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tv   NBC11 News The Bay Area at 6  NBC  January 22, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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east capital expressway. one of several homicides in the first few weeks of this new year. kimberly terry is here with more on how community officials and community leaders are working together to curb the violence. kim? >> reporter: garvin, this is the seventh homicide so far this year for san jose. police say it is gang related. this is also the second killing in a week in this area. officials say in response, gang suppression efforts are being stepped up. the recent spat of violence comes as san jose mayor held a crime and prevention summit today. the event at the community center included hands-on workshops, a community resource, and discussion on gangs and neighborhood violence. mayor chuck reed said the meeting brings together local neighborhoods. this third annual event he says is a key tool to keeping the streets safe. >> we've had a recent spike of homicides. last year our homicide was the
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lowest in a decade. we had a spike in the first few weeks of the year. but we have a great program in san jose dealing with these kinds of issues. we'll engage our community, community-based organizations and our great police department. >> reporter: according to the mayor's gang prevention task force. last year there were six gang related homicides. four of them happened within the first two months of that year. members of the task force say they plan on implementing the same straight jis they used last year to curb the violence. that's what you heard mayor reed just talking about. city officials working directly with the schools and neighborhoods in which the violence is occurring. meantime, the search for a police chief for san jose continues. it's down to two finalists, and the mayor expects a recommendation from the city manager within a couple of weeks. kimberly terry, nbc, bay area news. a 9-year-old san francisco boy is in the hospital recovering from a gunshot wound.
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he was shot near noon today. investigators say they aren't sure yet whether the boy was hit by a stray bullet or targeted. the boy is expected to survive. hundreds of people from around the country all sharing the goal of fighting slavery and human trafficking are gathering in fremont this weekend for what they are calling a freedom summit. slavery continues to be a problem that's hidden right in our own neighborhoods. yesterday bay area police busted a sex ring operation in three counties. women from taiwan and china were forced to work as prostitutes in suspected brothels in san jose, hayward and danville. experts say victims seldom speak up because of fear. >> a group of women who may have a triple stigma, in terms of being immigrant to the country, brought in against their will, all the stigma around that. and a stigma forever of having been a sexual assault victim. >> federal officials say california is a hub for domestic and international traffickers. it is estimated there are 20,000
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people living as slaves in the u.s. today. the freedom summit will continue in fremont through the weekend. on the same day they're meeting to discuss the future of schools and education in oakland, parents and families are still reeling following reports second graders engaged in sex acts in one oakland classroom. monty francis is live in oakland with more on what experts are saying about child behavior at school. monty? >> reporter: garvin, experts tell us that there are a variety of reasons that children could have acted out in this way. but they say what makes this rare is where the incident is alleged to have happened. a second grade classroom at markham elementary school is where the incident allegedly occurred sometime last week. school officials said there was a claim that the teacher was in the classroom while two of the second graders ran around without any clothes on and a boy and girl engaged in oral sex. based on early findings, the school district says the accusations appear to have
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merit. >> i've never seen a situation like this where you've got children doing, you know, again, whatever it is ultimately that we learned that they did, in such a public space, with so many other children around. you know, clearly the difference in this case is that it's a very -- at least my understanding is that this is a very large group of people that were present when this happened. >> reporter: and counselors are expected to be on hand at the school again next week to speak to students. the teacher has not been identified. but has been placed on administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation. live in oakland tonight, monty francis, nbc bay area news. the teenage girl gang raped outside the richmond high school homecoming dance two years ago will get $4 million. as part of a settlement with the west contra costa school district. the girl came to the agreement to avoid a drawn-out civil
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trial. six men accused of beating and raping the girl after the 2009 school dance will stand trial in a criminal case. the money from the settlement will come largely from funds pooled by a group of public agencies in which the school district is a member. the girl will get $2.5 million up front and remaining $1.5 million over the next 40 years. divers found yet another car in a patterson canal today. but still, not the one they're looking for. divers and others, though, have suspended today's search. crews are searching the stanislaus county canal for a silver toyota corolla. they pulled up a pickup truck that matches one stolen in 2009. sonar from the area did not show anything promising. the search will continue. >> we're going to continue to look. we're going to continue to serve. we're going to continue to follow up on every lead and tip we get in this case.
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again, we continue to hold out hope that we're going to find juliani alive and reunite him with his family. that's our goal. >> juliani was kidnapped tuesday. a farm worker says she saw a car matching the one wanted in the amber alert go into the canal. still to come at 6:00, forget about south of the border. we take you into the bay area back country, where drug cartels are making our state the top grower of pot in the country. tens of thousands gather in san francisco forhistoric decis histor decision.
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moub a high close to 70 degrees. so how much longer will these dry conditions stick around?
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we'll let you know comit fec.
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thousands of pro-life supporters were in san francisco today to mark the anniversary of roe v. wade that legalized abortion. pro-choice supporters made their voices heard as well in a peaceful manner at today's march. another delay for california's death penalty. the u.s. maker of the anesthetic used in executions announced it would stop manufacturing the drug. the drug is actually produced at a plant in italy. that country does not support the death penalty and pressured the u.s. maker to stop production. it could stall the death penalty nationwide including here in california. many business leaders got their education in college. but as scott budman shows us, some bay area students are learning the hard knocks of life with the help of some silicon valley heavy hitters.
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>> reporter: many of these students have actually started businesses, their future, has college written all over it, and then a career in entrepreneurship. >> basically we're just going to sell as much as we can until we sell out. basically we start on college. this will be thrown away. >> more businesses later. >> more businesses later for college. >> i have had my own business. and we made personalized soaps. >> one of the things we've seen is that entrepreneurship is such a powerful way to reengage kids who everyone else has left behind. so we used the creation of a small business to get kids excited about school again. and i've seen amazing things. i started with four kids and $30,000. now we serve thousands of young people and we're a $5 million organization and growing. we've had amazing support, especially from the entrepreneurial community. >> that was scott budman
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reporting. the big problem in our own backyard, how california is outgrowing mexico in illegal pot farms. and it's not your typical school science show. how some south bay high school students a working on the international space station. sort of. we're working on a spring-like forecast today. 60s and 70s outside. you notice we've got some clouds approaching the coastline. will that bring any signed of rain anytime soon. next. at your weekend forts
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the first federal report on the san bruno pipeline explosion points to numerous faulty wells. along seams at the point of ignition. independent experts say the wells probably caused the blast. the explosion last december
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destroyed a neighborhood and killed eight people. pg&e says they have lowered pressure along all pipelines that are similar in size and age to the one in san bruno. the ntsb study examined the condition of the pipe. it did uncover inspection problems for pg&e, which had initially reported the pipe was seamless. the utility has not commented yet on the report. in the nation's capitol, who's who of washington and hollywood elite jammed a small catholic church to say good-bye to sargent shriver today. the casket was carried by his daughter maria shriver, her husband arnold schwarzenegger, and other members of the kennedy family. shriver was remembered by many, including vice president joe biden for his self-less service. >> he had a heart that led him to see good things in all people. a heart full of wonder and curiosity, and a heart that was
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humble, and devoted to others, totally devoid of selfish motivation. >> despite being standing room only for the likes of stevie wonder and bono, the family opened overflow rooms at the church to the public. a chilling and eye-opening analysis from a state drug agent. the agent tells nbc bay area californians have lost control of their pristine wildlands to the mexican drug cartels. california now produces more pot than mexico. >> reporter: this is the scene across california every summer. drug agents destroying tons of illegal pot farms in the state's hills and mountains. now a veteran drug agent tells nbc bay area those hills and mountains no longer belong to californians. >> the reality of what's going on in california, that our wild lands are not within our
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control. our international trafficking organizations hold sway. >> reporter: that's the message richard camps will deliver at a special conference in sacramento sunday. mexican drug cartels are operating right above quiet communities like saratoga. >> they're there, we know it now. the issues are, how do you deal with it. >> reporter: mike is a former cop, and has lived in saratoga for years. this is where drug agents had a gun fight with marijuana growers two years ago. >> i think it's probably the worst it's ever been. >> reporter: how about this for a reality check. the state department of justice says in the last four years, california has seen a 300% increase in illegal marijuana farms. california now produces more pot than mexico. and supplies three-quarters of the u.s. pot consumption. 121 square miles is used to grow marijuana in this state. that's larger than the city of
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sacramento. and drug at are only getting to 10% of the pot that's out there. it's how california lines the pockets of the drug cartels. damian trujillo, nbc bay area news. the carnival splendor set sale again. this time the beleaguered ship is heading to san francisco. the fire-damaged cruise ship left san diego for dry dock here in the bay area for more repairs. the splendor originally lost power when a fire broke out in its engine room last november, stranding passengers at sea for three days. tugboats had to pull the crippled ship into the harbor. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. meteorologist rob mayeda is here with a look at the forecast. if it's anything like today, we're going to love it. >> pretty outstanding. a lot of cruise ships, san francisco is a port, and they head out of town. you're not going to want to leave town this weekend when you
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see the numbers we had today. record breakers out there today. san jose, 72. 67 in oakland. new record highs today. average high this time of year should be in the upper 50s to near 60. this is as close as it gets to a january heat wave around the bay area. thanks to the winds out of the northwest all day long keeping temperatures pretty mild. looking forward now to tomorrow's weather story, out toward solano and contra costa county, you'll see more fog setting up over the next couple of mornings. still breezy in the hill tops. as the fog heads into the tri-valley, it will give a slight cooldown. 64 degrees, down from 72 earlier in san jose. west wind at 7 miles per hour. as you can see here on the satellite, and radar view as we go through time, nothing showing up, even though during the day you probably noticed we had the mid-level clouds coming in. you might have thought they were going to drop some showers.
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not the case. upper-level moisture parked itself across the county. it will continue to dive to the south as incoming storm systems slam into a ridge of high pressure. it has been around since last weekend and seeing no signs of going away. today was day nine of the dry days in a row. tomorrow day ten and likely, very likely we'll see this pattern hold up probably through the end of the month. tomorrow as the north winds back off a little bit. we'll start to see a little more fog creep into the east bay valley. maybe as warm as 70 around san jose and gilroy. the jet stream way off to the north toward the pacific northwest. as long as that storm track stays out of here, we'll be staying very dry, unusually dry for this time of the year probably into the start of february. so tonight, we'll see some breezy conditions in the hilltops. probably 50s in the hilltops around the east bay. 40s and 30s elsewhere. as you head lower toward sea
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level, the cooler temperatures in the 30s to low 40s. high temperatures tomorrow, still near 70 degrees in santa cruz. probably not near 72 like we saw today. san francisco near 62 degrees. out towards the east bay, a little bit of cooling tomorrow. concord, fairfield, highs in the low 60s for tomorrow. north bay, 70 in lake port. and about 68 degrees in santa rosa. a look at your seven-day forecast. we'll cool off a little bit through your seven-day forecast as the fog gets a little more thick. you'll probably see a little more of that over the next few mornings. that may slow down your morning commute. that takes us to the 29th, next saturday, all signs through february 5th, the bay area will stay dry, which it's really good that we had the rainy and snowy start to the season. this is typically the snowiest and wettest time of the year. >> was i the only one who went online and checked out the
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a japanese rocket bound for the international smas station launched from a remote island in southern japan today. it's carrying supplies to the international space station, as well as a little piece of san jose. 22 students from san jose's valley christian high school developed a project that will be on the space station for the next two months. the students took a a four-by-four by eight-inch growth chamber and put three small plants inside to see how they develop in microgravity. the students are eager to show off. they chose a basil plant and
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marigold and wisconsin fast plant. a big milestone for apple. the company reached 10 billion app downloads today. apple first started offering apps with the release of the iphone in 2007. users now have more than 300,000 different programs they can download onto their iphones or ipads. apple expects the number to keep growing. the store went online in july 2008. christine, a look at sports. big football day tomorrow. but today was all about basketball. >> yeah, if you like basketball, this is your time of the year. sports college hoops in full effect today. stanford hasn't found much love in southern california. cardinal looking for the first win against ucla in a long time. plus, monta ellis, will he or won't he play tonight. an injury report on the t's coming player, that's coming up in sports. u
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2005, that was the last time the stanford men's basketball team had a win against ucla, and usc. hard to believe, isn't it? after their disappointing loss on thursday against usc, the cardinal hope to end their drought against the southern california teams, when they took on ucla. the bruins hosting the cardinal at poly pavilion. first half action, stanford was on a roll. anthony brown with a nice pull at a j here. stanford up 22-8. but in the second half, things start to go badly for stanford. ucla's malcolm lee with a nice three-pointer here. 44-41, ucla. the bruins erase a 14-point deficit and went on to beat stanford 68-57, the final in this one. meanwhile, cal is looking to rebound tonight when they tip things off against usc at 7:00 p.m. the bears try to overcome the
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disappointing loss at ucla where they were beat at the buzzer. carey keety, first half, broncos with a pick and roll. evan rothmore to ben dowdle. santa clara was up 38-25. second half, kevin foster, he has been on fire of late. here with the j. 53-43 santa clara. the broncos go on to win this one, the final 72-59. now, in other action, st. mary's, 11-game win streak comes to an end. upset by vanderbilt 89-70. st. mary's first loss since december 1st. number two kansas and number ten texas, corey joseph in the final seconds with the three. the final score, texas wins
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74-63. it's the loss snap, the 69-game win streak at home. for the first time since 2008, the warriors won four straight games last night in their thrilling overtime win against the sacramento kings. but that wasn't the headline of the game. their star player, monta ellis gave everybody a scare. here's what happened, with 23 seconds remaining, ellis gets tangled with evans. he falls to the ground. he sprains his ankle. can't walk off the court with any weight on that left foot. but ellis, after the game, said the injury wasn't that bad. and that he was just a little sore. he will be a gametime decision tonight when the warriors tip things off against the clippers in l.a. well, the sharks season can be compared to my blood sugar level, up and down, after losing six straight, the sharks have turned things around and have strung together three consecutive wins. they will look to win a season high fourth straight tonight at
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hp pavilion. san jose hosts the minnesota wild. both teams walking on the door of the play-off race. one point behind chicago and colorado for the seventh and eighth spots. the sharks coming off one of their biggest wins of the season on thursday. a two-run shootout win against vancouver. puck drops at 7:30. thank you very much for joining us on the bay area at 6:00. coming up .. nasa technology that will make you cringe .. larger-than-life tweets take over an entire wall . we'll show you how 'this' is done ..


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