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tv   NBC11 News The Bay Area at 6  NBC  December 9, 2010 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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bridge construction project is actually ahead of schedule. if you can believe that. here is the live look at the bridge now. busy with the evening commute, as it is every week night. nbc bay area's tracy grant is live to show us how a project mired in delays and misp hhaps e progress. here's her report. >> to get it where it is. we have never stopped trying to bring it in -- >> reporter: caltrans is declaring success, agency in charge of the project to build a brand new, seismically superior bridge was fighting off charges the effort was way behind. but today caltrans has announced the exact opposite. instead of westbound span opening three years from now and rest of the bridge opening four to six months after that. drivers should have access to the entire bridge all at once, bite end of 2013. some commuters seem surprised by the schedule while others were
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just skeptical. >> i'm excited they're coming along. xa in an expeditious manner. >> the people who use the bridge will be elated i guess. a new bridge that is more safe. but -- whole thing doesn't make a lot of sense. >> financial incentives help the company fabricating the steel usedsuspension. working out alignment in the plans helped construction on this end. >> the bridge obviously is one of most complex engineering endeavors in the history. what we have done is along the way, allow our engineers and look for ways to improve the project. >> now, it is still very fresh in commuters' mind. last november, the bay bridge reopened after nine days of being shut down. with a piece of equipment
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failed. and before that, labor day project, stretched beyond that. also leaving commuters stranded. now, the bay bridge people work on the bay bridge say that none of the things kept them from moving forward with progress on the new bay bridge. that is how they have been able to come out ahead. live on treasure island. tracy grant. nbc bay area news. >> thank you very much. okay. the last couple days. no matter what will happen. last cup days driving anywhere has not been good for commuters. because of the downpour making the roads soggy and quite frankly dangerous. >> sure. jennifer hill tracking the storm from our weather center. maybe good news out on the horizon, some where, jennifer? >> yes, we have sunshine out there on the horizon. interesting to see tracy on treasure island where it is so nice. over on the bridge, a completely different story. watch out for some fog duringorg the morning commute tomorrow morning. we see the fog, right now, on the golden gate bridge. expecting a lotf fog to start
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forming this weekend. currently looking at 59 degrees, 62 in concord. 62 in livermore. 62 in santa cruz. weather pattern hanging on to a moist weather pattern. see the jet stream, pointing itself right towards us. bringing showers on shore. not the heavy rain that we saw yesterday, for tomorrow, expect some showers, especially north of the bay, and saturday, i was saying, watch out for the dense fog. saturday, drier weather nosing in. sunshine returning to the region. as we look at the forecast for the rainfall, 9:00 a.m. tomorrow. light showers, forecast. so we are progressing towards sunshine. and less rain. again, the areas most effectively north of the bay. hanging around tomorrow. especially along the area beaches, stinson, to the north. watch out for rainfall. and we know that the wet weather can create havoc on the roads. and when fogle rolls in, it means, double trouble for those
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trying to get some where in a hurry. kent shows us some trouble spots. >> weather brought waves to beach and to the streets today. throw in slippery roads. >> is it a slide or accident. >> travelers along devils slide, fog up there, creates problems down here. >> how long have you been waiting here? >> 25 minutes. >> wet roads led to a rollover accident along highway 1. add fog to ensuing backup. >> two accidents up there. >> any idea how long it will be? >> they keep extending it. >> the update is not good for some. not bad for others. >> i got all day. when it is wet. got to take it easy on the road here. it is pretty slick. >> shannon white, not as much. >> though the exits were removed. the fog remained. that made driving treacherous for those unacuss tkuccustomed
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coast. >> foreign countries, they're just visiting. you know, they don't know. >> for surfers pondering the waves. they didn't neither. some where in pacifica, nbc bay area news. >> well the pot club crackdown in south bay. police raiding to close a dispensery. angering patients in the process. scott budman is liveout side the san jose pot club tonight. >> the club was raided. bags, equipme . >> lights and computers the equipment take ep frn from this branch, in meridian and kent street in san jose, a third dispensery was raided in gilroy.
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>> and why? >> they're conducting an investigation regarding obviously illicit marijuana sales. >> santa clara county law officials say the raids came because they suspect owners of selling marijuana illegally and laundering the money through financial institutions. those who gathered outside to protest the police action, say the raids themselves are misplaced. >> this right here what's going on is totally is legal. this task force is designed specific to suppress methamphetamine use. instead they're here, for something that's been legalized for the state of california. >> woe have been working with the city of san jose day one to get central regulations set and put forth. this is the reaction. unjust, that come in. they're coming in. feel they're above law. >> not everyone was unhappy to
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see the police. one neighbor says he wishes this business would just go away. >> if patients need it they should get it through, how people get their medicine. to the pharmacy. not across the street next to -- you know, child, child program across the street. or just in plain view of passing traffic. >> police tell us they also detained a number of people as part of today's raids. as of this evening, though, we don't have any names. reporting live, scott budman. nbc news. rebuilding trust. a move by the san jose police department to change the way it deals with traffic stops on unlicensed drivers. is meeting with praise from some quarters tonight. a group called p.a.c.t. gathered. at a san jose church. they talked about what appears to be the end of their two-year struggle against a police policy
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of in pounding cars when unlicensed drivers are stopped. they feel it unfairly targeted undocknumented workers. the group says changing the po see will help police rebuild relations with the immigrant community. >> to be able to work with our police department. chief of police. to be able to change the policy that was unfairly and disproportionately harming people. >> p.a.c.t. says police are moving in the right direction but waiting to see final language. oakland police need your help finding a missing man who suffers from dimentia. 90-year-old, robert liechtenstein, who vanished during his afternoon walk, 4200 gregory street. if you have seen him or have information, call oakland p.d., missing persons. schwarzenegger's plans for closing the state's budget gap seem dead on arrival.
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budget committees from the assembly and state senate, for the first time since the governor declared special session. they heard from legislative analyst and the governor's finance team. all talking about this year's $6 billion budget deficit and the $25 billion short fall protected for next year. neither committee took much time to look at the governor's proposed solutions. democratic leaders say it is a rehash of what nay rejected in october. republicans say, democrats are putting off tough decisions. >> just the same old thing. we dispatched it rather quickly. today's meeting. this week's meeting is like an obese, under exercised patient going to the doctor shopping for yet another opinion when the first opinion was you have got to lose weight. you have got to start exercising or you will have a heart attack and die. >> both the assembly and senate budget committees adjourned without setting any future hearing dates during the special session. >> awesome pull breakfast making
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a difference for families whose lives touched by homicide in oakland. the group hosted a fund raiser today. the money raised will go towards helping families cope after somebody is kid. the group offers support services and helps with memorials. the founder herself lost her son to gun violence ten years ago. >> after our son died. i think there were something like 20, 30 people that got killed. we just begin to reach out to families. because the i was so desperate not to, not to hurt. i wanted to heal. that's the way i started doing it. >> fund raiser was held at the home of chicken and waffles jack london square. it helped 80 families this year alone. just ahead tonight -- the dueling today that means you may save money on your child's education. plus, one bay area social media giant helps bridge the digital divide. heavy rain, yesterday. lighter ran today.
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what's in store for tomorewe d?n f weekend? urasyoec c fisg t inupom.or
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a live look at 880. lots of traffic heading northbound. shrew of red lights. the rain has stopped. still pretty congested on the roadways. for years parents of high school students have complained that california's supposed free public schools, aren't really so free at all. charging fees for uniforms, calculators and it goes on. >> reporter: getting out of class this afternoon. students at said they or their parents do indeed shell out money at least once a year. >> pay for gym uniforms and my
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shirt and shorts. >> the schwarzenegger administration announced that will soon stop. it setted the lawsuit filed by the american civil liberties union. aclu said schools are violating students' right to a free education by charging for extracurricular, uniforms, supplies some times books. >> we have students their names were put on the board, for not being able to afford the textbook. >> aclu said fulsome high has been charging $25 to $35 for art supplies. and a high school, charging up to $550 for athletics. >> the governor believes public education should be a free education. when we are charging it is not free public education. >> mr. nan 25 years since the california supreme court ruled that school fees are illegal. some parents hatch sued individually. most, however just paid up. >> now, as part of the
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settlement, the state will remind schools not to charge fees, check their books make sure they don't. and order reimbursements if they do. >> we don't know how the settlement may or may not affect our program. >> the settlement needs approval by a judge and legislation to set up the reimbursement system. not retroactive. any fees already paid are gone. the social media site twitter is helping close the technology gap in the united states. a new survey by pew research shows that out of the 8% of american internet users who visit twitter, a majority of them are latinos and african-americans. the survey shows, 18% are hispanic users. 13%, african-american users. only 5% are caucasian web goers. researchers credit rise of web-enabled smart phones, of helping ease the so-called digital divide in the country.
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new study on how electromagnetic radiation, think wi-fi affects plants is raising eyebrows and concern tonight as well. for five years, researchers in holland, studied trees near six sources of radiation like ones use ford wireless. they found a metallic luster appeared. followed by a death of the portion of the leaf. the study caused such a stir it issues a statement to calm nerves saying results are preliminary. at this point inconclusive. >> one side says absolutely. frying our brains, frying our children, frying the environment. all of these signals passing to us around us. others say, where is the evidence? >> roughly 16 studies have looked into the effect that mobile communication may have on plants. all of the results mixed at this point. >> well there is good news from the job front. on the other hand if you are collecting unep mroiment, tmplo
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democrats could end the benefits. new applications for jobless benefits dropped last week, second lowest level of the year. just one week. but at least a temporary sign companies aren't cutting, fewer jobs. as for the tax compromise that is being battled over in washington, it is causing a rift among democratic lawmakers. house democrats voted to reject the deal between the white house and congressional republicans. the deal extends bush era tax cuts in exchange for extending unemployment benefits. >> california getting ohio, wisconsin's castoffs. since the newly elected republican governors in ohio and washington do not favor rail projects the they asked if they could spend the transportation money on other projects. answer from washington no. so california gets an extra $600 million. dianne feinstein says no other state is ready for high speed
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rail. ten other states are getting lesser amounts. >> if it is true there is no place like home for the holidays, then three california sea lions in a happy place tonight. all set free along marin's beach after nursed back to health at the marine mammal center. they were adult males, rescued during the past two months two from monterey, third from san mateo. sea lion, taylor's day had a bacterial infection. second streak having troubles with a flipper. dabe brought in with malnutrition. you would never know any had serious issues, to see them cavorting this morning. in fact when the marine mammal center, handlers tried to round them up for a return to the sea, none was cooperative. ultimately they were herded into separate carts and trucked down the hill to rodeo beach. time to return to their natural
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h habitat. jim oswald speaks for the marine mammal center. >> today is a wonderful day for the mammals they get to go off to the ocean, in a sense, home for their holidays. >> the firmst animal to be reap leased with of students and parents looking on. seemed a bit unclerar. veering offcourse. >> the others knew what was waiting as evidenced by this dash across the beach to the freedom of the sea. tonight they're all back in the water. whether swimming in the ocean or kicking back at pier 39. they're healed and home. >> apparently, happy. did you see the mad dash. amazing. >> was indeed. >> very nice. >> knew where to go. >> really, for the sea lions, the weather nay like. >> jennifer him. not the kind of weather we like. certainly the kind they like. >> exactly. hearing a lot of complaints about the weather. i have good news. it is going to get better tucht
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night scattered showers across the area. and also patchy fog. seen that along the golden gate bridge. tomorrow, transix day. represent were how rainy yesterday. some showers today. few more showers tomorrow. in the north bay. then for this weekend. we'll see fog in the morning. we will see sunshine. let's take a live look outside. in downtown san jose, where the christmas celebration is going on. it's very nice outside. you can bundle up this evening. if you do see a passing rain shower. very quick. nice night to get out there. you want few get out there this weekend. pretty good for that. right now temperatures in the 60s. in the 50s. 66 in livermore. 62, gilroy. warm, 64. 59 right now. looking at a futurecast. where we are expecting rainfall tomorrow. starting 5:00 a.m. tomorrow. put things in motion. we see quite a bit of cloud cover. notice don't see the big green splotchy things. expecting for the rain.
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3:00. north bay, seek a lot of the activity for tomorrow. not a lot of heavy rainfall. maybe snow up towards the sierra then on saturday. we may see drizzle. alock t along the coastline. north of the bay. clearing out. high pressure building. getting rid of the clouds. by the time we reach saturday evening. things should start to clear out. quick look at the radar right now. we see the showers, passing through. very sparse compared to the big band of rain we saw yesterday. see those moving over towards the east. lighter showers down to the south of the bay. coming in closer here. we have seen some light rain moving through, santa rosa, to the north of santa rosa. to the south we saw heavy rain, around 5:00, gilroy, morgan hill. since then haven't seen a lot of activity at awe. here is the set up the we of course have the jet stream. a lot of moisture. going to continue like that. for tomorrow. through part of saturday. that's when high pressure will start to nose in.
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with that pacific moisture away from us. we'll start to see clearing skies cupping our way for saturday. tomorrow a transition day. farther south snep sunnier. we have sunshine in store for the weekend. especially heading to the football gay. -- especially heading to the football game. the forecast highs they are getting warmer as our forecast includes more sunshine. >> all right, thank you, jen. >> well, just ahead, san jose officers help students in need. a shopping spree and lesson in giving, coming up. >> then alowo t bay gwo tayht r advocates in the fight to appeal don't ask/don't tell. get oscillo and feel like yourself again. oscillococcinum, nip it in the bud.
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[ malhis day starts thwith his arthritis pain.. that's breakfast with two pills. the morning is over, it's time for two more pills. the day marches on, back to more pills. and when he's finally home... but hang on; just two aleve can keep arthritis pain away all day with fewer pills than tylenol. this is steven, who chose aleve and 2 pills for a day free of pain. and get the all day pain relief of aleve in liquid gels. chance to shop with a cop today. the students, nearly destroyed, the elementary school, over the
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summer. 26 shoppers, teamed up with officers to get $100 spree at target. they could buy gifts for themselves for families. officers say it feels good to give back. parents say it's nice to see their kids receive. >> to watch them go crazy. their mind go, really, out there, really, because, planned this for a while. he had it staked out. >> this is the third year of the shop with a cop event. >> well, the world's largest, greenest air ship heading to the bay area. nasa aims research center at moffet field will house the bullet class 580. 235 feet long. designed to fly on algae based biofuel, 74 miles an hour. altitudes up to 20,000 feet. e-green technology based in alabama is leasing space at moffet to develop and test the air ship. the bullet is scheduled to arrive in mountain view early
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next year. just ahead. how do you blow up a house full of ex-pl explosives without any one getting hurt. the big boom. >> shutting off the flow of millions of gallons in the gulf came to a bay area scientist. how a to e-mails helped. >> celebrated san francisco mansion revelsz als an infamous past. gold bond. this stuff really works.
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veri ln 4gte. rule the air on the most advanced 4g network in the world.
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wow indeed. explosives, made this no ordinary house fire. when authorities found this house packed with bomb making materials, they decided it would be safer to burn it down. than to remove all the stuff. greg bledsoe from san diego shows us why and if it worked. >> this is the day that he has been waiting for. >> uncertainty comes to find.
6:29 pm
>> nervously, for three weeks. >> hiss houmy house could go up flames. >> wow. >> there we go. it's going. whoa. we have an explosion. don't want to hear that. >> but hethe noises are not new. >> what is different. now he knows what is inside the house? >> can't tell. a big tree in the way. >> does moot know whnot know wh do. >> smoke starts coming from his own yard. >> wow. >> think it is my house. don't know. >> turns out it's only a tree. >> a tree. good. good. not the house. >> then a part of the burning house collapses on to his property. again, near miss. >> didn't hit the house. very happy about that. >> and happy about the ending. >> well, that's that. >> the house is safe. and the next step, going home.
6:30 pm
>> i guess not. senate republicans, blocked legislation that would have repealed the military's don't ask, don't tell policy. >> the yeas are 57, the nays are 40. >> and with that, 57/40 vote. democrats failed to sense the procedural deal. falling short of the 60 votes needed for passage. the vote makes congressional action on the repeal unlikely any time soon. the courts may yet weigh in. the 1993 law, bans gay troops from publicly acknowledging their sexual orientation. the repeal would have allowed gays to serve openly in the military. the wait continues for supporters rallying around the dream act. which would give foreign born students brought into the u.s. as children, a chance to become legal citizens if they serve in the military.
6:31 pm
a day after the house passed the bill, the senate delayed a vote on it this morning. senate majority leader, realized he didn't have enough votes to pass the senate version. so he called for a vet to kill the bill to give him time, and he intends to take up the house version later this month. >> the justice department, hot on the trail of hackers. supporters of the site are responsible for cyberattacks. they say more attacks are imminent. wikileaks founder assange will face legal action for release of u.s. documents. >> hope here in the united states the investigation conducting will allow us hold accountable the people responsible for the unwarnlt eu disclosure. >> held on charges of sexual
6:32 pm
misconduct in sweden. >> hearings in houston looking into what caused the bp oil spill. the report is not expected until spring. a recent study from the presidential oil spill commission, outlined what went on behind the scenes as bp and the government tried to stop millions of gallons of oil from gushing into the gulf. out of that came ape hero. the bay area man credited with saving the day. >> the turning point for the oil spill in the gulf hinged on a couple of e-mail cell phone photos. >> my colleague, steve hickman sent me. >> the scientist. it was mid july. pressure readings on the blown out well that bp capped were lower than expected. you keep it capped and risk a leak elsewhere or reopen the well and pollute the gulf more. the government was leaning towards removing the cap but needed an expert opinion first.
6:33 pm
enter dr. paul shea, a research high drol gi hydrologi hydrologist. and member of the team. >> stakes were high. high pressure situation. >> from his office on the west coast, dr. shea could not access the crucial pressure readings. on bps computers in houston. instead he had to rely on a colleague there to take cell phone pictures of the computer screens. >> then e-mail me the picture, based on that i could read out the pressure readings. construct a computer model and do analysis. >> which the government needed asap. shea worked through the night. double and triple checking his computer mods. i didn't want to make mistakes. i redid the calculation. >> next morning, the doctor presented the science team that the pressure readings were okay. convincing the government to keep the well capped. essentially ending the 86-day long oil spill.
6:34 pm
this is an environmental disaster. and it's not just, crunching numbers. >> in menlo park, bob ridell, nbc bay area news. >> bob wanted to show us cell phone photos. but the scientist did not have permission from bp. the san francisco resident says she received a letter four days after she applied for a license in october. it called her gender change, an evil decision. it was written by the clerk who processed the woman's license application. the dmv will not comment on case but says it is illegal to use the database for anything except dmv related work. >> fewer people than ever are saying, california here i come.
6:35 pm
the state's population grew by less than 1% last year. one of the lowest rates on record. but up slightly from the year before. the state department of finance reports that while the state added 350,000 new residents. most were born here. california gained 13,000 immigrants. and lost 72,000 residents. more than half the growth in southern california. >> just ahead how you can leapt your inner rock star shine tonight and help bring smiles to bay area kids in the hospital. >> ahead, a $25 million san francisco home with a richer role in history. from a nazi princess to jay edgar hoover, an inside look. >> plus not the roar iing fire, reminder to keep you and loved ones safe. >> bombarded with rain. and starting to see a change in the weather forecast. coming up we'll see what ispen .
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re importantly what will happen for the weekend forecast. o
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>> the holidays may be merry and bright. decorations can be dangerous. the fire department held a demonstration today to show just how dangerous. a week old tree stored in a warm room with no water. burst into flames and was gone in less than a minute. it was never taken off the wood ebb stand it came home on from the lot. the scene was different when it involved a fresh tree. >> this tree is -- purchased, it is still very fresh. and in the stand. allows it to be watered. >> well you see the fresh tree did not burn. not very fast, anyway. the department also warns, that
6:39 pm
canneds can be deadly when left unattended. installing sprin sequester lers clers -- sprinklers can save lives. >> take your skills on the stage tonight. d. & a. lounge. an air guitar, to raise money for child'slay. givess oy tto children's hospitals around the oycountry. tonight's show is loud. you also have a chance to win tons of prizes. an oasis cover band, oasis will play. doors open at 7:00. tickets $10. >> south bay band getting love from one silicone valley giant. >> an head named the hold up its new reggae artist. they thanked fans on facebook. we featured the band on today in the bay to months ago.
6:40 pm
playing friday, saturday at the catalyst in santa cruz. going big time on us. >> field trip. i see field trip. road trip. >> featured on the morning show. good. right. >> exactly right. >> star makers. >> you are simon from american idol. >> suppose i must be. >> do you know who is town think we end? >> most famous basketball player in the world currently playing. >> lebron. he is here. check in with the warriorsch also an issue in college football with the stanford star, andrew luck. >> coming up. a look outside. traffic is not good at all. not as rainy as last night. changing weather forecast just ahead. ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] now everyone can explore the world from home. at&t is making high speed internet more affordable than ever at only $14.95 a month. one-year price guarantee.
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>> awe re the tale of one san francisco mansion. we are shown the infamous brush with world history. >> reporter: there is a story on every street in san francisco. in the upscale pacific heights stately homes bear history of steel magnates, barons and senators. a seven room mansion built for the gilmore steel family in 1928. a new tale has come to light tying the home to hitler and nazi germany.
6:43 pm
>> showed up in a brief line in the oakland tribune. mentioning this nazi spy was hiding out. >> damian matthews who is a publisher saw a line in the 1940 oakland tribune and talked of an austrian princess, alleged nazi spy who had come to san francisco. >> there was a princess, who was a spy for the nazis in the 1930s and was hopeful to hitler and the nazis. hitler called her his favorite princess. >> according to an article, the princess was having an affair with a hitler associate. in 1939, hitler sent him to san francisco to become the consular general. he took up residence at 2950. >> in san francisco, staying at the house on 2950 vallejo street. his mistress, princess stephan
6:44 pm
joins him. >> the reputed nazi spy and socialite didn't have an easy time. she suffered a nervous breakdown during her time in san francisco. >> she was followed by the fbi throughout her visit in san francisco. j. edgar hoover had a personal interest in what she was up to. >> the princess was arrested and sent back to europe. we spoke to the owner of the home today who said he never heard the story. but did produce the newspaper showing a former u.s. undersecretary who owned the home. the seven bedroom mansion was listed for sale for $25 million. taken off the market. it will now house this year's san francisco decorator showcase in the spring. giving the public a chance to walk its halls and wonder about its past. that neighborhood in san francisco is absolutely glorious. >> that neighborhood looks pretty in any weather. >> the is does. >> pouring rain. that neighborhood. >> sunshine will make them happy too. >> taking your tea. >> exactly right.
6:45 pm
>> that is not, no, that's pacific heights. we have jennifer hill, as opposed to nobb hill. this is going nowhere. jennifer. >> save us, temperatures. save us. this evening. looking at temperatures in the 60s and in the 50s. weather spotter, picked up rain. and a high of 56 degrees. it is that time of year. with clearing skies in the forecast. we just have to get there. it will take a to days tomorrow. looking at a few more showers. cloud cover. rain tomorrow. light. north of bay. along the coastline. saturday. watch out for dense. morning fog. drier weather. edging in a. high pressure build in. take a look at the rain. heavy rain, south of the bay. 4:00, 5:00. now very spotty shower activity. to the north. some of the more -- broader
6:46 pm
bands of rain. moving out of marin quounty. moving through sonoma. sacramento. closer here. rain shower. heaviest rain we have seen in quite a while here. as we continue through the night. won't see very heavy rain at all. let's head south of the bay. where we saw heavy rain, 4:00, 5:00. nothing now. to blips here and there. not really accumulating at all. take a broader look at things. all most like there is moisture, just shoving into the area. right along the jet stream. eventually, high pressure will build. pacific moisture, lifting away from us. going to be a process. and we're hoping it will happen quickly. looks like it will happen slowly. transition day, tomorrow. and saturday will be the day. starting to see clearing south. to north. and keep it unsettled again for tomorrow. plenty of cloud cover in the forecast. rainshowers mainly north of the bay. look at the fog. expecting quite a bit of fog. heavy fog, saturday morning.
6:47 pm
heavy fog sunday morning. as we look at the forecast lows for tomorrow. starting out in the 40s. 48 in freemont. 4 47 in fairfield. 45 in santa cruz. watch out for the fog in the morning. could slow the commute down. and also make for low visibility. tomorrow in the afternoon. looking at cloud cover across the area. 64 degrees. 62 degrees in gilroy. areas of sunshine. we'll make it into the 60s in the afternoon. 60 in liver more. 62 in ever green. 58 in los gatos. we might see rainshowers during the day. 60, san francisco for a high. 60 degrees for a forecast high in fairfield. and to the north. the rainshowers tomorrow. 57 in calastoga. seven-day. transitioning to sunshine. tomorrow, rain to the north.
6:48 pm
saturday, some morning drizzle. possibility, especially on the the coastline north of the bay the by the time we get to sunday. it will be -- sunny skies. temperatures in the mid to upper 60s. nice again monday tuesday and more rain in the forecast. >> a to days like saturday. sunday. we can take that. >> trying to spread it out. not working. >> doing a pretty good job so far, jennifer. >> thank you. >> thank you. big names in town. >> yeah, check, what are restaurants. scala's. >> booking agent for restaurants or something? >> i'm not buying. suggesting that's where they might be tonight. >> you are right. look for the tall guys. lebron james and dwayne wade, all the guys are here. james, miami heat arriving late last night. getting ready for the one and only bay area appearance tomorrow night against the warriors. the poor warriors depleted. say this every year? not only lost ten of their last 11 games. take a look. last night.
6:49 pm
worst case scenario. san antonio. fourth time. fourth time he injured his right ankle since october. curry listed as day-to-day. aren't we all. >> without curry the warriors need help. at practice. they went out and signed this guy. ac law. welcome back. point guard. four, five, teams. can't keep track. in the last two years. including the warriors. now as bad as things are, the oracle will be rocking tomorrow night when lebron enters the building. >> a big game tomorrow. you know, especially with me, and my whoeld tele team. and looking forward to it. playing, we have been playing good. especially, played, not good basketball. but it just shows that we have a chance. >> worried about the ten of the last 11. miami is surging. heat have won six straight
6:50 pm
games. big mess in college football. in the middle. innocent stanford star. andrew luck has left campus during finals week. on the east coast tonight. in orlando. college football award. there is andrew. fresh haircut there. luck, harbaugh, hanging out in florida. the heisman trophy. this saturday in new york. tonight, a slew of award. maxwell award given to the most outstanding player. the winner is. not andrew luck. auburn quarterback. cam newton. hugging his mother there. the father is not there. his father is in trouble, for asking schools to pay money in order for his son to play there. specifical specifically, mississippi state. the show goes on. newton expected to win heisman trophy. despite the play for pay controversy. >> i guess, if i won the award the i hope it is because i deserve to win the award. and i hope because of merits on
6:51 pm
field. nothing regarding off the field. or anything like that. >> cam newton expected to be runaway winner. andrew luck. for fun. play with this a little. high school valedictorian. i can hardly spell it. at stanford. architectural design major on the farm. he has got the nfl pedigree as well. his father, a former nfl quarterback for the houston oilers. we haven't said this in a bout, seven, eight years. mid december, the raiders are flirting with the playoffs. flirting is good. raiders have a 6-6 record. coming off their most impressive win in the tom cable area. beat the chargers last weekend. this sunday off to jacksonville to play the jaguars. east coast game. right. start time here in the bay area. 10:00 a.m. raiders this week, practicing at 10:00 a.m. very smart. >> this is my first time playing, games that matter,
6:52 pm
since, my senior year of high school. >> i love it. wouldn't have it any other way. and the last cup years. ready to go home. now, being out here. trying to get to the playoffs. >> 49ers a big week. seahawks, candle candlestick. >> sharks hockey now. difficult, five-game road trip comes to an end. a to minutes ago actually. in buffalo, hello to ryan -- a hockey player. sharks, sabers. game ended. kobe mccormack for buffalo. getting it in. nine golds in the game. mostly scored by the sabers. sabers win it 6-3 overall a good road trip. they finish with a 3-2 road record on this trip. finally tonight. recognize this guy.
6:53 pm
dodgers legend. steve garvey saying, i have rich buddies. i will buy the dodgers. the dodgers are not for sale. but the team, co-owned by frank and jamie mccourt. might have heard. they're going through a nasty and bitter divorce. like that movie, war of the roses. so, garvey said i will step in and sach the dodgers, even though they're not officially. >> yes, mr. cuban is interested, isn't he? >> nothing makes the giants' fans more happy. >> that's for sure the you are right about that. up next, union fphin antaan find an audience that may appreciate this jokes tonight. [ bell rings ]
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tonight at 11:00 on nbc bay area news. >> put your hands behind your back. >> you have the right to remain silent. >> leaky roofs, faulty wiring, unfinished projects. contractors who promise to get the job done and case peer. taking your money with them. you won't believe what we found on a two day undercover sting to round up crooked contractors. vicky winn has a story you will see only on nbc bay area news tonight. well, the so-called bad santa fired from the san francisco department store is getting more than his 15 minutes of fame turns out. john toomey will be ape guest on
6:57 pm
the tonight show with jay leno. he has gotten the night off from lefty owe du lefty's. appropriate he made jokes that were for adults and got him sacked. >> can you give us an old-fashioned ho-ho-ho. >> sorry, jay, apparently you can't say ho-ho-ho anymore. it's working girl, working girl, working girl. >> i see. >> ha-ha. toomy was fired for reasons like that. from macy's union scare after a couple complained his humor was a little too risque. well you can see his appearance on the tonight show with jay leno following bay area news at 11:00 tonight. there he is. >> very good. >> newest celebrity, newest character in san francisco. >> love it. that will do it for us. see you at 11:00. >> have a great weekend, everybody. bye-bye.
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