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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 14, 2010 6:00am-7:00am PST

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>> per new this morning, it is a big controversy should the main military suspect in the wikileaks case be deemed a hero. why it's up to the berkeley city council to decide. coming up in a live report. >> in los alto, parents may no longer have to fill the pesky prescriptions for flouride tablets or drops. we will take a look at the layoffs hitting the bay area this close to christmas. a big mac attack. the latest on the mcdonald's security breech that means your personal information could be in the hans of hackers. . >> do christmas songs give you
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the chills? if so it could be a clue to your personality. >> be careful before you head out the door. mike will get you around the commute and we will see when the rain will end this tuesday december 14th, today in the bay. good morning to you. 6:01 right now. >> the hour by hour forecast and it's beginning to come down and spread throughout the bay area. >> most of the commute now being affected by the rain. let's show you the temperatures. with the clouds and the raindrops flying, heading through lunchtime at 2:00 and 3:00, 50s for highs and the numbers are not changing a lot. changing minute to minute. the rain we are seeing up to the sunol grade into the east bay hills. it's impacting the morning commute. mike will tell us about it.
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right about now. back to you. >> good morning. exactly where you are showing the maps with the rain. that's slowing and that is typical for livermore. heavy slowing after an earlier accident. slow into livermore and slow around vasko road. it'sening with the heavy volume. get out there, folks. with slow down to the express lane and no major issues sorted out over the next half hour or so. in the south bay, the northbound direction for the commute, travel times not showing problems. we are watching for a wet commute here as well. get out on the road. most of the traffic there and you want to lower the speeds to be safe. back to you. >> thanks a lot, mike. the man accused of kidnapping a virginia girl and killing her mother will be in a san francisco courtroom this morning. jeffrey easley will face an extradition hearing. there is no word on if he will
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fight the extradition back to virginia. police there accuse him of killing tina smith on december 3rd and taking her 12-year-old daughter, brittany on a across country trip that ended in san francisco. easley was arrested outside of a san francisco safeway december 10th and brittany was with him. she is back home with her family and her father. they were reunited late last night in virginia. a plan to block a proposed toll to get in and out of san francisco from the south. jerry hill of san mateo county will te the board of supervisors at the mealing he will introduce legislation at the state level to block any movement towards the toll. they would add up to $1500 a year for commuter who is have to come into the city through 6:and 9:30. >> good news for redwood city
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schools, they got federal money to hire new teachers for the rest of the school year. the district and the union are fighting over how they should be used. they want to get their own classrooms and the district wants to join the current teachers who have special needs. they will take that up in a closed session tomorrow. >> a blue out tonight. teachers and employers plan to dress in blue and rally to protect jobs and keep students and schools safe. the blue rally is designed to express anger and the limited work hours. they have made consessions, but the district's further cuts make it impossible to provide save and clean classrooms and good education for students. the meeting is at 7:30. new this morning, an east bay city could make a controversial move today. the soldier at the center of the wikileaks controversy could be hailed as a hero.
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marla has details and reaction. marla? >> reporter: good morning, brent. i covered the story last week and i have spoken to quite a few people about it. most are not sure how they feel about it. it is a controversial issue. the question is, is army private first class breadly manning a traitor or hero. the 22-year-old from oak heem is in solitary confinement as the prime wikileaks suspect leaking classified documents and a war video known as collateral murder that shows a helicopter attack in which 11 civilians were killed. if convicted on all charges, he faces 52 years in prison. a 7-4 vote, the justice commission voted in favor of a resolution to support and free manning and proclaim him a hero. it's up to the city council to say yea or nay that he should or shouldn't be called a hero. most people are just not sure.
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>> here could possibly be a hero or a traitor depending on how they look at the evidence. that should weigh heavily with everybody. everybody should look at that. >> the mayor's office told me that the mayor is undecided on the issue, saying because the wikileaks case is still being sorted out on a world stage, it's premature for berkeley to weigh in on the issue. the mayor likes that the topic has people engaged and thinking critically. the council will make a vote on the resolution tonight. reporting live from berkeley, today in the bay. >> thanks and because this is something everybody is talking about, we posted on the morning show facebook page a spot to comment and give your thoughts. >> it is 6:06. wells fargo said 137 workers in concord will be losing jobs. the bank is closing their home mortgage lending site in the
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city. they are hiring managers to give top priority to the workers. the job cuts come at a time when the east bay lost more than 19,000 jobs over the past year alone. another 650 to 700 people will be laid off from yahoo today. most of the cuts will be in the product area including engineers and product managers. most are concentrated in the united states. this will be the fourth mass lay off at the company in the past three years. the top internet companies making money hand over fist. why all the lay offs? >> now to try to help shed light on this. >> the reason here is they are not included in the companies making a lot of money. profits are stagnant and stock prices down. a lot of pressure on the ceo to get something going. she signed a deal with microsoft letting it provide search results while yahoo tries to decide what it wants to be. she has not been able to spark
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anything. in january bart will thereby two years and there is pressure for her to start showing progress. take a look at this. if we measure progress by using the stock price. monday yahoo is 16.70. a year ago they were at 15.81. roughly $1 in a year. by comparison, apple is $321 a year ago and last year $194. comparing anybody to apple is going to be a tough, tough sell. ge, the owner of this television station compared that to apple. there companies that are on the move and yahoo is not one of them. they have to figure something out and in the meantime they continue to cut cost. >> it's interesting to look at the numbers none the less. >> 6:08 and big change could be coming to the water of some bay area cities in an effort to help and you your family stay healthy. not everyone is on board with the plan.
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chris sanchez is live in los altos with a fuss over flouridation. >> whoo who knew? it rolls off the tongue. if you have kids, you have a prescription for flouride tablets or drops because much of the water supply does note have flouride. despite the fact that the water is one of the biggest breakthroughs of the century. los altos is considering whether or not to add the .7 to 1.2 parts per million credited with a decline in tooth decay. they don't add flouride. about 70% have flouride in the water and 30% in california is lower. we have a more complicated water system publicly. the pros are a decrease in cavities because the flouride strengthens the enamel of teeth.
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in three kids start kindergarten with tooth decay. a review in 2000 found roughly 40%. too much can stain the teeth which is not harmful, but it's permanent. while flouride increases bone density, it doesn't reduce the risk of fracture. people got sick with diarrhea, vomiting and nausea. when there is money available, communities do have to add flouride to the water. that hasn't been the case in many communities here in california. these tough budget times and there is a public trust that aims to help raise the $4 to $9 million. if you top the hear more information, there won't be a vote, but there will be a lot of questions and answers. today in the bay. >> thanks so much, chris.
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>> watch out for downed power lines. >> that's right. in redwood city, wires down across the roadway at first avenue and middle field road. a major roadway. use el camino real. stay clear of all the work going on there. meanwhile the rest of the peninsula moves nicely for slowing, but it's a wet commute. get a start and lower the speeds. take a look at the san mateo bridge. coming over from the pe flans and the bridge with the eastbound headlights and you see the glow. it's tough to see in oakland because of the glowing lights. this is scattered around the bay. >> on the radar map as well. you will be able to see we have the rain coming down and pockets of just lighter rain around the central bay. substantial rain in the north bay. oakland and downtown catching a break and it moved on into the
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interchange. you are seeing light rain there and rain heading off east to san jose. i picked out here towards campbell and cupertino. around 3:36 if there was thunder outside, you had a small earthquake. 2.5 at 3:36 this morning. perhaps you felt it. it's about five miles deep. clouds spilling over the bay area and plan on keeping the umbrella with you. highs not going anywhere. mid 50s throughout the day and rain slowly getting out of the south bay. we will catch a mid-week break wednesday to thursday, but the weekend storms pack a lot of rain. probably three or five inches of rain for the coastal mountains through the weekend. back to you. >> 6:12 right now and new this morning, another reason to concentrate on your cholesterol. it has more to do with your mind. >> the fight for money in washington. the clock ticks towards the new year's deadline. >> mona lisa smile. see the code that is providing
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clues to the identity of the woman in the famous painting. a live look outside at the south bay, we will be updating the traffic and weather coming up. it's really delicious, mom. it's not too well done? nope. but it is a job well done. what are you reading, sweetie? her diary. when you're done, i'd love some feedback. sure. your mom and i read that thing cover-to-cover. loved it. thanks. would you mind if i cut the lawn this weekend? only if you let me talk to your mother on the phone for hours on end. done. [ male announcer ] u-verse brings peace to the family. at&t u-verse lets you record four shows at once from any room and play them back on any tv. now get up to $300 back in promotion cards. at&t. rethink possible.
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>> per a live looking shot and you can tell it's wet out there right now. rob has been talking about the rain coming through and it's here. we will update how it can affect your morning commute. >> high levels of hdl or good cholesterol may decrease the risk of alzheimer's later in
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life. researchers at columbia university study more than 1,000 adults with no memory impairment and paid special attention to the blood lipid levels. after the follow-up period, those with higher levels were less likely to develop alzheimer's. foods that help increase include fish like salmon, tuna, soy bean products and leafy greens. pa. >> men with type one diabetes may be treated with cells from their testicles. researchers say a type of a stem cell extracted from testicle tissue can morpho into cells similar to the pancreas. they decreased glucose levels. the effect only lasted for about a week, but newer studies say it can last substantially longer. >> san jose could be the next bay area city to ban plastic bags. the city council is due vote this afternoon. the law would make it illegal for most businesses to send
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customers out the door with a disposable plastic sack. paper sacks would come with a small charge to encourage shoppers to bring their own bags. critics say there is no need to ban them because they are fully recycleab recycleable. many say they pollute the waterwa waterways. san francisco began a limited ban in 2007. palo alto and oakland are considering similar measures. talking about the aging sewage treatment plan built back in the 50s. back then leaders had the foresight to create a buffer zone around so that people wouldn't have to smell it or hear the noise. now leaders may spend 1.6 billion over 30 years to modernize the plant so it doesn't need the buffer zone. if that happens the land around it could be solar arrays and wetlands. they will get a progress report, but they are not set to vote on it for several months.
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>> a museum is adding a special plane to the collection. the pacific coast air museum is awarded the first aircraft to respond to the world trade center attack on 9/11. the f 15 arrive this is morning fully restored. the former secretary of the air force and several local mayors will be on hand to welcome the aircraft. they plan to feature it as part of an interactive educational exhibit. >> a gay couple is suing a hotel for not letting them stay in a room together. the owners said they are christians with strong religious beliefs and will only allow married couples to stay in rooms that have double beds. the gay couple said the policy discriminates on the basis of sexual orientation and they are suing for just under $8,000. >> for the first tile, the average american spends as much time surfing the web as they do watching tv. a study said we spend about 13 hours a week doing each.
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over the last five years, the amount of time watching is up 5%, but the time spent online is up 121%. the growth of e-mail, online shopping and social networking are the main reasons. scott said the latest cnbc ap and the news we are spending more time online go hand in hand. >> for raises the question, what is online? you mentioned surfing and you mentioned facebook and e-mail and that kind of thing, but what about ipad? you have the aps attached to the internet. they often times are. those aren't measured in the research. take a look at this. you know what this is. this is the latest call of duty. yes. that's right. medal of honor. >> either way. >> point being these are also not measured. when you hook your xbox up and play with friends, they are not
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measuring that either. it's been three million man hours per month that this game alone according to the latest measurements have been played. you think of the amount of lost productivity and others with good darn fun. neither is included in the research. turning to washington and the latest on your taxes, the senate will meet at 7:00 to promote up or down on extending the tax cuts. soon we will be able to call them obama era cuts. some want to change the estate tax. under the current bill, you can pass $5 million exempt on to your children. $1.6 million per triplet. set that money aside. >> that's diaper money. >> feels like it. >> ka you will it a high tech big mac attack. hackers hit the golden arches and customer information information is at risk.
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a third party was able to work around security measures. they got access to a database that included customer information like e-mail, birthdays and other contact info. the database did not include financial information or social security numbers. no word on how many customers are affected, but they are working with law enforcement while the breech is being investigated. >> the restaurant had more to the oatmeal. maple flavor jazzed up with diced red and green apples and a mix of raisins and cranberries will be available at 15,000 restaurants by the end of the week. you have the french fries. it will be served in a small cup and cost is $1.99. >> a lot of people are holiday shopping for their pets. this year there popular new items achl lot gift for dogs is the jolly egg. your dog can chew or chase it
6:22 am
and you don't have to buy a new one. it must be an indestructible thing. the treat stations and sammy snacks for pets and their humans to share. i have to think about that a little bit. there shops with ready made sweaters and jackets. there you go. >> take a close look at this lady. experts took a look at the mona lisa after discovering information in an old book from an antique shop. they found tiny letters and numbers behind her eyes. they believe leonardo da vinci painted them there. while they are invisible, they can be seen with a magnifying glass and provide a clue to the name of the woman we know as mona lisa. >> there you go. >> her name is freeda. >> it's not mike. >> it's not mike. could be her cell phone number.
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looking over here at the numbers right there for westbound 580. 23 minutes registering so the build continues through livermore westbound out of the pass. it's a tuesday. the heaviest volume and a wet tuesday. prepare for more delays over towards the dublin interchange. for westbound highway 4, 12 miles per hour around l street. clearing on horizon, but into bay point, the smooth drive through concord as you head over towards the maze. the walnut creek interchange not a problem and passing the freeway, the slow down you see here off the east shore freeway and a 22-minute drive to the bay bridge toll plaza. the back up is starting to form. a live look at the camera shows all lanes are filling in and the lights just turned on and quickly we have seen this fill in. coming up from the north bay, no major delays and a wet commute across the bridge. a reminder if you have the windshield wipers on you have to
6:24 am
have the lights on too. that's the law. >> it may be about 10 degrees out in places, but that's not stopping these guys from hanging 10. hear what they say about surfing in the freezing cold. a live look outside and the rain is coming down across the bay area. sheets of it going by. when is it going to clear up? we will cn in with rob coming up. i
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>> per before you complain about our weather, really? this is michigan with an inlet and your eyes are not deceiving you. they are surfing and you have six foot icicles on the shoreline. air temperatures in the teens and the folks are surfing. they were asked what they were doing and felt like, they called it an unexplainable feeling. i'll say.
6:27 am
wow. you can surf in santa cruz and you won't see icicles. we have light rain and more oorn the east bay to the trivalley. a lot of clouds filling in. the temperatures will be in the 50s. keep the umbrella with you. upper 50s and 57 around san francisco. low 50s across the north bay. we should catch a nice mid-week break from the rain. get the outdoor plans done tomorrow and thursday. beginning friday the rain comes in heavy at times through the weekend. >> 6:27 and change are coming to the bay you pay for the commute. when your old card could stop working. >> the man at the center of a murder investigation and cross-country kidnapping gets his first day in court. we will hear from the woman who helped catch him. >> rob is right. look at the toll plaza back up ane ra dsow cingom down. updates on the commute and weather coming up.
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new this morning, fedex sees the bizzest shipping day. we will give you the dates you need to know to get holiday packages there on time. >> finding out the problems with fillings. new information you need to know to keep your family healthy. >> an east bay community gets money from an oil giant. how big the early christmas present could be. >> a live look this morning as the markets open. an eye on news for the bottom line. >> make sure you allow extra time to get around this morning. take a look at the flag blowing in the financial district of san francisco. the storm is moving through and the roads are wet. we will tell you what to expect on today in the bay. >> good morning.
6:31 am
it's 6:30. i'm laura garcia cannon. >> grab the umbrella and the winter parka. we have a look at the hour by hour forecast and we are getting wetter and wetter. >> the flag whipping around and you want two hands on the umbrella. the temperatures run cool and the jacket from the morning to the afternoon will be fine. we are talking mid- to upper 50s and the highs from the bay area. obviously it's the rain starting to fill in across the south bay. more rain off the coast. we will walk through the timing of the storm and stronger storms for the weekend in a few minutes. back to you. >> two hands on the umbrella and the wheel because of the wind and rain. could have tough to drive out there. >> it related to the accident or potentially related. we have an accident around mckee road. with the slick conditions, this is a spinout reported. lower the speeds and hold on to the steering wheel. we see this 101 as well as
6:32 am
northbound. the commute is in effect for the slippery south bay and rain through the area. a live shot where the metering lights are on and the back up past west grand and slick conditions as well. use caution and lower the speeds coming off of the freeways. the off-ramps could be slippery. >> 6:32 and a man accused of kidnapping air virginia girl and killing her brother will be in a san francisco courtroom this morning. jeffrey easley will attend an extradition hearing. no word if he will fight extradition to virginia. they accused him of murdering tina smith on december 3rd and taking her 12-year-old daughter, brittany on a cross-country trip. he was arrested outside of a san francisco safeway. brittany is back home with her father and family. they were reunited late last night in virginia. he appreciates the work that investigators did and thinks the woman who spotted brittany and
6:33 am
called police. we talked to her last night. teresa said the minute she saw brittany she knew something was wrong. >> my daughter even said she is awfully young to be outside because it was a wet evening. my daughter even noticed something wasn't quite right. she didn't look right. the situation didn't look right. it may be the girl from virginia. >> sheer made a difference. by the time she walked out of safeway, brittany was with police and easley was in handcuffs. >> new this morning, while bay area groups fight chevron, they will highlight million was dollars to charity. they will have several grants. groups that benefitted in the past include the latina center and stride center str and catholic charities. chevron will talk about this
6:34 am
year's donations. >> while you were sleeping it has been busy at the fedex hub in oakland. they ever processing packages from the busiest day in company history. christie smith is live to give us a look inside. i'm sure it's very hectic. >> good morning to you. it is very hectic in here and yet they are able to handle it without hiring any extra holiday help. they pick up extra shifts. i want to show you what's going on here. there is a crew over there and they are standing around and they have been earning their keep all morning. this is the busiest day because of the online retailers. this is new video we shot this morning of packages just off an airplane headed to the trucks that will be in your neighborhood. 16 million packages moved which is up 13%. why so busy? fedex said online retailers are taking advantage of customer demand and seeing plenty of things like electronics, books
6:35 am
and small packages moving. everything shipped through the west coast comes through oakland. >> we are wrapping up this morning the shipments shipped overnight and awaiting the flight this morning from the eastbound traffic. we will be getting into the bay area and moving out to the station to be delivered. >> per now if you still need to get your packages out and under the tree in time, the deadline is december 17th for fedex ground. that is friday and december 23rd for fedex express next thursday. i asked if there is any possibility of christmas delivery and they said no. you have to get it out on time. that's the latest live in oakland, christie smith today in the bay. >> glad you asked. if you need to send gives or cards through the mail, you can use the ronald reagan stamp. nancy reagan showed the honors.
6:36 am
first class stamp honors the 100th anniversary of reagan's birth which will be february sixth, 2011. it will be based on a 1985 photograph. >> tax cuts coming to a vote will end up hurting america? scott has that. >> moody's brand that gives credit ratings to companies is the latest to speak out against the extension of the tax cuts. the u.s. is not a company, but bring in less money in the form of taxes and it hurts the bottom line. we are watching this carefully because the senate is expected to bring the tax cut to a full up and down vote as early as 7:00 our time. meanwhile, best buy is disappointing investors in sales, particularly with televisions. we are hearing good news about online buying. that is affecting the stores. tvs and mobile commuting and video games and software falling
6:37 am
for best buy. it's a stock to watch. one of the common mistakes is a weird stock. it's bby and bed bath and beyond is bbby. lots end up buying towel stock when they mean to buy tv stock. >> interesting. 6:37 and a lot of people have them, but new information shows your feelings may be causing serious health problems. the latest you need to know before taking your family to the dentist. >> a hero or traitor? up for a special honor by a bay area city. >> tracking the commute around the south bay and heavy rain for the weekend ahead. here's a live look at san jose. you are watching today in the bay. ♪
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>> speaking of the sierra and mammoth, more snow where we have a winder storm warning and heavy snow and rain. you should catch a brief break and more snow and rain approaching the weekend. you can see the rain flying west
6:41 am
of san jose. mountain view and cupertino pushing towards downtown. right now oakland and san francisco, we have heavy drizzle in a few spots, but still more rain to deal with off and on as we head through today. fairly soggy around the bay area. keep the umbrella with you. mid- to upper 50s for highs and cooler over to truckee where snow levels will be close to,000 feet. the mid-week break and more rain, heavy at times through the weekend. >> thanks so much. new this morning, the a's are expected to introduce their newest player today. tlik-year-old japanese slugger matsui will dh for oakland. it's said to be a multimillion-dollar deal. he hit 21 home runs as a designated hitter. he is the world series mvp for the yankees in 2009. >> could be something new in the water in some cities. we will explain the fight over
6:42 am
flouride in fountains and taps. >> for will look like a fountain out the door this morning. live pictures from the south bay and rain is really coming down. it wwel moleevep u posted o twh it will move through. hey, guys !
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good tuesday morning. a wet tuesday to start the week out. these are expected highs and lows, but really slick out there. >> a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. socked in with cars and rain. mike will have the latest on the commute in less than five minutes. >> 6:44 and dentists have used
6:45 am
fillings to prevent tooth decay. millions of americans have the fillings, but the fda is looking into whether they are safe. the issue is mercury. tracie potts will explain. >> this may sound like dej deja vu because the fda made a ruling they were safe, but as a result of new evidence they are looking specifically at the effects on women and children. some studies found that women with silver fillings can pass the america on to their fetus. the mercury levels seemed to correspond with the number of fillings in the mothers. however there other government studies that show no harmful effects on children at all. the fda advisory panel wants to take a closer look at this. they will hear today and tomorrow from the experts and make some sort of recommendation to the full fda as to whether or not they should reconsider
6:46 am
ruling that the silver fillings are safe. it is more of a concern in areas like california than other areas because only 27% of those on public water systems have flouride. less flouride, possibly more cavities meaning more of these silver fillings. to find out more about that, let's go to chris sanchez to find out more about folks in santa clara county. can they change their water and improve their dental health? >> reporter: good morning and nice to see you. most of the water nationwide is flouridated. if you grew up someplace other than california, you got it when you were a kid. here only about 30% of the water supply is flouridated. los altos will consider whether or not they want to add it in. there is a study session for 6:00 for folk who is want to find out more about flouridation. los altos is considering adding
6:47 am
the amount credited with reduction that the centers for disease control calls one of the biggest public health successes. the pros are a decrease in cavities because flouride strengthens. one in five kids start kindergarten with cavities. it is createitted with roughly a 40% decrease in decay according to data from the year 2000. among the cause, too much can stain teeth. flouride increases bone density and doesn't reduce the number of fracturur fracturures. people have gotten sick with nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. the law mandates when there is money available, communities have to add the flouride into the water supply. there is a public trust out of campbell and they aim to raise the 4 1/2 to 9 $1/2 million to
6:48 am
add flouride into the water. that's one of the things with the study session tonight here in los altos at 6:00. today in the bay. >> interesting. thanks, chris. >> supporters from the president's health care reform plan is at the new low. 43% of people poled by "the washington post" like the changes. more people than ever say they are strongly opposed. the bill suffered a major set back in federal court on monday when the judge ruled a key element of the plan, the that requires everybody to buy health insurance is unconstitutional. president obama and his administration plan to appeal the ruling. pa. >> thousands of bart riders may find out they can no longer use the easy rider smart cars to pay fares. they are asking commuters to switch to the new clipper card. as many as 8,000 riders were paying for the easy rider cars despite pulling the plug.
6:49 am
bart will block easy rider cards at station this is morning and will block all of them at all stations by december 22nd. >> something consider as you head out, but more importantly the rain is really coming downright at the peak of our commute. you are seeing all kinds of accidents. >> spinouts and solo car accidents and slick roadways. it's the on ramp to northbound 680 that has that accident still working. the on ramp is block and you will use the on ramp as an alternate. another accident with a solo spinout. southbound 880 around stevens creek. the interchange where folks know about getting to valley fair. northbound traffic slowing. typical slow, but heavier than normal. we have rainy roadways. heavy traffic expected throughout the south bay. 87 and 101 at the top of the screen. 50 miles per hour. here's more east bay times. 580 showing the slow down and we
6:50 am
will start to slow more with the tail lights past the coliseum and a disabled vehicle around market street. keep that in mind through downtown. once you get through, we have all the folks waiting at the back up path and the shiny slick roadways. >> windshield wipers moving faster than the cars. not much happening. we have rain falling around livermore towards the trivalley as you saw earlier from the live location and the other reporters around the bay area. we have rain around the area and that wasn't a truck or thunder, we had an earthquake near cupertino at 3:36. about miles deep. may be just shallow enough at a 2.5. you might have felt that around the south bay. lots of cloud clouds spilling in. i think it will be pick up and by this time, skies should start to clear and things dry out temporarily in the forecast.
6:51 am
today an umbrella day with temperatures if the 50s. heavy rain for the south bay towards the evening. tomorrow and thursday, a bit of a break. the rain will spill in by thursday night and friday into the weekend we will see chances of rain and some of that heavy at times through the weekend. >> thanks a lot. we have breaking news women just learned a bay area soldier was killed in afghanistan. the military said one of six soldiers killed was from redwood city. specialist derek simon et was a 21-year-old soldier killed when explosives packed in a mini bus blew up at the entrance of a nato base. he was a member of the 101st airborne decision in ft. campbell, kentucky. good morning. our thoughts go out to that family in redwood city.
6:52 am
the dow industrials are trading even. two things we're watching closely this morning. yahoo expected to cut as many as 600 people today. also the senate will be voting very soon on the bush era tax cuts. brent and laura, they voted yesterday where where they said enough of the debate. we'll go with up and down votes. the senate meeting at 7:00 our time to hear about where this goes from here. the wall street is very interested in what happens with the extension of the bush era tax cuts. >> got to get it done. time is running out. >> the berkeley city council has a hut button issue whether it make a hero out of the man accuse of leaking the do you means and a war video in the wikileaks case. today in the bay has the story. there is no question. it is a controversial topic. the question is, is army first class bradley manning a traitor
6:53 am
or hero? the 22-year-old from oklahoma is in solitary confinement as the suspect accused of leaking classified military documents and a war video known as collateral murder shows an army helicopter attack in which 11 civilians were killed. if convicted, he faces 52 years in prison. in a 7-4 vote, the berkeley peace and justice commission voted in favor to support and free manning and proclaim him a hero. now it's up to the council to say yea or nay. he should or shouldn't be called a hero. most people i talk to are split. >> hoary could be a hero or could be a traitor depending on what way they look at the evidence and what the country has been keeping a secret for so long. that should weigh heavily with everybody. everybody should look at that. >> the mayor's office said the mayor is split on the issue saying because the wikileaks
6:54 am
case is still being sorted out on a world stage, it's premature for berkeley to weigh in. the city council will vote on the resolution tonight. reporting from berkeley, today in the bay. >> per new this morning, temperatures in florida dipping into the 20s overnight and that cold can wreak havoc on citrus crops. workers rushed to get the grapefruits off the trees and tried to get them into warm warehouses for packing. a lot of them said this is the earliest cold snap they have seen. they talked about the deep snow in the north and east of the country and the freezing temperatures in florida. the big rains are coming down here in the bay area. >> on the east coast, a big cold arctic air blast. the north winds with the cold
6:55 am
air that made its way down to florida. off the florida coast, those are air temperatures in the 40s and 50s for highs. 20s and 30s overnight in florida. the bay area with a lot of green. mainly this is a loop here in the last hour or so. right through downtown, the band of showers going through. for the south bay especially, later on we will see the rain rates start to increase towards the evening and as we go through the day, rain at times starting to shut down. once you get out of the evening commute, if you have outdoor plans, do them on wednesday and thursday. it's going to be so long this weekend, but windy and we can get power outage this is time of year for the downed trees and saturated soil. that could be an issue by sunday. >> you have so many leaves in the drains. you can't suck them up and get cooling on the road. >> it's slick on the roadways. you are seeing lots of spinouts.
6:56 am
>> more slowing than on a typical tuesday. bob and i warned you on that. you are looking at the east shore freeway. a 28-minute drive. slick roadways throughout the east bay and the back up at the toll plaza back to the maze as you might expect. the meters lights are on and that keeps it moving smoothly and extra slowing. concord as well. 680 down towards the interchange. on a rainy tuesday, rainy days in general, a lot more cars. early slowing and heavier slowing right here westbound. 580 through livermore and that will continue for the morning commute. you will have a slow morning for this area and continuing down to sunol off the dublin interchange. the water kicking up on the windshield as a reminder. if you have to use the windshield wipers, you have to have the headlights on as well. >> you spend a little extra time in the car, you have them tuned to christmas carols.
6:57 am
you can't escape them. >> a new study shows the songs that give you chills say something about you. ♪ >> that one gets producer joe. makes him tear up. the scientific explanation for the chills is that they evoke emotions by beautiful music or meaningful music stimulate parts of the brain that control drive such as hunger. some people want doritos when they hear it. involuntary responses like blurbing and goose bumps. >> very moving. have a great day and stay dry. #ou
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