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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  December 14, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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everyone tells all. can he keep the weight off? at 11:00. and you are telling me this, why? i...uh...thought you might be my secret santa? no. i'm giving for skunk. uh, i can hear you. no. not you. the other skunk. [ female announcer ] safeway is the place to stock up on itunes gift cards. right now, save $6 on $40 4-pack. keep 'em on hand. only at safeway. ingredients for life. she is the biggest bay area loser. see what you dinh see just as the show went off the air. a school board sale. a man pulls a gun on administrators. an hiv positive manicur cur.
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see what's happening in the bay area that could change millions of lives. good evening, everyone. i'm tom sink -- sinkovitz. jessica aguirre has the night off. an unexpected turn in tonight's berkeley city council meeting. under consideration, granting hero status to the man who is accused of leaking confidential news to wikileaks. butter things did not go as planned tonight. nbc's cheryl heard is live with the story with what did happen. cheryl? >> the city of berkeley is always full of surprises, so it was somewhat of a surprise whamd here tonight, and as always, there were fireworks here at the city council meeting. >> when are we going the tell the jesters from tt 1960s that
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we no longer have it. when it berkeley going to grow up? >> i'm not from the '60s, i'm not wearing a beard. >> this is real lives at stake, people dying. >> those against giving the national intelligence time in berkeley after his hearing got heated in the state. he has endangered oufr troops. because his country can get it out. one man decided to show the truth because he did this with the the iron. this is the legislation that ended up before the berkeley city council. it praisa helicopter crew is gu
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down 11 men in baghdad and iraq. >> we've given a lot of attention to the woman who put her number back in the box to retain coverage. >> they decided to taylor the legislation. he i am ma so mazing why i dinh ca call, to raise money for the goens new at 11:00. hysterical moments captured on video as agents show up in what might be called the police disturbing. >> a florida boardroom camera
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enters. ez over his wife's recent layoff from the panama city hit the wall. and the parent reference to the throw the hand. you then see a board member walk up behind you. >> what about, you know, bloom you'll see is. a secure guard lish intend he not ing his home.
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it is n a lawyer year to he would like to cover millions of dlrz. at least three schools will just have to ask a faugs. a man is cured. doctors are stunned and victors place and scientists are trying to make in reality. she will arrive at the door to aid more cafferty p from when? >> from one way or the oefg gent to the temperatures i hope for everybody loovg looifg within
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for the first time he is cautiously optimistic a cure may be within reach. researchers say a patient in germany is proof it's possible. >> the average dom room is a sick tell mon or that epz up a lattle of. >> four years later with no other treatment, the patient is hiv free. the goal now is to replicate what happened in berlin, shutting the doorway in gene therapy. it happened in several places in putting their own keys in and thugt them back. >> we're infusing them. that is eminently doable.
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>> the virus can accept new cells and it eventually goes away. it's a development sharp counted on. >> i supply no dream therapy, we does know norp my teeth is me. only time will tell if it's actu actual. the work they looking for more patients to fablg, for more information log on to wbc. i don't knower butt is.
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we it the biggest distinction. four of the sharp-clawed animals entered the home and found three dogs were sooif. thaerp slipped into the haas drawn by the smell of food. >> they probably went to the dog gee door, there was a flax sboo the food. the latest incident brings anticipate to since recovered. it's not a vote on but whether a girl should be allowed to play basketball with boys. that's at the top of the assurance. in a challenging the rules and
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fighting for what she see is their daughter's rights. she's 4'6 and just eight years old. playing ball since the age of 6, she has played owe a local basketball team when her feemz have thrown away. under c, to linnae. he was not aware she had to play on a girls' basketball team. >> many her friendships happen to be boys. linnaey. really, it should be updating for today's saet and gender separation isn't always the best way to handle a state
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which states, no one should be excluded from forivity on the basis of, even with a forth grade girl. while she said that's failure, i and i'm getting better ter these we need to figure out if a team should remain jender based or whether to area the exclusive. >> i think drinl will definitely stand up for me along with that necessitybook get to see on
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team. i is the biggest area. fi find. gooden the nor bay with mid up her 30 she has to build a seven-day forecast, and we have that coming up. >>. >> i failed to snd a some of them not. let the magic commence. ♪electronic santa song
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♪electronic santa song after six months of sweat and tears, patrick house oust ousted al frayed owe dinton. she didn't have a chance against the super sized guys.
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lots of emotion back stage after the biggest loser tonight. we were there. >> reporter: and with that, patrick house went from an unemployed struggling husband and father to a $250,000 man. >> i feel fantastic. >> he came into this contest 400 pounds and deep in debt. he left with a new job, a new car and 481 pounds lighter. >> that 400-pound man is history. >> coming into this, a lot of people thought fredo would take home the biggest loser packet. but don't forget about ada wong.
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>> i was a different person. i was uncomfortable with attention. >> but although it was the contestants' night, the biggest loser felt a loss, gillian michaels saying she felt like she needed family. >> the fact she's not going to be at my side, its privately one of those, but i love that i know her and how much i abecause then -- >> a big loss for the show? yes. bob hasher said he's gil. >> you gave one to them with
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teeth. >> they had her family from the bay area with her. they brought her gorgeous flowers and if she see absolutely. she said when she got done or maes sajz from home and the support definitely kept her going. last year's biggest loser is a bay area graduate got up to his p 5 fire it's not about a competition anymore. loss is luls. the holidays actually if you can
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to. >> his tips eat. feels more like the clea bob and gillian come with the original rules, including possible zigs immunity. well, fedex says today was its busiest day -- ever. it's the sign of a sparking spot. it's kraefz. he needs to spend more time shopping and less well, this
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story is no exception. we're at the mall. on a saturday. in december. >> it's just before 4:00 in the afternoon, we're get because, we love to get to the maug. the searching, the i may just follow them to their dar. >> finally, we get rei don't understand but any. and we are in 27 minutes after starting. >> but if you start earring. t the. >> sticking in san jose a
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moment, over in oak ridge mall, their tip is to miss the target. management there says there are always more spots over on the serious side of the mall rather than the spots marketed by a target store. in san francisco, you noo you can relax and let someone else find a parking spot. if you're in certain city, you know traffic backs up all the way to 280. or else dgs mim99. even on the busiest days, their lot does not fill up. and there's the tips for any mall. shop early, shop light, so come in on our sleigh.
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>> if only we could come in it on space. >> they're going to have that na name. >> you know the san francisco 1600, danville coming in at 1000, all of that chair the general trend here is slow crawling as we weet pk prepared for possibly some rech rus we need durnts for the as which which, the sun does return but
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i ins. all you have to do is pushing to the soout you have several systems lining up in. for one day temperatures in the autos with that sun returning. full bey 67 irchlz of rain torques so the chance of some isolated flooding we'll be can you recall so whaf at 30s we're
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let's take you up stairs and you get a nice break in between our activity over the next seven days over our next commute if you had to hend it oul. on our seven-day forecast, keep an eye on potential heavy forecast.
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hollywood and silicon valley collided in sacramento tonight. governor schwarzenegger inducted 14 people into the hall of fame. among the notable, mark zuckerberg, betty white, and doctor sandstrom, too who said he wanted something for kids they're not getting enough of. >> it's a shame transplants aren't on the list. well, the warriors back home tonight, and a huge gathering to welcome the bay ea's newest sports star. raj mathai joins us next.
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good evening, here we go. the warriors have won only two gach games in the past month, both against the minnesota timberwolves, so if they could just play the timberwolves every night, we wouldn't be in this
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position. murray missing his third straight game with a bum ankle. no worries, though. ellis went off tonight. 34 points in all. look at him slash with the hoop, goes from the left there. same story with the warriors. against a bad team, they look good. ellis going off, even reggie williams getting in the action. they have a 17-game losing streak. they beat the t-wolves in 1999. hockey star alexander ovechkin. kobe bryant sky high, lakers beat the windsores 103-89. one of the biggest --
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>> he loves oakland. nicknamed god zzilla for his powerful bat. he ruled the a's back in japan when they had the bash brothers, m monsecu and brer. today god zil la, more than 100 players, and now i will translit and really help this pain. >> when the opportunity arose and the need that we had for a bath like otde. when we return, theyl cal c
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♪ a tiny tree, christmas, tinsel, the lights ♪ ♪ the star that sings, top your tiny tree, yeah ♪ okay, we had some fun today. we had a special visitor in the newsroom, everyone stopped, got their cameras out and started
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gu gawking. that's what happens when the trophy comes to the newsroom. everyone having some fun with it, every level of staff. >> that's a beautiful trophy. >> everyone kochling in. here's the deal now. the giants will soon announce -- you don't just have to work with nbc to hang out with the trophy. the trophy will be displayed for everyone to see at at&t park beginning some point next season. the golden rule, though, right? you can look but you cannot touch. >> good night, everybody. travel


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