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tv   NBC11 News The Bay Area at 6  NBC  December 25, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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merry christmas. it's just the kind of weather that makes you want to stay inside. plenty of wind and rain as well. people decided to go out and brave the weather a little bit. first we want to go to nick o'kelly for the latest on this christmas day storm. >> merry christmas to everybody. ow did see a very windy storm thr ghhere, it's kind of history now. it's moved off in thetr cen valley. really coming down for a time in theanta clara va.eyll we'lhaeyve a look at rainflai totals. still got then rai and snow in w the sis,erran aheerre'sr winte weweror aisdvy in effect if you're heading up toward lake tahoe. the bay area is turning into scattered showers. rainfall totals look like this, almost 1.2 inches. just under three quarters of an inch, these totals add up to a fewis inches.
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15/100 of an inch in san jose. your complete seven-day forecast coming your way in a few minutes. >> thank you, nick. let's get to kimberly terry in san francisco, where the rain is drying up a little bit. hello, kimberly. >> hello, diane, you're exactly right. the rain has lightened up. it's not raining at all. we're seeing a lot less umbrellas. people bundled up as they walk around fisherman's wharf here. there are some stores open, catering to tourists, really enjoying the sights. we saw a large crowd at pier 39 early they are evening. the ice rink is closed since it's so wet. which disappointed some families looking to take their children skating. >> walking around, feeling the rain. we hadn't seen the christmas tree in union square. we wanted to see that, thought maybe the ice skating would be
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going, that's not going today. we're going walk around and enjoy the day. >> i love the rain. i can see the rain all day. >> reporter: so far, no major reports any delays out of the bay area airports. there are slight delays from sfo to atlanta, other than that, it is pretty smooth out there as far as air traffic goes. live in san francisco, kimberly terry, nbc bay area news. >> thank you kimberly. >> people in southern california are cleaning up after several days of heavy rains and mudslides. it's not over yet down there. people are bracing because more rain is on the way. new homes in san bernardino county were hard hit. >> this is probably just about the worst i've seen for a specific area being inundated with debris and mud. >> nine counties have declared states of emergency. and early damage estimates are in the tens of millions of dollars. one person died last night, and
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another in critical condition after somehow falling into the bay. police responded to a call about two people in the water off oyster point yesterday afternoon. officers were reportedly on the scene within minutes, pulling her out of the water and starting cpr. police aren't sure how the two ended up in the water in the first place. a man who had a fright thing encounter with armed thieves spoke to nbc bay area about what happened. sean o o'halleren saw a man standing in the dark right near this bush. he saw a rifle and the man ordered him to drop the car keys and reportedly told o'halleren he wasn't going to hurt the car, he just wanted to drive it for a couple blocks. he was able to go back inside his home. he and his mom watched as the driver drove off.
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>> the guy starting up the car, then taking off with it, driving down the road, it was kind of hard to watch somebody else drive off with my car. >> they called 911, of course, and later learned the gunman had earlier robbed a men's warehouse and tried to rob someone at the club monday co clothing store. police are still looking for the robber as well as the car. bonnie o'halleren says the car has a sticker on the back left rear window. just in time for christmas, a happy ending to a terrible dog abuse case in oakland. clint and kevin are back with their family. the two dogs ran off thursday. one day later an oakland police officer found kevin beaten and shot with a pellet gun. there was no sign of clint until last night. the owner says he wandered into a nearby backyard, that is is the dog. that family took him in, gave him a bath before tracking down
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the owner. now both dogs are back home. >> i feel relief, but it's -- we've just been through so much and just to have both of our boys home now is a great relief and last night we all fell asleep on the couch together. >> kevin the dog is expected to make a full recovery. coming up next at 6:00, the fire trucks came to the rescue just in time for christmas. we'll explain the amazing last minute turnaround for one bay area charity and happy kids. it's christmas weekend at the box office. we'll show you the movies hitting theaters just in time for the big weekend. a unique way you can give back to bay area nonprofits and clean house at the same time. i want to give a shout out to my son in california, love you, miss you, and see you soon.
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san jose looking at relatively dry weather. still dealing with stronger th. through. complete forecast is coming up in a few minutes. co
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fire trucks filled with toys delivered a very merry christmas to thousands of children in san francisco this morning. take a look at them. all the toys, the firefighter's annual toy drive was facing a major shortfall just this week. thousands of people held a drive all day yesterday and into the wee hours this morning. the hall added up to nearly 15,000 toys, 5,000 more than their target goal.
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very nice. san francisco's bleigh memorial church has its busiest day of the year. organizers say more than 500 volunteers stepped in to feed the homeless today. many were behind the scenes in the kitchen chopping, carving and dancing to the holiday music. some of those volunteers know firsthand what it means to get off the streets for a few minutes to enjoy a hot meal. >> it's invaluable for those that really need it, you know. and to me, when i came, i really was hungry, so i wanted to eat, it's very valuable to people out there that don't have no food. >> it served more than 5,000 people between 9:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. on this christmas day. the nonprofit with the guidance, of course of cecil and janice, have been helping the poor for 45 years. across town at saint
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anthonys, volunteers had a special gift to hand out along with a christmas meal, a hand knitted scarf. last year the church challenged knitters to knit enough scarves to give every senior a scarf at christmas dinner. the effort went viral through blogs, facebook and e-mail, which meant all 4,000 people who came to today's christmas meal got a scarf and there's some left over for next year as well. he looks happy in his new scarf, very nice. now that the shopping is done and the presents are open, time to head to the move advise, right? a look at what will keep many people entertained this christmas weekend. if you're heading out and about to catch that flick, mainly dry weather, still a few showers out and about. catch up with the complete forecast here in a couple minutes.
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i'm currently stationed in guam by the time you guys get there, i'll already be in iraq, this message goes out to robert, tracy ande lov you love you guys a lot and hope you have a happy holiday. e
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after the presents are opened, many of us head to the movies. >> gobble gobble everybody. >> spend the holidays with the focker family in li'l fockers. the grandparents come to town to celebrate their twin grandson's birthday.
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li'l fockers is rated pg-13. congratulations you graduated from marauder to wet nurse. >> stepping into the role made famous by john wayne, bridges plays a marshall helping the young girl find the man who murdered her father. jack black takes on the biggest role of his career in gulliver's travel travels. he awakes a giant among men on an island. gwyneth paltrow is a country singing sensation in country strong. she plays a former star just out of rehab trying to make a comeback. her husband played by tim mcgraw
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may have his work cut out for him. that's the box office preview. as you're hitting the roads tonight you may notice the highest gas prices in more than two years, the average price of gas is 3.34, that's up about 70% from december of 2008. remember that, when gas fell to about $2 a gallon way back when? that was partly due to the economic downturn. one cab driver says he's definitely noticed the change. >> i fill up the gas, it's $35. in the last three weeks, it's weird, i put up $50, $60. it's too much money. >> of course, we're still from the peak price of gas in the summer of 2008. here's a look at the prices as
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of this morning. san francisco the average is $3.37 for a gallon of unleaded. san jose is 3.31. oakland is 3.30. a sight to see in the sie a sierras. this is the view from tahoe, where skiers and snowboarders received the ultimate gift. some resorts are reporting the best holiday skiing conditions in a long time, including northstar, sierra tahoe and squaw valley along with the rest. sure to be good news for the many people expected to make the trek up there this coming week d. we have this just in, caltrans has just required chains on i-80. grab the chains or at least have four-wheel drive. we're going to check out the conditions up there, we have a lot going on here, don't we? >> we've just seen the stuff
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falling today. wet roads, let's take you to doppler radar, we're zoomed into the south bay, highway 17 corridor where we got heavier pockets of rain lifting toward the north-northeast. the heavy steady stuff is moved into the east into the sierra, where travel on 50 and 80, it's going to be especially difficult above 6,000 feet. by tonight, that snow is going to start to accumulate, maybe a foot and a half of new snow by tomorrow morning. winter weather advicery in effect until 4:00 a.m. showers definitely taper off after that. moisture lifting across the bay area, instability, pockets of heavier rain moving through. that will be the story through the overnight hours and maybe partially into your sunday. the 4rlatter half of your weeke still much, much dryer. we're looking for another wet
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weather system to head our way late monday into tuesday. 35 to 45 mile an hour winds at the coast. wind advisory in effect until the midafternoon hours. here's a look at your computer models showing a couple isolated showers. tomorrow, mainly a dry weather day. when we cover our tails, so to speak, with a chance of a shower too. perhaps around walnut creek. in san jose, a chance for some wet weather tonight and into tomorrow. still showering out there with readings in the mid-40s for los gatos and redwood city. winds relatively light. tomorrow, i think we're just going to call mostly cloudy for the most part. you will see blue excise breaking through from time to time, and also that outside chance for a shower. 56 freemont, 55 alameda.
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57 in san francisco, and 56 in half moon bay. our best chance of rain tomorrow will be across the east bay and north bay. best chance for the wet stuff is tomorrow afternoon. and then by tomorrow night we are drying things out. here's the extended forecast, i think we're mainly dry into monday, and probably most of tuesday. we're going to stick with a rather active weather pattern for the next several days. tuesday into wednesday another round of wind, rain and mountain snow. all those holiday travelers making that trek up to tahoe, a lot more snow on the way this week, and by friday and saturday, i think we will get a couple days of nice dry weather. >> that sounds very nice. >> this is a good christmas forecast. >> no kidding. we'll35htac b wkh ait right
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easy way to give before the end of the year.
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one website is trying to make it a little easier for you to give donations. the community wish list provides pages for more than 90 area organizations that could use just about everything. a lot of the items listed are things that peopl might otherwise throw away. the website is community watching "it's a wonderful life" is a christmas tradition for a lot of people. now one man will never see that
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movie the same again. he took the job of restoring the dodge that jimmy stewart drove and plowed into the tree. smith fell in love with the car, over the years he kept track of it, and recently it went up for sale. >> the rest is history, it became available and we bought it. >> he wanted the car shipped to his colorado home last week, but weather pushed the delivery date to a more appropriate time. that looks like part of the movie right there. that looks almost unreal. pretty fun. lauren scott joins us with a gift list for each of our bay area franchises. there's so many presents we'd love to pass on to our local teams. let's go down the list, you want it to be something they'll use. the warriors should be getting one of their stars back for tonight's showdown against portland at the arena in oakland. with ten teams in five games the stars were out, lebron and the
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heat face the lakers. i wouldeo like to lik t sayy brother luke in california. in the bud, with oscillococcinum. get oscillo and feel like yourself again. oscillococcinum, nip it in the bud.
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part of the fun today an nba quintuple header. the league's top stars, lebron james with his pregame powder show, joining kobe bryant to make this an event at tip-off. the heat really able to neutralize the lakers, feeding dwyane wade and picking up the mess. lebron with a triple double, 11 rebounds and 10 assists. kobe was held to 17 points, and
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the heat taking 96-80, tiger woods grew up a lakers fan. the celtics visiting the magic, late going, jameer nelson with the big three that helps break the tie as orlando pulls away for the win. snapping boston's 14-game win streak. they were jamming out at madison square garden first thing today, the knicks hosting the bulls, amar'e stoudemire rejecting any gifts chicago thought they had coming their way. one-time warrior misses the free throw, the knicks finish off chicago in the fourth enroute to a 103-95 win. the nuggets and thunder playing right now. in the nightcap of the five games tonight, coming up in oakland, the warriors host the trailblazers at the arena. stephan curry is expected to return to action after being sidelined for a couple weeks with an average el injury.
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he says he's about 85% back to normal. the warriors will be glad to have him back on the court, which would be one of the many gifts on this holiday weekend. when it comes to the gifts we think we have something in mind that would be a special gift for each of our local teams, here's what we have in mind. >> we think we know what our bay area teams could really use. let's start with the niners. organizational stability is the best gift. and also in the boardroom, getting a new stadium built. the three wise men have proven they can be the foundation. as for the a's, have you to get them some spring loaded bats. they have the 3esh8 to do some real damage. for the sharks, a nice gift would be a goaltender in the postseason. the warriors have new owners.
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the raiders need less blackouts in the black hole. they owned the division. one last thing about the 49ers, don't feel too bad for the embattled head coach, he knew what he was getting into. no one will take away the fact that he's not a hall of fame player. check it, our gift to you, a scene from the motivational dvd, get coached with mike singlet y singletary. ♪ >> it's almost like a super bowl shuffle. for the big gift we'd all enjoy unwrapping again, let's hope to see another scene like this in 2011. the giants' world series win was such a great presence. kwooed lo we'd love to see it next year. orange is the new primary color in these parts.
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>> what a very fun year it was. tomorrow the niners and raiders go with playoff hopes in key games. >> really important games. it's so fun seeing the parade again, that was an incredible day. >> thank you, lawrence. thanks for choosing the bay area at 6:00, we have tech now coming up next. and no more rain tonight? >> showers tonight, so we get a break tomorrow and monday. >> all right. we'll see you back here tonight at 11:00. coming up.. charge it.. at home. or save your money with new online tools. plus a scary new version of an old videogame..and the cutest


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