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tv   NBC11 News The Bay Area at 5  NBC  January 17, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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apple last fall. today, the ceo announced he's taking leave to focus on his health. the most recent was two years ago when jobs, who battled pancreatic cancer left the company for six months to undergo a liver transplant. >> the last time, he gave a date when he'd come back. this time, his statement says he hopes to return. >> reporter: the news sent sharing plunging overseas. he will hand off the duties to tim cook. analysts say jobs is the one who created the magic of the company. >> he was the father of the mp3 player, the successful smart phone and now, the father of the first successful tablet. >> reporter: while he may be a legend, they say success is built on a strong team who built
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the brand and offering customers a place to go to solve problems. >> even though there's a lot of magic in the context of skills in the way of innovation in industrial design and technology, the reality is there's hundreds of people who are chartered in bringing that vision to life. >> reporter: analysts predict short-term investors will be scared by the change, so you can bet tomorrow, all eyes rb watching if jobs' medical leave takes a look out of the values. the company plans to release a new ipad and iphone later this year and that has jobs fingerprint on it. analysts say next year is when the company will really feel the impact. >> thank you. new tonight at 5:00, oakland's popular police chief may be heading south so san
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jose. he is one of two finalists being considered for the top cop. they attended today to rally and honor martin luther king jr. the city's acting police chief is always in the running. jean kwan says she was told he may be leaving. >> right now, i'm just focused on being in oakland. >> he told me last week na tha in october, he agreed to put in his name. i wish he told me earlier, but again, i don't control that. >> she says she'll appoint an interim chief and begin a search if he leave it is department. some 50 people marched through the san francisco streets today protesting what they call violent and mistreatment of mentally and physically disabled people.
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two weeks ago, police shot a knife wielding man in a wheelchair. they say they shot the man after he stabbed an officer. protesters say the man survived, but there are others who haven't, they claimed. they say it's clear officers need to be taught how to deal with disabled people and should not automatically resort to violence. >> this is not -- this is not proper intervention. >> former chief says the officer tried to first stop is altercation with a man, then the man was stopped as they tried to use a bean bag against him and that they eventually shot him and that the shooting was justified. well, two days later, a stunning act of vigilantism. the man once arrested in the disappearance of a 42-year-old
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woman was gunned down in a shopping mall by her brother. he then took his own life. kris sanchez is in san jose tonight with the crime that shocked not only the family, but the entire community. >> a lot of folks are talking about this one, tom. we've heard from the families several times over the last nine of ten years that they have been frustrated about waiting to find out what happened, but it seems that when her brother came upon the man he suspected killed her, it was just too much. >> really devastated by the loss of our father and he was a great dad and grandpa. >> they just lost their father to a -- nearly ten years ago when his sister vanished. he killed himself saturday night say after confronting then murdered the man charged with
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harns' murder. they are still working out the details. >> we will complete the investigation and report back to the public what our findings are. if our findings are that mr. nasmay murdered miss harns, we will announce that. >> to that end, they say fib rs from a rug connected to the disappearance. then two and a half years later, he walked out of jail a free man. in may, harns' mother said they waited too long. >> very frustrating. it meant waiting and waiting and waiting. >> reporter: wayne sanchez's ount says what her nephew did was not premeditated. marty foster was friends with
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sanchez and says the family may never get the answers. >> this guy clearly did it. we know he did it and now, we'll never know where her body is. >> the body has never been found, but the district attorney should have results from the fiber analysis within six months. in concord, an injured dog led to a deadly accident when a 52-year-old woman was struck by two cars last night. police say she was walked her dog when the dog got into the roadway and apparently was hit by a car. when she ran after her pet, she was hit by the car. 17-year-old driver of the first car stopped the help, then suddenly, lindbergh was struck by a second car. that driver spoke briefly with a 17-year-old, then took off. lindbergh and her dog both died.
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now to arizona where doctors say congress gabrielle giffords is doing so much better she could only be days away from getting out of the hospital and into rehab. also today, a congressional aide was honored in a memorial and word that the man arrested for the rampage may be tried in san diego. >> reporter: for the first time since the rampage saturday before last, the parents of jared loughner left their home in tucson. >> you have a statement to make today? >> reporter: this after a report in the "washington post" that their son's federal trial might be moved to california, but the justice department rejected that possibility and vowed to keep him in arizona. while doctors treating congresswoman gabrielle giffords say they won't have to keep her in the hospital much longer and could soon be ready for rehab.
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>> it could be days to weeks. it's a matter of getting all that information from our therapists. >> reporter: she went through two more surgeries over the weekend and was upgraded from critical to serious and according to her husband, was able to give him a bedside back rub. while across town, there was a memorial for gabe zimmerman. >> he was charismatic and patient at the same time. passionate. >> reporter: the memorial outside the safeway continued to grow monday. it's also where security cameras are located that captured the shooting on tape. it's now in the hands of the fbi and described as particularly gruesome. on this holiday, many people hit the rails and pavement today to mark the birthday of martin luther king jr. passengers boarded freedom
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trains in san jose this morning, bound for san francisco. and once they arrived, they sang songs as they marched through city streets. this march was canceled last year, but this time, people were happy to recall the life and lessons of the civil rights leader. >> he wants justice between all races of people and he did many speeches about all this justice and injustice that america was doing. >> the march ended at the martin luther king memorial. leaders such as nancy pelosi said king's message of nonviolence was especially poignant following the recent shootings in anthony a. despite the sunshine this afternoon, it was a foggy day this morning. parts of san jose were fogged in for most of the morning, which made driving a challenge. it forced a delay of flights by an hour. planes only able to land on one of the supposed runways for a large chunk of the day.
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and we're tracking that fog. we'll tell you about a dense fog advisory coming up as temperatures remain in the mid to upper 50s. more details on how long this fog will be lingering around coming up. also ahead, just when you thought you'd mastered the starbucks lingo, the drinks getting a big boost. plus, the privacy police are up in arms over a change in facebook. why you could be forced to give up some personal information. and under investigation, the new probe into john edwards and his high prefile affand and the health problems being link ed to kids addicted o video games.
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virgin atlantic says it's tripling its fleet, announces today it's buying 60 new planes. they featured a sale featuring $60 flights. tickets have to be purchased by wednesday and travel by may. they have been flying since 2007. the airlines had concerns about climate change for its decision to buy fuel efficient airbuses. there's also word today that -- losing its non-stop flights to australia. the flights will end mid may. a former swiss banker today gave documents to wikileaks which he claims are evidence that wealthy business and political leaders evade tax payments. in london, wikileaks found that -- claimed that high net worth celebrities, business leaders and lawmakers
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participated in shady financial transactions. no names were provided. assange says his website is so busy releasing cables, it could be weeks before he reveals these fbl documents. a new study says the more children and teens play video games, the greater their risk of depression and anxiety. they looked at the habits of 3,000 children in singapore. they found excessive games worsened depression, anxiety and social phobias among children who already study from mental health problems. school performance was also affected. there are new recommendations for women and osteoporosis. it is recommended that all women over the age of 65 should get screened, but doctors are also
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urging women younger than 65 to get screened if they have certain risk factors. weighing under 125 pounds, drinking, smoking as well as a history of bone fractures. what about this idea? eliminating prostate cancer without having to do under the knife. a missouri hospital is offering the cyber knife. >> reporter: kevin walsh has never missed a doctor's appointment. he can't remember them all, but there is one he'll never forget. >> they found at that time, had a small bit of prostate cancer. >> reporter: walsh was a healthy 72-year-old man one minute, and a cancer patient the next. >> are you scared? i was very scared. >> reporter: he talked to his doctor about his options. he could either watch and wait or eliminate the cancer before
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it progressed. he opted for a radio treatment called cyber knife. >> i had this done, they felt there was a good chance i wouldn't die of prostate cancer. >> reporter: when you hear cyber knife, you probably think of scalpels and surgery, but there's absolutely no cutting in this procedure. as a bonus, you get to keep your clothes on. >> i'm dressed like this. only an houf hour and a half. i just lay down and watch a movie and there's no pain. >> reporter: that's because this robotic arm delivers very precise doses of radiation. because of that precision, we're able to give much higher doses each day, so with prostate cancer, we can treat it in five sessions over one week instead of eight weeks of daily treatment. >> reporter: the arm movement allows the radiation to enter at different angles.
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that saves nearby organs from exposure. not only that, the robot is constantly adjusting, even to the patient's breathing. >> it has technology that is able to detect how these cancers are moving inside the patient while they're lying there breathing. >> reporter: not all tumors can be treated with cyber knife, but it's a growing option for many cancer patients like walsh. >> it allows them to get back to their lives without major surgery and weeks of radiation. all right. well, this monday had a little fog in the morning, but by afternoon, we were out on scooters. >> even you? >> i sight to behold. >> meanwhile, we have video outside as the fog is starting to form here and right throughout the golden gate bridge. right now, we'll cross the north
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bay. that's where the fog is really forming. take a look at this. over 350 miles, right across interstate 5 corridor. that's where the fog is the worst. basically for the entire bay area as we head to tomorrow morning, the north bay with some of the worst visibility. we heard from one of my colleagues in petaluma, it is extremely dense in pockets, so be careful. also here throughout the peninsula, that fog advisory includes you in the east bay. current visibleties, two miles throughout novato. less throughout concord. there interior sections on interstate 8. mid to upper 50s. a nice rebound. we had the sunshine and right now, 63 in livermore. 59 in san jose and 60 in san
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francisco. so, as we've been mentioning, the fog will be here for tomorrow morning, then throughout tuesday, we have gradual sunshine in here. this unusual dry pattern looks to stay in place. actually, look here the satellite loop is more reminiscent of early fall. that's because high pressure is building in strong for this time of the year. that will set us up with those midday and breaks of sunshine, but still, that fog pattern staying in place with temperatures in the mid to upper 50s for tomorrow. east bay, foggy start, temperatures in the low 40s. then the sun pushing in throughout 11:00 a.m. perfect to make get on a scooter. hear that, jessica? and those temperatures starting off with plenty of 40s tomorrow. 64 in morgan hill. 64 in evergreen. that sun will be coming back
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out. more of a northerly wind tomorrow. it should help to scoop out this fog. 57 in concord. 59 in the napa valley and temperatures in the upper 50s and low 60s for the north bay. here's what you want to see. seven-day forecast and it looks stellar. wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday, sunday. mostly sunny skies. this is a seven-day forecast you should see in the springtime. we could use the rain, but a lot of you are loving what we have coming our way. >> the flowers are going to start to bloom. thank you. still ahead at 5:00, facebook stokes the fire again over privacy issues. also ahead, the new investigation into former presidential candidate, john edwards. the connection to money and that high profile affair. and go big or go thirsty. a supersized option st
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facebook is at it again, making users' personal information available to other parties. this time, it involves applications. app developers can request user addresses and phone numbers by way of the request for permission dialogue box. it pops up when a user adds an application to their profile. users can choose don't allow, but that means they can't use the app. facebook officials were not available for comment. the military owes money to about 35,000 soldiers, but can't find them. all were part of the so-called stop loss program where they were forced to stay in uniform beyond their discharge date. the government authorized bonus pay, but most of them who earned
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the money have since left the surface. the average payout is about $3,800. congress has extended a deadline for service members to apply for the bonuses until march 4th. john edwards tonight, the target of a federal criminal investigation. a grand jury examining how much he knew about money used to cover up his affair with rielle hunter and their daughter they had together. the associated press is reporting the case largely stems from keeping hunter in hiding during her pregnancy. investigators are looking at whether funds paid should be considered donations. we will be right back with how starbucks is now caters to ndeeomers who really need theira a lot of it. >> that would be me.
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finally, the big gulp of coffee is finally here. the trenta. 31 ounces of caffeine in a cup. it will be available in california on february 1st. offered for iced coffee, iced tea, iced tea lemonade drinks. it will be sold for 50 cents more than the current largest size. do you think i have time to go get a trenta? thanks for being with us. "nightly news" up next, but we have developing news. the raiders have a new coach. >> see you then.
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