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tv   NBC11 News The Bay Area at 6  NBC  January 17, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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considered for chief of police in san jose bay. we're joined from police headquarters. this is the last thing a new administration in oakland wants to here. >> reporter: it is. the chief was recruited from long beach to come here to oakland pd back in 2009 by then mayor rondelam. he was promised support from city hall but since then he's dealt with massive budget cuts and some say that may be one of the reasons why he's looking for a new job. >> at this time, i'm the chief of police of oakland. >> reporter: with just more than a year into his three-year contract with the city of oakland, police chief anthony batts may be leaving. >> i have not been selected. there is no guarantee that i will be selected. >> reporter: he's in line to be san jose's top cop. san jose's acting police chief, chris mohr, is also in the running. >> it would be a loss for the city, but, you know, we're ready to appoint an interim and ready to do a national search. >> reporter: oakland mayor gene kwan, also looking to hire a new
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city manager, says batts only told her he was applying for another job on friday. >> he told me last week that in october, when they came to head hunt him that he agreed to put his name into the pool. i wish he had told me earlier, but, again, i don't control that. >> reporter: the 50-year-old's possible pe death par chur comes seven months after the city laid off 80 officers because of budget problems. with a diminished police for, privately batts voiced concerns about how long that trend could continue. and while crime dropped in recent mos, city council president larry reid worries violence will go up once again if batts leaves. >> i think that as we took 20 steps forward, i think if he leaves the city, we'll take 20 steps backwards. >> reporter: longtime oakland residents like annie say it won't make a difference. >> it's been better, but it's still a lot of killing going on. >> reporter: either way, batts says nothing has been decided. for now, he's not going to san
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jose, a city more than twice the population of oakland with about a quarter of the homicides. >> just focus on being in oakland. i think it would be very presumptuous to talk about something else. >> reporter: another draw for heading to san jose is that if batts gets the job, he'll become the city's first african-american police chief. i asked him about that. he said he would not comment or talk about the position unless he gets it. san jose city manager will be making that decision in the next couple of weeks. live in oakland, alese kirshner, nbc bay area news. a double tragedy tonight. a campbell family engulfed in grief after their son killed himself after he gunned down a man suspected of killing his sister nearly ten years ago. all of this happening over the weekend at the saratoga shopping center in san jose. that's where he find nbc bay area news's kris sanchez. she joins us with what is a very sad and painful story, kris. >> reporter: it is a very sad
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story, and a lot of folks who have been in san jose for a long time will remember the name janine harms. though life is back to normal here at the shopping center, life is exponentially more difficult for her family because nearly ten years after her disappearance, her brother is now dead as well. san jose police say 52-year-old wayne sanchez killed himself in front of this red robin restaurant saturday night after confronting then gunning down his sister's suspected killer, maurice nazme inside pea's coffee and tea. sanchez's daughter spoke exclusively with nbc bay area news. >> my grandparents are really devastated at the loss of their son and daughter, and this is just a really hard situation for all of us and especially for my grandparents. >> reporter: we are expecting jess and georgette's privacy, but when they talked with us in may, they were frustrated. >> we're going to be dead by then. i'm -- do you know how old i am? >> reporter: sanchez's aunt said people are asking her whether
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the murder/suicide is premeditated. she said of course not. he just ran into the man he thought killed his sister and was very upset. that's what marty foster thought, too. >> he never got over it. every time i'd talk to him, it would come back. he would be so emotional. it would just all come out. i knew his hatred and anger for this man. i never thought he would do that. >> reporter: the charges were developed this 2007 and after more than two years in jail he walked a free man. however, the investigation is still not over. fibers from a rug connecting nazme to harms are being tested at the nation's top fiber lab. >> there were some questions as to the work that was done at our laboratory, and that's why we sent it to the leading expert in the country. >> reporter: that could take six months. for the sanchez family, this friend fears there will never be release. >> i speculate to say. i think there's going to be the will to live not there anymore because losing both children
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that you adored and that everyone adored. we all loved them. >> reporter: wayne sanchez was the father of two daughters and also had grandchildren. maurice nazme's attorney says he killed an innocent man. in san jose, kris sanchez, nbc bay area news. >> kris, what a stunning turn of events. let's take a live look outside right now. that is the golden gate bridge. yes, there is fog tonight as there was this morning, in fact. a very thick blanket of fog covered much of the bay area, and this is san jose. o we shot this from communications hill. hard to see much. passengers out of sfo had to deal with delays but the fog did burn off this afternoon. >> nbc bay area's chief meteorologist jeff ranieri joins us. this is not the last of the fog. in the east bay we're getting the fog. >> and it is that fog that can turn very deadly here throughout the state of california. in fact, take a lk at this.
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that fog stressing across the interstate 5 corridor over some 350 miles. that's where we'll continue to be the worst for any of you that might be heading onhe t interstate 5 corridor in the next six hours. meanwhile, for tonight and tomorrow morn tg, dense fogmo advisory in place from the north bay to the south bay. we have light winds currently, a lot of ground moisture out there where basically most of the viewing area can expect visibilities at a quarter mile and less. now, here's a look currently from some of our reporting sites. what you'll notice is over towards the east bay in concord we're seeing visibility right there of about 1 1/2 miles and throughout the north bay, two miles and less from novato into p pet lu mas. >> all right, jeff. thank you. protesters marched through san francisco today to call attention to what they call a recurring issue. they say the sfpd routinely
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mistreats mentally and physically disabled people resulting in incidents like the police shooting of a man in a wheelchair two weeks ago. nbc bay area's tracy grant is live at the hall of justice to tell us what protesters want police to do. tracy? >> reporter: well, tom, the protesters we spoke to today are hoping for some changes here at the hall of justice. they're hoping that when a new police chief arrives here, that person will have a sense of urgency for training officers with how to deal with very vulnerable and sometimes unpredictable sections of the population. >> we're going to go to city hall and let them know exactly what we think about police abuse of force. >> reporter: san francisco is no stranger to demonstrations about what many say is excessive force used by police officers. but today, these protesters took to the streets to represent what they believe is one of the smallest and most vulnerable segments of the population, the
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mentally and physically disabled. >> our passion for freedom is stronger than a prison! >> reporter: san francisco police shot a knife-wielding man in a wheelchair outside the san francisco behavioral helle services building on january 4th. sfpd says the man stabbed an officer and then shay shot him. protesters say this victim survived a confrontation but there are others who haven't, like misha's 22-year-old son who was shot 48 times by nine officers in 2001 during what she says police characterized as a psychiatric intervention. >> we need to see a change and give hope to the people when it comes to people who are disabled or with mental health issues who are being gunned down like dogs on the streets of san francisco. >> reporter: this group says it's clear that officers need to be taught how to deal with disabled people and should not automatically resort to violence. former sfpd chief called it
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appropriate and legal. >> never right to shoot a person that's unarmed and especially a person that's handicapped in a wheelchair. what kind of threat could that man have been to the police? >> when you in a situation like that, you call the negotiator. it's obvious that that man had mental issues. >> reporter: now, we tried, but we weren't able to reach the on-call police spokesperson here at sfpd. we were hoping for that person to give us a response to some of these protesters' chrriticisms. let's talk about the tragedy in tucson and the connection to santa cruz. one victim was dave zimmerman who received a degree from uc, santa cruz. he got his mast ears in social work at arizona state university of social work and that's where a memorial was held for zimmerman today. zimmerman, the director of community outreach for
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congresswoman giffords. the congresswoman survived. the doctors say shebd actually be days from getting out of the hospital and going into rehab. >> it could be a matter of days to weeks. again, it's a matter of getting all that information from our own therapists when they think she's ready to move forward with that. >> giffords had two surgeries over the weekend. her husband says she was actually able to give him a bedside back rub this weekend. palo alto's rash of armed robberies is prompting homeow r homeowners to call a community meeting tonight. 20 robberies have been reported in the city since mid-september, many of them holdups of pedestrians or residents outside their own moments. police chief dennis byrnes will be on hand. that meeting will be wednesday at 7:00 at the community center theater on middlefield road. police say there have been eight arrests so far, six of the cases have been solved, but that's fewer than half of the reported robberies. a reward of up to $10,000 is being offered for any information related to these cases. well, closing time might
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come a lot earlier for downtown walnut creek bars and restaurants. tomorrow, city council will get its first look at a proposal to crack down on people who drink and cause problems for police. one controversial recommendation includes alcohol cutoff times for older bars and restaurants that are currently allowed to serve alcohol until 2:00 a.m. a 2004 city law requires new restaurants to have earlier cutoff times for liquor and live music. no final decision is expected tomorrow. news out of raider headquarters this season. hue jackson has been promoted to head coach. raj mathai has the details. and the battle at home. soldiers forced into foreclosure after putting their lives on the line. the lawsuits ahead to keep their homes. and steve jobs announces his third medical leave. what's ahead for the silicon valley giant and its investors. also, honoring dr. martin luther king jr. the bay area celebration keeping
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his message alive.
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all across the area today people marked the birthday of slain civil rights leader martin luther king jr. hundreds made a special trek aboard caltrans. joe rosato has the story. >> reporter: this morning in san jose, the legacy of dr. martin luther king hit the rail. hundreds boarded freedom trains bound for san francisco. as the trains reached their destination, jackie hunter stepped to the front of the march. >> i've been here 40 years. i've been walking this walk for 40 years. 40 years i've been walking this walk. >> reporter: to hunter, this annual pilgrimage is a salute to a civil rights leader who was also known to walk the walk. >> our message that dr. king
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wanted to see, and god bless him that he wasn't able to see it, but we're here, we're doing it for him. ♪ glory, glory hallelujah this is the day that my kids and these little kids here can see that it is possible that we do have things that we can accomplish and be. >> reporter: the marchers crossed the third street bridge, symbolic of the bridges dr. king built between communities. >> he wanted equality for all rights and african-american, chinese, and everyone to hold hands and be kind to each other. >> reporter: gwendolyn joseph clutched a plaster bust of king pondering the road he paved for future generations. >> today in our day, we can walk in the same street, we can talk to our kids and we can go to the same schools. >> reporter: the march wound through city streets to the memorial at the gardens. ♪ we shall overcome
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for many year, king's message of nonviolence was especially poignant following the recent massacre in arizona. >> dr. king taught us commitment to hope, to civility, to peace among people and to do so in a nonviolent way. >> reporter: with san francisco's first asian-american mayor looking on, it was clear that more than four decades after his death, king's message was alive and well. joe rosato jr., nbc bay area news. well, starting tomorrow, look for some changes at your local post office. the new postmaster general says postal clerks will ask you fewer questions when you mail a package, saying that multiple questions is just a waste of time and slows lines down. the postmaster is also encour e encouraging customers to buy stamps online through retailers. they'll reduce its workforce by some 20%, most of it made up of administrative staff cuts. it looks like that promised ipad newspaper will be pushed back a bit.
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news corp. had originally planned to announce the venture next week. it's said to be called the daily, but reports now say the launch will be delayed while they work out technical details on subscriptions. a spokesperson says the delay will be weeks, not months. one of the neigh's biggest banks is coming under fire after overcharging thousands of military families for their home mortgages including families of troops who are fighting in afghanistan. jpmorgan chase admits to the overcharging and says it improperly foreclosed on 14 military families. marine captain jonathan rose and his wife, julia, have been at odds with chase since 2006, when the captain went on active duty. by law, active duty troops generally get their interest rates lowered to 6% and are protected from foreclosure. but their rates went up to 10%. so grove hired a lawyer. >> have to worry about fighting the fight and keeping alive, not
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abwhether their wives or children are going to be put out on the street. >> while the lawsuit is pending a chase spokesperson says roles did everything right and the bank did not. want to get away? virgin america airlines is offering special ticket prices for the next couple days to celebrate its purchase of 60 new airplanes. virgin america calling the offer a sweet 60 sale offering a fare of 60 bucks on several routes. tickets have to be purchased by wednesday and you must travel by early may. asian america, which is based in burlingame, has been flying since 2007. the airline says concerns about climate change for its decision to buy fuel-efficient a320 airb airbuss. commuter who drive into san francisco may soon have to pay a lot more to park. the san francisco municipal transportation agency wants to start enforcing an ordinance that requires parking garages to charge flat hourry rates. that would mean an end of early bird parking deals and monthly
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discounts. right now early bird parkers pay $15 at the garage. that would go up to $35 a day if the early bird rate is prohibited. and the current $300 a month rate would jump to $1,050. the enforcement would raise an estimated $6 million a year for the cash-strapped agency. all right. let's take you outside. a live look right now at the bay bridge toll plaza. it's a spare the air day, the fourth this season. that means there's a ban on burning wood fires tonight. wood smoke, the largest source of winter air pollution here in the bay area. harmful pollutants can impact cancer rates in adults and make it hard for people with asthma, especially little people, to breathe. so beware, because fines for violating spare their guidelines can cost you 400 bucks. >> that's a lot of money. all right. let's take our first look at the weather this evening. jeff ranieri is standing by. and temperatures today rebounded nicely out here after
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we did start off with that dense fog for a lot of the bay area this morning. we popped up to 62 in redwood city, 64 in livermore and temperatures in the upper 50s and low sixty throughout the south bay. however, that fog is already starting to reform. look at this. right now just in the past half hour, novato, visibility down to a quarter of a mile and less. it's decreased about two miles here from the last check in our 5:00 show. as we take a look right now, you'll see the dense fog advisory covers a good section of northern california. what you should know here is most of the viewing area is now under this dense fog advisory. this remains here for the north bay where visibilities will be at a quarter mile and less, also back here for all of our east bay communities where visibilities could go down to less than a tenth of a mile, and that is also the case here for the south bay, right up the peninsula into san francisco. so by all means, for tomorrow morning you're certainly going to want to plan in some extra time as you, well, plan to get
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to work, to school, or wherever, because it certainly can be very dangerous out there. mid to upper 50s right now. not too bad when it comes to temperatures out there. we have this high pressure region sitting just offshore. that's what's clearing it out and keeping that air kind of stagnant across the bay area, real reminiscent of an early fall type pattern, kind of unusual for its overall strength for this time of the year. we're not looking at rainfall here in the next 72 hours. those temperatures are going to start off in the mid to upper 40s out here with that dense fog and then we'll start to get that gradual sunshine in here throughout our tuesday, and we'll rebound in some low 60s here in the east and the south bay. the you're doing any traveling, watch out. more wet weather across the east, also some rain/snow mix, even up into chicago and minneapolis. coming up back here, we're going to be talking about where your worst commute will be for tomorrow when it comes to that fog. >> already, jeff. thank you very much. and ahead at 6:00 -- how eating your breakfast after your workout could help you lose weight. plus, what san francisco's
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new mayor is required to do that no san francisco mayor has done before.
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okay. we've all been told that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but did you know when you eat that omelet or cereal could hurt your effort to lose weight? >> nbc's ellen goldberg take us to the gym for a look at a new study. >> 45 seconds here, guys. let's go. >> reporter: it's been pounded in our heads. breakfast is the most important meal of the day. >> it gets your metabolism going right away in the morning. >> reporter: but new research suggests waiting to eat breakfast until after you work out may be the fastest way to work out. >> when i eat before a workout i feel bloated and kind of lethargic. i wait till afterwards. >> reporter: why? >> because i get too bloated before i work out and just can't do it.
6:25 pm
so i like to have an empty stomach and just make the workout better. >> reporter: these workout partners may be on to something. researchers in belgium followed two groups of young men for six weeks. one group it a a carbohydrate-packed breakfast, then worked out. the other group worked out and then had the same carb-rich meal. while group one gained about three pounds, group two gained almost no weight. >> conventional wisdom says and research has shown that within 30 to 45 minutes of a workout, your body is most effectively going to use any protein you take in. >> reporter: while hitting the gym on an empty stomach may not be for everyone, brandon wall, an owner of a gym in dallas, suggests people eat a little something, like a banana, before a workout. >> i'm not saying eat a big breakfast before handle. i'm saying get something in your stomach, get some federal grand jury energy, get through that workout, afterwards, eat something, get the protein your
6:26 pm
body craves in order to rebuild your muscles and lose the fat. >> well -- >> i have to have coffee. >> depressing to me even if you have breakfast first and still workout, you still gain weight. >> that's the way it works. >> i don't like it. coming up at 6:00, apple ceo steve jobs no longer on the job. taking a medical leave. what it could mean for the silicon valley giant. plus, some long days ahead for state lawmakers. what jerry brown wants the assembly to do by march. and a rare look at what some consider to be one of our country's biggest threats. nbc takes a tour of an iranian nuclear site. hand sanitizers are essential, but the alcohol's drying. [ female announcer ] gold bond hand sanitizer kills germs without alcohol, then moisturizes. kills germs. loves your hands.
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[ malbig. hot. pastrami.n out to the big hot pastrami. don't dare call it a cover band -- unless you're talking about covering freshly baked bread with layer upon layer of flavor-packed pastrami. this sub lays down power cords of tasteocity with pickles, mean licks of mustard and riffs of melty, bubbly cheese. catch 'em before the fresh toasted tour leaves town. subway big hot pastrami. crank up the flavor at subway. apple ceo steve jobs is taking medical leave again, and this time there is no word on when he'll return. no colorado is more closely aligned with the success of his company than jobs. we take a closer look at how the
6:29 pm
consumer electronics giant might fare without him. >> reporter: while addressing a crowd last fall, apple ceo steve jobs appeared noticeably thin. today the ceo announced to his company he's taking leave to focus on his health, his third medical leave in a decade. the most recent was two years ago when jobs, who battled pancreatic cancer, left the company for six months to undergo a liver transplant. >> one distinction from the last time he did this, he actually gave a date he'd be back. this time his statement says he hopes to return. >> reporter: the news sent apple shares plunging overseas. >> it's already had a negative impact on the stock. once people realize he's not coming back, the stock will probably degrade even further. >> reporter: jobs will hand off the day-to-day duties of apple to c.o.o. tim cook, considered a strong leader by industry insiders. >> should he not be able to return to that same role, two things to think about. one, in the short term, the team that's there now understands
6:30 pm
jobs' vision, understands how to carry out that vision and know how to execute it, and i would not see any change in the short term. >> reporter: especially since apple plans to release the new iphone and ipad at its stores this year, two products that have jobs' fingerprints on them. analysts say apple's future next year is more concerning. they liken jobs to walt disney, saying he created the magic of his company. >> when steve has that per stow that, he is looked at very differently, not only as a voice but as this legend. it's impossible for anybody to fill that shoe is in that same concept. >> reporter: they'll carry out his vision even if he never returns in a prominent role. in san jose, marianne favro. >> apple releases its third-quarter earnings report tomorrow and analysts anticipate it will be very impressive. they also predicts that jobs' leave will have a big impact on short-term investors when u.s.
6:31 pm
markets reopen tomorrow. governor jerry brown not backing down, says he wants to push through his plan to close the budget deficit by early march. insiders say his ambitious agenda faces many hurdles, including voter approval. in order to make the ballot in the special election in june, major provisions will have to clear the legislature by march. that's warp speed by some standards. brown is putting strong emphasis on the spending cuts to soften the blow of more taxes. nbc bay area will continue to follow the efforts in the months ahead. new san francisco mayor ed lee will do something his predecessor, vin newsom, never did, appearing before the board of supervisors every month for a question and answer session. former supervisor chris dailey came up with the idea back in 2006 trying to stick it to newsom, but it never became binding on the mayor until voters passed the measure last november, which, of course, is the same time that newsom was elected to statewide office. the board must now come up with
6:32 pm
a format, and mayor lee plans to sit down with david chu to work out the details. mayor lee is expected to kick off the question and answer session on january 25th. and l.a. county lawmaker is raising eyebrows for openly displaying his guns in his capitol office. republican assembly man tim donnelly, a former minuteman, says he came to sacramento as a strong supporter of the rights of gun owners. donnelly has already raised eyebrows for introducing a bill to crack down on illegal immigrants, a measure modeled after the controversial arizona immigration law. international negotiators expected to meet with iran ran officials very soon over the country's nuclear program. they have even invited people to their nuclear facility. nbc's richard engel was given that rare access, and he gives all of us a tour, as well. >> reporter: it's a rare look inside iran's controversial and secretive nuclear program. we pass through two massive metal doors and finally enter the tehran research reactor.
6:33 pm
it's an old facility built by the united states before iran's 1979 islamic revolution. this is a main cooling pool. the actual core of the reactor where the fuel rods are kept is about 25 feet below the surface. the facility appears clean and well maintained. it is very unusual for iran to allow anyone to tour its nuclear facilities, let alone take television cameras inside. the people here seem uncomfortable that we're here. we haven't been able to talk to any scientist directly, and we're not allowed to take pictures of their faces. but earlier iran's chief nuclear negotiator told us the tehran reactor produces medical isot e isotopes. >> translator: an issue which is completely and solely humanitarian and more than 850,000 patients are using the medication. >> reporter: international officials don't dispute that the tehran research reactor produces medical isotopes. but they are deeply concerned
6:34 pm
how iran obtains the fuel. we stayed in the reactor for about half an hour, and this exceptional access we were given does appear to be some kind of good-will gesture from iran ahead of those talks in istanbul. richard engel, nbc news, heathrow. tunisia's prime minister has announced a unity government in the hopes it will quell the violent protest that deposed the country's president last week. nearly 80 people were killed, and today for first time since last week, demonstrators were back on the streets. they complained that far too many of the ex-president's men have seats in the new unity government. witnesses say security forces were more restrained today compared to last week when they were shooting live rounds at the protesters. human rights groups and diplomats around the world are stunned at last night's surprise return to haiti by former dictator jean-claude "baby doc" duvalier. so far he has stayed in his hotel, speaking only with
6:35 pm
supporters. his return has many people wondering if it will prompt a new renewed conflict in haiti, which is still coping with last year massive earthquake. duvalier was ousted from power in an uprising in 1986 amid charges of corruption and human rights abuses. still ahead at 6:00, carrots and crime. how an organic farm is attracting some unique characters to one of the country's roughest neighborhoods. and hollywood shines the spotlight on the silicon valley. "winning big" at the golden globes. i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. a decent amount of sunshine after some dense fog this morning. we en popped up to 62ed in san francisco. however, the dense fog is back. we'll tell you about travel delays and where your worst commute will be coming in the morning. a live long across the golden gate bridge.
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never in my lifetime did i think i could walk 60 miles in 3 days. 60 miles compared to what a cancer patient goes through is a walk in the park. from the moment i registered, people started immediately supporting me and asking me how they could help. you meet the most wonderful, inspiring people. when you accomplish those 60 miles, it's truly life-changing. (man) register today for the... and receive $25 off your registration fee. because everyone deserves a lifetime.
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not the norm today at st. pete ears square where a cardinal was blessing dozens of animals. the blessing marked the feast day of. is anthony the abbott. italian ranchers and farmers brought their animals to the square for ceremony. it's also a chance for pet owners to get their pets free veterinary checks and a blessing, too. from animals at st. peter's basilica to animals in one of the toughest parts of miami. adam cooperstine takes us to a one of a kind farm in haiti. >> it's just another day on the farm. except this farm is in the last place you'd ever expect to find one. >> we see it in the front and you see the neighborhood, you never expect to walk through the house and walk into paradise. >> reporter: bill side ler is one of 20 or so people who live at earth and us farm, an oasis smack in the middle of little
6:39 pm
haiti. >> it's like you're living in a jung until the middle of a major city. come here, pumpkin. come here. >> reporter: ray has owned this two-acre plot of lapd for 33 years, and anyone is welcome inside. some people live in tree houses. others in tents. >> most people that hear about it and then come here, they say, wow, you can't talk about doing it justice until you see it. >> reporter: we can attest to that. while we were there, we witnessed an emu trying to eat our microphone. >> he wants the microphone. >> reporter: whoa, whoa. and then he went back for more. hey, hey, hey, hey. ray showed us how he's raising earthworms in a bathtub. >> these are worms. >> reporter: and he has a garden full of fruits, vegetables, even flowers that he told me to eat. >> i don't know why i trust you, but i do. >> reporter: he's also harvesting bees, and he's not afraid to get right in there. >> they don't want to sting you.
6:40 pm
as long as you don't get uptight. >> reporter: chaszer owns the houses surrounding the farm and the rent money keeps the place going. but it's the odyssey of it all that makes it so special. >> i never thought a place like this would exist. >> reporter: inside you've got people from all over the world living alongside roosters, turkeys, pigs, and emus. and outside? >> there's prostitutes on the street every day, the homeless, the crackheads. everything. it seems to be part of the magic here. >> something big city have in common. always something odd you can find somewhere, isn't there? >> yes. >> never expect to find. >> yeah. always something odd going on also in our sports world. and the raiders especially. >> did you just call me odd? >> not you. not you. the raiders. >> the raiders very odd. one of the oddest couple of weeks for the raiders and 49ers comes to an end finally tonight. the raiders have their new hoad coach and didn't have to go far to find them.
6:41 pm
not surprisingly, it is their offensive coordinator hue jackson. we'll hear from al davis coming up next. and get ready, giants fans. that's the ring, the world series ring. we have an exclusive look at it coming up next. and on this martin luther king day, we have fun. it's a little tradition here. we brought in our newest cub reporter. we sent her to work today at the warriors' game. jeff ranieri, what have you got? nothing quite like that. i'm excited to hear that story, raj. across the bay area, looking at san francisco, a little bit of fog, temperatures starting to drop. we'll tell you where the worst commute for tomroes two that de t comes tthat dense fog coming up.
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6:43 pm
well, new trophies are adorning mantels across hollywood tonight. >> not ricky gervais. honoring the best in tv and film at the 16th annual golden globe award. mark brger shows us who's celebrating the big win tonight. >> "social network." >> reporter: a film about facebook's origins got more "like" votes than any other at last night's golden globes. it came away with four awards, including best drama. >> i hope that the success of this film, the work of all of these producers that are here, aaron's work, david's work, a remarkable supported system in sony, will encourage other studios that these films have value. >> reporter: collin first
6:44 pm
exposed a bit of mirth for "the king's speech." >> i was asked a question. i basically just about able to project myself to end of this press conference. so i can't really get any further than that in my mind. >> reporter: while natalie portman took best actress for "black swan." >> i learned how much i could work. i think the -- i learned the ebs tent of my discipline, which was put to the test every day by the rigors of the art form. >> reporter: "so fire me" scored a one-two punch. and best supporting actress. >> i got a golden globe! >> reporter: co-star christian beil took best supporting actor. >> i'm not comfortable. i'm not somebody who's good in a room full of people. a lot of people can't get that. they can't understand some actors are bloody shy and have these issues about being in
6:45 pm
front of people. sometime that can come across as hostility or whatever. >> reporter: but on this night, the golden globes showed lots of love. in los angeles, mark barger, nbc news. >> some surprises last night. >> a pretty good show i thought. >> all right. and jeff ranieri always puts on a pretty good show for us, doesn't he. why, thank you. take a look here. got to live up to this expectation now. today we had temperatures there, the mid to upper 50s for parts of the north bay. that's where the fog still lingered around. temperatures were the coolest there. right down the peninsula into san jose, temperatures in the upper 50s and low 60s. that's where we did get in on a good amount of sunshine. however, the fog is has already started to roll back in, dense fog advisory right now from the north bay down into the south bay where visibilities will be at a quarter mile and less here throughout the north bay. we'll also see the dense fog once again reforming here throughout the east bay. it's already starting to get patchy and dense in and throughout the east bay, especially through the hilltops. that's also going to be the case
6:46 pm
from the south bay from the peps la into san francisco. one of the most widespread dense fog advisories we have had here across the bay area in a while. let's get a look. the lowest numbers coming into us in the north bay, novato at a quarter mile and less so that highway 101 corridor from about the san francisco golden gate bridge, right up to santa rosa is going to be a sore spot tomorrow morning. otherwise, temperatures not so bad, mid to upper 50s right now as that fog is kind of capping things off today. so we're not going to see some overly cold temperatures tonight by any means. we'll start off with the fog. then we're going to get some gradual sunshine in here as we head throughout tuesday. that's the good part. you just have to wait for it till the midday and afternoon hours. then we have this unusual dry pattern that's going to stay in place. satellite loop shows that arcing in the cloud cover right there. that is a signature of high pressure sitting right at the surface offshore. and without that budging we'll see that fog for morning and that midday and afternoon sunshine as we head throughout the next two days.
6:47 pm
and temperatures in the upper 50s to near 60 degrees. now, we've been talking about this worst commute for tomorrow morning. it looks like right now in the north bay where visibles could be a tenth of a mile and less. once again, highway 101 from novato to santa rosa. that's where you want to watch out especially as you travel over those bridges and also throughout any hilltop location. otherwise, for the morning, east bay, low 40s and also that patchy dense fog and otherwise here 47 in santa cruz and temperatures in the mid to upper 40s throughout san francisco. as far as our highs go tomorrow, we'll see a slight northerly component to the wind. that'll help to scour out some of this fog and also return some sunshine. so that slow, foggy start with a nice, sunny finish. all right. 57 in concord. sounds kind of like a recipe there. 59 in napa and right up into the north bay looking at temperatures in the low to mid-60s. let's get a look at the seven-day forecast. there's that sunny finish for us
6:48 pm
as we head throughout wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday, and sunday, looking good, low 60s, and no rain in sight. just watch out for that fog tomorrow morning. now it's time for your sports. jeff, thank you. we have a busy evening, one of the worst kept secrets in america. considering the chronicle reported this hiring more than two weeks ago, but earlier this evening the raiders finally making it official, hue jackson is their new head coach. he will replace tom cable. if you want to be cynical, you can say here we go again. al davis has really run this franchise nearly to the ground in the past eight years. in fact, jackson will be the raiders' sixth head coach since their super bowl season back in '02. jackson's resume pretty solid. a longtime assistant coach, but this will be his first-ever head coaching position on any level. the 45-year-old has plenty of experience in the nfl and in college. in fact, in 1996 he worked for
6:49 pm
steve mariucci over at cal as the golden bears' offensive coordinator. and that's what hue jackson was this season for the raiders. their o-coordinator. a nice promotion for him. he will be introduced tomorrow formally at raiders headquarters in alameda. not sure if al davis will be there, but the 81-year-old owner issued a statement tonight reading in part, the fire in hugh will set a flame that will burn for a long time in the hearts and minds of the raiders. hue jackson, the new coach of the raiders. we have a new reporter now on our nbc staff. she's a third-grader from oakland. no school today, so we gave craig herrera fist assignment -- go cover the warriors game. a holiday matinee tipoff at the oracle. we'll introuse you in a moment. first the game itself, montae ellis, brook lopez, the former stan forward star. warriors and the nets. here come the warriors on the
6:50 pm
run. david lee. great game this afternoon. in the fourth quarter, david lee returns the favor. you scratch my back, i'll scratch yours. montae finished with 26 points, lee with 24 points. warriors beat the nets 109-100. so here's the deal. for the last few years it's become a tradition here at nbc in honor of the martin luther king holiday to allow an aspiring reporter to join our staff and live a dream. our chaperon and mentor like usual is lauren scott. >> reporter: the mlk tradition continues at the arena as the warriors welcomed a dozen kids from the northern lights school to shadow reporters and meet ya members. our cub reporter is jessica allen. you ready? let's go talk to the players. all right. a couple important things here. look like during hurricane coverage. you need this nbc microphone. you ready? let's go in.
6:51 pm
>> how are you? >> good. >> you're our reporter today? >> yep. >> there you go. >> reporter: first we got the lay of the land. this is the pregame warm-up. the shoot-around just before the game. steph curry, vladimir radmanovich. all these guys out there. hey, look, there's brook lopez from stanford. his brother, robin, used to date michelle wie. now he's kind of looking like the geico caveman. time to ask a tough question. >> do you think montae ellis will be an all-star? >> i tell you, jessica, i think montae ellis should be an all-star. >> coach, what is the key to winning tonight? >> the key to winning tonight? we've got to score more points tonight. >> reporter: being a reporter these days really requires telling people what you've seen the minute you've seen it. that's where twitter comes in. you're own account. and jessica kept her betweens in the know with updates throughout the contest leading up to the postgame. >> was it a special win today? >> very special. martin luther king day.
6:52 pm
and then to get a win for the home crowd it's a great opportunity. >> reporter: all in all, it was another great mlk day full of many dreams come true and a warriors' win. take it from here. >> jessica valid, nbc bay area sports. >> jessica, you're a star. you are hired. tomorrow, though, back to school at northern lights elementary in oakland. sharks, big day, historical day for the sharks today. congratulations to patrick marleau arriving in san jose as a teenager in 1997. we've seen him grow up before our eyes. today, the first sharks player in history to reach 1,000 career games as a member of the sharks. wouldn't you know, the 31-year-old even scored a goal. he and dany heatley leading the charge this afternoon in phoenix beating the coyotes 4-2. finally tonight, the bling has arrived. the giants world series rings. they will be the most talked about diamonds in the bay yair. here's the exclusive first look. it's the prototype made by
6:53 pm
tiffany's. no official word on how many diamonds in there or whose hand this is. but here's the skinny. the ring will be reviewed by giants management. if they like it, they keep it. if not, they'll tweak it. april 9th is the ring ceremony. >> by tiffany's? >> i would like -- >> wow. >> -- that hand to be mine. that's a good-looking ring. that is nice. >> really, it's cool. >> wow. insurce on t to get ins. >> we'll be right back. california should be proud.
6:54 pm
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coming up tonight at 11:00, two hours to end ten years of pain. no more pills, no more treaents, and most importantly, no more headaches. >> i'm sitting here smiling. i mean, it's a miracle. >> the medical breakthrough that can cure your headaches forever, tonight at 11:00 after "harry'sr law" here on nbc bay area news. and finally tonight, that big gulp of coffee finally here. starbucks about to roll out the trenta. 31 ounces of caffeine in a cup. it will be available in california february 1st, for iced coffees, iced teas and lemonade drinks. it will be 50 cents more than the venti. actor owen nelson will need it now that he's going to get less sleep.
6:57 pm
he's taking on a new role -- dad. wilson's girlfriend gave birth to a baby boy on friday in hawaii. it is the first child for the 42-year-old actor. "the los angeles times" reports that ford lytton wilson weighed in at six pounds, 13 ounces. mom and baby are said to be doing well. wilson just revealed last week that his girlfriend was pregnant. missing was the word "very," appare apparently. >> need the coffee and he'll have the headaches all rolled into one. >> better watch at 11:00 tonight. we have news for him sxwroop that does it tonight for us at 6:00. we'll be back at 11:00. mary! hey!
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