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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  January 27, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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details in the big job boom in 30 seconds. we begin with breaking news in the east bay. a neighborhood evacuated. right now bomb squads from contra costa county and the military called in to a concord neighborhood after potentially explosive devices are discovered good evening and thanks for joining us tonight. i'm raj mathai. >> aim jessica aguirre. where there is unfolding, it's a residential neighborhood near maria aefd and ayclton road. just east of the concord b.a.r.t. station.
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let's get right to nbc bay area's cheryl hurd live with the details. >> reporter: were told to evacuate just after 4:00 this afternoon, and this is why. a woman who lives here on this block brought in a box of what appeared to be military mortars from a friend's home in lafayette. something told her to call concord police. when they got here they said this is something for the bomb squad to handle and that happens to be in walnut creek and now in walnut creek officials got here, they said you know what, this is something for the military to handle. travis air force base called in, it took them five hours to get here. when they got here they x-rayed the box of what appeared to be mortars. the woman who brought in the box told us tonight that her gut told her to contact authorities. >> it's like opening up a box that you've never seen so it doesn't actually hit you and then you open it up again, those are kind of different and look at it maybe a third time and it's like, you know, i kind of
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watched a few movies and that might be -- but you it just didn't occur to me that they might be live. >> it turns out the mortars were not live. they were empty but they were military mortars. probably leftover from 40 years ago. travis personnel took the mortars back with them to fairfield. meanwhile, this neighborhood is back to normal and everyone is breathing a sigh of relief. reporting live in concord i'm cheryl hurd nbc bay area news. >> cheryl, thank you. another big story tonight. a late-developing turn of events has led san jose to turn its back on oakland's police chief. a source of san jose city hall one firm fog nbc bay area tonight that oakland's top cop anthony batts was the leading candidate to take over in san jose. however, san jose officials were concerned with his background check. the source tells us it's t stems from personal issues from his days as the long beach police chief.
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so batts will not jump ship to the south bay but that doesn't mean that he'll be staying in oakland either. he was critical of the city today. batts telling "the oakland-tribune" we quote here i have not made a final decision as to my future with this agency. it still needs to be determined if i'm a fit for the city of oakland. getting back to the san jose side of the story. acting police chief chris moore will be promoted, pending approval from the city council next tuesday. conducting the search is san jose city manager debra figone. so, chris moore now, the 26-year-old veteran -- excuse me the 26-year veteran of the police department expected to be approved next week and immediately he face a tough road ahead. growing crime and mistrust in the growing community. >> 1,000 people packed our guadalupe church tonight demanded to be asked heard by c leaders. nbc bay area's george kiriyama joins us live from east san jose.
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tonight a church meeting but a funeral there this weekend as well. >> yeah, especially that's tomorrow a funeral of a boy who was is not front of a restaurant. the second community meeting this week in east san jose. and neighbors are really concerned about the rise of violence and all of the homicides in the area so tonight they the attention of three big city leaders and including mayor chuck reed. >> reporter: flashing lights and crime scene tape are becoming more common san jose, seven homicides in january have made mayor chuck reed admitting to a crowd at more than a,000 of our lady at guadalupe church that we're off to a bad start. >> i know that we can deal with these problems successfully. we have in the past. these are very difficult times with the bad things that have happened just in the month of january. >> teenagers like maria who are worried about their younger brothers and sisters. >> it's sad. that they can't go outside, play safe.
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don't know if somebody will have a drive-by, somebody will have a weapon. >> reporter: family at this emergency community meeting urged city leaders to help rebuild the trust between the police and the neighborhood. they say once that connection is made, more neighbors will be willing to help the police. >> we are going to try to find more things to do so they can stay out of the streets or help out, have more officers come in, be more respectful. we'll try to work on that as much as we can. >> reporter: but if nothing is done, neighbors fear the violence won't stop. >> end up dead or they'll end up killing more people. >> reporter: now city manager debra figone was also here tonight at tonight's meeting and she promised to work with the new police chief. we're live in san jose tonight, george kiriyama, nbc bay area news. >> okay, thank you, george. talk about a huge weapon's stash. richmond police netting the largest single weapon. at the home in the 2300 block of
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san joaquin street and also inside a kilo of cocaine and nine ounces of meth. 39-year-old was arrested at the home on suspicion of multiple weapons and drug offenses. not sure why savage with an extensive criminal history was stockpiling all of those weapons? >> three chilling minutes on a tape. employees at a peet's coffee shot caught in the middle of this cross fire. san jose police released the 911 recording of the murder-suicide involving the brother of jeannine harms. police say wayne sanchez killed the man suspected murdering his sister. he then turned the gun on himself. here's the 911 tape. >> okay, stay on the phone. >> go. go, go, go, go, go. in the bathroom. go. >> okay, and so this guy -- >> oh my god, he shot somebody. oh, my god, oh my god, oh my god. oh my god. >> the high-profile cold case in the maed lines again was arrested in connection with
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harms' disappearance but later released. sanchez killed nimthat coffee shop two weeks ago. police say that sanchez then turned the gun in the parking lot. some 33 pit bulls found stacked in cages inside of an oakland home rescued tonight. and in what police describe as one of the west on cases of animal cruelty that they've seen. the dogs found in the two-bedroom home. many of them emaciated. others covered in scars. >> the scarrings were most likely from fighting whether it was organized fighting or whether it was just the dogs getting out and getting into fights. >> 68-year-old arthur yancey has been represented and charged with federal cruelty. he told the police that he rescued the animals but a prior animal conviction from 1993. self of the dogs were in such bad condition they had to be euthanized. them? shelters some of them even out of state. a muni never seems to get a
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break tonight. a muni melee. on the public transit. and now the race is on to fix the problem for the morning commute. in the city riders say it took an hour to get out of downtown on the t-line going south to the bay view. their train could not cross the third street bridge because it was broken. so passengers had to gotay bus that could cross the bridge but when they were abruptly dropped off on the other side of the tracks in mission bay, far from their destination. that's when the riders started to act out. >> and i got a lot of respect for muni and their upper brass but for 340,000 and i'm not a professional and 340,000 you can't say, make sure these drivers get these people all the way home or make sure there's announcements going over the line and the best that muni could do was get police officers here? that's something wrong with that. >> a lot of frustration. the light rail eventually came to pick up the riders. the san francisco port is in charge of fixing the bridge.
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muni's hoping this will all be fixed before the morning commute. the residents just want their city back. fed-up with financial mismanagement the people in hercules are speaking out now. >> their goal is to recall two city council members. council member don keaney and joanne warder accused of awarding multiple no-bid contracts and then supporting sweetheart development deals depleted the city's coffer. tonight a group working on the the recall says they have 750,000 signatures. they still need about 1,700 more. councilman keaney says some of the controversy contracts have been terminated and also adds that the counsel has hired a financial firm to did a complete audit of the finances there. >> that's -- it's going to be a slow start now for the morning commute. the sfog moving in and that always leavef leads to a scramble on the boards. >> boy does it. jeff ranieri is here. >> visibility already decreasing, you guys to a quarter mile unless in some
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spofts bay area it'll know a slow go especially if you're doing any traveling on that interstate rr co.orid corridor. on interstate 5 and the entire central valley of california right now under a dense fog advisory. so heading into sacramento or fresno, you will find there as well. d ntuarte m mild ane ua ess vid sibility herec edtexp through the east bay into walnut creek and danville and also for livermore and for the north bay 1/10 of a mile. the worst commute in the morning. and right now t worst vis niblt fairfield and also concord had 1/4 a mile and less. and now coming up we'll talk about, yes, when showers make their way back into my 7-day forecast. 14 days with no rain. we need it. >> okay, jeff, if you say so. well, coming up, help wanted, hundreds of new jobs are coming to the bay area and like every company out there they want to make sure that they hire the best of the best. >> but that list does not include the silicon valley. see where in the bay area
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they're looking for fresh faces and why they're bucking a bay area trend in the process. >> it's a huge upgrade to our systems. there are many lines of code that need to be reprogrammed. >> your refund on hold tonight. if you're thinking about getting a heads start on your tax thes weekend you better think of doing something else. the i.r.s. block more than a million california taxpayers from filing until next month.
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this was rebirthing the trend. silicon valley known for its tech industry and now san francisco could be luring more businesses to set up shop there. why? two reasons. more public transportation and an untapped workforce. nbc bay area's jean elle now live in the city with more on why sales force skipped over the silicon valley and they skipped over oakland, and now are in the 415. jean. >> reporter: raj, could set up its headquarters anywhere in the bay area but tonight the company says that it is committed to san francisco because of its talented workforce and its vibrant
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lifestyle. >> we looked at east bay, we looked at silicon valley and of course right near san francisco. >> reporter: is looking to expand. currently called several office buildings in downtown san francisco home. arch pulling its employees and exploring other options, it decided to build a $2 million-square-foot camp glus san francisco's mission day. salesforce says it's a strategic move. the company believes it will find the best workers in san francisco. >> you know we just saw this past week that google is trying to hire more people as well. and obviously we're competing for talent. we think that you know the most talented people, they want to be in san francisco. they want to work for a successful company up here. they don't want to do that commute. >> mayor ed lee says it's great news for san francisco's tax base and for future development. >> they're going to really help us make that mission bay exactly what we envisioned it. it's goings to be the innovation corridor for san francisco for the bay area. >> reporter: twitter's also looking for more space. lee is hoping that the
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communication giant will follow salesforce's lead. >> and i would like to offer the same kind of support to twitter. we're already negotiations with them. >> reporter: tell take time for salesforce to build its new campus but it's already hiring. >> we're hiring sales people, hiring developers. we're hiring marketing people and we're really excited just to be growing the company. >> reporter: now, salesforce will be investing more than $200 million into this deal with san francisco and that deal is expected to generate thousands of jobs. reporting live in san francisco, jean elle, nbc bay area news. >> that is encouraging, thank, jean. well, thousands of iphone-carrying apple officianados to show up for mac. macro 2011 macro-related software, hardware. with no keynote from apple's ceo steve jobs. the exhibitors say that although
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macworld's energy may be a little less macworld is surviving without jobs. >> but what i found the most interesting about coming to these conventions is you actually get to see the product in action because you hear all of the news about it online and stuff and you're like that's cool but actually getting to see it in motion is cool and all of the different apps and people connecting with each other. >> mac lovers still have two days to get out at the massconian center in san francisco when chair in the communal experience. >> we love her look. we don't say this often millions of tax filers have a free pass to procrastinate. the i.r.s. is actually urging some taxpayers to wait to file their tax thes year. >> and that also means that some of you will have to wait to get your refund. nbc bay area's vicky nguyen on why the i.r.s. has a sweetheart date for you. >> reporter: file your taxes too early this year and your return could get rejected. next to last-minute changes to the tax law at the end of 2010 the i.r.s. is now scramble to update its computer systems.
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>> it's a huge upgrade to our systems. there are many lines of code that need to be reprogrammed and updated to meet the new laws. >> reporter: i.r.s. spokesman jesse weller says you should wait until mid to late february to file your return if you plan to itemize your deductions. >> some people need to procrastinate. >> reporter: you'll have to wait to file if you want to write off any charitable donations from 2010. same goes if you want to deduct mortgage interest or tuition costs and educators if you have school supplies to deduct you can't file yet either. >> the three categories for people who have to wait who are people who itemize deductions on schedule "a" people who claim the educator expense deduction if you're a teacher or other educator and also people who claim tuition and fees deduction for higher education. >> reporter: the i.r.s. estimates this will affect about 9 million filers nationwide, 1 million in california. if you file too early, two things can happen. if it was a paper return the i.r.s. will hold on to it. if you e-file your return will be rejected.
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the i.r.s. knows the delay can be confusing for taxpayers who thought the earlier, the better. >> now serving fee two. >> reporter: but some those early filers looking to get their refunds will have to wait until the i.r.s. is ready, too. vicky nguyen, nbc bay your news. >> and the i.r.s. says february 14th. valentine's day is the date that it'll be safe to file your return. filing tax thes year the deadline has been moved back to april 18th, not the 15th because there's a federal holiday. >> let's bring in chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. is the forecast actually going to be changing? >> yes, it is. as we're heading into the weekend we're looking at potential showers coming our way. meanwhile, what a great return when it comes to that sunshine yet again from oakland towards san francisco. a clear shot here of those temperatures about ten degrees above average. now just in case you missed it earlier we are under a dense fog advisory here in the north bay with visibility at 10th a mile
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or less and visibility at a quarter mile or less walnut creek, danville and also for livermore and right now on that interstate 880 corridor seeing visibility decreasing to 1/4 mile and less so as you travel in the morning hours prepare for some extra time because it's going to be a slow go for those of you inland. otherwise, it's also cold going recordsetting highs to near recordsetting lows tonight. 42 in concord. 44 in livermore and a little bit more mild there. per normal in the peninsula with upper 40s and low 50s. so we tauinged about the fog for the morning commute and friday, a little bit of cooling coming our way and that's a sign of what's economic our way. by this weekend we are talking about showers, make their way finally back into the forecast. it's still about 1,500 miles out. that rain for the weekend. but our models are picking up on it. that's because high pressure's going to be weakening and pushing to the south. so as we head into saturday, we'll be monitoring this pacific system. for saturday night, we're seeing a little hint here of a possible
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shower but it's not until sunday morning at this point that we'll start to see the best chance of showers from the north bay to the south bay and now looking at a big storm or high totals, some of the early returns showing at about 1/10 of an inch for sunday. the fog upper 30s expected here in the east bay and by 10:00 a.m. starting to see that sun break out and temperatures in the upper 40s. meanwhile, that dense fog and cold air also in the noerpgt bay with mid 30s, expecting 35 in napa. so we'll bring things down just a little bit in the south bay with upper 60s for tomorrow. 67 in evergreen. 66 in san jose. low to mid 60s from dublin to livermore and also expect mid 60s from redwood city right into san francisco, and some of our coldest air where that fog will be the thickest in the morning. only 54 in fairfield. 54 in concord. and temperatures in the upper 50s and low 60s from novato to sonoma. more of a chill in the air tomorrow and you'll actually
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need a jacket as we start out. start right wow in that 7-day forecast and what you'll see is saturday, the clouds increase. and then by sunday, that is our best chance of showers in the forecast. and then tuesday, wednesday, and thursday, wouldn't you know it? we dry out again and watch out for delays tomorrow morning, guys. fog, the ceilings that will cause a problem and the east coast is still -- >> in the freezer. >> you need mon tort delay. >> definitely. >> thank you, jeff. >> sure. coming up next the ultimate fan -- watch this, guys, or simply crazy? would you paint your house in super bowl colors? >> no. >> as you can see a bay area family has done just that. [ male announcer ] breakfast for breakfast.
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gay beer? a mexican businessman has launched two beers that he says specifically aimed at the gay community. one of them even has a san francisco connection. is called purple hand and inspired for a protest at the "examiner" newspaper back in 1969, when the paper's building was covered in purple handprints with the symbol of equality. the other cold one named sala mand ra. distribution begins this year. the beer is already attracting, buyers in the u.s., japan and throughout south america. >> and that road trip to the bay area in which he almost lost his life, a southern california surfir nearly wiped out by big waves by mavericks is back home tonight. was released from stanford hospital yesterday, according to "the bay citizen." these are photo of the rescue taken by a viewer last week. an australian photographer
11:25 pm
actually rcued him who was then flown to stanford in a medically induced coma. so the question is, will he ever surf again? does he want to surf again? is his career over? no, he says he hopes to enter the mavericks surfing competition which could start any week now. it's unbelievable. >> he's one brave soul. >> the mentality of surfers, go right back on it. >> big waves too. like the mavericks. first to lady's college basketball. cal, st. mary's, great game. stanford. maples. and the a's this year they're going to sport a new look at hem. we'rengxtki b itsasspor.l raneg.
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good evening. we start tonight with a feast of college hoops. simp of good games. one great one with st. mary and spokane. the pump fists were flying and
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gonzag. and 27 points tonight. this bucket here gives the gayles the lead with under two minutes left and tied with second remaining gets the shot off with the lean. money. yeah, st. mary's first win in spokane since '95. the gails in a thriller 73-71 the final. the bears hosting oregon state trying to break out of middle pack in the conference standings. career high 11 assists tonight. and the bears, blast away from the beavers winning 85-57. stanford bandleader rocking lincecum ponytail. from our friends at comcast sports net. 13 points against oregon but it was another jeremy last name jacob. part of a second half surge for the ducks. it helped thom a 67-59 win over stanford. oregon's first win at maples since 1986. stanford women in eugene a look at the new deep in the woods
11:30 pm
court where emeka with the block. she had 16 points helping the cardinal fly away for a 91-56 win over oregon. it's about that time again. giants in a spring training another, coming. both teams report in just a few weeks. oakland pitchers and catchers arrive in phoenix february 15 pgt. full squad five days later but today saw firsthand that yellow is the new look. it followless the lead of the giants' orange brought back last year. billy beane bolstering the bull pen this off-season. the oakland skaa's talking to u for the very first time tonight. >> i'm confident that we can go out and win our division. i'm really sitting here today, look at it and think that we've got a good. >> the back in full swing today was tiger woods. first round of the tour season at torrey pines and wasn't much drama with woods trying to put a troubled year behind him but he's still the same tiger when it comes to shots.
11:31 pm
he doesn't like. plant the sticks, composure, no longer number one in the world rankings, starts the season with a 3 under 69 today. that was his score. >> what's with the temper? >> you've always seen that from eldrick snoonchts backesnter tig hoe. with that ieserting house. [ male announcer ] myron needed an mba to turn his technology into a business.
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okay, apparently they're really excited for the super bowl. a family has painted their entire house in pittsburgh steeler colors. >> you're saying the entire house? >> the entire house. >> the whole thing. >> uh-huh. >> they're packers fans so everyone chime in here. why in the world would they paint their house in steelers colors? we have an idea here. the house is in san jose. the family is going to demolish the house tomorrow. so nothing like a good wrecking ball to demolish the steelers' house. >> and hoping that'll how it will go on sunday? >> yeah, exactly. >> thank you for joining us tonight. >> bye-bye.


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