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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  January 17, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PST

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and now her brother shoots and kills the suspect and shoots himself. you'll hear from janine harms' family coming up. and some encouraging news about congresswoman gabrielle giffords this morning. see what doctors are looking for now. good morning to you. a hazy, foggy start to the bay area this morning. take caution if you are headed out on the bridges. it is 6:00 on this martin luther king jr. day, january 17th, "today in the bay." good monday morning to you. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm marla tellez in for brent. let's get you started on the forecast with christina loren. good morning to you, ladies. good morning to you at hole home. we are starting out with dense fog and treacherous driving conditions as a result. we are still measuring the fog
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in the feet range for visibilities this morning. san mateo, widespread patches of dense fog. wherever you are headed, you will likely be confronted by the visibility. this is what we are expecting heading throughout the day today. pretty mild, 49 degrees. san jose, 49. san francisco, 49. 48 up in santa rosa. turning to the 60s around 3:00 p.m. when we see the daytime highs this time of the year. we'll let you know about a substantial warm up on the way for tomorrow coming up. back to you. thank you very much. 6:01 right now. on this martin luther king jr. day there are reports that san jose could get its first african-american police chief. he wouldn't have to travel far for that job either. "today in the bay's" bob redell is live in oakland with rumblings that the top cop there could be headed to the south bay. good morning, bob. >> reporter: good morning to you, laura. we could learn more later this morning on what exactly is on the mind of oakland's police chief anthony bass as he speaks
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at the international long shore and warehouse hall near oakland's international airport. "the chronicle" and "mercury news" report he's in the running to be the chief police in san jose which is a surprise considering he hasn't been oakland's police chief for that long of a time. he arrived just over a year ago from long beach with a couple years left on his contract. and over the short time he's been here he has seen the crime rate in this city drop, though it is still high compared to other cities nationwide. so the question is why leave? one report suggests he's very frustrated with the limited resources at his disposal. you may recall last july the department had to lay off 80 police officers stretching the force even thinner than it was before. the president of the oakland police officers association telling the mark he feels defeated. taking on san jose's top job would be a challenge as they are demoralized of accusations of discrimination from people in
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the vietnamese and hispanic communities. there's another person in the running for the top job in san jose, and that's chris moore. he's currently the acting police chief. bob redell for "today in the bay." thank you, bob. 6:03 right now. we are learning more about a double shooting in san jose this weekend. police say it has ties to an almost decade-old missing persons case. police arrived at the saratoga shopping center to find maurice nasmeh shot to death and wayne sanchez had a self-inflicted gunshot wound. jeanine harms was last seen in 2001. nasmeh was released for her murder but later let go because the case against him was dropped. we are told the two men had a confrontation earlier that night. >> we are trying to paint the picture by investigating but ultimately we may never know
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what exactly was said in that conversation and how much of this was planned or if it was just a heat of passion type crime. >> police are looking into revenge as the motive. nasmeh was the last known person to see harms alive. the family of the missing woman and of the suspect in saturday night's shooting spoke exclusively to nbc bay area. the parents of jeanine harms and wayne sanchez are too devastated to speak this morning. they asked for privacy over the next few days. however, "today in the bay's" dame yap trujillo talked to sanchez's daughters who said they don't know all the facts but know their father cared about his family. >> reporter: this is how his daughters remember wayne sanchez, a smiling caring father. now even they have many unanswered questions. >> we are devastated, but at the momt we don't know all the details because it is still under investigation. and we are just trying to be strong. >> christine sanchez is 18. her sister nicole is 20.
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>> we are devastated by the loss of our father. he was a great dad and grandpa. and we just don't know all the details of the situation. and we just hope for us all to be strong and be positive through all this. >> reporter: the daughters spoke to nbc bay area in the same living room where their frustrated grandparents sat last may asking why the person responsible for their daughter's disappearance wasn't behind bars. >> we are going to be dead by then. i'm only -- you know how old i am. very frustrating, it meant waiting and waiting and waiting. and that's what we have been doing. >> reporter: now jesse and georgette sanchez have lost a daughter and a son. >> my girlfriends are really devastated at the loss of their son and daughter. and this is just a really hard situation for all of us, especially for my grandparents. >> reporter: jeanine harms has been missing since nicole awas 0
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years old. now their father is also gone. it is 6:05. santa clara squares off against major drug companies in the u.s. supreme court this week. the issue is whether provisions in the federal medicaid program can block legal action against the pharmaceutical industry. santa clara county is forcing nearly a dozen drug lawmakers to reimburse governments across the country for overcharging prescription drug prices. it could be an uphill battle. the obama administration is backing drug companies because they are concerned the lawsuits would clutter federal medicaid oversight with legislation. two years before the deadly pipeline explosion in san bruno last september pg&e was temporarily increasing pressure on that transition line and on others. experts tell "the chronicle" the intentional surges could have weakened the pipe in san bruno. pg&e and the state public
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utilities commission say it is not unsafe to increase the pipe's pressure to the legal limit. assuming that limit is set correctly. pg&e's records are being looked at to justify the pressure limits. pg&e pressure tested it between 2003 and 2008. last week pg&e officials say the utility has stopped running pressure in its pipes at the maximum operating limits. newly eight businesses along san francisco's waterfront could be forced to permanent he relocate to make way for the premier event of america's cup 23420, in 2013. the port of san francisco has given notices to businesses at pier 29 that relocated them will be necessary to make room for the spectator area for the salem competition on piers 27 and 29.
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many are expected to are relocate by year's end. >> we are disappointed for a couple reasons. first of all, we are just entering our second decade. this is an incredible show performing for more than a million people over the last ten years. >> san francisco was selected to host the cup. organizers say the local company will benefit to the tune of $1.4 billion. it is 6:08. good morning, what a gorgeous weekend, huh? >> oh, simply lovely. a soggy start to the day today. hopefully it will clear. >> yes, it will clear. it is just one of those days where it is so thick in sperp certain spots. it will take until 11:00 a.m. or noon to clear. the national weather service issued a dense fog advisory for the entire bay area until 11:00 a.m. for good reason. we are measuring visibility in feet now in san jose. it is really drifting quickly in the oakland area this morning. you are down to a quarter mile in hayward. we are still measuring in feet
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in san mateo. really, really thick fog out there this morning. you want to give yourself plenty of time. it is so thick in spots it is creating a mix of slick conditions out there as well. it is a good thing a lot of people don't have to go to work today. it is a good thing you don't  have to take the little ones to school in the dangerous conditions. if you are going to work, we are there with you. give yourself plenty of time. you are probably used to driving through the fog. 48 degrees in san mateo. 48 in santa rosa. 49 along the peninsula. in san francisco it is a mild start making way to temperatures in the 60s. we'll actually climb 10 to 15 degrees in most cities today. even at santa rosa hitting 61 degrees when they burn off all that fog around 11:00 a.m. it will start to lift off of the surface by about 9:00 a.m. that's when driving conditions will really improve around here. 62 degrees in los gatos. 68 degrees tomorrow, really nice. a little built bit of fog tuesday into wednesday. by thursday we are talking about a lot of sunshine. all the moisture should be out
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of the atmosphere by then. high pressure will drift par enough out to the west where we don't have to deal with the fog. 63 degrees by thursday. and a little bit cooler towards the weekend. back to you, ladies. thank you so much. it is about 6:10 now. later on "today in the bay" he said he would be back. now it looks like former governor arnold schwarzenegger is planning his return to the movies. and some changes coming to the post office. find out why you could be getting in and out of there a lot more quickly. doctors update the condition of congresswoman gabrielle giffords. see how she's doing this morning next. and across the bay area this morning, a lot of fog is setting in. this is a live look at 101 every 680. metering lights are on slowing down traffic there, which is a good thing. allow a little extra time to your morning commute. 6:10 right now.
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good monday morning to you. happy martin luther king jr. day to you. if you have a chance to sleep in, you'll miss the fog out there. it is pretty this can across the bay area. very dense across the bay area bridges. allow extra time if you are headed out the door. christina will tell you when it will lift. it is 6:13 right now. new this morning, the trial of the alleged gunman in the tucson shootings will likely move to san diego because of extensive pretrial publicity in arizona. 22-year-old jared "lee" loughner is charged in federal court in arizona but court leaders plan to move the case out of the state in several weeks. federal authorities also cite sensitivity of the case in
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arizona. one of those fatally shot was the state's chief federal judge. the new chief judge will make a final decision about the venue. congress woman gabrielle giffords condition is improving. she was upgraded from critical to serious condition yesterday. the same day a walk for peace was held in tucson. doctors say they will know soon if she'll be able to speak, but it is rare for people who suffer gunshot wounds to their head to regain all their abilities. in the meantime, hundreds of people marched in support of giffords and the other victims of the january 8th shootings. two of the victims were honored. a memorial service was held for gabe zimmerman, and a funeral service was held for 76-year-old dorwin stoddard who shielded his wife during the shooting. she survived. a local arizona community held a candlelight vigil to honor the victims of the tucson shooting. dozens of people in a town near tucson sang songs to show
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solidarity. although the mood was solemn, their spirits were held high with news of congresswoman give giffords condition. six people were killed and dozens others wounded. after a week off following the tragedy in tucson, congress gets back to work today. repealing health care reform is on the top of the agenda. the house of representatives will vote to repeal the health care reform package. a new associated press poll says opposition is down since the november 1 election. >> what we have done is expanded the coverage but haven't worked on the cost. >> we can work together on cutting those costs without damaging the good health care that people get. that's an area for bipartisan agreement. >> the debate on the health law begins tuesday, tomorrow. a vote is likely on wednesday. well, look for changes the next time you are at the post office. the new postmaster general says postal clerks will ask fewer
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questions when you mail something. he says multiple questions wasted time and slowed down the lines. in addition the post office will encourage customers to do more business away from the post office, like buying stamps online or through retailers. and to help meet a budget deficit, further workforce reductions will come to 20% of the administrative staff. parts of oregon and washington are under waters this morning. high waters are flooding backyards and towns in oregon. this is one of many areas in the pacific northwest under flood warnings this morning. creeks and rivers are over their banks causing quick-moving floodwaters. the local fire station is being used as a temporary shelter. : right now it is time to check the forecast. 6:16 right now. a foggy start across the bay area. you may hit patches of clearing, but it will stick around for some time, christina? >> yes, it will stick around for another three hours or so. but we are going to start to see it lift, especially after 7:00
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a.m. we are really socked in this morning. this is very, very dense fog all across the board. we don't have any exception in any of the bay areas. the north bay is just as socked in as you'll see in the east bay this morning. you are down to a quarter mile in livermore. just take it easy wherever you are headed. in some spots the fog is so heavy it is generating mist. we have slick conditions on top of that. the good news is a lot of people have the day off as we honor dr. king today. that's good news. the roadways are not slow by any means, but the fog will definitely slow you down without the commuters on the highway this morning. 49 in san francisco. 48 in san mateo. high pressure in firm control of our weather pattern and our forecast. it is taking all these storms up into the north and to the pacific northwest. for us we are looking towards another beautiful day for the second half of the day. high pressure is actually going to continue to control our weather pattern all the way throughout the week. so no rain in the forecast.
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that's good news as we kickoff another workweek. here's what we are expecting today. dense a.m. fog. not just here. it is all the way throughout the san joaquin valley. trying to get to southern california, take it easy. mostly sunny conditions this afternoon. but that fog is going to keep things cool. so we are not going to be as warm as we were yesterday. we are only going to end up in the low 60s. by tuesday we are talking about mostly sunny conditions. high pressure starts to drift out to the pacific just a little bit. so fog will mainly stay confined to the san joaquin valley. for us a warmer day on top. we'll start out warm with things ending near 70 degrees. that's for today. we'll head back to what we are expecting. we are expecting 60 degrees in los gatos. 57 in san rafael. 62 in fremont. so a pretty good day for the second half. it looks like we have to wait a lit longer to get rid of the fog in the north bay. 68 for your tuesday. then as you can see, no rain in sight, but we are back to the 50s. you give and take.
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but we don't complain. right? at 6:18 now we are following breaking news this morning. apple's ceo steve jobs is taking medical leave. the leave was approved by apple's board of directors. no word on jobs' health at this time. you may remember jobs took a leave of absence in 2009 when he had a liver transplant. we don't know if it has anything to do with this current leave of absence. the apple ceo released this message to apple xlo employees, team, at my request the board of directors requested my medical leave of absence to focus on my health. i'll continue as ceo and be involved in major strategic decisions for the company. i love apple so much and hope to be back as soon as i can. apple chief's operating officer too many cook will run day to day operations until jobs returns. it looks like arnold schwarzenegger will be back in the movies soon.
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he told a fan website over the weekend he's looking at three scripts. one is a film act a nza nazi soldier that helps american pows escape during world war ii. the 63-year-old governor says he won't return to his days of terminating but he wants to adopt roles to his age the way clint eastwood did. hollywood is in recovery after the golden globe awards. mark barger is here to take a look at the latest from backstage. >> "social network." >> reporter: a film of facebook's origin got more like votes than any others last night at the golden globes. "the social network" came away with four awards including best drama. >> i hope the success of this film, the work of all these producers here, aaron's work, david's work, a remarkable supportive system in sony, will encourage other studios that these films have value. >> reporter: colin firth had
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best actor in a drama for "the king's speech." >> i was asked the question, i basically was just about able to project myself to be the end of this press conference. so i can't really get further than that in my mind. >> reporter: natalie portman took best actress for "black swan." >> i learned how much i could work. i think i learned the extent of my discipline. which was put to the test every day by the riggers of the art form. >> reporter: "the fighter" scored a one-two punch. an exuberant melissa leo won best supporting actress. >> look mom, i got a golden globe! >> reporter: christian bale won for best supporting actor. >> a lot of people don't get that. they can't understand that some actors are bloody shy and have
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issues of not wanting to be in front of people. so sometimes that can come across as, oh, hostility or whatever. >> reporter: but on this night the golden globes showed lots of love. in los angeles, mark barger, nbc news. and coming up on the "today" show, they will look at the stars who impressed and the ones who flopped on the red carpet. that's at 7:00 this morning. as you know, the raiders are out of the playoffs but not out of the nfl headlines. we are told as early as this week the team could have a new head coach. hugh jackson could be hired as tom cable's replacements some time this week. the 45-year-old is currently the team's offensive coordinator. this would be his first nfl head coaching job. the raiders are the only team in the nfl still without a head coach. and a sports bombshell. espn is reporting former raiders coach tom cable is fighting for his full paycheck. he was fined $20,000 per paycheck during the course of the season as fines for the club losing organized team activity
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sessions required by the nfl. cable filed a grievance with the nfl to recoup that money totaling $120,000. cable's contract was not renewed earlier this month. the raiders had their best season this season in eight years. well, just how important is breakfast? coming up, we'll show you why you may want to think more about what you eat after you wake up. and it looks like cigarette ads have a big effect on teens. the results of a new study coming up next. and a live look at the very foggy golden gate bridge toll plaza as drivers make their way into san francisco on this monday morning. it is 6:23. and we do want to take a little time to hear the words of martin luther king jr. on this holiday to honor his life. i have a dream that one day this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed. we hold these truths to be self-evident that all men are created equal.
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i have a dream that one day on the red hills of georgia, sons of former slaves and the sons of former slave owners will be able to sit down together at the e brotherhood. i have a dream.
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good monday morning to you. boy, a foggy start across the bay area today. you can tell that the headlines of the cars and lights out there are slowing down the cars. it is 6:26. we'll check in with christina to see when the fog is going to lift. smoking ads could sway more teens to light up.
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german researches found teens exposed to cigarette ads were more likely to start smoking. 2,000 non-smoking teens were shown cigarette ads and another group with non-tobacco related ads. those exposed to the cigarette ads were most likely to start smoking nine months later. researchers say within 15 to 30 minutes of smoking the toxins in cigarettes begin to genetically damage the lungs which may lead to cancer. the toxins act so fast it is like injecting the substances directly into the bloodstream. 6:27. now police want your help to find a killer. see what they are looking for up next. oakland's police chief could be moving to another job in the bay art eseon lt eson the rumors surrounding anthony bass coming up. twdulgently rich layers of chocolate and raspberry yogurt... and only 100 calories.
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only yopla original hatwicthe calcium of the leading yogurt. that's 50% of the daily value toelp close the calciugap, we're giving away a million free cups at yoplait dot com.
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is san jose trying to take oakland's top cop? we'll have more on this
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surprising development. police are looking for a car like this one in connection to a murder over the weekend. details coming up. and good morning. it is a foggy morning, a fog dpi start to your morning, january 17th. this is "today in the bay." it is 6:30 on this monday morning. i'm marla tellez in for brent. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. we'll get you out the door this morning. a lot of folks have the day off, which is nice. it is a foggy start to the day, christina. thank you for joining us this morning. heading out the front door, you'll be seeing dense fog pretty much everywhere across the bay area. all cities are reporting heavy fog right now. 49 degrees in san jose. 49 degrees in gilroy. on top of the heavy fog, we also have a spare the air alert. and that is issued for the north
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bay and east bay as well as the south bay this morning. keep that in mind. it is illegal to burn that firewood. you could get fined. still, nobody wants that kind of fine this time of the year. we'll talk about what to expect as far as temperatures go tomorrow. today looks good around 60. changes on the way for tomorrow. and they are good changes. back to you guys. thank you very much. 6:31 right now. it doesn't look like san jose needs to look far for the next police chief. oakland's top cop is in the running. bob redell is joining us live with more. >> reporter: good morning to you, laura. this is an mlk day surprise that san jose could be getting the first african-american police chief. "the mercury news" and "the chronicle" report anthony bass is a finalist for the top cop job in san jose. we'll learn more from him when he speaks later at an mlk day event near oakland international. this would be a surprise because bass just arrived from long beach to lead oakland's police
6:32 am
department just over a year ago. he still has a couple years left on his contract even though the crime rate in oakland is still high it has dropped during his short time here. so the question is why would he leave? one report suggests that he's very frustrated with the limited resources at his disposal. last july the department had to lay off 80 police officers stretching the force thinner than it was before. the president of the oakland police officers association told "the mercury news" he, quote, thinks he feels defeated. taking on san jose's top job would also be a challenge. that department has been demoralized by budget cuts and accusations of discrimination from some people in the hispanic and vietnamese community. the other person in the running for the top job in san jose is chris moore. he's a veteran police officer with san jose. he's also the acting police chief, has been ever since long-time chief rob davis left late past year. reporting live in oakland, bob redell, "today in the bay." thank you, bob.
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a woman and her dog are dead after a hit-and-run in concord. it happened just before 6:00 last night on so land anyway way near avon avenue. the 53-year-old woman walked into the roadway because of some sort of issue with her dog. both were struck by a teenager boy driving southbound on sol o solanow solanoway. as the teenager stopped to check on the woman a second car hit her. that driver pulled over to talk to the and and took off from the scene. the police are searching for the second driver. san francisco police are asking for help in the shooting of a san mateo man. luis venegas was shot several times sunday morning. he was with friends when he got into an argument with two or three other men at the lookout point. he was shot when one of the men opened fire. he was pronounced dead at the scene. the suspects fled in a honda odyssey similar to this one or a similar looking van. many people will mark this martin luther king jr. holiday
6:34 am
by riding the freedom train from san jose to san francisco. we have video from a couple years ago. the annual ride is a symbolic celebration of dr. king's legacy, the 51-mile trip is the same distance at the same montgomery march that king led in 1965. the freedom train leaves san jose's station at 9:30 this morning making stops for more riders in sunnyvale, palo alto and san mateo before arriving in san francisco. riders in recent years have said the trip was not just about a civil rights legacy but about the dawn of a new day. many people will be volunteering their time in honor of martin luther king jr. today. the mlk day of service is part of united we serve. that is president obama's national call to serve initiative calling for americans to work together to aid the nation's most pressing problems. last year the president and first lady spent the day helping the homeless and poor enjoy a good meal. the president passed out the
6:35 am
meals while the first lady served some drinks. here in the bay area a special performance honoring dr. king. the bay of hope concert with the oakland youth chorus is set for 3:00 this afternoon at davies symphony hall in san francisco. plus, oakland mayor jean kwan will award the sixth annual oakland citizen humanitarian award. this year's honor goes to akabe hopkins for his project in name of love in a musical tribute honoring king. that will be at 8:00 tonight at the scottish of rite center. a live look outside at 680 where the metering lights have been on for some time now. it is pretty dense fog we are talking about across the bay area. i want to check in with christina loren to see when the fog is going to lift. well, it looks like it will be one of those mornings where we have to wait a while, laura. if you are brent cannon and are at home, i guess you don't have to worry about that. good morning to you. things look pretty good right
6:36 am
now with a reduced visibility across the board. if you have to head out right now, take it easy out there. make sure you are alert once you hit the highway, in particular, up in the south bay. we are seeing some pretty heavy fog from san jose up through the east bay, livermore now reporting a quarter of a mile visibility. concord, some areas are down to feet of visibility. so it is really, really thick out there this morning. and that's going to be the case probably tomorrow morning as well. not as widespread, and more towards the east. this is what's happening. high pressure is in firm control of our weather pattern. we do have a pretty good deck of clouds overhead. we are starting out mild, 49 in san jose. as high pressure amplifies, 62 for fremont. 62 for redwood city. 59 in san francisco. a little more mild in santa cruz. we'll see a lot of sunshine just like we did yesterday, but we have to get through the fog first. a big event today. if you have not made the outdoor plans just yet, and you have bay area pride, we would love you to
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join us today in santa clara and san jose. we are cleaning up the bay. if you would like to find out where and how, just log on to and search bay area proud as we give out the nbc swag. you don't want to miss it. >> all for a good cause. thank you so much. the time is 6:37. the next round of the nfl playoffs is in place. one newspaper is having fun at a loser's expense. that's coming up. and members of congress are putting politics aside today. see how they are doing it coming up in a live report. and what's the best way to eat in the morning before working out? we'll tell you coming up.
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good morning to you. a lot of fog to contend with this morning as you head out your front door. if you do have to get to work this morning, make sure to give yourself plenty of time. you want to take it easy out there. a lot of fog, thicker than we have had in weeks. so keep that in mind. we have less than a quarter of a mile visibility right now from mountain view up through the north bay, santa rosa, nevada and san mateo. they are all reporting visibility in the feet. so we have really, really heavy fog. that will be the case for the next couple of hours.
6:41 am
and as we head through the next hour, it will be the most dangerous as the sun comes up. so you want to take it easy the next hour. we'll keep ju updated throughout the morning. 48 in santaville. high pressure is in control of the forecast taking the storm track well off to the north creating pretty dangerous conditions in the pacific northwest. a lot of rain is coming down up there. but for us this week high pressure will be in control. and that means we'll start out with a little bit of fog, especially today and tomorrow. and then we are going to see really beautiful afternoons each and every day this week. low 60s for today. mostly sunny afternoon. that will probably be the case as around 1:00 or 2:00. high pressure is in control here for tomorrow as well. but what's going to happen is it will drift off just a little bit. and what will happen then is we are only going to see the dense fog along the san joaquin valley, maybe the east bay filtering through the delta, but
6:42 am
it won't be as bad as it is today. that's the news as a lot of people get back to work, and the kids get back to school tomorrow. 63 in oakland. 64 in los gatos. 63 in santa cruz. we are looking good heading throughout the remainder of the week. 62 by wednesday. tomorrow is the warmest day of the week. 68 degrees. ladies, it is like split pea soup out there, it is so thick. we want to remind you to take it easy. thank you very much. we have heard breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but when you eat may be as important as what you eat. a new study from belgium followed two groups of young men for six weeks. one group ate a cash-heavy breakfast then worked out. the other group worked out an an empty stomach and then had the same carb-packed meal. the first group gained about three pounds. the second gained almost no weight. >> wisdom says and research has shown that within 30 to 45 minutes of a workout is when
6:43 am
your body will most effectively take in the protein. >> researchers say to wait to eat until after you workout. you may need a little something to push you on as you exercise, so eating something light will give you the energy you need to complete that workout. 6:43 right now. coming up, some politicians are trying to put differences aside. see how next in a live report. and taking a live look outside, this is the dense fog we are talking about. a live look out at the golden gate bridge. it is really foggy around most of the bay area bridges this morning. we'll keepou th g posteat'sd when that's going to lift. 6:43 right now. feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today. so he chose a university where the faculty average over 14 years of experience in their fields to help him turn a thesis into a business plan and accelerate the path between ideas...
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and actions. my name is myron sullivan, i'm developing a robotic system to clean oil spills, and i am a phoenix. [ male announcer ] learn more about the school of business at
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good morning to you.
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a live look outside this morning. 680 at 101, metering lights have been on for a while already. and i'm surprised at the amount of traffic out there. a lot of people have martin luther king jr. day off today. we'll have the forecast for you coming up. it is 6:45 right now. blackberry is working on a way to filter porn on its smartphones in indonesia. the world's most largest muslim nation. a formal meeting was held between the company and the indonesian government to discuss issues regarding content filtering. indonesia threatened to invoke blackberry's operations unless they filtered out pornography and set up a local server. just had a great meal or haircut? when you snap the photo and share it with friend, you could be sharing more than you realize because embedded photos taken by smartphones are geo tagged. it could make you easy prey for a stalker on the internet. there are a dozen programs to help track you through that
6:47 am
photo. garvin thomas explains. >> it is remarkably easy to do. there are dozens of programs to help you do it. tweet the picture, share it with the world. right click, show data, click on that and your map pops right up. >> phones are required to have gps technology, but that doesn't mean your photos need to be geo tagged. you can change that feature. there's a list of directions on how to do it on the internet. survivors in brazil are bracing for more than rain this morning. more than 600 were killed after a month's worth of rain fell in just a few hours and started the mudslides. this is the city just north of rio de janeiro. most of the city is without electricity and water. people scraped and brushed mud out of the streets and local businesses. to clean up the mess the brazil government has been slow to respond to this disaster and
6:48 am
helicopters air lifting the supplies have struggled to fly through low clouds and rain. rescuers in brazil are helping ez residents and animals affected by the massive mudslides. the mudslides have killed many pets and stranded thousands of others. those pets have found shelter at abandoned warehouses like this one where veterinarians and volunteers are taking care of them. they are hoping owners will eventually come to the shelter to claim them. floods that damaged a large part of the eastern coastline of australia may be the country's most costly natural disaster. the country's treasurer says the huge rebuilding efforts involve billions of dollars of commonwealth money and also state government money. and that will impact local governments. he says the budget is on track to come back to surplus in 2013. and they are following strict spending guide lines. he adds australia has a strong economy and investment pipeline, although it will be tough, the country will bounce back. today is another winter spare the air day. it is the fourth of the season. this means you cannot burn wood
6:49 am
or any other solid fuel both indoors and outdoors. air quality is expected to be unhealthy because of cold weather and a lack of wind to trap air pollutants close to the ground. if you do get caught burning wood, you'll get a warning the first time and a $400 fine the second time around. see how cool the temperatures will be as folks will be tempted to light the fair places. >> probably not. probably not this morning. we are pretty tough with a good threshold for the cold around here. we are in the upper 40s. so that's pretty good for us. i'm more concerned about the fog this morningful really, really thick fog along the peninsula this morning in the south bay. we are not seeing any exception to the heavy fog. make sure you are taking it easy out there. we have really thick fog like this piling up. take it easy out there. now high pressure is firmly in control of our weather pattern. that's taking all this cloud cover well off to the north making for a really mild
6:50 am
afternoon. i think as we head through the next hour that's when the fog will become the most severe just before sunrise, which happens at 7:22 this time of the year. then after that we'll start to see it lift above the surface and above the highway making for a better driving condition. we'll keep you updated this morning throughout the "today" show. 62 in redwood city. 61 in santa rosa. 64 degrees in oakland today. these temperatures are going to be warmer as we head through your tuesday as you head back to work tomorrow. temperatures will max out in the upper 60s. we are talking about 68 degrees for tomorrow. and then 62 by wednesday. a real mild looking forecast. no rain in this forecast. that's good news. unless you are counting on it to wash your car or water your plants, guess who got to do that this week on her own? back to you. thank you very much. today we should learn the identity of a bank robber suspect who died following a shoot-out with union city police. the officer who was involved in the shooting is now on administrative leave.
6:51 am
the firefight happened after an armed robbery at bank of the west on niles road saturday afternoon. police chased the getaway car until the driver stopped in a residential neighborhood. the driver was arrested while the passenger ran out and exchanged fire with the officer. the suspect was eventually found dead of a gunshot wound to the head in a backyard. it is back to work for congress this week as republicans vow to repeal health care reform. and there could be a change in the mood on capitol hill with everyone vowing to disagree nicely. "today in the bay's" tracy potts is live in washington with more. gorngs. >> reporter: good morning, everyone. this is the vote scheduled for last week put off because of the shootings in arizona and the observances here. it is rescheduled for this week as lawmakers now say they believe they can do the debate in a kinder, gentler way. >> and that all men and women -- >> as gabrielle give fords recovers in arizona, her condition has been upgraded to seerls. her colleagues are promising to
6:52 am
tone down the meanness as they get back to work this week. >> violent discourse in political life, right, left or center is wrong and should be rejected. >> frankly i think we'll find that that's more effective from both sides. that keeping that into the future will be a tough thing. >> reporter: especially the near future. this week the house votes on whether to repeal health reform. a new associated press gfk poll finds the nation's almost evenly split, but strong opposition is down since november's election. >> it costs too much, and what we have done is expanded the coverage but haven't worked on the cost. >> we can work together on cutting those costs without damaging the good health care that people get. that's an area for bipartisan agreement, i think. >> reporter: despite their differences senators coburn, schumer and other democrats and republicans say they'll stick together during the state of the union address next week. their first exercise in being civil. >> and we may see the civility
6:53 am
start with the health care debate tomorrow affecting 7 million californians, one in five who have no health insurance. a house vote is scheduled to happen on wednesday. and a little more detail on the poll tracy talked about. the associated press finds a strong opposition to the health care law has dwindled to just 30%. that's actually the lowest level since the ap started to conduct the poll in september of 2009. the poll also finds 40% of those surveyed support the law. up 2% from a poll just taken after the november congressional election. only one in four people say the law needs to be repealed. when it comes to republican support for the repeal it has dropped sharply from 61% after the election to 49% now. a former dictator makes his return to the island of haiti. jean-claude duvalier was greeted
6:54 am
by supporters at the capitol. he is trying to resolve a recent presidential election. almost 25 years ago he was ousted from office by accusations of human rights abuses and corruption. he was forced to exile in france and has been living there ever since. 6:54 right now. hollywood a-listers and business makers from britain and the u.s. are holding their breaths this morning because julias bayer is about to release the names of thousands of offshore accounts this morning. details of 2,000 accounts will be released via wikileaks. that could lead to later charges of tax evasion for those celebrities. the banker previously linked documents to wikileaks in 2007. he will appear before a court on wednesday to answer charges of violating switzerland's strict she correcty banking laws. so many choices, so little
6:55 am
time. kate middleton is not sure what her title will be just yet. she could be princess, duchess, even a countess, but her exact title will not be known until shortly before the wedding and will be determined by the queen. the royal experts say it is possible she could end up with a formal name her royal highness princess william of wales. however some think regardless of what the queen chooses she'll probably be known as princess kate. >> oh, the problems she has. public videos are prompting a lot of videos in montana. >> if you plan to drink -- plan to have a friend got you home. >> the video is entitled "sober friend." it shows a horse walking through town obeying traffic laws before picking up a man from a bar. the video was released from the montana department of transportation delivering the message to get a ride home after drinking. in a state known for its horse
6:56 am
culture, some are taking the video literally. the chief of police has received calls wondering if it is legal to ride a horse while being under the influls. it is legal since montana law specifically defines a vehicle and those running under animal power to be considered a dui. the green bay packers will travel to chicago to take on the bears in the championship game this weekend. the teams face off this sunday at noon. this is the rubber match between the two teams. the rivals split their season series. it will be a contest between the arm of packers' quarterback aaron rogers and the vicious bears' defense. in a classic match-up in the afc championship, it will be the new york jets versus the pittsburgh steelers this sunday at 3:30. the big story line, the jets wide receiver santonio holmes will return to pittsburgh where he helped lead them to a super bowl. the jets and steelers have two of the top defenses in the
6:57 am
league. the new york post is famous for its headlines, and the front page reads pat downs reach junk. this attributes to head coach rex ryan. and a foggy morning and a foggy start to the week. kristy in christina loren is here with more. >> you are going to encounter pretty dense fog this morning. but the good news is we'll see a lot of sunshine later this afternoon with temperatures in the 60s. right now we are in the upper 40s. have a great holiday. thank you so much for joining us. a local news update in a half hour. have a great day.
6:58 am
6:59 am
my second diagnosis-- i was told to go home, retire, and enjoy the time i had left. to say it was a shock is just a complete understatement. i mean, i don't think there are words. she had put up a really good fight, but it was her time. you... don't have a choice of getting breast cancer. i had no choice. i wanted to do something bigger than myself. that 3-day gave me that opportunity. and i can actually do something to help. i think it's a very bold thing to do. 60 miles in 3 days-- i can do that. i'm sure if it was 100 miles, we'd still walk it. it was a big statement for me of... (voice breaks) i'm alive. we can do this. we can do this. we can rid the world of this terrible disease... so that no mother... granddaughter... sister... daughter... mother... go through what my wife had to go through. this is more than just three days.


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