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tv   NBC11 News The Bay Area at 6  NBC  December 10, 2010 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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because of a popular cable talk show and one very alert viewer. tracy grant is live at san francisco police headquarters with this remarkable built of citizen sleuthing. tracy? >> reporter: well, tom, san francisco police have confirmed that britney may smith is in the care of child protective services tonight. thousands of miles away from her roanoke, virginia home. after a week long search. 12-year-old girl was found today at a safeway grocery store in san francisco's richmond district. on la playa avenue. and they say that she was with the man that authorities believed abducted her. now, they say someone who saw 32-year-old jeffrey scott easily picture's on the nancy grace show called 911 after recognizing easley in the supermarket, he was dating the
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girl's mother found dead after britney may smith was reported missing. row nanoke police issued an amb alert for britney may smith. it showed them at a wal-mart in virginia shortly after she was reported missing. but that was the last information they had about her disappearance until today. authorities discovered the body of tina smith, britney any mother monday. easley was sought in connection with the mother's homicide and possible abduction of the girl. police say the person who recognized easley's picture not only called police but stayed at the safeway on la playa. kept an eye on the pair until the police came then pointed them out to the officer. >> in this case, that person's instincts and recall were clear and good. the officers went out there, detained the suspect. on the warrant, they found in the system for kidnapping. the only one we have in the system right now. he will be booked on that.
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>> now, sfpd says easley was taken to richmond district station. once arrested he'll be brought right here to the san francisco county jam. now they also say that they're waiting for detectives from roano roanoke, virginia to arrive in san francisco tonight. and join the investigation. live in san francisco, tracy grant, nbc bay area news. >> that is a remarkable story. tracy, thank you very much. the streets are still blocked off at this hour. san francisco's mission district. where there was a police shooting. a man was shot at least once by an officer, at garfield park, 26th and treat avenue, about -- 5:00 this afternoon. police say they approached a man who was drinking in the park. we're not sure what led to the officer firing his gun. the man was taken to san francisco general hospital with what are described, nonlife threatening injuries. >> dozens of people meeting uh at a marijuana clinic to fight back against what they argue is
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discriminations against medicinal medical marijuana smokers. the drus task force raided clubs across the south bay yesterday accusing them of selling pot illegally. owners of the club say it is not banned. in the wake of the raids trying to raise money for a legal fund to defend their group any mission. >> we want to figure out a way, excuse the pun, weed out all the bad actors out there. and really try to get people that are trying to do this for the right reasons which is for medicinal use. >> there is a public hearing between the medical marijuana clubs in the city of san jose set for monday. >> investigators say the man killed when he crashed his car off interstate 80 in berkeley army today was a parolee who was driving a stolen car. last night, an oakland police officer stopped to help the man, thinking he was a strand moed motorist. when the motorist be cam
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suspicious. the man drove off. knocking the officer to the ground. police spotted the driver again hours later. >> police pursuit started in west oakland ended here in berkeley as the driver lost control on the freeway. he went through the fence there. and crashed into a tree. and he was transported to the hospital. where he was pronounced dead. >> the oakland tribune reports the man unidentified does have a criminal record. >> talk about it, you may have had your fill of the wet weather. the last cup days. don't get use theed to the rain. it is not sticking around. leakly to be a dry winter for us. nbc bay area, meteorologist, fen fer hill is joining us with the el nino or la nina. >> one of the two. this is la ized by the cold ocean temperatures.
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today they gave their outlook for la nina. below normal temperatures. and below normal rainfall for winter months which isn't really typical see our rainiest weather. >> when weep se see a strong la. we see the rain peak earlier in the winter. december is where we get most of the rain. it will tail off as we get into winter and spring. >> water storage managers rely on the forecasts to plan ahead with the water supply. but experts say, a la nina year doesn't mean there won't be flooding. we have to be prepared. also dry conditions could mean an earlier fire season. so, this is what we can expect. september will be wet. we are feeling it right now. january, is normally our wettest month. that's when we collect a lot of rain. unfortunately, january is going to be drier. and february, also, fairly rainy month. well, it's going to be dryer as well. by the time we get to march, we could see some very dry conditions.
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not looking good for the fire season. thank you. >> getting dumped. before the bus actually takes you to the stuff. before they actually get to the destination. the travel agency reap lease aid report showing short terms or switch backs have increased on the lines in san francisco. the agency says drivers, drop writers off before reaching the end of the loon to make up time lost due to train delays and traffic jams. they say it is a common occurrence. they don't like it. m of the n if is defending the practice and say they only do it when it is absolutely necessary. >> i have certainly grown used to it. i know i shouldn't. but, i have sort of gotten used to it. it happened so often. it is inconvenient. >> we are trying to bounce -- for the most greater good. we are not going to strand anybody. >> mun if is going to try communication with passengers
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letting them snknow if a switch back in the works. >> a silicone valley court ruling tossed out the federal prosecutors did not show proof that the former c eceo did anytg illegal during his four year term. a jury originally convicted him in 2008. >> the sale will go on. this afternoon. a san francisco judge denied an injunction request to stop the state from selling property. the sale of 11 buildings is illegal and waste of taxpayer money. the buildings sold for $2.3 billion. the government will have to rent them next 20 years. that does raise concern about the long term cost. >> well, environmentalists are angry about the decision to renew chevron's 30-year lease for an offshore oil terminal.
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the state lands commission voted 2-1 over opposition of environmentalists and others worried about oil spills and threat of whales being struck by tankers. some urged the lease of only ten years. supporters of a long term lease, cited chevron's key role in supplying gasoline to southern california and fuel as well as to the nearby l.a. airport. the refinery and offshore operations date back to 1911. >> the small california town, and high school appears to be the hardest hit with loss. buchanan high school in clovis, has had eight former students killed in iraq and afghanistan. the layest on december 2. a marine sergeant who died of a head wound in afghanistan. the heartache has been never ending at buchanan. by comparison, other high schools have lost two former students. altogether, more than 600 soldiers from california have died in both of those wars. >> financial fraud conference brought u.s. attorney general, eric holder to san francisco
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today. but reporters wanted to talk about the wikileak case. at the san francisco federal bidding. holder gave a no comment. when he was asked about the city of berkeley's proposal to honor bradley manning. he is the army private accused of releasing the sensitive documents. holder pointed out "the new york times" found a responsible way to present the material. >> traditional media. handed the release of the material. "the new york times," and other publications with regard to redactions. that they made concerning material that was provided to them. they acted, i think in a responsible way. so i think that is at least one of the distinctions. this is an ongoing investigation. holder denies the u.s. pressured companies to sever ties with wikileaks. he also refused to comment on what u.s. laws may have been broken. >> forget the grand ballroom.
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and some companies are moving their holiday parties into the parking lots. nbc bay area's damian trujillo spent time at a caterer when fewer companies nationwide are opening their wallets to throw you a party. >> preparing for the big how day bash. in a catering truck. the folks at parse, sanl, rosemary and time say this is how silicone valley companies are rolling these days. mobile holiday parties. >> let's go ahead. get this out of here. pull forward. >> we have seen improvement on last minute phone calls. smaller parties. more, more group parties instead of the large company wide parties. what we are seeing. >> but big or small, christina vargas' job to make sure it is all done with class. >> it is quite challenge but fun. and there are some very long days. you know in the end, it's the
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drive. knowing the customer is happy. >> nationwide survey shows this is the worst year for holiday parties in two decades. some companies say there is no money. others, no mood. knowing many americans are going to bed on an empty stomach. >> tonight we have a small holiday party. >> that means preparing the pecan pie and bread pudding for the priflt house party. for the other -- the party is on the way. damian trujillo, nbc bay area news. still ahead -- california's new way to honor soldiers killed in the lean of duty. i'm scott budman going on a hacking binge. how one company is coming up with new idea to stave off the competition. if you see images of people in need during this team of year, one person is dishing out the big donation after he was moved by one of our reports. the weekend is here. your forecast is coming up.
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named silent night by caretakers at the marine mammal center he was shot in the face and blinded in one eye. center treated eight other sea mammals for gunshot wounds this year which is why they release side lent night's x rays to illustrate the trauma and the hope that, it is not repeated. sea lions are often shot by fishermen as they compete for fish. doctors will not remove the facial bullet fragments unless there is internal bleeding. >> most silicone valley, full of competition. nbc bay area tech reporter, scott budman found one way to stay up all night. >> constant battle.
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a small company going up against established giants. we have had one start up loading up on caffeine and good ideas. you can just tell -- the intense staring, bouncing feet, the nail biting -- scruffy beard and lots of caffeine, these people are writing code. creating software to help their company get ahead. trying to change how people think about technology. >> at going constantly. working 24 hours straight in what the software maker calls the hackathon. challenging employees to come up with something new and think outside the box. >> kind of step outside of daily responsibilities and things we are working really hard on. and let people work on, new projects. >> a lot of thinking about how we can interact with our content on box. >> so they lined up judges and
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prizes so the hackers could pitch their new ideas. because despite doubling in size and sales this year, is still in start-up mode. lots of pizza boxes, random dancing, even the zip line. no sacred cows here. box is growing, hiring, and hacking its way to success. even if the ceo gets to cut himself a break. >> i should just come clean. to be fair. i did take a two-hour nap. >> all in a day's work when you are trying to give code a human face. is hiring having already doubled in size this year the they help businesses share content on line. part of the cloud commuting trend very hot these days. jessica. >> make sure you apply, nappers. >> thank you. microsoft executive coming clean today. his company did try to buy facebook in 2007.
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he told an audience today at the web conference his company offered martin zuckerberg $15 billion for facebook. when the offer was refused my crow soft became an investor instead. >> goog in the hot seat. over its street view technology. connecticut attorney general is demanding the search giant turn over data it collected from wireless networks when its cars mapped areas of the state. connecticut says the data is necessary to determine if google broke state law. google apologized for what it calls the accidental collection of data by mapping vehicles. >> while the governor unveiled new gold star license plates at the state capital today. they're for californian whose want to honor a loved one killed in action or war. department of veterans affair raised $300,000 to start the program. the governor is hoping the license plates will remind everyone of the sacrifice made by men and women in the armed forces and their families every day. >> well there is word on how christmas shopping is going so
6:18 pm
far. for retailers. while it may be a little too early to tell how well things are going at the breck and mortar stores. online businesses have something to cheer about. a look at how you can cash in on the deals. >> if kris shoppers are spending at their retailers. the way they're spending on line, then there will be smiles all around. the online retail research firm, comscore reports online sales are up 12% compared to last year. those over $1 billion spent on line on cybermonday alone. and for the season so far, there has been $17 billion in sales with online retailers. behind the surge is the free shipping, so many online stores are offering. in fact, 1,100 retailers have signed up to participate in free shipping day, friday december 17th with a promise to deliver by the 25th.
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something real stores can revel in, a survey found close to 60% of american shoppers, still want that in-store experience to get them into the holiday spirit. chris clacken, nbc news. kris came early for one south bay charity today. the president of comerica bank presented $14,000 to sacred heart community services. moved by video shown here on nbc bay area of the long lines that stretched around the block with people registering for thanksgiving meal. sacred heart serves roughly 1,000 people per day, providing food and clothing the. >> we want to write a check. we want to volunteer. we want to try to help to pro moment others to do the same thing. this money is going to make sure we are able to feed families, help us out with the special thing we do each year. the toy drive for, about 5,000 kids, are going to make sure they're going to see wonderful toys underneath the tree this holiday season.
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>> so, big thank you to comerica and generous viewers out there. sacred heart, you may remember ran out of turkeys for their thanksgiving give away. families settled for chicken and ham. thanks to generous viewers, you will pitch in again. >> the many people are donating. jennifer hill standing by to tell us how our forecast is shaping up for the weekend. >> god to see everything warming our heart. we should see some sunshine. sprinkles crossing the area. to, far between. and tomorrow, a transition day. the further south you are, the first to see the sunshine. the further north you are. a little high. before we see high pressure areas moving on un. to clear out the skies. and then sunday. we'll see inland fog. in the morning. could be dense. by the afternoon we should be in the sunshine. 59 degrees, currently in santa rosa. 59 in fairfield. san jose. 58, santa cruz. let's take a look at the satellite. we have seen some showers. and emerged a couple days ago.
6:21 pm
they were numerous. today, spotty activity. we saw some gloom around downtown, san francisco today. but the heavier rain, beginning to move away. let's take a look here, north of the bay. and saw a to light showers. to the south of santa rosa. nothing heavy to the south. nothing happening at all. blip here and there. nothing to accumulate. to bring us a lot of rain. what can we expect for tomorrow. high pressure. going to nose on in. that creates sinking air. keep the clouds at bay. a big weather system won't affect us. will see skies clearing, south to north tomorrow. by the evening. we should see some stars. here is a look at our morning lows. 40s and 50s. 45 degrees in fairfield. 47, livermore. watch out for fog in the inland areas. 46 in gilroy. at the lunch hour. 58, san rafael. 62 in gilroy. 60, santa cruz.
6:22 pm
for tomorrow we should all make it into the 60s. forecast highs. notice there is blue in the true blue sky forecast. coming up the take a look at the seven day. see what temperatures are looking like for sunday. >> sunday. can't wait to find out. all right. thank you. >> just ahead. a north bay school on alert. after students say they were followed home. >> plus, inspired hundreds of people to lose weight on "the biggest loser"hy w jillian michaels says she is taking a break. [ female announcer ] dry, cracked hands? gold bond ultimate concentrated cream heals and protects like lotion can't. gold bond concentrated therapy. real medicine, ultimate healing.
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she also says her female replacement on the show has already been chosen, and will be introduced during next season. the season ten finale is today night here on nbc bay area. >> so many people are finding it difficult to make ends meet at home. charities have seen their donations drop. but, a surprise donation to the salvation army, lifted holiday spirits of concommunity. nbc's jerry carns reports on one secret santa. >> there is something about battlefield parkway and fort oglethorpe that brings out the best in people. several times over the past fwu, three years, someone has dropped a big surprise into a salvation army kettle in the area. donations of $2,000, $3,000, $4 t in the struggle economy. bell ringers wear frayed it wouldn't happen this kris season. >> you have days you see a lot of 5s, 10s. >> not a lot of 100s until this week. the salvation army knew they had
6:26 pm
something the ordinary when a man revealing a smile but not his name, dropped his gift into this kettle in front of the battlefield parkway k mart. >> the gentleman walked up. put money in the kettle. said merry christmas, remember me. >> they weren't sure what they had until the coat was emptied at the command center over state line in chattanooga. jennifer fisher saw a couple of 100s, then a couple more. then a cup more. >> i just started screaming. found lit piles of $100. then everyone was excited. counting them out loud. everyone was cheering. >> in all that one settle held 55100 bills. some in an envelope. some loose. letting the salvation army to believe there may have been more than one elf. the surprise couldn't come at a better time. kettle donations down across georgia. demand of those in need is up. >> we need the boost. we are hoping it challenges others to give. >> the sound of more surprise
6:27 pm
donations. has a nice ring to it. >> just ahead tonight, the revenge of bad santa. the union square santa fired after decades at macy's, ditches the sleigh for his next gig. >> plus, sifting through ashes, the bomb squad starts a big clean-up after burning down a san diego home loaded with explosives. >> is the president's tax compromise with republicans holp on move today holding things up on capitol hill. c ♪
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bomb experts siflted through the debris of a home after they had to burn it down to protect ape southern california neighborhood. the house was filled with more explosives than police say they had ever seen. greg bledsoe from our san diego station has the story. >> reporter: we are just happy to be back. >> for tone yo hawkins any other day at this house where he lives with his wife and six kids.
6:30 pm
>> unfolded for them, and everybody. >> hard to believe, 24 hours ago, the view from his backyard likely looked something like this. >> wow. >> it took about an hour for the majority of that house filled with explosives to burn to the ground yesterday. fbi and sheriff bomb experts scraped through the rubble along with help of an armored bobcat from san bernardino. >> that goes through with kind of a claw, scoops. we are looking to see if there is a jar or two or anything that survived. >> after the scraping and spraying. county hazmat will have to get the property up to safety standards. testing soil and air samples all along the way. the sheriff's department says this was after all the largest stockpile of the explosive hmdt ever found in the world w.
6:31 pm
this is going to be the model another agency or agency has to follow. >> as for tony who heard several explosions coming from the house over the past several months this really is the best possible ending. >> so, with that, knowing all of the stuff that went on in the house, it is just, a real miracle, nothing serious happened. >> all right. bring you back home here. warning tonight for parents in canton and north bay. police say two men followed some children, leaving petaluma's grant elementary school. the kids told police the men in a van followed them, stopped at their hope, rang the doorbell and looked through the door's peephole. the children never opened the door. investigators say the pair were in an older type van, gray and box like looking. >> elizabeth smart waited more than eight years for the words she heard today. guilty. jurors found brian david mitchell guilty of kidnapping smart in 2002 when she was 14
6:32 pm
years old. she was taken from her bedroom and the intense search captivated the nation. smart says she is determined this experience will not define her. >> today is a wonderful day. i am so thrilled to be here the i am so thrilled with the verdict. but not only that, i am so thrilled to stand before the people of america today, and give hope to other victim whose have not spoken out about their what has happened to them. >> defense attorneys, tried to claim mitchell was mentally ill. but prosecutors claimed he was faking it to avoid a conviction. >> such a strong young woman. >> president obama's tax cut extension deal is in deep water. members of his own party did their best to sink it. senate democrats joined in a filibuster talk athon, aimed at preventing a compromise coming to a vote. critics say the president is being too generous to the wealthier americans in an effort to get republican votes. nbc bay area's brian moore reports on the likelihood they will reach a deal by the end of the year. >> unconscionable,
6:33 pm
unconscionable. >> critics of the president's tax cut compromise with republicans want to talk the to death. >> we can do better. >> house democrats, have grounded the deal. >> oprah winfrey and santa claus. everybody gets a tax cut. how are we going to pay for it? >> senate democrats are piling on. >> we need to call the president, write the president, work with the president, to say no deal, this has got to be something very different from what it its now. >> but the deal received an unexpected and wringing endorsement from former president clinton. >> this is a good bill. and i hope that my fellow democrats will support it. this will actually create a fair number of jobs. i expect it to lower the unemployment rate. and keep us going. i don't bleach they can get a better deal. >> with holidays end of the lame-duck congress approaching critics are convince they'd can pressure the gop into a better deal than the president did. he is saying, well, i had to give in.
6:34 pm
you don't have to give in. >> the white house is trying to sell the deal as a win w. middle-class tax cults. jobless benefits. and increased take home pay. the price, president obama tells npr he had to give in to republican demands to help the wealthy too. >> the problem is, this is the single issue the republicans are willing to scotch the entire deal for. >> if democrats can get a better deal with the republicans, the white house says it will be happy to jump aboard. brian moore, nbc news, washington. vowing to fight on. protestors pushing for an end to don't ask don't tell, rallied outside the capital. senate republicans blocked the measure yesterday that would have lifted the ban. the white house says the president is committed to seeing that repeal passed before the end of this year. well all those fall rains have brought not, have brought us not just higher water levels to marin county creek, they're bringing back salmon. marin water officials encouraged
6:35 pm
by the sight of many swimming upstream from ocean. it is great to see after the species was called kriltically endangered last year. though dozens of fish spotted in recent weeks, it is well below previous years, and salmon sightings in the hundreds. >> santa fired by macy's for telling a dirty joke arrived at his new job today in style. merry kris. >> yes, a firetruck. a police escort, carried him around union square past macy's the he smiled and waved, apparently with all of his fingers extended. at the department store that canned hip last week and made him famous. in the end he did not make good on an earlier promise. >> i figure as i pull past facies i am going to ask that they drive slowly -- and i am going to give macy's the biggest raspberry i can. >> well, he arrived at his new
6:36 pm
job, helping lefty odoole's restaurant with the toy drive. since he was fired last week, gotten national attention appeared on the tonight show and landed a job that pays him more. >> and got a lit publicity. >> darn sure. wonder how that worked out? >> how many will stop by to see the famous santa. >> one of the biggest names in basketball in town to take on the warriors. >> plus, kris hits the water in the bay area. >> and just ahead, battleground san francisco. veterans fight to keep space in a >> a to showers crossed the area today the a to are still around tonight. coming up. take a look at the weekend evenca s day forea ca i tstheeven day forecast. stick around. .
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kicked their first three holiday shows tonight. the choir has bane round since 1984. the shows are at the good shepard lutheran church in san jose. tickets are $20. the show, fabulous. >> some of most beautiful holiday traditions kick off this weekend. 80 boats will participate in community action, marin, lighted boat parade. hundreds are expected to watch from their homes and nearby restaurants. and then, san francisco has its holiday boat parade next week. more than 100 boats take part in this one. the boats go from pier 39 to the field where a lot are moored. >> a lot of sports fans happy tonight. and soon hundreds of kids will be as well. thanks to one radio station,
6:40 pm
annual holiday charity drive. they held their 11th annual sports auction at at & t today. the crew did their broadcast live. to publicize fans. sign baseballs. sign photographs. sign jerseys. a chance to hang out with 49er, ronnie lott. joint effort in the bay area sports hall of fame. >> this money is ultimately going to aid kids in need of gear, fields. equipment. >> proceeds from the auction go to 90 bay area youth sports programs every year the lots of good bootie there. >> you bet. can't sell giants gear this year you will never do it. for sure. >> christine, joining us, nice to see you. >> thank you. >> santa santa claus is coming to town. do you know who is town already? >> we snow thaknow that.
6:41 pm
king james. >> the big three. oracle arena. heisman award, will be dished out tomorrow. hear from heisman candidate, andrew luck. sports is straight ahead. >> coming up. a look at your weekend weather. looks great in downtown san jose. t thewther toeather w to head h outside? your forecast is coming up. and non-eggnog people. and which are you? i'm a fish. on a tree. [ female announcer ] if it tastes like the holidays, we've got it. safeway. ingredients for life.
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plans to revamp war memorial. as nbc bay area's, joe rossata junior shows us. in the corner of the san francisco civic center looms a building born of war's past. though it is the veterans bidding inside are to signs of its military history. >> they call it the veterans buildingch this room used to be filled with flags and statues. now what you see is -- things and so on. >> the building was envisioned in 1919, the veteran, was one watch its founders. >> the buildings weren't complete until 1932. started in 1930. at that time, most of the space in the bidding -- was used by veterans.
6:44 pm
and an off first floor museum i place of veteran offices. you can see we are jammed into this room here. a guided tour of the building, he pointed out space for veterans groups. >> 30 foot ceilings. they want to turn it into the art, art, museum. >> but the building's general manager says the upgrades are aimed at bringing life back to the building. that includes veterans. >> the plan definitely includes their occupancy, continuing occupancy. >> the building will undergo 130 million retroofit. >> square footage available them after the retro fit will be the
6:45 pm
same as square footage available now. >> but he wants to see the veterans building become a veterans building more than just name. >> we have not only blood and sweat invested in here, equity, but we have money invested in here. >> all right. turn things over to jennifer hill with us today. the weekend, you have sunny forecast for the weekend. >> trying to work in sunshine. no matter how much i try, this rain it keeps trying to come back on in. yeah. >> little bit of rain in city today. drizzle. we're trying to work that out. a high of 67 after 56. right now temperatures in the 50s and 60s. 59 degrees in fairfield.
6:46 pm
62, livermore. 61 in gilroy. and 59 in san mateo. 68, santa cruz. forecast for tomorrow. is proving weather. want sunshine for the weekend. for outdoor activities. going to try to give it to you high pressure will build. and the trivia sky forecast. paints the picture of what the sky should look like tomorrow. you can see, notice the blue sky, coming in closer towards us. and, for this satellite and the radar right now. we have quite a bit of rainfall. not falling over, but towards sacramento. over towards sierra nevada. to light showers moving over the area. to the north of the bay. found more rain today. we see just a to showers, still, the region. just a to. and turn the windshield wipers on. that's it. let's head south of the bay. there is really not a lot happening here at all. maybe, just a little shower here south of san bruno. that its it. the forecast for tomorrow. maybe a to light showers in the
6:47 pm
morning. expecting more sunshine. the forecast, futurecast rainfall. see at 6:00. start things out. clouds across the area. liftle green spots. that's what we call the rain. let's get to 10:00. start to see clearing in the clouds. for tomorrow, some patchy fog. possibility, might see some around the bay. and then in the afternoon. 3:00, ha, look at that. tomorrow evening. beaches, sea fog coming in. notice this. some of the valleys will see some fog developing as early as -- the evening hours on saturday. moving into sunday morning. then again see the fog burning off. sunday looks pretty good here. a lot of sunshine across the area. even along the area beaches. but, interesting though, fast forward into monday.
6:48 pm
looks like we can squeeze in a couple days of sunshine before we get back to the clouds and rainy pattern caused by la nina. take a look at forecast lows tomorrow. 47 in livermore. 46, in gilroy. afternoon highs. sunshine. make it into the mid 60s in spots. a nice change. little cooler along the area beaches. we'll see more cloud cover. possibly some drizzle. and don't forget about the fog. very in prnt mportant. fog, saturday. sunday. heading out early for anything. take it easy. 62 degrees. and 62 in sonoma. so, this is my seven-day forecast. try to get a couple days of sunshine in there. the weather models are just really wet. after that, hopefully, keeping our fingers crossed. >> a lot of clouds in the panel up there. all right. >> thank you. >> perfect. >> okay. christine joins us. christine has all the sports for us. welcome. >> thank you very much. big game tonight.
6:49 pm
at oracle and tonight the warriors will try to cool off. a red hot miami heat team. at oracle arena. a lot of hype surrounding miami's big three. entering the season. we of course are talking lebron james, dwayne wade, and chris bosh. after a slow start. plenty of criticism, miami has since turned the heat on. winning six in a rope. lebron and company. have beaten their last six opponents by an average of 16 1/2 points. the two-time mvp leads miami averaging over 24 points and seven assists per game. the player for miami will have the difficult task of guarding king james. they have different weapons. not going to be lebron. lebron was in cleveland. so, got to go out there. keep him off the paint. make him take the shot. the warriors who have lost 12 of 14 games. will be without point guards.
6:50 pm
he did not participate in this morning's shoot around. said it would be miraculous if he played tonight. he wore a protective boot around his ankle when he addressed reporters today. no word when he will return to the lineup. the warriors lose one, but they get one back. expected to make his debut tonight against miami. he has been side lined since july. after tearing ligaments in the left wrist. the former star was expected to be out of action for six months. the warriors sixth pick in this year's nba draft. you can catch the debut tonight on sportsnet bay area. lebron james and the heat in their only meeting of the season. wall to wall coverage. all starts with pregame live at 7:00. the warriors against lebron. d-wade and heat on comcastsportsnetbay area. that is how many stanford players have won the most
6:51 pm
prestigious college football award, one, the heisman trophy since its inception in 1935. jim plunkette in 1970. tomorrow, stanford, andrew luck hopes to join the lukz of republicof -- the likes of plunkette. luck is with the other heisman candidates. he is nervous and excited for the announcement made at 5:00 tomorrow night. luck led stanford to an 11-1 record this season. and in the orange/gold. he credits tony g ecerhart for leading the way. >> paves the path for other guys. jim plunkette. back in his time. it will mean a lot for the university. you know, i couldn't. couldn't be more honored to represent stanford university. >> while luck is a strong contender. many reports say auburn cam newton will run away with the heisman. newton has won the davey o'brien
6:52 pm
and maxwell awards. he has nice steps. after the win over san diego. 6-6 raiders head to jacksonville sunday. the silver and black haven't found much on the road. in order to prepare for sunday, the head coach, meetings at 6:00 a.m. to get the players on east coast time. an early weakup call. mean while, niners were sleepless in seattle in week one. losing to the seahawks. sunday they're looking for a different result with a lot on the line at 4-8. hard to believe the niners still have a slim chance of making the playoffs. linebacker, patrick willis said with four games in hand, the
6:53 pm
niners still have a lot to play for. >> we have been through a lot. and we still have opportunity. here at our hands. you know four games. that we got to win. and, seattle, is a pivotal game. and the source of them. that's our main focus. we got to win in florida. it's still there. >> well, we know this guy. brett favre. minnesota vikings qb brett favre's streak is in jeopardy. favre has been nursing a bad shoulder. questionable if he will make 298 consecutive regular season start. favre injured his shoulder last woke against buffalo did minimal work at practice today. minnesota prepared to face the giants. getting back to the niners. they're 4-8. >> uh-huh. >> we did research. producer rick. nine teams have made the pl playoffs with #-#. >> how many to the super bowl? >> last team to make it to the playoffs. san diego in 2000. >> uh-huh. christine. thank you. >> you're welcome.
6:54 pm
>> still ahead. silicone vally twist on the holiday classic. carols like you mav never heahad them before. it's really delicious, mom. it's not too well done? nope. but it is a job well done. what are you reading, sweetie?
6:55 pm
her diary. when you're done, i'd love some feedback. sure. your mom and i read that thing cover-to-cover. loved it. thanks. would you mind if i cut the lawn this weekend? only if you let me talk to your mother on the phone for hours on end. done. [ male announcer ] u-verse brings peace to the family. at&t u-verse lets you record four shows at once from any room and play them back on any tv. now get up to $300 back in promotion cards. at&t. rethink possible.
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tonight on nbc bay area news. >> it is real exciting. i feel fortunate to be here.
6:57 pm
>> it its a deadly sport that claims thousands of victims a year. now, a northern california school is using technology to fry to put an end to it. how dna is branching out in ways some never thought was possible. after an all new "dateline" and nbc bay area news. >> most ring in the holidays with bells. technology has given us a we to fake even that. >> yes, the holiday favorite carol of the bells played on ipads and couple of aye phoneip. they call themselves an iband and record at their ichurch. along i-85. each song they perform uses different apps, a way for to us say, appy holidays to you. >> wow. >> it is -- >> everything is an app. we will be an app. >> they're working on that one.
6:58 pm
>> good night, everybody. join nbc bay area at the east bay's walnut creek on ice lope kate e downtown. a perfect holiday date with a friend or your family.
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