congratulations on this. andrew, i'm going to be an early investor in your company. i think you have a good future. thanks for joining us. >> thank you. >> good stuff. back to you. >> highly intellectual, i might say. andrew heard about the opportunity at stanford and i still don't know what it is. >> i couldn't look it up if i wanted to. >> come over here and give us private tutoring. that title alone. we know we can sort this out. an 18-minute drive down to the toll plaza. a nice drive off of the bridge down to the toll plaza. get on the roads at the freeway if it is your commute. you have a nice that will start to slow. considerably slower here. the benicia bridge not so bad. 2458 hold through the 24 and the walnut interchange.
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aspect ok already starting to dip in the speeds. a 55 around l street and 20 minutes, i will show you this again. it should be below 30. that's what i will forecast for the initial slowing we see. take you back over to the golden gate with the drive out of the north bay. glowing lights, but a clear view. fog not really an issue unless you are going towards the central valley or far, far north. rob has a look at the changes coming up in the forecast. he will have that forecast in a moment. >> thanks a lot. coming up, this is for the birds or the bird lovers. the most expensive book in the world is for sale. we will tell you what it has to do with the fine feathered friends, coming up.
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>> off to a pretty nice start. temperatures in the 40s. the winds will pick up later this afternoon, but a dry start to the morning in san jose and san francisco. 48 degrees with high clouds into oakland. sfreat degrees and southeast wind at 7 miles per hour. the main weather concern will be patchy fog. we are seeing that around santa rosa. nice temperatures and mild 60s and around this time tomorrow, more showers to follow.
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the clouds around the bay area, the radar going and not a lot under the clouds right now. more action offshore. look at the weather system spinning off to the west. this is a large area of low pressure, fanning a lot of wind and eventually big surf beginning late tomorrow. patchy fog off to the east and temperatures in the upper 50s around the north bay and 60s especially from san jose southward. for tomorrow, probably the wettest day for the rest of the week. breezy and rain off and on and the potential for high surf. placing like morgan hill and gilroy with highs in the 60s and the temperatures running cooler north of san francisco. the clouds continue to fill in. we will see highs in the low 60s into solano county. for the north bay, highs in the low 60s for santa rosa and 50s for lake port should will see a slight chance of showers around
5:26 am
lake and mendocino county for the afternoon. the rain comes in and the surf starts to approach. here's the good news for the weekend plans. dry in spots and may get close to 70 by the end of the week. that's a change for us. >> it looks nice. the world's most expensive book hits the auction block. buries of america will go on sale in london. it was printed in double elephant size that james john invented to portray the birds as it would be in size. it is an essential piece of history. >> birds of america is one of the most important illustrated books produced. one of the biggest books and one of the most spectacular. >> birds of america is expected to suggest for $6-8 million. a chunk of change there. a copy of shakespeare's first folio and letters related to the
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imprisonment of mary queen of scotts and queen elizabeth. 5:26. in the wake of the san bruno explosion, a meeting to make sure the pipe lines are safe. >> we will tell you what sent a northern california teen to the hospital. the date that will live in infamy. how the bay area is remembering the attack on pearl harbor today. >> a live look outside, we know it's not raining. rob has the continued look at the forecast throughout the morning.
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new this morning, searching for answers. trying to figure out what happened and we will have a live report with the latest coming up next. >> pearl harbor survivors gathered for a ceremoniy in the east bay. this year there is added significance. a live look from the south bay. today is december 7th. you are watching today in the bay. >> good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm brent cannon. laura is on assignment today. we want to get you started with a quick look at the forecast. rob? >> off to a pleasant start and patchy fog around the north bay
5:31 am
and san francisco looking good. 48 degrees and not much wind and not much in the way of raindrops for today. the temperatures towards the afternoon, san jose southward before the clouds start to fill in and the clouds will bring rain our way as part of a storm system that will fan big waves to the coast as well. checking the tuesday commute, here's mike. >> the rad ways and a car that went off near the bridge off into the ditch. that's better news for the driver and slowing as the crew arrives. no lanes are blocked from the toll plaza to the peninsula with the tail lights. the winds are calmer than yesterday. a pleasant drive and it's building around the bay. >> fire investigators will be back at a home in oakland that exploded that left a 61-year-old man critically burn and his house is destroyed. they think a gas line exploded
5:32 am
on 87th avenue near mac arthur. the blast collapsed part of the house and the roof is covering what used to be the second story. it also blew out the windows of a nearby house. several neighbors they watching when they felt a rumble and heard a blast. >> my wife said it was an eak. when i ran out of the door, i said no, it was an explosion. >> it was a rumble and you could see the fire and feel the heat from inside the room. my grandma, she got up and she looked outside and our neighbor, her neighbor was outside and he was on fire. the man who was burned came out on fire. neighbors grabbed blankets to smother the flame. he is at highland hospital. they may have been smelling gas
5:33 am
and could be related to construction being done on the second floor of the house. it raises more questions about how safe pipelines are in the communities. you can find out more about the upkeep and safety of gas lines at a forum in san bruno today. the assembly utilities will host a town hall meeting that starts at 5:00. several lawmakers will be there including jerry hill and assembly woman. people will remember pearl harbor day today. 69 years ago today, the japanese bombed the base in hawaii and today in the bay's christie smith is live where a commemoration will take place late or today. christie? >> good morning. this is the 47th year that survivor who is live here in the east bay gathered for the ceremony. they share stories and light a beacon on top, but each year there seems to be a little bit more significance and urgency
5:34 am
because the numbers are declining of those who witnessed one of the deadliest attacks on american soil prompting direct u.s. involvement in world war ii. four members of the chapter of the pearl harbor survivor's association in hawaii on december seventh, 1941 passed away this summer. out of the 60,000 military personal on the island in 1941, it is estimated there only 3,000 left in the entire united states. the group called the sons and daughters of the pearl harbor survivors is working to preserve the history. locally survivors will stop at a school in concord and talk to students before heading up to mount diablo later. over the year, fog and clouds made the beacon difficult to see, but what matters is they want to know it's lit for those who died on december 7 th.
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it starts this afternoon at 3:45. live in concord, today in the bay. >> thanks for the update. the aclu is demanding answers from the state of california. they want documents turned over that detail the purchase of execution drugs. they bought a drug used in the cocktail from britain and they want to know why the state was secretive about the deal and if using the drug from britain is legal. there is no death penalty in britain and their government banned the export of the drug to the united states, however the purchase was made before the ban was in place. a northern california teen is hurt by a prank on you tube. it's called fire in the hole and dozens of clips are shown drenching fast food employees with soft drinks.
5:36 am
but a recent customer threw a hot cup of spinach and the cashier has second and third-degree burns. he talked about what he thinks about the videos on the web. >> it's appalling that people think it's a really funny joke to pull. >> police are still looking for the people who injured him and they could face felony assault charges. more tug of war over the plan to cash in on a large pot farm in the east bay. the richmond city council will discuss the development. one idea is to use the area as a medical marijuana farm that analysts say will generate tax dollars and provide jobs. they also say it's risky. other ideas are an office park, wildlife preserve or a green development. you may have noticed gas prices are creeping up. the national average for a gallon of regular gas is $2.95.
5:37 am
that's $32 cents more than a year ago and the highest price in three decembers. the hike comes at a tough time for many drivers. >> crist smas coming and we are all getting ready to have trips and vacations. they are trying it get in our pocket books. >> analysts say if oil prices do fot go down, we could see prices hit $3 or more by the end of the year. here in the bay area, we are well beyond $3 a gallon already. in san francisco the average is 3.30, up about three cents from last year. in san jose, it's 3.24, up 34 sends. in oakland, up 34 cents a gallon. mike singletary is trying to figure out a way to win. he is doing a quarterback shuffle. alex smith will be back as a starter and it's possible with frank gore out, singletary is trying to go to the spread
5:38 am
offense which is a strike for smith. the 49ers play seattle on sunday. we will see if it works. andrew luck may be a lucky man. one of four finalfinalists. he will talk to the media and he is stanford's starting quarterback and they ranked fourth in the country. it's 5:38 and we want to get the latest on the commute. >> i will take you to antioch for two reasons. i was going to show you right on schedule, the speeds are less than half. speeds below 30 coming over from g street creeping over towards a street over in the area. in the last three minutes, they heard about an investigation just north of the freeway. it won't affect your access, but it involves a hit-and-run. the person who was hit in the accident on surface streets died at the hospital. they will be going on for a short time. we will follow the developments there, but the weather at least
5:39 am
over the delta is looking good. >> not too much in the way of fog. the temperatures are not too bad. 40s outside. we have clouds over the bay area. for now the rain will hold off as we watch a couple of things coming up. big waves heading to the coast and eventually more rain back to the bay area. not today. mild temperatures and clouds for the afternoon. we will see a chance of showers north of santa rosa. tomorrow around this time, plan on the rain coming back in. big surf on the coastline on wednesday as the temperatures drop off and the rain starts to fly for the middle of the week. today looks nice and you will see mid 60s and cooler across the north bay. lake port and ukiah and north of healdsberg and the raindrops south. after the showers leave on friday, the weekend looks dry and inland spots start to warm up to round out the weekend. >> time is 5:39.
5:40 am
new rankings with a state by state comparison with health care. we will look at where california ranks. we will look at if you have to pay more in taxes next year. the president is working things out with the bush tax cuts. >> i'm bob redell here in san leandro to tell you what this has to do with that. we are talking about green toys. [ male announcer ] enjoy an amazing usda choice steak
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40 million. yeah, that's more than geico and progressive combined. by a lot. 40 million drivers. more savings. and discounts up to 40%. where else you gonna get discounts like that? call an agent at 1-800-state-farm or go online. good morning and 5:42 with another live look outside. a cool start to the day, but i think overall a little rain here and there. good weather coming our way.
5:43 am
the 21st annual health rankings are out, the longest running national assessment on a state by state basis. it looks at everything from crime and substance abuse to air pollution. today in the bay's tracy pots is live in washington, d.c. with a look at the numbers and where california ranks. >> california slipped a bit from number 23 to 26. several things california is doing right according to the report, not a lot of smoking and a lot of women getting early prenatal care in the state and a low infant mortality rate. the state has challenges too. a lot of infectious disease in california as you might imagine. high levels of air pollution contributing to bat health and a lot of people who are uninsured cannot see a doctor. that's california. the big picture is overall the nation's health improved by 1% from last year. that may not sound like a lot, but it's twice as much as we saw over the last decade.
5:44 am
lots of things going right here. less smoking and less crime and disease. fewer people dying from heart disease. fewer people being hospitalized for preventable illnesses. they do point out that obesity and childhood poverty are big issues, but we are seeing incremental progress. tracie potts for today in the bay. >> thanks a lot and time is 5:44. good morning and thanks for joining us. laura is on assignment. first, the ninth circuit court of appeals in san francisco will decide the fate of the legal status in the battle over prop 8. our legal analyst is here with us this morning with what we can take from yesterday's hearing. we got to see this one. it was on c-span. there was anything you saw that stood out that gives you any indication where the court stands on the issue? >> the court was concerned about two issues.
5:45 am
are the proponents of prop 8 as opposed to the general the proper pears to bring the appeal? if they decide they are not, it may be over sooner rather than later. the court focused on the reason that prop 8 exists. is it a compelling state interest to deny same-sex couples the right to marry? what is the governmental interest? that could turn it case. >> "san francisco chronicle" said the judges hinted at a ruling that let gays and lesbians marry, but keep other state laws intact. was that indicated in what happened yesterday? >> the ninth circuit will take the most narrow approach possible. this was only three justices of the ninth circuit and not the entire ninth circuit and not the supreme court. they are going to look at this and say we will only look at the judge's decision as opposed to issuing a broad ruling across the united states. tray will try if they can, but
5:46 am
this is an issue of national importance. probably one of the most we have today. it's important that the court make a ruling that gives guidance to everyone. >> do you think this is going to go to the supreme court? a lot of people are saying they think it will. i also heard another report that said the way this process goes along could drag this out quite a bit and the justices may say we don't want to make a ruling that will drag it on and on. we top the make a different ruling and have a conclusion to what we got before us today. >> the case will get to the u.s. supreme court. there state decisions coming up across the united states. very, very important. i think it will make its way there. whether the court waits to see if there is conflict is the question. i think ultimately the united states supreme court will weigh in on the issue. it is that important. >> it seems like there two issues here. one is the constitutional rights of gay people to marry.
5:47 am
the other is that some voters say do the courts get to govern the land? the voters went to the poll and they decided. who gets the final say? will that issue come up? >> the justices spent a lot of time on that issue. it was the will of the people that voted for proposition 8. the constitution protects the interest of the minority. you have those two competing and that's the way the court will decide whether you can deny individuals under the equal protection clause the right to marry even though the will of the people has spoken. >> we will be talking more in the 6:00 hour. we will see. it's going to be a while before we get a ruling. getting set for the first of traffic and hopefully you will have this accident cleared. right now the cars off of the roadway into a ditch before you
5:48 am
get to the san mateo toll plaza. no major injuries, but more crews arrive on scene and will thereby for 15 to 20 minutes and the drive off of 880 and an easy smooth transition through the zone. the castro valley y is showing the sensors changing with more folks going through there. no major slowing to increase there. westbound 580 out of the pass, a 15-minute drive and slowing into livermore and through livermore and fog towards stockton and a live look at the bay bridge. as the volume increases, lights in the city are disappearing. maybe fog. >> we are starting to see some. light winds and fog the only concern. we are watching the rain for you as well on the local radar out of the santa cruz mountains and sacramento. green well offshore. the earth is a curved surface and the radar shoots higher in
5:49 am
the atmosphere. probably not reaching the ocean, but showing us we have more clouds and moisture coming in. that's real rain offshore around yreka. low pressure fanning big waves towards the coast. shoez should arrive towards wednesday and thursday. 15 to 20-foot waves in the northern california coastline. no worries about rain this morning. patchy fog could show you down out to the trivalley and the north bay. the afternoon looks good. san jose southward in the 60s. 50s across the north bay and come this time tomorrow, the rain comes back. we will see a cool down for the week and we will clear out and warm up into the weekend. >> thanks a lot, rob. a bay area factory is busy making unique toys for kids that they say are safe for children and the environment. bob redell is joining us live from san leandro with the story. bob?
5:50 am
>> they are using the type of tharl is probably sitting on your breakfast table. this is the milk jug. this is an injection. they are melt and put into a dye. you see the two pieces right there are fuel-injected with the melted plastic. it's about to separate and we can get a good idea about what's inside. it will be two more minutes. bear with me. three more minutes. is it worth the wait? do you want to see what's inside? >> i can't wait. what do we have? >> the robot arms are taken out. the piece of yellow plastic.
5:51 am
give you a better idea of what it is. one of the biggest products, how are you, robert? >> making a dump truck. >> out of recycled plastic. >> these are recycled milk jugs that people throw in the recycle bin and we make dump trucks out of them. >> when you think of milk jug plastic that is thin and viable and this is much more durable and rigid. just from an nrnling point, this has been a challenge. >> when you think of a milk jug, it's thin and easy to do. it takes silicon valley technology to pull it off. >> how are your sales? how is your business? you have been doing this for five years? >> it's off the charts. we are growing at 70% a year. 3,000 customers at retail locations in the united states.
5:52 am
we are in 12 countries. >> what are do you attribute it to? >> small business is struggling in the economy. >> it's made in the states and completely safe with no harmful chemicals. it's the combination and parents really care about what goes into toys. >> appreciate it. live here in san leandro. >> i have to say that's pretty cool. i kind of recognized the pieces that came out because of that. new this morning, the founder of wiki leaks is in jail and due in a british courtroom. he surrendered to london police earlier this morning as part of a sex crimes investigation. he is reportedly going to fight efforts to extradite him to sweden and could be released on bail until a judge decides if he will be extradited.
5:53 am
two women in sweden alleged he rape and sexually molested them. new details on the health of elizabeth edwards. they halted treatment for her cancer. edwards thanks supporters on her facebook page. the 61-year-old is gravely ill and rest in her north carolina home and that includes her husband john edwards. many democrats said president obama is giving in when it comes to taxes, but the president's plan would get unemployment checks back in the hands of those who don't have jobs. he had to compromise when it comes to tax breaks for the rich. the deal is encouraging for republicans and democrats say it's fiscally irresponsible unfair. >> for a democratic president, house, and senate to be following the bush economic philosophy of tax breaks for millionaires and billionaires is wrong. i will do whatever i can to see
5:54 am
that 60 votes are not acquired to pass this piece of legislation. >> the president reluctantly agreed to keep tax breaks for the wealthiest americans for two years. it is part of a compromise to preserve tax cuts for the middle class, but could cost about a half trillion dollars. taxpayers get a huge profit on the bailout of citigroup. the treasury department struck a deal to sell remaining holdings in citigroup common stock. the sale of nearly 2.5 billion shares is expected to make $12 billion in profits for taxpayers. citigroup got the taxpayer funds in 2008 as part of the largest bailout by the government. it tried to contain the worst financial crisis to hit the nation since the 1930s. put your kids in an organized sport may not guarantee they get the exercise they need. a study finds under a quarter of kids in organized sports like
5:55 am
soccer or softball are meeting the national guidelines of 60 minutes of physical activity per day. that's despite playing in games and practices. the study found soccer players, boys and younger children were more likely to get the daily exercise they need. speaking of exercise, good health is on the lesson plan. a couple of raiders players will thurgood marshall elementary to talk about the experience of good health. darius hayward bay and the defensive end matt shaughnessy will lead the kids in physical fitness. it's part of the play 60 campaign to get children and teens at least an hour of exercise per day. >> boy did you lose the rock, paper, scissors. a big apple in the bay area. the rockets are in town for the radio city tour. we have vanessa and amanda.
5:56 am
the show has been going on for 78 years. if i go to hp paville or yon, i will see what i could see at radio city music hall? >> that's right. it's the same, but on a bigger scale. it will be at the oracle on the 16th and 17th and here in san jose on the 18th and 19th. >> what makes it a bigger scale? >> the arena tour is especially made for the large arenas for thousands and thousands of people. we have the costumes and the sets are larger than life and we travel with the largest led screens. the audience will be taking on a journey through new york city like they are really there. >> fantastic. i heard great things and we will talk more about you later as well. thanks for being with us this morning. >> you can pick up dvds of the giants world series today. you may want to wait to see why. they arrest the founder of the wikileaks. we will see if this means the
5:57 am
end of leaked secret documents and president obama makes a deal to extend tax cuts and unemployment. what it means for you in dollars and cents coming up. you are looking at a live picture of the bay bridge. ♪
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try it today. new this morning, big developments in the wikileaks scandal and details on the arrests of the founder coming up. >> pearl harbor survivors gather in the east bay to share their stories. there may be an added


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