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tv   NBC11 News The Bay Area at 6  NBC  December 29, 2010 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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terry tells us, the trend is reflect in the bay area as well. she's in richmond to tell us why tonight. kimberly? >> from the homicide rate here in richmond has dropped for the fourth consecutive year. the deputy chief here says they are working constantly to modify what they do in order to keep this city as safe as possible. despite the recession and spikes in membership, some of the largest cities saw drops in murders and violent crime this is year. the trend is notable in richmond. the city has had 21 homicide down from 46 last year. >> a lot of different factors, a lot of things coming together. but probably the most significant would be staffing, involving of residents, technology, and some smart strategies. >> police deputy chief owen brown says for the last five years the department has been implementing strategies from across the country, testing what works best in other cities here
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in richmond. >> there's no one sort of tailor-made thing that's going to be a cure-all. the dynamics in richmond. >> brown says cameras like these have also really helped getting extra eyes on the street. >> we have a closed circuit television system active in a number of neighborhoods across the city that have historically crime problems. >> they haven't noticed any changes in their neighborhoods. the others say the difference is drastic. >> i think our neighborhoods are what you make it to be. i think wherever you go, there's crime in it. i think that just because, i mean, richmond and oakland and all considered the ghetto. but it e's the people.
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>> san jose had 20 homicide in 2010 compared to 28 last year. the department attributes the reduction in homicide for the fourth straight year to proper medical services, technology, and better police policies. san francisco's numbers are up slightly. they went from 45 homicide in 2009 to 49 in 2010. >> here in richmond, the deputy chief says they are looking forward, looking to reorganize again next year. but he says a very biggest difference has been merchants and residents who have become the eyes and the ears for police here who have really stepped up and take an more active role in crime fighting. >> the results speak for themselves. thank you, kimberly. now to a developing story. and it is a police shooting in san francisco's neighborhood this afternoon. left a man hospitalized with
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life threatening injuries. officers responded to reports of a stabbing and a home on bacon street. inside the house, officers encounter add man with a knife. a police spokesperson says officers opened fire when the suspect refused to drop the weapon, and began walking toward the office earles. the victim, who originally reported the stabbing, was also taken to a local hospital. he's expected to recover. it was a wild scene at an indoor pot farm in san jose last night. and it's unfolding this evening. it started at 11:00 p.m. with a 911 call from a san jose grow house. no one spoke. but the dispatcher could hear a robbery in progress. the grow house is on locus street and the suspects scattered before police arrived. responding officers saw people running near the scene and they made arrests. one suspect did not stop when told to by police and they shot at him when he got in the car. that suspect suffer add leg
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wound. one officer was injured when fleeing suspects tried to roll him over. >> the marijuana great grow house. we're looking at the robbery component of this and the officer-involved shooting. >> the police arrested three suspects. they're not releasing the name of the fourth suspect they arrested. they're still looking for a suspect opa. new tonight at 6:00, san francisco mayor gavin newsom will likely delay his january 3 swearing in as lieutenant governor of california. that word coming today from mayoral spokesman tony win kerr. he said newsom will stay in office to, quote, conclude a few important projects and ensure a stable transition for the interim mayor. there's no mention he'll get to apoint his temporary successor. the mayor is needed to solidify
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budget cuts, name a new district attorney and host the 2013 americas cup. we'll have more on that sailing later. a family on holiday suffered a tragedy during the storm last night. gail fallboston of alabama was killed when an enormous tree collapse in the storm and landed on her tent at the wild life preserve. she had taken her grand daughter to safari west for a holiday treat. she was reading in her tent when the tree fell. she died instantly. her grand daughter was not hurt. as the storm moved through the bay area, it sent a huge tree tumming. that tree blocked traffic for hours on the beirut. christi smith shows us the damage. >> the sound must be absolutely incredible when the tree fell. it's a 65 foot tall walnut tree. i'm 5'5" and sanding at the base
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here is almost tall as i am. fortunately, no one was driving by when it fell. the roots were rotted out according to an arborist called in to tack it will cleanup. a driver first called it in saying, hey, i can't get through pleasantton samoa road. a tree the blocking both lanes, both directions. the alternate route near 680 was closed for four hours until this morning. the massive tree could be removed. the rain fell too much. >> couldn't handle the weight. there was wind last night and old trees died. >> the tree was about 100 years old and near the end of his life span. so these kinds of things are bound to happen with all of the rain we've had. near pleasanton, christie smith, nbc bay area news. still ahead at 6:00, a look at how folks woke up to find a lot of roof damage on their homes. we'll show you why a lot of
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people are being forced to wait to get their rooms fixed. right now, a blustery day turning into a chilly night. jeff winery is tracking the conditions from the weather center. hey, jeff. >> a wild storm that's turned deadly. while that rainfall has moved on, we're still under the threat of gusty winds tonight. some of the top wind gusts, san francisco airport, 4 4 mile-per-hours. producing residual delays. down in the los gatos. gusting to the low 30s. right now, the coastal winds are sustained anywhere from 30 to 40 miles per hour and continually gusting in the low 40s. so nonetheless, some dangerous seas out there. you can see also inland sustained winds from 10 to 25 mile-per-hours across the golden gate bridge in san francisco. now we take the wind, we add in this cold component as this jet stream is pulling tons of cold air down from canada. that's going to drop temperatures from the freezing
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levels tonight in the north bay. napa expecting 31. north bay, 32. sajose mid 30s. freezezejo w aschesnd advisorie going up tonight. we'll track that and when the rain will return in my seven-day forecast coming up. a foot and a half of snow fell in the sierra for the last 24 hours making it a rough ride up highway 50. crews shut down traffic this morning because of a low-hanging utility wire between twin bridges and myers. the storm knocked out power to many homes overnight. and a lot of people got up this morning and started digging out. >> both a blower and shovel were needed to dig out near kingdale. heavy snows started falling sunday afternoon. >> gorgeous. love it. it's what we live up here for. gives me something to do on vacation. some work.
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>> pg&e arrived with power poles and transformers. residents had been without lights and hot water since 6:00 last night. >> pg&e said late tonight. >> hot shower tomorrow? >> maybe, i hope so. >> clouds have been running back and forth over donner summit. still, at times today, the cars backed up in to the sierra stretched for miles, especially when the spots where the conditions went subtly from sun to snow. >> the last ten miles, the snow started to come down to the point we have to put on the chains. >> here in kingdale, there were plenty of kids thrilled to be on vacation from school this week. the kids say the snow is not only abundant, but also fast. >> it's around 20 miles per hour. >> is that fast enough for you? >> yeah. faster. >> you crashed at all? >> yeah. >> what was that like? >> it's fun. >>. >> it's fun to crash . >> it's all of the snow fall on you.
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>> well, unfortunately, crisis also accompanies a sierra storm like this typically. and rescuer searching for awbno meadows were met with howling winds today. 25-year-old shante marie willis of tahoe ma was at the top of an advanced run skiing in and out of the boundary when her friends lost track of her yesterday. they reported her 00 p.m. atsi 4:00 p.m. family and friends are concerned because willis has epilepsy. we'll have more on that story coming up at 6:30. some san francisco senior citizens are fighting to keep their homes in a telegraph hill apartment building. four tenants were served eviction notices of 525 greenwich street. the new owner of the building is trying to remove the tenants under the state ellis act. they want them out to convert the unit to tenement common units. they want legislators to use
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state laws to protect seniors. >> we're all retired, fixed income. i don't know what we're going to do. we could sit on the street, i guess. i guess the sheriff will come after us eventually. >> the owner of the building says he's taking the units off of the market because the rents are so low, they don't cover his property taxes. he blames the problems on the city's rent control laws. just ahead tonight, ringing in the new year in style without breaking your budget. a look at what some clubs are charging this weekend and how you can get a deal. i'm scott budman. a local insider trading ha wlltr > and, what will move your money tomorrow after the break.
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more money troubles for the cash-strapped uc system. more are threatening to sue unless retirement benefits are increased for employees that earn more than $250,000 a year. the demand comes a tz uc system is trying to come up with money to pay more than $21 billion in future pensions. reducing benefits for employees, raising the retirement age, and booing tuition. governor schwarzenegger's push to sell 11 state buildings before he leaves office has been rejected. there was a bid to review his plan to sell the buildings to a private real estate firm for $2.3 million before the end of the year. the governor's office planned to use the money for the state general fund, pay off bonds on the buildings, and help fill the state's budget deficit. the potential sell will now be an issue for governor-elect jerry brown. he started one of the world's tech -- one of the tech world's most successful companies.
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tonight, he's taking on some of the newer guys. bay area business and tech reporter scott budman is here with news of a huge lawsuit. >> among the companies being sued, kibld ofnd of a murderer' apple, google, facebook, they're being view siouxed with paul allen, along with bill gates, started microsoft. the company owned by him said they infringed on patents. a fremont woman has been arrested as part of a crackdown on insider trading. 43-year-old win fred jao was arrested for illegally feeding inside information to investors about companies that included marvel. government officers say jao who work in a financial research firm was paid $200,000 for the information. check your money even with blizzard conditions. lots of people on holiday. the stock market continues to
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bowl ahead, closing out what looks to be the best december in two decades. the major indecks posting minor gains today. looking ahead tomorrow. the latest housing numbers, along with jobless claims, again, looks to be an overall slow day on wall street to wrap things up. but a couple of things to move your money. back to you. >> that's for sure. especially that jobless number. thank you very much. despite a bleak economy, bay-area hotels, restaurants, and clubs are preparing for a promising new year's eve. barian favro is in san jose right now to tell us what we might expect on new year's eve. marian. >> i'm here at fahrenheit restaurant and lounge in downtown san jose. thaw ear charging $100 for their new year's eve party and it's almost sold out. throughout the bay area, besides the bleak economy, many others are filling up.
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they're expecting 400 people at the brit in downtown san jose. they're offering a live band, balloon drop, and surprisingly, no cover charge. >> we have the live entertainment going on. drink specials all night. then the free champagne host. >> in san francisco, thanks to ticket sales on-line, many venues have sold out. if you're on a budget, don't forget, there are freebies. you can usher in the new year while enjoying the free water fireworks show in san francisco. if you want to save some money, it's best to buy your tickets in advance on-line. you can save up to $50. tom? >> marian, speaking of the budget, if you want to go out, how much is it going to cost you? >> i checked around on-line. i found that you could pay anywhere from 35 to 180 a
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person. many are offering package deals with dinner. if you want to skip dinner and arrive later, you can save money that way. >> all right, some people do it any way. marian, thank you very much. flooding and muddy conditions continue to slow recovery efforts after last week's rains in southern california. one of the hardest-hit areas is in silver a doe. vicky vargas is showing us what we're dealing with. >> two daughters in an lisa's school who know when classes start, they may not be here. >> they get that mother nature have arrived. this water -- it's majestic and it's incomprehensible. >> the volunteers are trying to protect the laguna property from more damage. last week's rain wiped out
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playground. the entire kindergarten building, and left behind a mountain of mud. >> this seems to be in the bull's eye of destructive rainstorms. the last time laguna flooded like this was in december of 1995, a winter day when an lisa students were rested by swelling creeks and taken to higher ground. officials say they learned then to be prepared. >> the idea these walls and the gates keep the water out of the building. but the water level, obviously, exceeded this and went over them. >> in spite of the efforts, last week's rain won out again. city officials estimate the damage at klose to $1 million. >> we're working at a day at a time, an hour at a time. at this point since the weather is not cooperating with us. >> at the city's animal shelter, workers are digging out from a week's worth of runoff. dogs were moved.
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but even ellen degeneres is moved by the loss and recommending that the viewers donate to the cause. >> this facility is going to be down for months. i has to be rebuilt, gutted. that will probably take eight to ten months. >> so we've got wild weather all over the state. that's for sure. and find out what's coming our way right now. jeff is standing by. jeff? it's all about this cold blast tonight. extreme limb gusty winds. sustained winds with the coastline at 36 miles per hour. it's up on the coastline down to monterey. extremely rough seas. you didn't have any plans heading that way. they're urging extreme caution. here to the north bay, temperatures dropping to the 30s, winds sustained at 15 to 20 mile-per-hours. wind chill tonight. certainly remember the layer ifs you're doing any traveling out there throughout the night and
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to tomorrow morning. the east bay winds about 50 miles per hour. that goes to the same around san jose and to the coastline as well. the winds is gusty there. cold out there, brisk. we got somewhat of a respite here in terms of the rainfall, we had the cold component to worry about, temperatures in the low to mid 50s with the wind making it feel like the upper 40s for most of the day. temperatures right now already dropping in isolated spots in the north bay, in to the 30s. no doubt, a cold night ahead where we could have freeze watches here across bay area. the jet stream is helping to usher in all of the cold air across the bay area with the clear skies combining in. it's going to keep it cold here tonight and all the way through tomorrow. high pressure here is going to allow some sun to build in for thursday. keep us dry. some active patterns to talk about in the seven-day forecast that will bring us more rainfall back. tonight, temperatures in the 30s back to the east baby 11:00. isolated 30 nz the south bay. as we head to 6:00 a.m., going
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to be dropping to the coldest spot in the north bay with mid 30s. then by 11:00 a.m., look at this, not much warming. still expected, the low to mid 40s here for most of the viewing area. the national travel delays, find some here in denver, more snow, just to the west here in the airport. also, another storm system shaping up for the east coast is going to bring them more rain and wind by new year's day. but right now, runways are starting to move here along jfk and also at laguardia. and at new jersey airports because we're currently clear. so while we're still facing the residual delays, no major weather impacting the next 24 hours. coming up, detailing the rain we could see here for new year's day in a bit. >> see you then. still ahead at 6:00, the worst of the rain may be over, but the water is a big problem for some homeowners. why it could take months to get minor repairs. plus, one of the top contenders to host america's cup says it's not ready butti's s bt
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's sti b a etter choice than the bay area.
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the golden gate yacht club and oracle racing team will make the call because the team won by larry elson won the last cup as we know and their decision is set for new year's eve. new port, rhode island, though, is the only competition and the officials there say the state won't be ready to commit to the cup until after that deadline passes. officials in newport do say that should not prevent the team from choosing their city as a venue on a conditional basis. shell out more than $2 million stemming from the losses from a cable car derailment. it happened in 2008 when a
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powell mason cable car got stuck in the trek. both got out and freed the cable car. but with neither the conductor in control, the vehicle took off down the street, sending passengers flying out of the car. lawyers for the city offered to pay out $2.1 million to three people injure in the crash. casino bosses are changing the game involving an armed bandit who stole thousands in chip this is month. the belanlagio plans to discontinue the $25,000 chips after a helmet-wearing gunman robbed a craps table at the casino. bellagio urges anyone holding the red chips with the gray inlay to cash them in by april 22. still ahead, the wicked weather is bad news for people already having problems with leaky roofs. why a break in the rain is not helping their cause. plus, police say they know who is behind a violent holiday
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crime spree. zeroing in on a san francisco hot spot.roupnar oupr some saying, "there goes the neighborhoods."
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chilly but nice night in the bay area. big headaches for homeowners, big bucks for roofing companies. all of it, thanks to the nasty weather. live in san francisco with more on the scramble to plug leaky roofs, which were occurring all over the bay area. tracy? >> damp carpets, puddles on the floor. after this relentless series of storms -- a lot of homeowners are discovering leaks in the roof. some of them might have to wait weeks to g et the fix. >> we've had an ongoing issue with this little spot.
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and it's just gotten -- gradually getting worse since the rains began. >> from inside, you can see where the water is leaking. but from outside, on the roof, bill powers can't spot an obvious point of entry. >> we can eliminate the possibility of water tracking through the wood trim. >> roofers say winds can be tricky because water is running into places that it normally doesn't go. that explains why some bay area roofing companies already dealing with the increase in costs because of wet weather say after last night's blustery storm, they've been completely inundated with pleas for help. at pro general roofing, morgan lee is busy dispatching workers to check out leaky roofs and provide estimates. if you're looking for an immediate fix, you will be disappointed. >> we have to have dry weather to work on the roof. it's been one of the challenges
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i like for us. >> they're more concerned than they need to be. >> the ponding needs to be drained before the work can be done. and that takes days. homeowners are forced to live with the leaks until there's a significant break in the storms. >> i'm working on it every day. i'm seeing a lot of leaks on a lot of roofs. but the men aren't always out there working. so if we get some dry days like this, we'll get a lot done. >> now, powers says he tries to reassure the homeowners about the wait. he tells them they're not going to develop dry rot or mold in the two weeks they're waiting for a crew to arrive and he tells them that they should really just stick a bucket under that leak and not worry about it. live in san francisco, tracy grant, bay area news. all right, tracy, thank you. a homeless man is now the primary suspect in last week's
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armed robbery in the santa clara mall. a mug shot shows 28-year-old joseph jagins who has prior convictions for car theft, drunken driving, and drug possession. authorities believe jankins the gun-toting robber that attempted two car jackings and robbery. e robbed a nearby ware house and car jacked an area resident. jankins is considered armed and dangerous. this is the sierra, isn't it? look at that. earlier today, residents dug out from under lots and lots of snow. and pg&e was hauling in generators and new power poles. some were would power since last night. the roads are not an easy place to be either. long backups and conditions changed from sunny to stormy within minutes causing spinouts and accidents. and the conditions in the sierra today made it difficult for crews to search for a missing
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snowboarder. friends reported the 25-year-old missing yesterday. and efforts to find her resumed this morning. reporter mike jizell from the sacramento station reports. >> take a look at the high winds, heavy snow, and at times, near whiteout conditions. >> the visibility is just -- it's dangerous for the search personnel. >> they're equipped with snow shoe shovels, but the conditions they're facing include 100 mile-per-hour wind gusts and constant toll snowe fall that made it impossible to launch any kind of ariel search. >> we had some helicopters on standby we wanted to bring up here to assist in the search. but because of the extreme winds can't get to the area. >> for now, the search teams are focusing on the ount of bounds area on the backside of the wolverine area. they're holding on to hope that this 25-year-old intermediate boa boa
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boarder is surviving what have been at times blizzard conditions. >> hopefully he's hunkering down and he's warm and trying to wait for someone to get him. >> shawn tay marie willis is from tahoe ma. her parents say she's a tough athlete who is used to the elements but she does have epilepsy. redwood city is in line for a pilot program to help people there get around on pedal power. a bike sharing program will supply 100 new bikes and infrastructure so that people can rent and ride around the city. more than half of the funding is coming from the metropolitan transportation commission. the redwood city caltrans station will be a main hub for the bikes. an oakland teen who's been paying forward his good fortune met his donor family for the first time today. 13-year-old mikey carrowyay and his mother travelled to southern california to meet the donor
6:35 pm
johnny hernandez. he received a liver transplant after hernandez was killed in a car crash. >> the decision in a tough time in your life, my son wouldn't be here today. and mikey has been feeding the homeless and we did it to just kind of, you know, pay it forward. >> after the transplant, mikey and the mother created mikey's meals to feed the homeless. he's set to appear in the 2011 donate life rose parade float on new year's day. those nutrition labels you have seen for years on everything from chips to cereal will be on the meat you buy. the usda just announced the labels will be required for 40 types of meat and poultry beginning in january, 2012. bay area's vicky wynn has more. >> a cut above or too fatty.
6:36 pm
that's what consumers have wondered for years about the meat they're buying. the usda says as of 2012, nutrition labels common on other foods will be required for meat, poultry, pork, and lamb. >> this is a tool that lets them understand what they're putting to meals, fielding their families, what they'll get out of that. >> the new rules will not require every individual label to be labeled. superintendents will have the signs with information. >> it's a missed opportunity. usda could have required clearer labeling on ground meat and poultry products. >> list calories, calories from fat, total fat, saturated fat, and cholesterol for the most commonly purchased cuts of meat, poultry, lamb, and pork. >> many think that chicken breasts are lean, which they are. but they don't realize that there are many cuts of pork like the tenderloin or the cuts of
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beef like the eye of round are equally lean and have about the same amount of calories. >> the meat industry has been labeling processed meat for years but they're always labeled on a voluntary basis. and still ahead at 6:00, the red bull's eye gets the green light. target is moving in to san francisco's medtrione building. why it could mean a payday for a lot of people. plus, prince william and his fiancee is a no thank you. the royal refusal the couple is making. and good evening, i'm chief meteorologist jeff winere. the temperatures were average, the wind kept it brisk out there today. already dropping in to the upper 30s and low 40s for you in the north bay. have details on aezinreg night ahead in minutes. gh
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the defense attorneys for the doctor will argue that the superstar took his own life with the drug. they say conrad jackson gave only a small amount of the drug but the former performer must have injected himself with a deadly dosage before his death. a preliminary hearing is set for tuesday. >> excitement builds in britain for the royal wedding. prince william and kate middleton have decided they will not have servants for the first couple of years of their marriage. they have a more spartan view of royal life than their predecessors. they don't want servants getting in the way when they have romantic weekend in the rented cottage near the military base. >> i don't think they should be having an expensive wedding in the first place. >> it's a wonderful idea. >> prince charles, for example,
6:41 pm
has 149 servants, 25 of them personal staff. no maids, butlers, or cooks for william and cake? who will make the bed and butter bread? they will. until the end of william's military duty in the end of 2013. a lot of help. he's here with sports. and the niners' big decision that seems predetermined here, lawrence. >> you have to believe they planned on sunday when he fired mike singletary. you can only hope so. if the nine rers in the building, the real sizzle will come in the head of a head coach. we'll explain. seven other teams at 5 and 11 to finish the season, which could present a very interesting draft scenario. and historic record hangs in the balance and a game tomorrow at stanford. back with sports in momentsment but first, here's jeff in the weather center. >> thanks a lot, lawrence.
6:42 pm
chief meteorologist here. we're tracking wind across the bay area and cold temperatures. how low we'll go tonight coming up in a couple of minutes.
6:43 pm
the promise of a new target store does not usually stir up a lot of attention in the bay area. but it's a different case when it's the opening of one of the -- when it's opening in one
6:44 pm
of san francisco's cultural districts. it's expected to revive a well known building that's fallen on hard times. >> san francisco's medrione opened back in 1999, it was touted as a center for tony's digital entertainment, an upscale movie theater shared space with cutting edge technology. it was a magical place for chandra gordon. >> it's a place where the wild things are used to be. i used to come in as a kid and i used to love it. >> i remember when this building was owned by sony. they had an arcade. they had a bunch of game shops. >> things didn't tu o dreamers storms failed, and sony sold the building to the westfield group. now many of the stores around the theater sit vacant awaiting a burst of life. >> movies are great. >> redevelopment leaders this week cleared the way for a new
6:45 pm
target store to move in to the second floor. they expect the 85,000 square-foot business to create 700 construction jobs and 600 permanent jobs. and more importantly, infuse new blood to the area. while some critics worry the store will increase traffic con next, shoppers are rolling out the welcome mat. >> it's kind of cheap. so that's cool. i don't have money to buy expensive stuff. so it will be nice to have one around. >> gordon remembers a different building, one of gleaming steel and high-tech gizmos and the target doesn't fit into those memories. >> target is so tacky. it seems like a higher class place than that. i always thought that, i guess. >> it's set to begin in january, closing one chapter to the cultural hub and opening another one. nbc bay area news. >> so we'll have bloomingdale's here and target here and jeff somewhere right in the middle.
6:46 pm
>> right in the middle going back and forth. >> decide which store to go to. >> i respect our viewers quite a bit. but target is not tacky in my world. >> nor in my wife's. >> i love target. the weather forecast. the rain is right on target when it comes to rainfall for the season. quite a bit of help here in the past 48 hours. though, from the very strong punch of weather as the storm did get deadly with the gusty winds. yesterday, in the north bay. but that rainfall anywhere from one to three inches. that now puts us anywhere from 4 to nine inches for the rainfall season, now bringing the bay area to about 100% to 150% of normal. so great news when it came to the rainfall there, adding in the bucket here across the bay area. right now, the lingering effects of the storm system still with us right now while most of the consistent rainfall has pushed to the south. but what we're dealing with right now are the winds gusting a the coastline, 30 to 35 miles per hour. and for the inland spots, still blustery out here with the winds
6:47 pm
5 to 15 miles per hour sustained in the south bay. however, tonight, the winds are going to slack off. and with the clear skies for most of the region, that's going to enable the temperatures to drop quite a bit. it's cold out here. look at this. 43 in santa rosa. 44 in unanimous na pa. 48 in san jose. so, we will lwe see frost? we do think we'll have patchy fromst in the north bay and the east bay. by thursday, here's the good news. the sun is going to return. while it will be blustery again, we can enjoy some of the sun before we get in on more rainfall coming our way in the next seven days. right now, while the storm door is wide open, we have a slot of clearing to the south. this sneaky area of high pressure is going to sit in just the right spots. we'll see the cold air, we'll get the sun mixed in with it to keep us chilly as we head throughout thursday and friday. for thursday, inland spots, mainly upper 40s for highs. friday, the new storm system develops for a chance of rainfall as we head to new
6:48 pm
year's day. the storm has not looked strong as the one we had yesterday. it will bring moderate periods of rainfall late friday evening for new year's eve and late to saturday. timing could change a little bit. looking at a tenth of an inch to a quarter of an inch of rainfall. you guys can handle it. keep the umbrellas handy. won't do anything to keep the fireworks from going off. 6:00 a.m. in the east bay, it will be cold in the low 30s. by 11:00 a.m., not much warming, 43 degrees with some sun and the clouds. tomorrow, the coldest spots will be in the south bay, east bay, and north bay throughout the interior locations, san francisco, it's going to be cold for your standard still, though, with the expected 40 degrees. for tomorrow, we're going to see the sun come back out. it will get breezy through the day. the winds will not be nearly as strong. the winds will be 5 to 10 degrees below the average. mid 40s and upper 50s here
6:49 pm
throughout the north bay. morning time on the weather channel on cable. seven-day forecast has that chance of showers late new year's eve. and a chance of scattered rain on saturday. then some much-needed drying sunday, monday, tuesday, and wednesday. start the new year's off right with the sun that i know all of the bay area folks -- >> and it will feel like winter and quintessential new year's eve, won't it? >> going to try. >> thank you very much. let's get our fix of the niners news. lawrence scott is here. niners likely staying within the organization. >> it's the owner's prerogative. if you think an internal candidate in the failing organization, it's a bad choice here. here's a couple of things to consider. doing a handful of interviews with a variety of candidates. but the man for the job has been part of the plan all along. the player personnel trent
6:50 pm
balche. he's expected to do a foral interview with him on saturday. if you've been up for a promotion at work yourself, you can understand what he's thinking right now. i earned my stripes, i know the needs of this organization best because i've been here in the trenches. you know you've had the thoughts that work before. just who is this trent balche. he's proven he can work for the yorks. he's been with the niners for six years. first with the scout, handling the aspects of the free agencies, draft, that sort of thing. came to the niners, and br that, the jets. had a path to the ufl having the first scouting job. the athletic director at the high school in fargo, north dakota. can't begrudge a man spending the past 33 years working in the nfl. if you want glitz and glamour, wait for the head coaching announcement. jim harbaugh not taking the bait when asked about this at a press conference. niners back to work. back to work and their interim
6:51 pm
head coach. we'll evaluate and see who's doing what on sunday when arizona visits candlestick. the season may be lost as far as the playoffs go. players being judged. the ugly truth -- we were talking playoffs before last sunday, but the loser of this game is at the bottom of the division, finishing at 5 and 11. >> i understand all of the things involve in the record. all those kinds of things. we're preparing for a game to go in and compete to win. >> when ever you go out there, i mean, it's -- even though it's the last game of the season and we're out of the playoffs. you want to go out there and play well. no question. that's not going to change. >>le alex smith will be the starter sunday. by the way, a 5 and 11 record looks like it could be a top five pick in the coming draft. depending on how things shake out, maybe even the second pick overall. there are nine teams right now that are 4 and 11 or 5 and 10
6:52 pm
going to sunday. enough math. college hoops on the docket. big game here in the bay area. intriguing because of an historic win streak on the line. the stanford women were the last team to beat uconn. that was the final four semifinals in '08. the lady huskeys have won 90 straight games. that's an all-time record for consecutive wins, men or women. so stanford with a unique chance tomorrow at home to snap the uconn streak. >> we expect to win the game. we're excited to play the game. this is -- this is a team. uconn has a great tradition, they have a great program and a great team. we love this challenge. >> a 6:00 p.m. tipoff at naples tomorrow. not 90 straight. but the warriors would be happy with a fourth straight win. tonight in atlanta, monte ellis and staff murray cold tonight on the field against the hawks.
6:53 pm
both 14 -- make that 4 for 13 shooting, picking up the slack, during relate wright, doubles, doubles, going with the 11 boards. the hawks, one of the better teams in the east, especially at home. the win streak was nice. but the warriors will have to start another one, losing to atlanta, 103-93. the sharks on the road tonight in st. paul taking on the wild. the stop in minnesota, the first of a three-game trip for the sharks helding to the new year. they treaded the lead back and forth in the first two periods of the game before patrick marlo broke the tie withis 14th of the season. the sharks lead 3 to 2 in the second intermission. back to the niners, talking playoffs going to last sunday. and now, maybe -- maybe a lot of teams would have to lose. the math would have to work out. that kind of thing, the second overall pick in the draft. >> we could get jim harbaugh and -- >> no, probably not.
6:54 pm
carolina has their eye on him. >> we can always dream. all right, thank you very much, lawrence. >> just ahead, surf's up. polar bear style. who's braving the cold in search of that perfect wave. 14
6:55 pm
6:56 pm
6:57 pm
finally at 6:00, it's a chilly dog, but someone has to do it. they don't have to, but they do. take you to cal bay, nova scotia. this is a crew of serious surfers who could be seen braving the icy waters of the north atlantic in their wet suits. but, still, they say this week's stormy weather is creating perfect conditions for hanging ten. so get out there. today's temperature in cal bay was a balmy 20 degrees. so there they go. tonight, they're hanging all 20 of their digits on their space heaters. i believe that's what's happening. >> not quite as bad here. >> not. but better than waiting in the airport to get out on the surfboard. >> that's for sure. >> thank you for watching nbc bay area news at 6:00. see you back here at 11:00 tonight. have a great evening. ?
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