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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  December 15, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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weather surprise, more in 30 seconds. >> not a day goes by i don't miss her. >> police try to catch a killer. the one thing police did right to try to right a wrong from two years ago. a surprise may be waiting for every bay commuter in the morning. good evening, i'm diane dwyer. >> and i'm tom sinkovitz.
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first tonight, police are looking for two suspects after a high school student was stabbed to death after school in newark today. fellow students were horrified as they watched paramedics try in veain to save his life. the attack happened at 3:05 at cedar and birch streets. that's where jean is right now. jean, do police have any leads on suspects at this point? >> reporter: right now new york police say two men stabbed the teenager in broad daylight in the middle of cedar street here, and tonight teenagers are learning a well-liked student, 17-year-old justice faloa, is gone. someone stabbed a student several times, killing him. tributes are being posted on facebook. >> people were saying may he rest in peace and support him by
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wearing black to school tomorrow. >> reporter: a school coach says the victim was a junior at newark memorial high school last year, playing on the varsity football team. he was a well-liked, quiet jo joker. but the coach said he transferred to bridgepoint senior high school for his senior year. the stabbing happened at cedar and birch this afternoon. a person on the memorial track team heard a friend was hurt and ran to help, only to see her friend with multiple stab wounds and suffering. >> it's kind of scary because i walked by there about an hour before it happened. >> reporter: parents who were having a tough conversation with their kids about life and death say enough. >> i think it's sad. i just wish this kind of stuff would go away. >> reporter: right now the suspects are only described as two men wearing black hoodies last seen running away from the
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scene. police plan to visit both high schools trying to learn more information on why faloa may have been attacked. new and critical confessions suggest al-qaeda may carry out terrorism here in the west. iraqi authorities reportedly have confessions. we're learning that one of the people who confessed claims to be part of a cell that takes orders directly from al-qaeda's central leadership. the insurgents also say the botched bombing in stockholm is among the alleged plots. we'll continue to bring you this story in the morning on today at the bay. more rain is on the way, but before it gets here, the big chill is setting in tonight. get ready fournier freezing temperatures tomorrow morning. jeff is in the weather center with what we can expect. it's going to get cold? >> temperatures now starting to drop in the 30s,orth bay with
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39,anta rosa 38. also in the east bay with livermore already at 41. some of the coldest air going to be right over those of you in napa with an expected 30 degrees, going down to 35 and san jose not too far behind with an anticipated 37. now, the radar is dry right now, however, we're watching a major plume of moisture out here in the pacific. that's going to be heading our way as we head into this weekend. coming up, we'll detail our chances of flooding in the next seven days. >> thanks a lot, jeff. cool classrooms and cold showers. that's what students in south bay face today. sound miserable? the natural gas leak want san jose high school to shut off the gas today to make it's happened twice today. students say they just needed more information. >> i was just wondering because it smelled like gas and i have a girlfriend who is pregnant and she comes here, so that was my
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main concern. >> one administrator tells us the problem is old, rusted pipes. here's the thing, evergreen valley opened just eight years ago. there is some maintenance that could involve morning commuters. it involves the bay bridge. some work is going to be down r done on the oakland bound lanes. the two eastbound lanes will be closed until tomorrow morning at 6:00, and then a single lane will be closed between 7:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. this could also cause some traffic flows over the next few days. cal trans is telling drivers to keep their eyes on the road and resist the urge to look at the signature tower which is going to get higher in the days to come. it is scheduled to open late 2013. it was a peaceful demonstration tonight by about 100 nurses in oakland.
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the men and bwomen are upset beeuss.dme atrinisthation at children's hospital wants them to pay more for health care coverage. >> i don't believe that cutting our benefits will help anyone else maintain their benefits or that it will -- it will lower the standard for everyone, and california nurses association believes that everyone should have access to health care. >> the nurses plan to go back to the bargaining table tomorrow. an interesting trend is emerging in the bay area that has many people who live near the big cities taking notice. crime is on the rise, so not in san francisco or oakland or san jose, but to places people move to to try to escape all of that. surprising information coming out of this new report. hello, cheryl. >> hi, diane. the report we're talking about compares statistics from bigger cities to smaller cities. you know, we hear a lot about crime statistics in cities like berkeley, oakland and san francisco but not a lot about surrounding cities.
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until now. >> a couple guys ran up to me, one pulled a gun and i stepped on the gas and got away. >> bob rideout says avoiding a carjacking in concord a year and a half ago makes him sensitive to how the 7-eleven cashier felt tuesday when a masked gunman held up the store, robbing him of only $30. >> no place is immune. it's not going to happen as frequently here as in some areas, but it does happen. >> reporter: there's a california report out to prove it. a study shows violent crime stats dropping in big cities like oakland but increasing in small neighboring cities. for example, the contra costa sheriff's department reporting a 39% jump in violent crime in the first half of 2010. in unincorporated alameda county, violent crime rose 24% in the first part of the year compared to the same time last year. the city of berkeley saw a wave
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of robberies that started in september. nine people have been arrested. >> some of it is luck, as you know. but some of it is that we were focusing in the areas where they were likely to happen, and we were able to make some arrests and some stops. >> berkeley is unique because it's a small city wedged between big cities. but the numbers here tell a different story. overall, violent crime is down compared to last year despite the recent stick-up robberies. still, police say people should be aware of their surroundings. >> you know you walk in by yourself and you just don't know what's going to happen. >> reporter: some police officials are blaming the recent spike in violent crime in smaller cities to recent police cutbacks. reporting live in berkeley, i'm cheryl heard, nbc bay area news. i'm chief meteorologistin jf baneri. we're tracking temperatures across the east bay where
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temperatures are already dropping to the low 30s, and our very wet weekend is shaping up. i'll have details for you coming up in minutes. >> there are so many different options that are out there, but the question is, which one is really safe? >> is this good medicine? a cold and flu mystery revealed. see why some work better than others. he's moved on, and now, so is she. the ex-wife of tiger woods is rumored to be dating. >> it's hard to look at my child sometimes to know someone would do this, to take my child's mother away. >> killed after monday night football. all new and tonight's developme tonight's dntevopment that could help find a mother's killer. ♪
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flis police in san rafael are offering a new reward in a killing that's gone unsolved. rsas-y wol woman's body was found in a parking lot. >> intelligent. she was like a shining star, you know? not a day goes by i don't miss
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her. >> john griffin didn't plan to return to the san rafael bar where ashley yomahuchi was found dead. >> it's hard looking at my child sometimes to know someone would do this, to take my child's mother away. >> but griffin figured he could brave the painful memories if it might help find his former girlfriend's killer. >> this is what it's going to take and we'll be out here every year until we catch this person. every day we'll be looking. we're going to find this person. >> our department will not rest. >> today san rafael police and friends gathered at the fourth street bar on the second anniversary of yomahuchi's death. they announced a $50,000 reward put up by the governor's office. >> we hope that this type of reward, this type of incentive, will encourage people who may have some information. >> investigators have interviewed hundreds of people and sent 50 pieces of dna evidence to crime labs, but
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still no leads. >> ashley was here at the bar watching monday night football. she left later in the evening with a man that she had met at the bar. >> detectives also revealed they traveled to chicago to interview a man who left the bar with the woman the night she was sexually assaulted and asphyxiated. they say the man has denied the killing. >> it is the person who we believe was the last person who saw her alive, and like we mentioned earlier, no one has been ruled out as a suspect at this point. >> for loved ones, they're willing to relive the painful chapter in their lives if it helps solve the murder. the new year will likely bring lower paychecks to the city. the mayor announced that would bring an increase. it's mandated by the minimum wage back in 2003.
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it calls for annual wage adjustments determined by previous year's index. camera as spotted jerry brown in loftworks in downtown sacramento today. brown says heill maintain his primary home, but he needs something closer to work. >> have to check with the wife. >> always a good decision. brown considered liflg ving in historic governor's mansion, but the electricity and plumbing is outdated now. he decided to rent the apartment back in 1984. tonight they rocked the nation. oakland's own jerry lawson and the talk of the town, hit nbc's sing-off. ♪ >> you want to sing, don't you? friendnd a family gathered at
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this bar to watch the a capela group compete against four other groups. five groups competed, as we mentioned. one group was eliminated at the end of the show. jerry lawson and the talk of the town was not eliminated and made it into the final round. the season finale is monday right here at 8:00. >> winter as defined by the calendar starts next week. winter as in what starts the cold and the flu, that's been here a while. perhaps you go to the drugstore, but if you have kids, perhaps a different story. years after new guidelines came out, parents are still confused about what they can and shouldn't do. >> if you're looking for a good mystery these days, skip the bookstore and head straight to the drugstore and try to figure out what the rules are so many
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different options that are out there. the question is, which one is really safe. >> the drug companies came out with new, very straightforward flag lines. they're a ved. more than two years later, a sick child. >> it's. not so much gave me. yeah, he went with stricter guidelines in the first place. i thought they were. too much rather than the provided measuring cup and using too much. or they would get confused when
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trying to treat different they would die the paid ya care, they don't realize there was tylenol in there and then they used the tylenol in them again. >>. so those mistakes on a regular batd daesh they're good to use against nasal con jes tun. don't take medicine made for an adult, and if they shun go to the doctor, don't do a thing. >> simplicity is often the best cure for confusion. garvin thomas, nbc bay area news. one reason the wisk is so
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high that, and the reason for that, it can be tough sometimes to get the child to take an -- and then tomorrow night on nbc bay yir. they're completely avoidable. wrong surgery, forfor thepint. how hard from perfect is your hospital. along that subject of tomorrow, let. >> maybe one day we're going to drag it for you. think of it as a transitional day as we head into our thursday forecast. i know you need it there to kind of get ready for what's coming up this weekend. we're not only talking about some major weather here across the bay area, but a major blast of winter weather also headed up right into the sierras.
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that's right, three to five inches of snow expected from friday to monday, also periods of gusty winds from 20 to 40 miles per hour. let's zoom right in. those dry conditions heading us into clearing skies, current temperature, 14 degrees cooler. 41 in livermore, 45 in san jose. several more hours of clearing, you should have been doing that this. then ahead, we're still talking to the completely wide hope at this point. we're watching a echblg green. and it's not only gb the moisture, but it the these pulses of moisture as they move
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in from. so friday, once again, that's when this rainfall. we're looking anywhere from two. she's twice every year, overall once again, two to four inches of rain. so the -- tloit the bay area once this rain keeps stacking up. as of tomorrow morning, no measurements to worry about, just coldest temperatures. back there towards the east bay. low to mid-30s as well. numbers for tomorrow, the cold, dry air at least making it krichl and comfortable. you can see we're expecting some sunshine and the lowest hours of the day.
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a chance of rain returning as we head into friday's forecast. rain once again from friday through tuesday at this point. the heaviest rainfall it likes like you've. monday and tuesday, what's when we were watching those flood blooding throughout the bay area. so this will be our wet test period of the, and if you haven't cleaned out the gutter. >> then we can all go skiing after that if you're so inclined. >> thank you. >> sure. be sure to go toed early so i can bring you a surprise. >> ever received a call from santa? coming up, how tivoe this one of a kind travel to the north
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. tiger woods' ex-wife may have a new boyfriend, apparently. britain's the sun newspaper reports he'elin nordegren. elin is studying psychology part-time. the two have been enjoying quiet dates. obviously not quiet dates like that. that's when they moved to the
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stanford. tiger says he's not surprised she dated so quickly. let's do it. >> sharks, they might as well not pack their suitcases. they're on the road again. highlights of san jose against the predators. bvenee been doing
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after a brief two-game home stand, the tigers had to pack their bags again. at the end of this three-game road trip, san jose would have played away from hp pavilion, but no worries, things will balance out the rest of the season. in the meantime, sharks in nashville tonight. coach sam mcclellan have won nine. danny heatley hasn't scored in
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eight straight games. third period -- this is a nightmare for the sharks. fred stitson gets the equalizer. 48 minutes later, they score the game. sharks will play dallas tomorrow. welcome back, rich hardin. one day after he was signed by the a's, he is expected to sign with the team pending a physical. the world series trophy continues to make the round. the last time it was here? 1 million people were in the house. today a quieter affair, just a few hundred fans -- some security to go along with it.
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reno, oregon, fresno can admire the trophy as it will be displayed for every home game this steven. to have something that people can champion and rally around, but it might almost see advanced. >> patrick lois to their right hand. for division one state ball game. q. >> there's no question that he understands the game well advice well, and has been able to implement it. >> he's taught me and things like that, the biggest puling for an add when you don't have to cook,
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take a listen. >> ho, ho, ho! hello. this is santa claus. i just spoke with your besty. >> santa claus's new service will let you receive a personal phone call or e-mail. he won't make any calls before 8:00 a.m. or after 8:00 p.m. santa is creepy. he could cause all kinds of trouble. >> thank you for being with us, everybody. join us on bay area today which starts at 4:30 tomorrow morning. g ht nooooigd ood


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