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tv   NBC11 News The Bay Area at 6  NBC  December 27, 2010 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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new law to require a large percentage of construction workers on city-funded projects to be san francisco residents. tracy grant is live in san francisco with more on this local hire law and the reaction to it. tracy? >> well, tom, two weeks ago after san mateo county elected officials threatened to declare a toll war, san francisco's board of supervisors backed off of a plan in a congestion pricing plan that would have included a fee for drivers to enter san francisco. but this time, no white flag of surrender will be raised on the local higher ordnance because it has now become laws. says he strives to employ many workers who live in the city if possible. >> it's for selfish reasons. work in the city, somebody lives in the city, the job site is
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more accessible to them. there's no commute. it's less stressful environment for them. it's really difficult. >> but after six years of trying, he says he has managed to have san francisco fill up much more than 10% of his position. >> a lot of them are from san francisco, but no longer live in san francisco. and they no longer live in san francisco because of the high cost of living. >> despite those arguments, the san francisco board of supervisors passed a local ordnance to have 20% of the jobs to the resident. it will increase in 2017. many complain the city has lost its middle class because of a lack of industrial jobs. >> wouldn't it be great if something like local hire made it attractive for families to come back and say, i yao know, i would love to come back to san francisco. >> the light rail project they view as the turning point in the
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local hire campaign. >> there weren't a lot of san franciscos working on it. a lot of frustration from people in the community where there's a lot of joblessness. >> they repeatedly back bond measures to improve the city and be rewarded for it. but he's still wary. >> it seems to me to be unjust and unmanageable. >> san francisco mayor gavin newsom wrote a letter echoing some of the same concerns of the san mateo county elected officials in reaching reciprocity agreements in neighbors in some of the neighboring jurisdictions. he didn't veto it. but he refused to sign it, which has no impact on the legislation. now, local hire will go into effect sometime next year. live in san francisco, tracy grant, bay area news. all right, tracy, thank you. it could take days for airports to dig out of the backlog of some passengers stranded after
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this weekend's big storm. delays as long as three hours. snow piledp in the big apple caused delay there is and forced airports to cancel flights across the country, including here in the bay area. team coverage in it tonight. rob mieta is causing the backup. but elise kirchner joins us live from sfo where the terminals are packed with people still some of them stranded for days now. elise? >> this is not how travelers planned on spending the holiday. inside hundreds in sfo. this is day two of dealing with cancellations. travelers are definitely trying to catch a flight pack east. some even waited on the phone for ten hours or more just to reach an airline representative. today, a low 35 departing flights and 20 arriving flights in san francisco international airport were all cancelled due
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to bad weather back east. most of those flights were to and from jfk and newark airports, one man home for the holidays told us he can't get back to philadelphia until thursday. >> they can get me out of here on a thursday morning at 6:05 for the connection in to chicago and philadelphia, home at 4:35 p.m. >> i guess it's par for the course this time of the year been traveling for 25 years. it's happening extensively. which is not a good week for it to happen this week. >> and that's, of course, because of the unfortunate combination of the people traveling this week and all of the bad weather back east. airport officials tell me that airport travel here during the holidays is actually up 4% compared to last year. live at sfo, elise kirchner, nbc news. >> not much fun to send time in the airport. it's not over yet. meteorologist rob maeta is tracking the storm right now, rob. still watching the lingering
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effects of an incredibly powerful nor'easter moving away from the coast. the low is a lot of warning there to explain it's one of the strongest nor'easters on record, deep low pressure. you can see it curling away from the coast. but still, seeing a few snow showers, mainly out to cape c.o.d. but the snow total is incredible. downtown, new york, seeing almost two feet of snow. central park, two feet in a few spots. and new jersey, three feet of snow. now, good news, looking forward to tomorrow night, the wind should back off. gametime temperatures for tuesday night football here in nbc. close to 30 degrees. a bit of a windshield factor tomorrow night. the biggest storm in the next 24 hours believe it or not is going to be aiming it on the bay area. you saw the sunset you saw moments ago in san francisco. the outer fringe of a large storm that's going pack a lot of rain, gusty winds, and several feet of snow for the sierra. the system aims on us coming up in the full forecast in a few minutes.
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>> the weather was so bad in philadelphia, sunday night's football game had to be cancelled because of the weather. the game is now scheduled tomorrow night and you can watch it on the nbc bay area. and here's a look at the bay area. nightly news at 4:00. nbc news at 4:30. the minnesota vikings at 5:00. then it's sports sunday primetime, even though we know it's tuesday, followed by more local news at 9:00. well, oakland police say it could be weeks before they know how a 40-year-old waitress was killed. jill marie abbott's body was found at the entrance of a bike trail off of skyline boulevard in oakland on friday. the autopsy tests were inconclusive. abbott was the second woman found slain in oakland last week. they don't believe the death is connected to the stabbing of fresno resident jasmine jordan. her body was found three hours away on a jetty near harbor bay parkway.
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a house fire explains they life of an eltd lderly man. the fire department was called to the house. it took 15 minutes to extinguish the blaise. firefighters then found the body inside. there's no word on what caused the fire. the man lived alone in that house. well, he sent nearly two full seasons as the 49ers head coach. a half season more before that as the interim head coach. but mike singletary's days with the niners are now over. we've got several angles to the story tonight. and laurence scott joins us with the latest. this does not come as anybody's surprise tonight, lawrence? >> no surprise at all. the team president pulled the plug on the singletary regime on the plane ride home from st. louis last night. another difficult and embarrassing loss, just too much to stomach. double-digit losses in a season that the nibe erniners should h the division. 5 and 10, miss the playoffs for the eighth straight season.
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new york is getting straight to a tried and true solution. going to hire a general manager who will be part of the process of hiring a new coach for a new team philosophy. new york turning to people who know how to get things done. >> what did you think? >> the general managers around the league know more than you do. >> like my uncle who won five super bowls. the other folks like the krafts and folks like that who have built championship teams. >> the krafts own the new england patriots and three super bowl trophies of their own. as they start interviewing gm candidate this is week, niner fans putting their own thoughts out there. few expected this kind of melt down this season. >> we all knew it was coming. we like him as a head coach. a great motivator. we did it before the last game. could have waited that out. >> didn't want to get to the playoffs, honestly.
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because i got into the playoffs, they might have gave him another chance. we got to the playoffs, look at him now. i'm glad they didn't make it. >> coming up, who's taking over for singletary in the short term. plus, why this gm search is so critical right now. all right, lawrence scott, thank you very much. >> thank you. for many of us, the holiday buying season is over. but this week, it's one of the busiest for car dealers. nbc bay area kimberly terry reports there are people showing up in show rooms looking for deals on wheels. most of us are slowing down, car dealers are shifting to gear for one of the biggest sales times of the year. >> in out, in out, like a hamburger place. >> like black friday for the auto industry. >> the customers have the time off, the advertisers have all of
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it running. it's a massive weekend. >> car makers are rolling out deals. consumers can find rebates and downpayment assistance. >> the dealerships are willing to squeeze a little tighter to get the cars off of the lot and clear the inventory for the new year. this is not the first time that i bought a car toward the end of the year. >> that's what we came in for. get a better deal and replace an old car that's not working as well. >> edmund' and autoshop indicates it will reach the highest level of the year -- good news for car dealers who have had to cope with a few years of sluggish sales in this down economy. >> a grind of a year, but pretty good year. things are getting better and it would be nice to finish the year strong and we think that's going to happen. >> it's the more we sell, the more we buy. >> nbc, bay area news. still ahead tonight, a big deadline approaches for new
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grads struggling to find jobs. what many are doing to keep one the student loans. plus, it's the fruit cake of from storms yhe cards from sto never viz si work for you.
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they hope larry brown can make the grade when it comes to dealing with the state's $20 million deficit. add current tuition at uc schools which is up 8% from this time a year ago. the recent hike because of the system's pension bill. but if the uc reap gents do not get the $450 million sacramento stripped from the system this year, schools will see budget cuts or another tuition hike. the six-month student loan grace period has ended for many 2010
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graduates, so what do those who are unemployed or unable to make the payments on their loans do? the difficult road ahead. all smiles in graduation in the temple university in 2010. a picture perfect moment for the graduate and her proud family and friends. but six months later, reality is setting in. the grace period for her college loans is up. >> overall, this number is so big, it's over $100,000. >> $101,353.63 to be exact. sydney's monthly college loan payments, a whopping $1,035 and change due now. >> i don't have $1,000 to pay a month. i just don't have it. >> she admits she's scared. she's working two jobs. she has no car and has no health insurance at the moment. she says she wants to pay back her loans and did call her
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lender to see if she could lower her monthly payment. >> they told me different options but the options are like, who can afford that. it's not just me. i have so many friends who are all in the same boat. >> friends like 23-year-old christina leon who is set to graduate this coming may after six years of temple. christina works two jobs to pay to go to school part time. she found out her college loans are delinquent. she thought it was a big mistake. it wasn't. >> they exmained to me i'm less than halftime, i don't get a grace period and my payments start already. my first payment was due december 4. >> christina was able to get a one-year deferment. but she had to pay the interest on her loan, which is approximately $100 starting immediately. >> i'm barely getting by with my two jobs. with tuition so this is going to mean i'm going have to pick up an extra shift and hopefully be able to balance my school work
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working. >> wireless providers over so-called bill shock. the federal communications commission finds one in six cell phone users has been hit with outrageous roaming charges. even steve wazniak said he was shocked after getting a $7,000 bill while he was in germany last year. the fcc is imposing rules to send customers voice and text messages when they're about to exceed their limits or to be hit with unforeseen charges. starting january 1, there is going to be a cap on what insurance companies can charge for children with pre-existing conditions in california. the federal health care bill states that children cannot be denied insurance coverage because of pre-existing conditions. but the federal law does not put limits on what insurance companies can charge for the coverage. california intends to cap the
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amount insurers can charge at twice the rate they charge healthy children. and companies will have to spend a larger proportion of premium dollars on health care rather than administration. well, use it or lose it time if you have a flexible spending account. fsa as they're known allows you to use pre-tax dollars for health care costs. you have until december 31 to spend the money set aside or your employer plans to keep it. >> now would be the time to buy bandages and band aids and adhesives or eyeglasses or contact lenses all over-the-counter. medication, tylenol, bayer aspirin, things like that, which people used to be able to buy on a pre-tax basis. they will no longer be able to do so. >> changes in the law for 2011
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mean the over-the-counter drugs will not be an eligible expense without a prescription. that starts january 1. on average, americans leave $85 in their accounts losing that money. to avoid this, experts suggest front loading your 2011 expense ifs you can. you were given a gift card this holiday season, chances are. the perfect stocking stuffer tops the list for almost half of all americans. what do you do when you get a card to a store you never visit. as bay area marla tayez reports, you will have plenty of options to spare you and the car. >> i think it's an easier way out. shame on me. i do it, though. >> like so many people this holiday season, kimberly torres of san jose gave and received the one plastic that's so easy to get. that shiny little gift card. >> never see it -- always got something that was good that i used. >> what if you don't have a use for it? you can make the most of an unwanted gift card by considering several options.
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why not sell it to a friend for cash or just swap cards? you can always regift it, donate it to a favorite cause, or use it to buy someone else a present. >> it's how i did all of my shopping. i don't have to go and look around the stores and fight the crowds. >> thanks to new federal rules, gift cards are even more convenient these days. limitations must be printed somewhere on the card, usually on the back. secondly, the money on your card will be good for at least five years from the date the card is purchased. if the card does have an expiration date, you can use unspent money left on the card even after it expires. don't forget about using it on-line. if you lose your card or if it's stolen, some stores offer a replacement if you have a proof of purchase, this includes target stores. so it's a good idea to hang on to that receipt. reporting in san jose, marla fay tay yes, nbc bay area news. >> gift cards equal big business.
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listen to this statistic. according to one consulting firm, the industry takes in $88 billion a yearen and as much as $30 billion of it never gets used. so the moral here is use it or lose it. holiday retail sales were way up on hooin too. initial estimates are that sales jumped 15%. retailers are hoping to cash in on the postholiday return season with some special sales to get shoppers to spend even more. official estimates will not be out until later next week, but the national retail federation has had to revise the holiday sales upward, which is good news, i guess. upward is now in the clouds. rain. >> rain totals. snow totals. up for tomorrow. the storm rolling in this time tomorrow. today, not all that bad. the clouds filling in during the afternoon. 57 for a high in san jose. 56 in san ramon. and los gatos can calling in with 58 degrees.
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generally no matter where you were around the bay area, despite the fact we had fog and patchy clouds to wake up to, tomorrow's temperatures running in the same category. maybe a little cooler in a few spots as the rain starts to fly. right now, it's jacket weather. don't need the umbrella just yet. 40s and 50s where i think we'll see patchy fog setting up for tomorrow morning. right now, in terms of the winds, there's not a lot out there. but by tomorrow, we will see southerly winds picking up from 15 to 30 miles per hour. so the weather headlines for you. things are going to make a downward turn in terms of the evening commute as the rain starts to fly. some of it may come in sideways thankses to the gusty winds. the rain totals, you'll see 2 to 4 inches of rain. so a good soaker coming in, a lot like the system we saw on christmas day saturday. but this time, parts of the inner bay will see more rain than we had this weekend. right now, the only showers i can find for you up in the north bay in highway 101 and santa
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ro rosa, offshore, the clouds are rolling in. the main event with this storm, 24 hours away. one-two punch of wind and rain and several feet of snow coming in. the timeline on the system and how long you need the umbrella in the full forecast coming up in the next half-hour. back to you. >> thank you. coming up, kicking bad laws off of the books. how you can help california get rid of laws that don't make sense. if you don't want to break any laws, you need to know what they are first. i'm marianne fargv. and i'll tell you about the new laws that take effect this saturday. plus, a lesson in living. the ho t tk to ic e.1-ye-old who took to t e.
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>> for a man who spent his entire life as a fisherman, it seems natural he should be doing the thing he loves most on his
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101st birthday. a day spent fishing, the old saying goes, is a day not subtracted from a man's life. kermit whisking. >> put my foot there. walk over to the snowmobile. >> was born to prove it so. >> how are you? happy birthday. >> on his 101st birthday, kermit arrived at his favorite place -- >> fishing since i was 4 years old. >> my dad is a compulsive fisherman. >> this is the greatest sport there ever was, i tell you. i'd like to show you a fish. >> for ten decades, kermit has been showing off his fish even as his eyesight failed. >> and he had to push his walker to the end of a sweeny lake dock. >> he carved it off of the dock here this summer. >> do we need to tell you what kermit wanted most for his birthday. >> i hope i catch one fish. >> feels heavy. >> now watch the hole. >> oh -- >> oh, no!
6:26 pm
>> and feel the disappoint m. >> can i see the fish? >> no, it broke the line. >> oh. >> it broke the line. >> it hardly fit through the hole. >> maybe we'll catch another one. >> was it so much to ask of his favorite lake to -- >> oh, jeez. >> just one birthday fish? >> just leave me here. apparently not. good meal. >> is it really? >> oh, yeah, sure he is. >> today, kermit wick schooled his family. >> that's a good fish right there. >> in fishing 101. >> 101 and still telling fish stories. well, from a healthier sweet tooth to catching facebook frauds -- the new laws coming to california in 2011. plus, let it snow in the sierra.
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what this snow survey means for the state. and millions of flowers and buckets of paint all come down to this -- we'll take a look at some of the folk floats ready e rose parade. feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today.
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a live look at the golden gate bridge tonight. traffic is heavy moving in both directions. some people come back from grandma's after a long holiday weekend. other people having gone back to work for the first time since the christmas holiday. you can bet some shoppers are out there too coming home with some more packages after a day of exchanges and perhaps purchases. and maybe it will be worse tonight. rob will be along in a few minutes to tell us if a storm is moving in. we'll get that update in a few minutes. when we usher in the new year, we'll you shaller in some new laws. and everyone in the state will be affected in some way. we show you what to expect.
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when you unwrap a sweet bread, the recipe has changed a little compared to 30 years ago. >> yes, the fridge is stocked full of margarine. starting january 1, a new law requires bakers to stop using transfat. the owner has made the switch when it comes to customers, so far, so good. >> nobody complain about it. nobody said anything. and the same flavor we had before. >> from taste buds to possession of buds. a new state law reduces a penalty if you're caught with up to an ounce of marijuana. in 2011, it will only be an infraction, not a misdemeanor. no more serious than a speeding ticket. >> it's ridiculous, it's bad news. this is going to allow the kids and everyone just to think it's nearly legal. >> other changes in 2011, anyone
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under the the 1 who wants to drive a motorcycle must complete a safety course first. if you impersonate someone on-line, fake social networking pages, that's a misdemeanor that could cost you jail time and $1,000 fine. it's okay. it will do a lot to relieve the jails and you can concentrate on the people who have the big drug issues instead of the small stuff. >> parents, keep an eye on your kids. you can now be charged with misdemeanors and face a $2,000 fine if your child misses too much school. >> it feels our marian favro. and doug of ridge dale is sponsoring there ought not to be a law contest in hopes of removing laws that he blames for california's budget mess. he's asking constituents in his
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district to send him ideas to remove a law that's excessive, expensive, or silly. >> some of the ideas coming from the contest will be a bill to limit the number of bills or a bill to have us actually ask ourselves in the legislature, are we going to a part-time legislature or do other things to limit the body of work that goes on this place. >> the winler be picked based on the likelihood the answer will be written into a bill, get a hearing or be passed by the state legislature. the drought fears could be over if the snow keeps falling in the sierra. state workers are going to tread up to the sierra to measure this year's snowfall. i bet you it will look pretty good. >> outstanding of what we're going to see so far. we're going to show you pictures sent in by the weather watchers. looking out, it's selling like
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crazy even out towards the east side of the sierra in the last weeks or so. the preliminary numbers, the water content based on the snow pack today is 263% of average. the ski resorts are having an epic november and december. that's what it means in terms of the water bank with the trucky river basin and the tahoe basin running 200% of average now. you factor that to the forecast what we're talking about between tomorrow and wednesday, more snow. winter storm warning up for the same locations as heavy snow continues to fly. and look at the snow totals. two to four compete feat of snow. the state for the last two or three years, we've had the average winter for the snow pac pack. that's how things look right now in the sierra.
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if we have average snowfall, we'll pull out of a drought if the statewide totals continue. here comes the next storm. this one will pack quite a punch. and inches of rain possible for the mountain. the snow keeps on going in the sierra and the rain keeps coming through the bay area. >> the opponent we're playing is called evaporation. >> and the other aspect, the reservoirs continue to fill up and we manage to minimize the flooding. >> great news. thank you. we'll see you with the forecast in a few minutes. homeowners and others are finally being heard over the engine noise at sfo. aircraft noise abatement officials say they will work with united, virgin air, and southwest to improve departures. the survey was inconclusive, the residents in brisbane are probably more aware of increased
6:35 pm
bridge travel since the 9/11 attacks in 2001. getting an update is getting a new name. the initial phase is under way to replace the six-lane doyle drive. that's what you take out of san francisco. the thoroughfare that's well known as the presidio parkway. they're clearing trees at the southbound lane at merchant lane. the tree removal is necessary for the future installation of an underground electrical line. the tournament of roses parade just days away. and float builders are hard at work. irwindale on the beat. >> for those of us watching the rose parade at home, it's about the spectacle and the wow and the how did they do that? from the dedicated volunteers today and all this week, it's all about getting it covered inch by inch whatever it is you're assigned to.
6:36 pm
accomplishing that impossible combination of speed and accuracy. >> what do you like about it? >> i like the dogs and the fact that we're working on it. what's the glamorous part? what's the worst part? >> you get all of these in your hair, it's horrible. >> it doesn't come out. >> what's the glamour. is there any glamour? >> the glamorous part? maybe the pride in it. you say, hey, we worked on it. so -- >> right. >> here in irwindale for fiesta flow builders, there's one more thing on the minds, bragging rights. if you go by recent history, someone in this building will face sweepstakes trophy winner. they've taken the top prize for the last 17 years in a row. >> won it 18 times in 22 years. we're hoping to win it 19 times
6:37 pm
in a row. >> pretty impressive. it's the first move at the big game plan. one california health department is calling the fda over thes e llbi boardsng
6:38 pm
a. >> right now, they're going fast. how electric cars are so somear some buyers might lose out on rebates. search el electric car rebate.
6:39 pm
check out these billboards going up on southern california's highways. l.a. county's public health department is calling on the fda to investigate the ads for the lap band. it's a procedure that reduces your stomach size. but critics say, the procedure is risky and overweight or obese
6:40 pm
patients should try diets or medications before undergoing surgery. >> i'm scared to death that the patient is going to make an irrational decision in getting the surgery when it's not the right procedure for them. >> some are worried about the ad that says diets fail. diets do work for many people and they want to encourage people to diet before they try the surgery. the woman known add octomom may be looking for a new place to live. the mortgage holder said she's not paid a $250,000 payment due back in october. an overdue balloon payment has not been made. the owner said he'll evict her if she and her lawyer don't pay the balance on the house by friday. they have live in the four bedroom house for nearly two years. she had to find nontraditional financing since she is unemployed.
6:41 pm
but she's already gotten a critically acclaimed movie in theaters and it was announced today that natalie portman has a child on the way as well as a wedding. portman is engaged to choreographer benjamin mill bee. the two left in the production of the film, "black swan." this will be the first child for the 29-year-old actress. the stork brought alanis morissette a christmas gift. the singer gave birth to a baby boy on christmas day. the 26-year-old morissette married rapper mario treadway in may. a publisher said the family is happy and healthy and the baby is amber emra morissette treadway. say that five times fast. sports next and mike singletary's firing by the 49ers some changes to come, lawrence. >> should be positive if they follow a script. hire a general manager with the
6:42 pm
philosophy of the organization. and it's history, tote totally, that's the 49ers' way. this model works and works wonders. we'll dive in to why. lighten the mood a little bit. stanford takes off for south florida and sunny skies for the cardinal. back in moments. rob in the weather center. >> san francisco already has clouds filling in in a pretty powerful storm coming in on us as we head to tomorrow atlo the changes in the forecast when we come right back.
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plane close to 200 people flying to new york. >> direct flight from here to new york. >> it was anything but. >> waited on the runway for 2 1/2 hours to get the ice. >> flew over laguardia for an
6:45 pm
hour. >> see anything but snow? >> we circled for an hour. >> they ended up transferring us to harrisburg. >> we get a bus to laguardia which they cancelled. >> then we were told we'll be on the bus. then never mind, you're not going to be on the bus. we have to fly you back to charlotte. and if we don't, your bags are going to charlotte. so you're in a situation, well, we're going to charlotte. >> they ended up right back where they started. >> i'm steamed. very frustrated. what are you going to do? >> they've got to get home to new york. but tom horn's family from greenville. >> they said they'd refund our money and we're going to come back when it's warmer weather and we don't have to deal with the snow. >> we're going to go shopping tomorrow. >> diana ross for nbc news. >> hence the song "there's no place like home for the holidays". >> what up with that? some good news for the folks who have been batwatching the rr
6:46 pm
over the northeast. things are drying out. we're keeping an eye over tuesday as we had some blowing snow in philadelphia. by tuesday night, football time, should see temperatures close to 30. maybe mid 20s in the wind chill factor. this after the day we saw of snow totals, three feet in spots around new jersey and even central park picking up almost 20 inches of snow. nothing like that here in the temperatures in the 40s and 50s right now. but may see patchy fog out to nap pa and fairfield as we head to the nighttime hours tonight before the rain and the wind kick up this time tomorrow. right now, not a lot in the way of wind. things are calm right now. but we will see southerly winds pick up as we head to tomorrow. visibility mild showing you that fog is not an issue for the evening around the bay area. the headlines heading to tomorrow, rain picking up. winds too. that's the other component. the coast and some of the hill tops getting winds close to 35 miles per hour. and the rainfall totals for the coastal mountains, we're talking
6:47 pm
two to four inches of rain coming down, especially around the north bay. the only rain we can find locally on santa rosa on highway 101, spotty areas of light rain. substantial rain in humboldt county to mendocino county, late tomorrow, that's going to spill to the south. you can see the system is getting the act together offshore. a lot of moisture to work with. cold air out of alaska. the two start to combine over the bay area tomorrow, the winds are picking up. the rain turning heavy at times right around this time tomorrow. in the north bay, see heavy rain through 11:00 tomorrow night. on wednesday, the showers are going to start to shut down as colder and drier air comes in. snow levels for what's left of the showers can be as low as 3,000 feet. check out mt. dee ablow. see in the knot bay, 7:00, a big bull's eye there.
6:48 pm
heavy downpours. the action shifts. good news, looking at a few hours of heavy rain as the system scoots out pretty quickly. by wednesday morning, a few scattered showers. rain totals. across the coastal hill tops and an inch or less in the inner bay and two inches or less for san francis francisco. winter storm warning for sierra. that should continue through thursday. by thursday, catch a break in the action. two to four feet of snow. that is one part of the story. thursday in the sierra hinting that the cooler air is stirring in california and the bay area could lead to lowering snow levels as we approach the plan. looking down to another three or four feet of snow coming down between now and thursday morning. 30s and 40s inland, patchy fog, showers in the far north bay. probably north of sonoma county for the morning. i don't think the morning commute will be impacted all that much. the evening commute is a
6:49 pm
different story. the winds are picking up and the rain filling in for sundown tomorrow. highs in the mid 50s around san francisco. wake up for the gusty winds on the coast. around the north bay, it will start off heavy at times for the evening. moving to the south bay. this is the stretch of the seven-day forecast. we go through the rest of the weekend approaching new year's eve. showers, cold air aloft. maybe hill top snow. >> on the east coast. >> all right, rob. thank you very much. the season that began with high hopes ends just drastically i suppose i could say. now the search is on, tell us what the 49ers are dealing with here? >> think about mike singletary, his fate was sealed when his team was sealed with five straight losses. this team is not going to be the first. even though we were all teasered by the idea that seahawks and rams' loss would enable them to get to the back door.
6:50 pm
they didn't win. for a variety of reasons, teams don't flop quarterbacks because it divides the locker room. the defense wasn't as dominant as they needed to be. too many defectors the plan singletary had just never took hold. the great question, why, though. mike singletary came in with respect as the hall of fame player. he had great enthusiasm, intensity, and passion. but his tenure led to great disappointment. >> obviously, we had anticipation and expectations of being a playoff caliber team this year. whether we're a 7 and 9 division winner or not, it didn't matter to me. i wanted to make sure that the san francisco 49ers had an opportunity to go to the super bowl which i felt that we had every expectation to do that. >> that's ted york. he's the assistant coach. the game against arizona in candlestick. but the important news for niners fans that york would be hiring a general manager. the process for hiring the right
6:51 pm
coach for a team philosophy starts to have a gm, a man who helped to bring five super bowl champions to the franchise, his uncle. he'll be the key to bringing a legitimate football man to santa clara. he'll be seeking the advice of the kraft family, owner of the patriots who have three under their watch. in new england, a launching point for a variety of success stories. start with the kansas city chiefs. their architect is scott pioli, in 2009 running for the patriots. the quarterback could manage a game. matt cassel, another former patriot. the chiefs have gone from a morbid 2 and 14 in '08. ten wins thus far, winning the afc west. the falcons who were playing as we speak right now in monday night football also the toast of the south because another ex-pat, a former scout for the patriots, thomas dimitri has started a huge overhaul.
6:52 pm
getting the smart defensive-minded head coach, mike smith. you don't have to suffocate what could be an explosive offense. the falcons have the best record in the nfc to end the regular season. we talk about those because those are tried and true success stories. there's another route. owners as general managers, we seen what jerry jones is capable of, building a shrine to football in the stadium and the mediocre team to play in it. the raiders, his model for running the business. and the raiders are at a cross roads themselves after losing to andy, an 8 and 8 season at best if their win in the finale if their win is in fact a win. how critical is it for tom cable? that 's the question if they're not to experience singletary's faith. that could help. by in large, the raiders showing
6:53 pm
some huge signs of life this season. one more note here, one more nfl game for week 16 coming tomorrow, postponed due to the heavy snow, the eagles-vikings game set for last night will be right here on nbc bay area due tomorrow night. tune in. bon voyage, jim harbaugh and andrew luck and company have had the last orange bowl practice. say that. they've landed in south florida to get ready for the game in virginia tech. sunny skies accompanying the cardinals in miami. >> very excited. an opportunity for the ball club to play in the cage. hopefully we'll bring back the trophy. >> looking forward to the opportunity. the quarter final. >> so really for the niners, getting the gm. could be an exciting thing, a positive thing, a rejuvenation of sorts. >> they're all looking forward to that, lawrence.
6:54 pm
>> thank you very much. they're not called stars for nothing. the dazzlintos n st i fromew photos just in pace s.
6:55 pm
6:56 pm
tonight at 11:00, an extraordinary story. they come together to save a little girl's life even though
6:57 pm
none of them have met her. >> we worked on this for ten or 15 years. come up with a cure, but we have to say that we tried. >> and one family did try could end up saving the lives of thousands of others. their incredible journey tonight at 11:00. spectacular photos to share with you from outer space. nasa's wise telescope which recently celebrated the one-year anniversary of the launch to the space is returning stunning photos. the new pictures are dramatic, colorful images of interstellar clouds of gas and dust. this is the flaming star nebraska nebula, 1500 light years away, just around the block. it's a star that appears to be ablaze, hence the name, account t "the flaming star."
6:58 pm
we're on at 11:00 to bring you the vikings-eagles game.
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