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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  January 21, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PST

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new this morning, a shocking report of a sexual assault of children inside a school classroom. i'm christie smith. i'll tell you more about it coming up in a live report. plus, a father's heroic action. how he fought a pitbull with his bare hands to save his son. hidden hackers. if you use public wi-fi, your information could face a new threat. see how to protect yourself. we have a live look outside. it is a cool start but it is going to be warm, friday, january 21st, this is "today in
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the east bay." good morning, everyone. i'm scott mcgrew. it is 4:30. happy friday to you. and christina loren with a beautiful forecast ahead. good morning. yes, good morning. you sound like a man who wants to hear this. if you are heading in from the east bay, lookout for some haze. we are doing really well in terms of temperatures for this time of the morning, but visibilities are something we are going to be concerned with as we lost that warming wind. unfortunately, we had a really nice offshore wind yesterday, so we started out mild this morning. it is much, much cooler as high pressure has retreated off to the east just a little bit. but right now we have a pretty good wind in hayworth southeast at 6 miles per hour. a calm wind along the peninsula. that could create some fog heading throughout this morning as we do have high pressure
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still compressing everything in the atmosphere. chilly conditions for the first part of the day turning over to temperatures close to the 70s once again. we hit 69 in santa cruz yesterday. 63 is the forecasted high. if you are waking up in concord, good morning to you. 65 degrees today. we have the extended forecast coming up. back to you, scott. thank you much. we'll go to mike in the morning commute this morning. >> it is friday. we are expecting friday light as far as volume overall goes, but with temperatures like that folks are obviously heading to the beach. right now we'll go to folks heading into the east bay. northbound 880 to westbound 92 if you are heading over to that san mateo toll bridge plaza, the connector ramp is closed for a half hour. you'll get off there just a little bit before you hit the 92 interchange. getting off the bridge we have slowing approaching farian boulevard. that's where we have a full closure getting back to 880.
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we should be opening one of those lanes the next few minutes. that's probably why the slowdowns have cleared near that interchange. the approach to the bay bridge, no major delays. fog shouldn't be an issue, but it could crop up later on. parents are getting a disturbing letter about sex acts in the second grade classroom. this is at marcum elementary school in oakland. "today in the east bay's" christie smith is live with the latest. the teacher has been yanked from the classroom, what else do we know? >> reporter: a letter went home saying a number of things but it said the teacher would not be reporting to this school site. reports of not one but two sexual-related incidents happening in the second grade classroom. in one students at hard come elementary here on 73rd and east oakland were reportedly engaging in a sexual act. this is a boy and girl in that second grade classroom.
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and in another incident some children were reportedly caught taking off their clothing and clowning around. these incidents occurred last week but only came to the principal's attention after one student told a staff member what had happened. now, according to "the oakland tribune" the teacher was there at the time but unaware of any such incident going on. the letter that went home did express a number of things including deep regret and said that the school would take whatever actions are necessary to ensure something like this doesn't happen again. the district is investigating and they are acting as if these incidents are indeed true. the school also launched its own investigation and contacted parents of those involved. we are told counselors look at the school today to help out. christie smith, "today in the bay." a young boy is recovering from dog bites and bruise this is morning. it could have been so much worse
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his father fought off three pitbulls no doubt saving his child's life. the boy's father says the boy hopped a fence and chased a ball. the 4-year-old left his sight for just seconds. >> i seen three dogs on top of him. one of them had his head in his mouth. the other had his legs. they were trying to shake him like a rag doll. they were trying to fight them off. i tried punching them, that didn't work. i grabbed a 2 by 4 laying around in the backyard and started hitting them with that the. >> the first time i caught him he had blood all over his face. and the dog just ripped him from our hands. >> reporter: one of the dogs bit under his eye and the doctors have glued it shut. the neighbor didn't want to go on camera but he's terribly sorry for what happened. the boy's family asked that the dogs be put down. a reminder to double check
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your doors or locks this morning. a vallejo woman was sexually assaulted by a man who got in to her home through an unlocked door on tennessee street about this time wednesday morning. police say the suspect caught the woman by surprise as she was preparing to go to work around 6:00 in the morning. he drove off in a 2010 hyundai elantra. we have the license plate from tennessee, 070xqz. federal prosecutors are calling pleasanton university catering to most online students a sham. they say it was a front to illegally provide foreign status to internationals. susan sue owned these properties.
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the u.s. attorney's office claimed su tried to help students remain immigration status to remain in the u.s. the bay area scores big with new transportation funds. caltrans announces a big dollars in funding for new projects. the bay area will get $21 million for synchronized lights in alameda and contra costa counties. $33 million for extra lights on 101 near university and marsh lane. that's in san mateo county. $39 million for in marin county. a big portion of the bond was approved by voters in 2006. berkeley's humane society will remain open after last year's devastating fire. several animals were killed. the 80-year-old building still not completely rebuilt, but part of the building is being use d.
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shelter administrators are celebrating with an open house today. >> so at the moment we are just using one small portion of the facility for adoptions on the weekends, which we'll be doing every saturday and sunday. and then we are also fully operational in our hospital and are providing all the medical services we were before. the berkeley humane society also reopening its weekly spay and neuter clinic for low-income pet owners. all kinds of good news on hov lanes, et cetera. mike, those aren't coming for a while, but that will help traffic quite a bit. >> yes, it gives us something to look forward to. we can also look forward to a friday light commute. we are looking at construction near hyatt street getting onto or on 880 north of the coliseum. there's a construction work there with on and off-ramps closed for 20 more minutes. 42nd avenue to the north has a
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major construction project with overnight closures through monday morning at 5:00 a.m. where things should be done as far as the accident off 880. keep in mind, if you are traveling overnight, saturday and sunday night you'll have access issues. a light volume here, no problems so far, but you'll have slowdowns in antioch an hour from now with where 67 is. even on a friday that's where things get slow, even on a friday commute. venetia is busy heading out of the area. we'll talk about that commute coming up later. i didn't make it out to santa cruz, but almost 70 degrees there yesterday. amazing. >> 69 degrees in santa cruz. we had zero fog yesterday. and this morning we actually have clear conditions once again. we've got ten miles visibility in san mateo. you are looking good in the east bay this morning. a little hazy. and we are expecting a little bit of fog to form as we head throughout the morning, so watch
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out for that. also, temperaturewise we are looking good but we lost those warm down-sloping winds. as a result this morning, much cooler with temperatures in the 30s. high pressure is firmly in control keeping our skies nice and clear throughout this afternoon. we'll see highs towards that 70-degree mark once again. because we are starting out so cold i think it will be a little bit more difficult to see those highs rebound up in the north bay, in particular. a little cooler in the north bay. warmer today in the south bay. and in the east bay, hey, 67 degrees in fairfield. you cannot beat that. 64 for livermore. 63 degrees in fremont. so we are starting out chilly but later on today you'll have a pocket full of sunshine, scott. that sounds great. impressive video, meanwhile, this morning with big waves off the coast of hawaii. check out the 20-foot waves offering surfers a nice long ride. recreational surfers actually have the waves to themselves. all the pro-surfers are on oahu's north shore waiting for
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the start of the surf invitational. today's surf is pretty big but not enough to start the invitational. all the prosurfers are waiting on the beach. did you use e-mail in the public on wi-fi? your public information is at risk. plus, have you lost your credit card or debit card? how to erase your information on the card itself before it gets into the wrong hands.
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what if that $2,500 was
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something to put in your pocket? and you are looking at a golden gate bridge as the sun will come up shortly. it looks like a gorgeous forecast to check in on with christina in a minute. meanwhile, it is open and free, but the public wi-fi is also a paradise for hijackers to snag your personal information with a few clicks. it is call ed sci-jacking. facebook photos and messages could be exposed within seconds. >> reporter: is this your hot mail inbox? >> yes, it is. >> reporter: i'm actually on your facebook page right now on
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my computer. >> that's surprising that you are on my page. >> reporter: is this your facebook page? >> yes. >> reporter: these are your photos? >> yes. >> reporter: you are a nurse at stanford university? we had never met any of these people, but within seconds getting on a shared wi-fi network we were inside their personal accounts. not only could we see their online activity we could command that. >> how did you get that? >> reporter: we sci-jacked them using a program called firesheet. we could work along with them inside their account without being detected. i can change your status and change things and send messages. >> that's a little disturbing. it is scary because people can hack into your account. they can mess with your information. >> reporter: firesheet captures the network flying through the
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data allowing you to see what other people are doing. amazon counties, hotmail profiles and several facebook users popped up quickly. >> you are vulnerable going to a coffee shop or the airport or at the library where there's a public wireless network, a free wi-fi network with no security to it. >> caller: mcafee experts say any site that requires a username and password could be at risk, especially those with the remember me feature. >> when you click the remember me button on the website and it lets you in directly without typing in your same pass word anymore, that's when fire sheet captures the information. >> reporter: look for sites with https, for example, google is a safe site because it encrypts your information. but facebook doesn't. they look to provide it in the coming months. concern you? >> yes. >> reporter: did you know this
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existed? >> no. no, not at all. >> reporter: when using the unseptember cure unsecure site, you can use those that require a password as they are ready to pounce on your personal information. vicky nguyen, nbc news. >> just because you use a password to get on a public wireless system doesn't mean you are protected because the bad guy sitting in the same cough tee shop knows the password is on the same wi-fi. it is very easy to install, but don't be tempted to use it without the permission of someone else. it would be a federation of wiretap laws. christina lorens has the fantastic forecast ahead. >> we are going to see a beautiful weekend. get on outside. we lost all that wind that we had yesterday. we started out mild because we had really nice northerly offshore winds. this morning without the wind we
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are chilly willy up in the north bay because it is so cold up there. i don't think it is going to be as warm this afternoon, but in the south bay, yes, it will be even warmer, especially when the peninsula is warm. 67 degrees is your high today in fairfield. 65 in gilroy. we hit 69 degrees in santa cruz yesterday. i'm going with 69 once again. heading throughout the next few days not a whole lot in terms of change. in fact, all the way throughout the next, i would say, seven to eight days all the way throughout the rest of january we might stay in this dry, beautiful pattern. if you can get outside this weekend and take the ipad with you, i highly recommend it, scott. sounds great, christina. thank you very much. we'll go to mike and check on the commute at 4:48. >> good morning. as you might expect, the roadways are very light with traffic right now, but i want to tell you about this. highway 4 in the eastbound direction at railroad avenue, down in pittsburgh there's the
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report of a disabled truck still in lanes. the big news is it is a frito lay truck. if you are waiting for the newsroom breakfast, wait a little bit. in antioch westbound traffic is moving smoothly. westbound 580 is moving smoothly out of the altamonte pass through livermore. if you are heading into the sierra later today, a very clear day there. a lot of folks could be heading there today. the bay bridge will see slowing, but not too bad because it is friday. keep me updated on the chip news. a shakeup in silicon valley with a former republican candidate for governor, meg whitman, is headed back to the tech world. and google will have a new ceo. for more on that and news before the bell, nicole lapan, happy friday. >> reporter: a surprise announcement yesterday by google said their co-founder larry page will replace eric schmidt as ceo
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in april. schmidt has been ceo since 2001 but the shared decision did go on with page and the other co-founder. schmidt will become executive chairman. he's staying on but he's focusing in on government affairs while brim focused on strategic projects. all three men say there was no friction that led to this change, but under schmidt google flew past microsoft and yahoo! in surf and got into mobile devices. google also had a different side to this. schmidt had a public spat with china last year and recently the failed bid to buy online coupon site groupon. that's one shakeup. the other one is the management shakeup 15 minutes north of google's hq. hp is overhauling its board of directors involved in ousting mark herd. they are leaving. hp is naming five new directors in their place, including a
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former e-bay ceo named meg whitman. a lot is going on in your neck of the woods. are you listening? >> i was listening the whole time. yesterday i got caught not listening to her for those who don't realize. >> reporter: i'm never going to let you live it down. >> hp's board never fails to entertain. it just continues. nicole, thank you. it is a fear many of us, losing our credit card or debit card. this is the answer to that. it is a card with a smart chip inside. the creator explains how it works. >> in order to turn this card on you have to enter an unlocking code that only you know. if you enter the right unlocking code your number is displayed visually for online transactions. then for one time all your magnetic data is there for the transags. >> when you are done the card turns itself off.
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if it is stolen it is a piece of complete dead plastic. they are not in circulation but the card companies are testing the technology. all right. meanwhile, we want to get a look at what's coming up today later in the bay. for that we say good morning to brent cannon. >> no, hey! i changed today and everything. do i still look like brent? will you listen to me now? boy, it is friday around here, and we have a lot of news to cover for you. caltrans says it could be derailed by a lack of cash very soon. we'll take a look at that in a live report. plus, walmart is going to get the lead in getting people to eat healthier. and the barry bonds perjury case should move forward today. see why the defense team is crying foul on a lot of the evidence. plus, the giants are showing off the world series trophy in their old home. we'll show you how the trophy travels in style. those stories and a whole lot more coming up with laura and i in just a bit. >> thank you, laura.
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an experimental drug is helping those with advanced melanoma. it blocks damaged proteins caused by a gene mutation to leave healthy cells alone. almost every patient with a type of skin cancer responded to the drug, but the company who makes it has not said how much longer the patients are surviving. students worried about acing the next big test may want to write about it. students in a study given ten minutes to write about anxieties before taking the exam exhale actually improved their grade. researchers at the university of chicago say the exercise allowed students to unload their fears to better concentrate on the test itself. this type of writing could apply in the working world as well for those nervous about an upcoming speech interview, presentation to a client, et cetera. all right. christina has one more look at the forecast before we head off. >> yes, head off and enjoy the weekend that confronts us. we are so excited about that. 49 degrees right now in san
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francisco. we are going to see a beautiful day in the bay. ab normally warm for this time of the year, and a lot of sunshine that we are not traditionally used to seeing in january in the bay area. 61 in santa rosa. that's the forecasted high today. 67 degrees in los gatos. 66 in san jose. looking really comfortable for the second half of the day. the warmest areas, of course, will be in your car because it is 15 degrees in the surrounding area. and of course, sunshine today, 66 degrees in san jose. still chilly with a sweater, but dress in layers. what i can tell you right now, scott mcgrew, we have beautiful conditions to look forward to probably all the way throughout the rest of the month of january. so i'm enjoying it, i don't know about you. >> that's strange but so wonderful. it would be a shame to go to the theater this weekend, but if you did a few big named celebrities will use star power to knock the green hornet out of the top spot at the box office. among the stars with movies coming out this weekend, natalie
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portman, ashton kutcher, ben after affleck and tommy lee jones. >> decisions had to be made in areas -- >> you're firing me? >> ben affleck joins the unemployed in the movie. chris cooper is also in "company men." that opens in select theaters this weekend. it is rated "r." prisoners plan to escape from siberia in "the way back." that is rated pg-13. then ashton kutcher and natalie portman, friends with benefits in "no strings attached." they have a one-night stand and decide to make it a regular thing and make a pact not to ruin the friendship. that also, as you might imagine, is rated "r." coming up, drastic cuts to caltrans that could eliminate your route or end the service
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all together. we'll tell you what's being done to save the system. brent and laura are coming up on the backside of this break.
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new this morning, how to save caltrains. good morning, i'm marla tellez with a look at the financial problems threatening to stop dozens of trains in their tracks. that's coming up in a live report. the barry bonds perjury trial moves forward. and what happens in court today could make or break the case against the former giants slugger. plus, down to the final two. we'll tell you who is in the running for police chief in the bay area's biggest city. and a live look outside this morning. a nice shot of the bay bridge. we are looking forward to a weekend. it is friday. we have an update coming up. it is january 21st on "today in the bay." good morning to you. thank you for joining us. i'm laura


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