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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  January 17, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PST

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thank you so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. brent has the morning off. but not christina loren. she has a look at the forecast. if you can look and see, it is foggy out there. it would be great to have the morning off, but you ended up here. we'll come back to that later in the broadcast. it is a foggy start out there this morning. take it easy if you've got to hit the roadways. you want to give yourself planety plenty of time and not go out rushing in these dangerous conditions. we have feet of visibility. that's what we are talking about. widespread fog anywhere you head this morning. you'll be contending with some patchy, dense fog. as we head through the remainder of this morning and this afternoon, take a look at some of the highs this week. 61 degrees is what we are looking towards today. 68 tomorrow. we'll tell you why it will be so warm and when the fog is expected to lift coming up. back to you, laura. thank you very much. the family of a missing woman and the suspect in saturday night's shooting spoke education
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collusively to pay area. the parents of janine hans and wayne sanchez asked for privacy the next few days. however, damian trujillo spoke to the family and they say their father cared about his family a lot. >> reporter: this is how they remember wayne sanchez. >> we don't know all the details. it is still under investigation. we are just trying to be strong. >> reporter: christine sanchez is 18. her sister nicole is 20. >> we are devastated by the loss of our father. he was a great dad and grandpa. we just don't know all the details of the situation. and we just hope for us all to be strong and be positive through all this. >> reporter: the daughters spoke to nbc bay area in the same living room where their
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frustrated grandparents sat last may asking why the person responsible for their daughter's disappearance wasn't behind bars. >> we are going to be dead by then. you know how old i am. very frustrating. i mean, it meant waiting and waiting and waiting. and that's what we have been doing. >> reporter: now the two have lost a daughter and a son. >> my girlfriends are really devastated at the loss of their son and daughter. and this is just a really hard situation for all of us. especially for my grandparents. >> reporter: gentleman sean harms has been missing since the sanchez girls were 8 and 10 years old. now their father is also gone. >> that was damian trujillo reporting. he was a double shooting that happened in san jose over the weekend. police say it had ties to the decades old missing case of
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janine harms. police say they arrived at the shopping center to find maurice nasmeh shot to death. gentleman neen harms was last seen in 2001. nasmeh was arrested in connection with the murder but eventually leased when the case was thrown out. sanchez and nasmeh had a confrontation before the shooting saturday night. >> we can try to paint a picture of what happened by investigating. ultimately we may never know what was said in the conversation or how much of this was planned or if it was just a heat of passion-type crime. >> police are looking into revenge as the motive. pg&e temporarily increased
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pressure on the transmission line and on others. the intentional surges could have weakened the pipe in san bruno. pg&e and the state public utility commission say it is not unsafe to increase the pressure to the legal limit if if the limit is set correctly. they are trying to determine if if the utility can justify the pipe pressure limits on the san bruno line. pg&e tested it between 2003 and 2008. last week officials say the utility stopped running pressure in the pipes at the maximum operating limits. san francisco police are asking for help in finding suspects in the shooting of a san mateo man. 23-year-old luis venegas was shot multiple times early sunday morning. according to police he was with friends when they got into an argument with two or three other men on the lookout point. venegas was shot when one of the men opened fire. he was pronounced dead at the scene. the suspects fled the scene in a
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honda odyssey that looks like this one or a similarly looking van. santa clara county squares off with officials in the medicaid problem. santa clara county is trying to force nearly a dozen drugmakers to reimburse local governments for allegedly overcharging drug prescription prices. the obama administration is backing drug companies because they are concerned the lawsuits could clutter medicaid oversight with legislation. businesses along san francisco's waterfront could be forced to permanently relocate to make way for america's cup 2013. the cup will be an enormous boost to the city's economy but not everyone is happy. the port authority has said relocated them is necessary to make room for the spectators
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area on piers 27 and 29. and at bowers coach service. they are expected to relocate from the waterfront by the year's end. >> i think we are disappointed. for a couple of reasons, first of all, we are just entering our second kad decade. this is an incredible show that performs for more than a million people over the last ten years. >> san francisco was selected to host the premier event and organizers say the local economy will benefit to the tune of $1.4 billion. on that martin luther king jr. day there are reports that san jose could get the first african-american police chief. he wouldn't have to travel far for that job. bob redell is live that the top cop could be heading to the south bay. bob? >> reporter: good morning to you, laura. we have learned what's on the mind of oakland police chief anthony bass when he speaks later this morning at an mlk event at the international long
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shore warehouse union here at oakland international airport. the chronicle and mercury news both report he's in the running to be police chief of san jose. this is quite a surprise for oakland and for san francisco considering he just arrived here in oakland only over a year ago from long beach. he still has two years left on his contract. under his ten your so far, oakland's crime rate has dropped. it is still quite significant when comparing it to other cities of this size throughout the country. he's also had to oversee the layoffs of 80 officers last year. they had to pull back on a community policing program. the bottom line is the opd made cutbacks under his tenure. he spoke to the police officers association yesterday and he says he feels defeated over some of the things that had to happen during his time here.
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san jose is also struggling with low morale, especially after chief rob davis left there. there's also been oxidations from people in both the vietnamese and hispanic communities of discrimination. he'll have the charge there in san jose, but given his popularity in oakland he could give them a boost. since the running there's another man in the running, that's kris moore, the acting police chief of san jose right now. he's a veteran of that department. the city manager of san jose is expected to make a decision within weeks. roaring live in oakland, bob redell, "today in the bay." it looks like arnold schwarzenegger will be back in movies very soon. he is looking at three scripts. one is a movie about a nazi soldier that defies orders and helps a group of american pows escape during world war ii. the 63-year-old former governor
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will be returning to his days of adapting roles to his age the way clint eastwood did. 5:08 right now. a lot of you probably are sleeping in. hopefully you'll miss the fog. how long will it stick around, christina? it is so thick this morning that we'll probably deal with it until 11:00 a.m. maybe even noon in some cities. but the good news is after that fog clears the air we'll see a beautiful mostly sunny day today. just a few patchy clouds as we head throughout this afternoon. then tomorrow less fog anticipated and warmer conditions. we'll get to that in a minute. right now if you are leaving or headed out that front door for places like concord, fairfield, up through the north bay and the peninsula, basically everywhere, including the south bay, we have patchy dense fog. and it is so bad in some cities that you cannot see 200 feet. so it is really, really dangerous out there. take it easy. if you don't have anywhere to go, we highly advise you stay where you are, at least for the next couple of hours.
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after sunrise the situation will greatly improve with the low clouds lifting above the surface. this is what you can expect heading throughout the first part of the week. high pressure remains in control to keep things a little on the foggy side, but that makes for hazy sunshine this afternoon. and tomorrow high pressure will retreat a little bit and push back out into the pacific. what that means for us is less fog, especially towards the coast. we'll see patchy dense inland fog tomorrow, but high pressure is going to make for a really warm day. temperatures are right around 70 degrees, especially in the north bay. that will be the warmest spot tomorrow. for today we are talking about the low 60s. 64 degrees in san jose. 64 in oakland. and 58 degrees up in napa. 54 for concord. the places that see the most fog will see less amounts of sunshine. heading throughout the afternoon it will be socked in for places like napa. they will hit 58 degrees. as we head through this week we are going to warm up nicely. i want to tell you about something happening today. we are cleaning up the bay in santa clara and san jose. if you don't have plans, sign up
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on our facebook page. search bay area proud on facebook. we would love to have you out there with us. we are cleaning up the bay. we'll give you nbc swag. you can't get out of that. thank you so much. wikileaks is getting ready to release another round of data. this one has a lot of hollywood a-listers on edge. and speaking of a-listers, the best and the brightest shining at the golden globe awards. we'll look at the big winners of the night. and the unseen dangers of posting a picture online. we'll show you what a harmless picture looks like and why it may not be so harmless at all. ♪ let's go out to the dmv
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♪ it's ok that we're number fo hundred and three ♪ ♪ we'll find ourselves a comfy seat ♪ ♪ and watch some shows and stuff ♪ ♪ ♪ let's follow that lady with the laptop ♪ ♪ and watch day-time dramas at the bus stop ♪ [ male announcer ] now you can watch hit tv shows on your laptop and smartphone with at&t u-verse tv. now get up to $300 back in promotion cards. at&t. rethink possible. welcome back, everyone. 5:14 right now. there's a break with tradition when president obama gives his state of the union speech a week from tomorrow. two senators from different parties say they'll skip tradition and sit together during the president's speech. the public senators say their
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decision is based on a call for greater civility in political discourse following the fatal shootings nine days ago at a political event in tucson. both senators say it is a symbolic gesture and hope other lawmakers follow their example and skip the partisan seating arrangements during joint sessions of congress. hollywood a-listers and lawmakers from u.s., britain and asia are all holding their collective breaths this morning because a former employee of swiss bank, jewel yast bayer, is about to release the name of thousands of offshore accounts. details of 2,000 accounts will be released via wik,leaks that could lead to later charges of celebrities involved. julian asang will appear in court on tuesday. if you go to the vending
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machine for lifesavers, what would you think if the vending machine could save your life? they are putting security cameras in there to keep customers safe. it even has an alarm to sound if you feel like you are in danger. street crime has doubled in japan over the past decade. i think this is kind of a fake video they made to show you how it all works. other companies are reportedly making efforts to incorporate crime-fighting technology into their products. who knew a bag of chips could save your life? day two of the australian open got underway earlier this morning, and results are already in. if you are planning to watch andy roddick or roger federer's match later today, leave the room for this first part. number two ranked federer made quick work of lucas lacko winning three sets. andy roddick finished his round quickly. number eight-ranked roddick beat dan hylek in straight sets as
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well. parts of washington and oregon under water this morning. high waters are flooding backwards in the area. creeks and rivers are over their banks causing quick-moving floodwaters in that area. a local fire station is being used as a temporary shelter for folks hit hard there. it is 5:17 right now. what we are seeing across the bay area, especially on a lot of bridges, is fog. we'll go to christina who will give us our forecast. >> if mike was here, he would want me to tell you that chp issued a dense fog advisory for all the bay area bridges. so this morning wherever you are headed it is not confined to the bridges. we have dense fog and it is widespread. you're talking about visibility in feet in san mateo and okland. we are less than a quarter of a mile in most cities. take it easy out there. a lot of the fog is so thick it is creating slick conditions on
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top of everything else. keep that in mind this morning. you really want to take it easy out there. this is the storm track. as you can see, it is all getting taken, all this moisture, all the activity is moving into the pacific northwest. high pressure is in full control of our weather forecast and is compressing all the moisture we have leftover. that's why we have the fog. we also have come press iing a y where it is illegal to burn. it is pretty mild. you don't need to burn. it is 48 degrees. turning to 64 later this afternoon. 62 in fremont. 61 in santa rosa. heading throughout the remainder of the week, hey, it is monday, but we are already looking at that weekend. 59 degrees on friday. we are going to cool down towards the weekend. the start of the week, once we get past the fog each morning through wednesday, we are talking about a lot of sunshine and really beautiful days, especially heading through your tuesday. 68 degrees. really nice. and 62 for wednesday.
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so brent has the day off. laura, thank god you are here with me this morning. oh, i would never leave you. thank you. 5:18 right now. hollywood is in recovery though this morning after the golden globes took place last night. >> reporter: a film of facebook's origin got nor like votes than any other last night at the golden globes. "the social network" came away with four awards including best drama. >> i hope the success of this film, the work of all these producers here, aaron's work, david's work, a remarkable supportive system in sony, will encourage other studios that these films have value. >> reporter: colin firth had best actor in a drama for "the king's speech." >> i basically was just about
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able to project myself to the end of this press conference. so i can't really get further than that in my mind. >> reporter: natalie portman took best actress for "black swan." >> i learned how much i could work. i think i learned the extent of my discipline. which was put to the test every day by the riggers of the art form. >> reporter: "the fighter" scored a one-two punch. an exuberant malice zee leo won best supporting actress. >> look mom, i got a golden globe! >> reporter: christian bale won for supporting actor. >> we have issues of not wanting to be in front of people. so sometimes that can come across as, oh, hostility or whatever. >> reporter: but on this night the golden globes showed lots of love. in los angeles, mark barger, nbc
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news. it is 5:20 right now. first tv then video games. the new study that looks at how bad the games are for your kids' health. we have the details for you coming up. >> people should be more aware of what they are doing and what the websites that they are using are capable of. and is online sharing opening you up to stalkers? we look at just how much criminals can learn from your pictures, posts and texts. and how can stay safe. plus, we'll take a look at the big security threats you need to lookout for this year and how to protect yourself. we'll be back in three minutes. 3q
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lysol believes kids shouldn't miss school during cold and flu season. that's why lysol created a healthy way to wash hands and developed healthy habits programs for schools with a pediatrician. for healthy tips and more visit
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welcome back, everyone. 5:24 right now. snap a photo and share it with your friends. smart phones make it so easy but what if you were broadcasting that information to stalkers or thieves without even knowing it. "today in the bay's" vicky nguyen shows us hoe geo tagging works. >> reporter: you just had a great meal, just bought a new toy, just got a new do. then you do what millions do these days, take a pic and share it with the world. but are you sharing more than you realize? shannon coal certainly was.
5:25 am
>> so he was around the corner from my house at a movie theater. >> reporter: coal didn't know about geo tag, gps coordinates embedded in her photographs taken by her smartphone. >> a couple days later my stalker said, i'm by your house do. you want to come outside? i said no. it is frightening anybody could find out where you were or where you lived. >> reporter: frightening, frankly, just how easy it is. to demonstrate i took the photos and enlisted my colleague garvin thomas to track me starting at my desk. okay, i'm going to tweet this picture to see how long it takes garvin to find me. >> there are dozens of programs that will help you do it. she tweets the picture, you click on the link. when you have the picture, right click, show data, click on that and your map pops right up. okay, but how about a little farther away than just a few desks? and you are at the municipal rose garden in san jose. it took all of seven seconds.
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>> san jose rose garden, you got me. that was fast, garvin. >> finally vicky heads for lunch. you are in palo alto, california. i know you are in a restaurant. is that pluto's? >> 476 university. we are actually at 422 university but close enough. >> reporter: 52% of people using social media post information that increases their risk of becoming victims of cyber crime. >> everything from identity theft to stalking to cyber bullying, just harassing people through technology, the internet, social media. >> folks don't realize they are posting, hey, i just got a big-screen tv installed. now we know where it is. >> reporter: this is one of the creators of it stopped people from broadcasting their location without knowing it. >> it's the inadvertent sharing
5:27 am
of information that people are doing without knowing it. >> reporter: the cell phones are required to have gps technology but that doesn't mean your photos need to be geo tagged. you can turn off that feature. there's a list of different phones and directions on how to do it. >> people should be more aware of what they are doing and what the websites that they are using are capable of, especially the location services that i had no idea about. >> reporter: shannon was able to shake her stalker by blocking him and changing her privacy settings but her cyber guard is up for good. vicky nguyen, nbc bay area news. all right. it is 5:27 right now. stop before you start. a new study looks at how dangerous smoking can be and the findings are worse than expected. kills germs without alcohol, then moisturizes. kills germs. loves your hands.
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and receive $25 off your registration fee. because everyone deserves a lifetime. new this morning, headed to california. the man accused of killing six people in arizona and injurying a number of others could suffice himself facing a california jury. we'll tell you why. and headed to the south bay. could san jose be host iing san francisco's top cop? and a live look at the foggy toll bridge plaza this morning on this martin luther king jr. day, january 17. this is "today in the bay." good morning. thank you for joining us. it is 5:30.
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i'm marla tellez in for brent. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. let's go to christina to check on the forecast. it is a foggy start basically anywhere you wake up. south bay, north bay, east bay, we are socked in this morning. and we are measuring fog in feet. we are not even measuring it in miles in places like san mateo. you really want to take it easy out there. if you don't have to go to work or have anywhere to be this morning, postpone your travels until say 10:00 or maybe 11:00 when we expect most of the fog to clear out of the area. we are starting out relatively mild. 50 degrees in san jose. turning over to the 60s. a lot of sunshine is expected for the second half of the day. we'll let you know just how warm it is expected to be for the rest of the week coming up. i think you will like it, ladies. back to you. thank you, christina. well, new this morning in the trial of the alleged gunman in the tucson shootings, he will likely move to san diego because of extensive pretrial publicity in arizona.
5:32 am
22-year-old jared "lee" loughner is charged in federal court in arizona but court leaders plan to move the case out of the state? several weeks. federal authorities cite the sensetivity of the case in arizona. one of those fatally shot was the chief federal judge. the new chief judge will make a final decision about the venue. congresswoman gabrielle give fords' condition is improved. doctors upgraded her from critical to serious condition yesterday. the same day a walk for peace was held in tucson. hundreds of people marched in support of giffords and the other victims of the january 8th arizona shootings. two of the victims were honored. a memorial service was held for gabe zimmerman, giffords director of community outreach. and a funeral service was held for 76-year-old dorwin stoddard who shielded his wife during the shooting. she survived. it doesn't appear san jose
5:33 am
has to look for far for the new police chief. we are told oakland's top cop is in the running. we are joined live from oakland this morning with more from bob redell. >> reporter: there's word that san jose could be getting its first african-american police chief. "the chronicle" is reporting that anthony bass is a finalist to be the top cop of san jose. perhaps we'll learn more later this morning when base speaks at an mlk event near oakland's international airport where we are at. this is no surprise because bass just arrived from long beach's police department a year ago. he hasn't been here that long with a couple years left on his contract, even though the crime rate in oakland is still high it has dropped during his short time here. so why leave? well, one report says he's frustrated with the limited resources at his disposal. last year the department had to lay off 80 officers stretching the force thinger than it was before.
5:34 am
the police officers association tells "the mercury news" he thinks he feels defeated. taking on san jose's top job would be also a challenge. that department has been demoralized by budget cuts and accusations of discrimination from people in the hispanic and vietnamese communities. the other person in the running for the top job in tan jose is chris moore. he's the acting police chief ever since rob davis left late last year. reporting live in oakland, bob redell, "today in the bay." a woman and her dog are dead after a hit-and-run in concord. it happened just before 6:00 last night on solano way near avon avenue. the 53-year-old woman walked into the roadway because of some sort of issue with her dog. both were struck by a teenager boy driving southbound on solano way. as the teenager stopped to check on the woman, a second car hit her. that driver pulled over to talk to the teen and then took off. police are searching for that
5:35 am
second driver. a san francisco cancer survivor is about to launch a web application he hopes will network patients, doctors and scientists to help discover the best therapies. 67-year-old marty tenanbaum had melanoma and beat the disease, but he never got over the frustration of the research. his new app will tell patients what specific cancer sub-type they have as determined by an expert panel. patients can also learn what drugs show the most promise in the most serious diseases. it is called cancer common and launched tomorrow. we know the raiders are out of the playoffs but not out of nfl headlines. we are told as early as this week the team could have a new head coach. raj mathai says hugh jackson could be hired some time later this week. the 45-year-old is currently the team's offensive coordinator. this would be his first nfl head
5:36 am
coaching job. the raiders are the only team in the nfl still without a head coach. and a sports bombshell. espn is reporting former raiders coach tom cable is fighting for his full paycheck. owner al davis fined cable $20,000 per paycheck during the course of the season as fines for the club losing organized team activity sessions required by the nfl. cable has filed a grievance with the nfl to recoup that money totaling $120,000. cable's contract was not renewed earlier this month. the raiders had their best season this season in eight years. the oakland a's are boosting their bolts as they agreed to terms with brian fuentes on a two-year contract. fuentes must still pass a physical before the deal is sealed. the 35-year-old has played with the los angeles angels and the minnesota twins. it is not clear what role he'll have on the oakland a's. many people will mark this
5:37 am
martin luther king jr. holiday by riding the train here. the annual ride is a symbol ic representation of martin luther king's legacy. this is the same amount oh mileage as king's march was. writers in receipt years said the trip was not just about a civil rights legacy but about the dawn of a new day. many people will be volunteering their time in honor of martin luther king jr. today. the mlk day of service is part of united we service. that's president obama's initiative calling for americans to work together to aid the nation's most pressing problems. last year the president and first lady spent the day helping the homeless and poor enjoy a good meal. the president passed out meals while the first lady poured the
5:38 am
drinks. and here in the bay area a special performance honoring dr. king. the bay of hope concert with the oakland youth chorus is set for 3:00 this afternoon at davies symphony hall in san francisco. plus, major jean quan will award the humanitarian award. this year's honor goes to achabe hopkins for his work on projects in the name of love in a musical tribute honoring king. the ceremony will be held at 8:00 tonight at the scottish rite center. today is another winter spare the air day, the fourth of the season. that means you cannot burn wood or solid fuel indoors or out. air quality is going to be unheld ty because of cold weather and the lack of wind close to the ground. if you are caught burning wood, you'll get a warning the first time and a $400 fine the second time. the fog is not sparing the
5:39 am
air. it is pea soup out there. >> it is hard to make clear of it. it is one of the most severe days in terms of visibility i have had so far. and i have heard from the locals it is just really, really bad out there. so wherever you are headed this morning, give yourself plenty of time and take it easy. the good news is if you don't have to take the kids school in foggy conditions, don't. if you have to go to work this morning, we are there with you. 47 nor sunnyvale. 48 in santa cruz. even though it is a spare the air day, it is kind of mild out there. you probably don't need to burn the firewood. it is not that cold. that's the good thing. here's where we are in terms of visibility. still really socked in along the peninsula. no exception down in the south bay this morning. we have really heavy fog in hayward. we are looking toward heavy fog in the city of san jose, livermore, a quarter of a mile. take it easy. don't go racing out the door. it is a good idea to eliminate distractions in the vehicle when dealing with fog. turn the radio down to hear everything going on around you.
5:40 am
here's what's happening. monday, today, we have dense a.m. fog to deal with for the first part of the day. i would say by 11:00 a.m. that will lift out of the area. we are left with hazy sunshine with temperature miss the low 60s. for tuesday high pressure will retreat out into the pacific just a little bit. that will make it even warmer around here. temperatures close to 70 degrees for tomorrow. and we'll see temperatures in the 60s at least for the first three days of the week. back down to the 50s for the second half. if you have nothing to do today, we'll let you know how you can show your bay area pride coming up. stay tuned for that. back to you, ladies. >> make it part of your plans. thank you. 5:40. staying civil, we have a live report from washington with a look at what politicians are doing to keep things civil on capitol hill. plus, why that resolve could be tested this week. and you knew smoking was bad for your health, but did you know it was this bad? the new study that looks at the exact impact of a single puff and what it can have on your health.
5:41 am
california should be proud.
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we were the first to ban smoking on airplanes. the first to have smoke-free bars and restaurants. all while saving over $86 billion in health care costs... and over a million lives. we've done a good job. but even if you were born today,
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you'd still grow up in a world where tobacco kills more people... than aids, drugs, alcohol, murder and car crashes... combined. we have a lot more work to do. welcome back. a good monday morning to you. here's a live look at the golden gate bridge. this is what you'll see across many of the bay area bridges this morning. thick fog, it is pretty dense in a lot of spots. slow it down if you are headed out the door. 5:43 right now. back to work for congress this week as republicans vow to repeal health care reform. and there could be a change in mood in capitol hill with everyone vowing to disagree nicely. "today in the bay's" tracy potts is live with more. >> reporter: good morning, marla. good morning, everyone. we'll be on the lookout for that, won't we? today they are not in session but starting tomorrow the debate
5:44 am
and later on this week a vote with the health care repeal. it was supposed to happen last week put off because of the remembrance of the arizona shootings. >> that all men and women -- >> reporter: as gabrielle giffords' condition is upgraded from critical to serious, republicans and democrats are going to tone down the meanness. >> violent discourse in the right, left or center is wrong and should be rejected. >> frankly, we'll find that's more effective from both sides, but keeping that into the future will be a tough thing. >> reporter: especially the near future. this week the house votes on whether to repeal health reform. a new associated press gfk poll finds the nation's almost evenly split, but strong opposition is down since november's election. >> it costs too much. and what we have done is expanded the coverage but haven't worked on the cost. we can work together on cutting
5:45 am
those costs without damaging the good health care that people get. that's an area for bipartisan agreement, i think. >> reporter: despite their differences senators coburn, schumer and other republicans will stick together during the state of the union address next week. their first exercise in being civil. >> they will get started this week with the health care debate. there are 7 million people in california who don't have health insurance. that's about 1/5 of the state. that is who they will be talking about tomorrow and voting on wednesday. >> tracy, thank you very much. a lit more detail on the poll tracy talked about. there's a strong opposition to the health care law that has dwindled to 30%. that's the lowest level since the ap started conducting the poll in september of 2009. the poll also finds 40% of those surveyed support the law. that's up 2% from a poll taken
5:46 am
just after the november congressional election. only one in four people say the law needs to be repealed. when it comes to republican support, it has dropped sharply from 61% to 49%. it is 5:46. good morning. i'm marla tellez in for your husband. >> yes, he's probably sleeping in. or maybe waking up early with those triplets this morning. i want to check in on the forecast. they won't be heading out until the fog breaks up. the sunshine is on the way. yes, it is on the way. brent is playing mr. mom this morning. things are looking good whether you are headed to work like us or staying indoors. right now you are safe indoors. heading out will be a treacherous commute wherever you are headed. we have widespread fog. and it is drifting rather quickly. i'm really watching the live shots this morning. wherever you are headed, just watch out for dense patches of fog, even in places where we are reporting two miles of visibility. up in napa you'll find some
5:47 am
areas where you can't see 200 feet. take it easy out there this morning. widespread dense fog will be a factor. probably until about 11:00 a.m. and then we are going to see the sunshine. 64 degrees in oakland today. 62 in fremont. if you haven't made those plans for the holidays just yet, we are honoring dr. king by cleaning up the bay between 9:00 and noon. if you would like to find out exactly where, we are doing it in santa clara and san jose. log on to facebook and search "bay area proud." we would love to have you out there. and we'll give you a t-shirt. back to you, ladies. new this morning a former dictator makes his return to the island of haiti. jean-claude duvalier was ousted from office by an uprising due to accusations of human rights abuses and corruption. he fled the island nation for france and has lived there since
5:48 am
then. three people are dead and another 20 are in the hospital right now after a natural gas explosion in china. that explosion happened as police were escorted people from the building because some reported smelling the gas. the blast shattered windows and caused a billboard to collapse as far as a third of a mile away. security experts say the biggest online threat this is year could be in the palm of your hand. chris crack come has this report. >> reporter: this is a scary fact. cyberspace security hasn't kept up with mobile access to the internet. >> there's not a lot of security technologies available for google tv and android platforms and the iphone and ipad. >> reporter: trackers have opportunities not seen in years, which is why hacking into mobile devices is predicted to be one of the biggest cyberspace threats this year. >> so, you know, you can go to a website that potentially
5:49 am
malicious or go to an app store that's potentially going to download the app that is not what it says it is. >> reporter: this could be a bigger threat to businesses, many of which have migrated to mobile faster than average customers. now more than ever responsibility for security rests almost exclusively with the user. >> at the end of the day it is your data, your credit card information, it is your privacy information. people really do have to own some of that responsibility. >> reporter: social media sites, especially when accessed with a mobile device, are also predicted this year to become forgettable ground for hackers with malicious activity. could playing too much video games be bad for your health? researchers in singapore conducted a poll to find out kids could develop depression, anxiety and social problems that
5:50 am
led them toward gaming addiction. the study also found that as the addiction grew their school performance suffered. smoking ads could sway for teens to light up. german researchers found teens exposed to cigarette ads were more likely to start smoking. they showed 2,000 non-smoking teens cigarette ads and another group non-smoking ads. later on those shown the cigarette ads were more likely to light up. researchers say within 15 to 30 minutes of smoking the toxins in cigarettes begin to genetically damage the lungs which may lead to cancer. they say the toxins act so quickly it is like injecting the substances directly into your bloodstream. a classic match-up in this weekend's afc championship game. the new york jets versus the pittsburgh steeler this is sunday at 3:30. a week of trash talk only added to the only fierce rivalry
5:51 am
between the jets and patriots. the jets' defense kept tom brady out of his rhythm who had five sacks in the game. mark sanchez had three touchdowns at the jets upset the patriots 28-21. and the ravens got out to an early lead against the steelers on a bizarre fumble recovery, but the steelers came back with a couple turnovers of their own. big ben roethlisberger had two touchdown passes to seal the comeback and clip the ravens 31-24. >> like little boys on the field. the green bay packers will travel to take on the bears in the nfc championship game. the teams face off this sunday at noon. this is the rubber match between the two teams. the rivals split their second series. the seahawks come over a big win with the saints, but they couldn't get off the ground yesterday. greg olson gets this 58-yard touchdown. and the bears never let up. chicago beat the seahawks 35-24.
5:52 am
and look at this connection with james jones for one of three touchdowns. he threw two interceptions. and the top-seeded falcons lost to the packers 48-21. before you bite into that bagel, here's a study to take in. we have all heard breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but new research suggests when you eat breakfast could be as important as what to eat. ellen goldberg from our nbc station in dallas explains. >> reporter: it has been pounded in our heads, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. >> it gets your metabolism going right away in the morning. >> but new research suggests to wait to eat until after working out and it could be the fastest way to lose out. >> if i eat before a workout i feel lethargic. i wait until afterwards. i find i get too bloated before
5:53 am
i workout and can't do it. i like an empty stomach to make the workout better. >> reporter: these workout partners could be on to something. researchers in belgium followed two groups of young men for six weeks. one group ate a carbohydrate-parked breakfast then worked out. the other group worked out and then had the same carb-rich meal. while group one gained about three pounds, group two gained almost no weight. >> conventional wisdom says and research has shown that within 30 to 45 minutes of a workout is when your body will most effectively use the protein that you take in. >> reporter: while hitting the gym on an empty stomach may not be for everyone, brandon wall, the owner of trade fitness in dallas suggests people eat a banana before a workout. >> i'm not saying to eat a big breakfast beforehand, but get something in your stomach, get energy, get through that workout, work your butt off, afterwards you'll eat something, get the protein that your body
5:54 am
really craves in order to rebuild your muscles and lose the fat. hey. if you have somewhere to be right now, make sure you give yourself ample time this morning because we've got temperaturous conditions, fog, very thick fog widespread. you won't see really in breaks from it all across the bay area. it is very, very thick this morning and dangerous. take it easy out there. we are measuring it in feet in oakland and san mateo right now. still in santa rosa, even though we have a quarter mile overall, we have pockets of just really, really dense fog that you'll have to drive through. you'll completely lose visibility at some points this morning. so we want to take it easy out there, eliminate distractions. i'm not fooling you, once you head out the front door you'll see what i mean. this is what is happening. high pressure is coming in to compress all the moisture in the atmosphere. that means we have widespread
5:55 am
dense fog at least until 11:00 a.m. after that we are going to see hazy sunshine and mostly sunny skies this afternoon. very similar to what we saw yesterday if you were able to wake up when the fog was still out there. now, as we head through tomorrow, high pressure is actually going to retreat out to the pacific a little bit. and for us that means inland fog a little bit at the coast, not quite as much, but temperatures will climb towards that 70-degree mark. it will be a really nice tuesday. that's the warmest day in our force cast forecast. here's what to expect throughout the remainder of today. 62 in fremont. 61 in santa rosa. a little more milder for the coast. we have the moderation from the pacific ocean. 64 in santa cruz. here's what to expect for tomorrow. 68 degrees. it is going to be really mild in the city. by wednesday we are going to lose a good amount of that fog clearing it out entirely by thursday. but we are back in the 50s friday and saturday. so you have to give and take. back to you guys. 5:55 right now.
5:56 am
so many choices, so little time. especially if you are kate middleton. the woman engaged to be married to prince william on april 29th is not sure what her title will be. she could be princess, dutchess, even a countess, but her exact title won't be known until shortly before the wedding. and it will be determined by the queen herself. royal experts say it is possible she could end up with a formal name her royal highness, princess williams of wales. regardless of what the queen chooses, she will probably be best known as princess kate. it has a nice ring. >> oh to have that problem, right? a public safety video is causing a lot of questions in montana. >> if you plan to drink -- plan to have a friend get you home. >> the video entitled "sober friends" shows them walking
5:57 am
through town and obeying traffic lawns before picking up a man from the bar. the video was released by the montana department of transportation and is trying to deliver the message to get a ride home after drinking. in a state known for its horse culture, some are taking the video literally. the chief of police has received calls wondering if it is legal to ride a horse while being under the influence. he says it is legal since montana law specifically defines a vehicle and excludes those running under animal powers to be considered a dui. i need to get a horse. >> i saw a story last week in s xas with a coupl oywb taken into custody for that. it is 5:57. more news after this. ♪ ♪ spread a little joy and see ♪ need a little happiness to be ♪ ♪ living the life with me ♪ dee dee dee ♪ spread a little joy and see ♪ need a little happiness to be ♪ ♪ living the life with me
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oscillococcinum, nip it in the bud. an mlk day surprise. word that san jose could be getting the first african-american police chief. i'm bob redell with the latest coming up.


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