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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 21, 2010 6:00am-7:00am PST

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which of the seven defendants in the gang rape case will face trial? that story is coming up. and the results of the 2010 census are set to come out today. what it could mean for california. >> it is 6:00 on this tuesday, december 21st today in the bay. good morning. >> in for brent and laura, rob is here. let's get to the forecast. >> good morning. the quietest part of the forecast over the next 24 hours, we have thundershowers offshore, those should stay offshore for the morning drive. temperatures mostly mid 50s which you notice with increasing clouds around lunchtime and the rain will start to fill in and take a look at what's happening. already a lost lightning strikes out there. strong system will drop in on us this evening and we will talk
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more about that in the full forecast in a few minutes. >> activity happening on highway 92. is that right? >> that's absolutely right. we are following the sigalert. if you are crossing the bay, take note. westbound with the tail lights over on the right hand side. that is telling you the three right lanes are blocked past the interchange and blocking three out of four lanes. the map shows the slow down approaching foster city boulevard. it's slow heading towards highway 101. if you head across the bridge, take foster city boulevard or up to third avenue around some of the slowing. that is a big deal for you. we will watch for the eekts as it may cause an issue on the other side of the bay. the nimitz to the bay bridge or 237 might be affected. back to you. >> thank you, mike. a judge is expected to decide the fate of seven men and boys
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accused in a brutal gang rape at richmond high school. christie smith is live in martinez. the judge will weigh in on whether they will stand trial. good morning. >> good morning. attorneys are expected to present oral arguments in the case and as you said, the judge will decide which of the seven defendants will stand trial and on what charges. judge gregory expressed concern about two of the defendants and concern about evidence on a 23-year-old richmond man involved. the oldest defendant is 44 years old. what's become a quite high profile case. police said it was october 2009 when a 16-year-old girl was raped, beaten and robbed outside of a richmond high school homecoming dance as a group of people watched. the judge seems most concerned about the 16-year-old. he ruled that his police
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interview is not even admissible as evident because he believes his rights were violated when police ignored the 16-year-old's request to remain silent. the defendants could face 26 years and all the rest up to life in prison if convicted. this hearing is expected to conclude today. live in martinez, christie smith today in the bay. >> thank you. oakland police are looking for a suspect after a police chase and shooting that killed a suspect. police shot and killed one man yesterday after he and three others led them on a chase through east oakland. two are in custody. it happened near highland hospital. the driver crashed the car and three men tried to run when officers opened fire. police did find an assault rifle in the car. >> the man accused of murdering a well-known community activity outside a bay area mall will be in gorgelin. investigators say six months ago
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he followed lewis from work and shot him at the parking lot in san mateo. the murder stunned lewis's hometown of east palo alto. he was well-known for helping people get sober. his daughter said it has been a long wait for justice. >> kind of frustrating knowing that the killer was still out there and they hadn't found anyone yet. now that they have somebody it's more of a relief. >> friends say he grew up with them and have no idea why he might have resorted to violence. police found the body of a missing southern california woman in the russian river. phyllis ben and her minivan were pulled from the river in sonoma county. she was missing since saturday night after eating dinner at river's end restaurant. they spotted tire tracks on sunday leading into the liver.
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search crews and boats combed the liver yesterday and found the van resting on the river bottom yesterday afternoon. investigators do not believe ben had been drinking saturday night. >> a nay woman is recovering after two pit bulls attacked her as she was trying to get to her car last night around 6:20. a neighbor threw rocks at two gray dogs trying to stop the attack the attack. her injuries are not life-threatening. the dogs are still on the loose. they have clipped ears and may have light gray spots. >> the 2010 census is done and the numbers will be out in a few hours. 600,000 workers knocked on 50 million doors across the country. the census bureau said they had 12 million forms to sift through. the official count of america also determines how $4 trillion
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in education, health, transportation and other projects are funded. >> we will begin to use the data soon in those federal programs for directing money to make sure that the funds flow where the people are. today in the bay's chris sanchez will have more on what it means for california coming up at 6:30. >> new rules aimed at checking the power of broadband providers. the rules would prohibit phone and cable companies from abusing their control over broadband connections by discriminating against internet phone calls or online video and other services. the fcc has apparently the three votes on the commission needed to approve the regulations later today. the out come ends almost a year and a half worth of pushing to pass network neutrality rules. san francisco is still waiting to hear if it has the honor of
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hosting the 2013 americas cup. they thought they would be told on friday, but no word from race organizers. all we have is word that negotiations are intensifying with officials in rhode island. italy and spain are in the running. oracle ceo and san francisco golden gate yacht club get to choose where the next regatta will take place. they won the most recent race. they were not happy when they said holding the race at pier 50 would be too expensive. a final decision is expected by the end of the year. >> the $8 million needed to restore an airplane hanger in the south bay vanished. nasa said they had the money to repair the hanger one in mountain view. one month later that money has disappeared. nasa had been counting on an $8 million congressional earmark, but it failed. it is not clear how much it will cost to restore the hanger. it is expected to cost between
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$15 million and $40 million. >> you have all kind of icons on the map. >> earlier i showed on the maps, but we will focus further north. the fire is out, but the accident continues to have lanes blocked causing a big slow down off of the san mateo bridge. they expect it to take over a half hour with a major impact to the commute. that's what you see from the hayward side. 92 slow off of the high-rise through foster city. if you are heading to 101, go to hillsdale to the south and get on the 101 that way. heading to the freeway is jammed. the hayward side shows a smooth drive so far. no major issues approaching the area. some might side south and others may head north as in alternates to the san mateo bridge.
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more slowing through oakland. no major issues and a live look shows a steady flow into the city. maybe gusty winds, but no metering lights yet. they will turn on in 15 to 20 minutes. back to you. >> and the rain rob says is on the way for the evening commute. good morning. >> good morning. you are seeing a lot of it offshorement a cool start to the morning out to the trivalley. low 40s and the camera is shaking up around san francisco and oakland. east at 13 through napa. in oakland, satellite and we will start off with the radar and lightning offshore. just a few widely scattered showers being forced to rise up. notice the movement of the showers going from south to north across the coastal hilltops this morning. north bay mainly dry for now, but as we widen out, the leading edge is approaching the bay
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area. mostly cloudy skies and increasing opportunities for rain here as we head towards the evening. southern california still getting a heavy soaking this morning. around the bay area, scattered showers for the first half of the day and a rumble or two of thunder. late or tonight, the rain will fill in and the winds pick up. an active start to tomorrow morning and a brief break thursday into christmas eve and more rain and breezy conditions to kickoff the upcoming weekend. >> you saw this last night. a big event overnight. the first lunar eclipse in three years. across the country an amazing sight overnight. today in the bay's bob redell sent us this view. he is on the way to visit santa in the north pole. bob is still traveling, but managed to stop and take this video from fairbanks, alaska a. we will show you more views and pictures from viewers later in the show. >> that's a neat tradition. he is really going to the north
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pole. it's cool. >> how do you pack your backs for that? >> a lot of cold weather gear. this is a temporary home as we build a new set behind that wall. you will see that in a couple of weeks. >> we are excited. >> 6:11 and a performer leaves a broadway show in an ambulance. what's happening with the spider man musical. >> the woman who went to jail for this fight said she is the victim. what in the world is going on? one man said the long-term impact of the bp oil spill won't be so bad. find out the reasons and who disagrees with him. you are looking at a live picture of the golden gate bridge. ponding and puddling on the ground. be careful out there.
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we are looking across the bay with a shaky cam with wind and rain. it's 6:14. >> the man the u.s. government appointed to oversee the recovery in the gulf said the long-term impact of the bp oil spill could be minor. ken feinberg said the scientists including biologists tell him the gulf region should fully recover from the spill. the director of research from green peace disagrees. he said the ecosystem is far too complex to estimate a long-term impact right now. he thinks had will take 10 years to get an idea. >> a newspaper report said the u.s.-led coalition in afghanistan wants to go into
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neighboring pakistan where islamist militants are known to find refuge. nato leaders are denying reports it was published in the times. they reported military commanders believe special operations forces could capture militants in pakistan for interrogation. >> new violence along the gaza, israel border. they hit seven suspected sites while the militants send rocks into southern israel. we are hearing three palestinians were hurt. they were targeted on smuggling tunnels and weapons-making facilities. they were in retaliation for the firing of 13 rockets and mortar shells this week. new video of a strong earthquake in iran that killed six people. the magnitude 6.5 quake struck a small town in the southeastern part of the country and threatened at least three villages and iranian leaders
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fear hundreds may be trapped in the rubble. there were several aftershocks after the initial quake. >> bill richardson said north korea is ready to talk about the nuclear program. the governor arrived after an unofficial trip to talk to north korean leaders, he said north corae will allow inspectors back in the country and allowed to check the major nuclear complex that north korea said is not producing enriched uranium for a bomb. >> the man who posted a how to guide will face charges. the colorado man is on the way to florida under cover detectives there say he sold them a copy of his guide which violates florida's obscenity law. it prohibits distribution of obscene material considered harmful to minors. the guide made headlines earlier this year when listed on amazon's ebook section. amazon poled the listing of after a number of people
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complained. experts say the arrest could lead to an argument over free speech if there is a trial. >> in the spirit of the season, an illinois judge reduced the sentence of the woman jailed over a dispute at a hooter's restaurant. here is surveillance of the january incident. the woman at the counter can be seen arguing about a charge on her bill. the officer acting as a security guard at the restaurant responded by putting the grandmother in a headlock. she was sentenced to 200 days in an illinois jail, but a judge decided to reduce the sentence to 94 days. torres served 47 days in jail. she is suing hooters as well as the officer in the video. >> bottom line, don't dispute a bill at hooter's. the spider man musical in new york city, the fourth person to be injuried on the set of the
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$65 million show. witnesses say last night an actor playing spiderman slip and fell to the stage and some equipment fell into the audience. the show did not go on. tracy morgan is recovering for a kidney transplant. he had the surgery earlier this month. entertainment weekly said morgan will miss two to three episodes during his recovery. those episodes will air in march. morgan was diagnosed with diabetes in 1996. >> a family is offering a reward to catch people who trash holiday decorations. they drove a car or truck through a front yard. the decorations included a nativity scene with inflatable characters. the guy thinks it's about $1500 in damages.
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it's only decoration, but stuff we collected over 23 years. it's heart breaking. right over the manger, baby jesus is upside down and it's devastating. >> the guy said he will leave the debris in his yard, hopeing it will spark anger and help find the person who did it. malls across the country report traffic was up this weekend and so was spending with days to go until christmas. nbc's kristin dahlgren has more from washington. at nation's mall -- >> it's a madhouse. >> it's beginning to look a lot like christmas used to. with sales that almost resemble the prerecession days. on the final weekend before christmas, stores across the country were packed. >> tremendous volume. the weather cooperate skptd parking lots of jammed. >> the mall of america broke records. >> the biggest since we opened.
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18 years. >> shoppers everywhere seem willing to open their wallets for the right price. >> buy one, get one free and 40% off. >> retailers have done a good job managing the merchandising levels and putting the prices where they need to be to keep people excited. >> the national retail federation raised estimates and predicting sales up 3.3% over last year. >> it's the top shopping days of the year. they are occurring right now. so far clothing sales are up 9.8%. jewelry 2.6% while books, music, hoby and sporting goods, 2.3%. it's also the busiest day of the year at the post office. 800 million pieces of mail head out to homes across the country. with less than a week to go, the holiday rush now in full swing. all the shipping and shopping
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are good signs that american spending may be making a come back. nbc news, washington. online spending has seen big gains this year. the one area we are not seeing increased sales is electronics. so many price cuttings to plasma tvs that revenue is about flat. >> it seems that things are hard to find today. it's good reason for that. stores overstocked the last two years and were left with extra inventory. this year they are conservative. here's popular gifts that are totally sold out. amazon said the kindle 3, the less expense civ sold out. the more expensive 3g is still available. toys 'r us sold out of kinect as well as tea cup piggies and la la dogs. >> i don't know what those are.
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>> what are started out as an act of musical kindness ended in the evacuation of a newly reopened mall in roseville. the galleria mall opened to holiday shoppers last night after a devastating fire this past fall. a local church called on people to show up and sing hallelujah outside, but when 5,000 people showed up, the floor began creaking and the mall had to be evacuated. the fire marshal is checking the building for structural safety. >> the balcony fell down. >> problems on the peninsula, mike? >> as they cleared the mall and the room with the joke, we still have the roadway blocked. we should be clearing a second lane now. westbound 92 getting off of the bridge from the high-rise and foster city over the landfall of the bridge. we have a slow down and speeds down below at 20 miles per hour as you approach 101.
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if you are local to foster city, he is one of the camera men at hillsdale or third. keep that in mind if you head to 101 even if the bridge is not necessarily the commute. we are looking at further north. another accident southbound at brotherhood way. through daley city out of the city itself. two lanes are blocked and north to 68 and 75. 101 moving into the city to the lower deck. no problems with the bay bridge and a look at the toll plaza with a light volume of traffic. we may see more folks heading to the area because of folks avoiding the bridge again. the sigalert is off of the bridge to 101. we will watch the volume and no metering lights yet. back to you. >> thank you, mike. the new census figures come out later this morning. what they could mean for california and you in a live report. here's a live look at hp
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pavilion in downtown san jose. light traffic this morning. it's early. 6:23 as today in the bay continues.
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>> good morning to you right now. 6:26 and the radar for now around the south bay looks mainly dry. same story around the east bay hills. more worried about gusty wins around the bay bridge as opposed to raindrops. a few widely scattered showers, but the bay area right now catching this dry shot clean the heavy rain across southern california and the next frontal system that should creep in as you approach the evening commute. during the day, scattered showers and an unstable environment. isolated thundershowers on the coast, but here comes the front as we head through the evening. want front blasts through overnight into early tomorrow and more scattered showers into wednesday. highs in the mid- to upper 50s
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and scattered showers and best bet for thundershowers will be along the seashore on the north bay. as we head into tonight, it will be stormy as times. rain heavy at times and things calm down for a brief time thursday into friday. >> time now is 6:27 and new plans to build a baseball stadium. see what's happening today. the usz military is looking at how it handles the repeal of don't ask don't tell. details coming up. the latest census figures come out in as.ew fi wut hours. find out what cou ittldea mn fo you in a live report. intensive healing. one 10 the strongest itch relief medicine now has three vitamins and seven moisturizers. feel the heal.
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the chill of peppermint. the rich dark chocolate. york peppermint patty. get the sensation. welcome to the neighborhood. ♪ [ male announcer ] how do you say... can you believe it's been 20 years since college?
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♪ [ male announcer ] nothing says "you're special" like boursin, a creamy, crumbly blend of real cheese and savory herbs, boursin makes any moment more memorable. even if you're saying... my mother has the kids tonight. ♪ [ male announcer ] how do you say boursin? good morning. i'm chris sanchez in san jose. the census information data is out. in just a few hours, what can you expect? i will show you in a live report. >> a man is shot and killed by
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police. investigators are looking for another suspect. details are coming up. >> it is just about 6:30 on your tuesday morning. a live shot of the shark tank in san jose. still not raining yet anyway. it is tuesday, december 21st today in the bay. >> good morning. i'm marla in for brent & laura. scott will be here in a few moments. rob will have his hour by hour forecast. >> good morning. a dry start to the morning for now, but showers offshore and a slight risk of coastal thundershowers. past 3:30 we officially move into winder and the first winter storm at least by definition. already approaching the coastline and you can see the lightning offshore. we will talk more about what to expect for the evening commute
6:31 am
coming up in a few minutes. back to you. >> on the road this is morning, it is biz oat peninsula. >> we have the sig abreuilert brewing. over to the right side of the commute, the sign is telling you the right three lanes as you passover the block, you see the slow down after you get past the toll plaza. over towards the high-rise and the jam is slowing up on the maps. the transition is all right and as you get across the bridge, just as you head over the water, we have a big slow down. all the way over towards the foster city side where two lanes are blocked. lane reopen and a slow drive to the transition. avoid the bridge if you can. the metering lights just turned on. we expect that build up soon, but right now it's clear if you head to the bay bridge. the metering lights are on and no major back up. >> thanks, mike. 6:31 now.
6:32 am
one of the biggest surprises in the 2010 census was how many people responded. live in san jose with that and also what we can expect. good morning, chris. >> good morning, marla. three out of four americans responded to the census. that was a surprise because it's high. in about an hour and a half, we will find out what they said to the 10 all-important questions. they will present the dita at 8:00 this morning. that could shift the money we get by shifting the power in congress of course. experts predict in terms of representation, california will remain as is. the biggest winner could be texas that could gain as many as four seats. the losers are ohio and new york that could lose two seat apiece. we are talking about $4 frill yon in health and transportation. some of the folks living in the
6:33 am
134 million house holes that responded say the questionnaire got too personal, asking whether they were homeowners or renters. it was one of the shortest questionnaires in history. a mere 10 questions. the data will be released at 8:00 this morning andy woor watching to make sure we know what it means for you. in san jose, chris sanchez, today in the bay. >> per u.s. military leaders are beginning the task of mapping out how to handle the rules allowing gays to serve openly. the first task is drafting the regulation looking at swift and immediate action when the rules are violated. there is an emphasis on educating troops. they voted to repeal the began on openly gay service following earlier action bite house. president obama plans to sign the bill into law tomorrow. >> a search is on for a man who held up a walker at gunpoint.
6:34 am
the robber approached the man walking on the trail near the intersection of bancroft and hookston roads. he stole the man's cell phone and cash and ran away north on the trail. one person is dead and another on the run after a shooting in oakland. the high speed chase ended at 13th and 33rd avenues when the suspect's car crashed into a home. police say all four people in the car ran. two were detained and another escaped and one suspect was shot by police. police say a hand gun was found nearby. activists say the community needs to stay involved in the investigation. >> this is something that happens a lot. a young man killed by the police. we want to start finding out what can be change and how stuff like this can change. >> police say the chase began when they spotted a car they believe was involved in a shooting on friday. >> toyota has reportedly agreed to pay the government more than
6:35 am
$32 million in fines over the way the company handle two recalls. they are over accelerator pedals that could get trapped and steering rods that could break and lead to a loss in control. they have not made a formal announcements. it would bring toyota's fines to almost $50 million. san francisco's current board of supervisors won't get a shot at choosing the next mayor. they report gavin newsom will delay his swearing in as lieutenant governor until the new board of supervisors takes office on january 10th. during that meeting, the board will choose a president. with newsom leaving, they would be an interim mayor. all this means is san francisco will have to wait a few weeks more to find out who will be leading the city. oakland leaders will take the next step in the quest to build a baseball stadium for the
6:36 am
a's. they're looking into funding a study for a stadium along oakland's waterfront at the victory gorgelin site. the site was chosen after major league baseball preferred it over proposed sites. the council meeting is at 5:30. you can get an autograph while helping kids in need. the fullback and linebacker will sign autographs in exchange for new unwrapped toys at the toys for tots drive. they will be at the mall in hayward at 6:00 tonight. >> 6:26 and the fbi released new numbers on the crime and there is good news. a live report from washington is coming up. >> rain for us means snow for other parts of the country. what state is really expecting to get slammed today. we are watching fresh snow in the sierra today and heavy rain due into the bay area through the afternoon.
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we will look at a very stormy-liking forecast towards night coming up next today in e it's really delicious, mom.
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>> speak of the snow, the sierra watcher with mount rose after several feet of snow was flying. probably another two to three feet of snow.
6:40 am
travel there is not too bad. you have snow north of interstate 80. this will fill in as we head through the afternoon. the bay area catching a break. a few isolated showers and the clouds advancing towards the coast and this frontal system will pack embedded thundershowers and heavy rain as we head into this evening into early tomorrow morning. mid- to upper 50s and scattered showers and the chance of showers will increase as the front approaches the coast towards this evening. tomorrow probably a bit of a rainy start chachbling back over to scattered showers. expecting a bit of a break thursday into friday. >> winter barely under way and plenty of weather to go around. eight feet of snow predicted for central colorado. the storm expected to make its way across the country by christmas. on the east coast, some will get the first white christmas since 2002. >> that are time of year and it's christmas. there should be snow on the
6:41 am
ground for christmas. >> there is storm on the east coast. cape cod, massachusetts got 4 to eight feet and more is expected by the weekend. >> 6:40 and coming up, one hollywood actors to put an end to one of the most famous characters in the world. >> you are looking at a live picture of hayward and sfo as the sun creepup. l ilk wecn ch imeinmoa .nt ♪ ♪ you can find your feet and you can find your way ♪ ♪ you can find yourself in bed at the end of the day ♪ ♪ you can find some fun on a tropical isthmus ♪ ♪but you'll never find my... ♪ you can find it in your heart to be patient with me ♪
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♪ you can find a new star for the top of the tree ♪ ♪ i don't mean to be coy and i don't mean to be vicious ♪ ♪ but you'll never find my christmas ♪
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>> a live look from the south bay camera shows san jose and a nice day is in store, but rain is on the way.
6:44 am
the final vote of a nuclear treaty between russia and the united states. several republican sensors have come on board with the treaty. enough that supporters think they have the 2/3 majority needed to pass it. president obama and russian president medvedev signed the treaty reducing the number of warheads in both nations's arsenals. a woman took a trip to the ladies's room she won't forget. while she was in there, a car crashed into the wall. it was in a bank in oklahoma city. the woman was trapped in the restroom for a short time. no one injured. the driver of the car said his brakes failed as he was trying to park. police are looking into it. >> 6:44 and tuesday morning. problems still happening in san mateo this morning. >> good morning. we will take you out to the incident. two lanes blocked, but i got
6:45 am
word they were moving another car off the roadway. we will see a third lane open and we still have the burned out car after the earlier accident and car fire. no injuries, but this is harming the commute. the san mateo bridge. i have been watching this carefully. you want to allow extra time with another 10 minutes over from the hayward side. if you use an alternate, use the dumbarton bridge at highway 84. showing a little tiny bit of slowing past whipple. then things are smooth over the bridge. no need to add the travel time up to the bay bridge. here are the approaches. 880 and the nimitz freeway with a nice move. 24 out of the tunnel and down the east shore freeway. a 19-minute drive and the metering lights are on, but a light volume. we had a back up, but that has cleared up nicely. good if you have. >> nice to see that approaching
6:46 am
the toll plaza. not so much over the bay area. that will arrive late or today. a few hit and miss showers across the mountains and east bay looks dry and breezy at times. best of san francisco across the north bay. southern california getting slammed and we are about to see the system here acrossing the coast as we head towards the evening. in the meantime, a chance of scattered showers increasing into the afternoon. unstable environment as well with tropical moisture out of the south and an energetic jet stream aiming in across southern california. briefly revy han and isolated thuner. in terms of rainfall, about an inch or less for the lowlands, but the hill top locations could be approaching two to three inches of rain. a soaking in late today into tomorrow. scattered shower to start. late in the day with highs in the mid 50s and snow levels close to 4,000 feet. we will see another storm here
6:47 am
coming in tomorrow. we will catch a break thursday and friday and christmas day, plan on more wind and rain to kickoff the weekend. back to you. >> thank you, rob. good news to report on crime in america. a preliminary crime report shows violent and property crimes fell during the first half of 2010. today in the bay is live in washington with how the bay area fared. >> doing well. good morning, everyone. part of a four-year trend and from the fbi in what's happening in terms of crime. they look at thousands of police departments all over the country. here's what they found. violent crime down. that's murder, rape, robbery, aggravated assault and property crime like arson, theft, burglary and auto theft down 2.8%. most that was drop coming from big cities and most of it in the
6:48 am
south. taking a look at the numbers for san francisco, similar trends. there were over 2900 violent crimes in san francisco. that's down to just over 2800 this year for the same period of time. that same six-month time period. last year over 16,000 property crimes and this year over 15,000. things are improving in the bay area as well. one thing that got experts stump side how this is happening in the middle of a bad economy. typically we would see crime go up, but the first half of the year, crime is going down. today in the bay. >> thanks, tracy. we should find out whether seven defendants accused of a brutal gang rape will go to trial. live in martinez with what's ahead in the final leg of the preliminary hearing. good morning, christie. >> good morning to you. attorneys are expected to present oral arguments in a
6:49 am
martinez courtroom and as you said it's up to a judge to decide which of the seven will go to trial and on what charges. now yesterday judge gregory expressed concern about two of the defendants. first he is concerned whether there is enough evidence to bring a 16-year-old to trial and has concerns about evidence relating to a 23-year-old richmond man. the oldest defendant in this is 44 years old. what's become a high profile case. police said it was october of 2009 when a 16-year-old girl was raped, beaten and robbed outside of the high school homecoming as people watched. the judge seemed most concerned about the 16-year-old. he ruled that his police interview is not admissible as evidence because his rights were violated when he said that police ignored his request to remain silent. the defendants could face 26 years all the way up to life in
6:50 am
prison. the preliminary hearing is expected to conclude today. live in martinez, today in the bay. >> thank you. >> beginning in the spring, you will not receive social security checks in the mail anymore. payments will be paperless starting on may 1st of next year. eight of 10 people already receive electronic payments. the switch will eliminate the problem of lost or stolen checks and by phasing out paper, social security execs to save about $1 billion over the next decade. how much money local communities get could change with the release of census data this morning. today in the bay's chris sanchez live with the marriage of money and power. good morning. sounds sexier than it is. the 2010 data will be released in about an hour and we are watching that because of course with the census data comes
6:51 am
possibly a shift in congress. experts predict in terms of representation california will remain as is with about 53 states. texas could gain as many as four seats. the biggest losers are ohio and new york expected to lose a seat apiece. at stake, $4 trillion in education, health, and transportation and money for other projects. some folks in the 134 million households that responded said it got too personal asking whether they were homeowners or renters and how many children they had and whether or not they make a lot or a little money. it was one of the shortest questionnaires in history with 10 questions. three out of four americans who were supposed to return the census data did do that that. is a good sign that folks were per 'tis pating. we know that with the shift in power comes a shift in money that. affects our local
6:52 am
communities n. san jose, today in the bi. >> chris, thank you. >> the first official memorability for the royal wed suggest on sale now. prince william and kate middleton personally approved the three items for sale. you can buy a tanker, plate, or a pill box. they feature the couple's initials, prince's em skblem their wedding date, april 29th, 2011. the profit will be donated to a charity that takes care of the royal family's artwork. >> harrison ford wants to kill off indiana jones. ford talked to writer and producer in northern california california's george lucas did b doing indiana jones number five. they want to have the archaeologist die but not before passing on to his son. spielberg is on board, but lucas is not.
6:53 am
fort wanted his character to die in return and lucas shot that one down. i forgot there was a fourth indiana. the first three were awesome. i forgot there was a fourth. >> i agree you should kill them off. >> just in case. >> these are archaeologists. he could come back and find remains. that would be weird. >> clearing the roadways and just a suggestion. remains of the sigalert continue, but we have the sigalert cleared. westbound 92 and all lanes are cleared over 101. things are slow off the bridge and the lighter volume flowing smoothly across the bridge. you can still use the dumbarton as an alternate and looking nice right now. a live look from the toll plaza shows a steady volume moving smoothly across the flat section over the high-rise.
6:54 am
at another five to seven minutes and that doubles your time. that's the only issue you are dealing with for the north. the bay bridge had the metering lights turned on. you have not seen a big back up even with the issue on the san mateo brichblth approaching the area with antioch and livermore with light slowing through the area. >> rob on the spot. my favorite indiana jones the third with his dad. >> absolutely. when they rode off out of the canyon and a perfect way to end the trilogy. >> i totally agree with you. maybe the sequel to the rain we have been watching is coming up later on today. it is dry around the south bay and down towards santa cruz. east bay looks dry and the commute is not looking that way as we see showers offshore. notice the north bay we see a shower coming up and more moisture rising up out of the south and they acted as a lifting mechanism. it cools for showers across the
6:55 am
hilltops. it will fill in later today and the lightning bolts offshore. an energetic system tapping into tropical moisture and a strong jet stream firing behind it. that can make for an active mix of weather. that is towards the evening. southern california with flood warnings continuing towards san bernardino. the no level high enough that it is note affecting the grapevine this morning. today's temperatures with 50s in the afternoon. clouds around lunchtime and the rain is filling in for the afternoon moveing for the coast to inland locations. the cold front swings through and we will get a line of embedded showers. thunder in the mix and we finally catch a break thursday into friday in what looks to be a rainy and windy start to the weekend. >> per a lot of us slept through a grit show.
6:56 am
rob's wife woke him up to check out the first lunar eclipse in three years. >> when you go to bed at 6:00 or 7:00, this is time lapse video at west palm beach florida. the moon moves and rotates. it lasted for about 3 1/2 hours. >> i clear up close and personal look at the eclipse. this comes from space biz cast cannot com. that'sing in but black video. ron phillips took this photograph. this is the first lunar eclipse to coincide with the winter solstice since 1738. the wait is not as long for the next one. a stronners say the next time the two things will happen, the eclipse and the winter solstice will be december 21st, 2094. we will look forward to that and get back in 2094.
6:57 am
>> we will. >> and indiana jones. >> that are will do it for this morning. today show is coming up in just a bit. >> thank you for watching and have a great day, everybody. ♪
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