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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 10, 2010 6:00am-7:00am PST

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bay. gas pries are looking more and more like a lump of coal this holiday season. the latest jump at the pump coming up. >> plus just-released audio tapes fill us in on what one president from california thought about another. >> a new day starts in the weekend. friday, december 10th today in the bay. >> good friday morning. 6:00 right now. laura garcia cannon. >> a nice start to the morning in terms of the temperatures. not chilly, bidrizzly and at times foggy. the temperatures are not changing a lot as we go past lunchtime and 50s to low 60s and cooling into the mid 50s and the story of the morning is still
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scattered showers and you will find some of that around the bridge that will slow in spots. a look ahead to the weekend forecast in a few minutes. >> more closures close to berkeley this morning. mike is following police activity going o. >> that's right. a chase that starred from over here in oakland. it ended up in berkeley off of the east shore highway off of i-80. that is closed from the university to cedar. use second straight parallel to the highway. it is affected eastbound as you head away from the bridge and up towards university avenue. one lane is closed approaching the scene as well. the police have blocked that off to slow your approach. the commute direction off of the carquinas bridge to the foggy bay bridge. a live shot shows you the cash lanes are starting to build up and the fog and the mist are hovering around. the lights off of the east
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shore. visibility is an issue. >> 6:01 and new this morning, the final two witnesses are expected at the pretrial hearing. the man stabs accused of raping a teen girl at a homecoming dance. christie smith outside the courthouse in martinez with the emotional testimony will conslud soon. >> sen men are accused, butt involvement of the oldest and the youngest is unclear. that's what the witnesses are probably going it get to next week. we are talking about a 43-year-old man and a 16 or old teen boy. the two remaining witnesses are the lead investigator and a dna expert. they are expected to clear up the involvement issue. police say the 16ier old girl was raped, beaten and robbed in
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front of spectators in a dark courtyard outside of a home coming dance. they are facing from 26 years to life if they are exactlied. many witnesses and even. >> 'tis pabts ofnts. he was arrested on a cold dna hit. what appears to be a greet on here is almost all of the were drunk or high. the girl had been drinking as well. the last thing she remembers was feeling sick and collapsing before the assault. she was later discovered bodily bruise and scraped and suffering for hypothermia. the judge is expected to decide if there is enough evidence it go to trial. christie smith today in the bay.
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>> so much testimony it has been amazing. police say one man is preying on pedestrians and police believe a serial robbery is targeting people who eat and play and shop in the otherwise quiet neighborhood of north berkeley. he robbed five people in less than a month. at a community meeting, neighbors said they are tired of living in queer and want police to catch him. >> we are talking about putting a web cam in my living room. the last hold up happened in front of my house. we have a lot of concern about the fact that our light suggest dim or nonexistent. we are consider certained that we are not feeling safe. >> the man might be scouting out victims at the bart station and following them in the dark. police told the residents to put their phones away and put the ipods away so you can pay more
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attention as to who is around you. >> patience versus police. several clinics are closed after police raided them to find evidence of illegal sales. owners and patients are the ones being unfairly targeted. the bus took place in san jose, gilroy and morgan hill last night. the owners say they work diligently with officials to run the business businesses according to the law, yet they say a santa clara drug task toers continues to raid taking office equipment, money and marijuana. the clients are protesting. >> medicinal cannibis is my medicine. this use is normal and totally legal. i lick to go to establishments that represent business lns and provide safe access. >> there is a public hearing on december 13th.
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pain at the pump. word from energy experts that gas prices are up more than 10% in a year. we will keep going up. bob redell is live in san jose where no relief is in sight. >> reporter: good morning, scott. what's unusual about the spike in the prices is that it's happening so late in the season. usually november or december or january. you see the demand going down and the pries go down. people are staying at home and not taking road trips. look at this average price a gallon. 3:35 for the gas station here in san jose. taking a look at the overnight averages from aa and san jose is averaging $3.28. san francisco is $3.32. jumps of about 8s ens to 10 cents over the past month.
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>> what's it doing to your budget? >> hurting. it's not as bad as last year at least. >> what do you have to cut back on? >> going out. having fun on weekends. typical, groceries and that kind of stuff. the little things. >> not good. >> no. you gotta do what you gotta do. come to work and make money. >> he kmus from holster to the bay area. you know he is stepping moan to fill up his car. not as bad as last year. this reminds us of 2007 when we saw a jump in prices which was unusual then. following that the summer after that was the summer of '08. what is behind the latest jump?
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sfl things. two of the more significant items, one is the gallon of crude is now hovering around the $90 mark. over $88 and if it does go over $90, you can see a 10 had to 15-cent jump. the economy is rebounding and with the latest news of more tax cuts coming, some see that as a stimulus and when you have the economy, demand goes up and energy prices go up. that's what we are seeing right now. live in san jose, today in the bay. >> bob, thank you much. >> we are seeing activity in berkeley this morning. >> we will go to mike and find out what's going on. >> we have been telling you about the closure for the highway. not the freeway. a frontage road along add 880. this is in berkeley, but you see
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in the foreground it has oakland police. it ended up off the freeway at university avenue. there was a there was a crash and there was debris at the sdheen continues and we continue to gather information. as it impacts the roadways from university to cedar, north of the quit. it's marked on the map alongside of freeway and one lane is closed eastbound approaching university all. all as a result after a chase starred in oakland and ended up in berkeley. west for 24 and 580 and north for 880 and moving smoothly. flowing out of the tunnel. that's typical in wet weather. fog marked on the maps as well. over at antioch, the slowing through antioch before l street.
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unusual fleg through pittsburgh and unusual for a friday. likely because of the wet weather and rain. twhoots i'm advising. >> talking about rain and slick, let's check with rob. >> good morning to you, mikeful the spots in the east bay and san francisco where he thinks fog and drizzle. an easy drive and 58 degrees and 29 in oakland. san francisco downtown. you can see the bay bridge in the distance. you have mist falling and patchy fog. a few spotty showers around contra costa close to highway 4. the clouds spilling in will filter the sun at times with the 50s and low 60s, but the storm tracker is expectinga i dry weekend forecast and warmer as well. a few spots may climb to 70, but if it's cooler as the fog
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lingers into monday. >> 10 minutes after 6:00. need is up and donation is down. you can help at least one today. >> a stanford player is a heisman finalist. see how he taxes up for the prize. >> nixon's thoughts on reagan before ronald reagan became president. >> a live look outside from the south bay, clearing this weekend. rob will ton look at the forecast. [ male announcer ] how do you say...
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you are looking at live pictures of a car crash. the chp told us that oakland police departments had been chasing the car after the driver allegedly tried to run down a police officer and the crash terminated on the east shore highway. that's not the freeway. it's called the highway. that's there in the berkeley area. no word on injuries. we will talk traffic in a minute. >> a new tape from the nixon library showed what the president thought of the prospects of a president reagan. in the conversation you are about to hear, nixon seems to dismiss reagan's ability. we put captions on the conversation to help.
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the conversation was recorded a year and a half before nixon resign and was replaced by ford. he lost to carter who effectually lost to reagan in 1980. >> perhaps mr. nixon should not have been taping things. >> new for green companies this morning. the bill that extends tax cuts also has provisions to increase the production of hybrid cars, biodiesel fuels and energy-efficient homes. this would be extended until 2011. the package is expected to pass despite opposition from democrats. they wanted to take out or reduce bush era tax deductions
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for the rich. the republicans say they are watching the showdown between democrats and the president. >> he's gotten the message. i hope he convinces his colleagues and his party. >> house leaders will vote on a tax bill, but it may not be the one the president bought them. >> president obama is planning a pow-wow with clinton today. clinton dealt with a similar scenario. he ended up working with republicans to negotiate and was able to move his agenda forward. if you are putting your home on the market, open house can turn into open season for thieves. mark and cindy hid their personal items and valuables in their san carlos home. two weeks later, they got a rude awakening. >> i had jewelry up and in here. huh to pull this all the way
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out, slide this forward and grab rings from back here. there were three rings and the middle one was a wedding band with the largest stone was missing. >> she said it was stacked under sweaters. they are trying to get it back. sheriffs degrees said it happens a lot in upper class neighborhoods. >> andrew luck could get a statue tomorrow. luck and jim attended the awards in orlando. the quarterback cam newton is a favorite to take it home, but a scandal could have affected voters. luck is expected to be the higher draft pick. the sharks are coming home from a long road trip. they host at the tank tomorrow night. they got beat up in more ways than one. a big cut on his foot earlier.
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they don't want to have an early lead. worth notinging, the warriors are having a rough seasonment there is a big one. lebron james and the heat. that is pretty big. they are in town tonight. >> mike has an update on the situation in berkeley. the swagituation on the east sh highway has a closure from university to cedar north of the exit. one lane of eastbound 80 as you approach university avenue is closed right now. we will show you the continuation of the investigation. a honda is up against a tree and that is the car involved in the earlier chase that originated in oakland and ended up in berkeley. we don't have the extend of the
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injuries, but oakland pd and berkeley with this area situation. this will affect the surface street traffic and you can used second through the area. let's get you back to the maps and the commute in the direction westbound just 20 minutes off of the bridge. past the race track to the berkeley kerve. fog is a big issue to the san francisco side. we will have a live look that shows you we are dealing with misty conditions and no that the cash lane is starting to build up. visibility and traction will be an issue. the metering lights will turn on in about 10 minutes. we are looking at oakland further south. 880 moves northbound past the coliseum and no major issues. slick roads and from time to time, patchy fog and steady as the weekend playing. lebron james in town and expect a lot of traffic as you approach
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the coliseum as well. >> thank you much. if you have gifts you want to mail out, beat the rush today. monday is expected to be the busiest fishing day of the year. fedex expects to move almost 50 million shipments on monday and tuesday and makes it the busiest shipping day in fedex history. >> per how online shop suggest going. retail research firm said that sales are up over 12% compared to the same period last year. shoppers spent more than $1 billion online on cyber minute alone. they spent $17 billion. a lot of free shipping going on and retailers offering free shipping and 1100 of them signed up to participate in the free shaping day, friday november 17th with the promise to driver by christmas. >> when you are shopping, pick up an extra present for a needy
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child. the united states marine sergeant is tell us more about toys for tots. this is a special drive going on today. >> cesar chavez park. we will have a toy drive. come down and donate a toy for children of all ages. we support dplrn toddler to age 16. >> it makes a difference. are you seeing the increase in request? >> they requested over 100,000 toys this year. we are having trouble meeting the need? >> do you know the count? >> that we received? >> as far as what you have gotten so far. >> we are about 45,000 toys this year and we had a good turn out, but with today's toy drive and one tomorrow and cesar chavez park, we hope to earn the
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request we have. >> take a toy. you want unwrapped gives. is it going to be easy access to drop them off? >> yes and we have two locations. both locations are open 7 days a week from 7:30 in the morning to 7:30 in the afternoon. >> some of the best guess is sporting equipment. >> yes,ma'am because a basketball doesn't have a gender. all kids love basketball, soccer, volleyball or anything. those are the best gifts. sports equipment. >> they do a lot of the work. must be a great feeling to hand them over to the toys. >> it is. with a large charity and we have 14 members of the staff. we put 100% effort and love to see the kids in the area get the toys. >> it makes you feel like a
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little kid. >> you make me feel like an old lady. he even stood up when i came over. a lost art i might add. go on out today from 8:00 today and tomorrow 6:00 in the morning. >> thanks for making a big difference. a grit cause. >> we were on the line with chp. they just told us more about this crash in berkeley. you remember this was a police chase by opd into berkeley. the jaws are life are on the way. the suspect a parentally still in the car. we don't know anything more than conditions, but as we go to break, we will calk to chp which check with mike in a moment.
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good friday morning. 58 degrees in they. a southeast wind at 9 miles an hour. a different story in san francisco. you can see the misty skies with the bay bridge out there. 58 as well and misty skies and patchy fog is an issue around the peninsula. we had fewer light rain showers over the bay area, but mainly a drizzle storm with that fog we are seeing around the golden gate as well. the clouds filling across the bay area. a mixed bag of clouds and one more day before the storm track heads to the north. the upper 50s to low 60s. high pressure builds in and we will dry out. we will see warmer temperatures. not even 70 as you wrap up the girlfriend. cooler where the fog will linger at times into monday. laura? >> thank you very much, rob. it is 6:26 right now and you can pick up an iphone today for just $25. we will you how.
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police set this fire to destroy a house. call one 90 bomb. neighbors are not in the clear yet. why the last two witnesses in a rape hearing could be the most crucial. >> a live look outside, drizzle in the area as rob mentioned, but also clearing on the way. it will be aayfrid ♪
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new this morning, two key witnesses take the stand soon in the case of a 16-year-old girl gang raped outside of a homecoming dance. is there enough evidence to go to trial? we will talk about that coming up. >> the attorney general is in the bay area today. see what brings eric holder here, coming up. it's 6:30 on friday, december 10th today in the bay.
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>> good friday morning to you. i'm laura garcia cannon and scott has the day off. here's rob with the hour by hour forecast. >> off to a nice start for most of the area. exception to the rules with gradually. 58 degrees. hour by hour, passing 10 and 12:00. 50s and 60s for highs and one of the reasons we are not going to warm up, but we have clouds pilling in. we will have a look at the weekend forecast and answer that. >> we will check in with developing news we have been following. mike has the latest on a police pursuit. >> all lanes eastbound are open,
6:31 am
but the east shore highway, the frontage road is closed from university to cedar. the live peculiar we showed you, an earlier pursuit that started to n oakland at university avenue. the right lane reopened. the accident scene we showed you earlier where the jaws of life were being used on the suspect have been cleared. the suspect taken from the car with critical conditions being taken to the hospital. we will get you back to the sdprask aside from university avenue and north on the east shore highway. we have a 23-minute travel time in the commute direction. the fog advisory was lifted and things are starting to clear up and rob was able to show you. here in antioch, 12 miles per hour and slowing through pay point. that's avenuer else and the rest
6:32 am
is looking good. 580 just a 17-minute drive and clear by the time you get to the dublin interchange. back to you. pa. >> 6:31 and new this morning, eric holder will be in the bay area in an effort to crack down on financial fraud. he will meet with law enforcement at a fraud enforcement task summid. they announced in operation broken trust. foeshs magazine reports it involved more than 300 criminal arrests for fraud totalling $8 billion in loss. >> the gang rape preliminary hearing is almost over, but they have two witnesses set to take the stand next week. christie smith is live in martinez with what's ahead in the case.
6:33 am
good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the last two witnesses are critical because they are expected to clear up confusion in the case. they are the lead investigator and also a dna expert in the case. one of the issues that remains murky is the involvement of the oldest defendant, 43-year-old man and the young set of a 16-year-old. they made headlines and a 16-year-old was gang raped, beaten and robbed as spectators watched. seven men and boys are charged. the 43-year-old defendant is a richmond man arrested two months after the assault based on a cold dna hit. when police talked to the girl, she did not recognize him and witnesses did not place him at the scene either. details are emerging that almost all of those involved who are drunk and had been denied entry to the dance earlier whether it
6:34 am
was security. the girl too had been drinking. apparently had a blood alcohol level of .355 when she was found and tested. once testimony is over next week, attorneys will make oral argue ams and a judge will decide if there is enough evidence to go to trial. live in martin ez, today in the bay. >> thank you very much for the latest. 6:34 and we continue to follow the story of a toddler who nearly dround at a san francisco hotel. the 18-month-old boy we mains in critical condition in the hospital. a reflecting pool has been drained since the incident. a security guard founded the boy unconscious after he wandered away from his mother. they gone to see the holiday display when the accident happened. >> a transgender woman received
6:35 am
a letter from a dmv clerk four days after she applied for a license in october calling her jebder change "a very evil decision." it was wrib by the clear who processed the woman's license afication. the dmv will not comment, but it's illegal to use the database for anything but dmr work. >> the lagoon at the palace of fine arts may get protection. someone broke the neck of one of the spans. earlier this year a span was stolen. the board of super advisers call on animal care and droll create a safety plan for the birds. blanch is quarantined until a pair of com ban yon swans are flown in. investigators say a hungry mountain lion to blame for a
6:36 am
dead deer at a middle school campus. the deer was likely killed by the lion and her cub. they wandered near ralston middle school campus. kids in a pe class found the animal yesterday morning. they are warning residents not to feed deer because they attract mountain lions. the sighting doubled and was there throughout the year. a local santa's helper goes on "the tonight show." >> an iphone for $25. how to pull off that deal. >> people still can't go home after this fire. pa. >> we're tracking patchy fog and showers, but will they stick around for the weekend? the forecast is next as we look live at san jose. [ female announcer ] safeway talks holiday favorites.
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wow. i love the way she plated that roast. yeah. i said "plated." he's been watching too many cooking shows. mm-hmm.
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[ female announcer ] serve a main course brimming with comfort and joy. safeway. ingredients for life. >> welcome back. just before 6:40. we have partly cloudy skies and the same picture not seen around the rest of the bay area. we still have patchy fog and look at that. golden gate bridge with drizzle and low clouds to wake up to.
6:40 am
a trip to the radar with not a lot showing up. a few scattered showers and more clouds into the bay area as storm track is aimed at northern california. for one more day we will see a chance of showers. towards the weekend we will see the track starts to push up to the north and oregon. setting us up to a dry pat skperp morning fog out to the trivalley. if are heading to the siary. scattered showered and temperatures close to 7,000 feet. around the high country like the bay area come suspect. 50s and 60s across the north bay and the seven-day forecast for a few spots and we may get close to 70 and expect cooler temperatures to wrap up the weekend. back to you. >> a house called one giant bomb in southern california gone this morning. still a lot of work to do on
6:41 am
this house. it was full of chemicals and hand grenades or authorities burn the house to the ground. they evacuate neighboring homes. hazmat will scrape the dirt off the ground to make sure there is no dangerous residue left. during yesterday's fire, small explosions could be in order miles. >> we know we have been inside and there was ammunition in there. >> the gaddener stepped on an explosive device and they found chemicals used by suicide bombers. the man accused of it is in jail and pleaed not guilty. >> new concerns about the effects of botox. details are next in a live report. >> live academy positive check in with mike in a moment. [ male announcer ] how do you say...
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>> good morning to you. live look outside this friday morning across the bay area. temperatures in the mid-range. going to see showers today. milpitas 56 for the expected high and concord 51 and danville 50. >> a new drug has been used to treat alcohol dependence for sometime now. now doctors can use it for the two million americans addicted to prescription drugs. it's a shot and patients get it once a month. it blocks the effect of narcotics on the break. >> you don't get a high or
6:45 am
euphoria. overtime it seems to decrease cravings and it revends you from having a relapse. >> this is just one part of a sobriety program. patients should go with a 12-step skprm may need stay on it for the rest of their lives. >> many wanted to remove unwanted wrinkles. there is a concern that the toxin could dissipate causing muscle loss. today in the bay is live in washington this morning to tell us more about the new research. >> it's a canadian study and showed in animals that bo and the authors say it raises questions about whether botox chb used in children.
6:46 am
it is used to treat cerebral palsy and now as of this year, they approved it for migraines as well. 11,000 teenagers are getting botox for cosmetics treatment. that's what has the researchers researched. the fda has warnings that it can spread throughout the body and cause facial paralysis and greeging problems and even a week after the injection. that doze is larger than normal. they used therapeutic doses and not cosmetic. what you would get if you got it yourself. the american academy of cosmetic surgeons said keep in mind this is for animals and won't have the same types of effects on humans, but we don't have a lot of research to document what the long-term effect might be. >> it will be interesting to see and only time will tell. >> let's check in with mike. he has been monitoring the
6:47 am
situation with the car crash and the police. >> that affected the freeway as well. the east shore freeway at this time of day definitely a focus. a 20-minute drive in the commute direction heading through berkeley and that's where we find the slowing. the metering lights have one lane closed. all eastbound lanes open and we have the closure of the highways. that's the frontage road alongside i-80 where oakland and berkeleyor scene and ended up with a crash in berkeley. the car went through a fence and hit a tree. the person driving has been pulled from the car with the jaws of life and now in critical condition. we have the rest of your commute. lighter volume. only 580 through livermore.
6:48 am
typical out of the pass and highway 4 out of antioch. a live look at the other side, the golden gate processing the water. we have been able to -- we have a few and a bicyclist in the fog. no need for alarm. it's a bicyclist and the fog. >> you need that light. you can barely see 300 feet across. you can see across the north bay, heading to napa and sonoma, we have light rain. napa heading into vallejo with scattered showers. across nowhere california, that will shift to the north through the weekend. today another day will 11 a chance of a few showers, but for the south bay, i think we will hit in the low 60s and trend armer as the showers tut shoun. matchy fog may make for a cool
6:49 am
weekend into early next week. >> 6:48 and a price tyke has drivers prices are up more than 10% and a year. you don't expect it. it's driver beware. good morning. >> it's so unusual about this is that it's happening now towards the end of the year. usually november and december and january, the holiday season the demand goes down a little bit. the prices stabilize or may go down themselves because people are taking in and not taking as many road trips because of the weather. here we are and that's the price for regular. it's up over the past several weeks. 3.35 a gallon and if you want a more specific look, this is what overnight is reporting. sna is averaging around 3.28 and
6:50 am
from san francisco at 3:32. just over the past month, those prices represented a jump of 8 tos en cents. >> what's it doing to your budget? >> hurting. not as bad as last year at least. >> what are do you have to cut back on? >> going out and having fun on weekends. typical. groceries and that kind of stuff. the little things. >> not good. >> no. you gotta do what you gotta do. come to work and make money. >> not a happy commuter this morning since he commutes from holster to the bay area. there numerous reasons why we see the spike. according to the experts, one is the global economy is improving and any time you have more
6:51 am
economics or need yore energy, you have a higher demand and a prize goes up. a price of a barrel, if it hits $90, we could see another 10 to 15 cents by year's end. that does not bode well for us. the last time was around the' 07. the summer of '08 where we paid over $4 for a gallon, that preceded that. is that going to happen this time around? depends. >> you have to carpool and plan the trips. >> the state has some property. apple filed a claim with the state controller's office saying the ceo hasn't claimed property worth $37.91. the state seant say what the price was. ibm owes mr. jobs more than
6:52 am
$fwhon stock and a property worth $14. more expensive than an iphone. radioshack is selling the iphone 4 for $25. there obviously conditions. you need to sign up for a new or renewed contract and trade in an old iphone. if you traded in an sgs, you can get the 16-gig. from what we can tell, the dealens tomorrow. >> a sentence you never want to hear. a squirrel in the toilet. i read them all now e now. look at the home video. lease lit the lid on a toilet and out pops an intruder. the woman called washington police saw an animal. they took police from the time to corral him. >> we got snake tongues and a
6:53 am
small dog kennel and we shut the door and they jumped out and throw it for about him shake r shaking and him chasi up. >> a reminder to shut the front door. >> this american life. >> police released the squirrel hit the park. >> i have this gadget friday. that's not fair. a girl and a toilet. we will try anyway. you are familiar with trying. i know it's one of laura's favorite movies. if you are not familiar with the tron disk, i have video from the actual movie. we have the new movie coming out. this is the old move fre 20 years ago. they used it as a weapon. i guess friday it's a kiddo toy called the gift. i have the friday tester cheging it out.
6:54 am
here it is in the dark. they are chloeing it oornd. there is the official prop and a frisbee model as well. it's darn heavy. the chances are the kids will try to low it as a frisbee. >> i totally want to. >> this is the first instinct. this is a prop that they sell at the toy store. don't let your kids throw it. >> that's that's crazy. they city and they want to throw it. >> parents be warned to the frisbee version. >> we will keep that video. my goodness. friday light so we are doing gadget friday and friday light and that keeps the bay bridge easy. the metering lights turned on
6:55 am
and we have seen a little bit of lightning. the cash and the fast track lanes will have to wait. take you to travel lines and the east shore freeway and interstate 80. the east shore highway off of the freeway that has the university. use cedar because of the crash. the police activity does not affect the main commute as you are traveling through the area. use second and we will look at the oakland. an easy drive northbound with the tail lights. a little bit of a glow. there issing on in there and a frog in my throat. there is a warriors game tonight. lebron james. >> the heat is in time. >> i will change my name to le mike. part weekend looks nice.
6:56 am
we have that here. we have a few showers in napa county and clouds spilling in. today we will see temperatures in the mid 60s, but we start to warm up. you will notice is sunday we have the see package contest at mammoth mountain. we have a winner to announce this morning. bud shawl, you win the mammoth mountain that includes airfare for four and a three-night scare at the north equipment rentals. >> i have never given away a $4,000 of vacation, but there you go. bud shawl, you won everything you see on the screen and epic skiing continues. >> put and i will post victims as your bed friends are gone. everybody is with bud.
6:57 am
one of santa's helpers, a bad santa fireed from a hospital score where he gets more than 15 seconds of fame. >> thanks for being here. can you give us an old fashioned ho ho ho ho? >> you can't say ho ho ho anymore. it's working girl, working girl, working girl. >> one of the santa's helpers stopped by and it was appropriate. it was the bad jokes he made to daals that got him fire. they claimed his humor was too risque. there you go. >> thanks for joining us. >> have a fantastic friday. the "today" show is coming up next. festive like champagne, and tastes great! martinelli's: since 1868.
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