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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 25, 2010 7:00am-8:00am PST

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francisco. you are looking at dozens of voluntee volunteers who are preparing christmas dinner for people in need. we thachk them. we will check in on them later. thanks for joining us. we will check your christmas day forecast right now. good morning. this meteorologist is tracking another powerful storm system to move through the bay area. packing gusty winds, especially at the coast and in the higher terrain. we could see winds as high as 45 miles per hour. heavy rain possible with this storm. an isolated thunderstorm embedded as well. good news, this system is moving quickly. by tonight, it is moving out of our area. a few lingering showers into san francisco. lower terrain, maybe .25 to .75 inches of rain. tomorrow, dryer weather to spread across the bay area.
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thank you, nick. new this morning, we've got a lot of news to tell you about. at least 40 people are dead. 70 others injured after a suicide bomber set off a bomb as a crowd of people waited for food stamps outside an aids center in northwestern pakistan. the woman was wearing a vest loaded with explosives underneath her berk ka. the attack appears to be the first suicide bombing carried out by a woman in pakistan. tsunami warnings in effect for islands off the australian coast. after a magnitude quake struck. the earthquake is shallow and will likely not trigger a tsunami. the warning comes one day before the sixth anniversary of a powerful tsunami that killed 226,000 people. almost 131,000 of those were killed in indonesia on december 26th, 2004.
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68 in malaysia. almost 5400 in thailand. more than 23,000 in sri lanka. a fire in an engine caused a full engine failure after a flight left san francisco for lax. our reporter, traci grant, happened to be on that flight. she said the plane suddenly landed in oakland. she was surprised to hear the pilot say, catastrophic engine failure. >> reporter: it was weird, jessica. we were on the flight. the plane was making a bunch of funny noises. i did notice we appeared to be flying low. suddenly, we just started descending. i thought, there is no way we could be in l.a. by now.
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it has only been 20 minutes. once we landed, the captain came on the loud speaker and said, oh, we have now landed in oakland. we have made an emergency landing. a fire, an engine fire, with caused catastrophic engine failure. we had to make an emergency landing and you all have to get off the plane. >> tracy and the other passengers were eventually taken to the terminal where they boarded another southwest plane at 11:00 last night and they all made it safely to los angeles. a south bay man was car jacked by a rifle-toting robber after a rampage. now, the victim is talking to us. telling us how he kept his cool to keep his family alive. they were about to get into the
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ulty ma ultima in the family driveway. the robber told him he wasn't going to hurt the car but drive it for a few blocks. he went inside his home and watched as the carjacker drove off. >> the guy started up the car and then taking off with it, driving down the road, it was kind of hard to watch somebody else drive off with my car. >> they later found out the carjacker had earlier robbed a men's warehouse and tried to rob someone at the clothing store inside valley square mall. they are still looking fort robber as well as the ultima, which is pearl white in color. keep an eye out for a circular red, white, and blue sticker on the back left rear window. a drunk driving arrest is presented a bump in the road for a well-known councilman from oakland. we are going to take a look live at it. chp officers are out in force. they are calling it part of their christmas maximum period
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to keep roads safe. we mentioned a drunk driving arrest. he faces a misdemeanor dui charge after being arrested at the fruitvale exit on 580. a chp officer says he was drifting between lanes and going 80 in a 65-mile-an-hour zone thursday night. police say it has nothing to do with his position. >> not so much of who he is but because of the circumstances of the stop, it was a misdemeanor charge. he had good identification. there were no outstanding warrants for his arrest e was ve very cooperative. the violations ceased when we contacted him. >> we are told he submitted to a blood test and was released with a temporary driver's license. if you are planning to drink, make sure to have a designated driver. we will be stepping up enforcement against suspected drunk drivers during the holidays. the annual crackdown is known as avoid the 21.
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the number of police agencies that take part throughout the state, you can expect dui check points and increased patrols through january 2nd. santa is delivering free parking through parts of san francisco. meters will be shut off. drivers don't have to carry around spare change. residential permit parking, commuter lanes and street sweeping rules will not be in force. the port will be the only part of san francisco where motorists have to feed meters tomorrow. muni will run their sunday schedule today. service starts at 8:00 a.m. instead of 6:00 a.m. zvmt. >> county bus drivers will pay more for rides. riders who pay fares with three types of discount packages and charges will be charged 25% more in central contra costa county. the three types of discount passes with the price spike include the east bay value pass, the 12-ride punch pass and the 20-ride commuter card. just in time for christmas,
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a merry ending to a dog abuse case in oakland. this morning, clint and kevin are back with their family. the dogs ran off last thursday after a door was left open. one day later, an oakland police officer said he found kevin, shot and beaten. there was no sign of clint. the younger dog wondered into the backyard of a nearby home in the rain and stayed with the family until last night. police are stim lookill looking whoever abused the dog. >> new this morning, an all-nighter of sorts for pope benedict. he is celebrating midnight mass. 50,000 people gathered in st. peter's square to hear the annual sermon. pope benedict prayed for peace. called on personal responsibility as well as the importance of helping others. he also told catholics in china to courageously face limits on freedom. at midnight, the pope walked
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down the aisle of st. peter's basilica at the start and end of the mass along with stopping several times to bless babies held up to him. during the same services in 2008 and 2009, a woman lunged at the pope. those attacks as well as two bombing at the embassy has put the vatican on high-security alert including metal detectors checks, extra police and inspection of bags and bag packs. bombs exploded thursday in rome injuring two people. while you were sleeping, the rest of the world has been waking up to celebrate christmas morning. american troops at bagram air base celebrated with a visit from santa and they will treat christmas as other days with military patrol. they prayed for peace and hope that this will be the last time u.s. troops observe christmas in
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iraq. in china, more than 200 christians attended morning mass in south cathedral, the oldest building in beijing. it was held in english and give bin chinese and foreign priests. >> some travelers in brussels are waking up in airport chairs this morning after a snowstorm dumped nearly 10 inches of snow, caused flight delays and cancellations. the red cross is working to bring in beds for hundreds of people who are left stranded. as you can see, in australia, it is a nice day at the beach christmas morning. thousands of people hit australia's most famous beach every year to celebrate. before mid-afternoon, the beach was packed with sun bathers, many wearing festive costumes. who needs a white christmas, when you can have a beach christmas? >> a bay area pilot gets his wings clipped. the secrets he is accused of exposing on line coming up.
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>> how a bay area coach could have a career as a rapper after he is let go by the team. before we go, a quick shot. live pictures there. it is christmas day. december 25th here in the bay area. we hope you are having a very good one. we will be back with more right after the break.
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any new this morning, a dutch prosecutor says 12 somalis are under arrest. they searched for them but have not found weapons or explosives. prosecutors have not given any information about the intended target of the attack. we all go through security at the airport. even pilots and the flight crew. one bay area pilot said not everyone is screutinized. we have the latest from san francisco. >> it is just smoke and mirrors. >> reporter: you are watching youtube video shot by a pilot. it shows what the pilot calls the only barrier to secure areas for ground personnel, while most everyone else goes through the metal detectors. >> as you can see, there is only a card slide and one door. this is a joke about airport security. >> reporter: we are keeping the
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sacramento pilot's identity secret. he posted this video a little over a month ago. >> it is scary. anyone could come in and bring in whatever they think. it should be pretty equal all the way around. >> now, the pilot is under investigation. this may have violated regulations concerning disclosure of sensitive information. >> he doesn't believe he has violated the spirit or the letter of the law in stating the obvious. >> we spoke to the pilot's attorney over skype. >> he simply posted a video that angered tsa. so their response was extremely over the top. >> reporter: federal agents and two deputies showed up at the pilots home seen in this video. con figure skating the government-issued handgun and concealed weapons handgun. >> he is not the story here. the story is why isn't tsa doing adequate job in protecting us.
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this morning, top military leaders are praising the warnings about insulated mugs. they say it is an example of federal leaders anticipating tactics. they could use the cups to conceal explosives. homeland security leaders say while there is a lot of chatter on line about potential terror attacks, no specific threats have surfaced. coming up on "today in the bay," from the silver screen to the garage, we have a holiday relic from a christmas classic just ahead. we are going to take a live look now inside glide memorial where volunteers are doing their best to make sure everyone gets fed. we wish them a merry christmas. our photographer, josh kepple, up early. merry christmas to you and your family. we will be back with more news after this he can bra.
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back to "today in the bay." let's check your forecast. good morning. tracking another powerful storm system to move through the bay area. this cold front is packing winds gusting to 45 miles per hour at the coast. windy conditions, baywide with 15 to 25-mile-an-hour winds. it could get heavy at times. tonight, the system is moving out. aside from mountain snow, we are looking at dry conditions for the latter half of your weekend. here is a look oat our computer model. rain spreading, heavy at times for the midday into the south bay.
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an isolated thunderstorm is possible with this system with those downpours. the winds abate and by tomorrow, we are looking for a few sprinkles to linger, especially in the north bay. a mixture of sun and clouds to finish off the holiday weekend. how much rainfall, you ask? it looks like the high terrain could see upwards of an inch and a half. some spots, maybe two inches as this system moves through. between with the .25 and .75 as we look at the inland valleys. from morgan hill to san jose at 59. 57, palo alto. winds very gusty along the peninsula in san mateo. half moon bay, we will see strong wind gusts throughout the midday hours. the winds will die down tonight. 53. 56, kentfield, bodega bay, watch out for the high surf with those gusty winds. here is a look at the extended forecast.
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this bears drawing out somewhat. tomorrow, a couple isolated showers lingering across the north bay. we have got rain on the graphic here for monday and tuesday. it is going to be very scattered and mainly for the northern parts of the bay area. i think, for most of us, monday and tuesday will be dry. temperatures rebounding just a bit with 50s to near 60 degrees. overnight lows will take a dip towards the end of the week with clear skies with lows getting down into the mid-30s. wednesday, that's another storm that bears watching. this could pack another powerful punch with strong winds and heavy rains but by thursday and friday, high pressure is rebuilding across the area. aside from some inland fog which could be a little slow to burn off, plenty of afternoon sunshine with highs approaching 60 degrees. >> thank you very much. watching "it's a wonderful life" is a christmas tradition. now, one devoted fan will never see the movie the same way. keith smith restores old cars. 20 years ago, he took a job
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restoring the 1919 dodge that jimmy stewart crashes into a tree in the movie. he fell in love with the car. recently, he found it went up for sale. >> it became available and we bought it. >> smith wanted the car shipped to his colorado home last week but weather pushed the delivery date to a more appropriate day, the day before christmas. you may notice the change of scenery around here. this is our temporary home. we have a new set being assembled in the studio just a few feet away. we will be in our new place in a couple of weeks. we will also be back with more on "today in the bay." stay with us. mike singletary's talent just ahead. a very good morning to you. in lorne scott. what do you give the men who
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have everything, the bay area sports team, a special gift for each of them we would like to pass along. that and more coming up in sports. >> about wf he had to break, we are going to head outside to the golden gate bridge. very little traffic. christmas morning. 7:22. we will be back with more news. stay with us. verizon 4glte.
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bay area sports teams bring us happiness and sometimes a little torture. if we could give one gift to our bay area sports teams, this is what we think it should be. >> a very good morning to you. you know, they bring us so much joy. now, it is time for us to give
7:25 am
back. if we could give just one gift to our bay area sports teams, this is what we think it should be. >> here, in this season of giving everything we think we know what our bay air kra teams could use. the niners, organizational stability and in the board room, money needs to be shaken. perhaps the three wise men have proved that building a ballpark people enjoy flocking to. >> as for the a's, you have to get them some spring-loaded bats. the young staff has potential to do damage. >> for the sharks, a nice gift would be a goaltender that gets hot in the goal seaton. hopefully his name is antero or anti. raiders needless blackouts in the black hole. one last thing about the 49ers, don't feel too bad for
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the embattled head coach. he knew what he was getting into. no one will take away the fact he is a hall of fame player, a solid man and a killer motivational career with perhaps a happen career ahead of him. check it out. get coached with mike singletary. it's almost like a super bowl show. let's hope to see another one like this in 2011. the giants world series win was such a great present. we would love to see it again next year. wouldn't that be nice? really, orange is the new primary color in fall around these parts, leaving us with winter dreams of what's yet to come in our bay area sports teams. >> what a fun year it was? >> thank you all so very much for all of your viewership and being part of what was a great year. that's a look at sports. have yourself a great day!
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>> thank you very much. much more ahead today on "today in the bay." coming up next, at 7:30. do you fear the flash? there is an app for that. promising that you will never get caught by another camera again. a wall to wall christmas prank that you have got to see. it is going viral. we are going to be back in two minutes. save $523! 16 minutes could save you 16%!
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welcome back. we are coming up at 7:30. you are looking live at people at glide memorial church who are taking their christmas morning to pack up food for those
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without. live, josh kepple spending part of his morning with camera in hand showing us the live shot of the people doing well. we wish them all a merry christmas and thank them for what they are doing this morning. we thank you for joining us. we are going to check your holiday forecast. good morning to you. looking at another strong powerful storm system moving through the bay area, this cold front spreading in. heavy rain from north to south. maybe even an isolated thundershower embedded as well. winds gusty, especially at the coast and in the higher terrain. we could see winds to 45 miles per hour or better. by tomorrow, this storm is history. we are looking for a few lingering showers in the north bay. otherwise, dry. thank you very much. a satellite launch by the indian space research organization exploded just hours ago shortly after it took off. officials said a technical
7:31 am
problem during the first stage of the launch caused it to fail. it would have ensured access to telecom, television and weather services after another satellite retired. cat train wants to remind everyone that its fairs go up by january. a one-way ticket between san jose to san francisco will increase from $7.75 to $8.50. it is cutting two northbound and southbound trains. about 38,000 people use their trains to get up and down the peninsula every day. if you are hitting the road, you will probably notice the highest gas price in more than two years. the average price, $3.20. that's up since 2008. gas prices have been creeping up. we are more than halfway back to the peak price of $4.50 we paid back during the summer of 2008. prices at the pump might be going up.
7:32 am
your natural gas bill may be going down. energy experts say natural gas rates are about 15% lower than this time last year. that means the average consumer could see their bill drop bye-b by about $17 through february. electric customers could save money this year. half the electricity is made by natural gas. lower gas prices translates into lower electricity prices. some of you who want to file your taxes early may have to wait. they will have to wait until mid-february to file. those who claim itemized deductions on schedule "a." deductions for tuition and fees, other education credits and the educator expense deduction, will see delays in filing. the reason is the compromised tax bill signed by the president last week. tax breaks included in the bill have to be programmed into the irs systems. we are told that will take extra time. the check won't be in the mail
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too much longer for social security recipients. the government says it plans to stop cutting social security paper checks. anyone that applies after may 1st will get paid electronically. the existing recipients will have to switch to direct deposit. they say the move will save the agency $1 billion over the next ten years. your post cereal could be less sweet starting next month. they will reduce the sugar content from 11 grams to 9 grams of sugar and cocoa pebbles. they will certify both cereals at gluten free at the time. what do you get the roommate that has everything? his own stuff. we will show the you the holiday prank going viral. mark zuckerberg may be getting top honors.
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he is being being named person of the year. never get caught by a red light camera again. we have the trick coming up in two minutes. >> hello. my name is corporal corpus. we would like to say happy holidays to my mom, dad and my brother and sister in california and we would like to wish you happy holidays. >> happy holidays! the next, you start one feeling bit off.fine. the moment you feel run down or achy, nip flu-like symptoms in the bud, with oscillococcinum. get oscillo and feel like yourself again. oscillococcinum, nip it in the bud.
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welcome back, it is 7:36 on this christmas morning. you are looking live at some cloudy skies. our meteorologist, nick o'kelly says today is likely to be wet and very stormy. it is a mistake that can cause you hundreds of dollars, getting caught blowing through a intersection equipped with a red light camera. wouldn't it be great if there was someone to warn you about
7:37 am
those red light intersections. garvin thomas shows us that there is, sort of. >> reporter: this is a two-minute story about a split-second decision, as in the split-second it takes to go from yellow to red. do you slow down? do you speed up? is that a red light camera? you are on your own for the first two. that last one, perhaps now your phone can help. in just a few minutes of searching, we came up with at least half a dozen smart phone applications that promise to save you a ticket by warning you of intersections with red light cameras installed, which brings up two questions, one, do they work and, two, are they a good idea. >> photojournalist, alex bozovic took a few out for a spin. they work the same way, tapping into your phone's gps to slow your location as well as where the red light cameras are. all offer the option of an audio alert if you got close to a red
7:38 am
light camera also. you could con figure the app to alert you to other things as well. speed traps, school zones and even railroad crossings. but most importantly, did they know where the red light cameras were? for the most part, yes. only once did our phone warn us about a red light camera that wasn't there, which is a good place to stop and discuss the biggest draw back of these apps. the distraction. when you get an alert, you often have to study the map to figure out just which intersection near you has the camera. then, of course, you can't help but look to see if it was right. all that is time spent not looking at the road. >> distracted driving overall accounts for about 20% of all fatalities nationwide. it takes many forms. this would be another form of that. >> themakers of these apps
7:39 am
disagree. they say they cause the driver to pay more attention to the road and intersections ahead making everybody safer. of course, there is an even easier way to keep everyone safe and avoid a ticket. just stop. >> stop, you don't have to worry. i haven't gotten caught. i haven't run any. >> garvin thomas, "today in the bay." thank you. for those of you out driving and planning on maybe getting some shopping done, most bay area stores are closed today. leave the car at home. the stores are always open online. christmas day could be one of the busiest online shopping days of the year. people who get tech gadgets and e-readers will hop online to get other gadgets to go with those. they far exceeded expectations with something like 8 million sold so far. sticking with technology, mark zuckerberg may be getting
7:40 am
top honors. another bay area tech times is getting an award. they are giving it to steve jobs of apple. they remarked on his bounceback from the company's low point in the '90s. no one quite wows the crowd like the apple ceo. still ahead on "today in the bay," christmas cleanup. a week of rain across southern california. we are going to take you live to take a shot of christmas in the park. that is san jose. we will take a look at your weekend weather which is expected to be wet as well.
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welcome back. time now coming up on 7:43. many people in southern california are spending christmas digging out from mud and storm damage. laguna beach, a massive cleanup us underway after the record-setting storm wiped out the beach and left 20 homes and nearly 50 businesses covered in mud and debris. dozens of people are taking refuges in local hotels, which, in the spirit of the season, are not charging flood victims for their stay. we go to europe where thousands of last-minute travelers are finding it nearly impossible to get home for the holidays. already dealing with days of backlogged flights. holiday travelers are sleeping swroefr night in airporovernigh london and belgium. sea turtles are being rescued after a cold front dropped the temperature of the
7:44 am
water and compremizomised the turtle's immune system. let's check our own holiday forecast in the bay area with meteorologist, nick o'kelly. good morning. tracking another powerful storm system. this cold front is packing winds gusting to 45 miles per hour at the coast. we see windy conditions baywide. 15 to 20-mile-an-hour winds. the rain could be heavy spreading from north to south. by tomorrow, the system is moving out. aside from mountain snow, we are looking at dry conditions for the latter half of the weekend. we will put this through the motions in the morning hours. rain spreading heavy at times through the midday into the south bay. isolated thundershower is possible with downpours. the winds abate and by tomorrow, we are looking for a few
7:45 am
sprinkles to linger, especially in the north bay. a mixture of sun and clouds have finished off the holiday weekend. how much rain, you ask? the santa cruz mountains could see upwards of 1.5 inches to 2 inches, between .25 and .75 for the inland bay and inland valleys. readings only in the mid to upper 50s from morgan hill to san jose. 57, palo alto. 55 pacifica and 55, alame da. red bowood city and half moon b. the winds will die down by tonight. 53 this vaf noon. 56, kentfield. bodega bay, watch out for the high surf that will be running with the rather gusty winds. here is a look at the extended forecast. tomorrow, a couple isolated showers lingering, especially across the north bay. we have rain on the graphic for
7:46 am
monday and tuesday. mainly for the northern parts of the bay area. for most of us, monday and tuesday will be dry. temperatures rebounding with 50s to near 60s. overnight lows will take a dip toward the end of the week with clear skies and lows getting down into the mid-30s. wednesday, that's another storm that bears watching. this could pack another powerful punch with strong winds and heavy rains. by thursday and friday, high pressure is rebuilding across the area. aside from some inland fog, which could be a little slow to burn off. look for plenty of afternoon sunshine with highs approaching 60 degrees. # . > thank you, nick. new this morning, tsunami warnings in effect for islands off the australian coast after a magnitude 7.7 quake struck. the earthquake was shallow and may not trigger a tsunami. the warning comes one day before the sixth anniversary of the powerful tsunami that killed
7:47 am
226,000 people in and around indonesia. almost 131,000 people were killed in indonesia alone on december 26th of 2004. 68 in malaysia. almost 5400 in thailand. more than 23,000 in slee long ka. the movies hitting the theaters in time for the holidays. >> he is very tough to shop for. he is very picky. he tends to buy him everything he wants. we wanted to make sure we got him something he would like. >> which was? >> his own stuff. >> we have the back story of a huge christmas prank turned viral, which, by the way, the roommate doesn't know about yet. stay tuned. good morning, happy holidays. i'm mike inouye. i'm here with your christmas commute. b.a.r.t. is rung on a sunday schedule during the day. if you are planning on rooting the wear yors on, b.a.r.t. has you covered.
7:48 am
it will run longer trains. check out the b.a.r.t. quick planner at caltrans is running on their sunday schedule operating 28 trains between san francisco and san jose. still, more information on that. caltrain's schedule is available. call 800-660-4287. that's what's going on for your christmas day commute. have yourself a very, merry day!
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7:50 am
welcome back to "today in the bay." it is 7:50. you are looking live at glide
7:51 am
memorial. those are volunteers helping to make sure that some of the needy have a little extra food today and we thank them for getting up early on this christmas morning to make things a little brighter for some of the people here in the bay area. we wish them a very merry christmas! back here in the studio after the presents are hope and the stockings are empty, you might want to head to the movies. raphael shows us new films in theaters this weekend. gobble-gobble, everybody. it is turkey time. >> reporter: spend the holidays with the focker family. the struggle between ben stiller and robert de niro to be the man of the house may leave stiller outside the circle of trust. "little falkers" is related pg-13. >> this week, is a gunslinger in
7:52 am
true grit stepping into the role made famous by john wayne, bridges in "true grit." >> a dream asipsment gets him lost at sea and he is a giant among men. gulliver's travels is rated pg. >> gwyneth paltrow is a country music sensation in going strong. her husband, played by tim mcgraw, may have his focus on an up and coming beauty queen. country strong opens in limited theaters and is rated pg-13. that's the box office premier. coming up next on "today in
7:53 am
the bay" -- >> weeks after we rapped, we would hear him yelling from his room. i can't believe you rapped my -- we are going to unwrap a holiday prank turned viral video coming up. i want a robosan 4000. [ mom ] the one no one could get. toy stores are reporting long lines and empty shelves. a robosan 4000. [ mom ] and i mean no one. so i did most of my holiday shopping on citi specials. with the money i saved, i bid online -and got exactly what he wanted. -a robosan 4000! [ television ] introducing the new robosan 5000. [ mom ] at least for now. [ male announcer ] make your happy holiday stories come true with citi specials. what's your story? citi can help you write it.
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welcome back. it is 7:55. here is a question most of us face every year during the holidays. what do you get the person who has everything? two bay area college buddies took it upon themselves to answer that question the most creative way they could. all it took was two friends, two days and two huge roll of wrapping paper. there are good presents. there are bad presents. >> aunt clara had for years labored under the dell collusion that i was not only perpetually four years old but also a girl. >> and then there are those for
7:56 am
whom it is impossible to find the right present, which is exactly what two college buddies were facing trying to figure out what to get their roommate. >> our roommate is a very tough guy to shop for, very picky. he tends to buy himself everything he wants. we wanted to make sure we got him something he would really like. >> which was? >> his own stuff. >> reporter: that was one way to do it. their roommate was out of town for the holidays. they hatched a plan for a memorable christmas gift. we began the project with wrapping his scarfs. he is a big fan. we started out by wrapping those. then, with he slowly expanded wrapping his bedding. we got into his drawers and made sure we wrapped every pair have o h of his socks. he had every single pen and pencil. we wanted to make sure we didn't miss that. >> the hardest pot? >> the globe. a lot of tucking and folding going on. rather hard to wrap a round object with wrapping paper.
7:57 am
>> reporter: they wrapped almost everything. >> we are both not big fans of spiders. so we didn't touch the tar an tu la. we didn't wrap that. >> reporter: for ten hours, over two days, they wrapped. even getting friends moo the mix. then, the payoff. the roommate returned home. >> we set up a live feed and invited a bunch of our friends to watch his reaction as he was walking in. we thought he would be angry but it was he can static bewill derment. >> after we wrapped, we would hear him yelling from his room, i can't believe you wrapped my. he kept finding things we wrapped for him. >> now, the final payoff. the roommate has no idea his stuff is on nbc bay area. >> he has no idea. we are going to let him know when this airs and tell him merry christmas. so, in fact, this truly is the gift that keeps on giving. best $15 i ever spent.
7:58 am
>> all they needed was a lot of wrapping paper. to the roommate, merry christmas. hope you enjoy it for weeks to come. most of us have plenty of people coming over to celebrate the holidays. it likely won't be anything like this family in man teague ga. helen young has 24 grandchildren. 57 great grandchildren and 19 great, great grandchildren. that adds up to exactly 100. that's not even counting her own children. >> the love that you get is so much. >> she probably came up with that originally and then lennon and mccartney stole it from her. there will be no for grandma young by the way. number 101 is expected next summer. merry christmas to her and to all of you. thanks for making us a part of your saturday morning.
7:59 am
we hope to see you back here tonight at 5:00, 6:00, and 11:00. we will be right back here tomorrow morning at 7:00. have a great saturday and a very merry christmas! rich chocolate over creamy coconut. almond joy and mounds. enjoy more.


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