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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  February 1, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PST

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message to the united states. we'll have the very latest coming up. plus, how much is your vote worth? we are going to tell you how much meg whitman spent trying to get yours. good tuesday morning. thank you for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm brent cannon. straight up at 5:00 we want to get you started on your day getting you a look at your forecast with christina. good morning to you. if you like what we had in store for you last week, you'll like this week. more sunshine, abnormally warm temperatures for this time of the year, and we are starting out mild in some cities. hayward is at 51 degrees. 39 degrees, meanwhile, in napa. 39 in fairfield. we have really dense fog in the east bay and north bay this morning. you want to give yourself plenty of time if you are waking up in the east bay hills, in particular, where we have less than a quarter mile of visibility. and in livermore we are also starting to see your visibility
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reduced here. take it easy out there. high pressure is going to bring our temperatures up towards that 70-degree mark as we head later into this week. we'll talk about that coming up. right now we'll go back to you. day eight of unrest in egypt. tens of thousands of protestors are on the city streets again calling for president hosni mubarak to resign. egypt's military now has a strong presence in the street. look at the number of people turning out. they say they will not use force against the protestors. nearly 100 people have died since those protests began last week. the internet is still cut off for a third day. protestors are trying to use that to organize the march they want of a million people to march in cairo, and they have a big crowd going already. meanwhile, the u.s. continues to try to get americans out of the country. this was the scene at the cairo airport this morning. hundreds of foreigners are stranded there. the u.s. state department says thousands of u.s. citizens in egypt might have to be
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evacuated, and that could take several days. so the u.s. government has chartered some planes to fly americans out, but they say any americans who take those chartered flights are going to have to foot the bill. and they will be taken to europe. once they are there they have to make their own travel arrangements out of europe. the city of san jose is expected to decide on its new police chief today, but this election hasn't been without controversy. "today in the bay's" bob redell is live outside of city hall this morning joining us with the very latest. good morning, bob. >> reporter: good morning, laura. this will be controversial in the eyes of some in san jose because they don't believe acting police chief chris moore can improve relations between the minorities and the sjpd. some activists demand that when the city council meets later this morning they also need to consider oakland's police chief anthony batts. that's something mayor chuck reed said will not happen. the selection process of coming
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up with a new police chief has been followed. debra figoti will present this in a closed session at city hall at 9:00 this morning. then they will vote yes or no to chris moore's approval. this is approval he's expected to receive. moore is a highly-educated 29-year member of the force. despite the credentials, members of the coalition of justice say he won't change the culture of the department leading to accusations of unfair treatment of latinos, african and asian-americans and those with men call illnesses. they argue for chief batts instead in part because he would bring an outsider's perspective. he was in the running for the job that would make him the first african-american police chief. that was until last week when the city manager indicated she had settled on moore. reporting live outside san jose city hall, bob redell, "today in the bay." a couple of san jose police
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officers are going to be recognized later on this morning for their service in the line of duty. officer frank hagg and nicholas bronte will be honored by the police association starting at 7:30 this morning. they arrested several gang members in december that police believe were moments away from carrying out a drive-by shooting. the same officers also arrested a murder suspect in east san jose last month within minutes of another shooting. 5:04 right now. the napa hospital patient accused of assaulting a therapist last month will return to the courtroom today. 24-year-old sean boche will be finding out where he'll be housed and treated after a judge declared him incompetent to stand trial. he was charged for assaulting 60-year-old george anderson. he could be treated in a menial health hospital for up to three years. if he is still inxi tent then the judge could dismiss the case. the los all toast school district is asking voters to
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approve paying more than $200 per year for schools. if voters approve parcel taxes will go up to $800 for the next six years. supporters say it will bring in more than $2 million a year. if the tax is not passed they say it could affect school class sizes and other programs. a protest in downtown san francisco this morning. california patients, nurses and supporters will march in front of blue shield headquarters to protest the insurance giant's costly rate hikes. blue shield plans to implement the 59% rate hike in exactly one month. the company has already raised rates twice since october. patients will share a personal story at the rally to drive home the financial impact of the proposed rate hikes. nurses will call for greater transparency and accountability from blue shield. the protest gets going at 11:00 in san francisco's financial district. another rally is set for san francisco today as people try to fight to save kusf radio.
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supporters will rally at city hall during the board of supervisors meeting at 1:00 this morning. the board will vote on whether or not to start changes for the station. protestors rally against the back-door sale of kusf's radio station. the school's president sold the station to media intercom for $3.7 million as students were away on winter break. san francisco police are getting ready to enforce the city's controversial sit lie law this morning. the controversial rule makes it illegal to sit or lie on public sidewalks between 7:00 a.m. and 11:00 p.m. it went into effect officially in december but police decided not to open force it until today. they say they want to send officers to a training program first to make sure they understood the law and enforce it fairly. san francisco could also become the first city in the country to control the way that the yellow pages are delivered.
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the board of supervisors will talk about the idea today. an estimated 1.5 million yellow page phone books are handed out in san francisco every year, but they say they often end up on doorsteps and in lobbies and all over city sidewalks. so in an effort to improve the environment the san francisco supervisors could order customers get those phonebooks get those directly. under the new proposal yellow pages representatives need to get delivery permission in advance. the law would be enforced by the city's department of environment and violators could face up to $500 in fines per violence. a bit of hollywood is coming to san francisco. the city will be used as a backdrop for the film "hemingway and gill horn." the buildings make it ideal for world war ii erieiiera shots.
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it is setting in the backdrop of the spanish civil war. it has been a year-long effort to bring the project to if the bay area. filming start this is month. very cool. coming up on 5:08, we want to take a peek at the morning forecast with christina. >> good morning to you. yes, you need the jacket this morning, but dress in layers because our temperatures will climb towards 60 degrees today. lots of sunshine for the second half of the day. and that means once you get into your car, once you are leaving work, it will be nice and tos fi for you. 49 in oakland. 49 in san jose. 49 in santa cruz. we have dense fog out there this morning, especially in the east bay and north bay. you do want to take it easy out there. heading throughout this afternoon our temperatures will climb to 60 degrees in the south bay, east bay and north bay. along the peninsula you'll see the upper 50s today. we'll talk more about what's to come, including a big-time warming trend for this weekend coming up. first, we'll find out about the drive with mike inouye. i want to know about the warm up.
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okay, to the fog. we know about that. very low visibility. chp issued overnight a warning for the cartinas bridge. we'll extend it to the venetian bridge. it is very close by. we saw slowing earlier. 680 at the bottom of the creep is slowing near highway 4. it is definitely going to affect the north bay. santa rosa, very tough to see there. despite that, travel times are looking good. close to the limit, lower the speeds. look at the live shot of the golden gate bridge. so tough to see coming across there, you can't see the towers. that's an issue for the north bay. lower the speeds because you can't see what's in front of you. increase the stopping time. it is 5:09. saying thanks to the people who keep you safe. the bay area's museum is offering free admission to first responders. and before the super bowl comes the party planning. the 49ers are planning a big one in dallas. we have details coming up.
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a live look outside, this time from chicago this morning. kind of the calm before the storm. a massive winter storm is moving from the rockies to new england. it should be of historic proportions. we'll have a live report coming up from chicago coming up. and check out a volcano in japan. look at the eruption there. it is erupting on an island in southern japan spewing ash, rock and smoke into the air and shattering windows as far as five miles away. an estimated 6,500 feet into the
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atmosphere. the e ripgss will continue and could get more intense. and they might see a lava flow come later on. the woman known as jihad jane is set to plead guilty to terrorism charges today. she is accused of plotting with jihadist fighters and pledging to commit murder in the muslim holy war. she conspired to kill a swedish artist who offended muslim. court documents show she is going to change her plea in the court in philadelphia today. a diplomatic battle between to allies in a region known for an hi it have american sentiment. a high court in pakistan decided not to release an american official who was arrested for the shooting deaths of two pakistanis. u.s. officials claim diplomatic immunity. they say the man was acting in self-defense because the other men were trying to rob him at gunpoint. a court official in pakistan is now giving his government 15
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days to determine if the american does have diplomatic immunity. shuttle "discovery" is out on the launch pad for its final mission to space to deliver the last u.s. model to the international space station. nasa engineers have meticulously tended to technical issues leading to the launch's delay back in november. it is scheduled to liftoff on february 24th. money doesn't buy everything and meg whitman should know that firsthand. we know exactly how much she spent in her failed attempt to become california governor. according to campaign finance reports filed this week, whitman spent a total of $178.5 million. and more than $144 million was out of her own pocket. when you total it up, it equates to $43.25 per vote that she received in the november
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election. whitman lost to jerry brown by more than a million votes. and by contrast brown spent just over $36 million on his campaign. >> that is a lot of money. 5:15 right now. we have been talking about egypt so much, now they have shut down the last link to the internet, but scott mcgrew is joining us now. google is trying to open the lines of communication. >> reporter: there's no internet in or out of egypt, but voice lines still work. so a bunch of guys in google have set up a tweet by phone service where egyptians can call a special number to speak their message. that's turned into the automatic tweet to make it easy to find online. late monday egyptian authorities turned off the one remaining internet service provider in that country. so with the exception of satellite connections, that country is dark. here's an example tweet. this no longer feels like an uprising, it feels like a people's revolution. closer to home, disaster for
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santa clara's intel to spend a staggering $1 billion to fix problems it found in its latest state of the art chip, series six. the chip was installed on computers already forcing them to recall them and give refunds. 8 million chips have already gone out the door. easily the biggest flawed problem in silicon valley's history. thank you, scott. the california academy of sciences in golden gate park will offer free admission to active emergency first responders all this month. it's a way to honor hard-working firefighters, law enforcement officers and medical technicians. now, to get in for free, bring proof that you are indeed an emergency first responder and bring a valid id to the economy's ticket window. if you want more information on that, call the academy of
5:18 am
sciences in san francisco. you see the number on your screen, 415-379-8000. kind of a cool way to honor them. you have heard of speed dating but what about literal speed dating. the san jose library is hosting the first ever speed dating event. >> the first one gets started at 5:45 tonight at the san francisco main library. the speed daters need to bring a book that they love or one they hate or just the ones they want to talk about. >> that's interesting. tonight's event is designed for adults in their 20s and 30s. every couple will get four to five minutes to talk about their book and get to know each other. >> do you speed read it? >> you can tell a lot about someone's favorite book or, you know. >> some people do that with their face-to-face meetings and movies and such.
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>> it is crazy at our house, christina. we don't get out much. we are looking really good this morning in terms of temperatures, but we have a hard time seeing places in the east bay and north bay that are socked in with heavy fog. take it easy out there. the fog is now drifting along the peninsula, especially the areas over water. all the bridges have some pretty thick fog this morning. so keep that in mind. that could probably slow you down this morning. you don't want to go racing out the front door with dangerous conditions on the roadways. heading lout this afternoon our temperatures will climb towards 60 degrees. high pressure firmly in control of our weather pattern taking the storm track well off to our north. but what's happening is this ridge of high pressure is dropping in from the gulf of alaska. so it is actually carrying some cool air with it. that means for the next couple of days we'll only see the 60s as the warm air starts to mix into the area thursday, friday
5:20 am
and saturday. we are talking about the 70s. here's what we are seeing today. 60 for napa and oakland. the remainder of the week is a warm up. 69 degrees by friday. 70 for your saturday. lots of sunshine this weekend. getting and staying warm all the way to next week where we have a really strong ridge here keeping things abnormally warm. and they are really getting hit hard with the opposite on the east coast. we are getting the best of both worlds this morning. back to you guys. there's a snowstorm that's moving from new england to chicago that we have been keeping our eye on. it is really threatening to dump some record snow in the area. one of the hardest hit could be chicago. >> chicago is very cold during the winter, but now they are bracing for 20 inches of snow today. and lawrence is live for us this morning in chicago. it looks really cold right now, and i understand that you are going to get even more. >> reporter: yeah, it is really cold right now. i heard your meteorologist say
5:21 am
70 degrees on saturday for you guys. boy, i wish we could say we were going to have 70-degree weather. the blizzard warning starts this afternoon at 3:00. the heaviest snowfall is expected between 9:00 tonight and tomorrow morning. the snow could fall as fast as one to three inches per hour making it difficult for plows to keep up. it is extremely cold right now. and we got a little snow overnight, but we'll get a whole heck of a lot more in the next 24 hours or so. we are expecting around one to two feet. i know our record was in 1967 with 23 inches. hopefully we will not surpass that particular record. >> they are saying the ice could be a big problem, too. just the build up of it. >> reporter: yeah, right now what we are standing in front of is lake michigan and lakeshore drive is along lake michigan. part of the issue is gusts up to 60 miles per hour. you can imagine that will create some very, very powerful waves which could make some beach erosion and also flood lake shore drive, which would be
5:22 am
extremely icy as well. it is definitely a dangerous situation for those plans planning to be on the roads this afternoon and tonight. >> if you ever want to book a flight, 70 degrees might sound tempting. thank you, lauren. the time is 5:22. coming up, mike has what you need to know before heading out the door this morning. plus, celebrities are joining the fight to free two berkeley hikers from iran. and the health department is now trying to figure out exactly what caused a teacher to get sick and his students are at risk. he's great looking
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good morning, folks. we'll take you out to the roadways because of the fog. it is a big story for you, and it is affecting your speeds. antioch is seeing a dip at 59 right now, but over the next 20 minutes speeds will dip dramatically. hillcrest heading to love ridge, that is. 61 through pittsburgh and bay point. it could be affected by fog throughout the course of the morning as it has been the last week. we'll keep that in mind. the venetian bridge, i'm extending the fog advisory because chp saw dense fog across the bridges and north of there. very low visibility. coming through the north bay, travel times are all right, but lower the speeds. 101 down to the golden gate
5:26 am
bridge, the live look there shows an issue of visibility through marine county into the city. the peninsula is clear right now, but oakland, here's a live shot. and easy drive right now, but the fog is creeping in here as well through the east bay. back to you. thank you, scott. the super bowl has become more about the parties and than the game itself. >> and one event has gone primetime. >> this is a home game for me, baby. i'm welcomed into my house. and zook has it going on, it is nice and sophisticated and classy. >> talking about getting up in the club. dionne sanders hosting two parties at a spot called zook. the first one on thursday to welcome them to dallas. then sunday he's back at it with snoop dogg. >> snoop dogg is hosting the party with marshall faulk. i'm talking in third person because i'm cool like that.
5:27 am
>> no tennis shoes. he is doing it with an attitude. >> you can talk in the third person because he's cool like that. all right, it is 5:27. mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the most hated sports figure of them all? it is a bay area man, we'll tell you who coming up. plus, running a red light could be costly, but apparently it could also be life-saving. the new report out this morning that looks at just how helpful those red light cameras are. and a new terror alert this morning for wall street. we will tell you why the government is on alert. [ male announcer ] 95% of all americans aren't getting enough whole grain.
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the yellow pages responds to the possibility that their book may be banned. good morning, i'm christie smith. a new study shows that red light cameras are big life shavers, but another group says they are moneymakers. we'll take a look at both sides coming up in a live report. i am extremely, extremely lucky. i am very lucky that i didn't injury myself any more than what i have. i am extremely lucky that the navy has to be in the area anyways. >> very lucky endeed. unman fell 1,000 feel and lived to tell about it. we'll have the story coming up. a life look outside this morning from the south bay.
5:31 am
kind of clear here, but fog is building up around many bay area bridges. christina will let us know when it will burn off. mike will help us avoid any traffic tie-ups this tuesday, february 1st. this is "today in the bay." good morning, everyone. thank you for joining us. i'm brent cannon. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. 5:30 this february 1st. we want to get things started with a look at the forecast with christina. february 1st and we are done with monday. it will be a better day for that reason alone. 39 in fairfield. 49 in oakland. 44 in san mateo. we picked up quite a bit of moisture over the weekend, so we have a very moisture-rich atmosphere. and as a result some dense fog in places that picked up the most rain. the east bay and the north bay socked in this morning. a lot of the fog is now drifting along the peninsula, especially over the bridges this morning. take it easy. we have the widespread fog scenario shaping up for us this
5:32 am
morning. less than a quarter mile in fairfield and concord. later today by noon that fog will lift. we'll be left with lots of sunshine. we'll let you know how warm it is expected to be coming up. red light cameras are reducing crashes all across the country. christie smith is live in berkeley. >> reporter: good morning to you. the numbers are hard to argue with but 159 people are alive in 14 cities because of red light cameras. we are at sixth and university here in berkeley where running a red light can cost you $331. that's the other side of the debate this morning. opponents say the red light cameras have less to do with safety and more to do with raising money for local state governments. now, the new analysis is coming from the insurance institute for highway safety. now, the cities in the study are not in the bay area, but red light cameras are everywhere in the bay area. bottom line, cities that use the
5:33 am
cameras are saving lives and getting people to slow down well before they hit the intersection. they say red light cameras reduced fatal red light accidents by 24% between the years 2004 and 2008. but a drivers' rights group totally disagree with all this saying that the effectiveness just isn't there and that these red light cameras can increase crashes. their research shows another way to keep people safe is just lengthening yellow lights so that people can take their time, slow down well before they get to the intersection. that's the latest from here. reporting i've in berkeley, christie smith, "today in the bay." a state appeals court is ruling that the city of san francisco is not responsible for the deaths of a father and his two sons by a man believed to be a gang member and an illegal immigrant. police believe edwin is an
5:34 am
illegal immigrant from el salvad salvador. he shot a father and son in 2008. san francisco's sanctuary policy protected him. relatives of the victims argue the three men would still be alive if he was turned over to immigration officials for committing earlier crimes when he was a juvenile. more than 20 fifth graders in palo alto are being told to take antibiotics after a teacher suddenly and mysteriously died. the public health department is now trying to figure out exactly how 43-year-old george flak died on sunday. he taught his class last friday and students say he was fine, but the next day he went to the hospital. by sunday he was dead. the health department says it appears to be some sort of severe infection. and they are now testing the to see if meningitis bacteria was in his bloodstream. his students are taking his death very seriously and hard. >> on sunday when he died my
5:35 am
friend called me and was sobbing really, really hard. and she told me what happened. and i thought it was all a joke. >> the health department has assured parents that if it is this type of meningitis it can only be transmitted by kissing or close contact. the test results should be back within a week. an east bay fire district is asking voters to chip in. the east contra costa fire district is looking into whether voters should pass a benefit assessment to keep the fire district solvent. the district will run out of money by 2013 if nothing changes. prior to last night's meeting the board was talking about holding an election to determine how board members are appointed. they have tables ofthat proposal. meantime, contra costa county is facing a grim budget picture this morning. the county administrator says
5:36 am
workers will see furloughs, layoffs and pay cuts through 2018. people living in that county are going to see fewer services offered, too. a drop in property values have hit the county hard as well as state cutbacks. contra costa county has reduced $259 million from its budget since the economic downturn, but it needs to cut another $50 million next year. the city of oakland is planning to celebrate the life of a man known as the community dad. a candlelight vigil will be held for barry bring ham tonight at his oakland neighborhood. the 64-year-old was a community cord nay tenure for the international union. he was also the first african-american elected to the alameda county school board. family members are scheduled to make their first public statement at the gathering. bingham was found dead at his home last month making him the city's 12th homicide in january. some big named celebrities are joining the call on iran to
5:37 am
release two berkeley hikers. sean penn who lives in marine county and the bishop desmond tutu are among those asking iran to release shane bauer and josh fatal. sarah shourd is back in the united states already. they sold shourd back to the country to face espionage charges. no word on the she'll return to iran for that trial. 5:37 right now. clear in some spots, foggy in others. some folks want to know when the fog will lift. we'll go to christina. good morning to you. our temperatures are all over the place this morning as well. 39 degrees in napa. meanwhile, 51 in hayward. 47 in gilroy. watch out for dense patches of fog wherever you are headed this morning. we have a lot of fog drifting in from the san joaquin kind of pushing off to the west from the east. and right now you are socked in in concord, napa, santa rosa, and a lot of fog is drifting
5:38 am
along the peninsula as well. take it easy and plan on a slower than normal commute. it looks pretty good right now in terms of clarity we are expecting later today. clear skies, sunny skies for today and tomorrow. but what's going to happen is as the high pressure system crosses over the state of california it is carrying cold air as it originated in the gulf of alaska. so that's going to keep our temperatures close to 60 degrees for today and tomorrow, but once that cold air mixes out by thursday, we are talking 70s all the way throughout the weekend. 61 degrees in san rafael. 60 in oakland and los gatos. take a look at the numbers heading throughout the rest of the week. i can tell you that 70 is very comfortable. mike inouye, not so comfortable driving through the fog. it is a little stressful out there. we have a couple of things for the area, 680 northbound coming through diablo road. the off-ramp is closed for another 15 to 20 minutes while crews clear this. the speeds are not so bad
5:39 am
heading out through danville and to the walnut creek interchange, but that's the area you are talking about thick fog from time to time through concord. expect to see slowing there. we do see slowing through antioch with speeds dipping down to 20 approaching loveth ridge. we'll move tow to the travel times. a light volume of traffic here with a clearer view. the bay bridge toll plaza is seeing no major issues, but it is tuesday. we expect slower traffic coming through the fog a that could change the time for the big backups. no problems here for another hour or so. the time is 5:39. cuts and more cuts. governor brown is letting everybody know about his budget plan. we'll take a look at his state of the state address he delivered last night. we'll have some of the results coming up. plus, helping you sleep tight and keeping the bedbugs away. government meetings today taking on the topic of the creepy critters. and february is black history month. and an annual celebration of the
5:40 am
achievements of african-americans and their role in u.s. history. our quick fact about black history month. it was actually created way back in 1926 when the association for the study of negro life and history sponsored the first national negro history week. it happened on the second week in february to coincide with the birthdays of abraham lincoln and frederick douglas.
5:41 am
5:42 am
welcome back, everybody. the time is 5:42. a live look outside at the south bay. look at some of those temperatures all over the area. aren't you glad you are not in
5:43 am
places like chicago or upstate new york? it will be cold there today. we'll update your forecast coming up in a little bit. today more than a million protestors in egypt are going head-to-head with the country's government. and now the whole world is watching. "today in the bay's" brian mooar is live in washington with more on today's event. >> reporter: good morning, laura. the government has done everything it could to stifle this huge demonstration to cut off cell phones, internet service, roads and rails. but the people keep on coming. and they are speaking with one voice loudly and the world is listening. they are calling on president hosni mubarak to step aside to allow democracy to work its way in this country. the government has been reshuffled by the president but so far he is refusing to step down. the united states is careful not to take sides in this. at this point it is calling for an orderly transition as facilitating the departures, the evacuations, really, of thousands of americans who want
5:44 am
to get out before this chaos gets worse. for today, though, it appears more than a million people demonstrating peacefully. the military honoring its pledge not to fire on them, not to interfere. organizers are calling for an even bigger protest on friday. live in washington, brian mooar, laura, back to you. thank you, brian. >> meantime there's a new terror warning from the country's top banks. security officials say al qaeda is targeting financial institutions. the fbi and local law enforcement are now meeting with bankers to brief them on this threat. reports say that the names of top bank executives were discussed by terror operatives. however, top security leaders also say right now there is no specific threat. they just want to be safe. the time is 5:44. good morning, everybody. thank you for joining us. i'm brent cannon. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. we'll get you weather and traffic in two minutes. >> but first, the first day of february marks a big day for
5:45 am
women and heart health. the heart health association and u.s. department human services is launching two campaigns today. their mutual goal is to raise awareness about the number one killer of american men and women. as "today in the bay's" marla tellez tells us, it is about wearing red. >> reporter: brent, i see you got the memo. brent, february is the american heart association's go red for women month, which means all month long you are encouraged to wear some red to shine a spotlight on heart disease. now, that is the number one killer of men and women in america. stroke is the number three cause of death in this country. and a heart attack kills a woman every single minute in the u.s. now, what's just as troubling, the heart association says only half of women they surveyed would call 911 if they thought they were having a heart attack. and many women don't even recognize several key symptoms. so today the department of health and human services is
5:46 am
launching a first of its kind national campaign. it is called "make the call don't miss a beat." this means at the first sign of a heart attack call 911. so here's a look at the symptoms. number one, discomfort in the center of your chest which lasts more than a few minutes or that goes away and then comes back. two, general discomfort or pain in the arm, neck, jaw or stomach. shortness of breath. also if you break in a cold sweat and feel nauseous or lightheaded, don't hesitate to call 911. it could mean the difference between life and death. now, when it comes to prevention, it is simple. remember your abcs. that's avoid tobacco, become more active and choose good nutrition. doing so will help you maintain a healthy weight which is also important. here's a tidbit. friday is national wear red day. show your support of heart health and support some red. >> we'll do.
5:47 am
we want to check the forecast with christina. make a note of it, wear red. >> we are doing a fashion show on friday to support women's heart health. i have paid close attention to all the pointers. i'm sure all the women did. dense fog, a cold start this morning. we have some really dense fog drifting around the bay area just because it doesn't confront you when you walk out the front door doesn't mean you won't encounter it on the way to work. don't go racing out that door. a mild afternoon with plentiful sunshine. and then a gradual warm up starts today, but it is really going to kick into high gear as we head into thursday. that was geena. hi there. we have a big ridge of high pressure firmly in control of the weather pattern to keep things nice and mild, but first it is going to bring cold air into the bay area as we head through tonight and tomorrow. temperatures are only going to struggle to reach 60 degrees. but after all, that cold air mixes out and we'll be left with lots of sunshine for the rest of the week with temperatures finally climbing to the
5:48 am
70-degree mark once again. 60 degrees in san francisco. 61 in redwood city. 60 degrees today in napa. hey, have you been meaning to get to napa? we have a reason for you to do so. you can win a free trip for two to napa. all you have to do is log on to click the contest button and you and your fiance, your significant other, your wife will get free lodging, a fine dining experience and a private wine tasting. so it is actually a really cool opportunity. you've got this week and next week. we'll announce the winners as we head into next week. so that's a look at what's happening in napa. hey, mike, are we blowing the fog horn this morning? we are, usually i'm blowing smock, no, i'm not. this is not a trick coming through the area where christina is talking about. the north bay, wine country, not a great view. of course there's no sunlight to show you, but there's fog making it tougher to see through napa and novato. 101 and 37, the speeds are still
5:49 am
okay. 101 down from highway 12 is moving smoothly down to the golden gate bridge. but highway 12 at 80 in fairfield there's a fog advisory for that portion of the north bay. here's a live look out there. we'll take a look at the interstate 880 past the oakland coliseum. a live look at traffic building. the fog is likely to affect this flow of traffic as well and many spots of the east bay. back to you guys. thank you very much. the city of san francisco will start taking steps towards becoming the first in the country to ban an american institution. the yellow pages. the superintendent david chu says in the internet age the books are obsolete. here to talk about the possible book ban is amy healy, vice president of public relations for the yellow pages. thank you for joining us, amy. >> thank you for having me, laura. >> i guess we let your mousepad do the walking. now people can opt out of receiving them. how is that going to affect you? >> we support opt out. in fact, the industry is launching a site today at
5:50 am we encourage viewers to go and look at that right now. and our site, which all the publishers in san francisco and in the country are participating in, it wouldn't cost the state of san francisco any resources. so it is important. >> i understand that the san francisco environment says just to dispose of the yellow books that people sometimes don't want is $750,000 a year. on the flip side it has to be expensive for yellow pages to send them out as well. >> well, certainly. the books cost money to district, so if somebody doesn't want one, our publishers don't want to spend the money to print and make and distribute to them. we want to get the books into the hands of those to use them. and thousands of san francisco small businesses rely on directories to promote and grow their business. >> so it is going to hurt the small businesses. >> we absolutely believe so. i mean, to fundamentally cut off a prime advertising vehicle for small businesses, especially in
5:51 am
this time, we think it is unwise. >> well, yellow pages, is the website. thank you. the federal bedbug work groups second national summit will look at the recent resurgent of the pesky pets and exam ways the government can help to control them. although bedbugs and their bites are a nuisance they don't spread disease. the conference is open to the public in washington, d.c. a grim state of the state address from governor jerry brown, and this morning everyone is feeling the impact regardless of your income level. you will likely feel the pinch. governor brown admits balancing the budget will be painful. california is facing an estimated $25 billion budget deficit. the governor is proposing $12.5 billion in cuts an additionally $12 billion in taxes that has to be approved by voters in june.
5:52 am
>> we will struggle with our constituencies as we hear out a possible plan to put our state on a sound fiscal footing. >> governor brown says if californians vote against extending taxes or making cuts to public schools, police and vital programs will take place. the cuts will affect many programs in the east bay. design flaws are costing the world's biggest chip maker a billion dollars to fix. intel corporation is refunding money for computers that have a faulty chip. they say the chips can degrade over time which can cause the hard drive to fail. samsung is one company that has taken back computer that have the bad chips. intel is paying for the refunds. >> the problem could cost intel a billion dollars by the time it is done. >> reporter: at least twice as expensive as the problem intel had with chips back in the 1990s. trading in shares of intel
5:53 am
halted on the nasdaq as news came across. but in the end, investors weren't as alarmed as you might expect. intel makes so much money, perhaps, that a billion dollars is manageable. president obama asked that america focus on entrepreneurs in his recent state of the union speech. the white house has launched a thing called start up america. a new effort to boost start-ups. intel and hp have given time and expense. >> we are excited about what president obama said during the state of the union. all of us here in sill cohn valley gave a what ray because we are passionate about the economy like everyone else. >> one of the things is the access to expertise companies will get. a lot of experts in these big companies can held start up the new effort to match those people
5:54 am
up. >> interesting. thank you very much, scott. 5:53 right now. fans may love to hate tiger woods and michael vick, but there's one man they hate more than them all. raiders' owner al davis. from oakland to los angeles and back to oakland, he's moved the raiders up and down the west coast making enemies along the way. the firing of tom cable, the coach to bring them the best record in a while, hasn't made davis any new fans. according to the latest survey, 68% of the public gave davis the thumbs-down. after davis is michael vick, cowboys' owner jerry jones, golfer tiger woods and tampa bay devil ray manny ramirez. get those raiders to the super bowl and i'm not going to be mad at you, mr. davis. in terms of the temperatures we are looking good, but we are having a hard time with
5:55 am
visibilities in the east bay. it is actually drifting now across the peninsula. all the moisture-rich areas have picked up the rainfall over the weekend. they are seeing the most fog. fairfield, down to a quarter mile visibility. it looks the same for san rafael and novato. take it easy out there. lots of sunshine with temperatures in the 60s. 61 in los gatos. 60 in oakland. 61 in fairfield. take a look at what's to come heading throughout this week. temperatures will climb to 69 degrees by thursday. and then they are going to hover near the 70-degree mark all the way through this weekend and into next week. so unseasonably warm and sunny once again for us. we are enjoying beautiful weather for this time of the year. back to you guys. thank you. an incredible story of survival out of scotland after a 1,000 fall down a mountain. a climber was found standing calmly reading a map. >> adam potter lost his footing near the summit of the mountain
5:56 am
in scotland and fell down a vertical slope. he was rescued by a royal navy helicopter that happened to be on a training exercise nearby. look at the cliff here. and as laura said, they found him standing with map in hand. >> the last cliff i lost my speed before i got to it, and i was actually in a position where i could see what was coming. i had a bit of dread because i was about to see what was going to come over. >> after suffering only cuts and bruises, potter says he feels very lucky, which indeed he is. >> he didn't lose his map on the fall, either. >> he's standing there, okay, where do i go now? i'm 1,000 feet lower than i was. 5:56 right now. a lot more is coming up on "today in the bay" at 6:00. >> including a huge crowd gathering in egypt again today. we are going to show you what's happening with what could be the biggest demonstration yet.
5:57 am
san mo save is expected to make it official tonight. a live report on the appointment of a new police chief next. and a live look outside this morning at san jose. one of the places where we are not seeing the sand g ba east. [ male announcer ] breakfast for breakfast. breakfast for lunch. breakfast for dinner. with three new breakfast lovers dishes, who needs a break from breakfast? denny's. america's diner is always open. the next, you start one feeling bit off.fine. the moment you feel run down or achy, nip flu-like symptoms in the bud, with oscillococcinum. get oscillo and feel like yourself again. oscillococcinum, nip it in the bud.
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a march ofmillions brewing in egypt this morning. the biggest protest could yet be on the way. selection of san jose's police chief is expected later today. i'm bob redell live with why some in the city wish they would pick someone else. and san francisco could be home to another first in the country. is it time to ban the yellow pages? and a foggy start will make way to beautiful, clear, sunny skies latn


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