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tv   NBC11 News The Bay Area at 6  NBC  December 11, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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this comes just one day after san francisco police also found a missing 12-year-old from virginia. police swarmed over the neighborhood where they arrested the uncle of the girl from redding today. he took his 15-year-old niece from her home on november 10th, the pair were found in the mission district. investigators will only say that the girl was safe and her uncle was wanted on an arrest warrant. remarkably, as we mentioned, another search for a missing girl. this time from virginia also ended in san francisco this weekend. the 12-year-old girl was found alive thanks to an alert woman. the nationwide manhunt started in roanoke, virginia last monday and ended in a safeway store in san francisco yesterday. the 32-year-old man who was suspected of kidnapping her is also suspected of killing her mother.
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it's not clear when he will be returned to virginia. police issued an amber alert for jeffrey easley and brittany after her mother was found dead in their home. brittany and easley were spotted buying camping gear. yesterday a woman shopping at a san francisco safeway called police after recognizing the two from a national cable tv show. >> san francisco police dispatched a 911 call from a citizen saying she had observed a male and a juvenile female matching the description of a possible kidnapping murder suspect. >> police from virginia say they are not sure whether brittany went with the suspect willingly, but she did reportedly tell officers that she knew her mother was dead. she is currently in protective custody and will soon be heading back to virginia to her
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grandparents. also just in tonight. the police chief in oakland wants everyone to know how tough it is for officers to make split second life or death decisions. so we went behind the scenes today at a seminar at police headquarters. a mechanical simulator puts the officer in a situation to make a decision on the use of deadly force. >> we're trying to train officers to make good decisions, okay? we're trying to train officers to make decisions based on what they're seeing. assessing the situation, reading it for what it is, and then choosing the appropriate use of force. >> tonight at 11:00, see how cheryl hurd learned how officers learned when and how to use deadly force. we'll have that tonight at 11:00. cyber bullying has become a hot button issue across the nation, but it really hits home for a san jose mother whose teenaged daughter tried to commit suicide after abusive classmates drove her to the
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edge. nbc bay area's elise kirschner has this story. >> friends and family remembering tonight. take a look behind me, they're holding vigil, holding signs, holding candles, they're also wearing purple scarves and purple wristbands because purple is amanda's favorite color. she hung herself two years ago at delmar high school after she was harassed in person and online by two classmates. she lives in a nursing home where she gets 24 hour care. her family started the amanda network. tonight amanda's mother said the recent spike in teen suicide is more important than ever to raise awareness about bullying. >> we have to change that. and change the way the school and the school administrators and teachers and pretty much everybody treat each other. and, you know, even the kids when they're joking around and say, oh, you're so gay or what a
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loser or what a retard. you can't say those things any more. you don't know if that's going to be the one thing that you say to that person that's going to send them to their breaking point. >> the group is now walking to christmas in the park. they'll be there until around 6:30, if you'd like to join them. elise kirschner, nbc bay area news. police are asking for the public's help to find a hit and run driver who killed a 41-year-old woman. the woman was hit last night while walking in the crosswalk in antioch. a dark colored minivan hit the woman and fled the scene. it was last scene headed westbound on to highway four. one car stopped at this intersection to allow the 42-year-old woman to cross. the people in the car say the van went around their car and that's when the van struck the woman. she was taken to the hospital and died several hours later. a dmv clerk who allegedly
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sent a letter condemning a transgender woman has been suspended from work. amber yutz says she received is the letter four days after she applied for a license back in october. the letter called her gender change a very evil decision. it was written by the clerk who processed the woman's license application, a spokesperson for the dmv says it's illegal to use their database for anything except dmv related work. she also filed a claim against the state for damages on that. two college students originally from the bay area are dead after a young man allegedly shot and killed his ex-girlfriend before turning the gun on himself. greg bledsoe from our san diego station has that story for us. >> reporter: it was a day michelle david's friends never could have imagined. a day they can barely talk about. >> not well at all. >> when it comes to one of their
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closest friends, there are some things they want to let people know. >> she had such a kind heart and cared about everyone. >> a 22-year-old who only saw the good in life. never the negative, a soon to be college graduate and a waitress who was kind to everyone she met. >> she was the sweetest girl, whether she knew you or not. >> on friday, michelle was leaving her apartment to walk her dog when she was confronted by a man with an assault rifle who opened fire. that man according to police, was her ex-boyfriend dan schumack who had been waiting for her. the relationship was on and off without any warning of anything like this. schuman's body was found in his truck. >> the last time i saw her i didn't get to have a conversation with her, because i was too busy, trying to study. and i really regret not talking
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to her at that moment. >> it's almost impossible for her friends to make sense of this. so instead they try to remember everything but that day. >> when i really need to talk to someone, she'll always be there. she had one of the best hearts. >> that was greg bledsoe reporting. coming up next at 6:00, an employee in a pharmacy chain ended up bound and gagged this morning. the latest on that next. we know the pizza delivery drivers get robbed for a few dollars. think about the robbery potential, the violence that could be associated with delivering marijuana. >> marijuana deals are happening in many neighborhoods but it's for medical use. christmas comes early, children from bay area hospitals who are suffering from life threatening illnesses get a lirelettodat tay. we'll show you.
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packers have been in wall greens. the marketing list began a week ago. customers who had opted out of receiving marketing materials were involved in the online attack. wall greens started contacting customers yesterday apologizing for the error. the pharmacy says at this point as far as they know, oath e-mail addresses were stolen. an employee was tied up during an armed robbery this
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morning at a book store at the sonoma state university campus around 7:00 this morning. two armed men entered the on campus barnes and noble book store through the back door. it's not clear how much the robber stole from the store, the employee was not injured in the robbe robbery. san francisco is on the verge of losing the chance to host the next america's cup sailing race. the golden gate yacht club today sent mayor gavin newsom a warning that a deal must be signed by friday. it was believed san francisco won the nod to host the event last month. the port commission changed the agreement. that has officials worried they're taking on too much financial risk. the board of supervisors is expected to hold a final hearing on this on monday. delivering danger? marijuana deliveries in bay area nehborrmhoods. what we found out that has a lot of people concerned.
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delivering troubles? californians may have voted down the idea of legalizing marijuana for all. but medicine ap cannibus is still legal. it's more popular than ever. that's not enough for some medical marijuana advocates. garvin thomas shows us some people may be pushing the limits by hitting the streets.
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>> reporter: just like anyone who makes a living making deliveries. chris deals with the usual hassles. bad traffic, bad weather, bad dogs. >> big dogs. >> what makes him unlike other delivery folks is what he's carrying in that little black case of him. >> he works for a san jose medical marijuana collective that not only allows patients to buy and medicate on site but will deliver right to your door. >> there's multiple delivery services that are out there. >> daniel runs the company. home delivery fits in perfectly with prop 215 or the compassionate use act passed by california voters in 1996. >> you need to create a way that patients can get this medicine in a safe and reasonable manner. >> what is simple and reasonable to him is actually quite complicated at least legally. hogue land himself was arrested
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by santa clara sheriff's deputies two months ago after making a delivery. we wanted to see what these transactions looked like. so we spent an afternoon riding along. >> the first delivery comes at 12:30 in the afternoon. a regular customer who has been in a wheelchair since the car accident in the 1970s. >> so -- >> patients choose from an eighth of an ounce container of marijuana, there's a one-ounce limit. >> i call to see if they have certain strains. other times i just get what they have. >> many customers are regulars, deliveries often have a friendly feel to them. as for the actual deal? pretty mundane about as can you
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imagine, not everyone is so nonchalant about pot on wheels. >> it's a bad, bad idea. >> reporter: ron brook is president of the national narcotics officers association. delivery complicates the efforts to cities and towns trying to regulate medical marijuana, making impossible to keep it out of neighborhoods or away from schools or day cares and that's important, because with the drugs comes danger. >> we know the pizza delivery drivers get robbed for a few hours. think about the robbery potential, the violence that could be associated with delivering marijuana. >> if there's one thing both sides seem to agree on, it's that a clearer set of laws and guidelines needs to be put in place. right now, all we have is one big legal gray area, big enough to drive a pickup truck through. gavin thomas, nbc bay area news. >> by the way, the president was arrested in a sting operation along with 21 people delivering marijuana this week. the deliveries were against the
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law, because only a primary caregiver can give a patient marijuana. since then, he claims all drivers have filled out the proper paperwork to be considered primary caregivers to the patient. sunglasses and t-shirts were required today at venice beach. temperatures in the 80s, even the tourists didn't look out of place. oh, man that looks nice. just looking at everyone enjoying that warm weather. it's hard to believe it's the middle of december. we had lovely weather around here. certainly not beach weather like they were having down in l.a. >> a little warm. you mentioned the temperatures here not too bad. we had upper 60s in a few spots today. 68 degrees pretty nice. for our friends in san jose. 64, a popular number. los gatos calling in 64 today. 66 in santa cruz. for san francisco we are seeing patchy fog right now. there's the commute, as all the
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folks head into san francisco for the evening. 56 with patchy fog across the golden gate bridge. hazy skies in oakland and 55. doesn't that look like fun? christmas in the park, it's still 61 degrees outside. it's mild and we will be watching patchy fog overnight. this sunset captured by brad lawler. gorgeous view, looking at an orange and red sky. unfortunately, the bad part of the forecast, the light winds and a stable air mass over the bay area. we have a spare the area alert. no burning night for any place that has those wood burning fireplac fireplaces. we don't have any rain to talk about at least for now. good news for your weekend plans. it is raining buckets right now in seattle. there you see clear skies heading down toward southern california. we'll see patchy fog to wrap you the weekend. we have a dense fog advisory for
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the inner bay around the bay area this evening. i expect some of the inner valley valleys -- still looks dry, we will see fog once again for monday morning. any chance of showers mainly off to the north of mendocino county. this will spill our way as we head into tuesday. tonight we'll see patchy fog. not a bad night, mostly 40s to 50s overnight. as we head toward tomorrow, temperatures should be similar to today. if you head down to the south coast around places like santa cruz and gilroy, may get close to 70 tomorrow, pretty nice day. moving northward through san jose, low 60s once again. hazy sunshine. places that may run a little cooler out toward the east bay, the low clouds may linger a little bit heading into the afternoon. we'll finish the weekend on a dry note. monday also looks dry. the trend for the second hf of the seven-day forecast looks
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soggy late next week. rain could get heavy at times, but for now, things are outstandinging for your weekend. >> thank you, rob. we'll be right back with sports and the newest winner of these heisman. did stanford's quarterback pull off an upset? [ mom ] my son only wanted one toy this year.
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with the money i saved, i bid online -and got exactly what he wanted. -a robosan 4000! [ television ] introducing the new robosan 5000. [ mom ] at least for now. [ male announcer ] make your happy holiday stories come true with citi specials. what's your story? citi can help you write it. an airplane at the nasa research center in mountain view was turned into a version of the north pole today. police were everywhere, but not for security. they threw the party. the guests of honor, children with cancer and their families from across the bay area. >> this is a day where we want all the kids and their families -- we include the brothers and sisters so they can check cancer at the door, and come in and have a good time filled with fun, carnival games. >> highlighting the event was
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the arrival of santa, and the police helicopter had gifts for each child. we have christine checken out a little bit of sports and big announcement tonight. >> you sure got that right. >> big announcement in new york city. we have a heisman trophy winner. could andrew lutz become just the second stanford player to win the coveted award? cals sme bn'tbkeaslmalea tet gs punished. we'll explain why coming up.
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the last time a stanford player won the heisman was in 1970. last year toby gerhart came close, but finished as runner up. in the last half hour andrew lutz found out his fate as the 76th heisman trophy winner was announced. >> the winner is cam newton.
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[ applause ] >> no surprise, as auburn's quarterback is the heisman trophy winner. the top rated passer in the nation led auburn to the sec championship game and a birth in the national title game. lutz was the runner up. for the second year in a row, stanford finishes 2nd. as for newton, he wins despite controversy surrounding his father who was linked to a pay to play scandal at mississippi state. >> this is not an award that has been won. my play this year, this is an award that's been won ever since i came out -- thank you for everything that you do for me and my family. and for my father, i love you so much 37. >> here's the breakdown. newton karnerred 729 first place votes. lutz 78 first place votes.
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big disparity there. a foregone conclusion that newton was going to run away with the trophy. kellan moore in fourth. one of the oldest rivalry games took place today for the 111th army/navy game. the midshipmen had the winning number the last two years. the army/navy game being played in philadelphia. 186 yards and two touchdowns, here's the first to john how el for a 77-yard hookup. navy was up 10-0. you know what, they never trailed. second quarter, dobbs. he's going to connect with brandon turner for a 32-yard score. navy rolls in this one and beats army for a 9th straight time 31-17 the final. the raiders will look to improve on their 6-6 record when they travel to jacksonville on sunday. the niners host seattle in a
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must-win game. san francisco at 4-8 barely holding on to any postseason hopes. the giants are playing the vikings on sunday. the problem is they're in kansas ci city. a severe snowstorm diverted the team's flight to kansas city. the team pushed up its departure time by several hours. the giants will spend the night in kc and catch an 8:00 a.m. flight sunday morning. college hoop news. cal's men's basketball team has violated ncaa rules. in a statement released by the school today the university has imposed sanctions on individuals who are working with the men's team in 2008 for improper phone calls. the violations are related to the number of phone calls coaches made to recruits. one of them being former bear max jiang, according to a report.
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mike montgomery and other coaches met with the ncaa committee on infractions yesterday in indianapolis. to the ice, the largest crowd came together for a hockey game in ann arbor, michigan. over 114,000 fans converged at the big house for the big chill. it's the big rivalry game between michigan and michigan state. they call it the big chill. temps low 40s. it's not too bad, right? >> it's all right, but it's still cold. >> that's pretty good, you're right. >> by the way, michigan won 5-0. >> slammed them, all right. thank you. thanks for choosing the bay area at 6:00, we have tech now coming up at 6:00. we'll see you tonight at 11:00. until then, have a good night. coming up .. fast-growing zynga has a new game that's catching on ..


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