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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 10, 2010 5:00am-6:00am PST

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moving in a lot because that will block out the sunshine. another thing to look out for is the misty skies across the golden gate bridge. don't top the rain on the report, but could be good. >> the golden gate bridge and the misty conditions like we said yesterday had conditions throughout the north bay. not quite so much, but the fog and a misty road. slick condition soes you want to watch again. the bay bridge with water stuck on the lenses. that will be an issue and fog advisory issued by chp. it's tough to see for highway 1 as well. >> thank you, mike. new this morning, getting dumped before the bus takes you to your stop. there is a spike in the number of driver who is stop riders off before their destinations. the examiner reports short turns
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or switch backs have had an impact. drivers drop riders off before reaching the end of the line to make up time lost due to delays and traffic jams. police say one man could be working alone to on pedestrians in the east bay. police believe a serial robber is targeting people who eat, play, and shop in the family friendly neighborhood of north berkeley. the man pulled a gun and robbed five people in less than a month. at a meeting, neighbors say they are tired of living in fear and want to help police catch him. >> i'm talking about web cams because the last hold up happened in front of my house. we have a lot of concern about the fact that our light suggest dim or nonexistent. we are very certained that we are not feeling safe.
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>> he might be scouting out victims at the bart station and following them in the dark. police are telling people to put phones and ipods away so they are not distracted. >> be warned an open house can be an open invitation for thieves. they hid their personal items and valuables in their san carlos home to prepare for their open house. two weeks later, they got a rude awakening. >> i had jewelry up here behind and underneath the tray. huh to pull this out and slide this forward and grab rings from back in here. there were three rings and the middle one was a wedding band with the large stone was missing. >> her wedding ring was tucked under a stack of sweaters. she is checking pawn shops and ebay to try to get it back. the open house robberies happen often in upper class neighborhoods. california is getting
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funding for high speed rail. they are redirecting more than $1 billion from wisconsin and ohio to states eager to lay track like california. california will get $624 million, the largest chunk of the funds. the first segment will be built starting 2012. that will connect the bay area and los angeles expected to start in 2020. >> word from energy experts that gas prices are up more than 10% in a year will keep going up. live in san jose this morning, no rein sight, bob? >> good morning. what's unusual about the latest spike we have seen in prices is that it's happening on a low demand season. we are talking about november, december, and january. a time when a lot of people are staying at home and not doing
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the road trips because of the weather. that sort of thing. let's look at the latest prices courtesy of aaa. averaging $3.28 for a gallon of gas. oakland is $3.26. san francisco at the highest for $3.32. these represent an eight to 10-cent jump over the past month. what's behind the latest increes? a barrel of crude oil is approaching the $90 mark, roughly $88. that has something do with it. the experts were saying if it crossed the $90 mark like in '08, we could see a 10 to 15-cent jump. other factors contributing to the increase is you have a weaker dollar. there is a lot more energy demand overseas and the latest announcement that congress might
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pass these tax cuts could have play into it. the experts look at that size a stimulus and the economy gets better, you will see the demand for energy increes with that. just a little tidbit, the last time we saw a jump in prices around the holidays was in '07. if you remember shortly thereafter, the barrel of crude went up to $148 when we saw gas prices well over the $4 mark. is that going to happen this time around? who knows? bob redell today in the bay. >> thank you, bob. >> the iconic swans that swim in the lagoon at the palace of fine arts may get official protect. last month someone broke one of the necks and earlier in the year a swan was stolen. they are considering a bill that calls on animal care and control to create a safety plan for the birds. in the meantime the sole
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surviving swan named blanch is quarantined until a care of companions is flown in from new york city. this morning a hungry mountain lion is to blame for a dead deer on a middle school campus. the deer was likely killed by a mountain lion and her cub who wandered near the campus in belmont. kids in a pe class found the animal yesterday morning. they are warning residents not to feed the deer because presence attracts mountain lions. reports have doubled in the past year. it's patients versus police. marijuana dispensaries were raided and the owners said they are unfairly targeted. it took place at clubs last
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night. the owners say they work diligently with officials to run the businesses according to the law. yet a santa clara drug task force continues to raid the businesses, taking office equipment and marijuana. clients are protesting. >> medicinal cannibis is my medicine. this use is completely normal. it's totally legal and i like to go to establishments that represent business licenses and provide safe access. there is a public hearing between the medical marijuana clubs and the city of san jose on december 13th. . good morning. a new sigalert for vallejo. getting on to the westbound direction. wilson avenue on ramp is block and it looks like a 5:30 reopening. 20 minutes or so.
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highway 37 itself moving smoothly out of vallejo over the north bay. coming down across the carquinas bridge westbound where you see the 71 as you head towards the bridge. i heard about a new accident approaching the toll plaza. we will bring thaw update in 10 minutes. >> great. we look forward to that. how about a forecast? >> we are changed. we will get through sunday without rain. this morning it's mild. i don't think you need a jacket when it's 59 degrees in san jose. you may still need the umbrella. mike has been pinpoints that on parts of the inner bay. southeast wind at 6 and there is the golden gate bridge woochl ve mist falling again. 58 degrees and a southeast wind at 58. all the moisture spilling in and the combination of the clouds and the slight chance of off and on showers will continue for the weekend. the storm track will lift on to
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the north as we get towards saturday into sunday. that will let to warmer and drier continues. highs in the 50s and 60s. for the weekend though, i do think we may get close to 70. the limning factor for the inland valleys is the patchy fog that will linger into monday morning as well. >> on your mark, get set, shift. if you have holiday gifts to mail, monday is the busiest shipping day of the year. fedex expects to move almost 16 million shipments on monday and tuesday. the company said it the make the busiest shipping day in fedex history. >> part bad santa fireed from macy's after 20 years. santa will suit up at lefty o dual's as part of the the winder wonder land celebration. he was fired after making what some adults considered a dirty
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joke. before the jolly old elf makes his debut, he made a pit stop at jay leno. what he told jay and what he's not allowed to say ho ho ho anymore. bad santa. 5:09 right now. bay area legend metal bars. how long he is in for. she wanted a new driver's license and got a warning of dam nation at a dmv. all ahead today in the bay. [ male announcer ] enjoy an amazing usda choice steak
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[ male announcer ] how do you say... can you believe it's been 20 years since college? ♪ [ male announcer ] nothing says "you're special" like boursin, a creamy, crumbly blend of real cheese and savory herbs, boursin makes any moment more memorable. even if you're saying... my mother has the kids tonight. ♪ [ male announcer ] how do you say boursin? good friday morning. taking a live look across the golden gate bridge, visibility is a little better. these are expected highs across the area. san jose 56 and san francisco 55 degrees. silicon valley engineer could face behind bars after being convicted for his ex-wife's murder. 36-year-old daniel till bury was
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guilty in the murder of christine ramos. they were involved in a bitter battle prior to the 2008 shooting in san jose. till bury set to be sentenced and could face 50 years to live n prison. >> pat the antioch man who caused a traffic snarl on the bay bridge was dismissed from charges saying there was insufficient evidence to put him on trial. the 52-year-old was arrested november 11th after he stopped on the westbound upper deck and allegedly phoned in a bomb threat. he has been in custody on $750,000 bail ever since. he still faces charges of child endangerment and making a false bomb threat. he was upset after learning his wife had an affair. >> per a former 49ers player goes to jail for stealing his ex-girlfriend's mail. he was sentenced to 90 days in jail by a san francisco federal
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judge. despite the legal troubles, he replaquemines in the public high. he was riding in the san jose parade last weekend and the former coach of the high school last year. also this morning, three more people are now charged in connection with the brawl. outside of the ucla game in pasadena last weekend. two brothers and a sister are pleading not guilt to assault and stabbing charges. the father was later released. now to weird stuff. >> take a look at this video. coming out of nasa, a company called u green technology said it will base the air ship in one of the big hangers. look for this over northern california skies at some point. it's called the bullet 125. it runs on biofuel. that's basically french fry oil.
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that makes you look like a blimp and power blimps. cheese in space. remember the california guys who sent a capsule into orbit? they put a secret pay load aboard to take the place of snaurts. turns out it was a wheel of cheese. they say it's a monty python reference and i have to admit i don't know that one. apparently we are looking at a live picture of the public house. this is a restaurant at the bottom of at&t park. knbr the radio station is having a live auction that will have all of the -- i think of sharky in the way again. some of the items up available. they have the host live on the radio right this minute. i will join them and it's all a big fund-raiser if the i bay area sports hall of fame. bid on all kinds of stuff including floor seats against
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the miami heat and the warriors tonight or tomorrow night. really cool. >> all right. hope you got my kriss kringle name. the former city employee accused of hacking into a computer network may have to pony up as much as $1 million for the crime. he will most likely be released in january and serving time for his hacking conviction. lawyers are debating over how much he owes for locking city workers out of the computer systems. workers want to spent the money spent for security consultants. pa. >> several dee bills are going down in flame. they blocked the repeal and democrats fell three votes short, putting chances of the repeal in jep earth. senate democrats killed the vote after realizing they didn't have enough is the. that gives undocumented people
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like steven lee a chance to be citizens. democrats scuttled. the tax plans with republicans. >> we were told this was a take it or leave it deal. we say leave it. >> they later agreed to extent breaks for alternative energy and a vote could happen monday. san francisco aids act vivs are scrambling to define guidelines for a prug that shows promise in preventing infection. daily use cuts risk of contracting the disease significantly in high risk men. activists hope to launch a program to deliver it for prevention next year. not without strict guidelines n. the study, the drug worked best when taken every day. >> the efficacy went down the
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less adherent people were. people have to have a real commitment to use it. >> the drug is very expensive. at $7,000 a year or $35 a pill, there questions about how to get the drug to people who need it most while ensuring they take it once they get it. >> a transgender woman is suing the dmv over a letter receiveed from a clerk. she received a letter four days after calling her gender change an evil decision. the dmv will not comment, but said it's illegal to use the database for anything except dmv-related work. 5:19 and we want to check the morning with mike. friday light right now. >> it is friday light, but the wet roads and is out there and the new issue we heard about at
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berkeley. eastbound so it's opposite the commute from the bay bridge. right there around the curve or off of it and the car hit the sand barrels. the hov lane or one of them is affected. activity off of 580 through berkeley. just as they left the desk we got a call from the sources and said there may be police activity around university avenue in the eastbound direction as well. it affects your day and commute and area around university avenue. the commute westbound, you are looking at the 18-minute drive dun to the toll plaza. we show you the issue and the dense fog advisory and hard to see the clouds getting across the bridge in either direction. you have to deal with lower visibility. we will extend to the golden gate bridge there is fog and definitelisoming down the coast. the fog and the drizzle is a look ahead to the weekend. you have the forecast in a
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moment. >>. >> thanks so much. final exams continue at stanford, but one student is getting permission to leave for a good reason. quarterback andriy luck is getting ready for the heisman trophy presentation in new york. they attended the college football awards in orlando. luck said he only owns one suit and needed to buy another for all the events she invited to. nominee cam newton of auburn picked up the outstanding player award. luck is expected to be the higher draft pick in the nfl. we will keep you posted. a story about a dog saving the life of another. the ts in this cas.e nobody wants. hey, you got groceries!
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>> look at the temperatures. 59 degrees and you probably don't need a jacket, but you want to keep the umbrella on stand by. we are have drizzle and 58 degrees. oakland seeing patchy fog and 58 degrees. southeast wind. a slight chance of scattered showers towards the north bay. into the weekend, things are drying out and warming up. especially out to the coast.
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the clouds and the rain that is slowing up is spilling in and the flow across the west coast is racing in across pacifica and arching off to the north. the fog for the morning and a slight chance of scattered showers. upper 50s and low 60s. notice the storm track moving off to oregon and washington. patchy fog around the east bay valleys, but the warmer spots may see temperatures close to 70 by the end of the weekend. if you are heading out, a combination of rain and snow. way up at 7,000 feet. the snow levels will be high as we kickoff the weekend. we should see temperatures climbing into the mid 60s for areas south of san jose. lots of clouds and a chance of fog and misty skies. look out for patchy fog along highway 1. the misty skies towards the north bay and best bet is for areas north of san rafael.
5:26 am
lake port peax and 59 in sonoma. we start to dry out and warm up. patchy fog will linger into early next week. breaking news. we are following it. oakland police are in pursuit of a suspicious vehicle when the pursuit ended in a crash at university avenue in berkeley. we are hoping to bring you more information. mike is checking on this and we will have more coming up. an unwanted pup is a hero after rescuing another dog stuck in a ditch. a humane society volunteer took this pit bull mix namedenala on a walk when she ran towards the ditch. when the volunteer ran after her, she saw what she was trying to show him. a blind 10-year-old cocker spaniel by herself. they managed to get the dog out and tracked down the owners. the hero dog is still up for
5:27 am
adoption. an upscale holiday display becomes the scene of a terrible accident. the condition of a toddler still in the hospital after nearly drowning in a hotel found >> what are scotland yard is promising today. and seven moisturizers.tams feel the heal.
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leftover desserts, bodroo now. and hurry beforehe interns getere. thanks but i already have some yummy black fort cake black forest cake? ♪ so? [ female announcer ] need a guilt free treat? y yoplait light. i've lost weight. [ female anc ] with 3licious flavors aroundoriech. plait. it is so good. >> east bay kids in need may not be getting toys. what you can do to help. >> two key witnesses about to take the stand in the case of a gang rape of a 16-year-old
5:30 am
richmond girl. is there enough evidence to go to trial? we will be talking about that coming up in a live report. >> good morning. i'm laura garcia cannon and brent is on assignment. let's get things started on this friday with a look at the forecast. >> a nice start to the morning. not exactly cold by bay area standards. 58 degrees and looking at patchy fog, you notice hour by hour, temperatures not changing a lot. we should pass into the low 60s in the afternoon and cooling towards the evening. again this morning, drizzle and at times light rain. we will have a closer look in a few minutes. >> thanks a lot, rob. >> a california senator is stirring anger for her stance on casinos. dianne feinstein is the chair woman in charge of funding for
5:31 am
the agency that handles indian land issues. fine sign is a critic including a plan to build the casino in richmond. the times reports feinstein is backing laws for approving tribe ties to casino land. this morning investigators are looking into what caused three helicopters to crash as they try to protect crops from freezing temperatures. three helicopters crashed within two hours. helicopters were reportedly working through the night, flying crops to keep the cold from settling in on the land. a pilot and passenger of the helicopter survived, but two pilots are seriously injured. we are continuing to follow the story of a toddler who nearly drowned at a san francisco hotel. the boy remains in critical condition at san francisco hospital. we learned the reflecting pool in the hyatt regency has been
5:32 am
drained since the incident. the boy was found uncautious in the pond after going away from his mother. they gone to the holiday display when it happened. >> pat the richmond gang rip hearing is almost over, but the most damaging testimony may not have been heard. the final two witnesses are set to take the stand next week. live outside the courthouse with what's ahead in the case. good morning, kristi. >> good morning. in 15 days we heard from 18 witnesses. the last two could clear up gray areas and confusing testimony. we will hear from the lead investigator and a dna investigator that cause national attention. gang raped, beaten and robbed in a dark campus courtyard in a
5:33 am
homecoming dance last year at richmond high schoolment seven men and boys are charged and the involvement of the oldest and the youngest is still unclear. a 43-year-old man was arrested two months after the assault on a dna cold hit when police showed the girl a picture of him. she said she did not recognize him. the last thing she remembered was drinking at a table feeling sick and collapsing. some details though are clear. almost all of the accused or witnesses were apparently drunk and had been denied entry to the dance where police and security were stationed. when the girl was discovered later, she was badly bruised, swollen and suffering for hypothermia. after the testimony concludes next week, attorneys will present oral arguments and a judge decides if there is indeed enough evidence to go to trial. live in martin ez, christie
5:34 am
smith today in the bay. >> thank you, christie. scotland yard said they used enormous restraint and they attacked a car carrying prince charles and his wife camilla. they splattered the car with paint and damaged a window while shiding off with their heads. they were not injured. scotland yard is promising a thorough investigation. they got you the updates. it sounded like things are on the east shore freeway. the update i just have is it's on the east shore highway. the east shore freeway is now open. the highway frontage road is where the activity is. what i'm told is it's on berkeley city streets. university avenue, that exit off of the freeway as well as the
5:35 am
commute and non-commute directions are both moving fine. that's better news. we will follow the police activity after we hear the chase originating in oakland and that will be followed in the newsroom. more on those details and i have the fog. that's a huge issue. even from the camera, it's tough to see the roadway because of the fog and the water on the lens left over from yesterday and the day before's rapes. low visibility for both decks. that extends over to the golden gate bridge and down further south, oakland looks better. 880 was socked in and we are seeing a cooler view. the headlights glow. that's an indication of the moisture in the air. >> around san francisco and the golden gate bridge, drizzle around the hilltops. mid- to upper 50s and a mild start with a breeze out of the southwestern fairfield and
5:36 am
concord. you can see the hit and miss areas of light rain and drizzle at times. the storm track though will start to edge off to the north. we have showers and expect to see the best bet in the north bay and heading off to the pacific northwest. 60s today and san jose not too bad. upper 50s around lake port towards san rafael. about 59 degrees. the weekend will start to warm up and areas out of the fog as we head out to the coast. trivalley will see lingering fog into monday. >> thanks so much, rob. 5:36. in the east bay, a branch of the salvation army is in desperate need of toys. they are trying to meet a goal of 13,000 toys for needy i cans. the contra costa times reports as of last night, only 34 toys have been donated. salvation army said they are waiting on the marine corps
5:37 am
reserve that usually makes up 70 to 80% of the branch's donations. the largest toys tots chapter is here in the bay area. they will be having a drive at the plaza decesar chavez today. donations are not keeping pace. unless donations go way up, thousands of deserving local children will go without toys this christmas. the sergeant joins us to talk about what we can all do to help. thanks for joining us. >> thank you for having me. you seeing more requests? >> it went up about 20%. last year we had about 90,000 children we helped and 110,000 so far this year. >> how is the response so far? >> donations are about the same, but since the need has gone up, we need them to go up to about 20%. >> is there a certain age group?
5:38 am
>> the age group we have the most trouble filling are 11 to 14-year-olds. >> what are do they like these days? >> usually try to get basketballs, footballs and any sports equipment. that's more gender nonspecific. >> exactly. they can get out there and play. you want them unwrapped, right? >> yes. new unwrapped toys. >> we are looking at video and it takes a lot of work to get the people to donate. to sort them all and it's done by a group of volunteers. >> all the staff are from san jose off the 101. we do most of the work and try to get as many as possible. we have to sort by gender and age group. >> the key is to get people out to donate. >> we are having a drive today from 1:00 to 8:00 p.m.
5:39 am
tomorrow to be from 6:00 in the morning until 8:00 at night again. >> the drop off points. >> yes,ma'am. we will have them out there to accept the toys and donations. today will be with the 18-wheeler. they will help us bring them to the warehouse. >> fabulous. hopefully we will get a lot of folks to help you. >> yes,ma'am, thank you very much. >> the injection you take to get wrinkles off your forehead may have unwanted effects on other parts of the body. don't spend it all in one place. the low amount a tech company owns to a bay area millionaire. hp pavilion and rob as a look at the forecast in the all important weekend.
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>> good friday morning and thanks for making us part of your day. 880 with traffic picking up a little bit. we will check that area as well as breaking news we were following on 80 near university avenue. checking in with mike in a bit. 5:42 and before you botox away the wrinkles, a new warning that could cause muscle loss in other parts of the body. tracy pots is live in washington, d.c. with a look at a new study that could have botox patients frowning, if they could. you get more botox to get rid of the wrinkles and it could be a problem according to the latest
5:43 am
study. it's a canadian study and an animal study. no research on humans on this item, but what they found is when they fuel-injected rabbits with one shot a month for months and these are therapeutic doses. the bottom line is it dissipates through theed about and they found up to 50% muscle loss in areas far from the injection site. they said it raises questions about whether botox should be used, especially in children. it does have therapeutic uses as of this year for migraines. believe it or not, 11,000 teenagers also every year get botox for cosmetic purposes. some are spending a lot of money on that. $369 per treatment is the average in california. it's more, over $500 here on the east coast. they have not documented the
5:44 am
long-term effects of botox treatments. they have warnings that it can spread and cause facial paralysis and the american act of cosmetic surgery said keep in mind this is an animal study and may not work that way in humans. >> will they do a human study or is there in the works? >> i'm not sure, but i know this study does support a body of researchers out there. this is not a new finding. there other studies that have shown muscle loss can occur when you are using botox. it's an area where you see more research. >> interesting. thank you very much. >> it's 5:44. a federal report said the leaders of virginia tech are to blame for failing to alert about a gunman on the loose. university leaders did not get the word out until two hours
5:45 am
after he started his deadly rampage. the report also called up school leaders for not e-mailing warnings even though they e-mailed relatives to let them know. they killed 32 people in university dorms and classrooms in a shooting spree back in april of 2007. 5:45 and good friday morning to you. we will take a look at traffic and weather, but first a price spike at the pump. experts are saying we could be headed towards $4 a gallon again. bob redell is live where it's driver beware. good morning, bob. >> good morning to you. the gas prices have been creeping up on us. doesn't seem like too long ago that san jose, a gallon of regular gas will run you $3.35.
5:46 am
we'll look at the overnight prices and what's driving the price up. it's unusual to happen this late in the year. where are the prices headed? $4 might be a stretch, but could they jump up 10 to 20 cents? that's probably more likely. live on today in the bay. i wanted to get you the update and confirm that the activity we told you about is not on the east shore freeway. it's on the east shore highway. activity is closing the highway from university. that's north of university avenue. let me point out where it is off of the freeway parallel. there is a mild closure not affecting the off-ramp, but you can head towards gillman or ashby as the alternate exit past
5:47 am
the scene without incidents. the second straight is parallel to the east shore highway which is affected by the police activity. heading to the bay bridge, an easy drive, but the fog will be an issue as you cross over into or out of the east bay in san francisco. because of that, we are offering an advisory to lower the speeds. especially along highway 1 and the coast, you might get hit with the fog and we are seeing a little bit more slowing than we typically see. the pittsburgh and bay points slowing that is unusual for this time. i am guessing there is fog in many patches and it's thick in spots. >> around highway 4, we have seen light rain. look at the temperatures with a mild start. mid- to upper 50s. 59 to start off the morning. a couple of weeks ago, we couldn't get 59 for a high. things have changed. across the east bay, light rain
5:48 am
passing through in the last hour or so. drizzle in spots this morning. you can see the clouds filtering in. we will see those during the day which will keep the temperatures down around the north bay and a slight chance of a few more scattered showers. into the weekend, high pressure building that means morning fog, but warming temperatures near the coast into monday. >> thank you very much, rob. 5:48 right now. new this morning, attorney general eric holder will be in the bay area to crack down on financial fraud. he will meet with attorneys and law enforcement at a fraud enforcement tax summit. he announced a sweep operation called operation broken trust. forbes magazine announced the fraud schemes involving an $8
5:49 am
bit yon loss. >> three new orleans police officers will be sentenced for killing a man and burping his body in the days following hurricane katrina. they were convicted of trying to cover up the shooting death of a 31-year-old man. one was found guilty of manslaughter and another guilty of bunning the body in a car. the third is guilty of writing a false police report. two others were acquitted of the cover up. this morning the jury in the elizabeth smart case will return for another day of deliverrations. brian david mitchell is accused of kidnapping and rape in the case. he is accused of snatching the then 14-year-old elizabeth from her utah home in 2002. the dfsds he is delusional and should be found not guilty by reason of insanity. he is mistaking his symptoms to avoid prison time, they said. >> addiction to prescription
5:50 am
drug killers. it has been used to treat alcohol dependence and they can use it to treat patients addictioned to prescription drugs. it's a shot that blocks the effect of narcotics on the brain. doctors say it's one part of a sobriety program. they should still undergo 12-step programs and may have to stay on the drug for the rest of their lives. calming the storm after removing a video from the portrait galleries over fears that removing the video set is an unwelcome president. workers said they moved because of criticism that is coming so quickly. among the scenes of the controversial work of the late
5:51 am
artist, he has a christ on a crucifix with ants alling all over him. >> the state has some of your property. apple filed a claim saying the ceo hasn't claimed property worth $37.91. the state can't say what the property is. ibm owes jobs more than $21 in stocks and a mysterious property worth $14. obviously not in the bay area. it is friday and we always look forward to gadget friday. what is it? >> it looks like a frisbee. this is called -- you get the movie, tron. it is coming out next week. this is the tron identity disk. i can light it up. i know you are a huge tron fan. you have all the action figures on your desk. if you are not familiar with it, i will show you a clip. this movie is more than 20 years
5:52 am
old. here they are using the disks and useing it in the new one as well. they are used as weapons. here's video from real life. let's make it look more tron-like if we could. you are not supposed to throw this thing, but who is not going to do that. we thought we would bring it to your attention. two toys are coming out for the new tron video. that tree is not on fire. that's our christmas tree in the front yard. one is the frisbee and one is not. it lights up and makes all kinds of cool sounds. >> what are do do you with it? >> me what your son would do with it. >> can i? i better not. early in the newscast. >> you have the $9 frisbee and you have the $20 prop.
5:53 am
my suspicion is kids will throw the prop. it's darn heavy. you may have kids with a stripe across their head. >> a halo. >> there you go. quit laughing back there. interesting. >> there you go. tron coming out next friday. >> one of the most important documents in the history of sports goes on the auction block. written by the man credited with inventing the game nearly 120 years ago will will go for sale at an auction in new york city. experts expect the two pages sign and dated for authentication is way back in 18 none and could sell for more than $2 million. they are owned by the family that plans to use the funds for the sale that promotes sportsmanship and services to under privileged people around
5:54 am
the world. the empire is striking back against a group of bullies who told an elementary school girl that only boys like "star wars." the 7-year-old named katie carried a "star wars" water bottle to skoog and was harassed. swaurz fans took action with a hash tag, maybe the force be with you. they even sent her a light saber. >> good friday morning. 59 degrees right now in san jose. we will be warming up a whopping 3 degrees more today. we will see clouds filling in that limits the warming. 58 in oakland. just to show you the changing weather conditions, look at this. san francisco you got the misty skies and 58 degrees and fog. obviously in the picture there. the clouds are pilling into the
5:55 am
bay area and the storm track will lift to the north. we will see a drying forecast and a warming one as well. 50s and 60s for highs. it will be muggy with the moisture. tomorrow into sunday, high pressure building that means by the end of the weekend, the warmer places may get close to 70. livermore and concord receive the fog and temperatures in the mid 60s. dry through the weekend. >> thanks so much. the season of sequels continues. the third narnia movie hopes to make a run for the money. the voyage of the drawn treader. that brings them to an uncharted journey. one kiss turns johnny depp's life upside down. he's an average guy in europe. when a glamorous woman sets her sights on him, depp becomes an
5:56 am
unwitting target. mark wahlberg takes a beating in the ring in reality. russell brand does his shakespeare in the tempest. it's a big screen adaptation of the final masterpiece. bad santa fireed from a san francisco department store is actually getting more than his 15 minutes of fame. >> thanks for being here. can you give us an old fashioned ho ho ho. >> apparently you can't they ho ho ho anymore. it's working girl, working girl, working girl. bad santa. he stopped by "the tonight show" which is appropriate and it was bad jokes made to adult that got him fired. he was fired after a couple
5:57 am
complained his humor was too risque. he is helping with the tool drive down the street in san francisco. the real santa is busy at work getting ready for his big night in just two weeks. he will have something to say with his bad helper. coming up, you can pick up an iphone for just $25. we will show you how. anyone but reagan. see which republin didn't think much of the man who would become an icon.
5:58 am
5:59 am
>> is there enough evidence to go to trial in the case of a gang rape of a 16-year-old richmond girl? two key withins are about to take the stand soon. . >> i'm bob redell


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