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tv   NBC11 News The Bay Area at 6  NBC  January 24, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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teens to watch their backs even if they don't have any gang ties. damian trujillo is live at the action center where leaders call for an emergency meeting with residents this evening because of the recent violence they've been seeing. >> reporter: there have been three gang related murders in san jose this year alone. this emergency meeting was put on by the vice mayor and several community groups in san jose to let residents know how to find out more how to protect themselves and how to help police. one expert told us that teenagers need to let things cool off a bit before they go into the streets. the garcia brothers stopped by the site of friday's murder on capital expressway and story road. >> we were coming back from a soccer game. we saw the cops blocking all of the streets. >> reporter: the shooting left one man dead and a 17 year old behind bars. it was the latest tragedy in what's turning out to be a
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violent and deadly year in san jose and gangs are right in the middle of it. >> some people won't like it from one to ten we're over ten. >> the pastor has been getting kids out of gangs for two decades. he brings students to this classroom in an unnamed san jose high school to what he describes as getting the poison out of them. right now he's telling kids to stay indoors. >> right now we're telling young people to stay off the streets. let it cool down. the police do what they do. everyone is doing their job right now. >> in my eyes it's like every other city. there's danger. >> reporter: the garcia brothers say sports and family have kept them out of trouble. they only wish other teenagers around town could say the same thing. the pastor says afternoon programs are partly to blame for all of the recent violence and the police union issued a press release late this afternoon
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saying we can expect more of this violence if the mayor goes ahead and lays off more police officers. that's an internal battle between city hall and the police officers association. this meeting here should get under way at any moment. live in san jose, i'm damian trujillo, nbc bay area news. for the last several days we've seen the electronic billboards light up the freeways today those billboards are dark but the search continues for the missing patterson boy. the amber alert was downgraded to a local search. the search is only effective in parts of the san joaquin valley. authorities have found a few cars at the bottom of that canal in patterson but none linked to this case. the search for the boy and his suspected abductor will now be concentrated along the highway 99 corridor between stockton and fresno and in and around san
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jose. that's where the majority of his family and friends are. nbc bay area spoke with the mother today. he'll hear the emotional plea. san francisco police will say the autopsy will eventually tell them what killed a woman whose body was found in a burning car this morning. which came first? her death or the fire? the first report came in just around 3:00 a.m. about a car fire on webster street. it was only after firefighters put out the flames that the body was found on the passenger seat of a gray pontiac. police want to know whether the fire killed the woman or somebody else. >> a warning of chaos and collateral damage today prompted by talk in congress of allowing california to declare bankruptcy. it's an idea the state treasure says makes no sense. more from nbc's political reporter kevin riggs. >> reporter: amidst ups and
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downs uncertainty of the markets one thing has always held true. states have never been able to declare bankruptcy at least not yet. >> it doesn't make any sense. there's no need. no state wants to declare bankruptcy. no state would do it. >> reporter: the state treasure is california's chief banker and believes republican leaders in congress are serious about moving legislation to allow states to enter bankruptcy court. >> even talking about it probably has an impact. these are skittish investors. >> reporter: the move would allow states to pull back on pension obligations to retired state workers. california's public employee unions are gearing up as you might expect to fight the idea at stake a lot more than pension benefits. >> wait until you see the collateral damage in who is impacted from such a decision. >> reporter: capital republicans are lukewarm. they say statewide bankruptcy --
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>> i'm leery of its impacts on our state and the rest of the local municipalities. >> reporter: kevin riggs, nbc bay area news. no more raids at a palace. the electronic music shows draw thousands of people and big crowds and big headaches and a big price tag for cops and hospitals in the area. there have been dozens of overdoses at the palace and even several deaths at receaves. a moratorium isn't good enough. they want events banned altogether. a stunning attack in concord where a group of teens targeted a mentally disabled man. officers say the 32-year-old man was outside of his home around 6:00 p.m. last night when a group of six or seven teens came by on bikes and started teasing the man throwing rocks and sticks at him.
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when family members realized what was happening they chased the teens off. the victim did suffer some minor injuries. officers searched the neighborhood but so far no sign of those teenagers. it's a reality in the bay area. earthquakes. here's a twist. 90,000 people in santa clara county are more vulnerable than most of their neighbors because of the buildings in which they live. nbc bay area's chris sanchez says they may not know it because of a legality. >> earthquake preparedness is on her mind after feeling a recent earthquake in her apartment near the san jose state campus. >> we thought it was somebody running upstairs because it usually shakes so we didn't think it was an earthquake. after the earthquake we went downstairs into the garage and we were looking around for on what we're standing. >> reporter: she has reason to be concerned. she lives in a soft story building. apartments on top with parking underneath. in an earthquake those buildings
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pancake whatever is on the bottom level. >> in an earthquake we would expect that there might be 150,000 uninhabitable housing units. two-thirds of those might be from soft story buildings. it's a very large problem. >> reporter: san jose state researchers found 2,600 soft story buildings. in 2003 when the san jose researchers did their survey, they identified risky soft story buildings by address but in the eight years since that sura was done, the people who live at those addresses and those who own buildings at those addresses have not been notified. clearly not because the information is not available but because of a liability concern. >> the property values drop as a result of this becoming public. we have been told that we could be liable. >> reporter: she wanthey want t get the information out so rescuers could i.d. hot spots following one.
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the push is on for local leaders to find a way to get that information. an earthquake country ignorance is not bliss. >> i rather be prepared for the worst. >> reporter: chris sanchez, nbc bay area news. an experience surfer from southern california is in critical condition tonight after nearly drowning in the serve at mavericks. deputies say he was caught by surprise saturday morning when a set of large waves moved in. what you're looking at is photos is the rescue snapped by a viewer. he survived the ordealing long enough for paramedics to fly him to stanford where he remains at a medically induced hour. >> it's been done in restaurant hot spots across the country and now oakland is jumping onboard. the first annual restaurant week. the citywide focus on food is great for diners and restaurants but it may be even better for oakland's battered image.
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that's the plan. >> reporter: one of dozens of restaurants are cooking up delicious deals for oakland's restaurant week. event organizers say it's proof that oakland is now giving san francisco a run for its money when it comes to fine dining. call it a shake-up of sorts. >> this was san francisco ten years ago when i was waiting tables in san francisco. there's 4,000 restaurants in san francisco. there was nothing going on in oakland ten years ago. >> reporter: a head bartender at side bar along oakland's lake merit, brian mcmillan says oakland is a wash in foodie buzz. >> there's an explosion. there's five great restaurants within walking distance of us right now not to mention uptown. >> reporter: in the uptown area alone, a half dozen restaurants have opened in the last few years. one reason for the surge is much more affordable to do business on this side of the bay.
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>> night life coming in here and people wanting to live in uptown. it's a lot of fun watching oakland grow. >> we've had three pages in travel and leisure and featured in "the new york times" and new york magazine and foodie publications and national geographic traveler. a tremendous amount of energy going on here. >> reporter: running with that energy, visit oakland launched the city's first ever restaurant week. it's something san francisco has done for years. >> we're doing it a little bit different. we left it up to restaurants to decide whether they wanted to do lunch or dinner and at what price point. >> reporter: so far it is drawing in crowds. >> i saw in a newsletter that i got from our mayor. she mentioned that she had restaurant week and i said it's restaurant week? we should go out and have lunch. >> reporter: in oakland restaurant week goes until next saturday. for a full list of all of the participating restaurants, go to our website, and
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the >> so this is what i think. i think in honor of the fact that you are joining me at the anchor desk, you need to take me out to oakland to celebrate. >> we'll go out to plum. >> i want to welcome you to the anchor desk with me. nice to have me here. all new stuff here. a new partner and a new home. >> amazing. >> it's like a new marriage. >> jeff is there. a brand new set. 13 years of sports director here and now wow, the transition to anchor desk. a couple things will not change because i'm not doing sports anymore, my passion for the news and the dedication to the bay area. i grew up here. i have no excuse not to put my full effort here. are you ready for a good run? >> it will be fun. >> a new set. jeff, do you like the new set? >> i like the new set. look at the huge monitor i get to do the weather on now. it's 70 plus inches. >> we like it big here. >> what's beautiful about the
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set is it is indicative of the bay area. you'll get a lot of looks at that. >> temperatures mid to upper 50s. back in the east bay and south bay and as we head throughout tonight cold air throughout the south bay dropping into the low 40s coming up we'll have an update on our rainfall and when the next best chance of some rain in the bay area will be coming. >> reporter: the internet is about to run out of address space. and that could soon mean no more new websites. i'm scott budman. coming up, we'll take you inside he ilicon valleyigee i sa to toe pavery big ide ito solve the probleto
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welcome back. a prediction made about the use of our smartphones. 2011 will be the year we use our smartphones more and our home computers less. that will translate into
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increasing costs to go wireless. starting next week sprint tacks on a $10 monthly fee for smartphone customers. something that verizon and at&t have already done. consumers can save if your carrier offers it. watch your minutes very closely. some websites will help you do that and whenever possible make sure your smartphone works with wi-fi. there are so many websites now that the internet is getting too crowded. nbc bay area's business and tech reporter scott budman spent the day at a company working to free up space. it's good that there is not that much space. we're doing a good job of putting stuff on the web. >> we want to keep doing it with startups out there. we're talking about a lot of space here. it might be coming just in time. this is not exactly a y2 case scenario but the internet is running out of numbers that make up addresses so a local company
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is developing a new set of numbers. when you type in a web address, say you see a webpage and take it from there. what you don't see is the actual internet address. a series of numbers that identify places for your digital traffic to go. it's called an ip address and the number of worldwide ip addresses now around 4 billion is about to max out. >> the realities behind that is all those names are converted into numbers and those numbers come from a very finite pool. that pool is running out. >> reporter: rows and rows of servers, climate controlled under 24/7 security keep track of those addresses. they are also preparing for a new set of numbers to handle all of the new websites and their addresses. think of it like license plates went from number six to the number seven. a whole new set of plates. this will be a whole new set of web addresses. >> this number is more than the
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grains of sand that you see on a beach or even in the whole world. it's more than the number of pennies that you would use to build a life size empire state building. these numbers are big. >> good news for all those startups looking for a website. the new set of numbers is set to debut very soon. good news for those of us who like to surf. we probably won't able to tell. >> if we do our job right as network providers and internet service providers and broadband providers, the end user will not notice this. >> we'll keep typing while the numbers and servers keep humming along. the internet itself has been around for more than three decades. one of those responsible for inventing it said when it was created it was an experiment and all involved thought 4 billion addresses would be enough. now google is one of those moving onto the next address platform. >> al gore's internet. when you have something to say, you say it on facebook or you
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might even tweet it. even during your work day. beware, your boss is crack down. the rant may get you fired. there's a growing number of cyberspying bosses. with more than 500 million people linked to social networks, many are talking. a lot. sometimes too much. >> i don't post anything stupid. i'm always aware. >> reporter: glen never thought his random thoughts on facebook would cause problems until his comments on the tragic shooting in tucson. his posting -- >> you can't shoot people you disagree with. >> reporter: a day later he got a letter from his boss at coach for kids where he volunteered since 2008. >> it's unfortunate that this guy has come but i regrettably must sever the relationship with
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you so that we don't become involved in support or opposition of an issue. >> it was like a kidney punch. i don't know. i don't believe it. all this work is gone. >> in the past two years there's been an enormous boom in people getting terminated for this. >> the civil rights attorney says employers have every right to and do snoop around employee's personal pages. if the employer can access something it finds objectionable even if it's legal, it could be grounds for firing. employees in the private world often misinterpret freedom of speech. >> unless somebody works for a governmental entity, the federal government, generally they have no free speech rights. >> the scrutiny applies to your work computers. 66% of employers monitor employees internet connections with concerns over litigation and productivity and also fears about security breaches. for glen bush, the story ends on a positive note. after firing him, coach for kids
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allowed him to return. his lesson is one he believes anyone can learn from. >> you better know what your posting and be comfortable withstanding up and showing the world. >> reporter: alex perez, nbc news. >> you have to know it's not just you but your friends. monitor what your friends are saying and posting about you. try google yourself once a month to see what information about you has been posted. >> good to know. getting more for your gallon of gas. california will work with the feds on a proposal to try to increase vehicle fuel efficiency. the new standards will be for cars and trucks built between 2017 and 2025. the state may be willing to compromise with automakers a bit and not adopt separate stricter rules. california first adopted greenhouse gas rules in 2004. the new proposal should be released by september 1st. how does the other half live with heavy jackets maybe and earmuffs? look at the video. around here is beautiful. in the northeast it's deadly. some places along the east coast
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20 degrees below zero. take a look at this water main break in new york city. encasing a car in inches of ice immediately freezes. amtrak has suspended service in parts of the northeast because of frozen signals and switches. at least two deaths have already been blamed on the cold and it's not over. forecasters say another system is setting up for wednesday. i don't know if we should feel bad about what we're doing here because it's so beautiful. >> it does make you feel guilty. >> do we keep it quiet and send it over to jeff. >> don't mention 60-degree temperatures to anyone you know back east. >> we keep the hush on it and we keep enjoying this mild weather here because we're going to be showing you some snow that's heading toward the east coast as we take a look at travel delays. meanwhile today, it was mild out there. near record setting temperatures here again across the bay area. nine days and counting of rain-free conditions. 68 was the high in san jose. 68 in livermore.
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71 in santa rosa. 72 getting called in here from my weather watcher in los gatos. still holding onto warmth with plenty of mid to upper 50s from east bay to the south bay. right now san mateo 57 and san francisco at 56. current view outside towards the bay bridge, lights twinkling bright. a lot of traffic and winds west at 12 miles per hour. now, we do have a bit of cloud cover that's currently moving in to northern california. no rainfall associated with it. a weak band of energy associated with the storm to the north. we are going to see some patchy fog develop tonight and this stubborn area of high pressure is going to stay parked right offshore. we need this to move so we can get the rainstorm track to move closer to the bay area. believe it or not in the next seven days, we do not look to see that pattern shift at this point. for tomorrow morning we'll start off with plenty of 40s here and then by the 11:00 hour temperatures budging up into upper 50s and low to mid 60s.
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plenty of sunshine coming our way. if you are traveling east, we showed you that cold weather video from the northeast and we're also dealing with some rain in atlanta that could delay you and up into the northeast more snow expected from boston down to washington d.c. coming up back here at home, we'll have details on a rainfall update. the weather is great but we need the rain. >> thanks. lights, camera, rebate. the new incentives to bring more big budget movie projects here to the bay area. >> remembering the man who proved you are never too old to flex muscles.
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rebates and perks. the city of san francisco is now using both of those to try to win more business from movie makers and again to jump-start the city's film industry. moving making in san francisco took a huge dive back in 2001
6:26 pm
and really things didn't start turning around until about 2006 when the city started a rebate program for filmmakers. now production crews are offered discount cards for extra incentives. the perks range in those new cards from everything from hotels and attractions to even some wine and spa treatments. >> hollywood here in the bay area. controversial mother and controversial doctor. the doctor in this case who implant eed nadya suleman with embryos may be allowed to keep practicing. the judge said the doctor should be placed on probation for five years. however, he still could lose his license if the medical board determines that he was grossly negligent in his treatment of the octomom and two other patients. late last year he testified that he implanted suleman with 12 embryos which resulted eed in
6:27 pm
births. bret michaels in the hospital again. a surgical team performed a cardiac catheterization. the device will stay in permanently to stop abnormal blood flow between two chambers of his heart. doctors discovered the hole in his heart in april while treating the rocker for a brain hemorrhage. emotional interview ahead at 6:00. san jose mother tries to make sense of the statewide search for her son. why she says he would never hurt the boy she considers her grandchild. did russian officials know that a terrorist attack was eminent. the latest on the attack today in russia's biggest airport. >> making kids in need a state priority. a newhomeless youth a place to l le hoth a place to call me.
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a san jose mother makes a desperate plea to her son. bring back the boy. jose rodriguez allegedly kidnapped the patterson boy last tuesday. today marianne favro talked to the man's mother about would could have driven him to take the boy. >> reporter: she's convinced her son jose rodriguez would never harm the 4 year old he's accused of abducting, the boy she considers her grandson. she respects rodriguez may have snapped the child because he wants to spend more time with the boy he considers his son. >> what he did he did out of scaredness that they would not let him see his son. that's his son to him. you know? he's cared for him this whole time. bought him clothes. took him places. >> reporter: those places included visits to this trailer park in san jose where donna lives. she talked to her son four times
6:31 pm
a week and last spoke to him the day before he allegedly abducted the boy. she has not heard from him since. investigators say they are following up on credible leads so far. so far deputies have pulled up five cars. none belong to rodriguez. crews will resume the canal search tomorrow. it's pointless. she's convinced her son and the boy are not in the canal. >> that baby is alive. i feel it in my heart. my son is alive too. >> rodriguez spent most of his childhood in san jose. he has a criminal past. when he was 15 he served time for involuntary manslaughter after stabbing to death another teenager in san jose. but his mother says her son is not a monster. >> the jose i know is loving, caring, and he's a good man.
6:32 pm
he is a good father. >> marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> that search now is now being focused in central valley and san jose. onto the tucson shootings. witnesses say he arrived in court with an odd smile. the 22 year old accused shooter who killed six and injured 13 including representative gabrielle giffords has pleaded not guilty in federal court. today's plea opens up a defense strategy to pursue a not guilty by reason of insanity plea even if successful focusing on jared lee loughner's history of mental issues could provide the defense attorney with the opportunity to argue he should not face the death penalty. >> raising the insanity defense from day one simply with the hope of saving the defendant's life once it comes to the sentencing portion of the proceeding. >> also today the judge granted the prosecution request to move all future proceedings back to tucson. the next hearing is scheduled for march 9th. doctors in houston will keep
6:33 pm
gabrielle giffords in intensive care a little longer than expected because of a buildup of fluid on her brain. doctors say she's slowly recovering. we're also learnin te o rninorgi thoff intern to giffords who rushed to her side, you might recall after those shootings, will sit alongside first lady michelle obama during tomorrow's state of the union address. on heightened alert, russian authorities have tightened security on mass transit after a suicide bombing. that explosion killed 35 people and injured 180 others. tonight the u.k. newspaper, the daily telegraph, is reporting that russia security services had been tipped off a week ago that an attack was planned for the moscow airport. they were searching down leads but they were not able to stop today's explosion which went off in an area where people gather to meet passengers from customs. >> we stand with the people of
6:34 pm
russia in this moment sorrow and grief and we offer both our condolences and our very strong solidarity. >> secretary of state hillary clinton offering condolences. reports tonight that the explosive device was made up of tnt and packed with bolts, nails, nuts and ball bearings. police found the body of the man believed to be a suicide bomber. there are reports that he did shout before the explosive went off saying i want to kill you all. at this hour police are still trying to identify him. a flight from abu dhabi to london was given a fighter escort today after a passenger onboard allegedly began making threats. two oil air force jets scrambled to accompany the plane as it was diverted from landing at heathrow to a nearby airport. a british national was arrested after that plane landed. this is the designated airport in the u.k. to deal with
6:35 pm
security related issues like hostage situations or hijackings. a spokesperson for the airways said the passenger on the flight was never any true danger to anyone on board. back here in the bay area over the weekend thousands walked in the annual march for life in san francisco. today it was washington. as they do every year, pro-life demonstrators rallied at the national mall. saturday marked the 38th anniversary of the landmark roe v. wade which legalized abortion. organizers planned for the rally today so marchers could visit their representatives. as they marched, more than a dozen abortion rights supporters chanted and held up signs of their own. it stayed peaceful. capital police say there were no arrests. young, homeless nowhere to turn. state lawmakers are pushing bills to confront the issue. one bill would allow more shelters to be eligible for federal funds and another run raises awareness about youth
6:36 pm
homelessness. $6 million would be set aside. there are 200,000 homeless in the state under the age of 18. ahead at 6:00, a story on cricket any time lately? >> don't you play cricket? >> it's not a sport you think of when you think of compton as in south central l.a. but one group of ex-gang members is turning cricket into a mission. and larry is in the house ahead of the big state of the union. a look at what the big speech could mean for california. >> inspired thousands to get fit and stay that way. the san francisco native will open his first gym in oakland in 1936. family and friendsds rememberin fitness guru jack lalanne. >> temperatures well above average with record setting heat. san francisco, 66.
6:37 pm
tonight, clear and becoming colder there in the south bay. details on who could have 70s tomorrow coming up.
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crank up the flavor at subway. the president is preparing for tomorrow night's state of the union address. members of both parties are promising to sit together during the speech despite the show of civility in the wake of tucson tragedy democrats and republicans are still far apart on issues like health care and the national debt. the president gave a previewf the issues he'll be highlighting. >> my number one focus is going to be making sure that we are competitive, that we are growing and we are creating jobs. we'll also have to deal with our
6:40 pm
deficits and debt in a responsible way. >> that video preview was e-mailed to supporters over the weekend. just before the speech, house republicans will vote on rolling back the federal budget to what the country spent two years ago. democrats claim massive cuts could cost thousands of jobs. insiders say they will play close attention tomorrow night to whether lawmakers will go beyond sitting together and maybe even cheering together during president obama's speech. let's bring in larry for a glimpse of what we should expect tomorrow. the softball question is why is it so important but really what's this mean for the next two years for president obama in the oval office? >> let's look at this in a context that you would be familiar with in the past. a football game. first half he had all of the players. other side had virtually done. he scored at will and he did not only with health care. he scored with financial reform. banking reform. student loan reform. all kinds of things. amazing amount of legislation. second half, guess what? the other team has new players now. >> what's the public perception of president obama?
6:41 pm
did he perform and do those things in terms of public policy? >> a lot of people are happy with a number of things the president did. health care thing, pretty evenly divided. as we saw going into tucson and the election, the midterm election, he was pretty evenly divided in terms of public opinion. after the election when he reshot the republicans, he said we have to work together. i took a shellacking. that's when his standing with the public really increased 8 to 10 points. he comes in a much better stead if you will but still the republicans now have an awful lot of firepower. they have control of the house. they're not going to roll over like they did before when they didn't have any power and for that reason he has to be more accommodating while at the same time defending all that he accomplished. >> what happened in tuesdcson at of rhetoric, is it talk or will we see it happen in the next weeks? >> for the first time in memory we'll have republicans and democrats not splitting the aisle but rather sitting with
6:42 pm
one another. that's a nice symbolic show. come wednesday it's back to work. come wednesday the republicans are going to vote bit by bit to attempt to repeal health care in the house. democrats in the senate where they have majority will try to fight it off. the president will veto if it gets to him. come wednesday they'll try to pair back the budget. the president talk about cutting back spending. republicans talk about cutting back spending. how much, when and where they will grapple over. t >> first couple years it was big money and big government but now move back to center. >> moving center. he wants to pair back spending. the question is where will be it paired back? republicans want to cut more than democrats and there lies the need for some sort of agreement, consensus, we'll see what happens. in the end, raj, there are three words we think about starting
6:43 pm
tomorrow. the three words are the 2012 presidential election. >> that begins tomorrow night. thanks for your time as always. back to you. >> thank you, gentlemen. let's bring in lawrence for sports. >> aaron rodgers idolized the 49ers quarterbacks. he used to wear a joe montana t-shirt under his shoulder pads. we'll follow him from green bay to texas. we're keeping tabs on whether the baengals quarterback talks his way into a trade. tonight we hear about the mini turn around. are happy days here again? sports is coming up. here's jeff. >> that's right. we're tracking more warm weather this week.70-dteree atmper tureo ome 70-degree temperatures troororw coming up.
6:44 pm
6:45 pm
>> today family members and fans of jack lalanne remember the guru are flowers on his star on the hollywood walk of fame. he died at the age of 96. he was there with his family by
6:46 pm
his side who sang him a song. throughout his life the bay area native encouraged people to trade in those doughnuts for barbells. we meet some of those who heard that call. >> you have put on some weight. >> a hero of the fit. an inspiration to out of shape. >> if man makes it, don't eat . >> ten seconds on the lips, lifetime on the hips. >> jack was bit by the fitness bug at a young age. >> jack got a start at the berkeley y while in high school. >> he pumped iron at the berkeley ymca and started the first tv fitness show. >> jack had an enthusiasm that if you were afraid of fitness or if you were excited about it no matter what he was able to speak
6:47 pm
to you. >> he told people to eat right and to exercise daily. >> he wanted to make sure women had access to fitness. women did strength training. that was a big thing. >> his disciples are many. his great nephew no stranger to a push-up opened lalanne's fitness in san francisco. >> he wanted people to take care of their health and it's your responsibility to help yourself. that's what he did. he helped people help themselves. >> chris watched his uncle dazzle the world with feats of strength including towing a boat from alcatraz child handcuffed. >> what i remember from jack is he wanted you to believe in yourself and take pride in who you are. >> last year he celebrated his 95th birthday at john's grill in san francisco.
6:48 pm
it seemed he would go on forever. today the restaurant famous for its steaks fittingly featured lalanne's salad. he was fond of saying get busy living or get busy dying. in the end, it seemed he did more living than most. >> he was spectacular and he made that one piece suit look really good, didn't he? >> 1936 he opened his first gym in oakland. it was bought out by balle's gym. the beginning of it all. what do you think? 1936, where were you? >> i was not around. nor were my parents i don't think. some great weather to get out there and continue the legacy to get outside and do exercising. many of us are basking in sun. here's the reality when it comes to rainfall for the season. 10 inches in san francisco. 10.5 for oakland and san jose just over 5.25 since july 1st.
6:49 pm
where does this put us? san jose, the south bay needs the rain the most. 74% of normal. we're at below average levels there in the south bay. no rainfall in the next seven-day forecast at this point with temperatures near record setting levels today. upper 60s and low 70s from the east bay down to the south bay. san jose at 58 right now. 59 in concord. oakland at 54. throughout tonight we're going to find patchy fog in the north and east bay and throughout tomorrow sunshine returns and now 11 days and counting of this dry pattern. we have storms out here but they're all continuing to head up into canada, washington and oregon. high pressure is not budging. it's been with us for this 11 days now and it will stay with us for the next seven days to this point. we'll start off with those upper 30s and low 40s for the east bay and that patchy fog will see the same scenario here for the south bay and also for the north bay. as for tomorrow, 10 to 15 degrees above average in the south bay near record setting
6:50 pm
temperatures. san jose 68. livermore, 68. dublin, 67. right up the peninsula. san francisco even expecting temperatures near 70 degrees as we head into tuesday. inland mid 60s here. we'll have to recover from fog tomorrow morning and also expecting that patchy dense fog throughout the north bay with a 70 in santa rosa. it will be mild. mid to upper 60s the next couple days. dry and sunny. a chance of showers coming north as we head throughout sunday and while i love the seven-day forecast, i like the seven-day forecast i should say. i've been waiting to do this all night. when we come back on camera. what i really love is this new set. >> don't you like our new co-anchor? >> did he just kiss the set? >> i did. it's beautiful. >> you don't have to kiss the new co-anchor. >> let's draw the line there. thanks, jeff.
6:51 pm
good evening. a lot has changed since the first super bowl but now 45 years later one thing is the same, the green bay packers. the trophy was named after their legendary coach after they named super bowl i and ii. today we're learning the roof will be closed. pittsburgh steelers want two rings on the other end. the seventh super bowl victory. the current total of six is an nfl record. tickets for seats outside of the stadium going for 200 bucks. early line have packers favored by three. offense can be potent indoors on artificial turf. nothing artificial about cheesehead love flowing in green bay as they returned home. aaron rodgers story keeps getting better and better. made a name for himself at cal. he's proven to be the best of the qbs and he rocks a mean
6:52 pm
lumberjack beard. he watched smith get drafted number one overall in 49ers '05 draft. after his name was called 23 selections later he waited behind brett favre retiring, unretiring and now gets a chance to match favre in super bowl victories. super bowl sunday in less than two weeks and counting. the other quarter in the packers/bears game is the talk of the nation today. jay cutler between a rock and a hard place. he left the game early in the third quarter yesterday with a knee injury evaluated today. called a grade 2 mcl sprain. nothing torn. there was an injury. the question becomes why did so many people bears fans and others react to cutler not apparently fighting to get back in the game. we did not see him injure himself on television nor did we see him lobbying to return. his lack of perceived desire to
6:53 pm
get back in and the culprit may be overzealous tweeting as former pros lit into cutler on twitter without knowing the medical diagnosis. the fallout is extreme. there have been death threats for a tweet during the game. all i'm saying he can finish the game. i played all season. i never question a player's injury by i do question a player's heart. here's what cutler's coach said today about negative chatter on twitter. >> you know, i haven't seen it before. seems like if you're in that fraternity you would step up for your fellow man especially when you don't know. you didn't know what was going on. jay didn't take himself out of the game. if you're going to attack someone, you should attack me. >> the 49ers said their starting quarterback next season is not currently on the roster. where is he? carson palmer's name is being thrown around. i don't know that he will end up
6:54 pm
a 49er because the owner of bengals said no way. we're having none of it. his wife, carson palmer's wife, san jose native. she was playing college soccer. >> i'm caught in the middle between you two sports guys. too much information. >> beautiful. >> we're back in a moment. [ wheezing breaths ]
6:55 pm
[ woman ] the first time i smoked, i was 13. i was in a hurry to grow up and wanted to look cool. big tobacco knew it, and they preyed on me. i'm here to tell you that big tobacco hasn't changed. they continue to profit... by selling kids the same lies... to get them to use... the same deadly products. don't be big tobacco's next victim.
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coming up at 11:00, fare hikes, no fast track necessary. the rules of the road not the same for every california driver. tonight what we uncovered that had state workers getting a free ride on bay area toll roads all at taxpayers expense. how much does it cost california and what some are proposing to stop the toll dodgers. >> plenty of cricket clubs inspect bay area but south central l.a. and the city of compt compton, a cricket club? they are called homeys. they don't hang out in l.a. they travel the world to cricket friendly cities and play and perform and they're good. next month they are at the good will games in australia. >> good. what do you think? are you coming back at 11:00? >> did we do okay? >> we did okay. see you at 11:00.
6:58 pm
>> our last editorial called for a combination of cuts and taxes to balance the state budget and you responded with serious solutions. attack loopholes that keep property taxes low when family members transfer real estate. this must be costing the state millions in lost property tax revenues. nancy hollers, stop the free school lunch programs. what's up with the government giveaways? roy wants lobbyists to play much more into state coffers. and ruben says dump the death penalty. increase costs to prosecution, defense lawyers, investigators,
6:59 pm
appeals, and costs far exceed savings of a convicted killer spending less time in prison. we appreciate your suggestions and hope you join the debate. f . i just wish it and it happens. it's probably those fiber one bars you're eating. i know they help me stick to my diet. the bars are 90 calories and the fiber helps you feel full. 90 calories and high fiber. so that's why this diet thing is working. but it's weird because my wish for lorenzo came true. [ male announcer ] fiber one 90 calorie bars. hungry no. results yes.


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