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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 16, 2010 5:00am-6:00am PST

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>> we have both here this morning to try to walk you through both. you want to crank up the heater in your car and scrape the windshield. low 30 no, sir parts of the north bay. 32 degrees in novato. 45 in san francisco and 39 in oakland. chilly and patchy fog and frost will show you down for the morning drive. heading towards lunchtime, a few clouds and more towards 4:00 leading up to several chance of rain. we will show you that coming up if the full forecast. everything at speed as we take you out to the bay bridge toll plaza. nothing too unusual. for the south, around the san mateo bridge, an easy drive and we continue to watch this. traffic and weather together every few minutes. a new terror alert after critical suggestions say a
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terrorist 38 is planned to be carried out over the holidays. when the attacks might be plan and what they could be up to. >> good morning, brent. sometime over the holidays whether airports and airplanes are the target, the threat is not that specific. it could be anywhere for that matter. this information about a possible terrorist threat comes from two insurgents captured in iraq. they suggested that al qaeda is planning suicide attacks in europe and here in the united states to take place during the christmas season. even though the threat is vague, the government said it is credible enough that they are taking it seriously, especially answering what happened last krit mas when a man tried to blow up a detroit-bound plane with a bomb in his underwear. it seems to be part of a cell that takes orders from al qaeda's central leadership and
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they claimed that last week's failed bombings is one they are talking about, but authorities are skeptical considering they made that after the fact. we spoke to sfo and oakland international and security at both airports is status quo until otherwise and as far as norm is concerned, there was no comment. bob redell, today in the bay. thank you, bob. a bay area peace group will stage demonstrations in san francisco to end the u.s. war in preoccupation in iraq and afghanistan. code pink and veterans for peace will gather outside nancy pelosi's house to cold a news conference and really. they want to bring war dollars home and use taxpayer money for health care, education and renewable energy. they want to support barbara
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lee's out of afghanistan bill and show support for wikileaks founder. they want the government to end lying about what the war is costing. protesters will meet up at the federal building at san francisco on seventh and mission streets to march for peace. veterans for peace is staging the march and they are at the white house and several other cities. protesters want to end the war in iraq and afghanistan. wikileaks founder was back in a london court to fight for bail. she waiting to hear what weather he must remain in a london jail while a decision is made on the extradition to sweden. he handed himself over to police to answer to an arrest warrant from sweden that wants to question him over alleged sex crimes. a judge granted bail on tuesday, but sweden immediately filed an appeal. new this morning, los
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angeles police will release dozens of pictures of possible victims of the grim reaper serial killer. they have about 160 images, hoping someone will contact investigators with useful information. lonnie franklin jr. had the photos and say he sexually assault and killed at least 10 women between 1985 and 2007. there is a 14-year gap between some murders and that led officers to dub him the grim sleeper. sacramento county sheriffs have identified a suspect in a strip mall gun battle that killed two people. she 24-year-old lonnie orlando mitchell of sacramento. they think mitchell was involved in tuesday's shootout and cannot say if he was responsible for firing the shot that killed two people. the victims were a mother trying to protect her 2-year-old son.
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>> regulators could pass sweeping new laws today. they would give power plants and refineries incentive to cut green house gas emissions. the air resources board could pass it today or tomorrow. it's part of the state's 2000 ax climate law. california's air quality has a lot to do with how much we drive getting to and from work. the bay area is home to some of the worst commutes in the country according to the website bundle. a new study ranks san jose second in america when it comes to worst commute. the san francisco, oakland and fremont area were groupeding to and ranked 14th on the list. bundle looked at the commute in minutes and the cost to come up with the skpls found drivers in san jose spent an average of 53 hours per year in the car. they spent an average of $621 a month on things like gas and vehicle expenses. drivers in the san francisco,
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oakland, fremont area spent 55 hours a year stuck in the car. they only spent about $369 a month on gas and expenses. dallas is the worst commute in the country. >> an update to what we brought you earlier. a girl's bid to play on a boy's basketball team is over. others like her may be. an exception would set a negative precedent, but the commissioners say they support changing the policy to allow girls to play with boys in the future. >> the niners played sunday and already they get back on the field tonight. a rare thursday night game for san francisco. the team is in san diego this. it's not just niner fans keeping an eye on the game. raiders fans are watching a win by the niners. that means the raiders have a
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slim chance to make the it. >> women's basketball team is looking for a win for their coach. if they do, cara vand veer would be the fourth coach in women's basketball history to win 800 games. in her 32-season history, she  has been very good. she lost just 195 games so far and won 799. the cardinals play at depaul. >> amazing whether or not video when a violent storm killed a man in australia. check out the hail. he was struck by a bolt of lightning as he was golfing. it also injured two other people. it brought large hail stones and there was enough rain to cause local flooding. hoar in the u.s., icy weather from the midwest to the south. in st. louis two cars ended up
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in the ditch. a layer of ice covers everything. police say just stay home if you can. in atlanta, icy roads are causing humans of accidents around that city. everybody is getting a taste of winter these days. >> we are too. it's 5:08 and it's chilly outside. >> we have to check in with rob. we have changes. >> getting into the temperature map, you may need to scrape your windshields. we are seeing low 30s and how about 30 right now in fairfield. livermore down to 34 and 40 in san jose. 30s around the peninsula. you don't see that too often. we have chilly air in place through about 7:00 and 8:00. down to a quarter mile visibility across the highway 101 commute as you approach the golden gate bridge. you will run into patchy fog. radar scans not picking up anything, but towards the evening, we will see showers
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approaching the coast. now the rain is where the 49ers will be heading down. you can see the showers across southern california and we will see more moisture up towards the bay area and we'll look for several opportunities of rain. windy concerns for the weekend and saturday and sunday, periods of heavy rain. you can see intense periods of rain throughout weekend. high around the bay area, we are looking at mid 50s and a cool finish to the day after a patchy fog and frosty start to the morning in spots. the weekend looks windy and wet, especially later tomorrow. the winds are picking up from 15 to 25 miles per hour. could get gusts as high as 40 on the coast on saturday. the wet weather will stick around at least through the middle of next week. back to you. >> thanks a lot, rob. 5:09 and bay area workers may have extra cash in their pockets. >> a group of bay area students
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won't be going to school tomorrow. they are headed to the state championship. we will show you the quarterback with a pedigree. >> 'tis the season. the aps to get you into the holiday spirit. >> a live look outside, san francisco this morning, kind of dark there. low-lying clouds and a little bit of fog, but rain is coming too. we will update the traffic and weather coming up. lots of lotions promised healing. this one actually does it. [ female announcer ] gold bond ultimate healing lotion. nothing feels like it, smells like it, heals like it. gold bond. this stuff really works. come celebrate exciting cars that are stunning to look at, exhilarating to drive and worry free to own. celebrate this holiday season with the gift of platinum.
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good morning and welcome back. 5:13 and a live look outside. not much happening in terms of precipitation idea. we have cold temperatures out there. you will notice that. rob will be along with a look at the forecast. >> per a mission of diplomacy by bill richard who landed in north korea. a private trip to talk to leaders. he is in asia trying to cool
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tensions on the korean peninsula. it's not an official trip. he is often the unofficial envoy to the north. he expects to receive a message from officials and the trip comes amid fears of war on the divide peninsula. north korea bombed the south korean island, killing four people. this morning in italian court, they upped the agents who were sentenced to to years in prison. the sentences were increased this morning to to nine years and ordered to pay $2 million. the agents in the u.s. and washington have refused to extradite them. if they travel to europe, they could be arrested. >> the man accused of kidnapping a teenager and brigging them to the bay area. jeffrey easley is in roanoke
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where he will be charged, accused of raping brittany smith and committing credit card theft. they spotted the pair at a bay area safeway. police consider him a suspect in the death of tina smith as well. easley is held without bail and brittany is back with her family in virginia. the governor-elect is on the look out for a new home. jerry brown was spotted at lost works in downtown sacramento yesterday. he will keep his home in the in the oakland hills, but needs a home closer to work. the plumbing and electricity in the governor's mansion is outdated. he has not chosen a new home and needs input from his wife. you can protect yourself against the flu with free vaccinations. the medical center will hold a vaccination clinic in san pablo at 10:00 this morning. they are free although they would like a $10 if you can. nobody will be turned away and
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if you want a vaccination, go to the out patient center. >> the new year will likely bring bigger paychecks to the lower paid workers. stat's minimum wage will increase to $9.92 starting january 1st, up 13 cents an hour, one of the highest in the country. this was passed by voters in 2003 that calls for annual rate adjustments based on the previous year's consumer price index. >> action in congress could add thousands to the family's bottom line. the latest on the bush to extend the bush era tax cuts. >> now it's up to the house. this is where things get hazy. democrats in the house have stronger influence. democrats don't like the fact that both the rich and regular folks will get an extension if the bill passes.
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some of them feel betrayed by the president who had been fighting a tax break for the rich. rich is making $200,000 a year or more. some democrats dislike the estate tax break. what do rich people do with money when you cut taxes. rich people have a lot of cash in the bank. the answer is they save it. no matter where you stand on tax cuts for the rich, the argument that they will spend it and stimulate the economy may not ring true historically. they put it in the bank. this is a stimulus package. a lot of republicans said they will not vote for another stimulus, but any time you cost the government money with the intention of giving money to people, it's a stimulus package. economists say it's probably not going to happen. it will go in the bank. >> the standard of the bay area because it can be an average
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income because of our cost of living. >> it's incredibly high. i don't know about average. >> before rushing to buy the latest gadget, consider how you might end up using them. products like ipods and mp3 players are hot gift ideas. excessive use can lead to hearing problems. this is a growing problem with teens and young adults. it's a ringing or chirping in the ears it. seems to get louder when the room is quiet. >> we see early sign fist you walk on a college campus and take the earplugs out of people's ears and say let's do do a hearing test. a lost them are experiencing some if not an ongoing problem. >> treatment varies and nothing is eveningive. prolonged use going to loud concerts or being exposed to
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noisy environments contribute. doctors say not to turn the volume dial past 2/3 and don't listen for more than two hours at a time. >> ap downloads are making it easier to get into the spirit of the season. the angry birds have a holiday version you can use on iphone, blackberry and android phones. an advent calendar with a new level of angry birds. kids can stay entertained by santa tracker aps and daals can burn virtual calories with a 99 cent ap called super dance elf christmas with friends. partake a picture of their face and it creates a little fun movie of them doing a dance. >> getting the iphone with christmas cards stlachl gone green and virtual with christmas frames. the i finger ap helps with you
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wrapping gifts. it tells you how big of a sheet of wrapping paper you need and how to wrap the present. >> it's a huge week in football. you don't necessarily have to watch the 49ers and raiders. we are talking about palo alto high school. they play for the state championship and today in the bay said you might recognize their quarterback. . >> at palo alto high school's field, they are on the verge of doing something they have never done before. >> they are on the verge of a championship. >> for starts with a stud qb with impressive pedigree. christoff bono leads the team. >> no question he understands the game well. he takes advice well. he has been able to implement it. >> besides the still sets he taught me and practicing with him, the biggest thing is learning the game. >> like there is something in the water here.
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in high school you have the team going for the perfect season and when you talk about college, just a crosswalk away is stanford stadium where the cardinals are having a break out of their own as they get ready for the orange bowl. kevin anderson will enjoy the commute. >> i'm excited about that. having a great year this year. hopefully we can do the same next year. >> in a city where dominance is tradition. >> undefeated and we were the first team to go 13-0. >> nbc bay area sports. >> good luck to them. now a live look outside at the golden gate toll plaza there. people making their way into san francisco this morning. your time now is 5:21. your traffic and weather are up u. this is today in the bay. [ male announcer ] how do you say...
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>> good thursday morning to you on a very chilly start to the morning. we have snow flake projections there. pretty holiday sight where it feels like december. 39 degrees at san mateo and 45 at san francisco. low 30s where we are seeing patchy fog in a few spots. for the better part of the day, it will be dry around the coast. areas may see late day showers
5:25 am
and today mainly dry. tomorrow it will be windy and rainy and we will see it through the weekend. the radar not picking up around the bay area, but a look to the south around l.a. and san diego. in terms of the timeline with the rain, even as early as this evening, the rain sweeps in and we will see rain for your morning commute. gusty wins and winds picking up out of the south towards friday evening from about 20 to 30. in and out of the rain at times. saturday on into sunday and areas with the most rain over the next day or so and going into saturday morning. two to five inches of rain. the upper level winds will take all the moisture and send it racing over the tops of the mountains. that will send out rain to the bay area and maybe up to five inches of rain in spots by the time we roll into sunday.
5:26 am
highs only in the low to mid 50s. jakd weather for the afternoon. the umbrella and hang on to it. it will be gusty and wet into the weekend and a few breaks from time to time. it looks soggy through next week. checking the commute as we show you the toll plaza. travel times look on schedule. let's take you over to the golden gate bridge. we are seeing patchy fog. san ramon into pleasanton. down to about 200 feet at times around the sunol grade. you will break out of the fog and head into fremont. a quick check of the freeway shows the approach is fine and east bay travel times on schedule so far this morning. back to you. >> time now is 5:26 and an east
5:27 am
bay sing group is a step closer to winning $250,000 this morning. we will have their story and what they do, coming up. >> moving out of the big city is not what it used to be. living in the out skirts could put you in more danger. >> grief counsellors will be at an east bay campus helping students deal with the loss of a classmate. will hear from the mother of the victim. can't. gold bond concentrated therapy. real medicine, ultimate healing.
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>> good morning. i'm christie smith. coming to an east bay high school after a popular football
5:30 am
player was stabbed in broad daylight. >> new information about the gang rape of a richmond high schooler. what was revealed in court and what dna evidence police say they have. a live look outside this morning, big rain is on the way and it's not here yet. today, december 16th on today in the bay. good morning, everybody. thanks for joining us. i'm brent cannon. >> i'm in for laura garcia cannon. let's look at the forecast with rob. >> a chilly start to the morning. you want a nice thick coat this morning. low 30s and patchy fog. 32 right now in novato and 34 in n livermore. patches of fog and frost for the morning. i think we will get a little bid of midday sunshine.
5:31 am
we will start to see the first showers arrive and plenty of rain into the weekend. details on a formy forecast coming up. >> it will be a tough day for sturnts at an east bay high school. they are dealing with the stabbing death of a classmate and they saw what happened. today in the bay's christie smith is live where school leaders where they are helping to deal with a former football player's death. >> crisis counsellors are expected here at newark high a little later today. they will be in the library helping students cope. some heard what happened yesterday after it happened because it was a couple of blocks from here. they ran to help, but apparently it was just too late. the 17-year-old football star died of stab wounds at cedar and birch street.
5:32 am
this was yesterday afternoon and tributes are being posted all over facebook. he transferred to brimming port continuation for the eastern year. his son stood up for a cheerleader that will get beaten up. she can't believe her son is gone. hoping that anyone with information can come forward and help out. there candles at the crime scene this morning and newark police say witnesses tell them that two men in dark clothing and hoodies were seen running from the scene. so far no raves. live in newark, christie smith today in the bay. >> we are learning more about
5:33 am
the gang rip of a richmond high school student. during the preliminary hearing, a dna expert said dna from four of the seven defendants was found on the victim and at the crime scene. the strongest dna evidence links a 43-year-old defendant to the assault. the preliminary hearing is expected to wrap up soon now and the judge will then determine if there is enough evidence to send seven men and teen boys to trial for the 2009 rape of that richmond teenager. the victim told police she remembered drinking alcohol with the men and collapsing. >> your time is 5:33. interesting trend serks merging in the bay area that has many people who live near the big cities taking notice. crime is on the rise. not in san francisco, not in oakland or san jose. in places people move to to escape it all. there is a california report out showing violent crime dropping in big cities like oakland, but
5:34 am
increasing in small neighboring cities. for example, the contra costa county sheriff's department reporting a 39% jump in violent crime in the first half of 2010. in unincorporated alameda county, violent crime rose 20% in the first part of the year compared to last year. the city of berkeley saw a wave of robberies that started in september. nine people have been arrested. >> some of it is luck as you know. some of it is that we were focusing in the areas that they were likely to happen. we were able to make arrests and stops. police officials blame the recent spike in crime in smaller cities on recent police cut backs. the naacp will hold a public hearing to talk about what they call police brutality by an east bay force. the group is upset with a shooting death of derek jones. they shot and killed the popular barber while responding to a
5:35 am
domestic violence call. they say he was unarmed, but officers say high pulled a metal object from his pants and that caused him to open fire. the naacp will talk about claims of brutality and civil rights violations. that meeting is expected to be held at the jack london aquatic center at 9:30 this morning and it is open to the public. >> oakland nurs will return to contract talks this morning. they have not had a contract since mid-july. the nurses are upset because the hospital wants them to pay more for health care coverage. they held a demonstration last night to express frustration. commuters may see changes as they travel through san francisco this morning. some stops will be relocated because of the phase two of temporary transbay terminal and there will be minor changes tomorrow to. find out if you will be affected, go to s fm
5:36 am
ta.c work is under way on the bay bridge. a live look now perhaps. caltrain is working on the two eastbound lanes. they will be closed until 6:00 this morning. after that a single lane will be closed until 2:00 p.m. no westbound lanes will be involved. the work is expected to cause traffic problems over the next few days. caltrans is putting up parts of the tower on the new span. they are telling drivers to keep their eyes on the road and resist the urge to look at the work. the new span is scheduled to open in late 2013. >> fans know how good a local singing group is. the nation knows it too. jerry lawson and talk of the town hit nbc sing off. ♪ nice sound there.
5:37 am
they watched the a cappella group com pet against four other groups. >> we won the world series with something else to root for. >> one was eliminated at the end of the show. jerry lawson and talk of the town made it to the final round. the finale is monday. you can see it right here on nbc bay area. hopefully they do well. they sound great. >> on the first night of the show and i was impressed. we will check on the evening with rob. trivalley too. we will look out for patchy fog. not showing rain and upper level
5:38 am
winds pushing in a lot of really moisture-rich air. they aimed in on us all weekend, but strong winds picking up during the day tomorrow. patches of fog increasing clouds by this evening. light rain showers and the main event will hold off and heavy rain and gusty at times and off and on heavy rains. back to you. >> time now is 5:38. congressional democrats had to cram it in before the republicans take over. don't ask don't tell taxes and more on the agenda today. the rising cost of travel and how much more you can pay. >> new terrorist threats against westerners during the christmas holiday season. a live look at the goaden
5:39 am
gate bring.
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5:41 am
good morning to you. welcome back. at 5:41 and a live look from hp pavilion with a few cars on the street. >> with holiday travel picking up, a new terror warning is out and new evidence that al qaeda could be threatening to attack. bob redell is live at san francisco international with a look at the latest threat. bob? >> good morning, brent. during this time of year,
5:42 am
intelligence officials in the west are on heightened alert and what happened last christmas, the underwear bomber tried to bring down the plane. there new threats coming out. we will tell you what they said and why they are taking those threats seriously. today in the bay. the war in afghanistan weakens with the power of the taliban. tracy pots is live in washington where the president will talk about the taliban. >> we are expected to hear from the president and early on, we have a five-page summary of a report out that talks about progress in the car and what the
5:43 am
white house thinks about the white house moving forward. there is progress being made against al qaeda and significant challenges remain. al qaeda is the weakest point since 2001, but the war will continue for another three years. the bringing home of u.s. troop s in july. particularly in the last year. this has been the deadliest year on record. against afghan troops and humans of americans died in what is becoming a very expensive war. $113 billion a year. challenges that remain interfere with local governments and being over to take over their territories. pakistan and the united states
5:44 am
working and terrorists along the border. they will do much more to cooperate with pakistan in that area. 5:44. i'm brent cannon. >> laura has the morning off. time to get a look with rob. >> if you step outside, you will want a nice thick kout. 30s and maybe patchy frost along with the patchy fog we are seeing. nothing but low 30s. no rain showing up on the radar, but we have a lot of moisture and the bay area as we head into tonight and tomorrow. that will bring impressive totals between friday morning into about sunday morning. we are looking at two to five inches of rain. all that moisture comes in at a
5:45 am
right angle to the coast. heavy rainfall totals for the north bay hills and santa cruz mountains. increasing clouds towards the afternoon. cool day with low to mid 50s and a chance of showers approaching the south coast late in the day today. looks like most of the rain will hold off until later tonight into friday. breezy at times. we will see the winds increasing into saturday and periods of heavy rain for the coastal mountains and rain off and on all the way through. a soggy looking seven-day forecast. the morning commute is not bad. we take you over to 880 and slowing there heading northbound as you pass the curve there. we show you the bay bridge toll plaza, you will be able to see that things are looking good. a couple things are showing good travel times around the bay right now. we can move on to the next view there. there is the bay bridge toll plaza. the approach is right on time. we will take you to the san
5:46 am
mateo bridge to the south. you can see no fog there. that's good news. travel westbound right on time and speaking of travel times over to the east bay and highway 4 right now, passing pittsburgh, we are seeing a slow down occurring. you can see the travel times and livermore along with patchy fog. that can be slowing things down. mainly on schedule and continuing to pick up with slowing around parts of the east bay. extra baggage fees and airlines are raising ticket prices as well. expect to pay about $10 more on round trips and about $6 more for shorter flights. most of the others are southwest and virgin america who jumped on
5:47 am
board. a spokesman said supply and demand and fuel price are to name. the justice department sues bp in an effort to recover billions from the country's biggest offshore oil spill in history. the lawsuits allege that safety and operating regulations were violated before april 20th. >> we're intend to prove that these violations caused or contributed to the massive oil spill. >> this is about getting a fair deal for the region that suffered enormous consequences from the disaster. >> a figure disputed by bp. the obama administration lawsuits asked that the companies be held liable without limitation for costs and damages caused by the spill. >> in a landmark moment for gay
5:48 am
rights, the house voted to end don't ask don't tell that. allows gays to serve in the military and goes to the senate. there may not be enough time left for the vote before the end of this session. the bill passed the house by eye wide margin, 250 to 175. they are trying to cram several piece of legislation through at the last minute. start unemployment checks and prevent a new year's day tax hike is moving forward. president obama hopes it will prompt business leaders to spend and hire. >> they feel optimistic that by working together we can get the cash off the sidelines. >> the short-term deal is important. we have to keep the economy going. >> lawmakers also work on spending bills to keep the government running and ratifying the start nuclear treat we russia. they could end up coming back
5:49 am
between christmas and new years because the session of congress does not end until january 4th. the bell salary scandal keeps getting deeper. we are learning the leaders accused of taking millions also forged do you means. this is according to the "los angeles times." the paper said for years, city leaders created court papers declaring businesses owed fines to the city as part of a civil mochl compromise. normal low they go to a judge for review, but the times said only three of the cases were filed and all were dismissed. for the rest, the paper said the city pressured them to pay the fines. eight current and former bell officials have been charged with misappropriating $5.5 million in public funds. chase bank wants to charge you more fees and scott said those fees are going to hurt the most poor people. >> absolutely. lots of californians became chase customer when is the bank bought the collapse in
5:50 am
washington mutual. here's what's going on. if you make a direct deposit and the deposit is less than $500 a month, chase will charge you as much as $12. the changes take place february 8th. $500 in deposits is not much, but if you use a chase account to hold small amounts of money like a penning or trust fund payment, that is a big chunk of your savings going to the bank. look for a weak opening on wall street. stocks fell a bit off two-year highs on the dow. fedex said they had the busiest day in years. we had christie smith, but fedex disappointed investors with smaller than expected profits. oracle and redwood shores report after the bell. brent? >> thanks, scott. changes could be coming to facebook and they want to make it easier to tag photos. they are improving facial
5:51 am
recognition software. the new versions can match photos to the ones that have been tagged. similar photos are grouped and the software lets users know who they think is in the shot. they can tag one person, but the new version will simplify the process. if you don't want to be tagged, you can always turn the feature off. >> a feature suspended for joking with a student. the student came to class without his homework. the teacher jokingly asked if the student had eaten it. the teacher was suspended. they want to get the teacher reinstated and said the support is gratifying. >> i'm proud that i touched so many people that they feel that strongly about my teaching. that's what it's about. >> approximate are do you still want to teach? >> of course. i always wanted to teach in high school. of course i do. >> the teacher said he had asperger's syndrome, a
5:52 am
developmental disorder that makes it hard for him to interact with other people. >> america is winning the battle with heart disease, but still losing the war. the american heart association released their report. the number of people killed from heart disease fell between 1997 and 2007. stroke deaths were down 45%. the total number of surgeries was up 27%. the estimated total cost from heart disease is now at $286 billion per year. heart disease and stroke are the number one killers of americans. a new study finds toys shaped language development of toddlers. they taught 18-month-olds the names of objects by playing with toys that had similar or significantly different shapes. now one month later the kid who is played with different objects learned 10 new words per week and the ones who played with similar objects learned four. more study is needed to try to
5:53 am
figure out why kids learn better one way than the other. >> want to know why your kids have too much energy? maybe they have too much caffeine. three out of four kids consume caffeine on a daily basis. kids as young as five apparently drink as much as a can of soda daily. older kids had three cans a day. there no guidelines as to how much coka feign kids should have and the effect is unknown. experts say a parent should try to keep the amount of caffeine to a minimum. >> the holidays will be merrier for 10 lucky bay area families in need. the wives of raiders and 49ers players and coaches, sam's club and the salvation army are teaming up for the dream drive. represent families with $1,000 worth of food and holiday gifts from sam's club. the presentation is at 11:30 at the sam's club in concord. >> the a's continue to make off
5:54 am
season moves and report this is morning that the team signed one of the former aces and will be brought in. the signing will not be official until he passes a physical. the jets coach that tripped a dolphins player on sunday. the coach didn't just happen to be there. he set it up. the jets say the coach ordered players to form a wall in that specific place, forcing the player to the sideline. he is suspended indefinitely and all options are on the table when it comes to how far the punishment might go. good morning to you. a chilly start. tracking low 30s. even oakland down to 39 degrees.
5:55 am
a cool 40 degrees. it feels like brrr this morning. by lunchtime, low to mid 50s and increasing clouds will take away the daytime heating and tonight into tomorrow, rain and the other component will be gusty winds into the weekend. the radar is dry except if you are traveling into central and southern california. you can see the rain flying there as the 49ers play a game today or tonight towards san diego. scattered showers through the south. the moisture as you can see with the winds firing towards the bay area. effectually rain as well. today one more dry day we will call it for the better part of the day. we will see showers approaching the coast. highs in the low to mid 50s with increasing clouds in the day. a series of systems going along for the ride and what we call the pineapple express.
5:56 am
it will mean hefty totals. it will be a long the coastal mountains by the time we get out of the weekend. five inches of rain in the hilltops of the north bay and not a bad day to get outdoor plans done. clearing away and rain off and on all the way through your seven-day forecast. back to you. >> thank you, rob. the person in this next story is hitting it big as an artist. kind of. steven from evanston, illinois draws stick figure cats along the lines of a 5-year-old with mediocre talent. he is selling work like crazy thanks to a groupon deal. he insisted he wants to draw you a cat personalized any way you want it for $9.95.
5:57 am
he took the sales pitch to groupon, the site that offers daily discounts. groupon ran it and the price dropped to $3 and orders poured in. >> i almost grew more and more nauseouss i watched them crawl to 1,000. i have no idea how many cats i would have to draw. >> he wound up caping it at 50$200 and greossed more than 0. >> mornedie lu nc n ng of a west coast trough threat coming up. [ female announcer ] martinelli's gold medal sparkling cider is the perfect choice for holiday gatherings. martinelli's is non-alcoholic, festive like champagne, and tastes great! martinelli's: since 1868.
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>> new this morning, grieve counsellors will help students cope with the murder of a classmate. >> wha


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