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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  February 2, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PST

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monopoly board. we'll show you who might get that valuable perc if you have the right job. >> a live look from san jose. february 2nd, groundhog day. this is "today in the bay." good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm brent cannon. straight up 5:00. christina loren has a look at our hour by hour forecast which in this part of the country is not too bad. >> not too bad at all. in fact, we are the envy of the nation which is not very typical this time of year as usually we see cold conditions and a lot of fog. we don't have either this morning in the east bay, north bay or along the peninsula. it's cold in gilroy, 33, 48 in san jose, and 50 in oakland. some pretty strong winds pumping offshore preventing the development of fog but could make for kind of a difficult
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commute with the drive of a high-profile vehicle. take it easy. as we head through this afternoon temperatures are going to climb toward 67 in santa cruz. 65 in san francisco and 65 in santa rosa. we don't have the low cloud cover to inhibit the sunshine. warmer tomorrow. the full forecast is on the way. back to you guys. >> thanks very much. more delays and problems for pg&e as the company tries to come up with answers to what caused the deadly pipe line explosion in san bruno. marla is live near the site with new information. >> reporter: brent, saying that pg&e is under the gun is an understatement. the problem the company is facing, you could equate to searching for a needle in a hay stack. in its effort to find documents, the right documents, that can prove it has set safe gas pressure limits for the pipes. pg&e says it has brought in
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outside help to search more than a million records in 20 offices. close to 300 people are on the job, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. the california public utilities commission has given pg&e until mid march, march 15, to find these proper records. if they are not found it may be forced to shut down its pipeline for days to run tests to find weaknesses. the explosion that killed eight people and wiped out dozens of homes happened almost exactly five months ago. next wednesday will be the five-month mark. coming up at 5:30 i'm going to explain where new gas leaks were found here in the bay area, in fact, close to where we're standing in san bruno this morning. live in san bruno, marla tellez, "today in the bay." >> a slight moment of calm in
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egypt. internet service was restored but the government had to shut it down last week to try to keep protesters from organizing. this is a live look from egypt. the move had little effect. people camped out in cairo's main square. one opposition leader says it's not over yet. protesters are in the street this is morning as you saw there, so supporters -- so are supporters of hosni mubarak. supporters have had small clashes with protesters. president mubarak said yes, he will not seek re-election. that does not appear to appease protesters. a former ambassador says it's because of when he made the decision. if he had made the gesture days ago it may have been enough to
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quiet the situation. >> the unrest has forced the state department to order mandatory evacuation of all non-essential staff at the u.s. embassy in egypt. it plans to evacuate over 1,000 americans on charter flights. airports in cairo are packed with tourists trying to get out. >> one of the people that's made it out is george wily. he gave us this video that he shot. he says his family moved to another hotel in cairo because they were too close to the protests. then on sunday they decided to get out of egypt and come home. >> the man accused of killing two people in fisherman's wharf shot is expected in court. he is scheduled to be arraigned on murder charges. he owns a shop on san francisco's fisherman's wharf. police say he walked into a rival shop and killed two people
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working there. wu was allegedly upset because the rival was selling the same merchandise as his. he now face was to counts of murder. >> the massive storm hitting a good part of the u.s. is closing roads and airports from texas to rhode island. some areas have as much as two feet of snow. in much of the midwest temperatures are below zero, gusty winds causing near zero visibility. this is what it looked like in chicago overnight. o'hare f you flying, today bob is live at sfo where there are flight cancellations. tough run. we've got it nice here. >> reporter: the second day of flight cancellations at sfo. still a busy wednesday morning. you can see a lot of people on their way to somewhere. i can tell you where they are not headed -- chicago, because o'hare is shut down.
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ual for united airlines he says it's for you ain't leaving if you are trying to get to chicago because of o'hare and midway being shut down. these are pictures in from chicago. it's blizzard-like conditions, had over a foot of snowfall since yesterday making it one of the heaviest for a february day. here at sfo they are saying flights are going to be canceled, 20 flights going out and coming in. as the storm moves further east they expect later to be cancellations on the eastern seaboard which will affect flights between there and here. not many were stranded here overnight as a result of the cancellations from yesterday. you have people like debbie coming back again. she's that nice wlaed that mound of luggage waiting for her flight at southwest airlines counter this morning. she is trying to get to ohio.
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she was supposed to be in columbus yesterday but had a flight that connected through chicago. >> this is my fourth attempt. i'm actually moving so it's dramatic. >> when did you try to get out first? >> originally yesterday morning. i ended up rebooking almost three times. i was supposed to start a new job today. i got 300 pounds of luggage. hopefully i'll make it. >> reporter: if your final destination, you have people coming in from chicago, or coming from chicago, there is a truckle down event. reporting live, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> water bills could shoot through the roof in one city. an advisory commission is considering a move that would increase the average bill by about $8. the new rates would take effect in july.
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the increase would bring an extra $3.5 million for the water fund. people in the hunter's point might get a break on their electric bill. they could get their energy directly from the city. the cost of that electricity would be about 10% cheaper than pg&e's rates. the community is in the process of being redeveloped. when that's finished 1600 homes would benefit. san francisco public utilities will vote on the plan next tuesday. >> right now let's talk about our forecast. a little guilty for having great temperatures. >> i know. our pg&e bills won't be as high this month. that's good news. it's going to be warm. you will not need to run the heater. 50 degrees in oakland. you might run the ac in your car as we head through tomorrow. 50 in concord. 48 in san jose. breeze 3 the east bay hills.
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we'll see breezy conditions throughout the day. with a little trough of low pressure trying to make its way onshore. we'll see a tight enough pressure 80 yent for winds today. 64 in san rafael and 62 today in almaden valley. lots of sunshine for us. that will be out right with 7:25 because they don't have fog. we do lose some of the wind, the possibility of fog developing is there. we're going to let you know but no fog, perfect visibility. 70 degrees by tomorrow. up to 73 degrees on sunday. hey, mike. without fog we still have the wind. what are the roads looking like? >> you warned folks that you might see yard debris blowing across the road. we have a report, this is bear creek road south of bear canyon. it's not a major commute.
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at least three in the station use it. it's reporting a clear flow but the gusty winds. reminder for the area, gusty winds and you might see lems. we'll get more reports. the south bay smooth in the northbound commute. the blip you see this time of morning. the peninsula an easy drive north. 280 at alpine clearing to the shoulder. construction cleared before 4:00 in the morning. tonight as early as 9:00 you might see lanes closed in both directions. >> thank you, mike. a bay area family gets ready to compete on the show minute to win it. why they are also setting some records. a well phone known swimmer is coming back to give michael phelps a run for his money. >> february is black history month.
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the multi-ethnic sports hall of fame will have a photo exhibit of african-american athletes. you might want to check it out.
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because everyone deserves a lifetime. >> good morning everybody. a live look outside. 5:14 in the morning. this one from the south bay. san jose, not too bad. we've got pretty good weather here all things considered. the rest of the country having a tough time. meantime look at this video. amazing video out of japan. that volcano we've been showing you that's erupting. the flashes of light, it's called volcanic lightning, has to do with some of the ionization of the clouds there. the volcano erupted six times in the past week. it's shattering windows in homes up to five miles away. likely you have seen other volcanos around japan have been
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delayed because of all of the ash in the air. >> the unrest in egypt is having a ripple effect in yemen. yemen's president said he will not seek another term. he also said he will not hand power over to his son. it is an apparent reaction to protests that have been inspired by egypt's revolt and turmoil. >> roger clements and his lawyers are going to be in federal court trying to explain how they are going to handle the prosecution's star witness. andy pettitte will testify that he used performance enhancing drugs but will also say clements admitted that he used them as well. clements denies using growth hormones during major league baseball. the issue is that klement's's attorneys once remitted pettitte as well and that could create a
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conflicts of interest as this case proceeds. >> it is 5:15. muni get as green light for parking measures. first hitting the brakes and allowing employees to park for free. now they have to pay $80 a month for a parking permit or face a $55 fine. >> the rule goes into effect moist 1. >> they voted to allow nannies to park for free in certain neighborhoods. the board voted to create a two-hour maximum for people who park at wroken meters. >> china is getting an early start to the year of the rabbit. beijing has its annual fair which showcases lion dances, musicals and good food. in chinese culture the rabbit symbolizes good fortune. the atmosphere is setting the mood for the new year. >> san jose's mayor is trying to
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bring another airline to the south bay. he is going to wheat japan's second largest carrier to try to restart service. according to the which is journal the most desired international destination for executives are tokyo and london. reid is expected to be back on saturday. >> scott mcgrew says google caught its competitor. >> search engines want to be like google. seems to have figured out the secret. google's top search engineer says he started to get suspicious about results in bing, that's search engine, often having matching results. so he started creating fake results like making up words like high big qwag. only to see bing's computer do the same thing. obvious that bing is copying
5:18 am
google. microsoft dismiss this is as a stunt. this engineer will be my guest on sunday. wall street is back, the dow and s&p 500 closed above the mark set before the housing crisis before bear stearns collapsed. when you thought tarp was something that covered the car in the kraj, the dow open this is morning above 12 k sap sam above 1300. we get the jobs report and certainly egypt and the blizzards are pressuring energy prices. >> i've got the human torpedo making a return to the olympic games. ian thorp says he's getting ready to come back into competitive swimming. the 28-year-old has nine olympic medals, five are gold, he could swim back in 2006 but he never lost his love for the sport.
5:19 am
>> i have never not liked swimming. i like laps, i like the hard work t training and i like racing. i think in the time out of the pool, you know, i've been able to get on with what i wanted which was a more normal life. and there has been something that has kind of been nagging but i want to do this. >> the competition shutters around the world. thorp hopes to compete in next year's games in london. 5:19. the 21st film festival starts in san jose next month. >> the build-up kicked off last noyt at a media lunch party. christina loren was there to talk to one of the founders. everyone was treated with -- the film festival runs until march
5:20 am
13. >> you got to go, was it fun? you get to immediate people? >> i did. >> she dropped a cupcake on my shoe. >> what a way to meet. >> i'll be returning that favor soon enough. good morning to you. 48 degrees in hayward, 45 in san mateo, mild along the peninsula and the east bay, warm down sloping winds preventing the formation of fog. it's a little gusty. take it easy throughout. especially if you drive a big vehicle, suvs, tractor-trailers, 65 in oakland, 62 in redwood city. later on today, this is going to start the warming trend that's going to bring our temperatures toward 73 degrees by sunday. looking forward warm week, 70 degrees for tomorrow, 71 by
5:21 am
friday. 73 degrees on swund a lot of sunshine. a very dry air mass. it's so dry even with temperatures close to 32 in gilroy right now it's so dry we can't have frost out there. it doesn't matter whey say. my sfauk being big timed by a groundh groundhog. back to you guys. >> oh, never. we'll check in with punxsutawney in a little bit. 5:21. mike is also coming up to help you get out the door. no relation, mike. >> are you sure? a justice of the united states surpreme court is getting ready to take the bench in the east bay. we'll explain why she is in town. >> a money-back guarantee from a well knownfe cwnof sh. how 4 next cup of coffee could be free. hey girls, do this...
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>> we have debris on 680 coming through alamo. reports of a water heater in your traffic lane or the left two lanes. i'll let you know if chp schedules a traffic break. likely a crew will do quick work. stay over to the right if you can. here highway 4 activity building on the roadway. westbound commute building from
5:25 am
eighth street with the 47 and extending over. typical for 5:30 in the morning. across the benicia bridge, a wind advisory for gusty winds, the carquinez bridge as well. so watch that coming over interstate 80. the drive down to the bay bridge is smooth, no delays through berkeley or emeryville. a light volume and clear view. that's a nice view. looking at golden gate. to the north no fog delays but the gusts continue through the north and east bay hills. the vans or larger trucks might get 1/4 a gust across your car. >> we want to wish a bay area family luck in their quest for a million dollars. >> it's the bishop family, they are going to be on nbc's minute to win it.
5:26 am
the five kids get ready to compete for $1 million. the first kid team to compete on the show. they are there thanks to their oldest daughter amy who applied. if you haven't watched before here is how it works. the team faces 10 challenges and a minute to complete each. if they win all 10 they get $1 million. it airs tonight here on nbc bay area at 8:00. good luck to the entire bishop family. >> right now breaking weather news. spring is going to come early, at least according to the famous groundhog. >> ladies and gentlemen, punxsutawney phil! >> there he is, the official announcement coming from gobbler's knob in pennsylvania. punxsutawney phil did not see his shadow which means winter is almost over and spring is just around the corner. seeing his shadow 98 times since
5:27 am
1887, you might -- look at the video. it's not that bad of a day in pennsylvania. >> that's the thing. >> we see these blizzards and snow. not looking too bad. >> phil's telling us something we've known. >> 5:27. too much time on their hands or really good. we're going to show you the bay area neighborhood that's getting a special treat because of their video dame prowess. >> pg&eound more pipe line leaks. we'll tell you where. soothes airways with cherry-scented vapors. new icy hot no-mess vapor gel. [ sighs ]
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>> taking their case before a supreme court justice. bay area students will argue in front of the justice today. >> more problems for pg&e. good morning. i'm marla tellez live. where new gas leaks were found, coming up in a live report. >> good luck trying to get to the windy city. i'll tell you how the snowstorm in the midwest is affecting flights in and out here. >> a live look outside this morning, it is a clear day but you might also see a little wind as you start your wednesday. february 2nd, "today in the bay." good morning everybody. thanks for joining us. i'm brent cannon. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. 5:30 on wednesday morning. want to get started with christina loren to look at the forecast. >> good morning.
5:31 am
the good news is we're not dealing with the heavy fog in the east bay and the north bay but we have the wind. we traded out the fog for gusty winds. 48 in hayward and 48 in san jose. as you head out you'll need a jacket but something to take off later. you'll trade in the jacket for the sun glasses. 64 in san rafael, 62 in redwood city and we're talking about temperatures approaching 75 by sunday. your extended forecast is on the way. >> have you heard this one. ual is the code for united airlines. today it means you ain't leaving. at least if you are trying to get from here to the east coast, most flights from bay area have to stop in either dallas or chicago. that's not happening. bob redell is live with more on the people ground bid those cancellations. good morning. >> reporter: no, they are not.
5:32 am
we're not seeing a lot of people here who are stuck who have been stranded. they went back home tuned their hotels. we presume they have been following their flight information. there are already cancellations. i checked the boards for united and american and all their fights leaving this morning for chicago-o'hare have already been canceled. mike mccarren at sfo, that means that o'hare and midway are shut down. you recall seeing this number of flight delays at an early time of the day? >> we had denver hit hard over the years. but chicago, midway t airlines don't want to risk operations right now. it's unusual to see this many flight this is early. >> you get a sense of how long after a storm has gone through that it will take to get back up and running for people trying to get to the midwest. >> 12 to 24 hours mainly because of crews, equipment, they have a
5:33 am
bag log of passengers. with the number of flights this could take another 12 hours after that but a good day, day and half before things return to normal. >> talking about outbound 20. >> that's about right. between the three. >> and you expect delays on the eastern seaboard as this snowstorm moves snooes. >> the forecast is for the storm to move to the northeast later today into tonight and seeing delays or cancellations through new york, philadelphia, maybe as far as d.c. >> thanks for being up here early. the best advice check your flight information. reporting live, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> thanks, bob. largely peaceful demonstrations in egypt have turned somewhat
5:34 am
violent now. this is a live look at the square. you can see the thousands of demonstrators were there keeping vigil for several days. they want president hosni mubarak to step down. they want him out of office now. the pro government supporters took to the streets as well and that's when things kind of started heating up. an associated press reporter said he saw two sides hitting each other with sticks. you see a little of that clash here. these are live pictures so this is going on now. it is afternoon in equip. you can see still very tense. there were some injuries but as far as we know, no deaths. we're keeping an eye on this situation. it looks like the military and police are not involved, kind of standing back but the two sides, pro and anti-government supporters now clashing with each other. we'll follow the story all
5:35 am
morning long. >> it's 5:34. divers will not go back into a canal to search for jose rodriguez who allegedly kidnapped a 4-year-old boy and dumped his body. that's where they confirm they found the body of juliani cardenas. his mother tabitha, went to a vigil. she directed a message at the father of her unborn child. i want everyone to pray jose's body is found so we can all know that he's burning in hell and i don't have to worry about him taking my unborn baby girl. >> new problems for pg&e. it is not what people in the bay area want to hear. there are new gas leaks that popped up. marla is live near the explosion
5:36 am
site. she's got that new information. >> reporter: the newly discovered gas leaks were found not far from where we are. the site is behind us directly here. this new information cannot sit well with the people who live in this neighborhood or really anybody who lives in the bay area. in all 21 new gas leaks were found on pg&e's pipe line system. three of them in south san francisco. the good news is those leaks have been repaired. the company flew small planes over thousands of miles of transmission lines using methane detecting technology. these are in addition to other leaks in october when pg&e completed its first set of
5:37 am
inspections. the line ruptured and killed eight and wiping out 38 homes. the investigation into the cause is still under way but this morning pg&e admits hitting another red tape snag. coming up i'll explain this massive paperwork pileup that could further delay the investigation. live in san bruno, marla tellez, "today in l.a." >> they will take part in a mock trial and the competition will be judged by justice sonia sotomayor. two finalists will simulate arguing before the court. each must prepare a written brief and oral aryouments. >> people in north beach are bringing their bus stops. the neighborhood is the winner of muni's bus stop derby.
5:38 am
that was a two-month-long promotion where passengers could play video games. you could play them throughout city. the contest fits riders against each other trying to figure out which is the best. north beach is now going to be treated to a free concert. >> that was cool. i heard a lot of people were missing their buses. >> it was designed to give you something to do. not miss the entire thing. it is kind of cool. checking the forecast now with christina. at least you're not getting rained on hanging out waiting for the because. >> you are right. we can see this morning, we've got great visibility, the north bay is good and the east bay. that means once the sun comes up around 17 this morning our temperatures will climb to 65 in
5:39 am
oakland, 64 in los gatos and 65 in san francisco. today isn't even the warmest day. we have a 75-degree day coming on sunday. i think most cities end up between 70 and 75 degrees in the bay area. probably 65 for san francisco, the east bay, the north and south bays expect. it's wednesday we're thinking about the weekend. you got to get to work this morning. >> you do. let me focus on the roads. the roads will be getting gusts of wind like you're talking about through the east bay hills. westbound 24 just on the oakland side of the tunnel an accident over to the shoulder. you'll have the distraction to oakland. no injuries but there are two cars. a smooth drive so far. slowing still closer to 30 miles per hour from eighth street over
5:40 am
to low bridge. a lighter flow than tuesday but it's building. >> 5:39. we're keeping wake-up what's happening in egypt. the latest in a live report. >> labor groups say republicans better think twice about attempting to shut down the governor's plan to balance the budget. it's really delicious, mom.
5:41 am
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with delicious sweet filling my kids will love. plus i get two boxtops for their school. toaster strudel. the one kids want to eat. plus i get two boxtops for their school. than listening thernoto oavorite songs. there's nothing we love more than listening to our favorite sos. but r favorite thing is eatg totino's pizza rolls. but our favoritehing is eing totino's pizza rolls. ♪ we' the kids inmerica during cold and flu season. that's why lysol created a healthy way to wash hands and developed healthy habits programs for schools with a pediatrician. for healthy tips and more visit >> welcome back everybody. time now 5:42. a live looking shot across the golden gate bridge. temperatures not bad. the issue probably the wind especially as you head across
5:43 am
bay area bridges. mike and christina are following that. we'll have updates. >> tensions are running high in egypt this morning and the obama administration is trying to walk a thin line between supporting the revolutionaries and turning its back on an old friend. tracie potts live in washington, d.c. this morning. the process of getting americans out of the country appears to be slow moving. >> reporter: yeah, it's going to be difficult but there are at least another 1,000 americans who want to get out on those government charter planes, there could be more who show up without having contact with the government. they show up at the airport, so that process is beginning today. they are getting people out under mandatory evacuations, state department employee who is are non-essential, you talked about president hosni mubarak, his supporters in the streets of cairo and there have been clashes this morning with the anti-government protesters, sticks and stones thrown,
5:44 am
weapons more difficult than that. but we understand there were some injuries. internet service is back on as of a few hours ago. it is coming in more intense situation after the president announced that he would step down and not run for re-election. but that he would stay in office through september. that after the u.s. government urged him to do so. president obama saying this needs to be an orderly transition. >> thank you, tracie. >> we have new video out of egypt. we want to look at that. cal alum george wily took his daughter to see the pyramids. they were in the middle of the mayhem. they shot this home video from their hotel room in cairo. his daughter had a perfect view of the chaos. you can see them marching across the bridge. protesters trying to hold their gound in the face of police on foot and in tanks. >> tens of thousands of protesters coming across the
5:45 am
bridge, then the police on the same side of the bridge that we were on. and they were trying to prevent the protesters from coming across. >> scary. george and his daughter managed to catch a flight out. they got out the following day, returned to the united states. he says if he got the chance to make the trip again, knowing that there was the same outcome, but they are lucky to be out and to be out at all. >> exactly. >> 5:45. i'm brent cannon. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. we're going to get to traffic and weather in about a minute. first, massive snowstorm we've been telling you about, wreaking havoc across a large part of the country, from texas to new england. 2,000-mile long system is dumping heavy snow and bringi i up to 60-mile-per-hour wind gusts. number of interstate highways
5:46 am
are closed due to zero visibility. chicago is getting ready for its worst storm in over 30 years. >> we are prepared to use our whole fleet of 274 trucks and 120 garbage trucks with quick hitch plows. >> the windy city is expecting over two feet of show. the storm caused 6,000 flight cancellations including here. bob will have a live update coming up. in chicago living up to its name, the windy city, 50 miles per hour winds meant work eshs had to be called out to help people walk across an intersection. officials closed schools, two feet of snow should hit by this afternoon. causing an air travel nightmare here. we'll check in with bob redell. >> who says that's a harsh climate? >> you know what, i would be a
5:47 am
hermit if i lived there. >> laura, if you do it i will as well. how about that. >> this guy here, a lot of people cursing his name this morning. punxsutawney phil, popped out of his hole to let everybody know that spring is near. much of the chagrin of everybody in chicago and d.c. later today. for us, though, he's right on the money, so nice, punxsutawney. 48 in san jose and 49 degrees in livermore. breezy conditions, they are picking up, we're seeing winds pick up substantially. very gusty, take it easy. also the hills of the east bay are gusting. 64 degrees in napa. 65 in oakland and 65 in san
5:48 am
jose. this is just the start of a very warm trend that's going to bring our temperatures toward 75 degrees by the weekend. we're getting the best of the weather on the west coast. let's see if we have traffic woes. >> good morning. talking about the wind gusts, feels silly after seeing the chicago video. a wind advisory and all things are relative. as you travel over the water you might get caught with a gust or two. also over to the carquinez bridge. it's in the same area. you're going to get 1/4 gusts there. 80 moving, the commute builds over highway 4 and also 580, a westbound commute. no major fog. nice smooth driving. there is your bay bridge approach. >> thanks a lot, mike. california has a new governor. the same old political rhetoric is heating up. supporters say republicans
5:49 am
better think twice if they plan to vote against putting tax extensions on the ballot. some of the state's unions are threatening to unseat a republican who votes on getting tax extensions on the ballot. they also plan to ramp up direct mailings and door-to-door canvassing in districts where republicans are threatening to block a vote on brown's tax plan. many republicans oppose the request for a special election saying voters already rejected higher taxes. >> battle lines in washington over a possible repeal of the health care law. the senate could vote as early as today. democrats say republicans do not have enough votes. a congressional office says it would cover over 30 mill people who lack health insurance and reduce the deficit and crack
5:50 am
down on abusers. the house voted along party lines last month. >> earth is not alone. nasa has discovered other planets that might be like earth and might have life. it released new animation of a planetary system around a star. the telescope helped them track down the system. nasa released new data from the space probe finding more than 1,000 of these planets since it was launched a couple of years ago. >> businesses in downtown oakland street try a new program that could reduce costs and boost profits. christie smith is live in oakland with more on oakland's green move. >> reporter: we're talking about a 20% drop in energy use at a time when paying for energy isn't cheap. businesses doing things like
5:51 am
upgrading heating and air conditioning, trying to save a little. at the same time bringing new business in to downtown oakland. that's push going on. and mayor quan is going to kick off this initiative later this morning. it's called oakland shines, a partnership with the city and a company called quest. together they scored a $5 million grant from the energy commission, this really for all which ises in the downtown including jack lemmon square and china town. it offers technical assistance and even cash in the pocket to help cover the cost of installing some of this equipment you want to 50% to 90% of the cost to some of these projects will be paid for. businesses can start applying now. the information at oakland reporting live, christie smith,
5:52 am
"today in the bay." >> thank you, christie, for the update. live in oakland. >> it is 5:51. we want to take you live to egypt where we're getting amazing live pictures from the area where the protests continue. we have seen them escalate this morning. we thought it was going to be a quiet day. you can see protesters are out there and police with batons, the president said that he will not seek re-election. both sides on the streets in mass. you see people throwing things and it's really an amazing scene to see how quickly it has escalated. >> they have been fearing this that this would escalate. so far it's relatively peaceful and the military did ramp up its present but promised not to intervene and take action again its own citizens.
5:53 am
now you've got the pro government supporterings clashing with the anti-and now the tensions are getting heated up. this is spreading throughout the region. we've seen where people are saying neighboring jordan are watching this too. >> and protesters are clashing with each other. and you see people -- we don't have a report of how many injuries so far but taking this live look, you continue to watch what's going on we'll keep checking in to give you any available updates. >> the internet supposedly was up and running in that area. you never know. you might get information that way. before that information was cut off. not always the citizens but reporter desire not have that venue. now that's running again. we'll have to see if we can get
5:54 am
new information. sadly things turning violent. >> 5:53. i want to check in with scott mcgrew. a mo to a drug. >> it's a problem for it. a new study says that avastin can speed death in certain circumstances. all drugs have side effects but this one is severe. when the patient according to the study takes avastin and chemotherapy they are more likely to die than if they took chemo alone. avastin is the best selling cancer drug in american. it's the second blow for genentech. a prosecutor in new york city will later this morning release details about a credit card
5:55 am
stealing conspiracy. as many as 27 may have stolen people's identities and taken fake credit cards to buy computers and iadds. apple appears to be a victim too. why did the criminals go too apple cards. if you have a fake credit card, one of the best things to buy is made by apple because everybody wants one and they pay you big money for it. truly a match is one of the ways to get your money landered. >> interesting. 5:55. i want to check the forecast. pretty nice here. >> pretty nice here. we cannot complain. our temperatures are relatively mild, that means we'll see a mild afternoon especially in places in the 50s. 52 in san francisco, 52 in santa
5:56 am
rosa and one thing that is very different this morning from yesterday morning is a lack of fog. we don't have that thick fog where you can see for 200 feet or less. in the east and north bay it's clear. off shore winds provided by high pressure set up over the four corners region. you can see all of the cold air indicated by the gray. we're not seeing a lot of that. we had cool air push in. in and out we've got a trough. this is going to bring a high wispy clouds. this afternoon it's going to keep our temperatures down a bit. they are going to climb as we head into thursday. up to 70 degrees across the bay. 64 in napa. 65 in oakland. 64 in los gatos. the warming trend, 71 by friday, 73 for sunday. temperatures nice and mild and sunny all the way through next tuesday. let's find out how your drive looks. actually back to the dream team
5:57 am
first. >> driving home sports information. signing day for high school football players, they sign letters of intent to commit to the college team. a bay area is getting an a when it comes to his class. cal has a pretty good care of the top recruits. the university has 21 oral commitments from players and is considered the 14th best class in the country. join us tomorrow on "today in the bay" bay we'll talk to mike mcintyre about a lot more coming up tomorrow. >> interesting. 5:57. coming up on "today in the bay" we'll show you the latest on whhe is happening in egypt.
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